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0h Asset allocation/location for 21 year old  02:3410b5-1  
13c Favorite TED Talks  19:09ThankYouJack08:402retire
11c Industrial stainless steel coffee maker  11/24a07:154nursebee
25c Storing/Organizing Memory Sticks  11/22frugalguy11/25adamthesmythe
6h 529...or Roth?  11/23Admiral11/24Admiral
5t a look at the size premium and BtM  11/24larryswedroe14:36afan
47c FIOS [versus cable]  09/11airahcaz11/24airahcaz
190h AAPL  page: 2 3 42012airahcaz11/24airahcaz
7h Help Needed Re: Overhauled 401K Fund Choices  11/20Sriracha08:22alec
43p Donating for a specific family  11/21sogm11/25Alex Frakt
11f Change Username  2010lesstjm11/25Alex Frakt
51c Do you use a phone book?  page: 211/23munemaker11/24Alex Frakt
46p My Health care monthly premiums doubled after ACA  11/23rec711/24Alex Frakt
11c Reliable Inexpensive Home Blood Pressure Monitor  2012LongDistanceRun11/25Alexia1225
6p Physician Assistant - Employee or Independent Contractor?  20:35Raymond11:00amarone
55p Quicken 2015 for Windows - Any reviews?  page: 210/08pop7708:22amarone
3h Group Life Side Fund as fixed income  11/21Androo11/24Androo
11c Dubai trip  10/24Wannaretireearl11/25Aptenodytes
2p Question regarding an HSA  11:27Psychoburner12:21archbish99
14t Vanguard: "Updated capital gains estimates "  11/24gkaplan08:44Artsdoctor
7h 30 Year TIPS Bond as a SPD Annuity Alternative?  11/22mxa0111/24Artsdoctor
55c Republic Wireless  page: 201/09theDON1two11/24asha1001
2h Bonds Bonds Bonds...Help needed please  11/24mregan2411/24asif408
167c Dealing with pressure for "social donations" at work  page: 2 3 411/13Ganacel11/25ataloss
107c Telephone Calls! Help! [Stopping telemarketing calls]  page: 2 308/07CountryBoy11/25ataloss
7p Taxes and Business Checking Account for Blog  11/23my2p11/24avidsaver
8h Should I add Microcaps to my portfolio?  15:03mregan2409:47backpacker
61h How To Invest Your Emergency Fund?  page: 211/15Humdrum12:19backpacker
9p What-If Planning Advice  11/23Peterjens11/24BahamaMan
7p Life Insurance options  11/21batpot11/24batpot
139h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4808:58BigFoot48
14h Index Funds, REIT's, Real Estate, Swing Trading, Forex  11/23Vision10:26bigred77
1p 401k limits  11/25Goblue9711/25Bill M
12h Eliminating my TIPS fund~alternatives?  11/21Billyboy15:41Billyboy
4p Tax help needed  11/23Billyboy12:29Billyboy
141c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 2 309/30Beezthree21:31birdy
5p Existing Whole Life Insurance Policy  11/24funeshah22:53BL
10h Help with allocation after Edward Jones  11/22uniquename14:53BL
19h order of investing?  11/23Youkai11/24BL
19t Update on the ascent of CAPE  11/21Browser11/24Blue
2t IPS [Investment Policy Statement]  11/24bowtie11/25bowtie
4p Question about taking Required Minimum Distribution from IRA  17:25Browser11:12Browser
1c $10 off coupon after $100 gift card buy at Safeway  11/24The529guy11/24bru
15p 401k loan to pay off CC & student debt  11/22ithryn20:16bs010101
7c Seeking Boglehead advice on new home  18:21Jozxyqk08:11bungalow10
16c Kindle question - online access books  11/25michelef06:54bungalow10
28t Why Alpha is getting more elusive  11/21larryswedroe11/25Buysider
60p How should wife counter salary offer within current co.?  page: 211/21C4NT09:42C4NT
1p How to Calculate Tax-free growth vs growth to be taxed  11/22Worldtravel11/24CaliJim
2t Why it's important to understand risks and have discipline  08:27larryswedroe10:36Call_Me_Op
25c Experiences using VRBO, Airbnb internationally  11/23tennisplyr11/25caseynshan
2t Trying to remember what book this is from.  22:17Watty00:48celia
21h I think I'm missing something about the backdoor roth  11/24akitchen11/25celia
28t Net Worth Survey 2014 Interactive Dashboard  02/09dlprop18:05CFM300
1c What are your plans for Thanksgiving Day?  10:55tennisplyr11:10cfs
3t Medal of Freedom: Still not Jack Bogle?  11/24Leeraar11/24cfs
15p Create new account in case mom outlives assets--How to?  11/23hickory11/25cheese_breath
15c Car "concierge" service  11/24mass_biker11/24Cherokee8215
62c Dog food - how cheap is too cheap?  page: 211/22Sunny Sarkar11:01Clearly_Irratio
8h new taxable account set up  11/14clip65111/24clip651
0h Change of 457 Provider and Transfer  11/25Corleone  
8p Investment interest expense and muni bonds  11/10Crow Hunter11/24Crow Hunter
10h Why the differences between VBTLX and BND?  11/22discreet15:55#Cruncher
4t ETF return data location  11/24rm11/24#Cruncher
9c Possible to exchange one Amex card for another?  11/22java11/24Dale_G
50t Does investing in a 401k actually save any money?  page: 211/21RenoJay09:03Dario33
3t 60/40 edging my 95/5!  19:48john9454910:13DaufuskieNate
16h Allocation  11/24Youkai09:00dbr
2h Company ESPP Advice  17:29parentsretireme17:36dbr
30h Moving current 401k funds into brokerage link?  11/22achen929111/24dbr
10p Homeowner's Insurance  11/25sari11/25deanbrew
6c This looks like a decent credit card.  11/25Hexdump12:47denovo
13t Question about options for annuities  11/25freyj605:49dhodson
5h Tim Horton shareholder - what to do about Burger King Merger  12:22cookie3622:14dm200
36t Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund coming in early 2015.  11/24gkaplan09:42Doc
19c COBRA Questions  2013Leesbro6311/25dodecahedron
28c Buying a Computer. Need recommendations.  11/24ram11:16Doom&Gloom
7c Amazon store card - change of terms?  11/11vveat11/24drawpoker
4p Starter Trust for adult child?  17:27Drifting Along10:48Drifting Along
7h Backdoor Roth Question  11/24hank1011/24Duckie
37t Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service [Going to Arbitration]  2013franko374213:33edge
116t Apple Stock - Seems great, right?  page: 2 32013Shabber11/24Electron
68t SEC Yield, YTM, Distribution Yield, Current Yield  page: 210/29Kevin M11/24Electron
7h Crazy question about Roth IRA transfers  13:37bogler102908:59EmergDoc
8t duration & flat yield curve  11/24Investerguy11/25epimedium
4p complicated IRA issue, easy question  07:09eelwood10:27Epsilon Delta
13p What 401k does to your IRA - Roth IRA contribution limit  15:23Quince09:48Epsilon Delta
7t Equal Weight portfolio  11/24Investerguy11/25Epsilon Delta
26h Why should I avoid REITs?  11/25Ijim11:12expat
25t Making money/career in Trading  11/22BogleInvestorLo11/24Fallible
0p Inherited IRA  22:33FBN2014  
29t Safe Withdrawal Rates - Is the 4% rule still good?  12:36FinancialDave10:42FinancialDave
6h Over my head setting up Backdoor Roth  11/19foursnow10:41foursnow
7h Transitioning from individual stock portfolio to index funds  20:59fund_in_the_sun09:45fposte
15h 27 year old novice trying to get my ducks in a row  11/24Rodigee10:00frugalmeister
7p ACA exchange or Cobra?  11/23Jfet11/24furwut
0h USA-NRAs: IB, LOM Bermuda, other non-USA broker?  11/24galeno  
41h Non-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?  11/14DXB11/24galeno
180c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 409/22Alex Frakt10:34gkaplan
18t Valuation of EE Savings Bonds  15:19The Dan10:17Gnirk
17t bond fund yield variation and the case for long-term fund  11/23anpaul14720:29grabiner
13h Are mutual funds bad? SWPPX  11/24Youkai11/24grabiner
46p Aetna HDHP or GEHA HDHP (federal employee)  11/14kazper11/24grabiner
22p HSA vs 401K  11/21markcoop11/24grabiner
126t Small cap value premium  page: 2 311/18privatefarmer08:27grap0013
13h International and Emerging Markets Small Cap Value  08/11mbk73411/25grap0013
29t Shiller CAPE 10 — Why So High These Days?  11:49Simplegift10:42greg24
2p TSP Strategy for Contributing Participants Age 50 or Over  11/17MichDad10:12Groundhog
10c Should I Fix 1999 Grand Marquis (182K Miles)  21:46joeyk0908:04Grt2bOutdoors
7c How do I find a part for an old car?  15:54Ed Jaye16:22gwrvmd
10p Whole Life Transfer Questions  11/24Corleone11/24gwrvmd
3c Bluetooth headset recommendation ?  11/25Hexdump06:00Hexdump
3t Vanguard TISM estimates low QDI?  23:48JDDS07:21House Blend
5h Wash sale  11/22oasis11/25House Blend
7p Did I overcontribute to my HSA? What do I do now?  11/2411111/24HueyLD
1h Retirement portfolio review - low taxes; tight budget  11:23barefootjan09:36ieee488
4p Looking for a career playing to these strengths  11/24mikeski56911/24imgritz
9h New to Vanguard and serious about retirement planning  11/23purplefoot9911/24imgritz
32p Living below my means, means…  14:56packet20:06InertiaMan
12h Definition of "have a retirement plan at work"  11/24InertiaMan13:03InertiaMan
145c What do you splurge on?  page: 2 311/21Professor Emeri20:59investingdad
1h Help with portofolio for non-US person  11/25investor0705:04investor07
1h VT or VTI?  10:32mregan2411:03InvestorNewb
21c Vegan Raw Food Diet  11/24IPer04:59IPer
34h Get a financial advisor? Retired now  11/17Italiangirl11/24Italiangirl
21p Avoiding lifestyle creep  11/25bungalow1020:13J295
52c 2015 Suburu Outback  page: 211/02MP17311/24Jack FFR1846
14p Vanguard Money Market Fund - keep open ?  11/25JohnFiscal10:32JamesSFO
3h Savings for Child  11/24Jaydub7511/25Jaydub75
11p Wisdom: When to drop disability insurance?  11/24Mike8305:03Jazztonight
0h Max out 401k or 2nd Roth?  22:14jbelton  
5t Hedge Funds Are Happy to Lose Money for Everyone  11/24jdb11/24jdb
2h Help with apparent error or understanding of Fidelity RIP  15:10RWeThereYet15:47jjaster7
0h Backdoor Roth IRA questions  11:19jjortho  
1t Reporter doing story on Roth IRAs  10:40Mel Lindauer11:17Johm221122
0t Meet the fund industry’s new, opaque creation: ETMF  16:40John Z  
0h Multiple Accounts and Tax Planning  10:58jpmitchell  
46c Favorite nonfiction books  11/25ThankYouJack09:51jpmitchell
19p Random life events  14:38Caduceus11:10jstrazzere
12h VWIUX = Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt question  2009mikemenc11/24kenner
1c Music for commercial videos.  11/24A_C_E12:48Ken Schwartz
3h Simple IRA help  16:52cals400ex09:46kenyan
5c Baby carrier on flight  11/24Goblue9711/24kithwang
4h 401K Rollover consideration  08:29KlangFool10:41KlangFool
4h Three Fund Portfolio Allocation  11/25kmedina809:30kmedina8
68p Vanguard offers login security code  page: 211/21indexfundfan16:34KyleAAA
6h Commodity Index Fund(s)  17:25Humdrum08:00l2ridehd
20t article in todays WSJ--stocks are risky even for millennials  11/23arcticpineapple11/24LadyGeek
115c Vanguard launches new offering ... [Vanguard merchandise]  page: 2 311/12indexfundfan11/24LadyGeek
18h IRA Contribution Question and Age  11/18larmewar11/24larmewar
109t An alternative to alternative investments [QSPIX]  page: 2 311/18larryswedroe08:57larryswedroe
4t why do individual investors buy overpriced stocks  11/25larryswedroe11/25larryswedroe
7h Investing options for my child  11/24iridium_red11/24Laura
6p Refinancing Question  15:24Novine21:49LeeMKE
15t Investing in 100 Words  11/25petrico07:51letsgobobby
0h MCG Capital Dutch Auction  13:42LifeIsGood  
7h Rising Interest Rates And Bond Funds?  22:32Humdrum09:14livesoft
2h Foreign Tax Credit: Worth it?  16:55mlh4605:03livesoft
26h Huge salary increase...looking for guidance  11/24jce12313:11livesoft
3h Simple Question  11/24kmedina811/24livesoft
3t Approximating total stock market  11/24MickeyBoy11/24livesoft
3t "Which Accounts Should I Spend from Each Year in Retirement?  11/24Taylor Larimore11/24livesoft
5h Lazy portfolio help  11/12t4rdigrade11/24Logan T
3p No Fee Annuity?  12:03Bdog9318:01LongerPrimer
5h Roth IRA for my fun money  11/24ksk33911/24LongerPrimer
14c simple cell phone but with E911  11/02lululu11/24lululu
12c Eat on $4 per day. Free online cookbook.  15:43keanwood10:57Lynette
4t Excel Webservice function  11/24mastory23:23mastory
25t Count Capitalized Pension Benefits Cash/Bonds for Portfolio?  2010DLRCohasset22:00mastory
14t Regression Analysis and Asset Allocation  11/18McNewton22:56McNewton
42h 34 year old new to investing - help please  11/10mech_tower10:30mech_tower
16t Where to invest end of year bonus  19:41joe120611:08Median Joe
18h Trustee-Broker Disagree over Allocation/Investments  11/23MerriebytheSea17:16MerriebytheSea
43h Been out of market since 2008 and can't get back in  11/25lroystein10:48Methedras
1t "Two Key Lessons You Can Learn From Academic Research"  10:22Taylor Larimore10:36Methedras
22p Life changing decision... advices needed!  00:12Streptococcus11:15mhalley
6c Discover Card - New Deal  11/25midareff14:28mickeyd
12h Need for Int'l Investing  19:16tomd3710:42midareff
12h Why wouldn't I [contribute to an after-tax 401k w/ rollover]  11:46tdonline03:59Morik
3t How does Chinese monetary policy work  11/25crewe1022:18MossySF
4h Emergency Funds  09:34marloweusa10:10mpowered
53t Why I will fund retirement with TIPs ladder no matter what  page: 211/22mpt follower23:56mpt follower
45l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone23:38Mrs.Feeley
57c Bogleheads, any "Black Friday" [recommendations]  page: 211/23camptalcott11/25Mrs.Feeley
35p Health Insurance (Specialist "Out of Network" [error])  11/13dabretty11/25MtnTraveler
2c Question re Medicare bills?  18:43sperry819:50mur44
8h Can't quite max out TSP contribution--what to do?  11/23baw70391611/24N1CKV
100p Share your networth progression  page: 2 305/13techcrium11/25nchowrin
1t Business Cycles and Markets  11/24nervousnovice11/24nisiprius
9p Help with mother's Revocable Living Trust after she passes  11/23mike1011/24North
2h When is tiltng worth the fees (solo 401k)  11/24notmyhand11/24notmyhand
13t Vanguard Personal Performance History: 10 Years  11/22noyopacific11/24noyopacific
3h Advise on Muni Fund or Muni ETF  11/24simpatico11/24ogd
158c 23 year old... Can I afford a Rolex?  page: 2 3 411/22Marjimmy02:07Oliver
10p Fixing Social Security Earnings Mistake Advice  11/17oneleaf23:12oneleaf
477t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1007/16Rob Bertram11:18Park
20h portfolio suggestions for the truly aged.  11/21JGoneRiding11/24Peter Foley
3h % of REITs in VG Funds  11/21RetireGood11/24Phineas J. Whoo
11t I Bond Refund Tax Year 2014 $5K Per Return  11/23Phineas J. Whoo11/24Phineas J. Whoo
8h California Savings Plus 401k Target Date Funds  11/24russellh11/25pingo
81t What would be the investing strategy for a coming crash?  page: 211/21nile9819:58Pizzasteve510
4t "Folklore of Finance" article and indices  11/15whaleknives11/25pkcrafter
8h Moving Inherited IRA & Portfolio Advice  11/25Iowa_Hawkeyes00:37placeholder
20p CapitalOne360 won't give me an ATM-only card?  11/24R2D200:09placeholder
14h Fidelity vs Scottrade  11/23birdec11/24placeholder
87p TurboTax '14 Deluxe (Desktop) Excludes Schedule D  page: 211/15Drew3111/24placeholder
5p Advice on Certified Financial Planning Certificate  11/19mholdi154012:24plannerman
88t Why finance research is often wrong - the jelly bean problem  page: 211/19richard11:14protagonist
25c Carrying alternatives for phone, credit cards, money  11/21protagonist18:25protagonist
4c Private college counselor  09:14Fisherman10:55psteinx
6p Mortgage vs 401K  11/25nmcbride14:24Quince
26t Why Bother With Bonds free Kindle download/Nov.21 - Nov.25  11/21Barry Barnitz14:14Rayandron
247p If your networth is over $3 million, how did you do it?  page: 2 3 4 511/10ahmadcpa11:15reggiesimpson
23p Paying my parents a salary not to touch their nest egg  18:154Health11:03reggiesimpson
5t New Jan 2015 Brokerage Fees from Vanguard  11/24JamesSFO11/24ResearchMed
19h Asset allocation and various questions  11:42Morik10:22retiredjg
2h Bonds for the IRA  05:00selftalk09:41retiredjg
34t Help: Three Fund Portfolio at Fidelity  11/20new2bogle208:54retiredjg
65h Who to Use: CPA, Financial Advisor, Someone Else?  page: 211/19Scott6208:41retiredjg
15h Porfolio review, consolidation needed  11/23LittleGreenSold20:04retiredjg
29h Questions about implementing 'mega backdoor roth'  11/22WolfpackFan11/25retiredjg
1t Thank you and see you later  11/24WhyNotUs11/24retiredjg
22h AA: Which BONDS funds to buy?  11/14RetireGood11/25RetireGood
3t Ruminations on Timing with PE10  11/25tadamsmar14:25rkhusky
27c Back-up Drive - Local or Cloud? Which?  11/24Copernicus11/25Rodc
41p Brother wants me to co-sign a house with him  11/24achen929117:33runner9
9h A New 401k  11/05zratis06:47ruralavalon
6h need portfolio help, feeling overwhelmed, too many funds  11/24iluminess11/25ruralavalon
14h American Funds  11/18shrdhrkrv11/24ruralavalon
6c Turbo Tax - Returns for different people & different states  11/25Calm Man15:59Sagenick48
101c Bogleheads, tell me about your 40's?  page: 2 311/13brian201310:59saladdin
6p Paying Medicare premiums with FSA  17:16samjuno21:01samjuno
23t How to Plan for an Unknown Future  11/23Scott6211/25Scott62
3h index funds available for romanian citizens?  11/24SefuLaBani11/24SefuLaBani
2t Complement MSCI ACWI (Acc) idx fund with VXF and VSS in EU?  11/24selters11/25selters
49t How did you handle the 2008 bear market ?  11:54sixtyforty07:31shaboob
17c A Good Trip Overseas  11/23Andymoler5801:37shelanman
7c Quicken 2012 upgrade to 2015  11/24dbCooperAir11/25SimonJester
64t Will stocks beat bonds over next 30 years?  page: 211/21gordoni211/25Simplegift
149p Girlfriend with a LOT of Student debt.  page: 2 311/24mikeski56911:14Simple Simon
10h 32 year old amateur investor looking for retirement advice  11/24skiguy1811/24skiguy18
13p Emergency funds for small business?  2013englishgirl11/24skjoldur
24c Personal Tips for a New Father to Be  11/21webenterpreneur14:17Slowmaha
44c Boglehead family vacations  11/11am11/24snyder66
4h 401k Get off Target Year Fund with high expense ratio  11/24Soon2BXProgramm15:32Soon2BXProgramm
60c Vacuum cleaner recommendation?  page: 22009black jack11/25stemikger
2t Wellington Closed?  11/24FinancialDave11/24stlutz
66t New Tony Robbins Book on Financial Freedom  page: 209/24Howard Donnelly18:19stoptothink
8p Gifting RSUs [Restricted Stock Units]  11/23bs01010108:35Tamales
10p HMO out of network question  08:05Tanelorn11:00Tanelorn
4p ACA Horizon BCBS Advantage or Advance EPO Tradeoff Decision  08:55bpg123410:18Tanelorn
7p Helping a Friend Build Credit  11/24Zecht17:06tbradnc
10h TSM vs Small/Mid Cap fund  11:32teacher15:33teacher
5c changing jobs after a decade - risky or exhilirating  16:04rm23:27texasdiver
5c Black Friday Deals for Home Improvement?  11/22ThankYouJack18:12ThankYouJack
5p Does a drop in salary decrease SS?  11/24Thatthatisis11/24Thatthatisis
18h How to transfer money from bank to vanguard automatically?  11/18sayeesh07:08The Wizard
4p medicare claim payments to individuals - no eft???  11/23tibbitts11/24tibbitts
8c Find org to establish charity Haunt in Raleigh / RTP area?  11/07tidalwave1011/25tidalwave10
0c Swap a lease?  11/25Timon0201  
29p Strategically not paying medical bills for 90 days for a dis  11/25mike14307:51toofache32
10p Appropriate amount of term life insurance  11/23brak11/24TradingPlaces
3h Thank You  13:42ny_rn16:00Triple digit go
950t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202012Taylor Larimore22:39TwoByFour
8h student loans vs retirement accounts  11/23jkushne109:42Two Headed Mule
45p Pension buyout offer - Accept or reject  11/19woodyguthrie11/25ubermax
58h Social Security 62 vs 66  page: 211/21TT11/25Uncle Pennybags
5t PBGC guarantees 401(k) rollovers to pensions  11/25NOVACPA11:10vesparider
2c Redbox price increase (Dec. 2)  11/24runner906:38VesperLynd
119t What percent "Boglehead" are you?  page: 2 311/22RunningRad21:26VictoriaF
222c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 508/30abuss36811/25VictoriaF
41c Bumped out of first class at boarding - compensation?  11/23MnD11/25VictoriaF
3h Non Resident alien-Treasury bills/Bonds  11/23vijayvijayakv02:57vijayvijayakv
14c Lamps for S.A.D. problem  09/17drawpoker06:21Viking65
6h Alternative Investments!  10/20Nerdicus11/25VirginiaBob
13h Please help correct my early path to retirement  11/24TallHaul11:10Watty
24p Collision claim on new auto policy - problems  11/07SteveGo11/24Watty
8c How to find refundable airfare or open ticket ?  19:40madbrain08:45WHL
1h Very new to investing, questions on my portfolio  19:25Plt201408:33WHL
3p Mortgage/Ins/Taxes as a % of income  11/24bigez1713:30WHL
8c Trading in a car - worth it to fix cosmetic issues?  11/24wjo11/24Wolkenspiel
5h Solo 401k (roth?) asset allocation  12:24xiosen08:36xiosen
19c Seeking a Cellphone Change  11/21VesperLynd09:48Zecht
0p FLPs or Similar  11/25Zecht  
1h Help maxing biweekly 403b matching with variable salary  20:57Emilyjane09:36ZiziPB

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