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2p Quicken 2012 - no longer supports online direct connect. Alternatives?  09:31acegolfer22:17BolderBoy
21h Portfolio Review (28 years old today!)  05/21ajacobs609:11Cuzz35
197f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 405/02Alex Frakt18:49Leeraar
713c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1509/22Alex Frakt10:49Michread
3h Kids allowance, Savings education, Kids investments  08:10Ally12:41Grt2bOutdoors
7t Missing Bonds data in Balances & Holdings  05/16Angst05:56Dandy
22t Teaching 8 year old about stock market...  05/18anil68611:28sls239
7h Portfolio Review  05/21Ashley174811:33Ashley1748
103t What's so great about simplicity?  page: 2 305/17babington23:09M_to_the_G
26t Market Cap and Value  05/21backpacker22:30JoMoney
8p Does this inflation Calculator Make Sense ???  05/21BahamaMan21:13BahamaMan
2c Printing/MacAir  11:22Barefootgirl12:11livesoft
49t Poll: Average E/R [Expense Ratio]  03/02baw70391609:06sharpjm
4t Emerging market bond funds  09:10Beliavsky23:36Rx 4 investing
1t Stock Splits and Options  10:59Benn195011:02sharpjm
59c Lexus vs. MB vs. BMW  page: 205/20Biil McNeal21:57randomguy
56t Too late to invest in Health Care Fund?  page: 203/06BitDude13:15jay22
27h Budget allocation between LARGE student loan burden and Retirement_Updated details  05/05BobLaw18:57midmoder
2h Where to put extra cash? CD's dont make sense  23:15boglecranium23:40normaldude
9p Non-deductible Contributions to SEP question  05/21Boglegrappler14:51DSInvestor
10h Head scratcher? why do these funds differ in performance?  05/20broadstone13:59broadstone
31c Looking for a DVR device for antenna TV (Simple.TV?)  05/19Browser17:33astrohip
5h Move from Vanguard Equity Income to Growth Index fund?  15:11Calygos23:49Calygos
8c Questioning a dental hygienist ?  18:31CFIT23:44toofache32
10p COBRA vs ACA Question...  05/21cheapskate10:53rrppve
17c Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit  05/19cheese_breath09:00johnep
0p Calculating Future Finances? Quicken etc.  00:31closetoreality  
5h 529 before conceiving a child?  19:35closetoreality21:46tainted-meat
1p Expressing interest in outside job to current work colleague  12:06coalcracker22:09mhalley
18h Confirming that I should not use my 401k  09:43Confused19:35Frankonomics
13c Takata Airbag Recall  11/06CountryBoy21:32lawman3966
9h Allocation with large holding in single stock  10:38cron001217:12nisiprius
14h New to site - Please comment and advise on my portfolio  04/24Daniel197320:18sometimesinvest
0h Investing in wife's 403b/457b  18:33Daniel1973  
58p Friends/Family that don't invest!  page: 205/21ddurrett89623:18billern
9h Portfolio Review –New to site and I want your thoughts!  05/20dennis44417:05windhog
30t Multiple Account Management  05/21dennis44413:58retiredjg
102c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 32013denovo18:11sunny_socal
7c Acceptance of 'prize' when employer pays for function?  05/21dm20022:55Kosmo
47t Not your father's Total Bond Market Fund anymore  05/21Doc21:48HurdyGurdy
1t Land Values, Tax Deferral, Wealth Retention and Income  08:52D Rawles21:50grabiner
64c How fast should I ride my bicycle?  page: 205/18dsivi13:18lightheir
24p The end of the nest egg  05/21effillus23:17basspond
33p Major issues with new website  01/08EvelynM22:09grabiner
16h Vanguard Managed Payout Fund  05/20FBN201416:48SGM
43h please confirm: early retirement  14:34feh21:54randomguy
64t Let's hear your Dave Ramsey success stories  page: 209/24fourwedge13:08verbose
7c Good 3-way LED Bulb?  05/21FrugalInvestor21:36joe8d
63t Vanguard implements 20 character passwords  page: 22013geoff208:36telemark
10f Forum operating really slowly.  05/21gkaplan16:33nominalBob
8h Confused [about bonds]  05/21Grandpa14:06William4u
10h Desired asset allocation for temporary US person?  05/16greg21902:31daffyd
7t Taking out a HELOC to invest  16:08Gufomel22:56grabiner
4p Loans and credit lines with interest from 0% to 1%?  05/22harikaried12:21harikaried
74c I found a new coffee.  page: 207/02Hexdump13:25jlawrence01
8c Road trip Pittsburgh to Milwaukee  04/11hoops77722:51hoops777
18c South Bend to Chicago to Milwaukee  05/15hoops77713:15stevep001
84h Suggestion for updating "Asking Portfolio Questions" thread  page: 22012hoppy0852018:55bigfun
13c How much should I pay for a brand new car?  05/20investingnoob2007:42ddurrett896
13c Pay cash or finance a brand new car? And why?  05/21investingnoob2001:28investingnoob20
11h John Hancock 401k Investment Options Expense Ratios  05/19jackiechiles11:5853timr
0h 401k to IRA, Roth IRA or new company SRA  10:50jd284  
6p Medicare and Major Medical Question  05/21jdjd220:16mur44
5h Medical Student Loan Refinancing - Fixed vs Variable  05/21jkushne120:58grabiner
16p Help with car insurance coverage  12:46Joeinfla20:33kenner
9t Quick question about tax harvesting  09:46Karl A22:43cheese_breath
4h Pay off mortage with EJones and invest the rest?  05/20Kate16:05grabiner
33c A trip to Disney World - What are the best days during Christmas time?  05/20katnok08:14jogren
6h Are ETFs better for tax gain harvesting?  05/21Kix21:16grabiner
23p Whole life or term life?  05/21ktd19:08Matahari
5t the world is "upside down"  13:53larryswedroe16:30NOgmacks
33t Silver lining for bond fund NAV declines?  05/19Latestarter23:47Rx 4 investing
25c Day trips from Berlin?  05/09Leeraar20:53dgdevil
2p high income, low interest CA mortgage  10:08leftcoaster23:15leftcoaster
14h New Investor Help with Asset Allocation  05/21letsgivethisach09:21retiredjg
24h city selling 'mini-bonds' at attractive rates  05/20letsgobobby21:18grabiner
10p Insights into buying a business--  05/20loves2read16:48randomguy
73c Neighbor hired a surveyor. Should I be nervous?  page: 204/13mac_guy14:51Rodc
17h Paying down high interest debt  2014MaddMaxx11:35Valuethinker
1427t A different approach to asset allocation  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292007market timer01:50market timer
1h Australian Vanguard ETF for three-fund portfolio  00:14markinvest00:30lack_ey
9h Options after retroactive TSP dis-enrollment?  04/30Marylander110:39oncorhynchus
45h Medicare supplemental insurance  2012Marymom1621:50Browser
22p Basic Financial Advice for College Student with Inheritance  04/29Matahari18:36dolphinsaremamm
28t Bill Gross Thinks the End Is Near  12:14metacritic23:56Electron
9h Should I move IRA funds to VSCGX?  05/20mfswatz910:01mfswatz9
11h International Bond fund in Three Fund Portfolio  05/21mhall08:26ruralavalon
71t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 205/30MichDad23:11M_to_the_G
6h Best way to compare Vanguard fund tax-efficiency?  05/20michelef18:12michelef
20p Penfed 0.99% auto loan  05/21mikep13:11mikep
131p much ado about coasting (through life)  page: 2 305/08Mill21:54M_to_the_G
9p Challenges Opening a Vanguard Account  10:44Mintee13:27Mintee
2p IRA distribution question  05/21mms20:36mms
34c Visiting Nashville during the summer  04/21moshe13:49btenny
26p Might sell house to a friend. What is fair?  05/21Mr Rosco11:23retiredjg
1h Distribution question for 401K, IRA , ROTH IRA  14:33multiplydollar15:01DSInvestor
26c Any Experiences Buying Mattress Online  05/12mur4416:58tj
5h Single family homes Vs bonds for retired  17:54mykemu18:23LadyGeek
7h New Boglehead Looking for Portfolio Advice  05/18Nateo11:44Nateo
20c Teaching maths to a 4 year old  05/21new2bogle22:57SDBoggled
35t What if the US stock market was only 25% of the world by market cap?  05/21nobsinvestor17:46wander
8t SO left the employer. ESPP and 401K accounts.  05/21NOgmacks16:41stevep001
6p Coverdell Education Savings Account thoughts  05/21Norcalkenny10:42sls239
39h Post tax investing or Pay off 2.95% Mortgage?  05/16nyinca11:32kenyan
5h Portfolio Revaluation  05/18oinkyboinky19:07windhog
1h Can I do one of these? Wellness check, 30 something retirement plan  05/12OmegaMan11:11windhog
11h Taxable Account Help Needed  05/12OnthefenseLarry18:16OnthefenseLarry
9t Risk Factors: Variance Skewness Kurtosis  2011pauliec8420:07Epsilon Delta
3t Fixing the 401k  05/21pkcrafter15:37nedsaid
0t Insightful paper on Risk- highly recommend for new investors  14:22pkcrafter  
3c Emergency/vehicle fund ladder  05/21QQQQ08:00LeeMKE
6h Dilemma on assert allocation: risk tolerance vs tax efficiency  13:54Rainy21:14grabiner
31t W. Buffett can earn 50% return, why don't you?  05/21rakamaka19:11KyleAAA
31t Farmland investing  02/01ralph124cf09:16D Rawles
3h Portfolio Review & advice  19:15ramhanu920:55ramhanu9
5h At what point does 529 make sense  19:27RandomPointer21:12rrppve
4p Roth IRA Tax question  09:42rec712:03rec7
7p How much would home insurance on a 650k house in Chicago cost?  05/21rec708:50aude
4h Portfolio Review - New AA for a 41 year old  05/21renue7415:24LeeMKE
6c Traveling Insurance  11:20retire1418:10ResearchMed
48c Put money down on new car, dealer wants color change  05/21retire204419:10KyleAAA
18t Our Mistakes Benefit Future Generations  05/14Rick Ferri19:22downshiftme
11h Fidelity 401K Help  05/21rm10317:30HalfMillionaire
44t Obtaining Exposure to Quality / Profitability Factor  05/19rrppve15:58JohnnyFive
4h Investing after Retirement  20:21russe22:50john94549
36t AQR's Cliff Asness: Guest appearance on WealthTrack  05/08Rx 4 investing11:06Maynard F. Spee
7t Optimal Asset Allocation across Investment Horizons?  05/19Rx 4 investing07:45Park
12h Help me help my retired father -- preferred stocks  05/21ryman55421:22grabiner
9c Advice For Selling A Used Car  03:00SanDiegoFIRE18:30BolderBoy
4h Symbol for Blackrock US Debt (BTC)  05/22sanfran201510:13telemark
63h Time to reach 1M and 2M milestones  page: 205/17sanfran201507:14aggie oilman
5h Move out of 401k?  09:05save4kollege11:32JW Nearly Retir
4h Solo 401k and Roth IRA  05/21SavingsGirl10:27PaddyMac
7h Are we doing enough?  05/19seezoram11:52Grt2bOutdoors
8c LTE Coming to More Verizon MVNOs Soon  05/20Shadow_Dancer22:48Shadow_Dancer
20h Invest ONLY After Tax Money Into 401(k)?  05/21shamrockceo21:04Spirit Rider
1p iPhone with or without contract?  21:44sksbog21:52mnsportsgeek
3h Confused about Bond returns  20:26spartanp23:07jsl11
1c Website showing recent (not current) car incentives?  19:11Sportswhiz0020:45LadyGeek
3h Taking out a TSP loan to fund Roth IRA  05/21supersharpie07:32Two Headed Mule
7t Investment Priority turned upside down?  05/21tadamsmar22:02grabiner
161p How much does social security factor into your retirement income?  page: 2 3 405/15Tamales22:10mule
5p Error in social security earnings record  05/21Tamales19:28Tamales
11c Electric Pressure Washer Recommendation  12:59tampaite23:16OldOne
1097t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222012Taylor Larimore19:52RevYoung
1t "Does Your Fund Manager Consistently Beat the Stock Market?"  11:53Taylor Larimore12:06garlandwhizzer
201p Share your networth progression  page: 2 3 4 52014techcrium16:04mickeyd
19h Windfall advice, please  2014thompsbr11:19nolapepper
3h Porfolio checkup, please. Risk tolerance and KISS approach  05/19Tico_7508:50ruralavalon
64p Career Advice: Follow "Passion" or Follow the Money?  page: 205/21tjhar22:45M_to_the_G
8t Why not overweight international?  15:52Tobes22:34garlandwhizzer
12p Stupid COBRA question  05/21TomatoTomahto10:44blueblock
19c ATT next plan - prepayment quandary  05/13Trapper11:34guitarguy
17h Am I crazy to have this asset allocation?  00:55turtlesaliva21:58lack_ey
20p Check your HSA Bank Statement!  03/04veggivet13:40livesoft
8t Any Good Investing Publications or Newsletters?  14:57victorb23:15M_to_the_G
30h Anyone had the Personal Capital complementary review yet?  01/02walletless01:57RetireGood
1p Paying for Part D Medicare  19:38wcombs19:48montanagirl
3h Short term investment vehicle to save for a house?  12:15WhiteCoatBro18:44livesoft
65t Paying zero fees on a hand picked stock portfolio  page: 205/17WolfpackFan11:05FinancialDave
0p Mortgage - Extended Rate Lock  23:28xanadu32  
9p Solo 401k but with ineligible employees?  05/16xanadu3220:47andyandyandy
55p Not able to max out all the retirement accounts  page: 211:30yellowgirl23:55neofight
14c Being an Uber driver  05/21yellowgirl21:59kjvmike
5p How to go about paying down loans?  18:07zoralsurgeon23:23harikaried
11h Fund Roth IRA or pay student loans?  05/21zrohm23:28market timer

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