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1l Dilbert: "Advice" (7/15/15)  13:19scottj1970713:41123
16c Seniors must have items  08/02atlanta_dad07:071530jesup
6t State Taxes and Total Bond  08/02209south19:32209south
14h Deferred Compensation - tax on payouts?  08/01209south14:12209south
2l Meeting John Bogle  18:38stemikger21:43abuss368
17h So, how do I compare two 401k plans?  08/02YoungBoglehead10:08akd00d
3h Company changing 401k plans, roll-over to IRA?  08/03Bonhomie13:17Alan S.
5h Funding Roth IRA  08/02Bogledavids13:07Alan S.
0p Retirement options and jobs  07:25am  
13p Alcatraz Tour - Early AM Same Day Tickets - Anyone Done It?  12/18Savvy17:16amorgan1988
9t What cap percent of the TSM does NASDAQ 100 represent?  08/02arjking21:28arjking
18t Malkiel on Chinese Stock Markets  07/28scottj1970710:22Artsdoctor
6p Tax Question : Where are Qualified Dividends adjusted on form 1040?  12:39ThankYouJack15:32Artsdoctor
5p VanguardAdvantage account reviews?  11:38sperry815:29Artsdoctor
9h Are bond mutual funds better than other types of bonds?  08/02titan504514:08asif408
25p Physician Asset Protection  08/02karpems07:45avenger
3h Investing as an American living in Japan  08/02nekotikara07:10AviN
1h Portfolio Solutions  10:52lucywatkins110:53AZAttorney11
2h A retiree's Investment Policy Statement  10:10bertilak10:46bertilak
76c FWD vs AWD (Vehicle)  page: 207/27MP17313:10bhsince87
58c [looking] for car suggestions  page: 207/29absolutFinance08:13bltkmt
5p Retirement Research Conference in DC in August (free)  13:58bobcat208:43bobcat2
43l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  2014grabiner14:11bobcat2
9p Does this happen to anyone else when logging onto Vanguard?  07/27Bogle10108:58Bogle101
70p Careers: MD, Non-MD, MBA, Engineering, Law, Teaching  page: 207/31goru122:09BogleBoogie
409c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 903/09airahcaz06:11bondsr4me
4h Money from house sale - put on new mortgage or invest?  11:02BudgetParty13:45BudgetParty
137c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  page: 2 301/21Leif12:11Bungo
18p Inherited IRA - Push vs Pull  17:15azurekep01:51celia
2h Rebalancing my Roth IRA - Advice appreciated  20:41bensox198800:49celia
1t 3 Reasons to Rejoice Higher Interest Rates  09:54Rick Ferri10:02cfs
2t madsinger monthly report (July 2015)  16:50madsinger23:11cfs
11p Can I afford to build this home?  14:17Matt5288519:52Cherokee8215
31c AAA Plus worth it?  08/01ieee48815:26Cindyjrn
4c Installing Solar Panels in Queens, NYC?  08/02BundyBundy12:11Cindyjrn
8h Account and allocation management for automatic deposits  08/02northmumbo11:37clip651
51t Houston, we have a problem... [Small cap historical performance]  page: 208/02privatefarmer09:41Clive
4t Latest research on the carry trade  08/03larryswedroe12:21Clive
2h Asset allocation for a new physician  08/02gmoney199621:27Compound
78c Retirees: Questions you hate being asked  page: 207/31tennisplyr10:54Confused
182c Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater?  page: 2 3 407/26tony541201:06czr
17t Where can you get unbiased financial information? (Mike Piper)  08/03CABob08:18Dandy
11h About to dive in - would love a look-over of my IPS  07/31MegaPixel10:53David Jay
24t Will the U.S. have a currency crisis soon?  22:05ajacobs610:37David Jay
4h Could Use Some Investment Advice  08/02dentjohnson5715:27dentjohnson57
11p Genworth Insurance Ratings  08/03rightdecisions20:55dhodson
2p Term Life Insurance  08/03mholdi154012:18dhodson
16l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  03/17digarei09:55digarei
8h VBILX for Emergency Fund  13:50cats4days17:37digit8
147t Grok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation  page: 2 32011grok8708:27Doc
0p H&R Block and ISO stock options question  06:08DoubleClick  
7p Avoiding ACH overdraft fees  08/02dvd7e17:16dratkinson
18h Seeking Advice on Windfall Inheritance  07/06GreekOlive16:28dratkinson
2t Tax loss harvesting VDE for VGENX  20:38PhillyBird20:44DSInvestor
1h VWO - Tax Loss Harvesting  14:44JohnWild15:53DSInvestor
27h Tax loss Harvest Help  07/29duke3319:50duke33
8t Vanguard Fund Dividends - More Significant Digits Than Shown?  08/02Electron15:58Electron
10p the math of paying off debt vs investing  19:03EnjoyIt00:03EnjoyIt
3p Funding 401K/IRA vs Removing PMI  20:20GiBSouth23:01EnjoyIt
38p real estate in NYC  07/31nymd12:53EnjoyIt
81c Vanguard's Security image going away?  page: 207/05celia08:51Epsilon Delta
20h Form 5500 - Ez questions  07/26kareysue09:14ERISA Stone
2t VWO and 4% Dividend?  12:48mojorisin20:17exeunt
11c Ireland & Scotland tour  08/02jlj10:49Exterous
31c SUV advice  12:25easye41810:47FandangoDave501
13p Medicare Supplemental Insurance  08/03Fat-Tailed Cont08:59Fat-Tailed Cont
0c Cancelling credit after first year?  10:52FB01  
4c New Vanguard logout procedure  08:37telemark10:41FRANK2009
18p Commit to Lifelong Renting in Bay area?  08/02arjking23:57freebeer
6h 401k Plan & Goals  15:31PeterK16:52furwut
9h Parents and Roth Contributions  11:41gjv00320:35gjv003
1005c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2108/30abuss36818:24gkaplan
16c What to do with an old iphone 4s - can't use it as a backup phone either  08/02lightheir13:40goingup
1p Pay cash vs short-term loan for mortgage  08/03dr_investo21:45grabiner
1p Financial help for home purchase  13:39indexmonkey21:40grabiner
248t Are equities really as risky as anyone thinks?  page: 2 3 4 507/29rca182410:08HomerJ
7p WSJ article on Medicare Premium Spike  08:41LadyIJ10:41HueyLD
7p Interest income in a foreign country&Currency loss  08/02Anil16:52HueyLD
2t Benz: Put Your IPS On A 3x5 Index Card  19:57scottj1970704:53iceport
6c Local Backup Program Recommendations  07:25cheese_breath09:23ieee488
50c is 7200 rpm hard drive that much faster than 5400 rpm?  page: 208/01ieee48809:20ieee488
18c Experience using cell phone tethering on 4G-LTE vs wifi for home internet  08/02protagonist21:57ieee488
2h High cost 401ks  14:57indexonlyplease18:19indexonlyplease
24p Seller conceals known defects: fraud question  08/02cdwood16:06Info_Hound
2h Google Spreadsheets with realtime data  10/08alpha3000511:08investbob
5h Spec ID and reinvestment [Specific shares ID, dividend reinvestment]  15:06InvestorAdam07:13InvestorAdam
13h Best Way to Approach Move to Index Funds in Complex Portfolio  07/29IthinkICan20:49IthinkICan
10h 529 Strategy (splitting 529s in case of overfunding)  07:53TheGipper10:23itstoomuch
42p Wait... What? [IRA and taxation]  07/31mirror12:13itstoomuch
5c Landscape contractor asking for survey before intial consultation  21:54aln7107:38Jack FFR1846
38p COBRA Vs ACA after job loss and move  07/31lawman396622:18jalbert
1c College applications: Extracurricular activities, Athletics  09:42goru110:11Jcraz13
28t Mark Hulbert: Stock market 3.5%/yr over next decade  08/02fidobogo19:25Jebediah
36h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  2014JeremyPW10:01JeremyPW
15h Interest Rate Hike  08/02tdifraia20:23john94549
18t Forbes: How much by age  14:21LeeMKE10:49JohnFiscal
3h Are we super-savers enough to consider Roth contributions?  19:10jsandra21:44jsandra
6h Help with old 401(k) plan termination  08/02Fulcrum20:01JW Nearly Retir
479t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1008/26InvestorNewb11:10k66
28p Is Being a Private Banking Client Worth it?  08/02AndroAsc20:02karpems
19h Buying a variable Annuity  16:54Dahl4910:46kenner
20t Zero Interest Rates on I-Bonds  08/01Dutchgirl11:55Kevin M
25p Landlord Question - Military Tenant  08/02ddurrett89610:59Kosmo
1t Curious what you think of nextshares  01:00pkempfur05:05lack_ey
11c New A/C Install  17:45ufeeboy21:11LadyGeek
10t Allan Roth  16:19kenner21:09LadyGeek
30t Asset Class Returns and Climate Change, 2015-2050  08/02Simplegift15:50LadyGeek
6h Inheritance, EIC, and investing.  11:59HSH Princess Gr08:05Lafder
14h Asset Allocation Review Requested [UPDATE]  2013EJE22:44Lafder
3h Just graduated, married, new job -- need help  14:42BoomerSooner22:19Lafder
23h How should anticipated inheritance affect asset allocation?  04/23chunkstyle13:21Lafder
11h Puerto Rico Muni Bonds: Hard-To-Sell  07/29LampLighter03:10LampLighter
3t Brokerage/Custodian Question  16:09LarrynKy16:29LarrynKy
11p Terrible Index Funds  07/30LateStarter197513:51LateStarter1975
9p Lump Sum or Pension?? help please...  21:42Go_Tigers10:00Leeraar
4h Partial lump sum payment or standard annuity  08/03Retiringteacher09:50Leeraar
33t Financial Advisor v. Bogle Approach?  07/31Jimmer00:18Leeraar
10h What to do with UGMA account after College  08/02Clemsonfan1521:41livesoft
4h How does one track VTIAX's daily performance if trying to time TLH  12:39TheGipper13:43livesoft
11h Would it be worth the costs to move to a 3 fund portfolio from what I have?  08/02GottaPayTheTrol10:44llee89x
104t A Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads  page: 2 311/01longinvest06:52longinvest
37c Low mileage oil change  07/25shawcroft15:21Luke Duke
9c Furniture Pads for moving  12:02retire1407:37matonplayer
2t 529 Plans -Vanguard choices & Tax efficiency  17:22boglebill201503:25mervinj7
5p ACA & Roth conversions  08/03Dave C.10:58Mick
13p Keeping track of health expenses and reimbursements  08/03grandmacassie00:23midareff
14c Prepaid Cell Plan USA  08/01profdad18:20mikep
27p Protecting a young adult from his money?  07/30CFIT12:54mollymillions
15h Should I go federal government at age 40?  08/01doss18:49Mordoch
58l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  page: 22014renjuzone05:26Mrs.Feeley
11p Spousal Benefits - so confusing  11:29LadyIJ23:54MrTimewise
8t How to understand the performance of a bond fund?  07/30nekotikara06:45nekotikara
12h 85 Year Old with $150K to invest  07/31new2this14:43new2this
5h Intro + What to do with $30k for College Funding 2 years away  13:48TBickle08:42niceguy7376
8h Vanguard REIT ETF - Do Dividends Pay Out?  13:52MickeyMoustache19:47nisiprius
12p 529s and college scholarships  08/02jefmafnl17:30NotWhoYouThink
31c Crab Grass  08/01Rainier08:19NoVa Lurker
14h Maturing CDs -- Now What?  08/02investor.saver103:16obgyn65
43t [How often do you check on your investments?]  08/02to295811:59oc4boxer
17h Total Bond Market vs. Interm-Term Treasury  11:06timboktoo00:35ogd
4h Investment advice for a sudden windfall?  15:21Oneironaut18:33Oneironaut
771t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 162014Rob Bertram12:08Park
7t 3-fund portfolio, wonderful concept: what about real returns?  14:14rakamaka15:27Phineas J. Whoo
4h All things being equal  08:02PilotBMP09:32PilotBMP
6h Help in Re-balancing my portfolio  06/11PlayingLife19:08PlayingLife
44c How to get a job as a software developer?  07/21yellowgirl10:02PokaDot
2h Want to straighten up my finances, need advice  18:18Polboy06:53Polboy
7h Tax Loss Harvesting Question  19:18texas_archer07:20powermega
2h Edward Jones to Vanguard  12:22pappascw18:30radiowave
4h Opening a Roth IRA account at Vanguard  08/02NvidiaGTX40513:53rakamaka
3p 20 year Term life insurance, buy it from TIAA-CREF or AAA LIFE  08/02mdba7313:48rakamaka
3h Pension vs IRA  16:50bananabrain2317:55ralph124cf
13h Help with American Funds please!  14:14fordjunk09:11Raymond
20t Retiring in 10 years  08/03tlcook4708:23rca1824
30t Which is more optimal in retirement? Total return vs. income investing  08/01rca182408:18rca1824
2p How to find average rents in a given area.  19:41mr_breen20:48renue74
3h 800K Cash  18:07sailing1120:35ResearchMed
49h Moving from TIPs fund to TIPs ladder???  07/27209south12:28RetiredinKaty
26h TD Ameritrade Solo 401k Questions  04/26msi06:27retiredjg
2t Financial Analyst - "Were they right" website  08:28renue7409:41Rick Ferri
17p Can executor take value of personal time?  08/02prudent16:53Rodc
3c Aloha Mind math for 5 year old  08/02FB0113:06Rupert
892c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1809/22Alex Frakt08:57ruralavalon
27h Less funds in Taxable acct; better funds at TRowe or Fidelity for 403B?  08/01they-kemp14:22ruralavalon
20c Garden 'engineering' question  08/02effillus07:15rustymutt
32h Wife starting a 403b...some questions...  07/28doss07:00rustymutt
41t The Long-Term Decline of Interest Rates  07/30Simplegift09:57Rx 4 investing
4h 23 Y/O with Goal of House  08/02Phenn12:33ryuns
2h Should I be timing when I rebalance my portfolio?  06:44PlayingLife10:01sawhorse
10h Just got a new job, but 401k's investment options don't include Vanguard. Which should I choose?  07/30Quarantine16:43sawhorse
0p Decision Making Tools?  13:52scottj19707  
24t rank order fixed income options  02/14letsgobobby09:51shum
16h Invest in 457 ROTH or Vanguard Roth IRA  07/30signewton19:59signewton
2p Porting landline to cell phone. e-911 service?  08/03Gambler12:32SimonJester
28c Odd skunk smell inside the house  2011Raybo11:40SimonJester
1p How necessary is Personal Injury Protection / Medical Expenses for Auto Insurance?  14:32AndroAsc17:18skepticalobserv
233c Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Yes or No?  page: 2 3 4 506/01Ever Ready10:51sksbog
10h Taking advantage of reduced tax bracket - 15%  20:23ThankYouJack10:16sls239
11h *Updated* Can Use Some Help and Advice- New to BogleHeads  08/02smokey joe robi20:24smokey joe robi
12h US citizen/expat living in Belgium - investment advice  08/02sociableorg10:28sociableorg
3h International  22:11Spec108:23Spec1
26p Hit with $10k tax bill from 2013, given 3 weeks to pay  07/30sunny_socal18:08spectec
11t TD Ameritrade Solo Roth 401k/Coverdell ESA  01/22martin710:51Spirit Rider
9p what is Excise Tax Bill on Car???  08/03mobi99913:36Spirit Rider
2h Help balancing allocation across accounts  08:52Spnglr10:28Spnglr
12p Career advice?  02/25jay2215:24srt7
21h Taking the leap forward ... my 401k plus 100K investment plan.  07/31StevenNJ110:57StevenNJ1
135c What's Your Monthly Food/Groceries Spending? My is through the roof?  page: 2 308/01StevenNJ123:57surfstar
13p How to title vehicles for kids?  18:14Traveller07:26tadamsmar
47t Ready to Give Up on Emerging Market Stocks?  08/01Simplegift08:37tainted-meat
11h Should I be concerned with my Emerging Markets Fund?  18:16MrVargas08:00tainted-meat
9p Cash Back Credit Card  14:19f4d09:02takeshi
22t Questions for the Panel of Experts@Boglehead Conference?--Post Here Now  05/27Rager116:12Tanelorn
29p Enough is enough  2014letsgobobby13:19Taylor Larimore
3p Quitting after maternity leave  20:52ThankYouJack21:13ThankYouJack
0h Help with taxable accounts and retirement accounts  10:23The Daughter  
13p Car price negotiation--already discounted?  12:52ryuns20:27TheGreyingDuke
31c Where to hike late October-mid November??  08/02TheGreyingDuke14:41TheGreyingDuke
4h Keeping your investments with one broker  02:17The Planner06:55The Planner
19t Our Mistakes Benefit Future Generations  05/14Rick Ferri23:48tj
3h Combining tax-privileged accounts OK?  08/03Fizzy18:49TomatoTomahto
17c Home Warranty company wrongfully denying claim  07/24yg4211:00tomd37
43c Recommendations on a cheap commuter car  07/29Gambler17:53toto238
8p Exchanging Euro Currency  18:28J29506:17traveltoomuch
6h Moving Out of Edward Jones & Retirement Questions.  08/03AndThen14:12traveltoomuch
3h Need Asset Allocation and Investment Advice  07/31Trout1413:29Trout14
22h Simplify Investments for DW if I precede her in death  07/30carolinaman13:36truenorth418
6p Homeowner repairs [Contesting HOA responsibility]  08/03McDuff1001:37Uncle Pennybags
1413t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292011Lbill23:37Uncle Pennybags
32t Everybody is sick of gold - Is now the time to buy??  07/30Browser16:00Valuethinker
18c Claiming diminished value on car accident  07/23walletless08:58vested1
35t Allan Roth Says Not to Load Up on Muni Bonds  08/03Leesbro6310:53VictoriaF
22p Budgeting For 2016 Medicare Part B Increase  07/24Ron10:49VictoriaF
178p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 2 3 402/20Drew77710:43VictoriaF
22h Roth conversion: Threshold checklist  07/29VictoriaF17:35VictoriaF
5t Arbitrage opportunity when commodities futures rise over time?  16:27toto23810:54Wagnerjb
26p Large purchase with cash, 0% card, or rewards card?  11:48civex09:53Watty
39c Major home renovation your thoughts  07/28letsgobobby05:59Watty
5p What's Your Definition of "Success", Investing or Otherwise?  15:02scottj1970710:26whatusername?
22p How's this for snowballing my debt!  08/03easye41810:21whatusername?
7h Help with changes in Vang Roth IRA  08/02Williard19:52Williard
6c Hike the Pacific Crest Trail/JMT  13:11Carefreeap10:43woodenpelican
7t How much of HELOC should I get assuming responsible use?  08/01y5a5gdqwty20:52y5a5gdqwty
22h Close to 93% of portfolio in individual stocks?  08/01TMCD7510:42YttriumNitrate

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