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38p Support that HSAs might not be the best option for you  10/10kazper14:40111
36h Advice sought for $6M investment  10/18lapuce09:52abuss368
0h Help with HSA in CA. Am I ready? How-to?  11:47aceoperations  
52t Health care tilt  page: 210/18Yesterdaysnews10:13ActionJackson
10t Can anybody to backdoor Roth IRA investments?  10/15aida200310:11aida2003
1h back door roth  19:09pboiler19:27Alan S.
6p Help: missed the deadline for an inherited IRA, what next?  10/19bklynconfused17:15Alan S.
5p Vanguard Account Error [Roth gone missing]  23:12LAlearning01:12Alex Frakt
214t When people put all their eggs in the wrong basket  page: 2 3 4 510/07zaboomafoozarg08:18au4all
59c Building a New House, Advice please.  page: 210/11bearwolf15:55bearwolf
25h Help Choosing Investments and Coordinating Debt Paydown  10/19Gronnie04:43BeaverFood
13h Plan of attack for Tax Lost Harvesting VTIAX and VTSAX  10/19berg12:41berg
15c online shopping for laptop PC  13:09looking10:20BlueEars
6t VWRL a great buy right now? [Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF]  10/20BogleInvestorLo15:22BogleInvestorLo
29c Upgrading from Iphone 4s - 5s or 6?  10/18countofmc22:23bpg1234
5c Who do you trust when you must ask for advice.  10/20Depardieu09:38Buffetologist
5h Help a Confused New Boglehead  23:54Caligal11:43Caligal
2h Can 401K distributions cover IRA RMDs?  10:18tadamsmar10:34CanyonCitySteve
20h How do so many HCEs contribute the max to 401k  10/19Eric in DC14:26cherijoh
2h Any Oregon PERS members out there?  10/16ChrisB22:28ChrisB
12p Help me choose... [Retirement withdrawal strategy]  10/19convert94914:34convert949
26c You may be getting charged rent for a router/modem you own  10/12McCharley11:35CPABOB
9h "Individual Retirement Annuity", Dump or what?  18:21Bonhomie22:27Dale_G
11c Gas stove features  10/194nursebee11:48dbCooperAir
2h WellsTrade, Sell MF with dollar amounts now?  20:47dbCooperAir20:59dbCooperAir
14t Why is VIPSX (TIPS) active?  20:47baw70391608:03dbr
22p Can I put 52000 a year in my 403b (401k whatever)  10/16dcm160210:53dcm1602
7p What is the best way to sell guns and get the best price?  11:17rec711:47DFrank
26h 2nd Opinions on Bond Alternatives?  10/19kdcui11:37dhodson
5h Seeking Advice on MetLife VA Annuity  10/20futtee11:34dhodson
39p Attorney Hourly Rates?  10/18drawpoker11:39dm200
18t Pimco vs. Jack Bogle on active management of bonds  10/17dad200010:16Doc
4p know anything about Old Surety or other odd Medigap players?  19:01caroljm3611:39drawpoker
4c Medigap Plan F, Hi-D  06:17Richie7211:24drawpoker
60p Medigap Plan G vs Plan F?  page: 22013brownie09:57drawpoker
26p Got my first cold call - does this mean I've 'made it?'  10/16kenyan10:10dublin
2h Where to put small rollover  10/19Wellfleet15:36Duckie
3h quick TLH sanity check  10/20el oso suerte14:06el oso suerte
9p Solo 401k with after-tax contribution option  16:27Lorenz08:25ERISA Stone
3t Have Ibonds do we need Tips  18:05hoops77711:41feh
7p funding roth ira for son  18:34gips09:45flyingbison
3p Andrew Hallam - Millionaire Teacher...  2011lazyfabs12:22galeno
4h 2 Fund Portfolio...which Bond fund?  10/20WalterMitty12:11galeno
8h New investor, suggestions for 401k Rollover and Roth IRA?  10/19garyc18011:44garyc180
2h Help needed implementing our Boglehead plan  10/20glosing12:51glosing
26p Meaning of Important note included in Medicare part D plan ?  10/14rich13710:44Grandpaboys
10t Gains and Losses from Periodic Investments  10/11grayfox09:12grayfox
5p Can I stop saving for a retirement 30 years in the future?  18:44birthdaycake11:48Grt2bOutdoors
29t Utah 529: new DFA funds and lower fees  2013letsgobobby00:55Hank Moody
35p lump sum now vs pension later?  10/12jasonp9920:14Harold
10t selling RSU immediately  18:21RVD07:58HawkeyeJD
10h Sell bonds to buy real estate?  10/15arcane2300:09HomerJ
7p Write-off capital loss against capital gains?  08:44JamesPSullivan11:40House Blend
13h Inherited IRA investment for 20-somethings  10/19teameffort14:52House Blend
1h Help with Portfolio  10/20beetobeeto13:36Imdeng
1h 15K + US to invest  10/20Ustad13:12Imdeng
31p I feel I did the Right thing , but NOW WHAT?  10/18narcissa07:22Jack FFR1846
22h Limited Term Tax Exempt as a spot for short term savings?  10/14Matthew121:02jdb
0l Minnesota mtg | sat Nov-1 | 10:00am | agenda attached  19:03jeff mc  
32h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW08:39JeremyPW
10h Can a homemaker use a Roth & i401k?  06:28new2bogle211:36jimb_fromATL
14c need new microwave - what happened to Sharp?  10/19caroljm3608:44jimb_fromATL
43c Buying a house without a realtor  10/19investor108:37JoeliusZ28
21p When can I afford to buy a home?  10/17toto23818:50JoeliusZ28
27p Missing Dividend Payment Information  10/17joer121211:36joer1212
12c DIY Winterizing Sprinkler / Irrigation System  10/19grettman20:42jwvanhoven
39p [Confused with Medigap Options]  10/16stampschick09:05kaneohe
18c Kids & Sports  10/17davebo15:33kazper
1p Evolving View of the Value of an Annuity  14:45vested115:35kenner
630t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132009Trev H23:00Kevin M
25t Local college invests 56% of assets in "alternatives"  02/24animule20:53LadyGeek
4c Ting Referral  10/20Drewman14:28LadyGeek
5t Valuations and the AA decision  10/20larryswedroe06:34larryswedroe
53t How to think about expected returns--continuing discussion  page: 210/15larryswedroe06:31larryswedroe
10t opening offshore bank account  16:45looking09:44lazyday
6h 401k Rollover Help, Please  13:29crazyfordlr03:32Leeraar
1h Retirement portfolio advice - new physician  10:29Kiloaxe11:04letsgobobby
5p Laddering Term Life Insurance  12:52berg15:11letsgobobby
6p Gifting from g-parents to minors  10/19Viking6520:25lhl12
43c Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?  10/20dbCooperAir11:18littlebird
1h tax help  10:24denden10:37livesoft
22p Benefits to a larger than necessary house (as children grow)  10/19smartypants08:30livesoft
5h UGMA Custodial Account Redemption  15:22jcaughro23:07LongerPrimer
104c Anyone cancelling travel plans?  page: 2 310/18Loon1111:43Lynette
129p "I've had it" at work - how often  page: 2 310/18letsgobobby09:58Lynette
51t Does your ROTH hold risky or stable items?  page: 210/13new2bogle205:32madbrain
8h When to think about tax lost harvesting  10/19berg08:30marie567
45t Grok's tip #14: Avoid long-term corporate bonds  2013grok8722:48market timer
17h ETF vs. Mutual Funds  10/14marloweusa11:28marloweusa
4c Reading comprehension books/materials recommendations  10/09Mrxyz19:53MC2014
3c Which home security system with camera do u use?  20:53sksbog23:30McCharley
1t Reporter doing story on PIMCO in 401k  14:26Mel Lindauer10:23Mel Lindauer
0h SERP AA going forward  05:29mhalley  
0p What is VG's U.S. Small Cap Index Median Market Cap?  14:44mrboast  
0h question on selling real estate costs  19:05my name  
46c Vegas Vacation!  10/16Fat-Tailed Cont12:06Naismith
17h Vanguard Balanced Index vs. Vanguard Lifestrategy Moderate  08/12grsimmon23:15Nerdicus
3h Does VG offer admiral shares in i401k?  17:39new2bogle206:04new2bogle2
6t The Euro-Boglehead way of Bonds  10/19Mureke13:20Nielsva
8t GT Advanced Technology Files for Chapter 11  10/06FullYellowJacke11:45nisiprius
43t Why do people use age instead of life expectancy?  10/18Professor Emeri20:12nisiprius
64h TBM too much treasury?  page: 210/16Mikle19:53nisiprius
41c Windows XP  10/19LongDistanceRun06:44nordlead
1p Help me clarify withholdings  13:22Greg1713:44nordlead
16t Individual Bonds versus Bond Funds - Again  10/20Call_Me_Op20:54ogd
20h Attending/Resident Physician Couple - Porfolio Review  01/01kajol92214:13ogd
5h Alternative Investments!  10/20Nerdicus13:55ogd
7c Can Navigation be added to a new Toyota Sienna?  05:50Allan09:31ohiost90
8t What Are We Doing To Our Young Investors?  18:08pkcrafter11:37oneleaf
40h New to Investing, Based in Hong Kong  10/13JamesHongKong11:09oneleaf
29t gummy-stuff, eh?  2010gummy07:16Peculiar_Invest
3h Taxable account  10/12plumber120:58Peter Foley
46t How does one hedge against deflation?  10/18John375411:49Phineas J. Whoo
17h Employer 401(k) vs. Vanguard IRA investments  10/17gorichen17:26pingo
8t Monthly or annual returns for csrp indices  09/30Econberkeley10:52pkcrafter
14h Portfolio Help for 29YO - First Taxable Investment Cont.  10/17SVT23:31pkcrafter
0t 12 Worst financal Advisors  17:34pkcrafter  
111c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 309/22Alex Frakt00:02placeholder
274t Why not 100% Stocks?  page: 2 3 4 5 610/01MarSam00:00placeholder
14t Big Changes for Retirement Savers  10/19elgob.bogle18:16placeholder
15p Advice needed for next 10 years: Save, spend borrow?  10/18privateID18:19protagonist
94c How do you wash your car?  page: 210/20kirent11:45Raymond
0h Portfolio Advice Wanted - Recently Married Couple  15:39RedDog14  
15h Personal Investment Decision  10/19kmedina808:38retiredjg
24h Please help with asset allocation and investments.  10/11Herekittykitty19:41retiredjg
13t Is the backdoor Roth IRA legal?  10/19JustinR17:51retiredjg
64c Best place (with warm weather) to raise children  page: 210/16ThankYouJack06:14retired recentl
11h Portfolio Strategy Suggestions? (Transamerica, TSP, 529?s)  10/17CW4709:51rkhusky
3p Is FSA retroactive for child birth?  17:46jay8x09:41rkhusky
34c Multiple Fake "Thank you for your order"?  10/20ResearchMed11:47Rob5TCP
1c Firm Innerspring Mattress for Occasional Use  05:02DTalos05:21runner9
35h Can I reduce my *retirement* savings rate?  10/17Spewin06:35ruralavalon
9h New Job 401 k  10/20blang12318:21ruralavalon
3h Bond investing.  10/19RihcardtheFrog14:04ruralavalon
3h Withdrawal from a 529  07:42scsiguru10:48scsiguru
51p Debit Card was hacked. Should I just use cash from now on?  page: 210/18TRC08:07Sidney
3p Vanguard "glitch"  19:31communipaw07:33Sidney
1t Vanguard rides wave of success  20:59dimdum10:22Simplegift
37c How is Consumer Cellular  2013hsfan9210:23slbnoob
4h New investor: Help with inheritance  10/19souter19:21souter
40h Feeling very fortunate today!  10/15StarbuxInvestor11:12StarbuxInvestor
25t Leon Cooperman giving the same advice as Warren  13:14stemikger08:36StarbuxInvestor
149t So do we care more about change in bond price or bond yield?  page: 2 310/01abyan00:25stlutz
10t Risk in a high dividend stock portfolio  16:59Qmavam09:59Stryker
0t John Bogle's Speech to the Senate Finance Committee  07:34Taylor Larimore  
59c Airline carry on limits  page: 210/13tc10110:51tc101
4p Employer Reimbursing Health Insurance Premiums - Taxable???  09:48G-Money11:22technovelist
82c Is it possible to have a favorite movie  page: 210/17stemikger09:35telemark
2h RMD for my mom  18:25jj98720:04telemark
33c Upgraded to OS X 10.10 Yosemite  10/16tran_man00722:49tetractys
53c Smartphone questions  page: 210/17Riversider14:10The Wizard
13t Why I won't have bond funds  22:49toto23811:20Tigermoose
27p POLL: How fulfilling is your retirement?  10/19StarbuxInvestor06:58Toons
19p Question - Being a Trustee  10/16target203002:29tsplinter
14h 401K changing Pimco Tot Ret to VG Int Term Bond Index. OK?  10/19Gort16:39Twins Fan
20p Overpaying student loan  14:59Kiloaxe11:48ubermax
517c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112012Offshore11:54UnclePennybags
28t US REITs: An Expanding Market  09/30Rick Ferri11:26Valuethinker
33p PhD in Computer Engineering?  10/14jstat11:12Valuethinker
23t DOW Watchers Stomach Syndrome  10/20Doc10:19VictoriaF
228l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 4 505/11sans souliers08:56VictoriaF
3c First time home buyer - realtor?  21:25investor123:06WhyNotUs
1c Need to replace AM FM receiver to accomodate DVD player & TV  22:23Myopic squirrel22:34WhyNotUs
3c Electricity Adaptor for Europe  11:22an_asker11:34wxz76
13t Fundamental Index Funds?  10/20Taylor Larimore16:13Yesterdaysnews

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