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45p Do we have enough to retire?  12/294nursebee15:564nursebee
2t Roth and REITs  20:39610gpm20:48livesoft
3h Allocations and Accounts  02/257thSunday09:567thSunday
16p IRS Called and Asked for Personal Information  13:05Abe15:30LadyGeek
22t Active managers outperform the index by 0.12% before fees?  02/24acegolfer03:17comeinvest
11h Retirement planning - Too soon for TIPS?  02/25aelfa08:46aelfa
209h AAPL  page: 2 3 4 52012airahcaz13:12airahcaz
1h Fidelity IRA match up to $1950  06:48airahcaz07:02madbrain
5h Funny little Sharebuilder mess  02/25AKdream08:07milleo
1h Roth vs trad 401k + various Qs on SCV, momentum, bonds  20:52allna21:54hoppy08520
33t Does 3-funds offer higher returns or lower risk?  01/18allroads19:44Taylor Larimore
67p Vanguard brokerage tax forms changed to late Feb. question  page: 202/14am14:41Meg77
1h DCA versus LSI again [Dollar Cost Average Vs. Lump Sum]  13:41anojones16:39hoppy08520
15p Can I afford my dream house?  16:16Anon123422:03Anon1234
4h Roth 401k confusion  02/24arimpact09:07The Wizard
13p Breaking up with USAA--banking alternatives welcomed  02/24aron01:19rj49
51c Strange Billing Practice by Medical Provider  page: 209/15aude21:55dm200
17t International PE10 Update  02/25backpacker20:14madbrain
19p Social Security for a Younger Spouse, Delay to 70 still good  02/21BahamaMan09:01Leif
1h Would this Real Estate investment be a decent option to me?  09:16bangkokphuket15:56DKelly
23c Buying a House - SF Bay Area [bayareabuyer]  02/24bayareabuyer20:20LadyGeek
3p Am I ready to buy a home?  18:18biggs19820:37biggs198
3h 401 Portfolio Advice  17:50bisherbas18:39hoppy08520
3h International stock index in Taxible account for tax credit  03:39BitDude06:49livesoft
5h Immediate Pension Benefit Offering  02/25bkweathe20:23Gill
10h Vasgx vanguard life strategy growth - performance question  02/24blessyouall20:59IPer
5t Learning Taxable Accounts  02/25blue4212:31feh
30c Cheap ammo  03/02bluemarlin0821:43itstoomuch
53t Vanguard Tot Intl and Emerging Markets just got cheaper  page: 202/27Boglenaut12:55pingo
8p 2015 Estimated tax after owing tax in 2014  11:28BostonBorg14:40Toons
45t Value investing doesn't even beat the S&P 500  02/23Browser05:47tadamsmar
39p [Protection against fraudulent IRS tax returns]  02/25bs01010107:49PVW
143c What is your favorite consumer product?  page: 2 302/18Bustoff18:39mbk734
1h Target Retirement Trust?  10:49BuyHighSellLow11:06Barry Barnitz
273p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 3 4 5 607/26Buysider20:26talzara
5c Cell Phone in Canada  02/23CarlZ99301:34rj49
1h 401k & Roth Three Fund Portfolio Approach  14:43Cefacicaine18:26hoppy08520
4h Need advice on placement in Tax Deferred Assets  02/25chabil20:10grabiner
2p Box 3, 1099-DV REIT IX fund  16:31chabil17:02chabil
4c Responses to Yelp Reviews  19:50Cherokee821521:07TravelGeek
0h Need Help with AA Changes & Taxable vs Trad IRA Investing  23:16ChicagoJon  
25t Schwab Intelligent Portfolio Details  02/21Chris2509:08macav933
28p Safety of Vanguard online access  02/25conundrum20:48conundrum
3h Nearing 40 and Never Invested  20:40DDMP2021:06furwut
1h Brand New Investor  10:17DDMP2011:29powermega
21c 3 Kids and 2 Dogs - Next Vehicle  22:26ddurrett89619:18youngcrv
67c Subaru and Consumer Reports ratings  page: 202/25d_green22:04nbseer
0h 529 advice  23:26dinobot  
16h Portfolio Advice on Mediocre 401K plan  02/19dmac8414:47ruralavalon
15t TIPS Yield Crash November 2008 - Why?  13:07Doc21:54haginile
51c [Heads up: Lenovo PC security compromised, thanks to adware]  page: 202/19DonCamillo12:16Ninegrams
57p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 202/20Drew77701:43HornedToad
59c Help! I can't afford to eat on my South Beach vacation  page: 202/23dsivi08:10Leemiller
2c Best Couch for Big and Tall Person  17:28DTalos21:09TexasPenny
12c Credit Card Refund Not Posted  12:08DTalos18:56madbrain
4h New Investor - Portfolio Guidance  02/24dutchtulips18:28Duckie
0h Transfer process from UMB to TDA help!!  14:48Echohammer419  
8p In Plan Roth Rollover - Taxable Amount 0?  02/07embarassmentofr19:12embarassmentofr
24h Need Income-Wellesley & Wellington or just Wellesley  01/22equivestor19:35rj49
1h Backdoor Roth IRA And No Retirement Plan At Work  08:34Expat_Investor11:27hoppy08520
6h Roth IRA Contribution limit - MAGI - which line on 1040  10:24FB0110:38trueblueky
10h Changing 401(k) Plans, Need Help!!  02/24fcox8515:02fcox85
4h 401k bond question.  14:18flatfoot19:57flatfoot
6h Why there is no Target Date and Balanced ETF?  02/25FredL09:55Grt2bOutdoors
54t International increase in Target Retirement & LifeStrategy  page: 207:40ftobin19:48fortyofforty
5c Whether to finance remodel now, or bit by bit as cash comes  03:01futuredave12:27tmz1m
14h 401(k) Age 55 Distribution with Interrupted Service  02/25FuzzyButtons14:29retiredjg
16t Illiquid Assets  00:30g$$17:10Valuethinker
9h Please Review My Portfolio -- Thanks!  02/17gadgetgirl23:50gadgetgirl
5h Portfolio costs: FTSE All World vs SP500  02/25galeno14:54pinebarrens1
12t This Morning's Dilbert - Investment Help  02/21GDBryan20:29LadyGeek
27h New and over 40  02/25ginene18:39wander
12p rollover mistake need help  02/13Goro14:31Alan S.
30c Ideas of where to relocate  02/25grettman21:39Candor
2p SS Spousal Benefits when spouse has CSRS pension  19:08heerekj121:07ObliviousInvest
13p Lucky, Now what?  02/25heerekj109:04randomguy
18h Is there a way to provide for inflation ?  02/24Hexdump14:50inbox788
3h need some help with mutual funds - recommendations  08:39indianaman7913:30Toons
151p What % of your gross income do you spend on mortgage/rent?  page: 2 3 402/21INTRESIS21:54tylerdurden
13p Vanguard Brokerage 1099 Available  02/24JamesSFO08:17Crow Hunter
11p Career advice?  02/25jay2208:18OpenRoad
10h TSM or individual funds  02/25JaySayms21:43madbrain
9h High-Fee 401K worthwhile to contribute?  06:16Jill0712:01Jill07
9c Father / Son Deep Sea Fishing Trip  10:18jimday198216:21seeshells
4h Vanguard lowers expense ratios  01:59johnanglemen20:11joe8d
4h Estimate capital gains  20:07jp74720:34DSInvestor
0t Transparent Market for Munis  11:08js1884  
5h HSA: spend or invest?  17:52jubling18:44hoppy08520
3h Portfolio Review. Need some help  02/25jugbutle03:22mnvalue
3h 19 years old, lots of capital, need help!  02/25kingkousky20:29ShiftF5
3h Where to invest 150,000  10:26kybourbon14:56DGE
78c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  page: 201/21Leif19:35Ketawa
3h Analysis and Advice  02/25Leo08:28Stan Dup
15p Fidelity Premium  00:28letsgobobby22:02prashanth07
2p choosing a real estate agent  14:05letsgobobby15:31crit
0h help needed with IRA portfolio  21:25lindabl  
7p Vanguard change of address - word of warning!  14:47littlebird19:44littlebird
0h Do you own FSGDX in a taxable? Tax-efficiency, help please!  15:41livesoft  
50t i am retired and want to live in Hawaii  page: 22011looking20:07chessmannextmov
11h it it too late buying more stocks and bond ??  02/24looking14:11Toons
7h how can i find place like this ???  02/24looking23:36FredL
49c how best to supplement heat with heat pump  02/22Loon1122:09Spirit Rider
6p Fidelity 1099  08:56Lucy172118:51tfb
2h Young physician seeking to simplify a windfall portfolio  02/25LuhrLuhr17:20niceguy7376
2p Help - preparing to enter workforce  07:28Luv2savmoney16:10texasdiver
20t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios  12/19macav93320:51kannankeril
55t Foreign Stocks in Taxable - Gotcha w/ foreign tax credit  page: 202/02magellan19:02RustyShacklefor
14c Erroneous NY Ezpass violation - Any tips?  12/07magellan16:06seeshells
5p Treasury Direct (no TIPS or Series I) and taxes  02/25marcos12311:53Iorek
1h Contribute to deductible IRA or not  20:31marie56721:40Spirit Rider
6p Do I have enough to retire at age 50?  19:51mark_in_denver21:20randomguy
101c Guns for hunting/defense  page: 2 302/24martin721:57duffman12
2h Expat Roth IRA Rollover  08:09Matt48Ritchie10:04Matt48Ritchie
45p Spending trajectory for families with kids?  02/23mc51018:16Traveler
4t Newbie ??  02/25Mdsmith201820:11Vgopez
71h 34 year old new to investing - help please  page: 211/10mech_tower17:55BL
7h IRA Investment  02/19mech_tower13:08mech_tower
5t Vanguard Strikes Back With Lower Target-Date Fees  16:06Mel Lindauer21:45LadyGeek
14c Commission sales or salary?  02/25member21:49MP173
1h 66 year old needs assistance  08:15merrymonk1953009:37Stan Dup
11t Safe Withdrawal Rate as it relates to Size of Portfolio  05:59michaeldmck20:04ShiftF5
3h Convert Etf to Index Fund  02/24miggy15111:36miggy151
14t No VWIUX at Fidelity  02/25Miguelito22:02feh
61p Help! Ive been put on a performance improvement plan!  page: 202/25Mill20:50fposte
12p Chinese Drywall (Remediated) - Financing the purchase  02/25MKE26218:15SimonJester
3p Implementing NUA strategy  02/25MN Finance12:56Alan S.
61c CarsDirect didn't lead to dealers responding with prices  page: 202/17mostly_lurking20:51Browser
106c What are Costco's best deals?  page: 2 302/24mr_scaramanga21:43Dickerson
42c Should you tip when picking up takeout food?  11:10mr_scaramanga20:18ShiftF5
25c How does one increase their typing speed and accuracy?  14:33mr_scaramanga19:59Allan
10c Beer sales in PA supermarkets? Is this allowed now?  16:27mr_scaramanga18:43LadyGeek
34p Convincing older relative to open online savings account  02/25mr_scaramanga12:19Epsilon Delta
14p Changing Passwords with 2factor authentication  01/11mucho dinero12:23John151
1h 401k rollover advice  12:17n756pp15:53hoppy08520
7p IRA investment after retirement?  14:47Near retirement21:59furwut
79t New Vanguard AMT-free National Municipal Bond Fund  page: 201/06neurosphere22:17stlutz
40h Raise was only 2.44%?  09:04NeutrinoPerson19:52Will do good
56t Is it actually impossible to time market crashes?  page: 202/25NeutrinoPerson11:54Simplegift
146p How much did you have saved up for retirement at age 30?  page: 2 302/23NeutrinoPerson10:25singern
66h How to compute my retirement amount, and am I saving enough?  page: 202/24NeutrinoPerson03:09avenger
3h Young and New to investing. [Canada]  02/25NewInvestor1308:33Peculiar_Invest
11t Holding bond funds to average duration  14:16nobsinvestor21:14Coles
3t Question about bond income  12:20nobsinvestor13:57Toons
6h 401(k) Rollover/Rollout Options During Merger/Acquisition?  02/24Noobvestor11:31jsl11
13h Individual TIPS  02/25Offshore01:05RandomPointer
2t Bill Bernstein's critical book review of Worldly Philosopher  08:16Paul Tanner16:13LadyGeek
1h Commodity investing via Energy mutual fund?  08:10peterantone10:11nedsaid
25t Will VSS, VNQI ER Estimates Be Lowered Soon? [Yes]  2013petrico06:32Norton750
2h Non Tax Advantaged Acct: VWAHX or FTABX or PRFHX?  10:04phat15:39retiredjg
15p Creating Net Worth Line Graph  02/21phillysaver09:21Nomoss
46h 401K Provider  02/08physiorol23:31texasdiver
3h Cost basis of inherited Muni Bond  02/25Pickler22:06stlutz
7p What would you do?  15:43pivoprussia17:58Grt2bOutdoors
45t Risk--Again. The common stepping stone  02/22pkcrafter19:22fortyofforty
28t 10 Interesting facts about the S&P500  02/23pkcrafter06:19Rodc
26p List of favorite accounts  02/23Planner15:03walletless
5h Go Ruger go.  10:50Prague13:05bhsince87
5t Anyone still owns RadioShack?  00:45Prague12:04happytrades
7h Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund (VBLTX)  02/24Prague00:50IPer
9t Long Bond ETF Tax  03:23printer22:01alex_686
3p Estate Planning 101 - how, when, where, etc  02/25ps56k07:40bsteiner
19f Google likes this site  13:32psteinx16:39nisiprius
0t Ways to see broader selection of individual muni bonds?  13:07psteinx  
0h How to hedge a 5/5 ARM?  21:03psychoslowmatic  
4h Input on Asset Allocation for Rookies  02/25punkin13:29timboktoo
5c Please help with dress decision  21:27Purelife30421:46LadyGeek
8h Turning 40...Investment...Help Please  15:11Q2K2BigFish21:55Q2K2BigFish
24h TSP [Portfolio help]  02/05Q2K2BigFish20:38Jerry55
9p Direct deposit question  02/25quizzer2511:56quizzer25
39p Is the first 100k really the hardest?  02/24r00ster19:42CMartel2
2h Penalty for non-qualified withdrawal 529 plan after 59.5 yr  09:12rakamaka10:20SanityCheck
18t Why does Vanguard sell anything other than SP500 Index fund?  02/25rakamaka22:47IPer
10p Old car insurance  02/20ralph124cf13:03Toons
23t Why Bonds With 20 Year Horizon?  02/24Rant211218:24Van
9h Novice Boglehead, please help with 600k windfall  02/25RBG11:13itstoomuch
115c Foreign film night recommendations.  page: 2 32012reggiesimpson19:132stepsbehind
5h Which Bonds To Invest In?  20:18RelaxPreppy21:50Duckie
572t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1207/16Rob Bertram06:32Rob Bertram
0t AQR introduces TM versions - value/momentum/profitability  18:57Robert T  
3h 12B-1 Fees  07:53ronsc108:41JDDS
3h Army Vet looking for some investment help  15:22rudy638017:05Gropes & Ra
86t Buy and Hold Forever Stocks  page: 202/23Runalong11:11bucksfan2
4h Advice for LLC setup in regards to Solo 401k  23:01s2kmw14:05Spirit Rider
10h Re-allocating my portfolio to be tax efficient  02/25sbaTexas15:30BER71
10h Advice and direction for a beginner  02/05Scorberry16:52Scorberry
5h Managing a Small Inheritance  09:39scsiguru11:31FelixTheCat
1h Leaving financial advisor and switching to index funds  16:16shulldds19:49hoppy08520
61l Master Thread for Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 212/04siamond16:01siamond
2h Vanguard funds - Historical Information besides price  10:16siamond11:00siamond
13t Aging Populations and Stock/Bond Market Returns  23:57Simplegift19:36garlandwhizzer
15c cold air from electric socket  02/25sksbog20:27Epsilon Delta
13h What kind of allocation for a 50-60 year old?  02/24Smartguy235107:59BL
17p Have I made a terrible mistake? - whole life  02/25smkrn12:54EmergDoc
20p What if you did not know you were a beneficiary  02/03snowshoes20:38snowshoes
3c TDI Sportwagen, in the snow?  02/25snyder6615:26wmackey
132p physicians [Frustrated, considering early retirement]  page: 2 302/24stacato18:14LadyGeek
8h Have a few questions about moving to Vanguard  08:30SteveB114:10livesoft
17c 2005 Nissan Altima - car issues [kicks back]  02/17summerof4212:50TheOscarGuy
15t Ignore the experts but can you invest by consensus?  02/19Tamales11:30leonard
24l "The world's largest non-commercial financial forum".  10:31Taylor Larimore21:24Ken Schwartz
60t "Schwab Intelligent Portfolios"  page: 210/29Taylor Larimore20:24kannankeril
11t Vanguard Financial Planning Service ?  04/07Taylor Larimore17:58amarone
13c Beepi - a new way to buy a used car?  02/13tbradnc17:20Toons
13h How much is a pension worth?  02/14ThankYouJack21:20equivestor
33c Is a generator worth it?  14:01ThankYouJack20:29bhsince87
24c Pellet stoves -- whats your take?  02/24TheOscarGuy17:12Valuethinker
410t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 903/31TheTimeLord20:10Yipee-Ki-O
45c Which Car? struggling to decide  02/25tin36911:01randomguy
8p Checking alternatives to USAA (non-military)  02/25tj-longterm07:49texasdiver
33t REITs [Why did Vanguard's REIT lose 2% today?]  02/24TOMO15:53Index Fan
17c Anyone have one of those standing desks?  02/25tony541213:07Colorado13
14c Thinking of getting a Masters in I/O Psychology  02/25tony541211:12Ruby
37p Long term care insurance?  12/15TwoByFour17:54Miriam2
64c Recommend a quality (and reasonably priced) knife set  page: 202/24TxAg17:53CABob
27p Thoughts on Chase for everyday banking  02/23TxAg13:39heerekj1
21c Need outside advice on new truck  07:40ugaDAWGS0920:28dbCooperAir
10p College tax credit ?  02/21UpstateNY8608:33jebmke
2h Rock-Paper-Scissors: EFund vs. IRA vs. Loan Debt  13:25USGrant17:35USGrant
16h 401k Max-out Strategy  02/24vachica00:37ne2ca28
24p Property assessment increase after purchase  02/23Valence21:51cheese_breath
0c Travelling via Housesitting?  09:10VesperLynd  
12t Capital gains and dividends real income ?  18:40Vgopez20:52ralph124cf
129c TradingPlaces' advice on travel awards  page: 2 312/27VictoriaF18:432stepsbehind
1t Management fees on VG funds in 401K  16:40walletless17:09furwut
3t Fidelity IRA match for rolling over your tIRA or Roth IRA  07:58walletless10:13walletless
257t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 601/01walletless08:18JamesSFO
8h Private Placement Life Insurance/ TIAA-CREF  02/23willj4113:52willj41
13h Inheritance/New Investor Guidance  02/24WisdomSeeker3214:38Meg77
20t Chat with Vanguard: robo-advisers and site enhancements  12/18yoasif21:45kannankeril
52h What to do with 5M?  page: 210/28youngpadawan12:09eh2020
5t Please take a look at my portfolio (edited version)  12:03ziweiguan14:46ziweiguan
16t Lower ER or better performance  02/25ziweiguan14:29kenyan
4p After tax 401k to Roth IRA and 2014 Roth IRA contribution  02/24ZMap7817:38ZMap78
0p Tax help with subletting....  14:48zmcpherson  

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