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0c Emergency Info on Smart phones with locked screens  08:13scifilover  
0p Upgrading to TurboTax Premier through Vanguard  07:30WorkToLive  
10c Rental Car Prices - is this the new normal ?  07:18Bustoff08:07dbltrbl
5c Heat pump - drop temperature at night or keep constant?  06:56ThankYouJack08:00wageoghe
5p Poll: Locating deceased person's assets  06:27nisiprius07:43nisiprius
2t SCIF vs SCIN vs SMIN  05:07comeinvest06:47leonidas
0h Best short term investment options  01:22ncboston2014  
0p TurboTax Deluxe: $25 Refund Offered  01:19Leeraar  
5h Best short term investment options  01:11ncboston201408:04livesoft
1h Firecalc - Observation and Question  00:03bestplans05:21livesoft
7h Question about Bond Mutual Funds and High Interest CD's  22:29Smartguy235103:15Kevin M
4c Reliability of LED televisions?  22:28Seattlenative06:50leonidas
14h Where do you think the stock market heading this year?  22:19rewrite08:16z3r0c00l
1h 401K allocation  22:05FBN201402:13Lost Laker
14c Hawaii Visit (Maui). Need advice  21:58ram07:31Peculiar_Invest
2h Investing Options for Mom  21:42Motocicleta22:40Watty
1p Vanguard RMD Service  21:15sarahjane22:21Alan S.
0t Lookback on 2014 from George Sisti  21:02victorb  
0p Taxes on Annuity Paid to Wrong State  20:27yun83  
4h Bond ETFs at Schwab: SCHZ, SCHO, SCHR, SCHP - how to choose?  19:47Seattlenative21:29stlutz
0h Euro Account in US Bank  19:45William Million  
4t Anti-anti-fragile, or, the Contrapositive  19:27Phineas J. Whoo21:54knpstr
2t Mean versus standard deviation for the Simba data series  19:25nisiprius20:56Kevin M
2h rebalancing after an inheritance  19:10mcblum20:07mcblum
8h Looking for trust investment advice  18:56stvjohnsn22:00bsteiner
0t Varying returns with different sites  18:55DeerRunner  
7h Putting an inheritance in a Roth IRA  18:08bs01010101:26Caduceus
9p Prepaid Tuition Vs 529 plan  18:06fatwalletking07:50Eric76
3p Elderly Mother in MI - Assisted Living transition  17:31NewVGI18:21stan1
2h Portfolio Balancing Help  17:29Jwcollect18:16lack_ey
4h Avoiding the Kiddie Tax on Capital Gains  17:21verbose18:57verbose
2p foreign bank - BSA website functional?  17:09JohnFiscal21:32JohnFiscal
3h MAGI too high for planned deduction of tIRA. Backdoor Roth?  16:59OSUmountaineer22:37OSUmountaineer
1t Tax efficiency ignoring capital gains  16:38boggler16:41livesoft
2h Portfolio Checkup  16:27davidm198217:13Grt2bOutdoors
1h Seeking Help With Investments  16:23TJTrader62019:53Duckie
1t What Experts Say About "Asset-Allocation & Diversification"  16:00Taylor Larimore17:13Trevor
3h What to do with Custodian Account  15:57Motodemo107:43Lafder
1p Backdoor Roth  15:52tphp9916:14DSInvestor
15p Time for me to buy a condo?  15:50Alvim23:19Alvim
2t Total Bond: 23 years of SEC yield and distribution yield  15:41Kevin M17:24Kevin M
3p How to Value E-Commerce Business?  15:29Kennedy16:24MrTom
9h Separate AA for 529 funds?  15:23ERMD20:25GoldenFinch
4t What Experts Say About "Simplicity"  15:16Taylor Larimore05:30jimkinny
1h forgoing foreign tax credit  14:37knarf14:52livesoft
1c Amazon Prime is on Sale Today  14:27linenfort14:34linenfort
6p When to take a HSA distribution for past medical costs  14:24donocash18:36curmudgeon
12t Marotta's Gone-Fishing Portfolio  14:20tj07:41Dandy
0t What Experts Say About Market-Timing  14:04Taylor Larimore  
16h Some RMD Questions  13:27bertilak16:38bertilak
3t New Vanguard Account Question  13:2353timr15:14Walleyewhacker
23h Advice on Brokerage CDs?  13:16Frank201221:23ArthurO
13h Add new bank to vanguard account  12:15Traveller20:42Kevin M
9h How to auto invest VTI/VXUS with no fees??  12:09mojorisin00:40navyitaly
1t Question about unrealized capital gains in a taxable account  12:06WolfpackFan12:26livesoft
9h Max 401k - What Next?! Backdoor Roth sounds complicated....  12:04doug102215:22walletless
30c Downside to eDelivery?  12:04Call_Me_Op08:05Call_Me_Op
25p QuitClaim Deed  11:56ArthurO00:30OldLearner
1h Rental Property/LLC  11:48William Lichter12:12abuss368
17h Bad 401K or Taxable or Mortgage or Car Loan?  11:46CantPassAgain22:40bdpb
5p Can't access Turbotax Online from Vanguard site  11:27blevine15:18blevine
7p Roth IRA phase out calculator  11:25wassabi22:35Alan S.
8h Separating 5-10 yr investments from retirement portolio  11:21jnet200007:12Call_Me_Op
7h Roth IRA contribution from Brokerage Account  11:09BigMik12:16baw703916
5h 2015 Roth IRA question  10:29mcse3711:19DSInvestor
2p Need to retain original tax documents?  10:23Stevedore12:59Stevedore
4h Second Guessing Taxable Acct AA  09:31N5257013:53N52570
1p Why Jack Ma of Alibaba loves "Forrest Gump"  09:10Howard Donnelly09:14Petrocelli
1h Spreadsheet Question - Fees and Contributions  08:56Tico_7518:47Duckie
7p Help with Merrill Edge Roth Account  08:41cmublitz23:47BL
0h 401k Safe Harbor Plan - Mega Backdoor Roth Plan B?  08:20ConcernedKid  
26p Is my term life policy quote too high?  01/24randomthrowaway00:07itstoomuch
23h Preparing for RMDs  01/24mmoneytalks23:32mmoneytalks
7c Online safety and security tips  01/24ThankYouJack13:51Toons
19t Do you have an EF & Taxable Account?  01/24allroads22:02LeisureLee
14c Recommend a clickless mouse  01/24lightheir06:25Jeff7
5p Which mortgage to pick?  01/24boglefreak12:14Twins Fan
11h Is a financial advisor going to help?  01/24padronpepper13:20Jack FFR1846
10p Sales tax question  01/24quizzer2513:51quizzer25
3h Exchange fund for diversifying concentrated stock position?  01/23startup14:18printer
6h Employee fiduciary 401K Fund selection  01/23jjspartan22:30jjspartan
5h Leaving Edward Jones...Now What??  01/23Motodemo107:23Lafder
16t 4% Withdrawal Rate Question  01/23DPTOCS20:54derosa
11t Why not invest in bond fund in taxable account?  01/23Triple digit go05:06YDNAL
31p negotiating vacation days  01/23ieee48821:24Cherokee8215
5c buying vs renting in Queens  01/23thesePretzels20:26Pajamas
16t Focused Larry Portfolio  01/23gtwhitegold05:51Robert T
6t Vanguard's Process for Closing Funds  01/23JRix08:34Dandy
42t Factors and zero-sum investing  01/23Browser05:58richard
27c Amazon Prime Is $72 Tomorrow for New Users  01/23BigFoot4815:14Rainier
17t What about this withdrawl strategy?  01/23duffer07:58BahamaMan
31p Foreclosed-Law Firm pursuing amount of second lo  01/23needdebthelp07:12dolphinsaremamm
24p How to climb up in a megacorp  01/23slbnoob05:36bulbul
18h Where to get medallion signature guarantee  01/23reneeh6318:52john94549
22c Is it worth it to buy a condo vs a house.  01/23Altephor23:10FedGuy
18h More tax efficient: Total US or Total International?  01/23SobeCane17:56richard
31p Half off TurboTax thru Monday  01/23tpn03:351nv3s70r
30t TIPs, what do they really add  01/23BenJ23:29saltycaper
7p What types of insurance should I buy?  01/23DoubleClick15:05DoubleClick
25c Women's Face Moisturizer/Lotion  01/23Joe M02:26dolphinsaremamm
79c Anyone else love reading textbooks?  page: 201/23lightheir19:18BabylonOrBust
9c Negotiating Price of New Construction Home with Builder?  01/23Baseballmom9412:29westie
19t Asness - The Small-Firm Effect Is Real, and It’s Spectacular  01/23matjen05:43richard
17h Advice request for establishing portfolio  01/23gbru31607:19gbru316
4h % of portfolio in TIPS- mark to market?  01/23buckeye798308:36Aptenodytes
23p Hedging home value risk  01/23jaxelrod11:37LadyGeek
8p How much umbrella insurance do I need?  01/23GrandDesigns07:50scifilover
8t "Its Time To End Financial Advisers 1% Fees"  01/23Taylor Larimore21:06Derek Tinnin
9h What to do w/ 2¢ interest credited after doing backdoor Roth  01/23RetireGood10:37anakinskywalker
2p startegy for HSA deposit if get another Health Insurnace  01/23andyandyandy16:14niceguy7376
4p Transfer on death plan or Go to dreaded probate?  01/23pcola223408:03scifilover
1p Turbo Tax  01/23larryinnewyork22:38knowmad
4t WR Computation and reinvestment question.  01/23midareff08:53midareff
53c Downsize, Reduce, Simplify.  page: 201/23WormWood06:02VictoriaF
8c Anyone used Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper for prints?  01/23Petrocelli07:45jjdubbles
5p 0% balance transfer to pay student loans  01/23lobon05:47lobon
18h Should I sell tax inefficient mutual funds?  01/23grettman07:11grettman
23p Intuit Turbo Tax Refund  01/23Toons08:26MoneyIsntEveryt
15h How do I utilize a VG Taxable account?  01/23allroads20:02DSInvestor
4h Solo 401k  01/23kareysue03:23kareysue
59t Poll: Principles of Boglehead Philosophy  page: 201/23Index Fan07:26JPH
32h When/how to invest monthly savings into taxable?  01/22sanfran201515:27ny_rn
62h Grandfather wanting to transfer portfolio to kids. Question  page: 201/22jpfern1515:40linenfort
14h RBD/DCA ETF purchasing strategy  01/22Rob Bertram21:14Rob Bertram
21p Young Couple Need Advice  01/22h0tsauce08:43Steady59
24c Selling a home - 1st timer  01/22BanditKing20:28Carefreeap
17h Newbie needing help with investments  01/22readerrabbit17:35BL
5h Newbie nearing retirement  01/22KINGTUT109:43Watty
7h Reorganizing Portfolio question  01/22wookiedoo20:14sunnywindy
15h 401k to Roth conversion for a retiree  01/22bena17:13Peter Foley
64h Gotta Be a Bear Market Coming  page: 201/22William Million19:54William Million
17t Would maxing a Roth and 401k each year be enough?  01/22ugaDAWGS0916:05bradshaw1965
12c TV sound options for hearing impaired  01/22curmudgeon09:01Naismith
3h wrong coupon payment on Jan 2028 TIPS  01/22RustyShacklefor13:59RustyShacklefor
12p Would you use MaskMe?  01/22HogsAndApples08:46gd
70t Surviving the Tax Bite of RMD Withdrawals in Retirement  page: 201/22FinancialDave19:05wrongfunds
6h Help with stock allocation (Europe)  01/22MountainTop05:04Mureke
8h retirement analysis - re-balance suggestions?  01/22cupiehead18:19cupiehead
67c Keurig-cup coffee makers - why?  page: 201/21Seattlenative19:21Sagenick48
20c anyone here been to the Super Bowl?  01/21Go Blue 9918:49twindad57
138h HSA... any receipt savers?  page: 2 301/21packet07:48knpstr
34c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  01/21Leif15:54BolderBoy
66c Retirement in Arizona - Seeking Advice  page: 201/21Bustoff23:56Carefreeap
24t Pick Your Poison [Vanguard vs. American Funds]  01/20darkhorse34621:25leonard
15t Did the Swiss stock market really lose 9%?  01/20an_asker07:41Valuethinker
101c Google Chrome: is this a mega security problem?  page: 2 301/20Browser13:42Toons
15t Withdrawing Backdoor Conversions from Roth IRA  01/19lawlord14:59lawlord
18h Diversify my portfolio  01/19riptide12:44riptide
5h Target Portfolio Discount Double Check  01/19nickeld11:18nickeld
28t How to get things wrong - Swiss Franc (CHF)  01/19Valuethinker07:59Valuethinker
15p Need some financial advice after just purchasing a new home  01/18dave41516:41Lafder
32p Flagship financial planner advice?  01/18littlbrother20:29littlbrother
100t Initial SEC yield and subsequent 5yr and 10yr returns  page: 2 301/18Kevin M07:13dkturner
29c Best Book To Learn R Programming  01/17gatorman13:00James2
173h Should I Declare Victory and Pack It In?  page: 2 3 401/16WormWood12:05LadyGeek
4p LearnVest - Opinions  01/11gadgetgirl20:14gadgetgirl
11h Investment help for retirement accounts - NoVA2015  01/10NoVA201517:32Duckie
40c Wedding Anniversary in Cape Cod  01/09guitarguy20:11ejvyas
69c Any art "investors" here?  page: 201/07Petrocelli22:48Petrocelli
183c What do you drive, and why?  page: 2 3 412/31tc10122:12BenJ
8h UMB vs HSA?  12/30Echohammer41908:14Echohammer419
17p Should I declare foreign salary to avoid double taxation?  12/29Quarantine00:25HueyLD
20p Downloading TurboTax - tips for an easy process  12/18FrogPrince10:38brmlburt
55c Winter Coat  page: 211/14J29502:36avidsaver
11h Using TLT to hedge  11/09caaaad10:31randomguy
436c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 909/22Alex Frakt20:57Non7WoodUser
141c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 309/07gatorman07:36Valuethinker
444c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 908/30abuss36800:16jlawrence01
11p Anybody have any experience with Medicare IRMAA?  07/13GerryL12:36Dan999
18h Retirement Check  04/12contender07:11Dandy
44h TIAA Traditional vs. Bonds - What would you choose?  2014Noobvestor17:51aelfa
12h bonds vs paying off mortgage, more confused thoughts  2013joe13519:01hamiltop
60h TSP share prices for Quicken  page: 22013Simbilis11:40impdust
239p Anyone regret paying off mortgage early?  page: 2 3 4 52012acegolfer22:42TradingPlaces
46p Annual Home Maintenance Expenses  2011JTcheek19:53TomTX
474c Boglehead Beer  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102011Thetightfist20:59Non7WoodUser
68t [Lack of] Auto-rebalancing tool at Vanguard  page: 22010KyleAAA12:33columbia
10p Hardwood flooring - lumber liquidators  2010money0807:07johnep
125c $7 gas - what would you do?  page: 2 32008AJ10:51skylar

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