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0t Is it time to buy the Greek Index or Euro?  21:10new2bogle2  
6p Refund from the IRS? Why?  21:01Alan S.21:19livesoft
3h Seeking a financial adviser  20:53Sesame21:21tludwig23
8p Finding a good realtor  20:36Andymoler5821:15JLJL
8c Alternatives to Network Solutions for renewng website domain  20:09HikerNC20:47tuningfork
0h Nationwide 457B share totals don't match transaction history  20:00BlueCollarLawye  
2h Roth recharacterization and future IRA rules (and a question  19:54negreenfield20:29negreenfield
1h TD Ameritrade HSA Options  19:38BanditKing19:47livesoft
4h bonds [help with fund selection]  19:04sherry21:12ogd
13c USA Medical Insurance, while travelling overseas?  18:43kwan220:36Phineas J. Whoo
9c Snow on Gas Meter?  17:44Call_Me_Op20:07jebmke
2t CREF expense ratios changing  17:23anna_indiana20:30Beth*
0h Cap-weighted international  17:15johnanglemen  
6t Vanguard Retirement Income Funds and TIPS  17:14cnh19:51MossySF
3t William P Bengen's Publications  16:50DG9999920:04DG99999
5t Vanguard Energy ETF  16:33hoops77720:49ourbrooks
5h Pros & Cons of Proposed Investment Plan--too complicated?  16:13HIinvestor20:17HIinvestor
2p Reporting 1098-T on Tax Return  15:46Deadwood18:03Deadwood
2c Determining House Needs  15:31Zecht20:38Beth*
1h Help with asset allocation placement- tax considerations  15:27snowbldr18:51Duckie
9t Investing in Russia - Please Discuss  15:07TubofProtein18:48timboktoo
2h Backdoor ROTH IRA Tax question  15:06toomuchtv2815:34retiredjg
4p Is personal DB plan right for me?  14:52staythecourse18:52randomguy
20t Get 17% in russian savings account?  14:37toto23820:44toto238
11t 40 years of IRA and 401k Contributions  14:27dbCooperAir21:14mlipps
2h Solo 401(k) contribution timing  14:21JDDS15:05Spirit Rider
9t 60/40 returns with 0 downside: the Ultimate Larry Portfolio  14:16countmein18:05Call_Me_Op
2c Engineered wood floors?  14:09texasdiver19:15edge
3h Please help with 401k choices  13:40Riverstwo16:40Riverstwo
7h Parents Retirement  13:32BB8117:21BB81
5c Health Insurance Not Activated  13:28bobble20:30veena9111
19p Old Age Penny Pinchers  13:24mickeyd19:23Lorenz
10h Pension plan lump sum for low balance?  13:12nayr809916:26z3r0c00l
5p Term Life Insurance Decision  13:00airahcaz13:44Quickfoot
4h Slice and Dice with Etf and Admiral?  12:18InvestorAdam16:09livesoft
8h Wisdom of transferring current assets to Vanguard?  11:48Greenbacks20:24Lafder
13c Less than a Million Club Poll, your real number?  11:37dbCooperAir18:08dbCooperAir
2h Able to 'roll over' an OH teacher tax-deferred retirement?  11:26bunny18715:01jpelder
1h The Oxford Newsletter  11:26Jwcollect11:49tludwig23
3h Estimated Taxes for Roth Conversion  10:41finley20:50DSInvestor
0t Does percent of International affect Otar calculator  10:11antiqueman  
5h Bond fund in taxable moved to tax exempt?  09:58retire1421:21tj
9h Understanding rollover IRA  09:51Ghosh_Bogled14:17Ghosh_Bogled
6p Back in 2011  09:38TheTimeLord11:32Alex Frakt
2t "7 Myths That Could Trip Up IRA Contributors"  09:32Taylor Larimore10:17VictoriaF
3h Must I use tIRA or SEP to backdoor Roth?  09:28new2bogle212:23Yeti
1p Question on Interest Rates and the Fed  09:08burnout45415:24shaboob
1t Never Give Up  09:07stemikger10:31nedsaid
0h Investing in London UK  08:46Bushido1  
16t Do any young investors use Only fixed income?  08:28new2bogle220:29randomguy
6h Roth 401K issue  08:14suburbandad20:39Alan S.
1t "5 Steps to Start Saving for Retirement"  07:40Taylor Larimore11:50nedsaid
7p Transfering Euros to Dollars?  07:29skiguy1812:17indexfundfan
5h How are we doing? I'm feeling lost  07:08ratracemnky11:59kenyan
12t Should I overfund 529 plans for future generations?  07:07scienceguy10:34randomguy
17t Is it time to give-up on TIPS?  06:53Flashes112:24RunningRad
37t What's wrong with volatility if buy&hold  02:07azumz20:40bobcat2
15c natural gas wall heater?  01:00dolphinsaremamm16:586miths
18h Scary taxes :(  00:18lifebeckonss15:24randomguy
11c soundproofing walls  00:07sdebretto11:24deanbrew
3h Is VIGIX diversified enough?  23:23freelancer08:25FullYellowJacke
1h Please critique my plan.  22:12eh202022:35JDDS
0p Sale-Leaseback  22:07goodenyou  
31c [Purchasing a] wife's purse  22:02Robert4420:53Robert44
25p Do Bogleheads' Children Qualify For Need Based College Aid?  21:26Texas hold em7120:46Texas hold em71
1t What Experts Say About "Costs"  01/25Taylor Larimore21:57LadyGeek
3t Mutual Fund Breakdown  01/25climbhigh21:32JamesSFO
1c Has anyone tried Free FreedomPop smart phone?  01/25FredL09:01bigfun
10h Help! My portfolio is a mess!  01/25Geege20:14Geege
2h Short Term Bonds in Taxable  01/25Matthew120:37Matthew1
3h New Investor  01/25Dollarheads01/25Lafder
8h Portfolio review / paying debt vs investing with a windfall  01/25AlaskaNewbie01:07AlaskaNewbie
6t Fidelity Cent Invt Portfolios: what is it?  01/25Tamales14:53JamesSFO
2p ESPlanner Software  01/25powermega13:34powermega
6h Fidelity brokerage link  01/25ncboston201416:59brisni
2h Pls challenge my One ETF approach - Belgium  01/25belegger02:21mpt follower
3t Vanguard U.S. Gov. Obligations 2014 File  01/25EyeDee01/25z3r0c00l
6t Small and value: are they diversifiers?  01/25nisiprius12:34bigred77
2t What Experts Say About "The Three Fund Portfolio" *  01/25Taylor Larimore01/25in_reality
22c New car safety features  01/25tc10120:10randomguy
13h Long term cap gains tax rate for 15% bracket  01/25TwoByFour13:03retiredjg
7p Expected Increases Year after Year on Home Insurance Premium  01/25xystici06:11johnep
40c Android or iPhone? Which do you like, and why?  01/25tc10116:06Quickfoot
8h Vanguard Low Cost Actively Managed Funds  01/25cegibbs15:44garlandwhizzer
5h 457 Investment Choices  01/25hotscot11:51retiredjg
2t expense ratios etc.  01/25bowtie01/25bowtie
1p Investing in my future.  01/25member01/25KlangFool
20t Mr. Bogle's current bond investing advice--what is it?  01/25rjb11218:31timboktoo
10t Market cap weighting flawed?  01/25GermanVanguardF21:52Caduceus
2t What Experts Say About Total Market Index Funds  01/25Taylor Larimore23:52pkcrafter
5h Portfolio Year in Review / Books Open for Feedback  01/25evad18:55livesoft
1h College or just Savings Investment Option Question  01/25carlycdesigns01/25Grt2bOutdoors
48t What Experts Say [about various investing topics]  01/25Taylor Larimore09:53Sbashore
44c Drinking water  01/25ThankYouJack20:07Greentree
3p Recommend Solo Roth 401(k) Option?  01/25southerndoc20:37randomguy
3t What Experts Say About "Past Performance"  01/25Taylor Larimore01/25LadyGeek
46c 400ft Driveway - How do I plow the snow?  01/25priuspilot20:06Wildebeest
32p large cash gift from parent - tax considerations  01/25thesePretzels08:31Anon1234
5h Roth Solo 401(k) brokerage firms  01/25SEJ01/25Spirit Rider
10h How to sell off Stock?  01/25hummv3301/25hummv33
2h Assest Allocation: Advice Needed  01/25jimmons01/25bloom2708
25c Anyone still keep DVDs?  01/25randomthrowaway01/25linenfort
6p $1 and $2 foreign tax paid - file? refundable credit?  01/25letsgobobby01/25grabiner
12c Adopting  01/25ilovedogs15:07Slowmaha
3p correctly filing - several kinds of IRAs  01/25eelwood23:00Alan S.
10h Very Basic Question on Roth IRA - Deadline?  01/25fastpace_re01/25JDDS
7h Help for Lively 83 yr. old  01/252beachcombers20:112beachcombers
10p best way to handle incorrect name/SSN on 1099-INT  01/25dodecahedron01/25retiredjg
53p Success stories of NOT buying more/too much house  page: 201/25nyinca15:49BlueNote
7p Vanguard Flagship Service Experience  01/25Swampy14:37mickeyd
69c Time to stop driving for 85 yo MIL  page: 201/25blevine17:44leonard
3h Help with exchanging Short Term bonds/Tips  01/25Cody12:21Cody
3c Emergency Info on Smart phones with locked screens  01/25scifilover01/25Mudpuppy
2p Upgrading to TurboTax Premier through Vanguard  01/25WorkToLive01/25WorkToLive
50c Rental Car Prices - is this the new normal ?  page: 201/25Bustoff08:10scrabbler1
17c Heat pump - drop temperature at night or keep constant?  01/25ThankYouJack17:43drawpoker
30p Poll: Locating deceased person's assets  01/25nisiprius18:48john94549
2t SCIF vs SCIN vs SMIN  01/25comeinvest01/25leonidas
11h Best short term investment options  01/25ncboston201401/25Twins Fan
1p TurboTax Deluxe: $25 Refund [for those forced to upgrade]  01/25Leeraar01/25Alex Frakt
3h Firecalc - Observation and Question  01/25bestplans19:59boknows
14h Question about Bond Mutual Funds and High Interest CD's  01/24Smartguy235112:17Kevin M
18c Reliability of LED televisions?  01/24Seattlenative01/25Seattlenative
20h Where do you think the stock market heading this year?  01/24rewrite01/25investor
8h 401K allocation  01/24FBN201408:47FBN2014
27c Hawaii Visit (Maui). Need advice  01/24ram18:36kwan2
2h Investing Options for Mom  01/24Motocicleta01/24Watty
7p Vanguard RMD Service  01/24sarahjane09:07ubermax
7p Marriage and taxes  01/24pockster21:01smackboy1
5h Bond ETFs at Schwab: SCHZ, SCHO, SCHR, SCHP - how to choose?  01/24Seattlenative01/25TwoByFour
4t Anti-anti-fragile, or, the Contrapositive  01/24Phineas J. Whoo01/24knpstr
7h rebalancing after an inheritance  01/24mcblum01/25grabiner
8h Looking for trust investment advice  01/24stvjohnsn01/24bsteiner
4t Varying returns with different sites  01/24DeerRunner01/25DeerRunner
7h Putting an inheritance in a Roth IRA  01/24bs01010101/25Caduceus
12p Prepaid Tuition Vs 529 plan  01/24fatwalletking01/25Independent
10p Elderly Mother in MI - Assisted Living transition  01/24NewVGI01/25Beth*
2p foreign bank - BSA website functional?  01/24JohnFiscal01/24JohnFiscal
6h MAGI too high for planned deduction of tIRA. Backdoor Roth?  01/24OSUmountaineer01/25Duckie
6t Tax efficiency ignoring capital gains  01/24boggler04:12dratkinson
3h Portfolio Checkup  01/24davidm198201/25davidm1982
6h Seeking Help With Investments  01/24TJTrader62017:16Duckie
2t What Experts Say About "Asset-Allocation & Diversification"  01/24Taylor Larimore01/25LadyGeek
7h What to do with Custodian Account  01/24Motodemo101/25Spirit Rider
15p Time for me to buy a condo?  01/24Alvim01/24Alvim
9t Total Bond: 23 years of SEC yield and distribution yield  01/24Kevin M19:48ogd
10h Separate AA for 529 funds?  01/24ERMD01/25ERMD
7t What Experts Say About "Simplicity"  01/24Taylor Larimore01/25LadyGeek
20p When to take a HSA distribution for past medical costs  01/24donocash19:56HueyLD
12t Marotta's Gone-Fishing Portfolio  01/24tj01/25Dandy
9t What Experts Say About Market-Timing  01/24Taylor Larimore11:58nedsaid
21h Some RMD Questions  01/24bertilak01/25kaneohe
25h Advice on Brokerage CDs?  01/24Frank201201/25LadyGeek
9h How to auto invest VTI/VXUS with no fees??  01/24mojorisin01/25navyitaly
36c Downside to eDelivery?  01/24Call_Me_Op07:00Call_Me_Op
33p QuitClaim Deed  01/24ArthurO20:02jfn111
6h Rental Property/LLC  01/24William Lichter13:40Carefreeap
19h Bad 401K or Taxable or Mortgage or Car Loan?  01/24CantPassAgain01/25Ketawa
18p Can't access Turbotax Online from Vanguard site  01/24blevine17:34coffeehubcap
7p Roth IRA phase out calculator  01/24wassabi01/24Alan S.
26h Separating 5-10 yr investments from retirement portolio  01/24jnet200001/25paper200
2h Spreadsheet Question - Fees and Contributions  01/24Tico_7512:43Tico_75
7p Help with Merrill Edge Roth Account  01/24cmublitz01/24BL
39p Is my term life policy quote too high?  01/24randomthrowaway14:58technovelist
42h Preparing for RMDs  01/24mmoneytalks21:46mmoneytalks
20t Do you have an EF & Taxable Account?  01/24allroads01/25grabiner
28c Recommend a clickless mouse  01/24lightheir20:57lightheir
6p Which mortgage to pick?  01/24boglefreak11:47boglefreak
17h Is a financial advisor going to help?  01/24padronpepper17:25padronpepper
5h Exchange fund for diversifying concentrated stock position?  01/23startup08:01Buysider
19h Employee fiduciary 401K Fund selection  01/23jjspartan12:25anil686
14h Leaving Edward Jones...Now What??  01/23Motodemo101/25Leeraar
23t Why not invest in bond fund in taxable account?  01/23Triple digit go01/25linenfort
33p negotiating vacation days  01/23ieee48819:43john94549
18c buying vs renting in Queens  01/23thesePretzels10:18tennisplyr
30t Focused Larry Portfolio  01/23gtwhitegold11:41ERMD
4h Getting close to retirement  01/23SamC01/25BigJohn
57t Factors and zero-sum investing  page: 201/23Browser16:37robert88
23t What about this withdrawl strategy?  01/23duffer01/25TwoByFour
31p Foreclosed-Law Firm pursuing amount of second lo  01/23needdebthelp01/25dolphinsaremamm
31p How to climb up in a megacorp  01/23slbnoob19:44killjoy2012
26h Where to get medallion signature guarantee  01/23reneeh6320:48cherijoh
25c Is it worth it to buy a condo vs a house.  01/23Altephor21:50Gary Guss
19h More tax efficient: Total US or Total International?  01/23SobeCane09:15SobeCane
37p Half off TurboTax thru Monday  01/23tpn19:36madbrain
33t TIPs, what do they really add  01/23BenJ01/25Artsdoctor
41c Women's Face Moisturizer/Lotion  01/23Joe M18:32Fritch
82c Anyone else love reading textbooks?  page: 201/23lightheir09:06lightheir
10t What Experts Say About "Indexing"  01/23Taylor Larimore01/25LadyGeek
49t Asness - The Small-Firm Effect Is Real, and It’s Spectacular  01/23matjen19:52matjen
17h Advice request for establishing portfolio  01/23gbru31601/25gbru316
4h I just took back my retirement $ - what should I do with it?  01/23k.atkinson21:58TimeRunner
19p How much umbrella insurance do I need?  01/23GrandDesigns23:54jasonp99
61t "Its Time To End Financial Advisers 1% Fees"  page: 201/23Taylor Larimore16:36Mel Lindauer
6p Transfer on death plan or Go to dreaded probate?  01/23pcola223401/25bsteiner
1p Turbo Tax  01/23larryinnewyork01/24knowmad
5t WR Computation and reinvestment question.  01/23midareff01/25TwoByFour
65c Downsize, Reduce, Simplify.  page: 201/23WormWood23:28LeeMKE
9c Anyone used Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper for prints?  01/23Petrocelli01/25itstoomuch
5p 0% balance transfer to pay student loans  01/23lobon01/25lobon
22h Should I sell tax inefficient mutual funds?  01/23grettman01/25grabiner
19h How do I utilize a VG Taxable account?  01/23allroads21:14Triple digit go
5h Solo 401k  01/23kareysue01/25ERISA Stone
66t Poll: Principles of Boglehead Philosophy  page: 201/23Index Fan13:06Johno
67h Grandfather wanting to transfer portfolio to kids. Question  page: 201/22jpfern1501/25livesoft
4h IRA Advice Needed Please  01/22e-spice01/25fortyofforty
26c Selling a home - 1st timer  01/22BanditKing20:50jsl11
5p Estate planning for parents, trying to push forward  01/22Game time decis14:12Game time decis
17h Need Income-Wellesley & Wellington or just Wellesley  01/22equivestor21:15ourbrooks
8h Reorganizing Portfolio question  01/22wookiedoo01/25wookiedoo
12c Ask plumber to pay for damages?  01/22kithwang15:51kithwang
5h wrong coupon payment on Jan 2028 TIPS  01/22RustyShacklefor13:25richard
75t Surviving the Tax Bite of RMD Withdrawals in Retirement  page: 201/22FinancialDave13:24FinancialDave
12h Help with stock allocation (Europe)  01/22MountainTop17:50StormShadow
16p Explain me some tax law!  01/21Gemini01/25AWH_CPA
40p AOTC versus 529 plan [American Opportunity Tax Credit]  01/21livesoft01/25itstoomuch
147h HSA... any receipt savers?  page: 2 301/21packet13:40knpstr
37c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  01/21Leif01/25kr24
6p Buying a loft as the location of my business  01/21tomtoms17:21ralph124cf
67c Retirement in Arizona - Seeking Advice  page: 201/21Bustoff01/25btenny
8h Help me redo the bond side of my portfolio?  01/20DoubleClick08:07supernova
24t Pick Your Poison [Vanguard vs. American Funds]  01/20darkhorse34601/24leonard
29t Does securities lending matter more than expense ratios?  01/20toto23814:50toto238
15t Did the Swiss stock market really lose 9%?  01/20an_asker01/25Valuethinker
111c Google Chrome: is this a mega security problem?  page: 2 301/20Browser01/25lightheir
30t Withdrawing Backdoor Conversions from Roth IRA  01/19lawlord10:37retiredjg
71c The "Less Than" a Million $ Club  page: 201/19tennisplyr01/25Non7WoodUser
32t How to get things wrong - Swiss Franc (CHF)  01/19Valuethinker01/25Valuethinker
8h Financial plan advice  01/18Anne830516:23ruralavalon
3h New Boglehead Portfolio Checkup  01/18bigred301/25Grt2bOutdoors
16p MediCare and ? What are your out of pocket costs please.  01/18island01/25hicabob
51p Flagship financial planner advice?  page: 201/18littlbrother20:39Wildebeest
4h Currently retired - My investigation so far Part II (final?)  01/18canon_shooter23:27canon_shooter
107t Initial SEC yield and subsequent 5yr and 10yr returns  page: 2 301/18Kevin M19:23Kevin M
31c Best Book To Learn R Programming  01/17gatorman01/25gatorman
7h Help Analyze a 3 Fund Portolfio for friend  01/17Petrocelli11:49LAlearning
10h Investment Advice  01/16razzledazzle20:33ruralavalon
33t Efficient markets: luck v. skill  01/15richard20:39knpstr
247t How does an Efficient Market explain Buffett?  page: 2 3 4 501/14new2bogle201/25Caduceus
41c Sellers Won't Fix Leaking Roof; Fear of Additional Damage  01/13ChupaChups17:58leonard
36h Help setting up college savings account  01/13JoshLogic01/25JoshLogic
9t Prognosis On REIT Index Fund  01/12mucho dinero01/25tomd37
10h Help!!! Dilemma on 457b  01/11NKOTB01/25am
12p Changing Passwords with 2factor authentication  01/11mucho dinero01/25Digital Dave
50p Fidelity Donor Advised Fund  page: 201/10J29509:04RunningRad
14h Investment help for retirement accounts - NoVA2015  01/10NoVA201517:20Duckie
127t What is the international portion of your portfolio and why?  page: 2 301/10fourwedge05:02YDNAL
69c Any art "investors" here?  page: 201/07Petrocelli01/24Petrocelli
24h Newbie contemplating firing advisor to save AUM  01/03HandMD01/25HandMD
17t GAA ETF - a Global Asset Allocation  01/01mpt follower23:43mpt follower
190c What do you drive, and why?  page: 2 3 412/31tc10114:14Morse Code
13h UMB vs HSA?  12/30Echohammer41909:39Echohammer419
17p Should I declare foreign salary to avoid double taxation?  12/29Quarantine01/25HueyLD
56t Effect of 0.79 correlation: fantasy vs. reality  page: 212/18nisiprius14:59FrogPrince
27p Vanguard and Turbo Tax  12/16coffeehubcap14:48miles monroe
4h Better to keep or sell the inflation-protected bond fund?  12/05Sesame20:46Phineas J. Whoo
88p Vanguard Turbo Tax prices anounced  page: 212/05Grasshopper16:23quondad
32c Who do you listen to? (Podcast, etc)  11/30Ijim09:31ebabin
125t What percent "Boglehead" are you?  page: 2 311/22RunningRad16:21fortyofforty
196p TurboTax '14 Deluxe (Desktop) Excludes Schedule D  page: 2 3 411/15Drew3101/25donaldfair71
64c Winter Coat  page: 211/14J29512:16Ktemene
51h Should I sell My American Funds?  page: 210/21iguaniagu16:29iguaniagu
14t Just read All About Asset Allocation by Mr. Ferri.. Help!  10/13gtt56101/25gtt561
5p Using Turbotax to file for a Foreign Income Exclusion?  09/27Diogenes07:09livesoft
151c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 409/07gatorman20:08James2
468c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1008/30abuss36819:08market timer
85t Going 60+% international? (US resident)  page: 208/08Nathan Drake18:49randomguy
50l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  page: 205/25renjuzone09:31BanditKing
19l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate09:07Texas Radio
9p Roth to Traditional and then backdoor to Roth  04/13Backdoor Confus05:16Backdoor Confus
31h Retirement Check  04/12contender01/25VictoriaF
9h Portfolio review for European (Belgian), which bond ETFs?  04/04Tall Tree01/25belegger
45h Bob Brinker portfolio  03/28end4401/25stemikger
32p File FAFSA with 7 figure non-retirement portfolio?  03/08Tycoon17:38Tycoon
48p Salary to Home Value/Mortgage Ratio?  2014wootwhoop20:14MnD
34h European investor - 3-fund portfolio - "global market" ETFs  2013AppelSienSapFri01/25belegger
55t Would you buy Total World index if it had Admiral Shares?  page: 22013Day903:15bonn
299p Anyone regret paying off mortgage early?  page: 2 3 4 5 62012acegolfer20:47randomguy
18t Does anybody buy and sell USO ?  2012stev15:27airahcaz
47p Annual Home Maintenance Expenses  2011JTcheek01/25TravelerMSY
475c Boglehead Beer  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102011Thetightfist07:05XtremeSki2001
2h New Belgian Boglehead - Help with AA and portfolio review  2011BrusselsK01/25belegger
14p Hardwood flooring - lumber liquidators  2010money0813:18chmcnm
903c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192008Petrocelli20:55mlebuf

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