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13c Use work phone as primary phone?  11:52nimo95617:05123
17h What to add to my "Core 3"  03/3020Dukes1119:0920Dukes11
33p Reorganizing credit cards and accounts  03/27Cody03/312stepsbehind
6h Contemplating retirement – advice welcome  03/2834Phyllissaves03/3034Phyllissaves
3h help for senior  03/31360Pax03/31360Pax
15t Would Robo Advisor replace index fund and passive investment  03/27FredL14:14691175002
15h First time 401k/404c, need suggestions  03/287Rays21:027Rays
9h Peer-review my IPS?  03/28geek11:45a
659c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1408/30abuss36809:31abuss368
34c Ad Blockers  03/30CountryBoy03/31abuss368
150t Why is Two Fund Less Popular Than Three Fund Portfolio?  page: 2 3 405/07Templeton03/31abuss368
6p Excess Contributions - Roth & HSA  03/30Barefootgirl03/31Alan S.
5h Index Funds Warning  03/31rocko03/31alex_686
7p Share Secured Loan - why ?  03/31ps56k03/31alex_686
7t Can consumers assess the value of life annuities?  03/31bobcat215:06Alex Frakt
30p Do you not strive for success because it might offend others  11:50tony541214:54Alex Frakt
72p [Poll] Do you have an auto loan?  page: 203/19SC Hoosier22:43Alex Frakt
86c Laptop: Windows based vs. Apple  page: 203/16davebo17:15AllenSmith
2p How to calculate a good Rental Propety?  03/31allroads03/31allroads
150p When will / did you claim Social Security benefits?  page: 2 3 403/05Leeraar17:16Almost there
8t Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF (VO) sudden dive  18:09gabe195518:53alpenglow
3h Rate or slate my investment policy!  10/08alwaysonit03/31alwaysonit
28h Diversification question  03/24amerk8610:21amerk86
62h Portfolio advice. Jordan/Int'l resident (no US tax treaty)  page: 203/04amerk8603/31amerk86
12h Speculation - Vanguard 3 Fund Portfolio Vs Wealthfront w/TLH  03/30WisdomSeeker3214:09anil686
7h Try to understand long term gain  03/30annabel03/31annabel
41h Newbie.. 401k & investment advice please  03/20asr903/31asr9
40p JOWPYN - The Joy of Working Past Your Number  03/28TheTimeLord16:13avenger
139h Smartest Financial Move You Ever Made  page: 2 32012gator1515:59avenger
9p Variable vs. Fixed Rate Student Loan  07/03torius7103/31avenger
6h help with my 401k  07:33des99918:34AviN
2p Letter from Lawyer to enter my property to construct road  19:24AzPhxSuns19:51AZAttorney11
4h Portfolio Help  03/14BAM!18:45BAM!
6c The Credit Card Game  16:31Barefootgirl19:27Barefootgirl
21c Orbitz vs Expedia vs Delta  03/29Louis Winthorpe17:29barnaclebob
34l "The world's largest non-commercial financial forum".  02/26Taylor Larimore11:58bcjb
3h Fidelity to Vanguard  11:56chabil12:28bertie wooster
26t Bernanke's Blog: why are interest rates so low?  03/30Kevin M22:13Bfwolf
4h Vanguard advice to increase international bonds and stocks  16:54bgscms18:05bgscms
8t Bond Interest - No Where to Go But Up?  03/30understandingJH03/30bhsince87
14t Moving Fiance's investments  03/30Mysticcal03/31bkweathe
8h Recommendation on recommendation  03/30stvmrny10:27BL
6h Starting To Invest- Help?  03/31ATruong199303/31BL
34p Another reason why BHs pay off mortgage early?  03/31acegolfer20:02bloom2708
3c MacBook Air or MacBook Pro  20:00stev20:12boroc7
24c Has Consumer Cellular Discontinued Roaming?  03/03Shadow_Dancer11:36Browser
7h Quick IRA Question  03/31Mastiff Lover03/31bta15
52c Closing out my first 'snowbirding' winter  page: 203/28tennisplyr20:21btenny
55c Tesla to start making Batteries for Home Solar  page: 203/31stev19:43btenny
10h Advice - retiring at end of year & need help!  03/30jeputter03/31CAMEL
3p keeping income low in retirement (healthcare)  03/31des99903/31Carefreeap
5p Tax question  11:15chessmaster11:48chessmaster
5h Advice for a 24 Year Old  03/30Chip1218:15Chip12
13h pension lump sum rollover to Roth IRA  03/29classicjazzfan03/31classicjazzfan
12t Sell American Funds for Vanguard ones?  22:40PecuniaryPeccar15:45ClosetIndexer
28h What would you do now if you were all cash?  03/30countdamone02:24countdamone
40t Best Way to Visualize Compounding  03/29craiggsean09:00craiggsean
3h Investment advice for someone in their early 30s  02:41crew28718:45crew287
7c Investing in patio sliding doors; any guidance?  03/30Riverstwo03/31Crow Hunter
29p Implications of the "Cadillac" tax of the ACA  03/29Bracket23:56curmudgeon
7h VWENX or VBIAX for long term  09:04peanutbuddy16:34Dandy
55h how often do you check performance?  page: 203/17Timon020116:06Dandy
3h ETF question - is "reinvest" a real option?  03/30David Jay03/30David Jay
21c Already having second thoughts about HSA Bank  01/14sss200903/31daytona084
9t Article on "New Patterns" of Boomer Retirement Spending  03/31Jazz5608:21dbr
8c Looking for Location Leads  03/31Random Poster03/31DFrank
2l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  03/17digarei19:28digarei
17t Negative Yields Hit US Treasury Markets  03/30Doc07:25Doc
27c Forest cabin as second "home"  2013ryuns15:42dolphinsaremamm
10p IRS looking for money, my CPA just died….  12/02OnFire03/31dolphinsaremamm
8h Muni fund dividends considered income  06:16Jonhello17:57dratkinson
12h EU International Investor - Portfolio Review and Suggestions  03/30neobavesten17:47dratkinson
110c Cast Iron Skillet Cooking  page: 2 309/23RTR200617:41dratkinson
21h 26 year old beginner, What should I do?  03/28SoCalTXan03/31dratkinson
0t TSP Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Returns -- March, 2015  21:29Dr_McGarvey  
4h Vanguard Roth IRA - Minimum monthly contribution using AIP?  03/15sdotsen22:59DSInvestor
4h IRA Basis and TurboTax Questions  03/31StringTheory03/31DSInvestor
2h Backdoor Roth IRA  03/31lucky303/31DSInvestor
4h estimating self-employed SEP IRA contributions  03/30fidobogo03/30DSInvestor
7h Help with donating VG funds to charity  22:08dollarnight19:22Duckie
29h Backdoor ROTH IRA Process.  2014NOgmacks17:53Duckie
1h Disposable Income: Retirement account or not?  03/31kdcui03/31Duckie
4h Ongoing Backdoor Conversions?  03/30A New Era03/31Duckie
2c Any Recommendations for Renting a Flat in London?  21:28gotomv00:21DuckPond
2p How to find a life insurance agent?  03/30sheetzilla03/31Dulocracy
43p Minimizing income taxes in retirement  03/30eddot9820:20eddot98
10h To TIP or not to TIP?  03/30talltodd14:19elgob.bogle
27t Risk Questionnaires: How they work?  03/28nbui21:41Epsilon Delta
1p 401K/Keogh contribution limits for 2014  12:42Leif12:50ERISA Stone
1c Modular Homes  03/31skinhealer20:30etarini
38c Baby Grand Piano  03/08airahcaz03/31Fallible
7c Home security systems  03/30mojave03/31fareastwarriors
54p Better to be at home with older or younger kids?  page: 22013coalcracker03/31feh
4h Financecruiser intro  03/31Financecruiser17:28Financecruiser
0t Backdoor Roth in Vanguard Brokerage  18:29fortyofforty  
19c Advice On Dealer's Offer to Exchange Old for new car  03/30mucho dinero03/31fsrph
3h NRA (Non Resident Alien) Investing: Simple vs Slice and Dice  03/31galeno03/31galeno
10t Riddle Me This [Vanguard's bond target so far from Bogle's]  03/30sb615103/31garlandwhizzer
8p Paying for a house, paying off mortgage early  03/28BAM!20:17Gill
0t Chasing fund performance.  19:59gkaplan  
10p hate Hate HATE shopping for home services  14:53letsgobobby15:53Gnirk
2h Contribute old earnings to new solo 401k?  15:11go2sleepe15:36go2sleepe
9t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- 2015 First Quarter Report  03/30Taylor Larimore22:25GoldenFinch
1h Moving significant sum of money out of Primerica fund.  03/31Ward Cleaver03/31grabiner
10h vanguard funds [exchange active for index in taxable]  03/30Diltsy03/31grabiner
6h Hold or Sell to fund Roth IRA  03/30jsmiller03/31grabiner
3h Splitting value/growth between taxable/non-taxable  03/30scotthew03/31grabiner
15h What makes my marginal tax rate behave like this?  03/07johnanglemen03/30grabiner
5p Should I get a high-deductible plan?  03/29thedele03/30grabiner
4h Help with Investments and Deductibles  20:53greenheck119:43greenheck1
26p My car is (supposedly) totaled. What to do?  03/31grog17:53grog
54p Why Buying a *New* Car Makes Sense? Please help!  page: 203/30AndroAsc18:42Grogs
39t I Bonds - now or later in the year?  03/20ZiziPB03/31Grt2bOutdoors
19p Do I Need to Amend My Taxes if No Change in Tax Liability?  2013Hastibe03/31gsk
97c Who else hates choosing a car?  page: 207/12SilverDollars18:15gunn_show
24c Landlord asking for more money at Move Out than Security Dep  02/17hackermb03/31hackermb
21p Receiving inheritance [incl. properties,] working on a plan  01/22jobedi03/31havehad
57p Whole Life Insurance 'Gift' from Parents  page: 203/25logandouglasbr12:42HomerJ
5p Vanguard keeps mailing me dividend checks  03/30Hayden03/30hornet96
0t Yield anomaly for Investor and Admiral shares  12:38House Blend  
3c Nanny in Oakland  03/30hq38sq4303/30hq38sq43
48p Boglehead Jeep owners? ("real Jeep's")  03/31Ignatious P. Da14:41Ignatious P. Da
6h Where to put money for house purchase 10 years out?  03/28investor117:16investor1
25p Does excess $ matter if Retirement (15yrs from now) is set?  03/30Gambler03/31jackholloway
13t Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap ETF  03/27gkaplan13:22jay22
18p 15, 20, or 30?  03/30Howie03/31jbdiver
13l San Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter  03/21alanwbaker03/31jc42
3p NJ Exit Tax  10:42bdoran11:05JDCarpenter
4c Structural wall: replace or buttress wall?  03/31kithwang21:19JDCarpenter
5h Vanguard Target Retirement Fund  19:48leod20:06JDDS
7h Vanguard advice on a deadline...  18:42kate55420:02JDDS
5h Newbie boglehead - 29yo portfolio review! thanks  03/31Alphabeta8512:57JDDS
10h IRA maxed out, now employer wants to contribute  03/30chelly21:37JDDS
4p Comparing tax software vs. my accountant?  18:29Jonezez20:13JeanMich
1p witholding from your employer  03/31ketanco03/31jebmke
9h HSAbank TD Ameritrade options to match vanguard funds??  13:58WisdomSeeker3219:04jhfenton
6h VWEAX Long Term Capital Gain  16:18TonyK17:09jjface
8h Unwanted distribution from Roth  21:28dharrythomas12:30jjface
6h Mutual fund being liquidated  09:11wrongfunds12:02jjface
10t Vanguard Lifestrategy "Aggressive"  15:20scotthew19:52joe8d
18h Helping my recently widowed mother  03/29Jonhello03/31Jonhello
1h cost to rebalance/reallocate?  13:46sallyann214:28jpelder
24h Portfolio review  02/27jsh8403/31jsh84
18l San Francisco Bay Area Bogleheads?  01/03Satin03/31juanovo
10h Advice for My Parents at Retirement  03/29Whacker17:56JW Nearly Retir
0t "The Ins and Outs of Index Tracking", Rowley & Kwon  08:53k66  
11t Keep Cash in Yuan?  03/26galeno19:36Karamatsu
19t Any tax software that handles Form 1116?(Foreign Tax Credit)  2014baw70391619:31Karamatsu
4h HSA size  03/31bogheaded03/31kazper
31h HSA: spend or invest?  02/26jubling03/31kazper
22h Is this a bad 401K?  03/31ThatMouse12:14kenyan
2h portfolio review - well placed to catch up?  03/31kernowkapital11:42kernowkapital
7h ex dividend date  03/31ketanco03/31ketanco
166p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 42012boglestan20:13Ketawa
124t Rick Ferri's 30 year market forecast 2015  page: 2 303/27garlandwhizzer20:21Kevin M
373c Pull-ups and Push-ups  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82013Jazztonight11:45keystone
52c Manufactured Spending - Good Idea / Bad Idea?  page: 203/22mac_guy20:19killjoy2012
8t Investing in the industry you work in  21:58birdec18:52KlangFool
64p 401k Record Keeping Fee  page: 203/15Alskar07:09ks289
2h 25 years old - seeking advice for plan moving forward  03/30Markr86703/30lack_ey
3h Question about Puts  14:45Blue00120:16LadyGeek
7p Transferring wealth loophole  18:49BAM!20:04LadyGeek
3t Apple Pie returns  2007BigBird19:32LadyGeek
8p Adrift in a Sea of Apathy  16:50vested119:09LadyGeek
25f Need a new sub-forum for guns?  03/21Raybo17:59LadyGeek
140t Bogleheads 2015 Hedge Fund Contest  page: 2 312/30Norbert Schlenk03/31LadyGeek
4p Business loans, bad credit  03/30FuyuKei03/31LadyGeek
19p Child's prenup  03/30QQQQ03/31LadyGeek
11t BOGLEHEADS 13 VIDEOS  03/09VELO724X03/31LadyGeek
18c Detroit: up-and-coming technology city  03/30Jazztonight03/30LadyGeek
1h Rollover 80/20  21:17SAS201000:19Lafder
10h Aspiring Boglehead questions  03/29prettybogle03/31Lafder
35h Newbie planner with windfall and no real portfolio: help!  03/29lightfall03/31lightfall
2h Very Green Newbie Looking for Guidance  03/31LIK2BIK09:04LIK2BIK
5p Quarterly taxes; do I need to do April?  19:24siamond19:54livesoft
8h Need advice for 20yr taking over stocks-only custodial acct  03/31HeadSpinning17:37livesoft
3h Do bond funds reduce NAV after distributions?  12:50Gort16:47livesoft
13p Just a Thought - Purchase Condo in No Income Tax State  08:24ddurrett89616:26livesoft
9h Dumb questions: Where to invest when max out tax-free option  03/31SilverDollars16:18livesoft
2t VG Total Bond Distrb Factor of 10 Smaller  22:27C8H18Engineer06:37livesoft
18h Schwab / Vanguard Fund & Allocation Advice  03/26missionpaul03/31livesoft
6h Bonds -stay the course, or....?  03/31JaySayms03/31livesoft
3h Run Around...Transfer from Thrivent 403B to T Rowe Price  03/31GoBlue34z03/31livesoft
17h M*: No Vanguard Funds Among Its Top Seven Inter. Bond Funds  03/27Munir03/31livesoft
10h Need pointers from my situation to understand investing  03/30nmotion13:16logicon
539t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112013longinvest03/31longinvest
5h Suggestions Needed  03/31Lukodo03/31Lukodo
16p Tablet recommendations?  03/30supersharpie10:06Lynette
3p phone warranty and unlocked iPhone  03/31reisner09:31Lynette
11c New or Used Prius  09/05usedornewcar17:35madbrain
51c Building a new house. Any recommendations?  page: 203/24phatkev03/31magellan
4t Should you reinvest your ETF dividends now?  03/31alwaysonit21:02Majormajor78
6h Fidelity 401(k) options vs Spartan indexes.  03/19jkyle03/31Majormajor78
129t The random stock portfolio bogey - beating the monkey  page: 2 303/21Browser19:04Maynard F. Spee
101t Wise move to move some $ to cash before bear market?  page: 2 303/26riptide12:19Maynard F. Spee
2h VBLTX March '15 Dividend  07:04MDisciple8708:40MDisciple87
6p cash out refinance vs home equity loan for large purchases  03/28Pocket Cruiser14:52Meg77
27p Anyone been Daycare Poor before? Advice on our situation!  03/31AW8914:21Meg77
26c Savannah  03/16TCP10:30merrymonk19530
6t Sheldon Jacobs, Author in Rise of No-Load Funds, Dies at 84  12:10John Z16:11mlebuf
9c Car Engine Immobilizer Issue  03/31frugalguy14:08mmmodem
37h Completely new early twenty something needs help!  03/26estachovic03/31MSchleicher
8h 529 Plan  03/28DadofTwo201507:10negreenfield
14c Cloud Storage  03/31TwoByFour11:55neurosphere
2p need to open an HSA FOR 2014  07:11smileartist08:02niceguy7376
5c Amazon.com Goes Retro (1999) for April Fool's  18:54kenschmidt20:09nisiprius
3p how to make estimated tax payment  03/31ketanco03/31nolesrule
7l Las Vegas Mtgs Master Thread  2013nvboglehead03/31nvboglehead
90t Should you hold bonds and a mortgage at the same time?  page: 203/14countmein15:39ogd
10l Denver Meetup for Feb 2014 (please respond)  2013jond206203/31OldTimer
14p Why Mac only has online version of WillMaker and Turbo Tax?  03/31FredL14:41PaddyMac
11p Another can I afford this house thread  03/30pass8103/31pass81
17l A special day for two World War II veterans  03/31Taylor Larimore19:32pennstater2005
134h Dip? What Dip? Did you catch it?  page: 2 303/12livesoft03/30pennstater2005
11h Please help me help my mom (need no fee financial advisor?)  03/31photoshoppeduni18:11photoshoppeduni
229t International increase in Target Retirement & LifeStrategy  page: 2 3 4 502/26ftobin19:34pingo
10p Bamboo vs Engineered Hardwood floor?  01:51BundyBundy15:24playtothebeat
5h Target Date or Life Strategy fund?  03/30osageryder03/30PNW_Hunter
7t If you need a laugh today...  15:29snoldak92418:09pop77
2t Bond Funds:  03/31Nowizard03/31powermega
22c Honeymoon Ideas  03/31HardHitter23:09Professor Emeri
280t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 612/19macav93303/30ps56k
4c Brimfield Antique Show  10:55lws677215:35pshonore
15h Grateful Newbie and self-bogled Portfolio Advice  03/28PT5303/31PT53
5h Retirement AA  03/31bestyears03/31Quickfoot
13p Multi-state tax puzzle  14:50CFM30020:03Rainier
1c Commission to Tenant-Agents  03/30denovo03/30ralph124cf
24h My deployed soldier is coming home!  03/26Randommly21:08Randommly
15p Montauk Credit Union High CD Rates  2013Rob5TCP23:53rec7
112t Is it time to give-up on TIPS?  page: 2 301/26Flashes119:48RetiredinKaty
15t "The Final Say on Spending Rules" - L. Siegel  03/31Derek Tinnin19:24RetiredinKaty
10h Total International Vs. Small Cap Intl  03/30BuyAndHoldOn17:39retiredjg
8h Does it [stink] to be stuck in a SEP IRA employee plan?  03/31ashleyk2317:29retiredjg
3p Backdoor Roth -- then pension conversion to IRA?  15:30steve r16:05retiredjg
243p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 4 504/14coolguy95412:53retiredjg
3h Fees/cost question.  22:32bowtie11:44retiredjg
16h Am I investing in the right stocks and bonds?  02/22FatRabbit0109:01retiredjg
8h Portfolio Advice  03/17retireinvestor03/31retireinvestor
0t Bogle on Brokers and Fiduciary Duty  11:35Rick Ferri  
8h Combined Brokerage account with TSP  13:54riptide18:53riptide
71t Any other investors with 70/30 portfolio?  page: 201/30riptide03/31riptide
15h stick with current portfolio or move to Bill Schultheis' cof  03/30riptide03/31riptide
7h help w/ margin account  03/26privatefarmer07:50Rob Bertram
23h Brokerage Change - Interactive Brokers or Robinhood  02/01joshdamon07:25Rob Bertram
23p How much life insurance should my wife and i have???  03/27Woody99903/31Rob Bertram
32t Should a true BH visit this forum regularly?  03/31acegolfer18:23robert88
9t Fidelity "Greenline Forum"  03/30Saving$10:49Ron
34t My Strategy For A Market Crash  03/28EyeYield14:23rtw318
11h 401k with decent options, but outrageous advisory fee  07:44allna16:10Rupert
5h Portfolio Restructure  03/30pgadbois18:58ruralavalon
6h Portfolio help requested  03/30ase162803/31ruralavalon
10h Have 600K in cash, 600K in investment. Need advice!  03/30hawknod03/30ruralavalon
12t News article: Vanguard Bets Big on Financial Advice  13:46Barry Barnitz19:28Saranac
5p Quick NY Tax Question  06:52scrabbler108:47scrabbler1
68t How many of you invest in individual stocks?  page: 203/29BeaglesRule14:00SGM
10h Mother's trust fund for retirement: Crazy allocation, etc.  03/31Kelly Brackett04:14SGM
126p Guyton-Klinger Withdrawal Decison Rules  page: 2 303/03duffer21:34siamond
2p not able to purchase savings bond with tax refund by efile  03/29uslee200421:52sometimesinvest
3h 401k after retired  03/31jamesamc21:19sometimesinvest
5h Deductible IRA Contribution and Rollover to Solo 401k  02:38natureexplorer13:58Spirit Rider
59p i401k vs SEP...  page: 203/10bhusername03/31Spirit Rider
4c Conducting job interviews  03/19skisk17:25stan1
21h Does a Fixed Income 529 Make Sense Even if Overfunded?  03/28BogleDave03/31staythecourse
18t Money Magazine on Low Volatility Funds  03/20nedsaid03/31steve r
6t iShares/Blackrock iBonds ETFs for CD laddering  03/30sk.dolcevita03/31stlutz
33p My Term Life Insurance  03/27bulldogmed19:29Strayshot
26p repair or replace old car?  03/248foot703/31sunny_socal
40p Can I afford a $500,000 house?  03/27Former Usher03/31sunny_socal
6l Australian Chapter ?  02/09duffman1204:20SurferD
12h Newly retired investment advice needed  03/31Julieta11:11synpacket
12p Credit Freeze and NEW Credit Cards  11:39VictoriaF15:31TallBoy29er
4t Historic 2-3-5 year CD yield questions  20:48Tamales09:50Tamales
0p SIMPLE 401k  21:03TarHeel2002  
0t "The Mutual Fund Observer"  17:03Taylor Larimore  
7p Best source for US mint silver proof sets from 2000?  03/15jackholloway19:15tetractys
4p How to "prove" Savings Bond held with Treasury Direct  12:16neurosphere17:21tetractys
94c Hate where we live, do we make major changes?  page: 203/29JV15:03texasdiver
17p Great ESPP not for "ME"?  03/26beasy4419:33tfb
5p Why does Vanguard require snail mail for new applications?  18:53cdog99919:31tfb
8p 31 yrs old, Career Changes  03/31cbr shadow19:37tibbitts
12c Is this a scam: James Rickards  03/30EricJ07:11TomatoTomahto
67t Did you learn anything from 2008?  page: 203/30yogiyoda13:56torius71
68t Vanguard HealthCare Fund  page: 203/24Greenie03/31toto238
20p Extreme Roth IRA Horse Race  03/30climber108:13TradingPlaces
0p Live in NY work in NJ: estimated income tax  18:05tran_man007  
43c How long do sofas really last  03/29stlutz20:37TwoByFour
20c New Car Tires from Discount Tire  03/30Logan T15:33ubermax
51c A great shave at a great price  page: 203/18jimday198214:50ubermax
39c Cleaning my back yard?  03/14walletless10:49ubermax
14c Car buying services - recommendations?  03/24dmcmahon03/30Uncle Pennybags
19t Bear market warning sign  03/31Valuethinker04:15Valuethinker
9h Advice on getting out of a non-traded REIT  03/30snackypants04:04Valuethinker
15t Bonds — The U.S. As a High-Yielding Country?  03/15Simplegift03/31Valuethinker
30c New Furnace & A/C Unit  03/26victorb03/31Valuethinker
73l Taiwan Local Chapter  page: 22012Mel Lindauer03/31verfasser
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