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1t Using balanced funds to avoid rebalancing  00:43toto23801:01kmok
6h Do I Pay Cash for my home?  00:27Saltwater03:04EnjoyIt
6c What makes you happy in life?  23:24health teacher01:24Fallible
0p Acquaintance and different state dates for Medicare A & B?  22:51dm200  
1p Doctor with multiple retirement plans  22:25Cucumbers22:46Laura
2h Roth conversion -estimated tax Q  22:00surfinagin23:26wx27
1h How do you track your retirement plans?  20:44CJF21:03texasdiver
1h Solo 401(k) and In Plan Roth Rollover  20:40Caduceus21:45tfb
4h need help/one step at a time/vanguard mutual funds  20:22spid21:57Laura
4h Looking for comments on my portfolio  20:05BicycleLover23:56BicycleLover
0p PIP coverage on auto insurance  19:42ArthurO  
9p What to do if someone is using your home address?  19:24Tamales01:23Mudpuppy
1p 401k inheritance questions  19:18raaizin20:21Alan S.
6h [Dumping Wells Fargo, where to park funds?]  18:57joesixpack23:40Lafder
10h 1-day-old Bogleheader seeking portfolio review  18:50tiff00:38tiff
3t Vanguard white papers, how are they distributed?  18:42livesoft18:56livesoft
3h Traditional IRA  18:38ny_rn18:58ny_rn
4h Tax Gain Harvesting Question  17:51wldlndfirefghtr22:40wldlndfirefghtr
31h What "actively" managed funds do you own?  17:22Rexindex22:49Electron
13p 1 rollover per year?  16:39TPS_Reports22:49bsteiner
3h First portfolio review and question  16:3730Throwaway19:36LAlearning
3h When can a draft withdrawal be made from VBS sweep account?  16:01dm20022:34dm200
14h Am I being too conservative?  15:58ugaDAWGS0921:58Watty
6p Alternative to reverse mortgage for aging mother's new home  15:49WillyMcG19:51BL
2p Young adult finance  15:38AQ20:38hyla
5p Tax Planning for S Corp & Personal Contributions  15:36xiosen00:40xiosen
1h Indexing international with 3 funds - proper percentage?  15:30MnD15:37livesoft
3h Another 401k/IRA question  15:21xyzzy19:36Laura
10p husband with bi-polar condition spending lots of $  15:19danieljquirk23:13mhalley
3p First time doing backdoor Roth IRA  15:18dave41501:56placeholder
1p Gains from 1099-R, 401k to Roth Rollover  14:54batpot17:43batpot
2c Florida Turnpike Toll-Rental Car  14:30Leesbro6315:27livesoft
4p Should my work associates be worried?  14:20swong623:31littlebird
3h Moving from growth to a capital preservation portfolio  14:15fnmix18:16dbr
12h Non-deductible Traditional IRA contributions  14:04BicycleLover16:03livesoft
1h Lazy 3 - for my 401(a), 403 (b), and 457  13:44jrmotley14:33Laura
7h Christian CU Certificates %5.00 12-Months  13:15Bounca17:46skepticalobserv
21t Why does Swensen have 30% Bonds?  13:14allroads22:11MildlyEccentric
9p Free TurboTax for Flagship [Problem obtaining free download]  12:47partner00:15in_reality
3p Online Security with Personal Financial Passwords - KeePass  12:19Saving$16:22targ
30c Major Life Decision -- Do we need to keep working?  12:13Baconquest02:52market timer
2h Withdrawing from Mom's Investments  11:58aquifer22:19trueblueky
3p Tax Planning for 2015  11:48snm8523:45snm85
4h HELOC Draw For 2014 iBond/EE Bond Contribution?  11:29Average Investo16:34Average Investo
1p Personal Vacation + Rental Vacation house  11:26ThankYouJack23:00Fixmen
2p Mortgage or Equity Line of Credit?  11:10Daisy Dog16:39ourbrooks
7h S&P index fund moving in wrong direction  10:54Ulysses1918:21livesoft
0p Morningstar's portfolio manager 'initial purchase' field  10:36Gambler  
80c How do you define "being rich"?  page: 210:25Non7WoodUser02:47EnjoyIt
12h Stop contributing to 401k to pay off CC  09:48blang00812:29Saving$
6p Can I convert a Roth to a Trad IRA? Should I?  09:19szmaine15:31oneleaf
17t Is VG Portfolio Tool too aggressive?  09:13pointyhead00:53itstoomuch
8p questions about my Roth IRA & the IRS  09:01montanagirl14:03pshonore
0h Should I wait till year end or do backdoor roth now?  08:47sai  
10c Cooking Lessons  08:34TravelforFun19:19TomatoTomahto
2h How to increase tax efficiency in my investment portfolio  08:26PrajnaSun11:53duke33
4p Checking account. Safety  08:01Rexindex09:31lazyday
2h 403b rollover transfer question.  07:51jeremyl15:22placeholder
13t When do dividends post to Vanguard accounts?  07:19bertilak13:56Calm Man
16h Reinvest Dividends (safely)  07:10wassabi01:15IPer
2h Contribute to rollover IRA?  06:34richard00:51kmok
8h Have funds in IRA, should I open a Roth?  05:04NSW122:36Laura
5t Asness response to value redundancy  12/20Robert T19:52Robert T
1h Buying the dividend in a tax advantaged account. Downsides?  12/20ilan1h03:35Noobvestor
5h (Australia) index advice  12/20Gateway03:10Gateway
1h How to (re)balance across 401(k), Roth IRA, and taxable?  12/20intothegreatunk05:53livesoft
9p Lifetime Learning Credit for two tax years  12/20BigPrince11:43Bob's not my na
16t handling large market drops  12/20MichaelU01:48itstoomuch
3p Theoretical maximum tax deduction  12/20Mahanon10:45Epsilon Delta
3h Help Needed ETF Picking: Tax Implications  12/19HumbleInvestor010:34Epsilon Delta
5p Why Is IRS Aksing For Information Update For Trust?  12/19yearzero19:15dodecahedron
6h QQQ vs VGT (Vanguard Information Technology ETF)  12/19chasiu20900:53robertalpert
15h Tax loss harvesting in excess of $3000  12/19cpthammer16:18cpthammer
17p Car purchase: Buy or Finance  12/19tiff20:39Watty
6t Why Vanguard Pacific fund tanks when Pacific markets soar?  12/19abyan19:11petrico
52c Don't be tempted to buy your teen a cheap (old) car, parents  page: 212/19srinivas13:33TomatoTomahto
14t VTI went up, but VTSMX went down  12/19VirginiaBob21:28slbnoob
20h Stuck with TIAA-CREF-is there a Boglehead mix?  12/19Ralt17:40ofcmetz
5h long term capital gains in 15% bracket  12/19Rosco12:09sls239
38c Gaming PC for son, buy or build?  12/19ramsfan22:50vitaflo
9c telemarketing calls to cell phones  12/19lululu11:05lululu
5h Online Bank for High-Yield Savings and CDs  12/19DaftInvestor09:25lazyday
20c Having Trouble Finding a Used Car - Would you Hertz/Enterpr?  12/19joeyk0918:32IPer
23c Is it safe to use a credit card at Target?  12/19Non7WoodUser01:47placeholder
4h [Denmark] Retirement Portfolio Review  12/19herpfinance05:20herpfinance
6t Barclays - Increased Savings APY from 0.90% to 1.00%!  12/19CincyGuy10:56N52570
42h Scared to Invest  12/19Investerguy01:20EarlyStart
15p Limited-pay whole life policies  12/19R2D210:43dhodson
20c Disappointed with sale items  12/19lightheir21:21AAA
10h Year 2 as a Boglehead: Portfolio Checkup  12/19WhatsUpB14:45RVD
4t Question about reinvesting dividends  12/19DXB13:16blevine
38t Please debunk this CNN Money article on dividend investing  12/19scienceguy00:13nedsaid
9p Life insurance questions  12/19Djkell308:58Djkell3
56p Federal Taxes - Sticker Shock (And how to reduce)  page: 212/19gatorphysics19:27burt
15t MM expense Ratio [Money Market]  12/19Doc19:02Mel Lindauer
21c Stolen car recovered, need a plan  12/19jakepeters13:25placeholder
16c Help with an adults only all-inclusive  12/18karpems15:10Ruby
7h In my ETrade DRIP account -- Small amounts of cash pop up??  12/18Rich Cape Cod15:47kkhanmd
8h Ally 5-year CD from 1.6% to 2%?  12/18ricb11:56Kevin M
4p CFP Education - College for FP vs. American College?  12/18scottj1970716:26stormswami
6p Dollar Cost Averaging and a Backdoor Roth IRA  12/18bslice12:01FreemanB
37c Gas Prices ($1.99) in North Texas  12/18Crimsontide23:04Ged
13t Outperforming vs Underperforming Investors in 2014  12/18tennisplyr23:23Pizzasteve510
19p Term life insurance- I don't have it. Do I need it?  12/18Mrxyz10:52LeeMKE
36c Relocating to Florida - Need some advice  12/18LazyNihilist07:50eucalyptus
12p HSA question  12/18camiboxer13:37jeffyscott
2h Windfall… Revised Portfolio Review  12/18mygirls05:14mygirls
7p Downloading TurboTax - tips for an easy process  12/18FrogPrince17:20jonbois
8p Purchased 1st house - cash - good feelings  12/18Ignatious P. Da07:27Ignatious P. Da
11p SEP IRA vs Self 401k  12/18Utahdogowner06:51rrouse
52p We made our own Will  page: 212/18chabil15:10J295
22p Home Mortgage payoff  12/18neo08:32scrisp
6p Tax deduction - Resident Alien working from foreign location  12/18nirvana14:52nirvana
9p S-Corp or LLC - Software Consulting Part Time  12/18learnfinance10:48pshonore
41t Bond Fund vs CDs - which to use?  12/18allroads11:06Kevin M
5f FYI, just got the following error message [too many clients]  12/18Leif08:42IPer
52t Effect of 0.79 correlation: fantasy vs. reality  page: 212/18nisiprius20:44nisiprius
20p Where to find the cheapest mortgage?  12/17BundyBundy11:29tj218
11p Replacement Car Savings  12/17roamin survivor07:19Terraplane
21t Vanguard's economic and investment outlook [2015]  12/17cfs12:05peppers
11h How to allocate my 2015 Roth IRA contribution?  12/17murphyslaw8609:23retiredjg
32c Ski questions from a Southerner  12/17Lynn198711:28EmergDoc
30h Looking to move inheritance from high-fee advisor  12/17trundle15:12BL
7c Free course on 1400-1800 art  12/17VictoriaF15:26carolc
54h Why a Boglehead doesn't invest in individual companies?  page: 212/17acejacksingh10:42nedsaid
14c Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 6 okay with Consumer Cellular?  12/16bill8823:49bill88
141c WHY is retirement enjoyable / something to look forward to?  page: 2 312/16a15:13VictoriaF
55c Need help with men's exercise clothes please  page: 212/15island14:25leonard
31p State tax deducation & AMT  12/15whadyaknow21:01Two Headed Mule
61p A perfect profession  page: 212/15VictoriaF20:50Epsilon Delta
26h Went "all in" Nov 17-21 in VTTHX (2035) - worried...  12/15jbrinker10:39tbradnc
88p What are your 2015 Financial Goals?  page: 212/15poker2718:13dad2000
36t White Coat Investor in Forbes  12/15LeeMKE23:44tyler_cracker
12p Ex-manager(s), and you?  12/14TPS_Reports16:25TPS_Reports
50p Performed backdoor Roth and accountant did not file 8606  page: 212/14John375417:11kensho
18c Help planning a Hawaii trip  12/14indexer09:32Goblue97
26p Regulatory guidance - occupation information requirement  12/13Tycoon22:52rob
76p Most/Least Boglehead 2014 Activity?  page: 212/13JamesSFO12:32Pizzasteve510
21c Home battery storage  12/12runner908:42jmoroney
22p Considering more conservative allocation  12/12pacodelostigres07:48pacodelostigres
56p (Poll) Did you tap into emergency fund in the past 10 years?  page: 212/11dsmil22:31ofcmetz
13h Investing 100K for the next 3-5 years? Where?  12/10StevenNJ107:58RobInCT
13h Trust set up for older sibling  12/10Kiter23:23Lafder
32h Starting out  12/08Akuma8606:42ruralavalon
25t 2014 Portfolio Returns  12/08ot113809:16k66
70h High(ish) earner; spending too much?  page: 212/07cb990z20:52cherijoh
25t Vanguard cd question [Brokered CDs]  12/04spid22:30dm200
64p [Poll] What's Your Tax Prep Strategy?  page: 212/02Zecht12:30Aptenodytes
105t Any Momentum Investors Out There?  page: 2 312/01gatorman15:55gatorman
33f HTTPS (aka TLS, aka SSL) comes to bogleheads.org  11/28LadyGeek16:02tfb
87c Documentaries to recommend?  page: 211/28StormShadow07:24stemikger
51h Why should I avoid REITs?  page: 211/25Ijim18:08privatefarmer
234c What do you splurge on?  page: 2 3 4 511/21Professor Emeri11:17VictoriaF
80t Active or Not, I Love Wellington  page: 211/16TheTimeLord23:55ANC
42h A New 401k  11/05zratis09:08Laura
39l What will you do when you retire?  10/17asif40822:37heyyou
71h Feeling very fortunate today!  page: 210/15TheTimeLord00:35MoonOrb
254c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 609/22Alex Frakt06:18rakornacki1
262c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 608/30abuss36817:32market timer
29h Confirm my understandings about a Backdoor Roth?  05/22Squeak23:26BicycleLover
29c Help! Mom fell for scam--computer hacked?  05/18goodenoughinves00:01HurdyGurdy
33t Robinhood has Zero-Commissions - are you buying stock?  04/26thethinker22:01livesoft
52t Riding the yield curve, in action  page: 202/08ogd16:40ogd
2l New Jersey chapter needs new coordinator  01/20grabiner11:23pscobee
136t [Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]  page: 2 32011stratton18:23Geologist
23p "FREE" H&R Block Tax Software. Catch?  2013RebusCannébus22:54wander
37h Medallion Signature Guarantee  2013Cash17:38Geologist
22p Happy with Barclays savings account?  2013boglerocks13:07papito23
1064t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222011Lbill11:26Leeraar

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