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50p strategy to get brokerage bonuses  page: 208/2415202guy00:14penumbra
1h 401k transaction price different from ticker symbol prices  08/252sls08/25grabiner
6h Intermediate term tax exempt bond fund or TBM? Pls help  04:54ababs16:13imgritz
14t Asset Location 3 fund port  08/27ababs09:32ababs
10c Donald Trump - The Apprentice  11:48abuss36815:44abuss368
6p Series 7  08/07aCautiousWind08/26aCautiousWind
42h 87 Year Old Grandmother Has $600,000 In the Bank  08/23acemanhattan08/25countdown
6h Paying off house in cash  08/23achen929108/26achen9291
7h My Portfolio, Simplicity vs Expense Ratio Optimization  08/25aj4408/26aj44
12c Anybody using dash cameras?  09/07aja888808/27traumadoc77
12t Catastrophe Brewing - Longevity  08/25Alan S.08/27pkcrafter
48p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar18:12Alskar
17c Looking to buy a new car but hesistant.  08/25alwayshedge08/27dbCooperAir
36h Total International Bond Index Fund  08/25AlwaysSkeptical16:13cfs
27p 401(k) poll - lawyer/oil and gas worker/airline employee?  08/27an_asker11:18Valuethinker
11p Help with specific COL calculations: Midwest vs Coastal City  08/27AndroAsc19:00Hug401k
0c New stuff and services for future  11:37andyandyandy  
30p gifting money, and smoking  08/19Angelus35908/25Angelus359
2h My Investment Scenario - Looking for Advice  08/26anonymouse08/26mnvalue
6h How sustainable if the inflation adjusted income of VTSMX?  08/27anonyvestor08:18Valuethinker
1f There should be a podcast to summarize the forums  08/27anpaul14708/27LadyGeek
16p How to find a lawyer for estate planning?  08/27Antoinette22:05J295
4p Personal Financial Planning question  08/26archman6508/26livesoft
58h What 5 stocks can I own forever?  page: 208/24archman6508/26chaz
2t help with the math...  08/26arcticpineapplecorp.08/26indexmeasap
3h Help - 401k Plan at Work Switching From Fidelity to JH  10:44Ares5418:04livesoft
197c Zegna Suits  page: 2 3 408/24ArthurO15:21LadyGeek
4h 403b excessive fees?  08/25ArthurO08/26ArthurO
15h Please help me with new portfolio puzzle  21:17Austex117:01Austex1
23h What to do with 401K and 457 from old employer  07/10Austex108/27retiredjg
19t Shiller P/E nearly guaranteed to be lower in 5 years  08/21BackInTheBlack08/27siamond
36p Inheritance to be held in expensive trust for ~10 years  2012badbear05:10JerLon
0t Blog: This week on the wiki August 27, 2014  19:28Barry Barnitz  
111c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 2 307/14bbrock10:52letsgobobby
3h What next after exhausting tax advantaged retirement?  06:22BeaverFood08:20jebmke
8p Raise deductible after an insurance claim?  08/27berg08/27denovo
16p Term Life Insurance Help  08/26berg08/27mikep
4p Liability Insurance without Home or Car Insurance  19:58berntson12:19mnnice
103t Bad(?) advice given about Target Date Retirement funds  page: 2 308/18bertilak08:10BigOil
1t Investing jungle..."authoritative" sources unbalanced  02:52BigOil11:04YDNAL
22t Burton Malkiel Opinion in WSJ -- "Are Stock Prices ..."  06:40BillyG18:06whaleknives
6h Angel Investing  18:45blackwater17:14Tonen
13p calculators for ARM vs fixed mortgages?  08/18bling08/26bling
4t How would one analyze the claim "American Funds Outperform"  08/25bnes08/26ThePrune
1t Recent Changes In The Gains From Delaying Social Security  08/26bobcat208/26Leeraar
27t Vanguard merged Mutual fund + brokerage - anyone have yet?  01/07boggler08/25JamesSFO
2c Possible mail scam?  17:57bogleviewer18:06mickeyd
17c Sick Building Syndrome (Electrical Pollution)  21:59bogleviewer15:07LadyGeek
30p Can a Boglehead put down 10% on a house?  08/25Bonhomie08/26Meg77
3h Help with Vanguard Annuity decision  15:32boomergeneration17:16Dale_G
3h Old 401k (good) + new 401 (bad) asset allocation  08/25BostonBorg08/27BostonBorg
7h To take pension early or not, that is the question...  08/26bpg123408/27dickenjb
117p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 2 307/21brak08/27The529guy
13h 12b-1 Fees  08/26Brantley08/27Sciray
46t Study: poor 5-yr U.S. returns -- overweight foreign?  08/26Browser17:25Browser
20t Can someone make a living as a Boglehead financial advisor?  08/27Browser13:16bschultheis
75c Subaru Blues  page: 208/20Browser08:15Keep It Simple
16t Goldman-Sachs: bonds to 4%, 6% stock returns  08/19Browser05:38nisiprius
4c The most hated car brand in America is...  08/27Browser08/27Browser
11c GMail successfully hacked 92% of the time  08/25Browser08/26mucho dinero
2f Problems posting replies today  08/27bsteiner08/27chaz
24h Tax loss harvesting  21:10Bubbagump18:11petrico
9h Muni vs TIPS vs TBM  08/24Bubbagump08/25siamond
7h 401k / Roth 401k Rollover + Rebalance  08/25burner2014082517:46Duckie
16c Arches-Bryce-Zion road trip: Where to stay?  08/26Bustoff08/27chuck-b
187p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 3 407/26Buysider08/26investor1
33c Auto accident today  08/25camper08/26Epsilon Delta
34p Life insurance with Long term care rider  08/22camptalcott16:13ThePrune
6t Really dumb question from a newbie. passive investing  08/26camptalcott08/27pkcrafter
2h Beginners questions on 401K plan  08/27camptalcott08/27investor1
10h Schwab Financial Consultant  08/25CanyonCitySteve08/26Sbashore
60p Cash in Safe Deposit Box..??  page: 205/27Cautious Optimist08/26midareff
16h Portfolio advice for 401K with no match & high ER  07/15chartcab378508/27chartcab3785
39h Do you split your VEU (into VEA+VWO) & VEA (into VGK+VPL)?  07/22chasiu20912:43livesoft
33h Do you diversify into international bond?  08/14chasiu20911:49rob
15h Which bond ETFs do you have?  07/29chasiu20911:38chasiu209
33c When to leave a neighborhood for greener pastures?  08/25Cherokee821510:37Boomer01
79c Is it me, or are "collectibles" worthless in 2014?  page: 208/23Cherokee821508/26bungalow10
18h Help with 401(a) choices for a new investor  08/25chiseller08/27chiseller
5p Small Business Profits/Distributions - What to do?  08/26Clay8208/26Gropes & Ray
12t Interest rates, Bonds and Fed  08/26cmills17:46cmills
11t Change broker for sign up bonus  08/26CoderDude00:20placeholder
120h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95408/27Makaveli1988
27c Quicken 2015 for Mac released  08/21crg1108/25JamesSFO
2t Real Estate Diversification question  08/25ctreada08/25FinancialDave
14h Bond fund in taxable account (CA resident)  08/25D5710220:04D57102
19h Portfolio advice for Mom at 86 years  08/26dand7613:44BL
20h Need help with 401k Strategy  08/26dave827416:07dave8274
25p Chase Freedom reward changes in 2016  08/23DavidC08/26PocketChangePension
6h Question on ESOPs  14:28dbh2518:09livesoft
9h Roth conversion from traditional IRA  08/26dbh2508/27dbh25
2h ESOPs and previous employers  08/25dbh2508/25dbh25
12h Newbie Seeking Portfolio Guidance  08/20dczarniawski08/25dczarniawski
27t The Larry Portfolio - For Tilters and S&D'ers Only  08/23Deep Thoughts08/27Clive
89c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 210/13denovo12:56leonard
11h Do vanguard funds compound monthly?  08/25Derivative08/26dratkinson
10c Chicken or Fish  16:03dickenjb16:40LadyGeek
67t S&P500 over 2000  page: 208/25dickenjb11:05mptfan
77l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 22012dickenjb08/27pulcinella
5p 18 and Need Help Starting  08/25DiogenesOfOakland08/26Gropes & Ray
4h complete newbie, have no idea where to start  08/26direwolf1008/26direwolf10
6c roomba?  11:48dolphinsaremammals16:29investor1
3c Nook library empty on pc  08/25dolphinsaremammals07:22James2
5p Calculating MAGI for Medicare Part B.  09:48DonCamillo11:36ObliviousInvestor
1c Anyone have experience with Chimney Saver protectivecoating?  08/25dowse08/25EagertoLearnMore
29c Moving to Eastern PA - need advice  08/25EagertoLearnMore08/27smackboy1
4h Portfolio Review - Self-Employed Couple  08/24Elarayan08/26Elarayan
6h Portfolio Asset Allocation advice  08/27ElecEel12:49ElecEel
4h AA suggestions for short period of high earnings  08/26el oso suerte20:44el oso suerte
11c When can you afford a $200K depreciating asset?  19:18EnjoyIt21:29LadyGeek
12h Ally Bank CD  08/27exoilman08:28yosef
24t Trying to understand the 1040 Tax Table  08/25Faith2087915:25Epsilon Delta
10h Backdoor Roth IRA Timing Question  08/25fdeanw08/26DSInvestor
10c Anybody heard of/used Zinc Save?  08/24forkhorn12:41daw007
46p What to consider while purchasing an existing business?  08/21fourwedge09:21BigOil
2h MLI USA Variable Annuity Series L - NEED ADVICE  08/26foxtrot08/26foxtrot
66h Confession: I bought a stock. What is wrong with me?  page: 203/16fredflinstone16:01LongerPrimer
6c BMW X3 vs Mercedes GLK350  11:15funeshah17:01Browser
6c No heat, gas insert and radiator questions......  2013gadfly88808/26Finance Doc
18p Only need $315k non-retirement $ to retire at Age 43?  10:01Gambler16:18freddie
58t 100% stock AA-> At what age to add bonds?  page: 208/24Gambler08/27YDNAL
7t If my 70/30 Stock/Bond portfolio matched the S&P500 gains  08/24Gambler08/26DaufuskieNate
9p Guidance on car insurance  08/26Gardener09:55rooms222
4t Economic Forecasts  08/27Ged16:08Valuethinker
82p Vanguard:"Social Security: How to decide when it's time."  page: 208/11gkaplan08/25LadyGeek
10p Leaving Ameriprise  08/26Gnirk08/27poker27
12l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate08/26clayr361
2h 401K and AA  13:16gravity15:39investor1
4h Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (EDV). Thoughts?  08/25Greatness08/25#Cruncher
4h Investments that pay death benefits  08/26greenzellybean08/27LongerPrimer
45t Can a Commodities Fund be a Long-Term Investment?  08/22Gropes & Ray10:47Clive
20p Transfer on Death (TOD) for Vanguard taxable accounts  08/24Hat08/25Hat
9t Your thoughts on farmland values  08/27Hawkeye_Saver16:23Mike Scott
2t Comments on MOAT ETF ?? - Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Index  08/26hirlaw08/26Ged
21h Newbie- Setting up our portfolio  03/15hulio8207:58hulio82
10h Help wanted: After 20+ years finally looking at expenses  10:25ilovedavidstove14:01Grt2bOutdoors
73p Telling my friends I paid off my house was a mistake.  page: 208/25imgritz23:48vitaflo
12f Suggestion: A 'Best Of Bogleheads Posts' Sub-Forum  10/17Index Fan08/26harikaried
69p VBS upgrade roll out has started  page: 211/06indexfundfan08/26JamesSFO
110p My husband's " WILL", $ left for me to live on....  page: 2 310:48Ineedadvice5018:08Ineedadvice50
2f wiki change request  22:07in_reality05:11in_reality
8h Portfolio review - input needed please  08/25investlikeafool08/27ruralavalon
15t Question on dividends  08/24investor_coffee08/26JoMoney
83h What are you up YTD?  page: 208/26InvestorNewb22:2122twain
31c did I damage my fridge by leaving the door open for a week?  08/24Iorek08/26Valuethinker
23p convince me not to use traditional IRA for house downpayment  08/22irwinmfletcher08/26Bob's not my name
12p Health Insurance Premium is HSA eligible expense?  08/15jack.bauer08/27jack.bauer
81c Kaiser vs Blue Shield  page: 208/19jay2217:04SamB
17c New home worth the extra $$?  08/25jay2201:32denovo
14h What ETF or MF for Emergency Fund?  2012Jay6911:41mcamps34
5h Advice on asset allocation not quite entering retirement.  08/24jayars3508/25jayars35
10c Another Smartphone/Verizon Question  20:02jb911:44Shadow_Dancer
6h Callable municipal bonds  08/25jbaron08/25Sagenick48
73c Buying a home with aluminum wiring?  page: 208/19jcb303008/25FinancialDave
26p Fee-Only Advisor Cost?  08/26jcman0117:40cherijoh
7h Vanguard Primecap Core (VPCCX)&Vanguard Total Stock  08/26JD08/27JD
10h Where to invest $100,000 this week  05:48jealkon17:55livesoft
11h 401k ER Reduction / Bond Funds  08/23jemjtell08/26grabiner
8p Paying mortgage down or invest instead?  08/26jimbeam2219:34Khanmots
39c Earthquake Preparedness  08/24john9454908/26dolphinsaremammals
4t How Does Vanguard Re-Balance VBIAX  08/25john9454908/25DSInvestor
10t I/EE Bonds as tax advantaged space expansion  08/26johnny84708/26johnny847
26p Death of family member - what to do financially  08/25jojay18:10fposte
7c Purchasing a bathtub  10:07jonbois11:17Rodc
100p Mortgages and financial freedom  page: 2 308/25Jozxyqk18:05cherijoh
15h Should we invest or pay off mortgage ?  08/25junkemailid19:33inbox788
68t International allocation  page: 208/24kazper16:05JoMoney
4p Excel RATE set up question  08/27Kelly08/27Oicuryy
13h Saving for a house down payment in 5-7 years...  08/26kevkim408/27magneto
13h Married couple and balancing TSP with other investments?  08/25kevkim408/26MichDad
14h Need some Boglehead advice ...  08/23Ki_poorrichard11:04abuss368
4h Portfolio advice requested!!  08/26kvintage1208/26kvintage12
29c Pay cash for flight on sale, or use FF mileage quandry  08/21kwan208/26protagonist
10c Banking on VPN or off for Man in the Middle issue?  08/23kwan208/25madbrain
3p Roths and Roth Converstions re tax Planning  12:11LadyIJ17:43Peter Foley
1t second in series on hedge funds  08/27larryswedroe20:45Tamales
5c Seeking New Mobile Service Provider  08/25lawman396612:51daw007
6h Own the same fund in multiple accounts?  09:43Lax6716:14House Blend
10t Best time to exercise stock options  08/26lazyfabs08/27tyler_cracker
0l Milwaukee Tuesday September 2, 2014  08/25LeeMKE  
34p Savers vs. Spenders: Default Mode  08/26Leesbro6308/27LadyGeek
2c Question for Mac Excel 2011 users  17:09Leif18:05TimeRunner
3p When to refinance an ARM?  07:34Len3309:04Len33
0t Marston:  08/27linuxizer  
15p Taxes on Roth conversion at retirement  08/26llessac1508/26Bob's not my name
6t Fidelity and Vanguard Reps are they different?  08/25lmoyer08/26lmoyer
11h compartion btween ishares and vg ETFs  08/22looking08/27in_reality
1h VBS minimum for Treasury Auction transactions  08/25Louis Cypher08/26#Cruncher
9h Roth Conversion during an economic downturn  08/25Lynette08/26Lynette
3p Gut rehab vs. teardown to avoid cap gains tax on sale?  08/24Lysander08/26Lysander
2c Playing Apple Lossless music files on android  03:42madbrain07:14LowER
9h Fido/Vanguard vs. Fido  08/24Makaveli198808/27BigJohn
22h New Investor- Am I making sound investments?  08/20mam08/25mam
3p Please Help:Divorced Spouse Taking Social Security at Age 62  00:57mars04:59The Wizard
215h I need "Ultra High Net Worth" investing advice please  page: 2 3 4 508/23MASERATIken08/27MASERATIken
2c rolling carry-on luggage?  08/26MC201408/27MC2014
4h MRDs and taxes  08/27mcblum08/27dodecahedron
3h Acorns - Automatic Investing  08/26MickeyCharles08/26The529guy
16h Help with 403b choice  08/21mikeamme08/26pingo
6p Permanent life insurance after maxing out IRA, 401K  08/26mindfulmania08/27dhodson
15t Cost Basis Method  08/27minhnusa16:28ubermax
31h Fidelity Charitable Fund Questions  07/30minskbelarus4708/26Timoneer
5p Advice on new home  07:59mjd071715:36Chan_va
0h Asset Allocation - Final Review  08/27mkinvestor  
39p Husband rear-ended, driver ignoring his insurance  08/26mojave08/27iceman
9c Garden 2014 - late summer report  08/24MP17308/26dolphinsaremammals
3h Total world stock or diversification  08/26mpt follower08/26nobsinvestor
6t Math Question re: Annualized Total Return  08/25mrbadexample08/27indexmeasap
3c Want to upgrade/ trade car - tips and tricks and help  08/27mrehal08/27mrehal
13p is short term disability worth it?  08/23mrehal08/26UnclePennybags
19h Can/do you sell bonds to purchase stocks?  08/27mrfister23:21Lafder
14p HSA - how to decide if it is worth it?  08/27msj1622:07Spirit Rider
10c Policy on changing Passwords  08/26mucho dinero11:26Mudpuppy
28p Using [a 401(k)] advisor for fiduciary guidance  08/19mycal7508/26Alskar
3c Paying for genealogy research?  08/25Myopic squirrel08/27celia
4p Interesting take on SS at 62 plus dividend income  08/26nbseer08/26joe8d
17c Which bed should I buy?  08/27new2bogle16:43orlandoman
20p Questions for Landlords  08/27newkidontheblock00:08MC2014
21h What's the Market Neutral fund good for?  2010nisiprius08/26grok87
2h Help with portfolio  08/25NKOTB08/25NKOTB
50p Hit a financial milestone at an age milestone  page: 208/26NorCalHiker09:58livesoft
128t The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home  page: 2 308/08nscherneck18:02wilked
6h Where to put money while waiting for 401k  08/26nscherneck23:43johnny847
28p What about non-U.S. colleges?  08/25Nuvoletta22:48Zabar
2p NYC - Job Agencies - skilled trade jobs  08/26Nyc196708/27jridger2011
4h Roth IRA from Merrill Edge to Vanguard  08/25ny_rn08/25placeholder
36t Municipal bonds 1y returns - exuberance and caution  08/21ogd17:41postingname
10t S&P 500 Equal Weight Index  08/25Pale Horse08/26YDNAL
50p How I look at $ in the real world vs my retirement accounts  page: 207/09physicsgal08/25Atgard
8h Questions: Target 2035/Three fund portfolio  23:42plain_vanilla10:38plain_vanilla
1t A Primer on John Templeton  16:58postingname17:39Howard Donnelly
24t Schwab - now endorsing Index Funds  08/26ps56k07:27happyisland
9h Fidelity vs Vanguard target funds, exactly what is going on?  08/27puissant08:43in_reality
2h Invest in my company's HSA or another?  08/25Q8508/25grabiner
3253c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 662012randomwalk07:53Valuethinker
23p Rollover gone wrong  08/15raspino21:23Alan S.
10c Any experience with LifeSpan TR800 DT5 Treadmill Desk?  02/26raymclean08/27happyisland
52t What's "The Herd" doing today?  page: 208/27Reb Tevye13:30fourwedge
3h Hi! And Thanks!  08/25Reb Tevye08/26Bfwolf
29t Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or a Vanguard Variable Annuity  08/27rec718:14rec7
21p What is it like to live in Charlottesville, VA?  07/26rec708/27floydian
5c Cell phone plan on cruise - direct experience?  20:56ResearchMed23:20john94549
36c How to safely sell a big ticket item online  08/27retiredjg08:50rsterbal
11c How Much For New Windows?  09:19Reubin11:28MtnTraveler
0t Stock returns over the FOMC cycle  06:59richard  
8h Revised Portfolio Asset Allocation  08/13riptide08/27riptide
4p GPS: Garmin 2558 vs. Tom Tom Go600  08/27Rob5TCP21:34TomatoTomahto
322t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 707/16Rob Bertram08/25Spec7re
40t Emerging markets 1900-2013  08/26Robert T17:51SnowSkier
110t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 311/22Robert T08/27caklim00
3t web app to backtest CAPE-based tilting strategy  08/26robhybrid23:09robhybrid
4p Term to Perm Insurance  08/27rogers-SNK08/27dhodson
4h Choice for IRA  08/25rosebuds08/26ruralavalon
3h Portfolio analysis  08/26rsbv08/26Gropes & Ray
4h 529 question for adult student  08/26Runner0108/26johnny847
42p using the 15% tax bracket  08/22RustyShackleford08/25Electron
2p SS Benefits  07:39RYD07:58cheese_breath
11p Establishing "Small Business" and Cheating IRS?  08/27sailfish208/27LadyGeek
16c Chase savings account bonus deposit  08/25SBritt10:30placeholder
46c California residents - do you have earthquake insurance?  08/26schmitz17:56interplanetjanet
42h What to do with individual stock I received?  08/25seahawks4life10:53abuss368
18c .com rather than .gov, lesson learned  08/27seattlereader00:31Epsilon Delta
8t invest only in vtsmx and total bond market index.  08/26selftalk16:17YDNAL
23t Warren Buffet and the S&P index fund  08/27selftalk10:29cfs
2t IndexView: Cool interactive software on stock returns  08/25Sents08/26Erhan
25c No car for 10 years - should I scratch the itch?  22:31sharke18:06Crimsontide
88p Do you take all of your allowed paid vacation time?  page: 208/22Sheepdog13:12Alex Frakt
4h Just a quick checkup of assets.  18:59shiboghe20:08Makaveli1988
2h Changes to 401k target funds, BlackRock  20:14Silverado20:43LAlearning
8t A Low-Return Future? Are We Prepared?  16:36Simplegift18:13Cut-Throat
12t Market Corrections — Befriending the Beast  08/26Simplegift08/27Ever Ready
27t The Extreme Outliers of the Investment Universe  08/25Simplegift08/26postingname
13h Young, Ambitious and Relatively Clueless  08/26singern20:32ruralavalon
2p Huge rate increase on umbrella insurance renewal  08/25Skizbo08/25cheese_breath
5h Request Additional Investment Advice  08/27Smith$1108:43Smith$11
13h Help Collecting Useful Threads for A New Boglehead  08/25Snow Boarder08/25therub
7l Master Thread - Greenville Metro Bogleheads  08/20Snow Boarder08/25Snow Boarder
15p FYI, PenFed offering 0.0% new car loans  08/26SnowSkier08/27modal
36c Luggage recommendation  07/06soccerdad1208/27praxis
3h Guidance with Asset Allocation  08/27sonofwam09:03sonofwam
14h Newbie - Please critique my portfolio - suggestions welcome  08/20Southern36year-old09:30M_to_the_G
16p Compute Mathematical Best/Fastest Way to Pay off Car Loan?!  08/27Southern36year-old08:36Southern36year-old
2h Once you know your asset allocation,how to modify portfolio?  08/26Southern36year-old08/26kazper
4h Stock Grant  08/27southerndoc08/27Raladic
23h My Wife's 401k is expensive.  08/25SpicyUnagi08/26HurdyGurdy
0t <Online course> Stocks and Bonds: Risks and Returns  16:14srinivas  
2h Using dollar amount caps  08/25StarbuxInvestor08/27StarbuxInvestor
8h 87 yr old mom just inherited $200,000 - what to do with it?  08/27Startin'up00:57Ki_poorrichard
11h AA out of whack - need rebalancing advice!  08/23steadyon08/26Lafder
13p Physician disability  07/07Steltoc21:37Gleevec
0h Looking for advice/critique  09:40StephenMaturin  
4h On the fence with VDC  08/25StevieG7208/25BigJohn
10t Fun way to teach teenagers about stocks and investing  08/27Stickman17:33artiegene
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