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9h Question regarding annuity for my parents  04/23Olds3302:182comma
26h Glide path design  04/03JaySayms01:482comma
52p Your experiences of high inflation periods  page: 213:50sawhorse00:35555
4p Poll: Late-starters, check in with portfolio status  12:08Tamales17:03555
14h Bond allocation-retire in 2 yrs  04/24goGators15:54555
46c $139 lease for EV, $0 down, 39 month lease Chevy Spark  04/22pinhead17:33aaaaaaabbbbbbbb
4h Investing rental income?  04/24Artudee208:58aaaaaaabbbbbbbb
3p Roth TSP, traditional 401k, limits  09:37Pocket Cruiser21:13Alan S.
8h Can I have two Roth IRAs at Vanguard?  14:35sawhorse19:52Alan S.
5h Backdoor Roth IRA conversion: question about wiki info  16:43hudson435118:19Alan S.
3p Required minimum distributions from after-tax plan  04/24Browser12:43Alan S.
93c “Entry level” luxury cars under 40k  page: 204/19ESK08:59amd2135
15h Recommended stock to bond ratio??  04/23ankonaman08:52ankonaman
48t International Stock Poll: Emerging vs Developed Ratio  04/24sharpjm19:42Aptenodytes
4h Beginner asset allocation with Walmart 401k  04/243elks00:14avidsaver
4p Compare 10/1 ARM vs 30 yr  04/25Ridge1509:16Bacchus01
108t PXSV has changed indexes  page: 2 303/13RJM09:32backpacker
20t Study Recommends Keeping Status Quo for TSP Fund Offerings  04/24abuss36812:07baw703916
2h Fidelity 3-fund portfolio between 401k/Roth IRA/Brokerage  12:09nolablue14:11bertilak
1261t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 262011Lbill08:27bertilak
17h dollar cost averaging  04/24rahulkhot08:24bertilak
37p Anyone Manually Manage Quicken?  04/23closetoreality22:51Beth*
4l minnesota mtg | may-2 | bloomington library | awesome  04/22jeff mc13:28bikeguyken
1h How do Traditional 401k vs Roth 401k withdrawals work?  22:17investingnoob2000:24BL
4h When to sell a mutual fund?  15:26Enjoy the good 23:46BL
2h Losing Sleep, Help with portfolio  21:59Guardyourheart23:21BL
5h 29 y/o Financial Situation/Portfolio Suggestions  04/24TheColorist14:01BL
37c New Furnace & A/C Unit  03/26victorb12:28bloom2708
5p TurboTax Deluxe: $25 Refund [for those forced to upgrade]  01/25Leeraar16:40bobinberea
34c Overfilled Oil in Car - Cause of Oil Leak?  02/14Boglenaut18:27Boglenaut
13p Should I use Roth funds for new car (lump sum) purchase?  04/24Browser11:31BrandonBogle
7h 23 Year Old Seeking Guidance  04/24jed200922:05Brian 2016
2h Beginner Investor Needing Advice  04/24bandit51021:57Brian 2016
353t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 801/01walletless07:58Call_Me_Op
2p How hard is it to set up a solo 401k?  19:46aaaaaaabbbbbbbb03:00CFM300
4h Plans after first 'real' job  04/24drhike09:52chasingbutterfl
34h Giving Vanguard VTSMX as a Wedding Gift  04/22nyinca08:28cheese_breath
4h New to site - Please comment and advise on my portfolio  04/24Daniel197318:24Daniel1973
21p Costco and AMEX  04/17anticrastinator07:43detroitbabu
30c Best touristy places to live in the world?  04/24ThankYouJack15:47dgdevil
3h LTC premiums vs. Self-Insure resources  09:40A44010:11dhodson
21t Quickie to clarify confusion re: 0% long-term capital gains  04/24OkanePlease15:54Doc
31t Peter Bernstein's 60/40 solution  04/24stemikger18:18dodecahedron
10p Prorate RMD if retiring middle of year?  05:43Lynette15:52dodecahedron
18p Loaning $$ [to a friend]  04/24Gbean03:06dolphinsaremamm
4p Best way to enlarge an old photo  22:17ThankYouJack03:02dolphinsaremamm
29p Help with letter from IRS about 2013 529 distribution  03/01HoneyBee19:32dolphinsaremamm
15c Any classic car owners here?  04/24Hawaiishrimp13:41Drelk3
6t Compare total return from different companies  16:50FredL17:42DSInvestor
3h investing $3,000 with Vanguard  08:13LilRedman12:30DSInvestor
10h Roth IRA options when you can't contribute to it anymore  04/24masrepus18:21Duckie
18p Cost to setup a Living Trust?  04/23Hawaiishrimp11:30Earl Lemongrab
38c Drive a local car, rent for trips ?  04/23Professor Emeri00:21Epsilon Delta
4p Input requested on unwinding accounts my parents opened for   09:09cmlim22:44Epsilon Delta
37p Hypothetical "Can he pull the plug?" [Retire early]  04/24IlliniDave20:55Epsilon Delta
45c MB vs Volvo vs. Other?  04/21karpems02:06fidelio
16h Retiring August 31, Company terminating pension plan  04/24Summit11115:15Frugal Al
11h Investments for 3-5 years  16:58gav200:10gav2
7p deadbeat in group  04/24ieee48821:14gbru316
2h Minimize RMDs: Bond funds in 401K and stock funds in Roth?  21:35Lynette21:59gkaplan
15p Pharmacy School Loan Advice  04/23billp20:01Go Blue 99
67p Poll: Effective average Adjusted Livesoft tax rate?  page: 204/15livesoft11:03GoldenFinch
4h New learner question regarding 401k fund with high ER  04/24AirTimeMD09:01grabiner
1p SAHP, Social Security, and Life Insurance and taxes  16:19enderland18:28Grt2bOutdoors
771c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1608/30abuss36813:37HardKnocker
11t Expert Tips on Building Wealth for Forty Somethings  04/21Rick Ferri02:48Hawaiishrimp
22h New member - Seeking Asset Allocation advices  04/15Hawaiishrimp00:27Hawaiishrimp
175p How much do you pay in Property Taxes?  page: 2 3 404/21TRC14:52Hawaiishrimp
7t Is this a reasonable way to re-create total market?  04/24sheetzilla21:31heyyou
46t Retirement calculation lies? [Geometric vs. arithmetic mean]  03/27sawhorse19:47heyyou
17h Inflation's impact on retirement savings - confused  04/24gbru31617:48heyyou
50t What is too long to stay the course?  page: 204/23sawhorse08:42hicabob
30p Contribution limit 401k  08/29doon20:54htdrag11
33t What I learned at my mandatory employee 403(b) info meeting  04/24texasdiver02:29HurdyGurdy
9h Bogleheads Unite! Help needed w portfolio.  19:34Carmenooch02:20HurdyGurdy
1p 12b-1 and total ER in decision  17:54tenkuky18:05ieee488
9p Advice For Buying A House From A Big-Box Builder  04/23davidlukewilcox17:45ieee488
17p Approach to Second Act Career Switch  04/23frugalecon21:45J295
21p Tough to get a mortgage while retired?  04/24ThankYouJack20:27john94549
46t Do you Bogleheads really follow the 3-4% SWR rule?  04/23nobsinvestor19:45john94549
0h Is an HSA better than a SEP-IRA in these circumstances?  11:17JohnnyM  
8t Anyone have an asset allocation not based on percentages?  04/23bs01010102:11JoMoney
20t VIGIX unbalanced? [Vanguard Growth Index]  04/24MaddMaxx20:24JoMoney
5c Best way to heat 15x18 Office?  04/24GottaGetThisGoi15:14just frank
28c My PC is driving me nuts.  04/24island10:09just frank
8t "What Experts Say About Jack Bogle"  04/17Taylor Larimore02:48jwillis77373
61t “How Does Aging Affect Financial Decision Making?”  page: 201/20Leeraar02:08jwillis77373
6t Rick Ferri ETF book on BOSCH TV Series  13:29Ricola01:57jwillis77373
5p HSA Receipt Documentation  21:04FinanceGrad00:55kaneohe
48t What is a Boglehead?  04/23tennisplyr02:40kendra
72t Age in Bonds Poll  page: 204/23Index Fan16:19Kevin M
2h investsing mrd [Help with inherited IRA]  18:38Julyguy75420:37LadyGeek
5t Policymaking  15:43Planner18:16LadyGeek
2t Fund asset value and stock market cap  12:05TheEyesOfTheTur14:23LadyGeek
17c taking break from computer use - to avoid back pain  10:52atlanta_dad12:39LadyGeek
31p [How do I lead a discussion about saving for retirement?]  04/24Dulocracy09:05LadyGeek
6h Help With My Portfolio/Investment Strategy?  04/23mikeymikey12:09Lafder
1h Vanguard Short term inflation fund for emergency fund?  20:41am21:41larmewar
17p Leave an IRA through a Trust?  04/23RadAudit13:30Leesbro63
9h Opinions on this allocation/glide path  04/22MrVargas12:51Leif
127c Cast Iron Skillet Cooking  page: 2 309/23RTR200613:15leonard
71c Best albums of 2015  page: 203/21Petrocelli11:03linenfort
3h Minimizing penalties when transferring funds  16:15rbrand13521:54livesoft
5h Spend down Strategy for College Funds  18:37A-Commoner20:31livesoft
10h Rebalancing taxable account :: capital gains :(  12:44renue7419:57livesoft
5h Vanguard Portfolio + Tax Concerns  17:10goodproblemtoha18:02livesoft
4h VTTVX or VWELX in Roth IRA  09:08zkzkzk18:21Lynette
655c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142012Offshore18:19madbrain
13t XIRR of NASDAQ over the last 15 years  04/24madsinger01:22madsinger
39h Which brokers trade dollar listed ETFs on London Stock Exch  04/16Vistas201101:16Mambo_Diablo
2p house title with respect to asset protection  15:55Olds3316:31Matahari
13t Jack Bogle books at 50% discount for Bogleheads  04/20Mel Lindauer15:00Mel Lindauer
16t Someone please explain why ibonds are so great?  04/21jjface14:59Mel Lindauer
8l UAE Bogleheads Local Chapter Established  07/03Mel Lindauer11:06Mel Lindauer
17c Another Florida Keys question  04/15Goblue9711:26midareff
11h Newbie...What did I invest in???  04/24gigemags22:15Miriam2
6c Car Advice Needed  04/21fastpace_re13:30mmmodem
13t Retirement Allocations  04/23rbrandy2319:16Munir
8h New to retirement planning - TSP and Roth IRA  14:50Valakira22:08nanoanalyzer
648c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1309/22Alex Frakt19:12nisiprius
47c How much should a small tile floor (3' X 5') cost? $2000?  04/15mr_scaramanga15:08OAG
2p Clarification Regarding Social Security Benefits  18:50Mintee21:52ObliviousInvest
36c [new position, facing an] hour commute (each way)  18:23sambb23:40OldLearner
18t MSCI Diversified Multi-Factor Index  04/04pauliec8411:09pauliec84
29t A Great List of Useless Financial Porn Phrases  04/23matjen21:55pkcrafter
30h Investing on Margin  04/24oinkyboinky18:27pkcrafter
19c Help re Car  04/19Sally13:00pochax
19c Selling on eBay with local pickup using PayPal - Dangerous?  04/24d_green13:06Postmon
55c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 204/20protagonist18:30protagonist
222c TradingPlaces' advice on travel awards  page: 2 3 4 512/27VictoriaF16:02protagonist
36p Co-sign on spouse's student loans?  04/23toto23813:42Quickfoot
15p Tax Planning for 2015  12/20snm8508:00retiredjg
108l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 2 312/04siamond19:47rikki
95c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 22013denovo23:57rj49
690t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1407/16Rob Bertram12:42Rob Bertram
52c Car for teenager  page: 204/19amitb0023:51robert88
53t Who follows Age in Bonds  page: 204/23stemikger00:06Rx 4 investing
42c Broken Oxygen Sensor on Car  04/21bagelhead15:03saladdin
4h Is tax loss harvesting applicable to foreign-listed ETFs?  03/15Sesame19:20Sesame
28c Adequate alternatives to TurboTax?  04/23Barefootgirl16:20SGM
25c Cruises  04/21Barefootgirl01:23shelanman
1p 25 year old baseball cards and coins worth anything?  22:21ThankYouJack00:36shelanman
131p Guyton-Klinger Withdrawal Decison Rules  page: 2 303/03duffer10:43siamond
31c Best Classical Music Box Sets?  03/08RooseveltG07:44SleepKing
15h Transfer to Vanguard shows "margin" ...  04/18Happily Retired11:07sonos
27p any experiences negotiating fences with neighbors?  04/22ctreada21:02Sportswhiz00
13t Direct-Indexing?  03/29Barefootgirl10:12Sternuncle
2h Please sanity check my new asset allocation plan  14:26Mstar71421:51steve roy
38h Why I Chose Target Retirement Funds  04/21assumer22:16StevieG72
11p S. Corp questions  10:06camiboxer21:55StevieG72
243c What do you drive, and why?  page: 2 3 4 512/31tc10120:12StevieG72
4p New Mortgage or just pay extra  17:58Sunny11119:31StevieG72
6p Does your LTC carrier do this?  04/24stlrick07:48stlrick
1h Problem transferring Ameriprise REITS to Fidelity  06:19jubling09:49stlutz
8h Why the big difference in my intl managed vs index funds  14:15DebiT17:44Stonebr
0h 401K Pre Tax, Roth 401k or After tax 401K??? HELP!  00:24Sunshine44a  
0h 529 Recommendation  01:06SurferLife  
83c [What is safest vehicle on the road today that I can buy?]  page: 204/20Blue05:53tadamsmar
17h Stepped-up basis on TOD brokerage account  04/23hickory14:44talzara
111p Marriage and splitting expenses  page: 2 304/22thedele23:20TexasPenny
5p (Living) Irrevocable Trusts 101 - Answers and Questions  12:58Matahari02:30Theoretical
9h Mutual Funds and Compound Interest  04/24oinkyboinky11:19The Wizard
2p I called the Social Security office  06:48Allan07:24The Wizard
1p Setting up a corporation for self-employment / tax reduction  15:22moral_hazard15:37tibbitts
73p 401k Record Keeping Fee  page: 203/15Alskar22:26tj
19h Help me retire in 10 years  04/24morbster22:05TomatoTomahto
4t Vanguard REIT Index Fund  10:29tomd3717:17tomd37
2p need a will with a trust?  09:50Olds3309:56tomd37
31p Is the 1% Cost of Managing Money Worth It?  13:32SavvyInvestor21:51Toons
14p Ethical [Compensation based on sales]  18:24nhdean01:29Trader Joe
23p Nice Round Number reached tonight  04/10investingdad00:44TradingPlaces
356c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 803/09airahcaz00:05TradingPlaces
32h Help Requested: How many ETFs & Index Funds is too much?  04/22investingnoob2022:27TradingPlaces
4h Tax loss harvesting  04/23tsmith14:34trueblueky
19t Tilting  20:34privatefarmer02:53TwoByFour
38c New Water Heater  04/21stemikger02:57Valuethinker
3c Has anyone been to Armenia or "Stans" such as Kazakhstan  14:42Lynette17:26Valuethinker
26t VNQ/other REITS as proxy for hard real estate ?  04/23Jwin99904:18Valuethinker
80l Taiwan Local Chapter  page: 22012Mel Lindauer11:09verfasser
3h Overall picture (and help choosing 401k funds?)  20:16JDot22:43vitaflo
10c Converting 8mm and VHS tapes to digital  04/24ThankYouJack18:15vitaflo
32h Cash as an asset class?  04/20am21:32watchnerd
14t VEA vs. VPL+VGK  2011rekroywen19:45watchnerd
10t To ETF or Not to ETF? That is the question.  04/20Rick Ferri09:58watchnerd
38h keep advisor or do it myself  03/15Winsome16:36Winsome
370t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 812/19macav93321:38Yesterdaysnews
88p Should I apply for manager's job or continue as a techie?  page: 204/23nitro421414:52yosef
21p Taxes are killing me  04/24gypsydogg12:19yosh99
21h should I add Gold Fund to my portfolio?  04/07gixxer17:40z3r0c00l
4t I-Bonds/TIPs:When interest rate rises, inflation is lowered?  10:02Gambler15:08z3r0c00l
8h 401K Contribution Question  07:41zkzkzk11:01zkzkzk
49c Best (Available)Red Wine for under $15 preferrably under $10  04/23BahamaMan23:38ZumZabo

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