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6h Newbie - Please evalute my allocation  08/201POINT21GW08/201POINT21GW
5c Any Tips on wintering in the Bahamas ?  08/18Cut-Throat08/212stepsbehind
3c Interior Door Leverset  08/19J29508/204strings
14h US REITs already have international exposure  08/19InvestorNewb12:10abuss368
26t Why only stocks in a taxable account at retirement?  08/20imgritz10:08abuss368
6h Choosing Bond Component for Portfolio  08/20mkinvestor10:06abuss368
12h Canada-specific investment advice  08/14wakeforce08/20adrian2
7h VBMPX safe enough for saving for tuition  08/19aguyyo08/20aguyyo
13c How to install an SSD HD into laptop without a Win7 disc?  08/18lightheir07:40ajcp
3h Combine Rollover IRA and Regular IRA into a single account?  09:37JohnFiscal16:02Alan S.
2h Value on Death: IRA type error  11:56runner915:48Alan S.
91p Vanguard Lost My Account  page: 208/14arkady22518:30Alskar
43p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar18:02Alskar
28h Are these [401k] options terrible?  08/13odradekisch08/20Alskar
53c Fed up with ATT  page: 206/25IlliniDave17:25Angelus359
32t Defining "Stay the Course"  08/19Boglenaut22:13arcticpineapplecorp.
40c Kimchi  12:03Alf 10121:53arcticpineapplecorp.
3h 401(k) plan setup- do you need an advisor?  08/21cutterinnj22:20autolycus
30h Do we plunder our retirement to pay off student debt?  08/20ddj05:49avenger
63t Investors Pour Into Vanguard, Eschewing Stock Pickers  page: 208/21mlebuf21:58BackInTheBlack
155t Bogleheads 2014 Hedge fund contest  page: 2 3 412/27MarginOfBuffett08:14BackOfTheNet
30h Would you buy these funds that were recommended?  08/18JenMomJJ08/20barnaclebob
2t TSP funds in Morningstar Xray  17:03communipaw17:09baw703916
13c Carrara Marble - Large Orange Stain  08/17SVariance108/20Bengineer
32p Do the mega wealthy need life insurance?  08/19danieljquirk15:20bertilak
4t "including the possible loss of the money you invest"  16:15nisiprius21:57bh_investor
14h When to put money into bond fund rather than home principal  08/19Tigermoose06:01BigJohn
3p Tax Implications of BoA Better Balance Rewards  22:15johnny84723:15BigPrince
5p USAA home insurance issue - anyone know the industry?  08/20pulcinella08/20Big Snack
20h Which Vanguard BOND Fund ?  08/20larryinnewyork18:52Billyboy
8c Global entry and Nexus (not the phone)  10:20TheGreyingDuke08:31Bitzer
15t Financial Advisor Compensation  16:08BlueSkies07:28BlueSkies
1p convince me not to use traditional IRA for house downpayment  06:14irwinmfletcher07:16Bob's not my name
31h Roth Conversion - Old Age  08/19MDisciple8708/20Bob's not my name
0p 401k small business...help me  08/20bornloser  
160h AAPL  page: 2 3 42012airahcaz21:51BrandonBogle
0h Please check my backdoor Roth understanding  23:15brownmoses2  
19t John Hussman, smart guy, should you listen to his forecasts  08/20larryswedroe08/20Buddtholomew
9p 2 year Boglehead anniversary - pulse check  08/20mojave08/20bungalow10
7h just out of the gate, thanks for your help  22:57camillus08:16camillus
28p Do you tip on the tax?  07:11johnubc08:42camper
0p Life insurance with Long term care rider  07:15camptalcott  
30c Good place to buy eyeglasses without insurance?  15:10countofmc08:31CAP_theorem
16c Jewelry Insurance - Engagement Ring  08/18V1RTUS08/21Cash
29p gifting money, and smoking  08/19Angelus35908/20celia
2t Why don't utilities get any praise  07:53InvestorNewb08:31cheese_breath
7c Tipping tradespeople  23:41Ninegrams08:36Cherokee8215
2c Servicing a Mechanical Watch  22:00Electron22:50chrysogonus
85t Smooth perpetual withdrawal from risky assets [endowment fd]  page: 208/02longinvest03:06cjking
19c About to Order my first Mini Cooper S  08/19archman6508/20cjking
4t Juice up your cash returns (!) [What do you consider cash?]  18:09The529guy06:38Clive
18t Bogleheads and Dividend Paying Stocks  08/20drzzzzz17:39Clive
2p Recommendation for good paycheck calculator for net income  20:28AndroAsc07:51Colorado13
6h ADVICE on cashout my AZ Public Safety Pension and doing???  08/01boatmana12:39Corleone
6h Portfolio Update, ISOs/AMT questions  08/13crg1108/20crg11
74t Bad(?) advice given about Target Date Retirement funds  page: 208/18bertilak15:47Dandy
0t Do you need REITs if you tilt to SCV? International REITs?  00:24Day9  
10p Enough retirement income to avoid Medicaid  18:28jkdzia08:29dbr
27p Power of Attorney  08/16victorb21:41dbr
7p Quitting HDHP mid-year - effect on HSA funding  08/21DEBTINATOR11:25DEBTINATOR
7h Vanguard International ETF's  08:47Binx12:34denovo
31h Do you diversify into international bond?  08/14chasiu20908/20denovo
21t When did you hear of Bill Miller and Legg Mason Value Trust?  08/20nisiprius08:37dickenjb
10c Driving in Costa Rica  15:02climber202007:49dickenjb
2h Limited 401k Options - Allocation HELP  08/20mnmnm908/20dickenjb
36p Defined Benefit Plan Costs?  08/17digitalfusion08/20digitalfusion
8p Company car versus personal car for business  08/20Treeman1615:27dm200
44c Kaiser vs Blue Shield  08/19jay2214:46dm200
10t Credit Union(s) Lowering rate on existing certificate (CD)  08/19dm20008/20dm200
13t High cost 401k, or taxable brokerage?  08/14rca182408/21Doc
4h New guy with questions about IRA, Roth, 401k  13:01dollardummy17:00dollardummy
1t Vanguard lifts mobile check deposit to $50K  08/20dickenjb08/20douginct
15h Selling 2 Individual Stocks in a VG Brokerage Roth IRA  08/18TVKNSC08/20DSInvestor
91c Your Favorite charity organization...? please  page: 208/08parigi72308/20Elemental
5c Sport of Fencing question  08/19msj1608/20emkute
8p Do interest rates really matter when buying a home?  08/20toto23808/20EnjoyIt
3h Solo 401k for new business  11:32hotscot20:37ERISA Stone
49c The (un)freshness of Starbucks bakery products  08/14chald16:04fareastwarriors
7t Implied future real interest rates  08/18richard08/20feh
27t Understanding implications of Shiller CAPE on retirement  08/09Cody08/20feh
13c 2015 Volvo XC-60 vs. Acura RDX  08/21Browser15:41Fletch
18h Any reason I should not pick the admiral funds equivalent?  08/19walletless08/20Flexo52
4p can unmarried or unrelated people hold house title in JTWRS?  08/19gabriel197008/20flyingbison
16h Clergy Retirement Investing: 403(b) vs. Roth IRA  07/27millerstevew08/20flyingbison
1h European investing advice (Sweden)  08/20fingret08/20FrugalFrida
4f International investing and non-resident section  08/13Tylenol Jones08/20galeno
3t Brad Delong commenting on Shiller's NYTimes piece  16:51bradshaw196507:31gd
0p Health Insurance for Military Veteran and Federal Retiree  20:35gkaplan  
3p How To Budget Major Home Improvements  08:53marie56706:09goaties
11h Low Tax Bracket & Almost Retired - Tax Exempt or Not??  08/2013thstreet22:45grabiner
3h 403b - American Funds  08/20sticks1108/20grabiner
13t Moved from VBR to PXSV in tax Deferred this week  11:22caklim0008:28grap0013
21c Questions about fertilizing and seeding lawn  08/19sunnyday08/21Green Nut
11p What to consider while purchasing an existing business?  17:36fourwedge06:08Gropes & Ray
3p Capital gains on sale of parents' residence  08/20ourtown08/20Gropes & Ray
5h Purpose of VTIAX?  08/20SpartanBull08/20gvsucavie03
2p Anyone have experience with Vaksman Law living trusts  17:29hoops77718:08hoops777
2h Indexing with Public Accounting Restrictions  10:47Theoretical22:29hornet96
11c Verizon Rewards - worth signing up?  08/12jridger201108/20hudson
23h Investing for inlaws  08/20hulio8214:10hulio82
17h Newbie- Setting up our portfolio  03/15hulio8213:04hulio82
3t 0.8% gains make the 1.14% e/r worth it  12:34Gropes & Ray13:33ilovedavidstove
15h Help with solo 401k  08/17senhati08/20IMDoc
7h Schwab Windhaven Funds vs Vanguard 3 Funds  08/21TiBikeMike07:05in_reality
3h Currency risk for australian investor  22:42Bikeman23:50in_reality
5c No room on your Windows hard drive? Cleanup Update files  20:15LadyGeek21:37Jack
3h Advice please, new to bonds, portfolio shifts  09:10MerriebytheSea09:55Jack FFR1846
50f Tapatalk Integration  page: 22011kirent07:25JamesSFO
22p Quickest Way to Deposit a Large Sum with Vanguard  08/11Deep Thoughts08/20JamesSFO
24p Thoughts on USAA?  08/18berg08/20JamesSFO
69t High Yield Bonds - Uncorrelated to Stocks and Bonds?  page: 208/07tarheel12:34jdb
15p Best one-stop company for renters/car/term life insurance?  16:14dolores3208:44jlawrence01
9c A question about Sherry  14:15shawcroft20:37John3754
18c Retiree Poll: Do you do any volunteer work?  08/20tennisplyr07:20johnep
9h tIRA - Tax deductions  08/20jay2220:28johnny847
14h Retirement Planning  08/17Investing Newbie08/20johnny847
55t Shiller on Lofty Market Elevations  page: 208/17Leesbro6308/20Johno
97p Options for the medical grad but no residency  page: 203/19makelelerole08/20JonnyDVM
6c Opinions on Webroot Security Anywhere  16:49investor4life21:15kazper
8c Foundation crack repair  08/16ks28908/21kazper
2h Replicating VTSAX from my 401K  12:26Infusion14:35kenyan
34h Convincing fears on investing for now?  08/17Ki_poorrichard08/21Ki_poorrichard
3p Sending cash back to myself in the US (from Brazil)  22:06Andrew050423:18kramer
49h 20 Year Old With 70k to Invest  08/18l1nkown08/20l1nkown
25p Using [a 401(k)] advisor for fiduciary guidance  08/19mycal7521:40LadyGeek
23t WSJ: Is Your Portfolio Too Diversified?  08/16Jagman20:51LadyGeek
32t Become A Billionaire?  08/20bigtimeseller17:52LadyGeek
269l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Barry Barnitz08/20LadyGeek
4p Cobra or HealthCare.gov?  08/20Zoey08/20LadyGeek
62t [live off dividends?] How the rich stay/get richer??  page: 208/19arcticpineapplecorp.08/20LadyGeek
12p Which countries really provide health care to all citizens?  08/20FireProof08/20LadyGeek
80c Which 4 door with 250+ hp  page: 208/09pennypincher00:50Lafder
25c Fostering Change in HOA  08/21DTalos23:53Lafder
9p Case Story/Plan: "Bank on yourself" to pay student loan.  08/20bnes20:54Lafder
18p Need another bank besides Capital One  12:06Gambler08:27lakpr
7t Mixing life funds and other investment options  08/21kazper20:58LAlearning
57c Buying a home with aluminum wiring?  page: 208/19jcb303014:46LAlearning
0t Interesting Asness riff on Fundamental Indexing  14:54larryswedroe  
288t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 607/16Rob Bertram01:20lee1026
21h Best way to control someones account.  08/19EnjoyIt08/20LeeMKE
113t Gold, Silver, Copper  page: 2 307/10selftalk16:21Leeraar
12t Blog:iShares to close target retirement ETFs  08/19Barry Barnitz08/20Leif
3t an interesting chart [Asset correlation matrix]  08/19sometimesinvestor08/20linenfort
3h small cap: vb vs ijs vs des  09:35mz507721:47livesoft
3t American Funds Load Fees Question  08/20bennetbp08/20livesoft
62p Retirement luxury vehicle  page: 208/13airahcaz08/20livesoft
56c Tract Home - Things to Watch During Construction  page: 208/19hackermb01:06LongerPrimer
10p Health Insurance Premium is HSA eligible expense?  08/15jack.bauer08/20LongerPrimer
44c Pressure Cookers?  08/16Barefootgirl08:09lululu
9p Signing up for medicare Oct 1  12:32tc10107:16lululu
32c Simplisafe Home Security Systems  08/18powermega13:46magellan
9t Shiller P/E nearly guaranteed to be lower in 5 years  15:54BackInTheBlack04:22magneto
33h Help College Student Invest  07/08malibuboats9108/21malibuboats91
46t Why aren't annuities better than investment drawdowns?  08/20rca182416:53MathWizard
26h Is PIMCO Bond fund 50% cash?  08/17villars06:41matjen
13p I failed SS login  08/21mbres6019:32mbres60
18t "The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing -- Second Edition"  08/20Taylor Larimore06:13Mel Lindauer
27t Paperback of The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, 2nd Ed.?  08/14evilityb22:13Mel Lindauer
1p Cost of living by state  08/20Beliavsky08/20Mel Lindauer
0h Help with 403b choice  22:42mikeamme  
8p More Advanced Retirement Calculator?  08/19MKH08/20MKH
7h Asset Allocation Help / Placement of Funds for Tax Purposes  08/12mkinvestor08/20mkinvestor
0h Recently Rebalance Portfolio - How's my AA?  22:04mreesa  
12p Spousal IRA and Backdoor Roth Conversion with High AGI  01/03southerndoc08/20mrjcgumby
0c Trip to Sicily  17:16newstreetnj  
10p What can happen to a union pension?  08/20mojave12:11nisiprius
1c Do you know anyone at Castle & Cooke?  13:55Siwash14:24nukewerker
24p Using Credit Card to Pay Off Student Loans  08/21nyknicks441213:58nyknicks4412
2h Trade short term VTIPs for regular TIPs?  06:39Gambler06:59ObliviousInvestor
14h Conservative Assumptions For Retirement Calculators  07/24Pedsmd16:38Pedsmd
31p So am I a terrible father? [inheritance question]  08/18nbseer14:34Peter Foley
9h Dividend income strategy: Pick the fund with highest yield?  08/20Gambler14:37Phineas J. Whoopee
41t Dow Jones Index Fund?  08/18riptide08/20Phineas J. Whoopee
16h Closest index to VTSAX?  08/18SpartanBull08/20Phineas J. Whoopee
4h Vanguard Managed Payout Fund  08/19bowtie08/20Phineas J. Whoopee
27h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW17:31pingo
17h Investment Allocation for 18 y/o [military]  08/20eoddude08/21pingo
5h Newbie Seeking Portfolio Guidance  08/20dczarniawski20:08pkcrafter
7p calculators for ARM vs fixed mortgages?  08/18bling00:01placeholder
4h Stock gain = price gain + dividends?  08/20Gambler08/20placeholder
24p How to finance major home improvements  08/20bsteiner22:34pochax
34t How to weather market downturn with a high chance of layoff  08/20PoorManatee17:07PoorManatee
7h Help with 401k fund allocation  08/18prn2708/21prn27
27c Air conditioning  08/20puck200522:19protagonist
22t To be truly rich, take stock of your life before investing  08/20Spectre22:08protagonist
85t The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home  page: 208/08nscherneck21:56protagonist
35c B&H Photo - NY City Experience  08/19MikeDenver21:07protagonist
0t Company moved 401k to Vanguard  08:32Quickfoot  
12p Rollover gone wrong  08/15raspino08/20raspino
21t Gray Market woes  07/19remoox07:16remoox
18p Tracking Down Pension Info.  08/17mrfinesse8406:42ResearchMed
3t Different Strategy For 401k and IRA?  08/20bogart9908/20ResearchMed
1h Is it worth tilting to International Small Cap?  07:56xrw108:40retiredjg
12h Moving from individual stock to indices - portfolio help?  08/18ZiziPB08:27retiredjg
96h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 204/14coolguy95406:23retiredjg
28h Portfolio Allocation for 31 y/o  08/14mcamel116:38retiredjg
4h Just took control of my Portfolio  08/20Rich1111108:50Rich11111
20t Is the Aggregate Index Too Heavy in Treasuries?  14:54ruralavalon08:43richard
13h Rebalancing After a Correction  08/19Swampy08/20rickmerrill
20p Longer Term Investment Goals Progress Tracking  08/18rkatz008/20rkatz0
21t A random walk...  08/21kazper20:30rnitz
15t Is a 16% expense ratio technically possible?  08/18toto23812:27Rob5TCP
15t Bridgeway Omni SCV (BOTSX) vs PXSV  08/20countmein03:42Robert T
9h Backdoor Roth dreams, traditional IRA in the way  08/20xf0117:04RockOn
3p Riders for home insurance?  08/20berg08/20Rupert
8h New Investor- Am I making sound investments?  08/20mam05:46ruralavalon
3201c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 652012randomwalk05:27ruralavalon
63p POLL: Age for Collecting Social Security Benefits  page: 208/19MichDad17:26Sagenick48
20c Giving back, charity, and similar  08/194nursebee07:58Sconie
7t Kitces - Think Twice about those Conversions  08/20Alan S.08:32sesq
0p Do you take all of your allowed paid vacation time?  08:40Sheepdog  
42h I don't have enough cash for index funds  08/14Shredder08/20Shredder
10t Municipal bonds 1y returns - exhuberance and caution  12:14ogd23:36siamond
9h Moving Accounts to Vanguard  08/11mkinvestor08/20siamond
10h History of VG Expense Ratios? [Oh, and Newly Lowered Ones]  2012Noobvestor17:55Silence Dogood
52h TSP share prices for Quicken  page: 22013Simbilis23:12Simbilis
4t Blog:Vanguard surpasses SSgA for the first time  08/11Barry Barnitz16:46Simplegift
3t portfolio turnover  08/20mickeypd08/20Simplegift
15h Newbie trying to invest for the first time.  05/31Sleepyeyes4408/20Sleepyeyes44
44p How much do you plan to save in your 529 plan?  08/17hmw15:35Slowmaha
1t Employee owned companies effect on shareholders  08/20BogleInvestorLondon08/20Slowmaha
15l Master Thread for each Chapter to post meeting announcements  02/16tidalwave1016:32Snow Boarder
17h New VG Performance Charts  08/06tomd3710:23snowman9000
54p Will you have to pay your parent's long term care costs?  page: 208/20Browser15:39SoCalGal
22t Good interview with John Bogle  08/21stemikger05:59stemikger
52c Motorcycle for short commute?  page: 208/12toto23823:03StevieG72
29c Cost, duration of grad school?  08/20psteinx21:28stoptothink
40c Unlimited cell plans dropping in price?  08/20Barefootgirl22:22sunnyday
37p Vanguard Agent Authorization  08/16arthurdawg07:58tadamsmar
5p Repeat: PBS Frontline The Retirement Gamble  08/19Rob5TCP21:51Tamales
3p Yes you can time the markets.....  05:47bondsr4me07:16Tanelorn
15c Quicken 2015 for Mac released  11:16crg1108:10targ
16h What's happening with my Stable Value fund?  08/19teacher10:14teacher
4l Master Thread - Greenville Metro Bogleheads  08/20Snow Boarder23:52temwil
25c which engine and transmission options to choose for Tacoma?  11:50Gardener20:42terpfan122
2p Roth IRA mistake help  08/21Theotree18:51Theotree
4p Great MarketWatch Article - 13 financial tips to live by  14:22jaj227614:58The Wizard
25c Want to buy a used Mini Cooper-> Talk me into it?  08/20Gambler07:46tibbitts
12h TIPS vs SVF  08/15Tigermoose13:01Tigermoose
25c Reducing time spent paying bills  08/20arrbee08/21Toons
8p How to best pay for a second home?  08/20Rich Cape Cod08/20Toons
7h Vanguard - set up multiple new accounts, same type  08/20clearwater14:38toto238
11h Way to maximize Retirement Savings Contribution Credit  08/20toto23808/20toto238
196c Favorite guitarist...  page: 2 3 42009Tall Grass02:50Trader Joe
57c Subaru Blues  page: 208/20Browser07:11TT
4h Help with 401k Options [Japan]  08/19twoyen08/20twoyen
89c Daily Telegraph: World War One Archive  page: 207/27grayfox11:46Valuethinker
100t Your biggest "Missed Money" event that still kills you?  page: 2 308/18investingdad08:33VictoriaF
40c Wash D.C. speed camera - how accurate?  08/19syrdave08:21VictoriaF
38p FERS retirement: Final taxes and TSP  06/21VictoriaF12:46VictoriaF
14t Online classes?  07/10coachz09:01VictoriaF
108p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 2 307/21brak08/20vveat
5c Pay cash for flight on sale, or use FF mileage quandry  21:02kwan207:43Wagnerjb
31h Please critique my portfolio  08/15walletless00:42walletless
8h Newbie - Please critique my portfolio - suggestions welcome  08/20Southern36year-old16:51walletless
7h Advice on 401k - Traditional vs Roth  14:45rbholde21:41Watty
41c Driving Trip Planning  08/20BolderBoy12:35William4u
8c Stubhub/Ticketmaster Credit Card Entry  08/13JDDS08/20wilsobk
0h Ideal pace of IRA conversion at age 61?  14:55windsorite  
4h Look for the Butterfly!  08/20lucky308/20WiscSooner
4h Retirement Planning, Conversions, SS, RMDs  08/20Workinghard08/20Workinghard
9h Personal Finances  08/20clayr36108/20Zabar
8h HELOC + Margin = $200k to play with  19:06Gambler21:49Zapped
19p What assets are protected from state court proceedings?  08/20Browser07:04zzcooper123
10t Reading Suggestions  16:14jtayl7106:50zzcooper123

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