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10h Opening a Vanguard Simple IRA  09:1212Rodgers12:3712Rodgers
32h Moving from TIPs fund to TIPs ladder???  07/27209south22:45abuss368
5h Total Bond or Total Stock, which to ROTH?  13:237BeachbUm015:02Toons
5c look for car suggestions  17:42absolutFinance00:39Chan_va
118t Vanguard - Four Fund Portfolio  page: 2 306/08abuss36812:21abuss368
1p How to change ibonds title from one trust to another trust?  16:47abyan00:27bhtomj
880c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1809/22Alex Frakt17:32cfs
18h Help with portfolio [Russia]  07/19andoku13:28Valuethinker
1p Best Double Disability Income Insurance Combination (with LTC and retirement coverage)  07/28AndroAsc07:08AndroAsc
8t Ron Paul's dire predictions  05:39ankonaman07:03abuss368
18p Handling Medical Expenses in Retirement  07/28antiqueman15:47Toons
2h Arch's Retirement planning & Portfolio  20:15Archibald20:49Louis Winthorpe
15p Neat way to save a little $ on your car insurance  07/27atlantaguy12318:36madbrain
17c Visiting Northern Kentucky / Mammoth Cave area with kids  07/27aude09:07Chicken lady
5h Only low expense bond fund removed from 401(k)  20:12AviN06:47AviN
9p Refinancing mortgage to a 5/1 or 7/1 ARM  11:49AZAttorney1114:48vital15
12c MacBook Air losing power  07/28Barefootgirl01:31theunknowntech
6t Using Sharpe instead of Sortino in evaluating portfolios  15:53bayview22:43rca1824
4h Noob Question; American Funds 401k  19:15BBags3120:46goingup
9h Wellesley Wellington diversification  10:27bbrown12:40bertilak
6h Looking for Investment Advice  17:34billp2522:38Lafder
8p Does this happen to anyone else when logging onto Vanguard?  07/27Bogle10109:26johnriley
41t Why is stock market so reactionary to news on daily basis?  07/28bonaire2723:36tyler_cracker
3h Need advice please on high tax bracket, high taxable portfolio structure!  12:35bridenour14:34lack_ey
11t Just Read AAAA - Tilting Quandary  07/25BRM757609:29rca1824
6c Here's another one I just looked at - VW Tiguan  18:15Browser20:34JDot
39c Mandatory vehicle collision avoidance systems are coming  07/28Browser19:34TN_Boy
101t Scott Burns – Don’t quit your day job.  page: 2 307/26burt22:222015
7p Fiber company wants to offer $ for new line  07/28Carl5314:08Riverstwo
9h 529 Asset Allocation  07/24ccdoc15:55ccdoc
17h What type of Professional do I Need, or do I just need Bogleheads?  07/22Chicago6014:06kenner
5h Refinance a few years before sale?  07/28Clever_Username14:26Carl53
7h What to do with $750k  07/27confused122:48confused1
2t How has the 4% rule held up since the tech bubble and the 2008 crisis  13:09cottonseed120:47LadyGeek
17h Setting up new portfolio  07/24cphil1908:39Lafder
38p Hefty Medical Bill  07/28crambklyn21:342pedals
4h boglehead noobie...  07/24cusco13:32David Jay
2p Shopping for lowest price of a SPIA  07:59CWRadio08:17SGM
19h Bond prices  07/27dachshund22:39abuss368
43p YNAB a good subsitute for Quicken?  05/12DaftInvestor16:38archbish99
5p Buying the house I am renting.  20:40Danielsw22:152comma
56t Any empirical evidence that suggests waiting for a dip  page: 207/12davidlukewilcox10:40livesoft
6c Windows 10 & Microsoft Money  06/01dbc4716:03archbish99
15p am i doing everything to minimize my AGI?  07/27dicejam12:39dicejam
11t What do you know... (that no one else knows)?  07/28digarei12:25bertilak
10h AA Question for 4 accounts  18:53Domer0320:13Domer03
19h Advisor fee question  07/27Domer0308:11Swampy
15p 2015 RMD  07/27donmichael00:29abuss368
21h Wife starting a 403b...some questions...  07/28doss07:01doss
113p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 2 302/20Drew77706:10Drew777
6h Tax loss Harvest Help  21:56duke3306:38livesoft
3h HSA Asset Allocation  19:58dvd7e20:56asif408
3p Fidelity one-on-one financial guidance consultations  13:46DVMResident15:55LadyGeek
7p Cash down + Refi vs Pay down Debts  11:51easye41812:23easye418
8p Investment property mortgage payoff question  17:51EddyB04:51jalbert
8p Retirement finances for two  07/27effillus12:56texasdiver
11p Independent Contractor (IC) vs. Regular Employee (RE)  12:42eloshine03:45SGM
3p Help me understand defined benefit plans  14:50ERguy10118:13dhodson
14p Quick question on Vanguard i401(k)  07/23ERguy10116:34toto238
143c Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Yes or No?  page: 2 306/01Ever Ready23:47abuss368
3h To Rollover or To Annuitize? - Ohio STRS Defined Contribution  15:49Fat-Tailed Cont22:29BL
3h [Helping employer establish] a 401K  07/28Felipe13:12Felipe
32p New Car - Cash or Finance?  07/27FreddieG10:20Toons
1t 401K - Recommend a good Fidelity bond fund  07:10frisbee07:11livesoft
26p Novice needs help understanding ING Annuity  01/06frisbee00:22pablolo
7p Renter's insurance - Parents' names or student's name?  07/28fundseeker07:12TomatoTomahto
23c Recommendations on a cheap commuter car  15:54Gambler06:47tadamsmar
185c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 409/07gatorman16:32mhalley
45p Individual 401K  07/11Gemini23:18Gemini
53p Where do you keep/park your emergency fund?  page: 207/24Gemini14:09timboktoo
6t Another ex-dividend question: transferring shares  19:55GerryL07:09Tanelorn
19t Index Funds May Work a Little Too Well  07/23greg2406:15BigOil
10p A couple questions Re: Term Life Insurance  07/27guitarguy13:00SpendLess
1p Taxes on Estate Distribution  17:12havehad17:31JW Nearly Retir
12p Question on beneficiaries  07/28heerekj112:34dm200
45t Anyone Have a Near Retirement Strategy for Sequence of Return Risk?  07/28hirlaw08:01Grt2bOutdoors
30c Is your home owner insurance going up 27% this year?  06/27hmw07:04dicejam
10c prepaid phone less than $50 with Android Lollipop 5.0  07/26ieee48817:14ieee488
2h Worry about Vanguard in China  00:04in_reality06:04jhfenton
73t Why do people buy annuities?  page: 209/26InvestorNewb10:51jdb
8h Best Way to Approach Move to Index Funds in Complex Portfolio  16:22IthinkICan22:02samsmith
14h How do you keep your portfolio/allocation in auto mode and in sync?  07/28jane113:10JaySayms
7h Hypothetical - i401k rollover to SEP IRA  07/28jbreittling19:45Alan S.
14c Need car for 6 months a year. Best ideas?  10:24Jennys06:05jabberwock
4h New investor that seeks advice and opinions  17:34jetfan22:11bdpb
48t i bonds or EE bonds?  2012Johm22112213:16DaftInvestor
1h How Much Can I Put Into My Roth and 401K?  14:18jskorup14:27clydewolf
9h Form 5500 - Ez questions  07/26kareysue13:24livesoft
41p Keep paying the mortgage??  07/28kjvmike16:26Cindyjrn
20t TSP May Expand Options  07/28kommisarrex13:27rkhusky
7h Puerto Rico Muni Bonds: Hard-To-Sell  07/29LampLighter20:31mw1739
3t A look at gold and Peter Schiff's forecasts  11:51larryswedroe05:30jalbert
36t Another look at dividend paying stocks  07/27larryswedroe20:39nedsaid
4t Even Thaler finds it tough to outperform "inefficient" markets  08:41larryswedroe17:02209south
22p Major home renovation your thoughts  07/28letsgobobby23:13jackholloway
52p Geico Auto Insurance  page: 207/27Lindrobe07:00abuss368
87t The Futility of Predicting Future Returns  page: 207/27longinvest23:29pkcrafter
8p Auto collision with uninsured driver caused $5000 in damage. What to do?  01:10mac_guy07:05Rupert
46c Can you return food at a restaurant and not have to pay for it?  07/26mac_guy16:40leonard
9p Any COBRA Experts? Will This Plan Work?  08:14mako17110:48mako171
4h Tax efficient bonds & other allocation questions  07/27Marie1013:57goingup
13h Starting a retirment account. High expense 457 vs. Roth IRA  07/03MasseyIowa06:50retiredjg
4p Newborn Health Insurance Questions  13:54masteraleph22:26Immafreak
4t Jeremy Grantham: The 10 Topics That Really Matter  13:58matjen00:48abuss368
0h Rebalancing Help Requested! Cash to Invest + New 401k  19:36Meg77  
72c Asking for separate checks?  page: 207/23mfswatz917:48absolutFinance
1p Hope for 4% swr  00:57mhalley01:35Taylor Larimore
4h Fund Placement help  07/28midnightd07:46midnightd
3p Transitioning from Cobra to Medicare  10:29miles monroe11:38mhalley
2p Cash EE bond to pay down the mortgage?  22:47Mill00:16drawpoker
14h Opening 529 for children, ages 12, 9, and 4  07/21mm9311:27walletless
70c FWD vs AWD (Vehicle)  page: 207/27MP17315:06ssquared87
7p Another rollover advice thread  07/18MrNewEngland11:01retiredjg
21t Crazy Stock Investment Idea  11:27MrVargas01:38Maynard F. Spee
2h Recently laid off but got a new job, I have some 403b questions  22:04muredhawk23522:26muredhawk235
56p Who are you able to share good financial news with?  page: 208:07nakedbird22601:50Caduceus
1p Comprehensive Financial Planning  01:11naveen02:572comma
10p Beneficiaries for taxable and non-taxable accounts  07/25naveen00:59naveen
7c Moving Container Companies for LONG distance move  07/26Nearing_Destina06:06traveltoomuch
14t Fed Tips Its Hand!  07/28Nirav14:43jimkinny
18t The forgotten inaccuracies of our small predictions  07/27nisiprius22:14trueblueky
8p Seeking guidance on how to sell my Car quickly ( in different a state)  07/17njay7312:40jane1
69h Recent windfall - Currently 95% of assets in single stock - Tax and asset allocation advice appreciated  page: 207/25notmyrealname00:35abuss368
1p Retiring in a few days  06:14obgyn6506:48IlliniDave
10h Rebalance in Taxable or in IRA after receipt of Lump Sum  07/23OffGridder01:49OffGridder
14h Investing $3,000 for a 1-year old  07/27Pavla06:09tarheel
4l MN Bogleheads Mtg. Sat. August 1, 10:00 am  07/28Peter Foley21:31Peter Foley
15h I am a Rookie. I need some investing help.  07/26PeterK00:29PeterK
9p How and why to put your house in a trust in California  07/28pieinthesky05:48aeronina
8h Vanguard good for stocks?  08:30PilotBMP09:11PilotBMP
1p Continuing Education  16:45PlacidMatt18:04mhalley
29h is balanced portfolio of 65%/35% best allocation?  2007plake1509:54bertilak
30h Asset allocation / rebalancing with very small portfolio  07/24posh spaz10:43retiredjg
5h Newlywed and new career--advice for starting out?  07/28PTKatie21:15celia
11h My Portfolio and My Investing Behavior  07/27Rainier05:47Rainier
104t Are equities really as risky as anyone thinks?  page: 2 309:57rca182406:06tarheel
45t A bit of gold?  07/28rca182418:52sawhorse
84t Slice and Dice: why not?  page: 207/25rca182410:45TwoByFour
2p Managing Savings for College and Retirement  07/28redgreenblue11:30livesoft
9h New professor, TIAA-CREF AA  20:47refinedchain06:58livesoft
12h Tracking Portfolio - What's your XLS, Google Sheet, or whatever look like?  17:04renue7419:19fidobogo
14h tiaa/cref lazy portfolio  07/18rerod16:52jalbert
5c Actual car leasing experiences ? (esp Volvo?)  12:56ResearchMed20:51mbk734
12c Well water did not pass total coliform bacteria  07/28retire1418:36D Newton
12t Rick’s Top Ten List of When Not To Invest  07/28Rick Ferri06:35carolinaman
113c wife got in wreck with Honda CRV - no collison coverage  page: 2 307/28riptide20:49Alex Frakt
16p CFA Exam Results  09:50rmelvey23:14Grateful1
202t Are Stocks Overvalued? A Survey of Equity Valuation Models  page: 2 3 4 507/21Robert T12:05lack_ey
14h IRA for wife (w2)  07/28RVD19:20RVD
3t "The Maleficent 7" by Bob Seawright/Above the Market Blog  15:59scottj1970706:34matjen
10t Malkiel on Chinese Stock Markets  07/28scottj1970715:27HomerJ
0t "Life Rules" by Bob Lefsetz  15:17scottj19707  
0h Question regarding withdrawing money at retirement  06:52sdotsen  
4h "Losing Control of Investment Decisions,.."  07/28SeeMoe10:49SeeMoe
7p Strategies to reduce living costs for a single-person household?  07/28Shald07:57alec
675t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142007simba14:02leasters
13t Equity Risk Premiums Around the World - July 2015  07/28Simplegift01:03Alvaro
49t Vanguard's Developed & Emerging Markets Indexes — Transition Details  07/26Simplegift23:26jalbert
10p Release of Parental Financial Liability?  14:33soccerdad1205:07jalbert
8p How Did You Leave Money for College in Your Will for Your Grandchildren?  12:39SpendLess07:06IlliniDave
17h Could John Bogle Be Right About International Stock?  21:48spirogruf07:05FillorKill
5h No Real Estate Stocks In U.S. Total Stock Market?  14:12spirogruf00:44abuss368
3c Rent up fee from property management  07/27squirm00:44denovo
71t Jack Bogle in this Month's Money Magazine  page: 207/14stemikger01:59Taylor Larimore
69t 50/50 asset allocation  page: 207/26stemikger16:33leonard
20h hoping for thoughts, advice; unmarried couple in 70's  07/08stilllearning20:56stilllearning
3c Cowpea weevils took over my pantry  03:17StretchArmstron06:34gd
0h Pre-Tax 401K or Roth IRA for Bonds  19:31stungerz  
5p TIAA $150 bonus for their new Checking product  16:34Sunny Sarkar05:55livesoft
31c Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon Late March  07/27swaption10:32v338241
3t "The Sad State of the Financial Web, in 10 Charts"  15:17Taylor Larimore06:47johnz1001
1158t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242012Taylor Larimore00:51abuss368
14t "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"  07/28Taylor Larimore00:24abuss368
48p Retirees: Social Security and Expenses  07/29tennisplyr06:06Dandy
29p Slate Article: Dream on Babyboomers-Semiretirement is a Myth  03/10texasdiver22:23DonCamillo
6p 1 cent left over in tIRA after backdoor Roth conversion  21:42TheGipper06:11fortyofforty
6h $0.01 left in tIRA MM after backdoor Roth conversion  22:14TheGipper06:02fortyofforty
33p when the rubber hits the road [updated]  2014therealityhits22:51letsgobobby
10h Help with my mother's AA within confines of her advisor  07/28TheStig18:50spectec
9t Audit over backdoor Roth  07/28Thomas Hunt Mor09:49barnaclebob
41h Looking to Simplify Portfolio  07/27TinyElvis10:49BL
19p Am I just getting old?  07:46tony4415:39LadyGeek
163c Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater?  page: 2 3 407/26tony541206:29carolinaman
2t Is comparisons between money-weighted vs time-weighted returns fair?  17:33toto23806:06red5
18p Donate $300,000 in traditional IRA to charity  07/28trad_ira_donate15:50dodecahedron
1h Help - Picking a 403(b) provider  17:39Travis119:07ruralavalon
34h Need a Piece of Evidence on the Boglehead Strategy  07/27Travis115:04meowcat
39h Please help with roth 403b Allocation  07/21triheado19:59triheado
1h Newbie question  18:23userAlex18:54ruralavalon
62p Divorce  page: 207/27vas22:37HopeToGolf
4h Roth conversion: Threshold checklist  10:38VictoriaF12:38VictoriaF
25h Taxable income computation by Vanguard  07/28VictoriaF09:40DSInvestor
5t "current yields are the best estimate of future returns"  22:28walkinwood23:36walkinwood
14c Claiming diminished value on car accident  07/23walletless15:45walletless
9h Please Help Me Identify 5 Reasons To Get Mother-In-Law Out of A Variable Annuity  07/28WhatsUpB07:47Lafder
7h 401(k) Election  07/27Xykon16:33ruralavalon

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