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57c Google Voice Not Supported on OBi Devices After May 15 2014  page: 204/1755514:18caklim00
17t Dodge & Cox - Global Bond Fund on the way  02/28abuss36804/20MnD
21p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar14:24papa1
5p Part time work opportunity- opinions wanted  04/20am04/20YttriumNitrate
29c Whats the best mattress out there  2011amdmaxx13:34BW1985
27p Starting an RIA  04/20Andymoler5820:41whaleknives
12t Hedge fund fees  04/20Andymoler5819:40lhl12
45t Warren Buffett  04/21Andymoler5815:40LadyGeek
8t Real Estate Investing  04/22Andymoler5812:29Clearly_Irrational
20t Northwestern mutual  04/20Andymoler5804/21dhodson
12c Lawn care - fertilizer  09:51Andyrunner11:19RDB
34t What if a municipality invested  12:24Angelus35906:38johnep
7h Simplifying an inherited portfolio for a retired parent  03/18animalspirits04/21animalspirits
16p Where to put RMDs in budget?  04/19anncatchingup04/20anncatchingup
15p 401k vs Pension  04/02anonforthis04/21anonforthis
5t what's the % of world's investable assets in fixed income?  04/17arcticpineapplecorp.04/20arcticpineapplecorp.
17c What does a Boglehead Mattress look like?  04/21arsenebould04/21Random Musings
19c Buying mattress online. Please help  04/16arsenebould04/21LadyGeek
5t Solo 401k Contribution Limit Confusion  04/09Atgard04/20Atgard
6t wisebanyan - free investment management  04/21Austintatious04/22Austintatious
3t Wealthfront/Smart Beta or what?  04/20Austintatious04/21bpmurphy
11h Rollover to TSP  04/21Barefootgirl14:11at ease
30t Blog:William Bernstein’s Coward’s Portfolio  04/18Barry Barnitz22:45Mountain Man
2t Blog: David Swensen portfolio (from Unconventional Success)  04/22Barry Barnitz09:38Angst
4h Primerica sitin  20:06bearcub06:20HardKnocker
3p Expat tax advisor  04/22BeaverFood23:22MC2014
12t Total bond vs intermediate tax exempt  04/20Beckmaster11:03Wagnerjb
102h Retiree Roth Conversion Decision Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4804/21Sidney
10p What to say to financial planners/insurance brokers  21:26blevine23:24clubby
1p United Health Care and delayed FSA payments  04/21blevine04/21lululu
1t Do synthetic indexes have their place?  21:20blunderhk23:54dl7848
4h Freaked out non-US expat - please review  04/22blunderhk21:31Watty
7h Old Portfolio Mess 2 New Portolio Shine - please help  04/18boggas17:57boggas
33t Is social security a good investment?  11:24boggler15:57LadyGeek
8t FYI..W.Buffett on Bloomberg at 3 Today  06:51bondsr4me08:18Grt2bOutdoors
4h Fidelity transfer fees...  13:57bondsr4me07:53SpringMan
0p nice article on Charles Schwab.....  04/22bondsr4me  
10h Just started residency, need some portfolio advice  06/30brokemedstudent04/21MrMiyagi
11h New 24 yo Investor Looking for Advisor and Roth IRA Advice  04/21burhampointe08:07BL
2c Monthly Rental in Southern Calif.  08:49Bustoff09:13sscritic
8h Compensating for inflation with a fixed pension?  10:18Bustoff08:30dickenjb
8p From Rags to Riches to Rags (NYTimes.com)  04/20Captain Sensible04/21steve_14
6p Need living expenses w/o withdrawing from 401k. Advice?  04/21casual3410:17mmmodem
12p New graph on Personal Capital Dashboard  03/18cathyr04/20LadyGeek
1h Need Info about a solo 401K  16:44cetncetn16:57DSInvestor
40p paydown strategy for mortgage  04/19chak04/21Buffetologist
12h Please critique my 300k portfolio  04/20chameleon04/21clubby
23c Stopping unwanted "junk" newspaper  04/20Cherokee821515:39Jay69
16c Possible fraud? Getting mail about a car I don't own.  04/20Cherokee821504/21Cherokee8215
5h Portfolio Help: Part 2  04/19ChiefIllini04/20deikel
32h New Baby Girl - What Can/Should We Do?  04/21Chindsey08:01smackboy1
19p Testamentary Trust as Beneficiary  04/16CincyGuy04/20tarnation
19h Help looking for ways to get to 50-50  04/17Cody04/21JuanZ
13p Estate Planning Issues  04/17compounder04/21Sparklebunny
22t Trying to learn about Brokered CD's  04/20convert94906:37convert949
37h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  04/14coolguy95405:01madbrain
14c True Crypt - Possible Security Problems  04/16CougsHouse04/20georgewall42
7c Sell, trade, or keep 2nd car?  18:10countofmc09:11davebarnes
17c Is Stopping SPAM on Yahoo Possible?  04/20CountryBoy04/21dl7848
81p Sallie Mae loan servicer / death of co-signer  page: 22013cprgrfx04/22dgdevil
1p Backdoor Roth IRA  14:57craiganderson16:20will34
4c Which budget heating oil plan?  04/21crg1115:02magellan
22t Cambria Global Value - Value Tilt  04/11Cruick04/21cjking
23h 3 researched questions for you re: my portfolio & finances  04/18cs9704/20cs97
12h US Ex-Pat: Help needed with retirement savings  04/11d0gerz04:40Karamatsu
19p Need signature guarantee in Japan  04/22d0gerz21:43bpp
15h Planning Retirement and Tax efficiency, looking for advice  03/20dimdum18:35dimdum
3h Newbie considering Vanguard Target fund  09:48docnews07:32nisiprius
10t Why is it better to put stock funds in taxable accounts?  04/21Doggz11:11Doc
20c Can my computer hear me?  19:12donall08:38The Wizard
7h What Muni Bond in Taxable Brokerage Account  04/20duke3304/20RNJ
5c Fix Car or get short term rental/lease  04/21dwade110912:18coldaudio
20c Buenos Aires and Macchu Picchu?  02/14dwade110904/21dwade1109
6c Cheapest tablet for Skype/video chat?  03/25dwade110904/21dwade1109
4c Turbo Tax Accuracy Guarantee Experience  04/21EagertoLearnMore04/21harmony
19t my review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage  03/18Easy Rhino04/21Eric
14p What's your number?  01:55eDiva09:22flyingaway
6h Landlords and REITs  04/20eDiva04/21DVMResident
8h Taxes and SEP IRA fund choice  04/14eDiva04/21DSInvestor
3h Trust Companies use thrid party custodian?  04/22Electrum09:18Buysider
22p Is "sheltering" my GF financially hurting our future?  04/13EnderWiggins08:15tj
3t Floating Rate Treasuries - J. Zweig  04/20EvelynTroy04/21Doc
11h Advice needed for taxable portfolio over 2 million  04/10floridaSky04/20Christine_NM
1p Negotiating medical bill / balance billing issue  00:29fossil_fuel07:00JamesSFO
4p rehab or tear-down?  04/20freebeer04/20Qtman
26c Boglehead used car problem. Run It or ditch it?  04/17frugalhen20:17frugalhen
38p practicing medicine in Texas...  04/17FRx04/21EmergDoc
4p Silver, Gold or Cobra  04/20gbstack04/20Jack
10p IRS Lost Electronic Return?  04/20GDBryan04/20Calm Man
13t Bond mutual fund vs individual bonds  04/18ginmqi04/20dl7848
14c A Dictionary and a World Atlas: Recommendations?  04/18gkaplan04/21nisiprius
2p Opening 529 in more than one state?  14:05Go Blue 9914:28niceguy7376
1l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate04/21kcollett
15t M* caution on emerging markets dividend ETFs  04/19grabiner04/20berntson
15h what do you suggest for reading?  04/21groho05:34livesoft
6l Happy Easter and Pesach Sameach to Everyone  04/18grok8704/20LadyGeek
34t The reverse world of retirement investing  04/19gtt56109:17The Wizard
18h Taxable Acct Investing for 10-15yr Time Horizon  04/19Habu04/21Habu
6t Mortgage = negative bond, Rent = negative income?  04/22harikaried19:30grabiner
3h vtmfx-Vanguard Tax Managed Balanced Fund  12:18harvhorse08:37Dandy
26c anyone here subscribe to The Economist? (renewal question)  11/19hudson435122:39hudson4351
21h Just maxed 2013 Roth IRA. Should I max 2014 now too?  04/16hunter180104/21kenyan
9h Portfolio Check: 32 yrs old, going to rebalance to 78/22  18:41icedtea08:11retiredjg
29p If you leave your job, can you use up your whole FSA?  04/16icedtea09:46guitarguy
4t Bad 401K better than nothing?  23:04imgritz00:13DVMResident
23h Do you use a dry powder/tactical asset allocation strategy?  04/20Investor204/21Investor2
24h How high of an allocation to REITs?  04/17InvestorNewb04/21Valuethinker
12t Does RSP performance offset it's expense ratio?  04/20IsraelHands23:07steve_14
112c Frugality regret: What thing do you regret not spending on?  page: 2 303/20jackpullo99704/22Rob5TCP
20h Typical fees for an account with Morgan Stanley ?  04/20jackpullo99704/21pkcrafter
3t Typical fees for an account with Morgan Stanley ?  04/20jackpullo99704/20LadyGeek
23t NYT: Re-education of a Brash Young Stock Picker  04/18Jagman04/20Captain Sensible
7h International Allocation in 401k  04/20jaimehelm04/21livesoft
17t Can we ever expect VG to offer ISV or EMV?  04/21james2216:36dnaumov
52h Advice Needed on Transitioning to DIY Passive Portfolio  page: 204/06JaneyLH13:33JaneyLH
0c Son or Daughter working with Mom or Dad?  09:14Jay69  
7t Tax cost of "one fund in taxable"  04/20jefmafnl04/21grabiner
13t Monte Carlo Software  04/17JeremiahS04/21Randomize
4p Need help figuring out the optimum financial instrument  04/22Jerrybaby12:15HIinvestor
49t Do you think the biotech sector will be hurt long term?  04/09Jfet08:19Jfet
5h What to do [Investing vs. Paying Down Debt]  13:13jfrank11607:43Grt2bOutdoors
4h Looking for advice on investing some savings  04/21jfrost201304/22jfrost2013
21c US NEWS 9 Most Affordable Placs 2 Retire  04/21jmndu9921:07madbrain
29c Help me find a good slow cooker  04/17jmndu9904/21sscritic
4p Why a million may not be enough  09:00Johm22112209:20freebeer
31t The dangers of backtesting and overfitting data - paper  04/17johng16:10Awsi Dooger
17p Trying to clean up personal finance  04/17judaniels04/20clubby
132p If you have ACA health insurance, what is your experience?  page: 2 304/20Julieta09:15sss2009
42p Does 529 really hurt the chance to get financial aid?  04/22jxs70509:15markcoop
3t Fidelity security issue  04/21kaptan04/21Alskar
7p Housing in NYC area  18:09keith601406:49Rob5TCP
0t The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, 2nd Edition: August 2014  04/22kerplunk  
6t Worthwhile news columns  04/21kidfresh04/22darrellr
4p Secured or Unsecured?  10:57klarose03:00mnvalue
11p Foreign Bona-fide residency  04/21kramer19:04marcos123
13h Tracking Roth Contributions forever  04/19kwan204/22kwan2
10c Software patchs beta or stable  04/02kwan204/21magellan
9t are you too conservative with your investments?  04/22larryswedroe11:33scone
5t The EMH, fact or fiction  04/22larryswedroe04/22Rodc
2t Second part of series on value risk story  04/21larryswedroe04/21larryswedroe
9t part two of the risk blog post  04/18larryswedroe04/21larryswedroe
34p sued by landlord  04/20latteholic18:54donall
4t SPIA - what do guarantee associations cover?  04/05learning_head04/21dpbsmith
26p Round The World!  04/21Leeraar05:39Leeraar
4t Beat The Market Week  04/21Leeraar04/21oragne lovre
8c Luxury you can afford? Regrets?  04/20Leeraar04/21Tyrobi
1p The History of Credit Bureaus  04/22Leesbro6310:35Phineas J. Whoopee
5t Reverse Mortgage "Shocker" for Inheritors  21:11leonard08:57Phineas J. Whoopee
17p Where would you retire, if $ were no object?  00:32letsgobobby08:43vested1
61p The slackening...  page: 204/13letsgobobby04/21cromwell
12c Need Ear Bud Recommendation  04/14LifeIsGood08:07pancake19
72c Best way to sign a credit card?  page: 201/21linenfort04/20LadyGeek
30t Savings Rate what do you include?  04/21lisaac03:50IlliniDave
56t Beware Vanguard DOES NOT update all your account values  page: 204/19livesoft20:04livesoft
24p 529's not recommended  04/20llessac1504/22dhodson
45h Newbie ? Roth Ira  04/07luberhill05:51luberhill
19h looking at the 3 fund approach....2.3% 5 yr return ???  04/20luberhill04/21pkcrafter
8c wood deck stain?  06:13lululu09:06davebarnes
5c Save an entire website?  04/20lululu04/20YttriumNitrate
7h ETF Question: How Long to Re-Pull Trigger  04/20MacHeath04/20avalpert
109c LED bulb prices  page: 2 303/02madbrain19:07Epsilon Delta
3l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  02/16Maid of the Mist19:27Janef
14p Divorcee about to reach FRA seeks SS information  04/03marathonwmn04/20Almost there
132t Bogleheads 2014 Hedge fund contest  page: 2 312/27MarginOfBuffett04/20BoringIsBeautiful
52c Outdoor fire pit? Yea or Nay  page: 22012marksj08:33likegarden
24h advice for 83-year-old in-law with Alzheimer's  04/03marktrumpet04/21Greg4boat
8p Gave two weeks notice a week ago - benefits wrapup questions  04/17masrtis14:46wholeinone04
31p Northwestern Mutual Life - Whole Life Policy Review  04/21matjen06:58matjen
16p Need advice on financial planning at age 40  04/18MC201409:49MC2014
15p payWave cards  04/19meebers04/21marbat
41f FORUM REACHES 2,000,000 POSTS TODAY  11:36Mel Lindauer21:51steve_14
38t Mel's Unloved Mid-Caps Finally Getting Some Respect  04/20Mel Lindauer14:00berntson
4t Q&A with the Experts at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer12:19prudent
23t Q&A with Jack Bogle at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer04/21cfs
4h value of a low cost government 457b  17:29mesaverde21:21mesaverde
4t SPY vs VOO [SPDR S&P 500 Index vs. Vanguard 500 Index]  04/19MichaelRpdx04/20nisiprius
19p Paranoia or just hard to adjust? [High Price of Real Estate]  04/20midareff12:56SDBoggled
30p Switching Banks  04/16Middle11:45Middle
1p Philly-Area Bogleheads: Speech by Jack on Monday 4/28  04/21Mike Nolan04/21Mike Nolan
3h Who pays best prices for Kugerrands and silver dollars  04/21Mister B04/21Raymond
4c Building a house - plan resources  04/21mojave15:47mojave
32p Forced job responsibility putting me in a panic  04/21mojave11:44marco1910
25c Gardening - asparagus in particular  03/27MP17315:00MP173
12c Best tires for Honda Odyssey EX-L 2011?  04/20Mrxyz07:52tibbitts
4h Treasury Direct Payroll Savings Plan - Deposit Time  04/20MSchleicher04/21MSchleicher
6t Is Vanguard Adding Investment Grade Funds To Bond Advice ?  04/16Munir15:50Munir
54c Any less expensive sources for Lipitor?  page: 202/07Myopic squirrel04/20Calm Man
5c Identity Theft Protection  16:32N5257020:29agent13x
5h Build Cash Reserves or Contribute to Taxable Account.  04/19N5257004/21feh
4p Student loan payments not being applied correctly?  15:32nakedbird22616:23ubermax
21p Town home, good or bad idea?  04/21nakedbird22604/21Phineas J. Whoopee
5h Harvest Krane Intermediate Bond Fund  04/18Navillus14:09Navillus
15h Oh No! My Tilt has untilted!  04/17nedsaid04/20nedsaid
17t How is your Tax-Advantage Portfolio Different?  04/21new2bogle204/21JDDS
42t Does this strategy invite unnecessary risk?  04/16new2bogle204/20Dandy
6h Bonds - Are they essential in a new portfolio?  13:44New2Investing07:52ruralavalon
9h Portfolio minimum?  04/18New2Investing04/21retiredjg
6c Shopping at Alibaba?  12:01newindexer22:42ahmadcpa
5c Solar ovens  04/21nhrdls15:34surfstar
13c Last Minute Denali Trip - Where to find lodging?!  04/20nirvines8805:05nirvines88
4t Requiem for Magic Formula fund--anyone know how it did?  07:11nisiprius09:00berntson
45t Is 1800s stock market data even relevant?  04/22nisiprius08:10Wagnerjb
1h Estate Planning help-US citizen but family In other country  22:13njay7322:15bsteiner
9h Help with Investment Advice  04/18NoleDawg04/20nedsaid
6h Near retirement and want to use Index Funds  04/21Nottoold20:15kerplunk
10h Help for a new invester  04/18Nu2Invest04/20Nu2Invest
35p Life Insurance Primary and Secondary Beneficiaries  04/20Nuvoletta21:21bsteiner
26h Portfolio advice wanted - needed  03/03Nyc196704/22Nyc1967
2h Help for a new, young investor  04/20nygiants198804/21Stan Dup
16p Medicare and FEHB  04/19Old Guy12:27HIinvestor
11h Late bloomer asking for Investment Advice  04/14oldzey04/21oldzey
71p POLL: If Eligible For Social Security .....  page: 204/19orlandoman20:42JPH
22h Thinking about retiring early - tell me what I've missed  16:54ot113800:08BigJohn
105c KeePass vs LastPass  page: 2 304/10Pacific04/21bertilak
13t Any Interesting Income Alternatives to Bonds  04/16packer1607:19Johm221122
1t Wide Moat ETF as a portion of stock allocation  06:04packer1606:21berntson
5p About to close on house, but permitting not done  14:49Paddington7909:14Mingus
1p Government-backed vs non-govt-backed jumbo  07:55Paddington7908:21aude
5h Invest $180k cash + $50k yearly investment  04/21PAI04/22Grt2bOutdoors
35c Low-flow shower head: $4,500 saved in last 5 yrs  03/11papito2304/21papito23
12h Lots of Questions Re: Investment Portfolio  04/20paradiso20:26Duckie
20t Some websites are.......[predicting stock market correction]  04/11parigi72312:36HardKnocker
17p Question about Probate cost  04/21paulsiu04/22paulsiu
0c Anyone using Lyca Mobile at the moment?  04/21paulsiu  
17c Post Your Favorite Recipe (Or Any Recipe You Like)  04/20pennstater200504/21letsgobobby
9t Long Term Risks of Global Stock Markets  16:21pkcrafter22:43berntson
5t Stress-test your portfolio  04/21pkcrafter04/21IlliniDave
11p Caught in the IRS fraud mess  04/20placeholder04/20placeholder
5h Tax efficient fund in taxable account.  04/21poppa2315:25abuss368
1c The Three Best Sellers on Amazon are all about money  23:29protagonist08:52TheOscarGuy
26h Best balance Fidelity funds for domestic diversification  2012protagonist04/21Edward Newgate
2633c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532012randomwalk04/22Blues
13h Hello, advice needed and welcomed  14:31RBDan22:43RBDan
14c Need help finding a better deal on this music CD  04/21rec719:26rec7
13c 3-prong to 2-prong for laptop? & overseas?  04/21ResearchMed11:54Jack FFR1846
26c Carbonite vs Backblaze - an ongoing comp  04/08ResearchMed04/20ResearchMed
64t Bogle: Tilt To Corporates For More Yield  page: 204/01Rick Ferri07:17YDNAL
20t Let's say we live for 150 years...  04/17Rick Ferri19:44Matigas
0t Busting The Stock Picker’s Market Myth  04/21Rick Ferri  
14p How to start tracking finances  04/20Rod Flash12:50WallyBird
5h A Case for Individual Bonds?  10:39Rolyatroba13:20stlutz
11h Investing in taxable account  04/18rondebbs16:20ruralavalon
8p Social Security to resume benefits statement mailings  04/20runner2604/21Cautious Optimist
1h Backdoor Roth IRA implementation question  16:27Rushmore16:45DSInvestor
13h 29 Changing Jobs - Looking for Advice  04/18Ryan O04/21ruralavalon
44c suggestion for awd luxury sedan  04/12sambb04/20sambb
20t Why is the price so low for option? Is this real?  14:45Samplebot06:56livesoft
3h Intro and Income Fund Question  04/20SandDollar04/20SandDollar
42p Did not have fun this year doing my taxes- TT  04/15sans souliers04/20KyleAAA
4t Unrounded Retirement Limits  04/21ScarletIris04/21sscritic
220p POLL: why carry cash?  page: 2 3 4 504/18schuyler7408:12docnews
40c Amazon.com prices change quickly  04/18schuyler7420:29agent13x
44c POLL: what's the deal with Tuna Fish?  04/20schuyler7404/21wilson08
24p Question about IRS Online Payment from Checking Account  04/18sd9407004/20gkaplan
73p Looking at top 1% for actionable insight  page: 204/14SeattleCPA04/20KlangFool
9p Short-term Bond Index Fund  04/17shawcroft16:21Angelus359
14p HELOC to pay off student loans?  04/19sighchological04/20robertalpert
16h is whole life insurance a good investment?  04/21sing17:48bottlecap
22t Graduation books gift for a 24 year old  04/20sirmawa16:18Fallible
6h Retirement planning for immigrant  04/16sirmawa04/20statguy
21h Newbie 24 year old investor, portofolio and finance Q's.  04/20sjl33304/21sjl333
77c Gmail alternative recommendations?  page: 210/11ssquared8717:18tran_man007
244t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 503/31StarbuxInvestor09:09thx1138
47p Hit your #, Still want to work, does your savings % change?  04/19StarbuxInvestor22:17mortal
8h Starting Again - 35yo Australian in Japan  04/19startingagain04/20startingagain
26t Vanguard Personal Advisor Services  12/12statman04/21HardKnocker
9h opened up wellesley for kids  04/21Steady04/22trasmuss
6h Which third fund for roth  04/21Steady04/21Steady
3h Retirement portfolio checkup  04/20SteveGo04/21midareff
105c [Eating] Fish  page: 2 308/09sunnyday08:11texasdiver
8c Electronic sheet music  04/20sunnyday20:31protagonist
11c Cheapest TV equipment and options  11:50sunnyday15:40bloom2708
8c Best way to get a car loan  04/19sunnyday04/20sunnyday
749t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152012Taylor Larimore09:01Taylor Larimore
4t "Cookie Cutter Portfolios Are (Usually) Just Fine"  04/21Taylor Larimore04/22ObliviousInvestor
44c Baby Boomers: Top 10 Movies  04/16tennisplyr04/20Old Guy
35c New mattress...  2011tepper04/21praxis
57h Experiences with Eli Lilly Credit Union for HSA?  page: 202/12texasdiver04/21jaj2276
11h Bogleheads, About to retire, Pleases Help  04/21TF Hutch08:22Dandy
22p problem with Amica, what to do next?  04/15the mind bogles04/21Alskar
44c Good scotch recommendations, where to buy  04/21TheOscarGuy08:24TheOscarGuy
69t Does Asset Allocation beat the S&P 500?  page: 204/22thethinker09:03thethinker
7t Are I-Bond's about to have better returns?  11:51thethinker23:05#Cruncher
0t Rixtreama  18:16Ticktock  
19c Guitar purchase problem: Fender strat mfg warranty?  04/18tidalwave1009:20tidalwave10
0c Samsung Galaxy S III on Straight Talk vs. Family Mobile?  03:33tidalwave10  
31c "Best" place for new tires and tire protection plans = B.S.?  04/18tidalwave1014:11fandango
7c Non-tabletop fountain in home office = need dehumidifer?  04/18tidalwave1004/20Mudpuppy
3p Investment Property or Second Home?  17:19Tigerguy20:23TRC
4p [Evaluate whole life vs. universal life insurance]  09:25tnbison08:40likegarden
13c Binocular Recommendation Request  04/19tomander04/20Candor
0c Ready to get prices for a Volvo XC60  09:20TomatoTomahto  
3t Jack Bogle on CNBC  14:11tommoran215:22abuss368
58t Doesn't Matter - Does Matter - Good Post by Ben Carlson  page: 204/16trailmk21:48LadyGeek
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