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12c Any experience with LifeSpan TR800 DT5 Treadmill Desk?  02/26raymclean09/20111
5c I Tunes updates  09/201530jesup20:101530jesup
10h Backdoor Roth Step By Step  09/201tolivesimply14:251tolivesimply
24p Need help protecting assets (marriage)  22:05schoolboyguy16:322stepsbehind
59h Need urgent help for 85 y.o. parents just moved to Vanguard  page: 209/18abyan16:55abyan
5p HSA's in PA  09/13afr08:41afr
28c FIOS [versus cable]  09/11airahcaz09/20airahcaz
21p IRS Relents! Notice 2014-54 permits Basis Isolation  09/18Alan S.15:14Alan S.
6h IRA in a Personal Pension Annuity-Opinions please?  09/20monicafaye20:04Alan S.
2p CCH Projects 2015 Brackets, IRA Limits etc  09/18Alan S.09/18Alan S.
0h College Savings: i-bonds or 529 "guaranteed" return option?  15:42alife  
9c Problem using Google Voice with Consumer Cellular  01/12Browser13:26anakinskywalker
18c Cellular Service Surcharges, Taxes, and Fees  07/14batpot08:35anakinskywalker
8h Help with retirement advise for my parents  09/18MrBachelor09/19Aptenodytes
4t non-USA "persons": IUAG vs AGG  09/14galeno09/19ArchFire
0h article: how to assess your financial progress  11:52arcticpineapple  
4h Help needed in re-doing Roth-IRA Portfolio  20:23mitul05:22artbug
35h Total bond index or 5 yr CD?  09/20mpt follower16:17ArthurO
12h Rollover of maturing CDs from bank to brokerage  09/16Seattlenative09/18ArthurO
20p San Juan Islands  07/09goldendad06:53Austintatious
24h Some questions on my financial health and AA  09/06authrd16:13authrd
4t How to create a new 401k Plan  09/16celia09/19avalpert
13h 401k rollover  09/20playtothebeat14:28AviN
7h Roth IRA v. 401(k)  09/19wesef09/19AviN
0p Pre-Retirement Tax reduction strategy  15:13bagelhead  
132t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 311/22Robert T09/20berntson
12t Vanguard Reaches $3 Trillion In Assets, matching Hedge Funds  09/19Day909/19berntson
11c Amazon's new e-reader Kindle Voyage  09/18LazyNihilist09/19BigFoot48
17h Time Has Gone Quickly, 3 Months Till Retirement  09/19TxPanther09/20BigJohn
0h 1031 exchange  17:04Bigvol  
3h Need help with reinvesting chunk of cash  09/19michey31209/19BL
25h Help compare Vanguard Three Fund vs Edward Jones Am. Fund  09/14retire204409/18BL
143c Costco:is it worth it for just two people?  page: 2 308/30Bustoff09/19black jack
22h All my eggs in one basket?  2008redfish22:19blevine
15p Term Care 80 Northwestern Mutual - What to do for Life Ins.  09/16james8122:22bottlecap
8h PFIC Pain at Taxtime [Passive Foreign Investment Company]  09/18Call_Me_Op09/19bpp
14t Another take on "rising equity glidepath" in retirement  20:17Browser14:05Browser
5p Are trusts implicitly divided in community property states?  09/18jackholloway21:31bsteiner
10p Medicaid, irrevocable trusts & income limits  09/20richard21:21bsteiner
0p Coordination of Benefits: Two HDHPs with Different Rules  23:14buffalo  
37t Proposed: 35% Maximum Bond Allocation, For Life  09/16accbh09/20Bustoff
21h How to best adjust asset allocation as years pass  09/16jordanb41609/19Bustoff
58p Car-Certified Lexus LS 460 Vs New ES 350 Vs New RX 350  page: 209/14ram09/19Bustoff
128p Rental property with in-laws: please help!  page: 2 309/13younginvestor09/19Calm Man
56c The boglehead way to buy furniture  page: 209/16Chan_va09/19camptalcott
4c Retirees: did you calculate the cost of health care prior.  09/19camptalcott09/19camptalcott
0c How to clean an acrylic tub?  16:51caroljm36  
11h Revising AA, significant difference  09/18Carson09/19Carson
0c Get $200 for your iPhone 4 (or 4S or 5, $300 for 5S)  07:44Cash  
5h FREE isn't so free. Explanation of the market  09/18cbr shadow09/19cbr shadow
17h New and Trying to Make Good Decisions  09/18DragonWagon09/20celia
7h Professional gambler in unique investment situation  09/19alwaysonit09/20celia
7h Adjunct instructor in CA  09/19mrsevansc09/20celia
5t Active management and expected return  09/20geauxpassive17:20cfs
7l Detroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread  09/02daytona08418:28cheese_breath
3t Savings rate, when you start, withdrawal rate > AA  09/19countofmc09/19cherijoh
7c Low Gas Prices => Deals on Hybrid/Electric Cars  09/18zeep09/19countofmc
9c Slow iPad mini with iOS 8 upgrade  09/19am08:12crg11
1c Novaform Mattresses at Costco  11:57DTalos14:12crumbgrabber
17p Moshe Milevsky's Life Annuities Monograph  10/07ThePrune09/19CyberBob
225h I need "Ultra High Net Worth" investing advice please  page: 2 3 4 508/23MASERATIken18:07Dandy
2t Vanguard web site now showing daily change as %  22:58telemark04:20Day9
63p You may want to rethink the odds of ever needing LTCi  page: 209/13Browser00:29desiderium
8h Defined Benefit Plan and AA  09/19EvilHomer09/19DFrank
31c Australia and New Zealand  09/15bigez1714:02dgdevil
10h Variable Annuity: add to it? why?  09/20siamond18:37dhodson
91t The Annuity Puzzlement  page: 209/12N5257009/19dhodson
18h Risks to putting most investments at Vanguard  07:05dh3710:34digit8
8t I Bonds - Now or November  09/18pop7709/20digit8
16p Medicare Plan D [Tale of Woe]  09/19lucky312:07dm200
38c Strange Billing Practice by Medical Provider  09/15aude09/19dm200
19c Blood work for cats  00:48paulsiu16:50dolphinsaremamm
13c New Big iPhones - How to Upgrade Early?  09/10mbk73415:51dolphinsaremamm
25p How to Contact IRS to suspend tax levy on paycheck  09/18NewBog2109/20dolphinsaremamm
21p Real Estate Question  09/16Swampy09/19dolphinsaremamm
4p A new type of mortage  09/19Erhan09/19DonCamillo
6h Best way to invest for a small child/baby?  19:13Altephor15:34dratkinson
8h Starting 401(k)  09/19Antonio209015:57Duckie
4t 4% SWR: Any difference for high income vs. low income?  09/20bagelhead17:53earlyout
13c Engineered Hardwood  09/20dgoldb122:14edge
0p Conservation easement to facilitate Roth conversion  09/19Enkidu  
35h How to add to my portfolio monthly without crazy fees  09/16notwerby19:21epictetus
95c Who else hates choosing a car?  page: 207/12SilverDollars09/19epilnk
4p 401K experts : safe harbor and mega-back door roth  09/18villars09/18ERISA Stone
2h Risks associated with investing in Vanguard funds  18:40testuser12320:47EyeDee
14t Florida prepaid college plan. Dumb or undumb?  09/17l2yangop09/19flyingbison
12c Wifi lights and light switches  08/29airahcaz17:17fmzip
22c Home/Auto insurance: Amica or Travelers?  09/17new2bogle09/19frequentT
10t "Here Come the Bogleheads" by Jason Zweig  09/18Taylor Larimore09/19friar1610
9h UK portfolio draft, look ok to you?  03/07kisnyul15:47galeno
8h How can a Latvian invest in index funds?  09/12Vision09/19galeno
3t Barron's article: Don't Panic! (retirement news & theory)  11:49livesoft12:47Garco
6c Computer Backup & Restore - Old Machine to New  09/19ubermax08:57Ged
0t Jack Bogle at Senate Finance on Sept 16, 2014  09/20George-J  
10h Hypothetical Question [Portfolio help]  09/19gholmes6409/19gholmes64
3365c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 682012randomwalk14:44gkaplan
84t [Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]  page: 212/26zottopix09/18gkaplan
0h Update on Boglehead progress and advice needed  14:54glosing  
13p College Funds  09/19tphp9909/20goodenyou
63t Are SPIA's fairly priced? - A quick and dirty analysis  page: 209/19Chan_va15:41gordoni2
4h should i liquidate this fund due to 12B-1?  17:26marlaf09:21grabiner
9h Invest in Betterment or Bank for 4 years.  09/18smason071409/18grabiner
1h Investment portfolio. Can you have a look?  12:19chyaila14:39grok87
38t Consistent Yield & Duration to Help Choose TIPS Fund  2012#Cruncher09/20grok87
23h inherited 500k, still a college student, how to invest???  03:21gardenofeden16:46Grt2bOutdoors
18c wine recommendations for this meal?  09/16gwe6709/19gwe67
3t Mutual fund share classes A-Z  09/20Tamales14:51gwrvmd
16h Student Loan vs 401k dilemma  09/20VeraBradley16:25harikaried
7t The Oracle of Buffalo....very nice article  09/19bondsr4me09/20Herekittykitty
19p [Medicare] Part D Sticker Shock  09/19cheese_breath07:30Hexdump
21p Buying a ski condominium  01/31archman6513:09heyyou
28p Canadian RRSP  01/15airahcaz15:34hmw
12p What books next?  09/17evilityb09/20Howard Donnelly
17h Is it time to start using a taxable account?  09/08Swymer23:34Icarus961
26p Retiree Next Door  09/18IlliniDave09/18IlliniDave
2t So when/where does Alibaba show up in a boglehead portflio?  09/19texasdiver09/19inbox788
32t Alibaba is NOT coming to an index near you  09/15stratton18:26in_reality
16c House broken into--please help  09/19boater0709/20in_reality
1t Investor--Advisor--Broker--Custodian--Fin Assets  09/18galeno09/18in_reality
8h Help: Inlaw's extra cash  09/18IronMantis09/18IronMantis
31t Bridgeway Omni SCV (BOTSX) vs PXSV  08/20countmein09/18jaab
3c Snowmobile Vacation  09/20Lynn198716:44Jack FFR1846
4p Business Opportunity - Thoughts  09/19Andyrunner09/19jackholloway
23h My IPS in computer pseudocode [Investment Policy Statement]  08/01villars09/19JamesSFO
9h LifeStrategy Growth vs Three / Four Fund  09/17SimonJester09/20JDDS
9t Vanguard monthly statement availability(Website)  20:10motodoc4216:52jebmke
13h Critique my thoughts on Real Estate Investing  22:47PonziScheme16:26jebmke
9h About to Retire, Need Help!  10:31bluejello15:46jebmke
14p Rental Property - Still a Good Investment?  23:52enginerd31013:46JGoneRiding
20h 2 Piece Retirement Portfolio  09/01StarbuxInvestor19:01Johm221122
36h Two Fund real Lazy Portfolio?  09/12Funkey15:11JoMoney
89t AliBaba  page: 209/18SuperSaver11:30jpsfranks
14c Amazon.com as a selling service  2013Barefootgirl21:57jridger2011
0c Purchasing a new mattress  11:48js2012  
19c Refrigerator problem  09/11RMO8710:09jsl11
11c ugh, redecking a dock  2010cestan09/20jvclark02
40t What's in your tax advantage accounts?  09/14new2bogle209/19JW Nearly Retir
64p EJ Gadflies [Edward Jones]  page: 209/12vested109/19JW Nearly Retir
1h question about ee savings bonds  15:13pablolo16:47kaneohe
16p Investing in Startup My Father Is Joining as Founder  09/15supalong5209/18kDictavissent
5h Recently retired and need help with asset allocation.  15:38booklover21516:56kenner
29t What are the components of inflation?  09/18Lysander13:48kenner
26p Do I need umbrella insurance?  07/28Phooey09/18kenner
16p Opinion on personal injury status  09/16camiboxer09/18kenner
7t Vanguard SV/SG funds vs. CRSP indexes  09/19Kevin M09/20Kevin M
22h Merrill Edge free trades - is the service worth it?  09/16Seattlenative09/19Kircheis
30c Pay cash for flight on sale, or use FF mileage quandry  08/21kwan209/20kwan2
14t Interesting data on large IRAs  09/20dodecahedron20:04LadyGeek
50c Do I Really Need a Million Bucks?  page: 209/20tennisplyr18:57LadyGeek
4t VNQ dividend [Vanguard REIT - ETF]  09/19SJCX09/19LadyGeek
51c Vanguard Recommending Quicken Changes  page: 209/10JamesSFO09/19LadyGeek
22h A safe full of cash  09/18McCharley09/19LadyGeek
6h How to get a 3-fund portfolio?  09/20jh-139114:03Lafder
3h Overall Portfolio Check (and questions about extra cash)  09/20enginerd31023:58Lafder
77h Holding Cash because Tried to time Market  page: 209/04LateArrival23:44Lafder
17h How to go about our messy portfolio?  09/16lkp00721:57Lafder
1c HomeServe heating and cooling  09/19Nahum21:01Lafder
8p Handling a car crash (non-injury)  09/20CanyonCitySteve17:24Lafder
10h Investment Property  09/19scorpionsting0109/20Lafder
3h Best investment for 5 (ish) year time horizon?  09/20smdewart09/20Lafder
7h Portfolio recommendations ?  09/16summit_rider09/19Lafder
40t Premiums: Size, Value, Beta, Momentum  09/14mbk73409:02larryswedroe
39p Help! Are we making a huge mistake?  09/18flatwater09:33Leemiller
39t Creating a permanent legacy?  09/17toto23816:41Leeraar
10t Leeraar's Three-Holding Portfolio  02:31Leeraar15:25Leeraar
27t Jason's Zweig's new dictionary ---enjoy  09/17larryswedroe09/20Leeraar
182t The dangerous practice of rebalancing...  page: 2 3 409/12Austintatious09/20Leeraar
14p Buy PCRIX today?  09/19markcoop09/20Leif
57h Can You Build Your Retirement Portfolio Young, then Coast?  page: 209/14Ganacel20:14letsgobobby
93c We have a grocery problem... [Household budget]  page: 209/19mojave21:43lightheir
1h financial institution lowest exchange fees (GBP/USD)?  16:01teacher16:09livesoft
24h New Investor begging for input  07:59charlestonbogle13:20livesoft
6h Advisor switching companies, self management a possibility  10:35slimshady13:12livesoft
4h Need Pre-Retirement Investing Suggestions  09/16freeflowme09/18livesoft
35p When did you feel "Out of the Woods"?  09/19Bonhomie11:20LongerPrimer
14h So what the benckmark SWR for a 25 year retirement?  09/20StarbuxInvestor11:08LongerPrimer
13p Does anyone know of a college FASFA expert?  09/19Kelly09/20LongerPrimer
18p Is this an exception to buying Mortgage Points?  09/16thethinker09/19LongerPrimer
5t Duration Considerations of the TSP G Fund  09/20louis c16:02louis c
214c Hamilton watches, worth the money?  page: 2 3 4 509/14ArthurO17:05Louis Winthorpe
6h 23 Year Old - 70/30 Asset Allocation?  13:14TheGraduate14:55Louis Winthorpe
16c Should I buy another fridge or freezer? Or neither?  09/18davebo09/19Luke Duke
15p Pre-Retirement Tasks & Timeline  09/17MN-Investor09/18lululu
5p Break-even point for HSA account  13:32kafshar115:15magellan
57t Confessions of a 100% equity guy...sort of:  page: 22010WannaBeMiniDave09/20Makaveli1988
59c Macbook Air; how much RAM?  page: 209/16climber202009/19Material Guy
0h Scottrade FRIP temporarily unavailable  09/19MDisciple87  
16p Preparing for job rejection?  09/19anonforthis09/19mhalley
87c The Roosevelts, PBS special  page: 209/15dbCooperAir14:44mickeyd
10c Basketball systems: In Ground or Portable?  07:54airahcaz14:03miles monroe
31p Do I need to send in estimated tax????  09/18Brandnew09/20mindboggling
2c How to arrange 1 or 2-month rentals?  09/20happymob09/20Minot
46t Dodge & Cox - Global Bond Fund on the way  02/28abuss36811:08MnD
16h Random Contributions  09/17ny_rn09/19monito
25c Air Purifier for Allergies  09/16Leesbro6315:01msj16
6h Role of Short Term Bond Funds in Long Term Portfolio  09/18OpenRoad09/19Munir
24t TSP Withdrawal Strategies - Fedsmith Article  09/17MikeDenver09/19Naismith
15h Higher Dividend Three Fund Portfolio Idea  09/19marklearnsbogle20:51nedsaid
22t Mechanics of paying a financial advisor?  19:08Call_Me_Op15:24neurosphere
33c OBi110 -or- Ooma Telo for home phone service?  09/15VictoriaF09/19noco-hawkeye
19c Any downside to this Photovoltaic deal?  09/19novicemoney09/19novicemoney
13h Portfolio Help, Please  09/19reyarey13:21Novine
6c pet tags?  09/19dolphinsaremamm22:00nyds
45t Immediate payable annuity is a bad investment?  09/18Gambler09/20obgyn65
7h Employer stock options  09/18EnjoyIt09/19OpenRoad
60c [can my family live in a] Tiny house  page: 209/15anonforthis11:29paulsiu
47p Sale of a home between boyfriend and girlfriend.  09/19VINNY11:30placeholder
6h Rebalancing questions / Should I change the complexity?  09/19investor109/20placeholder
18h Why Not Buy Vanguard ETFs Through Schwab?  09/18Ganacel09/19placeholder
15h Tax Efficiency of Taxable Investments  05/24chabil16:08powermega
39t How to get Fama-French EAFE Factors, with results  2012ClosetIndexer09/18pradador
11p Home Insurance Policy Declaration Questions  09/18muddlehead09/20pshonore
16p insuring 3 cars - but only have 2 drivers  09/17ps56k22:55ralph124cf
55t Share your Hot-Rod Portfolio  page: 209/12pkcrafter00:43ratesguy
21h Trusting our advisor?  09/20Pattyk15:14retiredjg
20h New to investing  2009justj2k7807:15retiredjg
5h Regular vs Roth 401k?  09/20Leeraar09/20retiredjg
2h Portfolio & Strategy Checkup  09/20onepocket09/20retiredjg
1h Question about exchanging one Vanguard fund for another  09/19Forward09/19retiredjg
144p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95409/19retiredjg
6h Contribution limits for partial self/employed?  09/19RevivedBogler08:39RevivedBogler
74p Rather macabre but necessary question  page: 209/09plnelson09/20ripete
22h please take a look at my 'gone fishing' portfolio and rate  09/16riptide09/20riptide
24h $500,000 to invest long-term at age 30 - Where? How?  01/31smdewart08:38rkatz0
8c Identity theft protection  20:13jbreittling10:58Rob5TCP
15t A look at the large value premium  09/19larryswedroe16:05Robert T
3t Why are DFA Core and Vector funds so light on value exposure  09/20kaesler06:07Robert T
3t Fama: Active Management a Bad Bet  09/19gkaplan09/19Robert T
6p Trouble changing SS direct deposit  09/18runner915:41runner9
7h No plan till today, not even frame work  09/1933ZY12:28ruralavalon
1c Home Security System  14:36DireWolf14:43rustymutt
10c Password Manager [Last Pass]--stolen  09/19boater0709/19ryman554
49t Could you sleep with all your money in Berkshire Hathaway?  09/13rec716:37sdsailing
12c Am I being scammed? Wolf range hood, defective delivery  09/19renter16:20sdsailing
16p In a Serious Situation Need Financial Advice  09:30narcissa15:49sdsailing
1t "The academic big guns behind your humble index tracker fund  09/19Taylor Larimore09/19seeshells
51c Consumer Cellular with 4G-LTE android smartphone  page: 202/12Browser12:54Shadow_Dancer
33c New Laptop, need help  09/15Andyrunner09/20shepherd
43c Home Depot Breach - zip codes revealed  09/04EagertoLearnMor09/19SimonJester
105p Longevity Insurance now allowed in IRA/401k/etc.  page: 2 307/01Leesbro6309/19skepticalobserv
46c Meetings over the lunch hour, taboo?  09/15dbCooperAir09/19skylar
3t [WSJ] This Man's Job: Make Bill Gates Richer  09/19Rl209/19spectec
19p Tax Preparation Cost  09/18archman6509/18spectec
6p Allen Roth contribution to article.  08:57rustymutt12:04SpringMan
51c iOS 8 update available today  page: 209/17JMacDonald10:51SpringMan
7c FLICKR  09/14SpringMan09/19SpringMan
44t CalPERS Eliminates Hedge Fund Program  09/15matjen09/19sschullo
6h Money Market Funds can Refuse Withdrawals (Or not!)  13:33berntson16:20Steelersfan
6h I think I need a plan.  09/18Tarball09/19SteveKL
38t Left tail portfolio - 70% bonds. Good idea?  09/17Browser10:41steve roy
2h Portfolio help please!  09/20metsfan21:58steve roy
26c cost of raising a child by age group  09/19schmitz09/20StevieG72
15h New - looking for portfolio advice  08/28stromboli09/18stromboli
56t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver09/19SuperSaver
16p Trust Company Fees  09/19Swampy11:59Swampy
11p Amount to set aside for Special Needs Trust  09/18Swampy06:27Swampy
14h Shuffling between TSP, Edward Jones, and Vanguard  09/19kgt03107:39Taylor Larimore
34p Signing up for medicare Oct 1  08/21tc10109/19tc101
105c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 308/30abuss36809/18telemark
21c 2015 Volvo XC-60 vs. Acura RDX  08/21Browser09/19TomatoTomahto
43p how to prevent medical expense catastrophe?  10:07dodecahedron16:46toofache32
43c External backup drives - Seagate vs Western Digital  09/14detroitbabu09/20Toons
11c One unexpected benefit of buying electronics on Amazon  09/18lightheir09/18Toons
35t Individual Stocks  09/12teacher501:08topper1296
25c When to throw out childhood toys? Encourage me please.  19:00Cherokee821514:06Tracy
11c Best cell phone plan for Verizon iPhone 5  09/20sunnyday15:00tran_man007
26t Why is there no mutual fund that truly behaves like rental?  09/19whitemiata09/20TravelerMSY
19h Can you haggle with online brokers?  09/17Swmi867530909/20TravelerMSY
19t The Case Against Mid Caps? (Say it ain't so!)  09/20Vegomatic15:33Trevor
14h Advice for non-US citizen wanting to invest like a Boglehead  09/17woodenboat09/19Tylenol Jones
28c Acura RDX - test drove it again and it's about off my list  09/18Browser15:21ubermax
29p Protecting one's bank account from PayPal  08/27Tabulator09/20ubermax
5h 401K ; moving into a no loss / no gain  09/19AgCOIN609/19VA_Gent
11t Yen almost @ 109 to the dollar  09/18pc9510:22Valuethinker
37t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  05/30MichDad09/20VictoriaF
0h US based brokerages and Estate Tax declaration for non-US  10:50vijayvijayakv  
82t Good article on style premium investing & AQR new fund  page: 212/09larryswedroe15:51Wade Garrett
6h new 401k offerings FSEVX and VFWAX - good for a 3funder?  09/18Needsomehelp09/20walletless
9c Car registration & driving across the country  12:49aaasdaef16:47whomever
50c Most cost effective means of protecting physical assets  page: 209/14toto23809/19whomever
103t What evidence would prove the Boglehead mentality wrong?  page: 2 309/16Andrew050416:53William4u
45c Verizon to Page Plus - documenting my experience  10/29bogleraw16:45William4u
42c How to achieve a balance between "saving" and "living"?!  09/19Workaholic16:43William4u
11h Bonds in portfolios ??  09/18panther 6109/19YDNAL
43t Inflation Bonds - Staying the Course?  09/17abuss36809/19YDNAL
81t What's the riskiest Bogleheadish asset?  page: 22013tadamsmar09/19YDNAL

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