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53p When is it safe to share financial details with gf, future wife  page: 205/251tolivesimply05/25LadyGeek
19p Which online banks accept incoming wires (and are generally good).  05/1755514:21555
2p Form 5498-SA from HSA Custodian  05/23AAA05/24AAA
3h 32 year old--help investing in taxable for first time  05/25abrash10:43hand
848c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1708/30abuss36806:15Jim85
6h New Investor- how does Berkshire Hathaway fit in a Portfolio  03/11acc1706:26dhodson
10t Simple (ex: DFA core) Vs Complex (S&D multiple segments)  05/23A_C_E05/24heyyou
2h Ally bank or pay down mortgage (or neither/both)  18:24adam12301:56adam123
1h Regular or Roth 457?  17:53adam12319:32dbltrbl
5h Moving Starbucks stock from Computershare to Vanguard?  12:06adam12313:34linenfort
18h Upcoming Economic Bubble  05/26Adrian P20:25Adrian P
5h Changing my bond allocation  05/25adriciu13:31livesoft
42c Bogota and the Coast of Columbia travel  2008aerofreaky1105/25TimeRunner
12h Multiple Accounts Asset Allocation  05/25AG201514:19retiredjg
6h Uncertain health, portfolio advice  05/23ajacobs605/24investor
24l San Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter  03/21alanwbaker05/25JW Nearly Retir
725c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1509/22Alex Frakt19:44gkaplan
206f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 4 505/02Alex Frakt05/25LadyGeek
12p Kids allowance, Savings education, Kids investments  05/22Ally05/24LadyGeek
8h Rebalancing for a 3-fund 80/20 portfolio  05/25Alto Astral10:48Alto Astral
7p Does a recent student loan affect mortgage rates?  05/24Alto Astral05/25Alto Astral
3h Commodity futures?  05/25am05/25heyyou
23h Ally Savings and MMA  05/24andrew92817:08andrew928
1c Planning a wedding in Long Island NY  11:03AND_YOU_ARE12:17livesoft
7p SEP or Solo 401k  05/23anonenigma05/24retiredjg
8c Quality medicines  05/23AQ05/25martiansteeler
17p Patient-Ordered Medical (Genetic) Tests  13:52archbish9921:04Ged
0h My Swedish Quartet portfolio  05/24Ari  
6h Currency risk for a Swede  05/23Ari05/24Ari
10p Individual 401k vs SEP IRA if I cannot do the backdoor Roth  05/23artibug20:49artibug
7p Parents getting US green card - Tax planning  08:49ashagru06:00TedSwippet
2c Front load Washing machine does not lock  10:22atlanta_dad10:54nordlead
3h Would you compliment 500 Index with Extended Market or Tax Advantaged Small Cap?  00:46B0gle797903:22DSInvestor
117t What's so great about simplicity?  page: 2 305/17babington05/25Taylor Larimore
46t Market Cap and Value  05/21backpacker05/24Clive
12p Does this inflation Calculator Make Sense ???  05/21BahamaMan05/24BahamaMan
8p DRB Student loan refinance turnaround  05/13balderdash105/24balderdash1
2h asset allocation from target to 3 fund  12:39BAM!12:44Kevin M
6c IRS Data Breach Announced Today  20:11Barefootgirl03:31JLJL
8c New phone considerations for Consumer Cellular  03/11batpot22:57batpot
148c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 2 309/30Beezthree05/25miles monroe
14t Emerging market bond funds  05/22Beliavsky05/24nisiprius
9t Guide to Investing's international allocation confusion  04/29Bellcross21:39Taylor Larimore
3t Stock Splits and Options  05/22Benn195005/24grabiner
3p Just general comments for a 22 y/o on financial position  23:25bigguy843701:34bcjb
3h Investing advice for a recent 22 y/0 graduate  05/26bigguy843707:29Grt2bOutdoors
78c Lexus vs. MB vs. BMW  page: 205/20Biil McNeal05/25randomguy
9p Solar Panels  05/26Bimmer16:04sharpjm
11t John Nash killed in car crash  05/24bobcat213:35LadyGeek
31h Budget allocation between LARGE student loan burden and Retirement_Updated details  05/05BobLaw14:27Chadnudj
2h Roth IRA contributions for spouse no longer working  16:24bogleraw16:33Sunny Sarkar
5h Portfolio for maxed long-term return  05/23Bozwaldo23:46Bozwaldo
33c Looking for a DVR device for antenna TV (Simple.TV?)  05/19Browser20:50tj
27c Any solo retired RVer's out there?  05/23Browser05/252retire
10h Explaining Vanguard GNMA Admiral over past month  07:55Buffetologist17:59Electron
11c Essential Security Computer Programs  05/24Caduceus05/25BahamaMan
7c Recommend Anti-Virus/Internet Security Suite Please  05/24Caduceus05/24Rob5TCP
1h Savings bond help  19:46cals400ex20:10trueblueky
6c Know of investment (not budget) tracking software?  05/23Calsaver08:11Calsaver
24c Outside a/c fan isn't running (10 yr old system)  05/25canderson19:12tomd37
19p Mortgage Payoff Calculation? Help!  05/21Casper05/24Watty
42c Boglehead 4wd Car (for family)?  2014charlestown197806:21north2016
9p Extra mortgage payments or nonIRA investment?  05/24chrisdds9817:44Tamales
2h Help with Vanguard Portfolio  21:39cipherda06:01cipherda
8p Calculating Future Finances? Quicken etc.  05/23closetoreality05/24JohnFiscal
0p Any Bogleheads living at "The Cedars" in NC?  20:07coffeehubcap  
2h Expenses of funds  05/01congruent@05/25691175002
27c Kitchen Remodeling and Microwave Food  05/25CountryBoy19:59mhalley
31h Allocation with large holding in single stock  05/22cron001205/25Aptenodytes
6t Why is the higher ER winning?  05/25crswvc10:15crswvc
13p Life insurance as college saving  15:58D5710219:54dhodson
27p YNAB a good subsitute for Quicken?  05/12DaftInvestor18:35Yiewsley
12h Backdoor Roth IRA Considerations  03/04davidlukewilcox05/25retiredjg
2p Planning Ahead for Retirement, UofM  14:01dbCooperAir22:24humalupa
9c Buying a Leased Car (Was the Maintenance Done?)  15:19dbCooperAir20:04killjoy2012
9p 2011 Tax Error  05/24dbl_hoo05/25Alan S.
86p Friends/Family that don't invest!  page: 205/21ddurrett89618:41rgs92
15h Want to build a "Core Four" Schwab ETF portfolio  2014DebiT05/24pingo
2t "active" funds that are really index funds  05/24deepvalleys05/24JoMoney
6h Net Worth  21:05dekecarver05:43DualIncomeNoDeb
108c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 32013denovo07:48TomatoTomahto
2c Is grease inside a kitchen exhaust fan a fire hazard?  12:16d_green12:51cheese_breath
0l Sacramento Bogleheads @ Aioli Bodega 10:30 AM Sat June 13, 2015  15:21digarei  
4h Roth IRA transfer  13:51Diltsy21:51mhalley
5h Tax efficient way to unwind a dividend growth portfolio?  05/23divideby905/25Electron
83t Not your father's Total Bond Market Fund anymore  page: 205/21Doc23:16stlutz
3p Puzzled about WalMart gift card  05/25dodecahedron05/25Watty
8t Land Values, Tax Deferral, Wealth Retention and Income  05/22D Rawles05/24D Rawles
5p Plan For Attacking Student Loan  12:33drseapbu1017:45drseapbu10
31c Need to sell old home. Should we spend money to modernize it first?  05/25dsivi23:44dsivi
10h Fidelity 529 and Arizona and Deleware  04/13duke3308:48Grt2bOutdoors
50p Answer to Most Physician/High Income Job Questions:  page: 209/27duke3305/25duke33
12c Splurge Question on East Coast??? Pool or Beach Summer House or Both  05/24duke3305/25westie
4h Managed Futures ETF  05/24DyeVerseEveI05/25ehec
0p Problem with international wire transfer  21:32eddu  
30p The end of the nest egg  05/21effillus05/25john94549
60p Don't come to Europe with a new chip and sign credit card  page: 204/14enebyberg05/24mistike
16p Comparing two common Social Security claiming strategies for married couples  07:44Enkidu22:45ObliviousInvest
10p Divorced spouse filing for Social Security  03/24Enkidu05/25Penguin
38h Need Income-Wellesley & Wellington or just Wellesley  01/22equivestor22:04leonard
40p Major issues with new website  01/08EvelynM05/24wander
7t Pay off student loan or invest?  05/24exitreality05/25fourwedge
90h please confirm: early retirement  page: 205/22feh05/25xystici
5h liquid alternative/market neutral option in 401k  19:58FinanceFrank22:27lack_ey
23c Best way to re-key locks on new house?  05/25financial.freed23:32CABob
1c Advice Re: roof replacement South Bay LA County?  05/25financial.freed05/25rrppve
27p Question about Taxes on Social Security  05/24FiveDriver18:01dodecahedron
74t Let's hear your Dave Ramsey success stories  page: 209/24fourwedge05:43watchnerd
1c Medical Billing small Dr. Office illegal? (updated)  04:52frogmaster05:56prudent
10c Good 3-way LED Bulb?  05/21FrugalInvestor05/25FrugalInvestor
4h What would be the best investment options for me?  14:04galerecon116:23retiredjg
121t Any Momentum Investors Out There?  page: 2 312/01gatorman23:19Fryxell
9t Has anyone traded primarily (or exclusively) based on stochastic and MACD data? How did it go?  05/24Gauss4405/24Uncle Pennybags
2t Callan Factor Portfolio Paper  04/22Gecko10x04:06Robert T
0p 1st year HSA questions  19:49goGators  
15h Confused [about bonds]  05/21Grandpa05/24Lafder
25p One cent over on HSA, now what?  2012gtaylor05/24555
19t Taking out a HELOC to invest  05/22Gufomel05/24grabiner
7h UPDATED INFO: Please, Please, Please! Help Us Improve our Portfolio  05/25hailey8333322:50BigJohn
8p Church Endowment RFP  07:50HANK196415:39nedsaid
0p Current 0% effective APR leveraging opportunities  05/24harikaried  
1p IRS hacked...  22:35Hawaiishrimp22:41stan1
37c Still make sense to have AAA membership?  05/25Hawaiishrimp18:36Rob54keep
5c [Portfolio size] / [Dream Car] ratio  05/25Hawaiishrimp05/25Hawaiishrimp
29c Just bought new car, should I buy extended warranty?  05/25Hayden05/25dm200
4c New Car - Partner Purchase Program  05/25Hazel-Rah05/25nhdean
5c Cheapest host to buy and sponsor a domain name?  22:48HenryPorter06:40Watts
81c I found a new coffee.  page: 207/02Hexdump02:03JLJL
13c Road trip Pittsburgh to Milwaukee  04/11hoops77705/25hoops777
2h Help with asset location and options - bond funds  04/23ImJustABill05/25grabiner
4h Investing for my 19 yr old son  05/25indexonlyplease05/25Miriam2
13h Correct Format with all funds included  05/13indexonlyplease05/25indexonlyplease
40p Question about Citi Double Cash Card  04/08INTRESIS19:43chahn1
12p Anyone met with Fidelity Advisor before?  05/26investingdad16:07frequentT
14c How much should I pay for a brand new car?  05/20investingnoob2005/24Lafder
4p Tax on promissory note  03/12investor4life15:04Gill
2h What to do with Wife's 401k?  08:31jackiechiles10:43BolderBoy
12h Help! I'm a hot mess when it comes to investing.  05/25jane201505/25Duckie
4c old books and stamp collection  05/25javan05/25sometimesinvest
15h Roth IRA Investment, Dave Ramsey Way?  05/25Jayhawk1217:32IPer
1h 401k to IRA, Roth IRA or new company SRA  05/22jd28413:56jd284
10p Medicare and Major Medical Question  05/21jdjd205/24dolphinsaremamm
12c How To Answer Cancer Health Question  05/24Jelloanddon05/26obgraham
7h Investing 101 with my daughter  05/24Jerry5505/25Jerry55
3h Requesting portfolio advice.  05/03jia05/25jia
7t 401k contributions - does order type matter?  08:38jimday198213:19livesoft
1t Withdraw without penalty from a solo 401k at 55 if stop working?  22:24jjface05:52livesoft
8h Medical Student Loan Refinancing - Fixed vs Variable  05/21jkushne105/24LadyGeek
5h Mortgage strategy please review  02:55JLJL06:16joebh
10h Portfolio Review for Hopeful Early Retirees  07:41jltandpct19:06jltandpct
3h New Investor - seeking guidance and affirmation  05/25jm8405/25Kevin M
11c Viking river Cruise - Budapest to Nuremberg  05/23JMKEBogleGuy05/25cherijoh
8h I know you hate Whole Life Insurance  20:23Joe585806:22lumberingc
0p Using a Florida LLC to start a NJ business  20:39Joe5858  
44c Buying a Car to commute - SUV or Sedan?  04/20joelly05/26ssquared87
14h sierra papa xray uniform [SPXU - ProShares Ultra-Short 3x S&P500]  05/14john9454913:46john94549
8h Day trading  21:02Jon.Thurman06:34john94549
2h Options for my spouse without 401(K)  05/24jontygeethu05/24Epsilon Delta
17t Wellington & Wellesley  10:46jsl1106:14fortyofforty
22p Dispute a credit card payment or not  05/24junior09:31JDot
13p American Express sneakery  16:55k519:38IPer
2p How much to contribute to a 529 Plan  05/14kate123405/25archbish99
5t Keep or sell Small Value VSIAX in taxable account?  05/25KC198305/25Ketawa
46h Do I really need International equities in my portfolio ?  05/23Kevin2275105:33john94549
7p Found a great LED deal...$2.49 each.  20:00kjvmike21:28tfb
11h Portfolio advice - two recently married 30 year olds  05/25kmb72722:19Duckie
93c Once in a life time trip.  page: 209:22ktd05:56tigermilk
33p Whole life or term life?  05/21ktd12:52HomerJ
63t another look at dividend paying stocks and valuations  page: 205/23larryswedroe15:04LRonHalfelven
6t Book recommendation  05/25larryswedroe13:48DFAMAN
5t First in four part series on four big bank active funds  05/19larryswedroe09:03larryswedroe
4h Vanguard Investments in Ireland, how to?  05/25LateStarter197515:03LateStarter1975
1h Slicing and Dicing: Time to Rebalance Toward International?  18:11LeeInTN18:26livesoft
5p NOLO on Sale: Wills, Landlord, buying/selling homes  05/23LeeMKE05/24Rob5TCP
12t Robo-Advisers and Behavioral Investing  05/25Leeraar12:26sully13
8h Portfolio advice needed, please.  05/10LeslieSmiley09:55LeslieSmiley
12t Mt Hood: 5% chance of eruption in next 30 years.  05/24letsgobobby05/25EmergDoc
26c Most effective wifi upgrade for range/speed?  05/23lightheir12:07DSInvestor
18h Moving Vanguard Funds to a broker?  05/19littlebird11:27toto238
7h Investing large sum, Mega Millions Lottery is $214 Million  05/24LiveSimple05/24LadyGeek
25c Do-it-yourself handy person: How did you learn?  05/25livesoft17:20celia
6p Credentialed Finanancial Advisors  14:37Lon21:13TheScarletKnigh
23c Window replacement -- Renewal by Andersen?  05/25Louis Winthorpe21:47leonard
12p Insights into buying a business--  05/20loves2read05/24Valuethinker
7p Removed credit freeze, lender still can't pull report  21:31LPSpecial05:59zzcooper123
1h Data on long term performance for investing  04/28lumberingc05/25Kevin M
383t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 812/19macav93312:39harikaried
4c Should I shorten my last name?  00:12mac_guy06:45beardsworth
81c Neighbor hired a surveyor. Should I be nervous?  page: 204/13mac_guy05/25an_asker
18p Displeased with Fidelity Cash / BNY Mellon- debit card theft  04/22madbrain05/26fidobogo
10h How much is enough diversification?  05/23Mambo_Diablo05/25ruralavalon
5h Personal Investments - Review  05/25manhamas17:30windhog
12h 36 Years Old With No Investments  05/24Marketing Junki05/25jnet2000
4h Immediate annunities  19:00martie6719:37dhodson
71h Medicare supplemental insurance  page: 22012Marymom1621:18dm200
14c Cellular/wifi traveling to Scotland  05/16matonplayer18:18ourbrooks
5h HPQ Nov 1 Split  05/25mchax05/25mchax
1h Early Roth IRA Distribution  19:17MDisciple8719:37mhalley
17h Evaluating my 401k elections at 25 years old  05/14mech_engineer07:20mech_engineer
27h an appropriate bond fund for taxable account  05/23mesaverde06:20watchnerd
54t Bill Gross Thinks the End Is Near  page: 205/22metacritic05/24Browser
14h 457(b) questions with state pension  05/17mevertsen05/24flatfoot
6h Adjustments to a taxable account  09:44mhall20:56grabiner
12t suitability of Vanguard Target retirement funds  05/21midwest8522:41grabiner
25p Penfed 0.99% auto loan  05/21mikep01:47harikaried
158p much ado about coasting (through life)  page: 2 3 405/08Mill19:44tj
23c How to sell a large statue?  05/24mmcmonster05/25dolphinsaremamm
2h Rebalancing Portfolio IRAs  04/21mms00:59mms
8p IRA distribution question  05/21mms05/24mms
38c Visiting Nashville during the summer  04/21moshe05/25tomd37
3h The Power Of An Int'l Bond ETF Like ‘BNDX’  01:41mpt follower05:43nisiprius
37t Reducing the Black Swans  05/11mpt follower01:19lack_ey
3p Another SS question  22:37mule00:01BL
8h 30 year old freelance musician who wants to catch up  05/23Musicman198505/24mlipps
31c Teaching maths to a 4 year old  05/21new2bogle11:42new2bogle
43t Are Bond ETFs a bad idea?  05/23nobsinvestor13:25Hank Moody
1p lump sum divorce settlement  21:13Noe01:50mhalley
9t SO left the employer. ESPP and 401K accounts.  05/21NOgmacks09:33wfrobinette
17h Do I need to sell my REIT in taxable account?  15:43nolapepper21:56D57102
42h Amana Portfolio Allocation  2013Nomadix05/25Theoretical
5h Need 401K Advice - Best choices of mediocre options  05/24noraz12305/24gordon9775
6c Transition from Windows to IOS  13:59OAG14:50OAG
8h Portfolio Revaluation  05/18oinkyboinky19:15oinkyboinky
4c 5000 btu open window air conditioner  05/25pablolo21:06Archie Sinclair
2h MLP Investors: seek advice on "reabsorbtion" targets  05/24patriciamgr205/25LadyGeek
19h I'm a mess, how to deploy our money?  05/24perfectfromnowo05/25Matahari
5p HSA Excess Contribution -2014  16:36Pessimist5503:53bUU
1p Dual disability insurance: bad idea?  20:25phenom3422:02Lafder
33h Will Vanguard automatically convert to Admiral class shares?  05/23PhysicsTeacher20:26grabiner
19h Is this one way to pay for my kid's college?  12:56pinhead16:18pinhead
7t How to be a successful fund manager  05/21pkcrafter06:14Maynard F. Spee
1t Insightful paper on Risk- highly recommend for new investors  05/22pkcrafter05/25Kevin M
16c Recommendations on digital camera and video camera  05/21powersmo01:10jackholloway
1h 401k, IRA, HSA  05/24prettybogle05/24Blender
20h 401k - Vanguard mutual funds  05/14prettybogle05/24prettybogle
86c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 204/20protagonist22:51protagonist
31t Supreme Court rules in favor of 401k participants who object to high fees  05/18prudent19:45sschullo
2p Convert multifamily building ownership to Corp  13:34pugster15:30AWH_CPA
19c Home Remodel: Lowe's or Other Local Contractors?  05/24RadAudit08:44RadAudit
2h EE/I Bonds purchase question  12:23ragabnh12:45ragabnh
0t Questions for the Panel of Experts@Boglehead Conference?--Post Here Now  05:36Rager1  
7h Portfolio (and Bogleization from Complex- to Simplified-Diversification) Review Request  05/23rakish_weasel05/24ruralavalon
37p 2 million dollar mistake meeting with MIL's financial guy  04/23rallycobra07:38RNJ
24h At what point does 529 make sense  05/22RandomPointer17:49livesoft
44t Portfolio Volatility is a Big Drag on Returns  2014Random Walker01:23Leeraar
16p Roth IRA Tax question  05/22rec722:34Alan S.
4c Chest Freezer Organization Methods / Devices  05/25reneeh6305/25reneeh63
11h Building a diverse portfolio from sector funds  05/25revaldo2922:51revaldo29
9p Pediatric Practice  11:10rgarg22:21Lafder
1t FTSE Emerging Markets Index adds China A shares  01:07RJM04:54in_reality
130t PXSV has changed indexes  page: 2 303/13RJM00:31artbug
2h IRS Transcript page hacked  18:18rkhusky18:283Factor
4p CDs between Bank Accounts  10:40rmelvey11:33rmelvey
24h Help me help my retired father -- preferred stocks  05/21ryman55405/25Boglegrappler
7p Car got hit--what do I need to know?  13:09ryuns18:46lcs
3h NASDAQ Index Fund  05/24sam12305/25sam123
6p Verizon vs StraightTalk Plans  12:39samta0917:14mmmodem
4h UCRP Bogleheads, Follow-Up and Questions, Others Welcome  05/25SandDollar20:01SandDollar
26p A different way of calculating when to retire  05/24SanDiegoFIRE05/25IlliniDave
6h Limited Term Bonds v CDs  05/24sanfran201511:4853timr
9c WiFi [Thermostat] - Security Issues?  05/23Saving$10:10takeshi
3h Exchanging Vanguard Funds In Personal Account Relating to Tax  15:37schuerwm20:44grabiner
0h Advice on P&G PST Transfer to IRA  15:23schuerwm  
35t Advice from John Bogle and Warren Buffett  05/23selftalk05/24Noobvestor
10t Different funds  05/23sens05/24pkcrafter
16h American living in Taiwan  05/18sens05/24LadyGeek
9c LTE Coming to More Verizon MVNOs Soon  05/20Shadow_Dancer13:26Shadow_Dancer
14h Plan for Asset Allocation changes with age  05/24sharpjm05/25livesoft
21h Beginner investing  05/23shlomi33315:24Fallible
39p Real cost of a Masters (in the US)  05/23siamond14:34wfrobinette
130l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 2 312/04siamond09:08juntas
29p iPhone with or without contract?  05/22sksbog06:16tbradnc
2h Course correction...  04/20smj03:24desiderium
1p Independent contractor income from foreign work?  05/25Smokey2105/25Tom1397
8h Roth 401K vs Backdoor  05/23snackdog05/24BL
4f Active Discussions  05/25sogm05/25Mudpuppy
11p Do we need long-term care insurance?  05/24spartanap05/25Taylor Larimore
0p Poorcraft - a comic series about "the fine art of living well on less."  20:39Sphinx  
4h IRA vs 401(k) for flexible RMD, reason to roll over  20:07SpideyIndexer20:49randomguy
1h Best bank / cu to use along with TD Ameritrade for HSA  17:40startbyservingo00:19mhalley
10h A Lesson [in Portfolio Simplicity]  05/25steve roy16:25steve roy
14h Taking out a TSP loan to fund Roth IRA  05/21supersharpie05/24M_to_the_G
12h How is my Australian Financial Advisor doing?  05/24SurferD22:57SurferD
4c HVAC Questions - Straight AC vs Heat Pump  13:23Swampy22:33OldLearner
23p Credit Card for 16 Years Old  05/05swl407319:08leonardotmnt
8t Investment Priority turned upside down?  05/21tadamsmar15:04tadamsmar
12h Portfolio Review - Early Retirement (@50)?  05/23talltodd05/25randomguy
163p How much does social security factor into your retirement income?  page: 2 3 405/15Tamales04:23SGM
2p Was there some W2 recordkeeping change beginning in 1991?  05/25Tamales05/25Tamales
59t Stemikger "Volatility is far from synonymous with risk."  page: 205/24Taylor Larimore06:38Maynard F. Spee
3t "6 Mistakes to Avoid With Taxable Accounts"  22:29Taylor Larimore00:09fourwedge
42t "Does Your Fund Manager Consistently Beat the Stock Market?"  05/22Taylor Larimore18:57Maynard F. Spee
18l Memorial Day  05/25Taylor Larimore10:32kenner
1102t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232012Taylor Larimore05/24Kevin22751
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