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3h Fidelity- Management fees for money market??  17:25protagonist18:47AAA
3t Distribution yield lower than average coupon yield, how?  12/21longinvest06:12adrian2
10p Gains from 1099-R, 401k to Roth Rollover  12/20batpot22:32Alan S.
10p Can I convert a Roth to a Trad IRA? Should I?  12/20szmaine20:31Alan S.
3p rIRA from after tax 401(k) at Vanguard  12/06dillrob18:11Alan S.
5p Did we just get untaxed IRA money? Implications?  13:33Carl5316:20Alan S.
27c Stolen car recovered, need a plan  12/19jakepeters13:40archbish99
12h Doctor with multiple retirement plans  12/20Cucumbers18:22Artsdoctor
9c Cost to ship a car  14:45ThankYouJack23:02Bacchus01
21t Set and Forget Portfolio?  12/21Call_Me_Op13:02BahamaMan
14t Momentum and Market Timing  12/21Park11:06basefifty
52p Performed backdoor Roth and accountant did not file 8606  page: 212/14John375416:47batpot
43c Any pilots here?  12/164nursebee13:30BeerMoney
11p Help with Roth Conversion  12:07bigred7718:45bigred77
5h Schwab Intelligent Portfolios coming 1st Qtr 2015  05:18Billionaire12:28Billionaire
16p 'Post-Tax' / Non-Deductible 401k Contributions  12/21hedgetop16:01Bill M
9h QQQ vs VGT (Vanguard Information Technology ETF)  12/19chasiu20912:42Billyboy
9h New investor. Doesn't qualify for Roth. Help  14:08UtahGolf18:27BL
3p Simple SS Question  08:32MN Finance11:11BL
31p What % of net worth is your home?  18:27financial.freed23:06bluelight
6h How to Schedule a Sell Order (Vanguard)?  20:49bobble21:36bobble
4p Simple tax question--If 401(k), no tax deduction for tIRA?  11:41readZinn12:05Bob's not my na
2p Becoming Trustee Over Own Inheritance  21:08youngbreezy21:31bsteiner
5p Are turbo tax state programs available yet  14:27Calm Man16:09Calm Man
1p Social Security Question - Start of Benefits  19:50AAA20:55celia
9p One more goal, one more simplification  14:48Leeraar17:28cfs
1073t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222011Lbill17:23cfs
1t Four of the TOP five best sellers are from Vanguard  09:55cfs09:57cfs
4p Car & Car Loan in both names or just one?  19:55ThankYouJack21:30cheese_breath
9t Paying for a Copy of Annunity Contract Language?  15:39Culture20:44cheese_breath
29h How would 84 year old lady manage $400,000 from house sold  12/21TheSearcher16:35Christine_NM
28c Laptop as a hard drive [Laptop as a desktop]  12/21tennisplyr10:27Crimsontide
15p Alternative to reverse mortgage for aging mother's new home  12/20WillyMcG13:02curmudgeon
18p husband with bi-polar condition spending lots of $  12/20danieljquirk14:13danieljquirk
22c Cooking Lessons  12/20TravelforFun17:21davebarnes
26c Smartphone Cases  12/16dbCooperAir16:16davebo
11c Snow blower maintenance and repair  10:30paulsiu12:57dbCooperAir
30t Using balanced funds to avoid rebalancing  12/21toto23810:56dbCooperAir
1t Dividend Growth Investing Vs. 3F portfolio  19:47okazaki20:14dbr
7h TLH now or later?  12/21SunnySeattle09:03dbr
1h Tax Help - Forced Sale of Stock  08:16mountainman9908:19dbr
28t Why does Swensen have 30% Bonds?  12/20allroads08:02dbr
13c Getting dual health insurance  09:49nobility12:44dm200
1p Ultimate Boglehead Tax Preparation Software  15:35DueDiligence17:02dratkinson
4h $10,000.00 USD to invest  12/21Bogle_Steve08:00dratkinson
1h Portfolio questions from beginner  14:53AK200719:24Duckie
51h Scared to Invest  page: 212/19Investerguy22:33EarlyStart
12h Need to liquidate - sell individual stocks or index funds  09:29priuspilot22:16EarlyStart
5h 2015 Roth IRA  14:31ny_rn22:04EarlyStart
8h Investing my nonretirement money?  12/21booch22114:33Electron
6h NON-US Investor: Ireland ETFs to minimize US withholding tax  12/19pt3216:00euroman
206p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 4 504/14coolguy95415:07evad
29p Car purchase: Buy or Finance  12/19tiff19:29fanmail
3h finally learning about investing, portfolio review  12/21fe825109:29fe8251
0p Do you know a good accountant in SouthBay (CA)?  13:21financial.freed  
23t Keynes’s Investment Principles  2009Robert T11:46garlandwhizzer
8h (Australia) index advice  12/20Gateway03:23Gateway
4p Max 401k or HSA with Existing HSA Balance  13:19gatorphysics14:30gatorphysics
8p Why Is IRS Aksing For Information Update For Trust?  12/19yearzero11:19Gnirk
45p Do I Pay Cash for my home?  12/21Saltwater22:57grabiner
8p Paycheck "leap year"  13:40shaboob21:32Gronnie
3h Backdoor Roth - Vanguard 7 day hold  13:05adam12321:50Grt2bOutdoors
6p Joint savings accounts & FAFSA  16:33Aptenodytes21:40Grt2bOutdoors
9h How do you track your retirement plans?  12/20CJF10:11heerekj1
47c Do you travel with friends?  12/17flyingaway22:51HIinvestor
28h How to make a long bet on Crude Oil  12/21dadipsite14:04HomerJ
8p Personal Vacation + Rental Vacation house  12/20ThankYouJack13:03HomerJ
7t Tax Loss Harvesting Question  2013Redstorm10:52House Blend
14c Mac Users-evernote app  12/21mucho dinero13:37Howie
2h Portfolio Review Please  19:31cts051620:06ieee488
1h Moving to lower-tax state: 401k contribs  08:03Brian2d18:36ieee488
8h Working on my near-retirement portfolio  12/18incowtown20:03incowtown
32t Schwab's poor security  11:12JT22:48in_reality
6h Should I buy bonds now ?  16:35slumdog18:59Investerguy
11t vanguard international bond fund  12/21bamajames18:47Investerguy
58p Federal Taxes - Sticker Shock (And how to reduce)  page: 212/19gatorphysics09:05Iorek
5t Bond Fund vs Cash to reinvest in a bear  20:09allroads22:21itstoomuch
8p PIP coverage on auto insurance  12/20ArthurO17:13jbmitt
21c Help with an adults only all-inclusive  12/18karpems13:58jimday1982
6c Selling a car privately  21:04DireWolf22:18JimmyfromSunPra
4t Beginner question on expense ratio  12/21RVO01:46JoMoney
75c Who should pay for this meal?  page: 212/21anonforthis21:31Katie
2c Where to go to have a great business website designed?  22:44Kennedy23:04Kennedy
3t Vertex42 Excel Stock Quote Template stop working  18:04KlangFool22:04KlangFool
9c international calls landline phone  18:40ieee48819:33KlangFool
127c How do you define "being rich"?  page: 2 312/20Non7WoodUser19:48LadyGeek
3t How will 2014 U.S. GDP finish?  16:02new2bogle218:04LadyGeek
14t Why Vanguard Pacific fund tanks when Pacific markets soar?  12/19abyan15:35LadyGeek
1t Common Sense Investing Advice  13:17TomP1022:48Laura
12h investing for newborn child  10:58protective121:10Laura
7h Portfolio review - 49 year old  12/21clearsky21:02Laura
8h First Time Investing Help  12/17Sms23120:52Laura
22h 1-day-old Bogleheader seeking portfolio review  12/20tiff20:40Laura
5h New Bogleheader seeking portfolio review  13:02berjerk200820:18Laura
3h Roth 401K or Traditional  10:48chirag2719:26Laura
10p S-Corp or LLC - Software Consulting Part Time  12/18learnfinance17:53learnfinance
10t Relative tax inefficiency of active funds?  14:12Leeraar20:31Leeraar
12h Series EE Bonds  12/21dgoldb119:36Leeraar
138t [Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]  page: 2 32011stratton11:51Leeraar
266c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 608/30abuss36821:30leonidas
41h Medallion Signature Guarantee  2013Cash21:56Lilly
5h Any book recs specifically for Tax Harvesting?  12:51island21:18livesoft
5t Tax diversification strategy  16:59juliewongferra18:19livesoft
8t Real Bad Days 2014, TSM  10:28dbCooperAir13:47livesoft
102p What are your 2015 Financial Goals?  page: 2 312/15poker2719:57lolbatross
58t Bond Fund vs CDs - which to use?  page: 212/18allroads15:07longinvest
10h Roth conversion -estimated tax Q  12/20surfinagin18:22MarkNYC
52p How do you factor entitlements into your investing plan?  page: 212/12ChicagoMedStude10:02MathWizard
0h Fixed Index Annuity Rate Advice  16:29matthew.henkels  
2h Should I pay off my student loans?  00:47JCDenton14:16Meg77
22c new computer for wireless network  12/21TPS_Reports16:22mhalley
82h What "actively" managed funds do you own?  page: 212/20Rexindex19:00minesweep
3p Best place for new car loan - DCU?  12:58ThankYouJack15:00mlipps
4h 401k - rollover?  08:17funeshah20:12mspadorchard
9h Would like to pay less tax. My portfolio review.  12/20PrajnaSun14:24mw1739
0t Locking In Losses  09:21N52570  
28h Do you own VTI, VB, VWO, VEA, VSS, VNQ? Allocation question  12/16Nolan3006:33Nickname
2h Help with XPath for ImportXML Google Sheets.  13:32NOgmacks13:51NOgmacks
6h TLH: Use ETF to gauge fund close?  12:56Bacchus0118:56ogd
4t Help me understand this annuity (Secondary Market)  12/21oldguy11:33oldguy
0p Botched Recharacterization?  23:05oneleaf  
54c Gaming PC for son, buy or build?  page: 212/19ramsfan11:24oneleaf
91c Documentaries to recommend?  page: 211/28StormShadow22:22oragne lovre
10h Trouble with HSA transfer  12/16packet09:53packet
7h Feedback on annuities?  12/21pandsflorida07:20PapaGeek
51c Do you have or recommend a Financial Only PC?  page: 209:01TheTimeLord23:06patrick
12t Asness response to value redundancy  12/20Robert T15:43pauliec84
0c How often do you get an appraisal on jewelry  01:11paulsiu  
9c How to tackle a crack on the windshield  18:10lifebeckonss22:37Peterjens
3h Trying to Make Sense of YE Realized Gain in My 401(k)  12/21mister_sparkle12:47placeholder
2t re: backdoor roth conversion  10:31eelwood12:31placeholder
10c Long Term Disability Denied - Runner's Knees  12/21target203015:09protagonist
8p SS Strategy  12/21roka13:35pshonore
37c Gift to Yourself  12/12ny_rn17:55reggiesimpson
3p Taking mortgage to contribute more to Roth  12:06Slick850315:39retiredjg
16h OMG! I married a Lawyer! (Portfolio Review)  12/21Pickles_Ice_Cre09:44retiredjg
7h 403b rollover transfer question.  12/20jeremyl08:56retiredjg
24t Shiller: Buy & Hold --> Irrational Exhuberance  08:29Browser19:45rnitz
96c Don't be tempted to buy your teen a cheap (old) car, parents  page: 212/19srinivas21:41robert88
3h New Investor Needs Help Reviewing Recent Transactions  13:45dm18198516:38roka
2h Rollover IRA to Roth IRA: 10% penalty & taxes?  09:23FrostyTheSnowma14:13RoxieII
2h Move T-IRA(NOT rollover) funds into company's 401K  12:59humblednhumilia14:07roymeo
16h New Investor seeking advice  12/19cody_serv15:36ruralavalon
4h Financial Plan Worth it for specific questions on annuity?  09:48sailorman19:03sailorman
16t Thoughts on real estate allocation and owning your home  12/21grabiner21:17saltycaper
6h Lazy 3 - for my 401(a), 403 (b), and 457  12/20SC713507:16SC7135
5p Buy rental property as I cannot afford house where I live  23:43ekmanus12:07scone
260c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 609/22Alex Frakt18:44seeshells
50c Major Life Decision -- Do we need to keep working?  page: 212/20Baconquest03:52SGM
5h Please help: too liquid and asset allocation questions!  12/19Singlemoi20:14Singlemoi
8p Tax Planning for 2015  12/20snm8522:04snm85
21h Managing a windfall & fixing my high-fee portfolio  12/14zxcv123422:33snowblinded
3p advice: buy vs finance office equipment  13:34sologuy15:10sologuy
21p Travel Insurance  12/21Don4622:54sperry8
39c Bogota and the Coast of Columbia travel  2008aerofreaky1122:40sperry8
9h Transfer everything to TSP?  12/21Norcalkenny12:14stan1
75p I cannot make the jump and retire  page: 206/13obgyn6508:29staythecourse
13h does the big fish always eat the small fish?  09:46stickfigure14:22stickfigure
20h Christian CU Certificates %5.00 12-Months  12/20Bounca12:59surfstar
25t Poll: How important is rebalancing?  08:04InvestorNewb15:29Tamales
74t trend following  page: 22013Valuethinker16:17tbradnc
92p Most/Least Boglehead 2014 Activity?  page: 212/13JamesSFO20:46TimesAWastin
16c Anyone prep for the PMP???  11/27davidkw02:37tkutzz
9p Paying off an Engagement Ring or Contributing to a Roth IRA?  15:42randomthrowaway17:56Toons
253t "Vanguard converting mutual fund accounts to brokerage?  page: 2 3 4 5 62013indexfundfan20:29toto238
9h Voya 401(k)'s insanely high ER's on Vanguard funds  16:09tjj31820:09toto238
36t Someone tried to login to my vanguard account yesterday  12/05darrellr22:38TradingPlaces
19t Index vs Hedge: Mr Bogle Low fee but Highly Risky manager ?  10:40rakamaka22:19TradingPlaces
5p HSA contribution question  12/21Mskrad2207:01tran_man007
15t Do Companies Index Their Profits?  12/21curi0usAndCuri016:42TwoByFour
15h Should I sell my stocks & bonds?  12/19new2bogle210:13Valuethinker
92t Is the collapse of oil price a "black swan"?  page: 212/10Browser06:12Valuethinker
10p Downloading TurboTax - tips for an easy process  12/18FrogPrince20:34vectorizer
9p Savers Credit while Spouse is a Student  12/21jmg22911:28Wagnerjb
235t The bear market is over  page: 2 3 4 52008matt14:53William Million
2p Rollover of withdrawn 529 funds not currently needed  07:07dillrob18:46xenopus
42h What to do with 5M?  10/28youngpadawan22:59youngpadawan
62p (Poll) Did you tap into emergency fund in the past 10 years?  page: 212/11dsmil10:07Zabar
4p Anybody use GE Capital Bank?  09/04johnny84716:48Zecht
50t Roth versus Traditional Debate  page: 211/26newcatintown04:27Zedon

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