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1p Sell Trust-owned House and Title New House In Trust  09/15FreddieG16:40123
3p Worker's Comp for Nanny - reasonable price?  13:01rcjchicity16:05123
16p Inherited 403b - lump sum?  09/14goru09/142stepsbehind
12p Optimizing Lifetime Taxes Using Roth and Trad Accounts  09/14Ybsybs09/14555
6p How to split office expenses  09/14bs01010109/155buffalo
23c The boglehead way to buy furniture  08:49Chan_va20:016miths
7h Help me understand Bonds  13:24bmorehokie15:49abuss368
891t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182012Taylor Larimore15:48abuss368
20h How should I invest the money in my taxable account?  09/11bmorehokie09/15abuss368
3h Building a CD Ladder  09/14john9454909/15abyan
149t Tips on answering the question - What Should I Do?  page: 2 32008Rick Ferri09/14abyan
19p Gifting planning for upper 60s widowed.  09/12runner909/13adam1712
1p HSA's in PA  09/13afr09/14afr
0p Procrastinators Delight on IRA Contributions  19:27Alan S.  
11h Reversing a Roth overpayment  2013redstreet23:54Alan S.
8h RMD Bond Mutual Funds, and Bond duration more to lose sleep  09/15Grasshopper09/15Alan S.
24p 401(k) 20% Mandatory Tax Withholding  09/13joer121209/14Alan S.
32p What type of assets can a lawyer see that you have?  09/10rec709/13Alex Frakt
6c FLICKR  09/14SpringMan09/15amzsales
9c Mortgage sold to shady lender  09/14andyandyandy09/15andyandyandy
21t Bridgeway Omni SCV (BOTSX) vs PXSV  08/20countmein19:00Angst
6h Help Me Pick an HSA Investment  09/13FinanceGrad09/14Aptenodytes
191c Hamilton watches, worth the money?  page: 2 3 409/14ArthurO19:30ArthurO
6h 3.0% 8 year non-callable CD - opinions?  09/15matonplayer09/15ArthurO
5h Roth conversion  16:28rockylou18:44Artsdoctor
5h Tax Stupid Investment  17:34chabil18:41Artsdoctor
37t Financial Psychology - Mind Over Money  09:15mbk73420:21avalpert
7p move, rent or buy a second home?  09/15joe13509/15avalpert
21p Should I step in to help my in law pay off credit card debt  09/15SoCalGal19:42avenger
8c Local Mover Selection  09/13lawman396609/14AviN
1h How Much to Invest in MESP per year  09/15dkennedymi09/15b4nash
46t How much you need to save as multiple of salary  2012wrysys15:02Beliavsky
25t Randomly-weighted stock portfolios beat the index  09/15Beliavsky16:55berntson
29h Why Invest in Bonds in your early 30s?  09/15financenewbie16:41berntson
8p Introduction from a new investor  09/13SirGeekaLot09/15berntson
8h Talk Me Off The Edge  22:04BetaTracker20:26BetaTracker
10p Pension Lump Sum - New Question  09/15fearandloathing20:14BigJohn
11p Safe Withdrawl Rate  09/15WalkerAloysius19:54BigJohn
8p Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plan  09/11TimHS07:35Bigvol
9t 2013 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances released  09/08bobcat207:08bobcat2
10h Roth Question  09/1130investor03:11Bob's not my na
42t Could you sleep with all your money in Berkshire Hathaway?  09/13rec709/14Boglegrappler
11h Comm of PA 457 or Vanguard IRA?  09/10leonardotmnt09/15bondsr4me
40c Consumer Cellular with 4G-LTE android smartphone  02/12Browser07:58Browser
22t An Interesting Correlation  09/13pkcrafter09/15Browser
10p Estate Planning & investing  09/13Lkmc09/14bsteiner
23p Ethics of Multi-Generational Tax Optimization  09/12mikemctx09/13bsteiner
30p Young Guy, Probably Not Going To Live A Long Time  09/15isotaxquestions13:50Bulldawg
11c Buying a bounce house for personal use?  09:16bungalow1012:34bungalow10
82l How old are you?  page: 207/30OkieIndexer16:26c078342
29c Proper Way To Wear Suspenders  09/05stargazer15:03CABob
9c Stove - repair or replace  09/15CABob10:00CABob
38p Don't even know where to start on this AARP article  09/11HoosierJim09/15camptalcott
2p Transfer Traditional IRA into SEP IRA  16:30cantchooseaname18:23cantchooseaname
48c New Roof Needed Soon... Advice?  09/11Boglenaut09/14Carlton
34p UPDATE - Home Affordability - Good Income, Luxury Home  01/27golfing_lawyer09/15Carson
0p Tax Consequences of Returned Property on LLC Wind Down  09/15Cdawg  
6c Weekend getaway for 25th Anniversary  09/09Qprkid09/15celia
3h Roth IRA for a dependent college student  09/14Invest4fun09/14celia
0t Perfect Investment Portfolio on MarketWatch  13:53CerealInvestor  
5h Blending Wellesly , TSP and Bonds  06:41Professor Emeri14:13cfs
4h Help with allocation  09/13Todi09/14chaz
0c Electronic Ignitor Issue on GE monogram gas range...  11:26cheapskate  
125t Why do so many think their home is a foolproof investment?  page: 2 309/13nobsinvestor17:18Clearly_Irratio
22c Repair/maintain the BMW or get a new car?  09/09countofmc09/15countofmc
28c Reliable Portable CD Player Needed  09/10CountryBoy09/15CountryBoy
6h Experience with financial planner, Bloomington IN?  09/13smegal09/13Coyote
5c decoupled debit card?  09/12linenfort09/15CreditHead
7h Interest rates - Bond effects?  09/12eager to learn13:19#Cruncher
200c A 'really good book' you did NOT enjoy  page: 2 3 4 509/06letsgobobby13:25DaftInvestor
12c Is my computer monitor going bad?  09/13Dan99909/14Dan999
10h Bond Allocation  09/08Binx09/14Dandy
14h Should I break my CD at Ally and get a new one's ?  09/11dimdum09/14Dandy
113t Why is REIT only sector fund recommended in slice & dice?  page: 2 309/02tc10109/15DaufuskieNate
3p Vanguard as corporate trustee  08:46jonatw09:17dbCooperAir
11p Investing in Startup My Father Is Joining as Founder  09/15supalong5209/15dbr
4p Using 2 yrs of FSA for one procedure?  09/15R2D212:54deikel
7h Switching from Betterment  09/12DerekF16:19DerekF
2p California Divorce for Dummies  12:48HardHitter13:57DFrank
4h 3 Fund Portfolio Advice  21:06Dfwbloke22:49Dfwbloke
10c Australia and New Zealand  21:00bigez1718:59dgdevil
12p How much to self insure LTC and longevity? hypothetical  10:49letsgobobby16:31dhodson
60c Costco vs Amazon?  page: 209/11Barefootgirl09/14dm200
1t my summary of latest spiva report  07:39larryswedroe10:09Doc
17p Reminder: estimated taxes due Monday  09/13baw70391609/14dodecahedron
6h Allocation plan that hedges for potential large inheritence  14:58duckyduck20:20dolphinsaremamm
102p Rental property with in-laws: please help!  page: 2 309/13younginvestor19:23dolphinsaremamm
75p Did you reveal to your kids...your savings and salary  page: 209/02kuttolas09/14donall
18p Should I purchase retirement home with in-laws?  09/15gtt56114:21dratkinson
7h What to do?? Asset allocation/General Stratergy  09/14B0gle797916:52Duckie
5h Portfolio questions  09/15phil1116:39Duckie
3h Quick question about Vanguard money market  09/15Trevor09/15Duckie
4h Portfolio Advice Needed - Thanks!  09/14Dailystreet09/15Duckie
37c Learning a NEW language - Foreign Service Inst  2011letsgobobby09/15Dutch
5h New Portfolio help for young independent contractor  09/11dwelling20:43dwelling
27c FIOS [versus cable]  09/11airahcaz09/15ebabin
16c low expense mobile phone?  09/11ruralavalon09/14edwardc
13c Revocable trust  09/13meebers05:33elgob.bogle
15p Reality check (house purchase)  09/12Tudor09/15epitomist
10p Opening Solo 401(k) and Closing SEP-IRA  08/18southerndoc14:48ERISA Stone
33p Key to happiness in retirement  09/15camptalcott19:21Fallible
8h Looking to park some Emergency Fund  14:05fedupflyer20:22fedupflyer
0h Impulse Buy vs. Investment Strategy  19:37FJoeC  
8t Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX)  09/15Taylor Larimore09:28flyingaway
6h How to best adjust asset allocation as years pass  14:24jordanb41619:07fmzip
76t Feeling smug until 10 year ROR from Vanguard  page: 209/12burt16:08fmzip
12p Logistics of Solo 401(k)  09/10knswamy13:51fmzip
34h Newbie: Is my 10 year plan going to work?  09/12fmzip09/15fmzip
0h Need Pre-Retirement Investing Suggestions  17:32freeflowme  
26c Experience with dealer finding the exact car you want?  09/10mfswatz909/14Frugal Al
6h Tax Benefit of 529 vs. Flexibility of Roth IRA  18:48FS5120:17FS51
3h CD Rate ?  09/14Funkey09/14Funkey
16h help! where to invest about 500k  23:29fvaldes15:40fvaldes
8p Need help on how to figure out an Early Pension proposition  09/14sdickens02:46g$$
4t Non-USA "persons": USA broker vs non-USA broker costs  09/12galeno09/15galeno
7h How can a Latvian invest in index funds?  09/12Vision09/15galeno
3t non-USA "persons": IUAG vs AGG  09/14galeno09/14galeno
0h Pension Lump Sum Roth Converstion  19:12gamer83  
128c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 309/07gatorman19:45gatorman
10p Opinion on personal injury status  15:52camiboxer20:14Ged
8h Equity Allocation Review  09/15bob194015:29gerntz
3340c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 672012randomwalk16:23gkaplan
28c Best Time Of Year To Visit Mediterranean  09/14Swampy21:42gkaplan
50c Most cost effective means of protecting physical assets  page: 209/14toto23820:28golfvestor
13t Premiums: Size, Value, Beta, Momentum  09/14mbk73420:04golfvestor
119t Buffett: Modern investment theory is horse-pucky  page: 2 309/11Browser21:20golfvestor
23p Vacation Home  09/15JacksonHughes18:54goodenyou
3c How to ship automobile cross country?  09/14Gort09/14Gort
0p Rent vs. Buy Decision & Timing  09/14GO-UK  
0p Home Affordability - HCOLA  09/14GO-UK  
16h [from Euro country, use USD to invest in US index funds?]  09/12Vision20:15grabiner
5h Should I put money in HSA account if health care is covered?  09/14doodlehead22:30grabiner
63c Good hobby for a bright/obsessive 9 year old?  page: 209/15tyrion17:14greenwaves
35h Help us get out of Ameriprise!  05/29PDXInvestor09/15Grt2bOutdoors
1p Real Estate Question  19:40Swampy19:56harrychan
3c wine recommendations for this meal?  18:14gwe6720:11Hayden
24h How to Handle a Multi-Generational Trust  07/08PBB09/14heartwood
63t John Hussman, smart guy, should you listen to his forecasts  page: 208/20larryswedroe14:14HomerJ
7t Trying to understand taxes in retirement, correct me  18:37jjunk20:23HoosierJim
24c Macbook Air; how much RAM?  06:21climber202020:10HoosierJim
24c Tour travelling by bus  21:00CountryBoy19:59HoosierJim
13p Personal Taxes and Budget (Scenario Check)  09/13hrc8409/15hrc84
0t Socially Responsible Investing by means of bond funds  09/14HurdyGurdy  
40c Need advice on which tablet to buy  09/12investingholder09/15ieee488
6c which apps for Windows 8 phone?  09/14ieee48809/14ieee488
7p Experience w/financing for non-year round dwelling?  09/15IlliniDave09/15IlliniDave
28t I've never been a fan of commodity funds  09/11Rick Ferri09/14IlliniDave
2h Traditional 401k vs ROTH 401k? (hear me out!)  17:19davebo17:55imgritz
18h Help compare Vanguard Three Fund vs Edward Jones Am. Fund  09/14retire204404:02in_reality
18h Non-US citizen investing in Vanguard ETF's and indices?  05/21Vision09/15in_reality
7p Estate Executor  09/14investment rube09/15investment rube
19h Should I roll over my 58 year old mom's 401k?  10:44foeplay19:33investor1
26c Meetings over the lunch hour, taboo?  09/15dbCooperAir11:37investor1
6f Please truncate the display of usernames on the home page  09/14investor108:45investor1
30c How to get a child a different teacher after a bad start?  09/13kilns09/14island
0p Term Care 80 Northwestern Mutual - What to do for Life Ins.  13:43james81  
1t How to create a new 401k Plan  16:57celia17:03JamesSFO
10p Student loan overpayment. How do I calculate payoff period?  09/15jasc1516:01jasc15
14h Inherited tIRA-benefits to liquidating?  09/13fposte09/14Jazz56
9t Bond Fund Duration ?  14:15awferg18:18jdb
0h Portfolio Evaluation in Preparation for Large Settlement  19:36Jetf  
26c External backup drives - Seagate vs Western Digital  09/14detroitbabu07:21Jim85
30p Any FRANCHISE owners here?  09/15blackwater19:28jlawrence01
5p What to do with current home if we purchase new one  09/14jlq3909/14jlq39
4t Stable value funds with tickers?  09/14Tamales20:18john94549
195p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 2 3 408/28Louis Winthorpe09/15johnny847
4h Clarification on Roth IRA Income Limit  09/15JohnnyFive09/15JohnnyFive
125t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 311/22Robert T09/15JohnnyFive
175t The dangerous practice of rebalancing...  page: 2 3 409/12Austintatious19:17Johno
2t Alibaba is NOT coming to an index near you  09/15stratton06:45JoMoney
29c Hearing aids - for those that use them  09/13Dale_G09/15JW Nearly Retir
4t Nikkei index 20+ years later.  09/12rai09/14Karamatsu
152t Let me get this straight about SCV & factor diversification  page: 2 3 409/04Browser13:31Kevin M
11c Best Outlook app for iPhone  09/14russellh23:31killjoy2012
9h Roth Conversion Caution  09/14ddb141909/15kramer
3c Vanguard's Website - Bad, or just me?  20:13bmorgy20:25LadyGeek
5t Vanguard on International Bonds  17:11gkaplan20:02LadyGeek
1t Could someone explain this bond fund's maturity measures  18:50Tamales19:06LadyGeek
3h RRSP withdrawal or convert to 401k  16:19hemramtor18:44LadyGeek
9c Trip to Greece  23:03TravelforFun15:28LadyGeek
12p I/EE Bonds Nov Rates and 2015 401K Limits?  09/14JamesSFO09/15LadyGeek
6f International investing and non-resident section  08/13Tylenol Jones09/14LadyGeek
3p Avoiding Credit Collectors  07:55larryinnewyork09:03larryinnewyork
18t A History of the Equity Risk Premium and its Estimation  09/14Rick Ferri13:57larryswedroe
67t Good article on style premium investing & AQR new fund  page: 212/09larryswedroe07:54larryswedroe
0t Why some anomalies persist  09/15larryswedroe  
3t $1.99 Amazon Kindle Special on Larry's Book  09/12Mel Lindauer09/14larryswedroe
39p College Savings vs Aid: 529s, UTMAs, FAFSA, and all that  09/14Leeraar15:17Leeraar
127c Which generator do you have?  page: 2 308/30airahcaz09/15Leeraar
77t To Tilt or Not to Tilt - Rick Ferri's Latest  page: 207/17matjen09:28Leif
6c Is Vanguard's website glitchy today?  09/15linenfort09/15linenfort
7t FSIVX or FSGDX be similar to VGTSX  09/12minhnusa09/14linenfort
18c Retiree Poll: Do you own your primary residence?  09/13tennisplyr09/14littlebird
2t Proposed: 35% Maximum Bond Allocation, For Life  16:54accbh18:33livesoft
110t "Why 97% of People Don't Use 529 College Savings Plans."  page: 2 309/09Taylor Larimore09:11livesoft
3c car financing  09/14petej21:08livesoft
4h Seeking Boglehead Perspectives on Portfolio  09/15cidamon13:36Logan T
0h Help with new taxable investments and reallocation  09/15logistics1  
1p Pascal's Wager - Insurance  09/15TubofProtein09/15LongerPrimer
13h Help with annuity questions  09/13hickory09/14LongerPrimer
4p Credit Score and Individual History  09/12LouisJxn21:33LouisJxn
56c On the Road/Air/Water Retirement  page: 206/08Barefootgirl09/14lynneny
7p Is FEIE pro-rated in year of retirement  09/14market timer09/15market timer
9p Should I get an Estate Planner?  09/15mmcmonster09/15Marmot
0t The types of investment accounts handled by advisors?  20:11MasonStorm@TheB  
2t Understanding Shiller CAPE10  09/14MasonStorm@TheB09/14MasonStorm@TheB
18c Treadmills  09/13Fisherman09/14meaghansketch
0t Reporter doing story on Vanguard's Advisory Service  15:48Mel Lindauer  
0h Request for Portfolio Checkup & Advice  07:12metsfan  
2p Long term care insurance  09/15NYPhD09/15mhalley
13c AT&T mvno Airvoice or cricket wireless  09/14henry00123:24mikep
10p Accepting Credit Cards for Business Payments  09/12ralph124cf09/14mikep
31p DINK 200K household income - ways to reduce taxable income?  09/14a010z08:44Mike Scott
43p EJ Gadflies [Edward Jones]  09/12vested118:48MN Finance
53c [can my family live in a] Tiny house  page: 209/15anonforthis17:36mnnice
3p advice on my credit card strategy ?  09:02JohnFiscal19:57MoneyIsntEveryt
81p Any success stories of ppl who never made >$50,000?  page: 213:05techcrium20:22MossySF
26t CalPERS Eliminates Hedge Fund Program  09/15matjen15:02MP1233
0h The Bogleheads' Guide Audiobook? or best option  12:55msprotege  
9c My first required EMV transaction in the US  08/16Mudpuppy10:38Mudpuppy
3c Windows 8.1 Sleep Issue  09/14dbc4709/14Mudpuppy
53t The Annuity Puzzlement  page: 209/12N5257017:16mwm158
2h espp question  09/15my name09/15my name
6h Need some advice on expanding my portfolio!  09/11nashirak09/13nashirak
1h Critique my fund allocation  09/13testuser12309/14nedsaid
1p Personal Finance podcast - what should a good one include?  09/12sans souliers09/13nedsaid
1t Intermarket relations: Bonds, Stocks, and Commodities  09/13pcll9909/13nedsaid
21c Which bed should I buy?  08/27new2bogle09/15new2bogle
51h Am I in over my head?  page: 209/14Forward23:03NightTrain
6h Buying Annuity at Young Age for Retirement?  09/14nyker09/15noyopacific
11h VTSMX in Roth IRA and Taxable Account  08/19ny_rn09/14ny_rn
5c Help finding URL for PDF  09/14pkcrafter09/15OAG
14t Alibaba - how is style determined  09/14in_reality06:34ofcmetz
6h Very lost on random inherited bonds in portfolio  09/15blackwater16:25ogd
9h More Bond Questions?  09/15Funkey15:49ogd
30h Buying CDs  09/10StarbuxInvestor15:31ogd
12h Second Opinion on Portfolio  09/12OpenRoad09/15OpenRoad
23h Help with Asset Allocation and a large stock position  08/29OpenRoad09/15OpenRoad
2h Invest Through Public Employer Investment Portfolio?  09/14palarry09/14palarry
42t Why I choose "The Majesty of Simplicity" for my signature  2009Taylor Larimore09/14paper200
45c Vanguard Recommending Quicken Changes  09/10JamesSFO18:21PDXrow
6p Draw Taxable Investments First?  09/15irishguy20:40Peter Foley
28t What's in your tax advantage accounts?  09/14new2bogle209/15Peter Foley
5h Help with allocation  09/13Bridgitte09/13Peter Foley
31t What evidence would prove the Boglehead mentality wrong?  10:57Andrew050417:12Phineas J. Whoo
2t Index Funds Add to demand or follows ?  09/12LongerPrimer15:07Phineas J. Whoo
12h Reconstructing Vanguard's International Fund in 401k  09/13Spewin15:01Phineas J. Whoo
8h how to use I-Bonds as an Emergency Fund?  09/15new2bogle214:37Phineas J. Whoo
12t Interest rates  09/11dh09/14Phineas J. Whoo
2t Heads-Up New Indexers  09/13Barry Barnitz09/14pingo
4h Recommended Risk assessment questionnaires?  09/15Myopic squirrel23:22pkcrafter
1t Fidelity 3rd Q Economic and Market Data  09/13pkcrafter09/15pkcrafter
21h How to add to my portfolio monthly without crazy fees  07:19notwerby20:11placeholder
3h fee reinvested dividends  10:44my name12:27placeholder
75p Anyone use Legal Zoom for LivingTrust?  page: 209/01hoops77700:16placeholder
1h Keep rolled over Roth IRA funds in separate account?  09/15Tobes09/15placeholder
11h Roth IRA vs Mutual Fund. Inexperienced Investor  09/14convestor2109/15placeholder
101h What are you up YTD?  page: 2 308/26InvestorNewb09/14placeholder
26t Why did REITs drop today?  09/10InvestorNewb09/14placeholder
174t Help me understand Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys"  page: 2 3 404/04nisiprius09/15postingname
53p You may want to rethink the odds of ever needing LTCi  page: 209/13Browser14:37pshonore
12p Should I waive Federal Employees Group Life Insurance?  08/11randomwalk09/14randomwalk
36p Help with a large business decision [capital expenditure]  21:08southwest_stack12:35rayson
23h Needing help with a Vanguard 401k  09/07RCL22:09RCL
5p SIMPLE IRA & Solo 401(k)?  09/14readZinn09/15readZinn
67t How much value can an advisor add for the average investor?  page: 209/10toto23809/15Reb Tevye
26h treating all investment accounts as one pool of money  09/12hudson435109/15retiredjg
7h Personal Portfolio Help - (Roth IRA, 401k, Taxable Accounts)  07/12UnderConstructi09/15retiredjg
21c Glitchy Web-Browsing  09/13retiredjg09/14retiredjg
9h Strategies for rolling over to Roth IRA for Home purchase  09/09doodlehead09/14retiredjg
34c Simplisafe Home Security Systems  08/18powermega19:54Reubin
0t Avoid Being An Out-Of-Style Investor  09/15Rick Ferri  
19h Two Fund real Lazy Portfolio?  09/12Funkey09/14Ricola
1h Best Vanguard Value Fund in Taxable Account?  14:53SuperSaver15:29rkhusky
5p Importing business for poly bags  09/13energy202509/14Rob5TCP
0t Diversification, standard deviation, and downside risk  09/15Robert T  
0t RAFI and Quality  09/15Robert T  
29t Individual Stocks  09/12teacher516:18RTR2006
29h Do I need to hold my emergency fund in cash?  09/14INDUBITABLY13:15ruralavalon
7h After Roth IRA : Next Step In Investing  11:45LouisJxn12:51ruralavalon
4h Investment advice for a young beginner  09/15youngmind09/15ruralavalon
17t Time + Savings Rate > Asset Allocation  09/13mbk73409/15ruralavalon
4h Portfolio help. How should I invest the cash in my Roth IRA?  09/05WheelsPSU09/15ruralavalon
8h Percentage of bond money in foreign bonds  09/12lmpmd09/14ruralavalon
2h When should I add funds  09/08gorgeous joe09/14ruralavalon
0p Medicare Advantage Coverage of Hospital Stays  18:29senecakw  
10c BEWARE - Phony IRS call from 202-750-1631  09/15Swampy16:46skepticalobserv
10c terminology in legal contracts  09/02JoinToday09:42skepticalobserv
2l Oct 4th Greenville (SC) BHs Mtg - Postponed to Nov 15th  08/24Snow Boarder11:51Snow Boarder
9l Master Thread - Greenville Metro Bogleheads  08/20Snow Boarder11:39Snow Boarder
5p Trouble Accessing Vanguard SBS Online  09/13southerndoc23:40southerndoc
16p Dave Ramsey: The Legacy Journey  09/15Set4018:08Spades
8p Change to HARP refi after starting non HARP refi?  09/13john7709/14spectec
0h Sanity check - restructure my taxable account?  19:17SR23  
23p [Excess *Employer* Contribution - Solo 401(k)]  03/17amosobadiah20:18ssgbloghead
10c Email security risk from staying logged in?  09/12CountryBoy09/14stan1
15h Investing $100  09/12subwaysandwich09/14Stan Dup
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