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7p Can/Should Vanguard Provide the advice and services I need?  09/26850-R18:08mhalley
4p 401k Investment Committee  09/25A1will08:00A1will
10h Starting Roth IRA soon, advice?  10:19achen929107:32Johm221122
8h Help with retirement asset allocation  09/27aerolulu21:31aerolulu
0h Early option exercise, non-public, large spread  02:18aileron  
64p IRS Relents! Notice 2014-54 permits Basis Isolation  page: 209/18Alan S.07:19retiredjg
47c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  09/22Alex Frakt15:11dowse
8p Yet Another Pension Buyout Scenario  20:48ALHRC07:49vested1
2t Experience with Retiree Income Inc. services?  09:57alife18:11alife
3h Worth paying an extra 0.15% TER?  17:52alwaysonit04:30Micks
1t When is my TER charged?  18:01alwaysonit23:07grabiner
16t Domicile of funds and tax leakage.  09/24alwaysonit19:36galeno
22c Re: Norwegian Airlines  09/24an_asker09:35mpt follower
9h Suggested Fidelity Indx funds for Solo 4O1K  12:19andyandyandy17:33Spirit Rider
30c Tree trimming cost  09/24andyandyandy13:19Ninegrams
13h Increasing Bond Holdings/International Equities  08/17aszend22:47grabiner
62c POLL: Would you rather work half as long or half as often?  page: 209/25backpacker20:20backpacker
22c Chase Ultimate Rewards Program  09/27Barefootgirl22:50tibbitts
28p Lump Sum Package With Details  09/26Barefootgirl17:03tuningfork
8p How much excess 401k contribution is reportable to the IRS  09/28bbrock14:50LadyGeek
20c Oatmeal suggestions  03:54Beezthree08:41backpacker
8p Experience with big spike in earnings (stock options)  09/28berg06:19Wagnerjb
3t Can I open an immediate annuity with IRA money?  15:35birdy21:05Alan S.
7p Should an executor retitle stocks to the estate right away?  09/28blatantlyanon01:19blatantlyanon
12c Password Manager [Last Pass]--stolen  09/19boater0718:54TimeRunner
7p Mortgage Advice for Self-Employed?  09/27bobble20:59ReedMan
63c Verizon to Page Plus - documenting my experience  page: 210/29bogleraw06:52LifeIsGood
4p startup 401k  09/29bornloser10:19ERISA Stone
22p Should I pay off my sisters student loans?  18:03brianinfl08:50heyyou
6h Help with allocation  09/13Bridgitte18:11Bridgitte
4h List of current takeover targets?  09/28Brooks09:20Pizzasteve510
6p Inheritance for non-US person  19:53bs01010108:14Lynette
2h selling fund with correct cost basis method  18:40bstewartny19:47livesoft
35t Read too many books... help untangle  09/27Bubbagump19:21Taylor Larimore
3c Water Faucet Aerators  09/28Call_Me_Op11:58magellan
3c Maybe going back to cash isn't such a bad idea  07:27camptalcott08:33daytona084
9t quick roth ira question?  09/29camptalcott21:13Alan S.
8h New Investor kindly requests your advice  09/28capitaloutflows08:38capitaloutflows
7p PenFed Visa Foreign Transaction Fee  08/05Carl5318:27The529guy
4p Aspiring Personal Finance Advisor  10:18cashodgson00:23hoops777
17p SS Planning with a Disabled Adult Child  09/25CFOKevin13:27CFOKevin
6h Fidelity Puritan in IRA after retirement  09/28chabil10:46Spirit Rider
4h Redoing Neglected Portfolio - Need Alternatives  13:49chasm22:34chasm
0t SIMPLE + Roth vs. Roth Solo 401k  15:17chickadee  
7h UGMA dividends advice - index ETF or reinvest in stock  09/28ChrisB21:05ChrisB
158p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 404/14coolguy95407:30retiredjg
4h New to investing  09/28coralstructure02:30bluejello
40p Those under 35 with a child 5 or under: Costs of child?  09/28countofmc20:08ClevrChico
19c Car (new OR old) for mother & baby  09/27davidsorensen3209:43ralph124cf
22p Help-Do I need a chip/pin card in europe?  08/15Dazed20:32killjoy2012
95c The Roosevelts, PBS special  page: 209/15dbCooperAir19:48bru
17h Getting started - consolidating investments  09/26Deldog14:26Deldog
6h Another thank you to the Bogleheads  09/28dollar_elbow09:13IPer
13p Savings exceed lifetime earnings  09/27DonCamillo15:23technovelist
6h Short term investing for down payment  10:27dooley6323:00bdpb
21p Contribution limit 401k  08/29doon05:31cherijoh
12t Chartway offers 2.5% 5-year CD [with uncertain terms]  09/26dphilipps21:13john94549
18c Where to start work as an engineering major?  09/29EngineerEd04:18Valuethinker
39h Portfolio Advice/Questions for a Swede/European  09/22EngineerGraduat00:35Mureke
19h Overall Portfolio Check (and questions about extra cash)  09/20enginerd31015:31retiredjg
41t Future equities 2% real rhetoric is hogwash  09/29EnjoyIt06:58Valuethinker
25p Paid off mortgage today  09/27FafnerMorell15:46stemikger
19p need for a backup credit card?  16:33feh08:45Grt2bOutdoors
63h What is your rebalancing policy?  page: 22011fredflinstone22:45Dandy
1p Job change dilemma ...  01:59FRx06:13Working2notWork
38p See both financial advisor and elder law lawyer for Mom?  09/29Gambler06:40epitomist
6p Working & Collecting SS Benefits  09/29goalie22:43BL
14c Replacing Some, not all, Windows in House  13:53grettman07:47Valuethinker
8p Money Makeovers - Are these legitimate stories?  12:35Grt2bOutdoors19:54LadyGeek
31c Gas Water Heater Upgrade worth the $$$  09/26hackermb16:47Easy Rhino
3h 4% Guaranteed Interest Option in 403(b)?  22:57hawkfan5507:29asif408
4c Solar Panel company recommendations - San Diego/ Southern CA  09/28HelloImAMac19:50zyx
4t Suggest Bond Options for 401/403/457 Type Plans  09/26Helot20:40ogd
5c American Express Blue preferred vs Sallie Mae Mastercard  09/28hmw12:11slbnoob
5c finding the leak(s) in underground sprinkler system  09/28ieee48811:09ralph124cf
61p Emergency room consent  page: 209/28in_reality19:29Mel Lindauer
11h Need advice on investment with loaned money  09/29Invest16816:06Grt2bOutdoors
29t Rick Ferri's Emergency Fund  07/04Investapreneuer09:59IPer
7p Solo 401k - W2 Reporting  20:40InvestorDave08:21ERISA Stone
50t Why do people buy annuities?  page: 209/26InvestorNewb12:23LongerPrimer
6h Unable to access Vanguard funds  15:57jabamodern17:53mhalley
3h Tax efficient rebalancing  09/29jackboglehead22:57grabiner
6h Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k)  09/29jackboglehead22:41bdpb
18p How to pay for Home Addition  09/22jasper19:34cheese_breath
5h IRA Lawsuit Protection in Massachusetts?  2011jbk10:09TigerDoc
0p Recommendation for fee only Planner in Miami area  14:00jdb  
58c favorite brand name products  page: 209/28Johm22112218:22Barefootgirl
14c Buy Local  09/29john9454916:57barnaclebob
0p Social Security: "highest 35 years..." ?  08:43JohnFiscal  
4h Rebalancing Spreadsheet  15:22JohnnyFive23:58Aptenodytes
1p Assistance with Medicare costs for lowish income seniors  07:44jon-nyc08:41Grt2bOutdoors
4h New Investor - Fidelity freedom funds  09:40juggyjt08:42juggyjt
32t Disappointed in Vanguard customer service  09/26kazper05:52tommoran2
35c Cricket wireless experience  09/23kd200814:59kd2008
22l EmergDoc has Surpassed 10,000 posts!  09/26LadyGeek22:34Sents
26c New kitchen cabinets or new doors?  09/24LadyIJ08:38LadyIJ
11t The volatility of premiums  09:05larryswedroe08:28Tanelorn
10t Interview I did with Michael Covel  09:21larryswedroe22:55larryswedroe
28t Illmanen and AQR style premium fund +interview I did  09/25larryswedroe10:55larryswedroe
62c Obese airline passenger  page: 209/28Leeraar15:11LadyGeek
66t rebalancing conundrum/paradox/irony  page: 209/27letsgobobby07:12VictoriaF
16t milestones, skepticism, wealth creation. A thought  08/29letsgobobby13:24Snowjob
13p POLL: When I gift/will shares to my relatives, I expect ...  09/29livesoft19:28trueblueky
6p Owning Your Company's Bonds?  09/29lolbatross15:16Grt2bOutdoors
3h 401k help for a newbie!  14:45loserguy19:47Toons
222p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 2 3 4 508/28Louis Winthorpe20:23slbnoob
14p Another pension lump sum scenario  09/25Lrn2nvst12:13ubermax
23l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  02/16Maid of the Mis12:41martie67
19h Considering converting SEP to solo 401k and go backdoor Roth  09/23Mark261407:51retiredjg
2p Low cost online payroll?  23:10Mark261406:05spectec
9h Maxing your IRA or 401k at the beginning of the year?  22:49Mark261404:44Lynette
2p Worth converting from single member LLC to S-Corp?  23:11Mark261401:48Spirit Rider
3h Proper way to do backdoor Roth in Vanguard?  22:22Mark261400:59Afty
0h Need help setting up taxable index fund investment account.  23:23Martin'sInvestm  
17h Protection from a market crash  10:39Michael_Fisher121:01john94549
4t [Poll] Eurozone Investors and Home Bias  20:39mjb07:26jaab
8p How is real estate rental income taxed?  13:04Monkeyman05:31kksmom
23h Rebuilding portfolio. Early retirements dreams, please help!  09/27Monkeyman17:43JW Nearly Retir
18c Author Advice - Advantages/Disadvantages of Co-author  09/23msj1614:33msj16
2p Construction loan  09/28Mskrad2217:35Allan
4h How to get rid of fractional shares  16:45n00b_to_investi19:41livesoft
7h SIPC Insurance coverage  09/28Namashkar08:44in_reality
4p Winds of change... Have I missed anything?  09/28nanoanalyzer12:38nanoanalyzer
16h High yield muni bonds  19:50Near retirement07:21Grt2bOutdoors
35h Who holds your Solo 401k?  09/21new2bogle210:33billfromct
61c "Shellshock" vulnerability for Linux based systems  page: 209/27Ninegrams22:27Ged
6t Which bond fund for taxable account in high tax bracket?  09/28nobsinvestor23:02grabiner
1h What kinds of LLC owners can open a Solo 401k?  16:54nobsinvestor17:43Spirit Rider
0p Buying a Business 101?  10:30nomadgecko  
6p Help with Disability Insurance  09/27notmyhand17:53notmyhand
37c How Long Should I Keep My Car?  09/28Park14:55technovelist
4h Help with Investment Allocation and where to Invest Lump Sum  09/27pass8110:55ruralavalon
2h Personal investment help  18:09Phenom0119:09Phenom01
34h Questions about rebalancing portfolio--retirement in 6 yrs  09/04RadioFlyer13:18RadioFlyer
11h Is VXF tax efficient?  09/27RandomPointer23:48grabiner
10p Death Benefit from pension - lump sum or lifetime monthly?  09/28ReedMan08:43ReedMan
106t Bill Gross moving from PIMCO to Janus, Monday  page: 2 309/26ResearchMed06:15stratton
22t Minimum volatility - simply factor exposure  09/28Robert T08:08Beliavsky
179t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 3 411/22Robert T07:39grap0013
54t Emerging markets 1900-2013  page: 208/26Robert T10:58JohnnyFive
16h R u selling PIMCO bond fund  09/28rsbv14:54hirlaw
83c Cast Iron Skillet Cooking  page: 209/23RTR200611:25Luke Duke
12c house odor after crawlspace encapsulation  13:32RustyShacklefor08:50BillyG
0h What to Do next? Life Events + What To Invest?  08:35s0me0nesmind1  
17t Dan Wiener  09/23samswami04:11SpringMan
203l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 4 505/11sans souliers15:432retire
17t Does market cap weighted indexing logically follow from EMH?  09/28selters18:26baw703916
76c How can I stop feeling depressed about my finances?  page: 213:11semiotic08:44stoptothink
9h VXUS and Muni Bonds tax efficiency  09/28sgx12:47sgx
4h Investing on behalf of parent nearing retirment ~$150K  16:17shukaistudio1117:05technovelist
3h ING Variable Annuity - What to Do?  14:48simpatico17:07LongerPrimer
56t Will Investment Returns Ever Revert to "Normal"?  page: 209/27Simplegift21:43Johno
82t what is risk?  page: 209/27skeptic8806:26Rodc
3h vanguard etf commissions  13:22skeptic8800:19placeholder
17t Target-Date funds  20:32skeptic8822:22IPer
2t total bond market index?  19:39skeptic8819:49CyberBob
9h Reit's  09/28skeptic8815:09trueblueky
14h Advisor switching companies, self management a possibility  09/21slimshady15:52slimshady
4h Fidelity Freedom Index Funds - Available to retail investors  14:55Spirit Rider06:47Pocanutin
32p Lawyer fee question?  09/28staythecourse23:52MoonOrb
4h Asset allocation (Australia)  09/27stegosaurus05:18stegosaurus
18h New - looking for portfolio advice  08/28stromboli04:19pingo
1c Note from Experian: Change of name, address, or SS#  20:36sunnyday22:50cheese_breath
15h Help me divorce my Stocks  09/27SuperSaver07:26kaudrey
128t AliBaba  page: 2 309/18SuperSaver05:55Tanelorn
69t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver23:18IPer
6c Play FreeCell on a tablet offline?  22:08surfinagin08:43surfinagin
16p IRA Beneficiary - Should a Trust ever be the beneficiary?  09/27Swampy06:13Swampy
1t Marketwatch article "nap" instead of "app"  16:51Taggerung18:33mhalley
6h Fidelity BrokerageLink 401K question  09/28Tamales09:22WallyBird
35t Will you invest in Bill Gross's new bond fund?  15:37Tanelorn07:12Tanelorn
16t "How Retirement Fees Cost You"  09/28Taylor Larimore08:43k66
898t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182012Taylor Larimore16:45BogleInvestorLo
10t In theory, market timing = index investing  15:37techcrium17:50gips
11t Risks associated with investing in Vanguard funds  09/20testuser12319:30nisiprius
5h New investor would deeply appreciate advise.  09/28TheAdTurtle200:17bluejello
2h IRS 2014-54 -- thinking about 401k twin rollover correctly?  12:13TomatoTomahto16:24TomatoTomahto
23p Too many houses?  09/25TomBranson20:01RenoJay
14t TIPS & Rick Ferri  09/28tomd3710:20dkturner
16h Best 401K for 26-year-old  09/28velma5522:00BL
9p Foreclosure  09/28WPE15:37imgritz
5h Specific Tax Lot Question  13:35xrw119:25Grasshopper
20p Home affordability  09/26yosef07:11yosef
65l Seattle Chapter?  page: 205/29zmcpherson17:27delconte

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