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7h Beginner investing  05/23shlomi33314:0122twain
16c How to sell a large statue?  07:32mmcmonster18:54555
25p One cent over on HSA, now what?  2012gtaylor17:28555
2p Form 5498-SA from HSA Custodian  05/23AAA07:21AAA
3p Quicken 2012 - no longer supports online direct connect. Alternatives?  05/22acegolfer06:15acegolfer
5h Uncertain health, portfolio advice  05/23ajacobs613:32ajacobs6
10h Kids allowance, Savings education, Kids investments  05/22Ally20:32Ally
7h Ally Savings and MMA  02:00andrew92820:16andrew928
20c Building a guest house  05/20yellowgirl12:37Aptenodytes
0h My Swedish Quartet portfolio  11:51Ari  
6h Currency risk for a Swede  05/23Ari08:17Ari
3p Individual 401k vs SEP IRA if I cannot do the backdoor Roth  23:02artibug18:01artibug
14p Disput a credit card payment or not  14:41junior19:44a_username
12p Does this inflation Calculator Make Sense ???  05/21BahamaMan16:40BahamaMan
8p DRB Student loan refinance turnaround  05/13balderdash112:42balderdash1
6h Investing in wife's 403b/457b  05/22Daniel197322:57Bear Gills
8h Roth 401K vs Backdoor  05/23snackdog11:55BL
5c Know of investment (not budget) tracking software?  05/23Calsaver21:02Boonedog
0p Non-qualified 529 distribution for non-resident question  05/23brito11  
54t Bill Gross Thinks the End Is Near  page: 205/22metacritic14:20Browser
7h Move from Vanguard Equity Income to Growth Index fund?  05/22Calygos05/23Calygos
20p YNAB a good subsitute for Quicken?  05/12DaftInvestor10:48Carefreeap
30p Might sell house to a friend. What is fair?  05/21Mr Rosco05/23Carefreeap
80c Neighbor hired a surveyor. Should I be nervous?  page: 204/13mac_guy06:02Cash
4p Paying for Part D Medicare  05/22wcombs05/23cheese_breath
9t Quick question about tax harvesting  05/22Karl A05/22cheese_breath
15c Being an Uber driver  05/21yellowgirl05/23ClevrChico
46t Market Cap and Value  05/21backpacker07:38Clive
7p Calculating Future Finances? Quicken etc.  05/23closetoreality05/23cricket49
17t Taking out a HELOC to invest  05/22Gufomel11:25CT-Scott
35p Real cost of a Masters (in the US)  05/23siamond18:04cutterinnj
35t Why not overweight international?  05/22Tobes15:25Dandy
8h Rebalancing bands in taxable accounts  05/23Tristan05/23Dandy
2h Drawdown thought  05/23indexonlyplease05/23dbr
22c Teaching maths to a 4 year old  05/21new2bogle05/23dbr
12h 529 before conceiving a child?  05/22closetoreality05/23dc81584
10h Investing after Retirement  05/22russe05/23dc81584
3c Printing/MacAir  05/22Barefootgirl05/23detroitbabu
13c Electric Pressure Washer Recommendation  05/22tampaite05/23dhodson
12c Advice For Selling A Used Car  05/22SanDiegoFIRE23:00dm200
20t Are Bond ETFs a bad idea?  05/23nobsinvestor16:05Doc
56h Medicare supplemental insurance  page: 22012Marymom1618:29dolphinsaremamm
10p Medicare and Major Medical Question  05/21jdjd206:49dolphinsaremamm
65t Vanguard implements 20 character passwords  page: 22013geoff205/23dolphinsaremamm
8t Land Values, Tax Deferral, Wealth Retention and Income  05/22D Rawles08:05D Rawles
834c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1708/30abuss36820:00drwtsn32
4p 2011 Tax Error  07:54dbl_hoo12:02DSInvestor
2h Options for my spouse without 401(K)  14:10jontygeethu18:18Epsilon Delta
9c Good 3-way LED Bulb?  05/21FrugalInvestor05/23Epsilon Delta
2c Website showing recent (not current) car incentives?  05/22Sportswhiz0005/23Epsilon Delta
8c WiFi [Thermostat] - Security Issues?  05/23Saving$14:13eucalyptus
15p Question about Taxes on Social Security  11:11FiveDriver16:53FiveDriver
13t Any Good Investing Publications or Newsletters?  05/22victorb13:01garlandwhizzer
2h 36 Years Old With No Investments  17:20Marketing Junki20:06GoldenFinch
4h I'm a mess, how to deploy our money?  15:21perfectfromnowo19:31GoldenFinch
14p A different way of calculating when to retire  12:30SanDiegoFIRE19:25GoldenFinch
5h Need 401K Advice - Best choices of mediocre options  12:57noraz12316:18gordon9775
4h My In-Laws Have a Financial Advisor  12:24uclalien15:43gordon9775
37t What if the US stock market was only 25% of the world by market cap?  05/21nobsinvestor05/23Gort
14c Any advice on handling frequent weekend getaways?  05/20steadierfooting05/23gouldnm
3t Stock Splits and Options  05/22Benn195019:53grabiner
20h Will Vanguard automatically convert to Admiral class shares?  05/23PhysicsTeacher19:46grabiner
4h Portfolio for maxed long-term return  05/23Bozwaldo19:45grabiner
8h an appropriate bond fund for taxable account  05/23mesaverde19:39grabiner
4h Tax efficient way to unwind a dividend growth portfolio?  05/23divideby919:32grabiner
2h NASDAQ Index Fund  07:58sam12319:28grabiner
7t Investment Priority turned upside down?  05/21tadamsmar05/22grabiner
24h city selling 'mini-bonds' at attractive rates  05/20letsgobobby05/22grabiner
6h Are ETFs better for tax gain harvesting?  05/21Kix05/22grabiner
14h Confused [about bonds]  05/21Grandpa19:59Grandpa
0p Current 0% effective APR leveraging opportunities  15:59harikaried  
5p Loans and credit lines with interest from 0% to 1%?  05/22harikaried05/23harikaried
722c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1509/22Alex Frakt14:54HikerNC
11c Road trip Pittsburgh to Milwaukee  04/11hoops77705/23hoops777
202f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 4 505/02Alex Frakt22:09HoosierJim
69p Not able to max out all the retirement accounts  page: 205/22yellowgirl05/23HopeToGolf
12h Correct Format with all funds included  05/13indexonlyplease05/23indexonlyplease
72t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 205/30MichDad05/23Info_Hound
6h Short term investment vehicle to save for a house?  05/22WhiteCoatBro20:56itstoomuch
87h What to do with 5M?  page: 210/28youngpadawan16:26Jebediah
36t another look at dividend paying stocks and valuations  05/23larryswedroe15:30Jebediah
6h Best choice for cash for newborn  05/23Generator51505/23Jerry55
9c Viking river Cruise - Budapest to Nuremberg  22:56JMKEBogleGuy20:08JMKEBogleGuy
3h Limited Term Bonds v CDs  17:37sanfran201519:58john94549
84h please confirm: early retirement  page: 205/22feh05:09johnz1001
29t Stemikger "Volatility is far from synonymous with risk."  11:04Taylor Larimore20:10JoMoney
2t "active" funds that are really index funds  13:36deepvalleys18:47JoMoney
8p How to go about paying down loans?  05/22zoralsurgeon05/23JonnyDVM
3h Confused about Bond returns  05/22spartanp05/22jsl11
7h 401k vs Roth401k vs backdoor Roth IRA  05/23laserdoc05/23JW Nearly Retir
21p Question about Citi Double Cash Card  04/08INTRESIS18:00Kaufmanrider
34t Advice from John Bogle and Warren Buffett  05/23selftalk09:45kenner
60t Not your father's Total Bond Market Fund anymore  page: 205/21Doc01:56kenner
16p Help with car insurance coverage  05/22Joeinfla05/22kenner
20h Do I really need International equities in my portfolio ?  21:30Kevin2275119:41Kevin22751
1102t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232012Taylor Larimore09:25Kevin22751
3t Pay off student loan or invest?  16:02exitreality17:34lack_ey
7c Essential Security Computer Programs  00:17Caduceus16:50lack_ey
5h How is my Australian Financial Advisor doing?  00:52SurferD12:41lack_ey
3h Managed Futures ETF  05:38DyeVerseEveI11:50lack_ey
8h Medical Student Loan Refinancing - Fixed vs Variable  05/21jkushne119:47LadyGeek
7t John Nash killed in car crash  10:09bobcat219:34LadyGeek
16h American living in Taiwan  05/18sens13:41LadyGeek
29p Whole life or term life?  05/21ktd13:32LadyGeek
40p ObamaCare 2016 Premium Increases some 36%  05/23cricket4905/23LadyGeek
10h need some clarification, just read "Bogleheads guide to investing"  05/23wkndplyr10:53Lafder
10h Portfolio Review –New to site and I want your thoughts!  05/20dennis44405/23Lafder
22h Portfolio Review (28 years old today!)  05/21ajacobs605/23Lafder
8h New Boglehead Looking for Portfolio Advice  05/18Nateo05/23Lafder
7h Where to put extra cash? CD's dont make sense  05/22boglecranium05/23Lafder
13c Takata Airbag Recall  11/06CountryBoy05/22lawman3966
29c Day trips from Berlin?  05/09Leeraar02:04Leeraar
114t What's so great about simplicity?  page: 2 305/17babington05/23Leeraar
1h Moderate Growth Lifestrategy Fund to build downpayment?  05/23tavore05/23Leeraar
2p high income, low interest CA mortgage  05/22leftcoaster05/22leftcoaster
15h New Investor Help with Asset Allocation  05/21letsgivethisach05/23letsgivethisach
6h Investing large sum, Mega Millions Lottery is $214 Million  18:50LiveSimple19:57LiveSimple
25h Allocation with large holding in single stock  05/22cron001219:30livesoft
1h Taxable account; should I use ETFs?  01:20G.Long06:43livesoft
4h Australian Vanguard ETF for three-fund portfolio  05/23markinvest00:35markinvest
8t "Does Your Fund Manager Consistently Beat the Stock Market?"  05/22Taylor Larimore18:34Maynard F. Spee
1p Expressing interest in outside job to current work colleague  05/22coalcracker05/22mhalley
8c Acceptance of 'prize' when employer pays for function?  05/21dm20005/23midareff
28h Budget allocation between LARGE student loan burden and Retirement_Updated details  05/05BobLaw05/23midmoder
88c Prom budget for teenage girl?  page: 202/20texasdiver20:33Miriam2
60p Don't come to Europe with a new chip and sign credit card  page: 204/14enebyberg09:01mistike
36p Sun City Arizona = Retirement help.  2010traynedman19:20mlebuf
8h 30 year old freelance musician who wants to catch up  05/23Musicman198519:56mlipps
8p IRA distribution question  05/21mms11:30mms
103c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 32013denovo19:06MoneyIsntEveryt
4h Moving to Employer without 401K  05/23SeattleMan05/23moral_hazard
32c Looking for a DVR device for antenna TV (Simple.TV?)  05/19Browser05/23Mr. Benedictine
14c Questioning a dental hygienist ?  05/22CFIT05/23Mudpuppy
10p iPhone with or without contract?  05/22sksbog05/23Mudpuppy
161p How much does social security factor into your retirement income?  page: 2 3 405/15Tamales05/22mule
14t Emerging market bond funds  05/22Beliavsky18:45nisiprius
25p 2 million dollar mistake meeting with MIL's financial guy  04/23rallycobra16:23OAG
7c Home Remodel: Lowe's or Other Local Contractors?  10:27RadAudit20:05OldLearner
52c Put money down on new car, dealer wants color change  page: 205/21retire204405/23oncorhynchus
5h The Three Fund Portfolio [Portfolio help]  05/23Bcon12305/23pingo
10t Different funds  05/23sens19:42pkcrafter
13h Taking out a TSP loan to fund Roth IRA  05/21supersharpie10:23pkcrafter
0h 401k, IRA, HSA  20:18prettybogle  
0h Portfolio Review - transition to passive investing  11:26ragnathor  
9h Dilemma on assert allocation: risk tolerance vs tax efficiency  05/22Rainy20:51Rainy
28h Emergency Reserves--Where should I put them?  04/28mksahu200022:21rakish_weasel
3h Portfolio Review & advice  05/22ramhanu905/22ramhanu9
6c How To Answer Cancer Health Question  12:45Jelloanddon17:17reneeh63
7p SEP or Solo 401k  05/23anonenigma12:46retiredjg
6h New jobs...advice on IRA and TSP rollovers?  05/23texasdiver05/23retiredjg
14p Tax paid to wrong state: What recourse?  04/08VictoriaF05/23retiredjg
5p NOLO on Sale: Wills, Landlord, buying/selling homes  05/23LeeMKE09:00Rob5TCP
7c Recommend Anti-Virus/Internet Security Suite Please  00:14Caduceus08:53Rob5TCP
73p Career Advice: Follow "Passion" or Follow the Money?  page: 205/21tjhar10:26robert88
21h Am I crazy to have this asset allocation?  05/22turtlesaliva21:40robert88
9t Simple (ex: DFA core) Vs Complex (S&D multiple segments)  05/23A_C_E08:58Robert T
18p 1095-A mistake (No SLCSP)  03/15RobG05/23RobG
28p The end of the nest egg  05/21effillus14:28Ron
8h How much is enough diversification?  05/23Mambo_Diablo12:37ruralavalon
7h Portfolio (and Bogleization from Complex- to Simplified-Diversification) Review Request  05/23rakish_weasel11:40ruralavalon
38t Why government bonds at all?  05/23toto23817:48rustymutt
33t Silver lining for bond fund NAV declines?  05/19Latestarter05/22Rx 4 investing
11h At what point does 529 make sense  05/22RandomPointer19:57sambb
13h Fund Roth IRA or pay student loans?  05/21zrohm05/23Sandi_k
6h Move DRIP holdings to Vanguard brokerage?  05/23Bullseye10305/23SGM
8c LTE Coming to More Verizon MVNOs Soon  05/20Shadow_Dancer05/22Shadow_Dancer
129l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 2 312/04siamond16:16siamond
20h Invest ONLY After Tax Money Into 401(k)?  05/21shamrockceo05/22Spirit Rider
71t Let's hear your Dave Ramsey success stories  page: 209/24fourwedge20:00sschullo
5h Portfolio Review - Early Retirement (@50)?  22:54talltodd15:37talltodd
12h Desired asset allocation for temporary US person?  05/16greg21905/23TedSwippet
73c Lexus vs. MB vs. BMW  page: 205/20Biil McNeal17:43testing321
35c Trip Insurance  05/18LifeIsGood05/23Thatthatisis
4p Does a recent student loan affect mortgage rates?  08:49Alto Astral20:08TheScarletKnigh
10h Portfolio Advice Please  05/08Thrifty Femme13:34Thrifty Femme
19h No bonds?? All Equity portfolio in 20s  05/23ajacobs605/23toto238
16h Moving Vanguard Funds to a broker?  05/19littlebird05/23toto238
1t US Bond futures questions  05/23trip13313:20TravelerMSY
5h Investment advice for income  22:13TieMyTie19:05twindad57
5t Mt Hood: 5% chance of eruption in next 30 years.  14:47letsgobobby17:02TwoByFour
9t Has anyone traded primarily (or exclusively) based on stochastic and MACD data? How did it go?  03:05Gauss4412:40Uncle Pennybags
12p Insights into buying a business--  05/20loves2read13:27Valuethinker
20h Help me help my retired father -- preferred stocks  05/21ryman55404:57Valuethinker
65p Friends/Family that don't invest!  page: 205/21ddurrett89605/23vested1
77l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  page: 211/03VictoriaF03:05VictoriaF
7c Quality medicines  05/23AQ17:44vveat
14t Optimal Asset Allocation across Investment Horizons?  05/19Rx 4 investing21:00Waba
66t Paying zero fees on a hand picked stock portfolio  page: 205/17WolfpackFan05/23Waba
40p Major issues with new website  01/08EvelynM08:01wander
17c Most effective wifi upgrade for range/speed?  05/23lightheir21:09wander
0p Home Remodel - too many decisions, need help!  20:05Wannaretireearl  
2h Portfolio advice needed  11:30The Plunge15:02Watty
19p Mortgage Payoff Calculation? Help!  05/21Casper10:22Watty
13h 457(b) questions with state pension  05/17mevertsen12:45westcoast
2c Any solo retired RVer's out there?  23:01Browser00:15whaleknives
1h Requesting portfolio advice.  05/03jia12:04windhog
2h FDIC insurance for multiple CD's at same institution  09:53wish2bCFP11:18wish2bCFP
21p Solo 401k but with ineligible employees?  05/16xanadu3217:02xanadu32
1p Mortgage - Extended Rate Lock  05/22xanadu3211:14xanadu32
9h Why not just consistently buy index futures as a long-term strategy?  05/23Betharl05/23Yesterdaysnews
144p much ado about coasting (through life)  page: 2 305/08Mill15:23zaboomafoozarg

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