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2h Clergy Retirement Investing: 403(b) vs. Roth IRA  21:15millerstevew22:01123
8c Florida Retirement Communities advice/thoughts  07/27jimkinny11:01acegolfer
42t One of the simplest rational reasons why some should tilt  07/25acegolfer10:11acegolfer
8p Bank account to teach kids  09:10airahcaz10:19airahcaz
7h Financial planning plz advise  16:28boardwalkgm10:55bberris
17p What is it like to live in Charlottesville, VA?  07/26rec722:27bcjb
3h 401k question  07/26Fedexsam421:26bcjb
105t Larry: 20 Dollar Bills and Factor Persistence  page: 2 307/13Call_Me_Op06:59BigJohn
9h Basically starting over  11:54jujitsu8423:06BL
15c Surge protectors  13:45InvestorNewb09:49Boglegrappler
5p Fresh Out of College - Advice Appreciated  20:21chad226522:37boroc7
44c 2014 Honda Civic EX-L vs 2014 Acura ILX(Base)  07/23prn2721:54boroc7
3h Boglehead-style Investing for a Yen-based Income Earner  07/26JPNMAN38903:54bpp
93t Bonds beat stocks over the last 15 years  page: 207/24Robert T09:14Browser
28c Int'l Train Travel  07/26Barefootgirl21:12Bylo Selhi
12h DCA plan.. Help  13:41Skyler21:10cfs
69h Old people and financial advisors - a family tale  page: 207/26M_to_the_G10:15Chan_va
58t Higher Returns at Lower Risk - please comment  page: 203/20Frans05:21Clive
4h Transition from residency to attending - Portfolio review  07/26emdoc13:50Compound
9p Should I become a CFP?  15:44PharmaGuy06:07CurtStowers
50t Should market valuations be completely disregarded?  page: 207/22Browser07:32Dandy
32t Rules of thumb that shouldn't be  07/25letsgobobby06:55Dandy
6h How to complement VWENX to get full diversification?  07/23gmtop8710:29dbr
7h A Scenario and 3 questions  07/27StarbuxInvestor13:53dbr
10t bond duration and interest rate risk  07/27villars13:01dbr
49c Dumb 3rd grade math question about beach house rental  07/22MnD20:09dickenjb
3h Plan for my 401(k)... Seeking good advice  07/26wkays0412:26dickenjb
1t Survivor Option on Vanguard Brokered TIPS  07/27riley4212:31Doc
35t POLL: Do you own corporate bonds?  07/25berntson12:25Doc
16c "best" online booking service for hotel room?  15:59Myopic squirrel10:32DonM17
0p ACA/ObamaCare and the Long-Term Traveler  10:14dphilipps  
6p $250K reporting question for multiple Solo 401k plans  07/25Duckie15:56Duckie
9p Bathroom remodel, cost per square foot  05:27Cigarman10:51edge
11p Fraudulent Charges Mystery  07/26Smurf17:14epitomist
4c Daily Telegraph: World War One Archive  23:07grayfox09:39Epsilon Delta
5c dim leds?  07/26dolphinsaremammals01:07Epsilon Delta
35p Do Bogleheads Feel Wealthier?  22:29john9454911:25Fallible
153t Bogleheads 2014 Hedge fund contest  page: 2 3 412/27MarginOfBuffett00:17FinancialDave
19h state pension  07/25alexnk10:34flyingbison
16p Is tax deferment overvalued?  07/26DonCamillo22:15freddie
4p Pension Lump Sum vs Immediate Annuity  07/27HerbyPete08:43Frugal Al
6t Changing cost basis from Average Cost to Specific ID  17:29Bowline21:39grabiner
112c If you own a car, do you have a car payment?  page: 2 307/18TRC19:29grabiner
9p Comparing home loan offers  07/25ckhouston19:12grabiner
26t AMZN's magical status  07/26Heyolshan18:24grabiner
1h Fund SEP or Roth first?  16:21theplayer1117:17grabiner
2p Can no longer download AMEX to MS MONEY  07/27heartwood15:31heartwood
13h I have access to a military TSP...worth it?  07/27PonziScheme18:51Herekittykitty
2h Need help rebalancing investments  22:03dmsmith193910:20hoppy08520
3h Portfolio Tune Up  07/26PortfolioCheck19:32hoppy08520
50p Anyone here use Personal Capital?  page: 206/22crowd7909:46Ice-9
99p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 207/26Buysider08:51in_reality
11h Another Schwab Question  12:34Leeraar04:39in_reality
5p New Construction Builder options help me decide  10:37hackermb11:20investingdad
31c Whats a Better Lot in a Tract Home Neighborhood?  07/25hackermb08:15investingdad
3t Tax (in)efficiency of BRK  07/26investmentgamer07:03investmentgamer
10t "Why no one should use brokerage accounts" Really?  17:14kaesler08:01jasc15
46c Riding the Rails--my Amtrak trip  07/23Jazztonight18:07Jazztonight
46t i bonds or EE bonds?  2012Johm22112200:51JDDS
3p Student Loans  07/27djs0510198522:54JDDS
2t When the Fed lost control of inflation  14:40steve_1415:10jebmke
4t Cost basis and mutual fund exchanges  07/25Bowline06:21jefmafnl
60c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 207/14bbrock10:37jimb_fromATL
25h Do Bogleheads Ladder CDs Anymore?  07/26john9454916:02John3754
19p Buying property - frank responses requested  11:56Curious107:29johnep
56t Poll: Has your AA changed in the last 18 months  page: 207/20Longtimelurker08:08JW Nearly Retired
5h Traditional vs Roth 401k when contributing the max  23:03civisbonus07:21JW Nearly Retired
15h Sshwab vs. Vanguard for index funds  07/26robre18:21Karamatsu
63p POLL: My home is worth less/more in 2014 than in 2007?  page: 215:16livesoft11:11kaudrey
7c Buying A New Car  14:29parastoo15:55kenschmidt
13t If you tax adjust, how has it changed your life?  07/25letsgobobby08:59Ketawa
22t Factor investing - A parody  07/26lee102615:58Kevin M
36p In your opinion, who is in a riskier financial position?  07/24techcrium15:30Kevin M
3h Tendering shares of HSH  07/25knappster14:46knappster
3p Health Care Sharing Ministry  07/27Planner16:02LadyGeek
10c What shoe size should I buy?  13:47rec715:11LadyGeek
3p Divorce - Remarry - Die Social Security Question  12:04tomd3714:31LadyGeek
13h Teacher looking for portfolio advice  07/27Teacher8811:34LadyGeek
13h Where would you put 30k for a 70 yo first time investor?  07/26Lafder18:08Lafder
6c Permit for expanding existings deck  22:32hackermb10:36Ldevelopment
23c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco21:15Leemiller
31p Stop Extra Payment Toward Mortgage?  07/26goodoboy20:47Leemiller
58c Best Coffee Maker? What do you have?  page: 207/23shokwaverider23:28letsgobobby
2h Where to place 2nd tier emergency fund  11:08Crow Hunter11:16livesoft
1h Dollar-Cost Averaging at Scottrade  11:00ouki11:05livesoft
19t Do any boggleheads invest in individual companies?  07:33riptide11:12LongerPrimer
8h Best place to put $20k cash (taxable money)  19:52swag01:19LongerPrimer
38p Selling House - Do We Need a Listing Broker?  18:03Sun8811:25Longtimelurker
5p Redepositing unnecessary RMD's from 401K  07/26eaxelrode10:37mah001
9p Paycheck division/saving for yearly expenses & contributions  07/26ace140018:50marielake
21p Steps to take to prevent ID theft?  07/24Delayed Gratification15:57masteraleph
20t so you're the world's greatest trader  15:14trueblueky23:23Mel Lindauer
16h Young investor blending SUBH and Minimized Fat Tails?  07/25metaphysik09:44metaphysik
69p Girlfriend moving in, lots of student loan debt  page: 22012davidfl05:27mhalley
4h Graphic investment/retirement planning software?  20:58texasdiver04:57mhalley
61c america the beautiful national parks and lands pass  page: 207/12pablolo07:30Minot
23p finding an adviser/handholder for wife  06/23mkatz19:13mkatz
22p Bloomberg rates Large Company 401k plans  07/22Buysider22:54mnaspbh
12p 33 yo single parent: Need financial advice  15:28MoneyPennyUk20:47MoneyPennyUk
37t 36 percent decline in net worth  13:50Teetlebaum10:52MossySF
33c Removing a beehive from mailbox newspaper holder  2013ks28909:55Mudpuppy
13c How to fix pop-up sprinkler head?  07/26RMO8701:25Mudpuppy
2p Sallie Mae to DRB refinance - wrong allocation  07/27Gemini12:32Natsdoc
43l favorite bogleheads posts?  07/23random_walker_7714:22nisiprius
58p Treasury Direct--just blowing off steam  page: 207/25nisiprius14:16nisiprius
5c Mecklenburg County, VA  08:50sand-in-my-toes10:43novaboglehead
5h Mutual Fund Suggestions?  20:27kimdel8109:50Novine
0t Hedge Fund Mgr/Columnist Replies to Boglehead's Question  01:43noyopacific  
13c Possibility of getting sued - what steps to take  07/26vveat11:24obgraham
10p Social Security - Receive Any Letters Approaching Age 70?  14:12Electron19:33ObliviousInvestor
2t NHILX High Turnover Rate [Neuberger Berman High Income Bond]  07/27zratis17:13pkcrafter
56c Geneological research for unclaimed property  page: 207/23postingname10:42postingname
28h Help me save my parents from Merrill Lynch  07/25anna_indiana10:14Professor Emeritus
7c How to fix door handle?  07/26RMO8709:40pshonore
29c Kitchen Remodel... Or Not?  23:23Hayek11:14ResearchMed
0c "Matrix" Class Action Suit (unsolicited fax)  10:18ResearchMed  
23h AA for a spoiled young buck  07/19OriolesFan8910:15retiredjg
23t Vanguard eliminates fee on FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap  07/25Kevin M07:27rkhusky
4h Money Market  08:47Jsw199210:55Rob5TCP
8h Mint.com--does not keep my accounts up to date  18:09PonziScheme07:52Rob Bertram
171t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 407/16Rob Bertram07:36Rob Bertram
8h help with inherited IRA  07/25robre19:05robre
58c Public Speaking-help  page: 207/25temco_rep09:00Rodc
0c Wireless Headset to use with Cordless Phone System?  10:14RooseveltG  
9p Ideal Mortgage in Current Environment  07/27duke3321:55rsbv
18p A question on long term care insurance  07/26rtroxel13:08rtroxel
11c What do you think about a potential EMP ?  07/25Hexdump07:47saladdin
42p Does severance pay reduce or relace unemployment benefits?  07/25MnD23:42SimonJester
11p TSP Questions: (ROTH or Traditional)?  07/22blackwater11:09Slowmaha
3c Cell phone control devices for teen drivers?  02:01texasdiver11:11songman52
15p Inherited accounts  21:57airahcaz11:00sscritic
27p What amount of Earnest Money - New Pulte Home  17:47hackermb10:45sscritic
11h CD interest payments  15:27mickeyd09:45sscritic
16h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide08:42Stan Dup
104c Here's another "where should I retire" thread  page: 2 307/23TomatoTomahto18:20sunnyday
3c Unlocked phone question with Cricket Wireless  07/26SuperGrafx15:40SuperGrafx
0t parking money  11:17swodo  
0t Expanded asset class "periodic chart"  22:53Tamales  
8h Need Investing Advice  07/24PH1218:50Taylor Larimore
4h Rebalancing 401k in a Sane Way  07/25EhMerman11:25The529guy
3t my quarterly hedge fund update  07/23larryswedroe10:49thx1138
76t Vanguard quietly adds longevity annuities  page: 207/26nisiprius08:17thx1138
12p rewards checking account  07/26rsbv11:41tibbitts
39c Apple TV  07/17rjbraun07:01TomatoTomahto
822t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172012Taylor Larimore22:48Trelin946
4h Mid-term, Non-retirement, Taxable Investments  18:28V1RTUS23:34V1RTUS
4h Looking for Bonds for my portfolio, gov bonds offer  07/26Vision06:15Vision
8p Tips for incorpating a charity  22:07sunnyday09:07wesef
55p Buying a Home - Town permit records don't match disclosures  page: 207/26wilked20:40wilked
8p Saving for Adoption  07/27LittleFish22:50William Million
8h Calculus in determining Roth vs. Traditional?  12:51PonziScheme22:54Zabar

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