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0h Old Company forcing Rollver from 401K to IRA  20:09Gary Guss  
22h Am I being too conservative at 65/35?  11/27delaygratificat19:44bottlecap
14h Diversification and Rebalancing questions  15:18mikeski56919:43JoMoney
1h 401(k) rollover to...?  17:35triguy19:32JW Nearly Retir
13h Backdoor Roth IRA question  08:00wassabi19:27wassabi
7h Strategy for paying for bridge years until Social Security  11/26Girino19:10Girino
9h An overdue update from a "panicked investor"  16:47westhermes19:08BolderBoy
8h Traditional 401k vs Roth 401k / Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA  11/09RVD18:49RVD
84h How To Invest Your Emergency Fund?  page: 211/15Humdrum18:38backpacker
2h 529 Question- Home State w/ Higher Fees vs Nevada  09:36Eric in DC18:11SteelyEyed
61h 34 year old new to investing - help please  page: 211/10mech_tower17:31mech_tower
3h Personal portfolio - looking for ideas and advice  13:20SuperGrafx17:21TooLateSmart
1h Cramer says bye-bye to bonds for retirement, sort of?  16:49Cody17:20nisiprius
11h New to investment  13:10NC_IL16:51Duckie
19h I know you folks aren't big fans of individual stocks but...  01:04Ward Cleaver16:49BL
5h [Denmark] Asset allocation for non-retirement savings  11/19herpfinance16:41herpfinance
5h Struggling with SEP IRA vs Solo 401K  12:35Minnesota9716:19Lafder
8h My MMF just distributed a LTCG  06:53Tramper Al15:56Uncle Pennybags
11h best savings account for emergency fund  06:11msprotege15:43ieee488
4h Putting money back in an HSA  14:25toto23815:26toto238
12h Performance Graphs [Help with fund choices]  11/26Captain_Andrew15:10ruralavalon
22h best performer - very similar index funds  11/26selftalk14:48selftalk
0h brokerage switch requires forms for checking/fund transfers?  13:54heartwood  
42h Why should I avoid REITs?  11/25Ijim13:47Phineas J. Whoo
7h thoughts on NQDC [Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation]  11/26wingz13:46mass_biker
10h GDX +20% since Nov 5th lows  11/18n00b_to_investi13:39oneleaf
5h Help with portofolio for non-US person  11/25investor0713:01DXB
3h Transaction vs opportunity costs  06:45SwissBogle12:51mindbogle
2h Capital loss or wash sale  11/27JMBINVEST12:16livesoft
13h Best 529 Plan  11/27patfrost12:10patfrost
5h Very new to investing, questions on my portfolio  11/25Plt201411:05Novine
17h Corporate bond funds? Tips? Long term bond funds? Yes or no?  11/26rai11:05rai
21h Opinions Please - REIT's vs. EM  11/26midareff10:37Mountain Man
52h Been out of market since 2008 and can't get back in  page: 211/25lroystein10:31BogleBoogie
4h Non Resident alien-Treasury bills/Bonds  11/23vijayvijayakv10:28galeno
4h Portfolio Review- need to tighten up  11/26paulb09:42ruralavalon
14h Investing options for my child  11/24iridium_red08:55Grt2bOutdoors
2h Where can I find ETF analysis info?????  08:21mregan2408:41InvestorNewb
2h Adding leverage to a buy & hold ETF portfolio - 27y/o non-US  00:54danclarkie07:22Rob Bertram
28h Index Funds, REIT's, Real Estate, Swing Trading, Forex  11/23Vision07:02Vision
4h Asset allocation/location for 21 year old  11/2610b5-106:24Dandy
4h Determining profit from a bond fund  11/26damiross23:50Uncle Pennybags
78h 401(k) In-Plan Roth Conversion of After-Tax Money  page: 201/17marketeer23:26Morik
2h Can you contribute to next year's (2015) Roth IRA now?  23:15Derivative23:25rob
7h Japan-like market returns  11/27corner55922:52Uncle Pennybags
7h Retirement portfolio review - low taxes; tight budget  11/25barefootjan21:43ieee488
11h Tim Horton shareholder - what to do about Burger King Merger  11/25cookie3620:48nedsaid
4h Alternative Investment Suggestions?  11/27Humdrum20:34normaldude
12h Clash of the Titans: Traditional or Roth?  11/26lookatmeim11/27TomTX
14h student loans vs retirement accounts  11/23jkushne111/27DVMResident
3h Over weighting intl funds in our portfolio?  11/27achen929111/27JVT
47h Livesoft can you explain how u can do this?  11/26frogmaster11/27dodecahedron
6h Backdoor Roth Timing question  11/27Morik11/27Morik
60h Feeling very fortunate today!  page: 210/15TheTimeLord11/27TheTimeLord
5h Question about 401(k) Rollovers  11/27Infinity11/27placeholder
12h New to Vanguard and serious about retirement planning  11/23purplefoot9911/27Leeraar
9h Stuck with an active high ER fund! Should I sell ??  11/26G3VALD1G11/27G3VALD1G
4h New ESPP Non-qualified Plan Questions and Thoughts?  11/26Newguy4011/27Newguy40
9h Please critique my new Asset Allocation---  11/26mregan2411/27BigJohn
9h Roth IRA for college savings question  11/26Curio11/27kaneohe
4h 27 Yr old with no experience in need of help  11/26hungry11/27ruralavalon
11h non US bonds - a new asset class?  11/26rm11/27Call_Me_Op
13h Transitioning from individual stock portfolio to index funds  11/25fund_in_the_sun11/27Pizzasteve510
3h Need Inherited IRA RMD $, choose reinvest vs. don't ?  11/15kwan211/26Watty
2h Considering adding corporate bonds to portolio mix  11/26SailingAway11/26SailingAway
19h How to transfer money from bank to vanguard automatically?  11/18sayeesh11/26sayeesh
6h Cashed EE Bonds to contribute to Roth, good move?  11/26PlasmaBucky11/26Jack FFR1846
1h Finding a way to Contribute to RothIRA  11/26cbr shadow11/26mhalley
3h AGG vs BND [iShares Core US vs. Vanguard Total Mkt]  11/26minskbelarus4711/26blueleaf
5h Roth IRA  11/17David W11/26David W
3h Bonds for the IRA  11/26selftalk11/26abuss368
9h Rising Interest Rates And Bond Funds?  11/25Humdrum11/26ogd
2h Backdoor Roth Steps?  11/26adam12311/26Duckie
4h Roth Income limits and expected 2014 Cap Gains Distributions  11/26adam12311/26wx27
3h Multiple Accounts and Tax Planning  11/26jpmitchell11/26Duckie
4h Partial transfer from Rollover IRA to Roth  11/26runner911/26RVD
5h Max out 401k or 2nd Roth?  11/25jbelton11/26bdpb
24h Asset allocation and various questions  11/25Morik11/26Morik
5h Backdoor Roth IRA questions  11/26jjortho11/26retiredjg
14h backdoor roth balance question  11/12RVD11/26RVD
5h 401k self directed brokerage option  11/26am11/26ruralavalon
3h Help with apparent error or understanding of Fidelity RIP  11/25RWeThereYet11/26RWeThereYet
7h Commodity Index Fund(s)  11/25Humdrum11/26Phineas J. Whoo
1h Monthly Investment Plan & 10K immediate investment  11/26get2reds11/26retiredjg
6h 401K Rollover consideration  11/26KlangFool11/26KlangFool
5h Three Fund Portfolio Allocation  11/25kmedina811/26Stan Dup
7h Over my head setting up Backdoor Roth  11/19foursnow11/26archbish99
8h Crazy question about Roth IRA transfers  11/25bogler102911/26bogler1029
13h Please help correct my early path to retirement  11/24TallHaul11/26Watty
1h VT or VTI?  11/26mregan2411/26InvestorNewb
12h Need for Int'l Investing  11/25tomd3711/26midareff
4h Emergency Funds  11/26marloweusa11/26mpowered
15h 27 year old novice trying to get my ducks in a row  11/24Rodigee11/26frugalmeister
8h Should I add Microcaps to my portfolio?  11/25mregan2411/26backpacker
3h Simple IRA help  11/25cals400ex11/26kenyan
1h Help maxing biweekly 403b matching with variable salary  11/25Emilyjane11/26ZiziPB
16h Allocation  11/24Youkai11/26dbr
139h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4811/26BigFoot48
65h Who to Use: CPA, Financial Advisor, Someone Else?  page: 211/19Scott6211/26retiredjg
5h Solo 401k (roth?) asset allocation  11/25xiosen11/26xiosen
7h Help Needed Re: Overhauled 401K Fund Choices  11/20Sriracha11/26alec
9h A New 401k  11/05zratis11/26ruralavalon
2h Foreign Tax Credit: Worth it?  11/25mlh4611/26livesoft
12h Why wouldn't I [contribute to an after-tax 401k w/ rollover]  11/25tdonline11/26Morik
8h Moving Inherited IRA & Portfolio Advice  11/25Iowa_Hawkeyes11/26placeholder
55t Why do we like dividends?  page: 209:55Miriam220:12Leeraar
2t Where should I put my req'd distributions?  16:41Kelly19:43Doc
464t Headed for a 300+ point loss today?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1010/09Browser18:54cfs
13t The Whole Ball Game Of Equity Investing As I See It  09:26selftalk17:49JoMoney
64t POLL: Attitude Towards Risk  page: 211/26backpacker17:36richard
18t Trade off by $0.01  11/27dbCooperAir17:16Phineas J. Whoo
6t Investing books 30% off @ Amazon  11/27Srinivasan777in17:05The529guy
15t Oil / Energy ETFs  07:26DXB16:55mjb
38t Can active funds reliably beat the index? Actually, Yes.  11/14Browser16:55DueDiligence
7t has vanguard considered offering auto rebalancing?  15:33ababs16:51achen9291
143t An alternative to alternative investments [QSPIX]  page: 2 311/18larryswedroe16:23michaelsieg
70t New Tony Robbins Book on Financial Freedom  page: 209/24Howard Donnelly15:26nedsaid
62t Does investing in a 401k actually save any money?  page: 211/21RenoJay15:11Electron
3t Effect of lower oil prices on interest rates?  14:31livesoft14:55Simplegift
492t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1007/16Rob Bertram14:33Park
3t Wealthfront Tax-Optimized US Index Portfolio??  11/26SeaG12312:46tfb
10t "Two Key Lessons You Can Learn From Academic Research"  11/26Taylor Larimore12:41nedsaid
9t Critique my investment security plan  11/27lazyday11:56TravelerMSY
69t How did you handle the 2008 bear market ?  page: 211/25sixtyforty11:46celia
43t Valuation of EE Savings Bonds  11/25The Dan10:46market timer
0t Capital Gains Distributions Could Be Painful for Fundholders  10:18Taylor Larimore  
10t Bogle puts a bow on it in under 15 minutes  11/27TheTimeLord10:14pkcrafter
12t Thoughts on Defined Maturity Bond Funds?  10/30jrcase10:11LadyGeek
6t Risk of Three-Fund Portfolio vs. Two-Fund Portfolio  11/25Taylor Larimore09:53backpacker
6t stay the course  21:33selftalk09:48RunningRad
67t Safe Withdrawal Rates - Is the 4% rule still good?  page: 211/25FinancialDave22:18Johno
13t Equal Weight portfolio  11/24Investerguy11/27Trev H
31t Count Capitalized Pension Benefits Cash/Bonds for Portfolio?  2010DLRCohasset11/27Professor Emeri
140t Small cap value premium  page: 2 311/18privatefarmer11/27JoMoney
32t Is 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds still best balance?  2013arcticpineapple11/27privatefarmer
1t Jason Zweig / WSJ lists some books  11/27livesoft11/27dodecahedron
8t What is the present value of future payments?  11/26Kelly11/27Kelly
10t duration & flat yield curve  11/24Investerguy11/27Phineas J. Whoo
1t Things I've Learned from Gene [Fama] by Ken French  11/27Robert T11/27Simplegift
633t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132009Trev H11/27rustymutt
1t Frontloading IRA/401k  11/26bagelhead11/27Spirit Rider
114t Why finance research is often wrong - the jelly bean problem  page: 2 311/19richard11/27larryswedroe
53t Tax Loss Harvesting Doesn't Seem Like a Great Idea  page: 211/09Andrew050411/27livesoft
3t Variable asset allocation  11/27BritAbroad11/27livesoft
2t Meet the fund industry’s new, opaque creation: ETMF  11/25John Z11/27lazyday
55t Why I will fund retirement with TIPs ladder no matter what  page: 211/22mpt follower11/26#Cruncher
17t Roth versus Traditional Debate  11/26newcatintown11/26toto238
11t Why it's important to understand risks and have discipline  11/26larryswedroe11/26nedsaid
950t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202012Taylor Larimore11/26abuss368
39t Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund coming in early 2015.  11/24gkaplan11/26abuss368
4t Vanguard TISM estimates low QDI?  11/25JDDS11/26grabiner
38t Shiller CAPE 10 — Why So High These Days?  11/25Simplegift11/26garlandwhizzer
19t Investing in 100 Words  11/25petrico11/26Taylor Larimore
8t 60/40 edging my 95/5!  11/25john9454911/26toto238
1t Has anyone heard of FeeX?  11/26tennisplyr11/26toto238
8t PBGC guarantees 401(k) rollovers to pensions  11/25NOVACPA11/26vesparider
5t why do individual investors buy overpriced stocks  11/25larryswedroe11/26Runalong
5t Excel Webservice function  11/24mastory11/26mastory
3t Trying to remember what book this is from.  11/25Watty11/26Mel Lindauer
18t bond fund yield variation and the case for long-term fund  11/23anpaul14711/26Phineas J. Whoo
1t Turkeys predict crashes  11/26Clearly_Irratio11/26peppers
36t Help: Three Fund Portfolio at Fidelity  11/20new2bogle211/26retiredjg
1t Reporter doing story on Roth IRAs  11/26Mel Lindauer11/26Johm221122
16t Where to invest end of year bonus  11/25joe120611/26Median Joe
14t Vanguard: "Updated capital gains estimates "  11/24gkaplan11/26Artsdoctor
13t Question about options for annuities  11/25freyj611/26dhodson
14t Regression Analysis and Asset Allocation  11/18McNewton11/25McNewton
3t How does Chinese monetary policy work  11/25crewe1011/25MossySF
119t What percent "Boglehead" are you?  page: 2 311/22RunningRad11/25VictoriaF
5p Can I get tax credits for my brother college fees?  16:56bogledogle20:03livesoft
12p Starter Trust for adult child?  11/25Drifting Along19:49mac808
42p Life changing decision... advice needed!  11/26Streptococcus19:36mhalley
16p Thinking of becoming a personal fitness trainer  11/27tony541219:21tony5412
11p Should 529s be counted part of our net worth?  15:35A-Commoner19:21ourbrooks
38p Get up to $30 back per Amex card (Small Business Sat, 11/29)  11/18The529guy19:10The529guy
25p Rental Real Estate vs. Stocks and Bonds  11/15tony541219:08tony5412
25p Physician Assistant - Employee or Independent Contractor?  11/25Raymond18:49BolderBoy
21p Do it yourself tax solutions? Should I just try turbotax?  11/27Morik18:34gvsucavie03
4p Ever wake up one day, and your whole life has changed? (long  11/27Gimp18:28lululu
20p Recommendations for online bank?  11/20sighchological18:16kazper
71p How long did your IT career last? At what age did it end?  page: 211/26humbledinvestor17:41lululu
9p HSA - must contributions be through employer?  11/26bungalow1016:43grabiner
3p How to access equity in my coop apartment?  13:081johanna15:49jimb_fromATL
4p financial flexibility - early retirement  12:18bb15:42Watty
268p If your networth is over $3 million, how did you do it?  page: 2 3 4 5 611/10ahmadcpa14:46TheTimeLord
36p fidelity refusing custodian custodian rollover  11/15semperlux14:44semperlux
5p 3rd Party paying student loans  22:34cnich12313:47aude
7p How to anticipate yearly cost for paid-off home  21:32oneleaf12:50oneleaf
0p Navy Federal Credit Union Credit Card EMV - Chip and Pin  11:31navyitaly  
3p Inherited IRA  11/25FBN201411:28Alan S.
5p Money Dance Financial software  02/27spitaxe10:14LadyGeek
2p Cash Balance Plan?  07:35artiephysed09:15EmergDoc
18p Simplifying your finances: Practical tips  21:08Leeraar09:14Lynette
7p Burt Reynolds is Broke: Living Within Means  05:58William Million08:53LadyGeek
1p Roth IRA recharacterization help  11/27d0gerz08:50House Blend
16p HMO out of network question  11/26Tanelorn03:37Tanelorn
5p SS Survivor Benefit - Help!  00:18ahoodlum02:03Professor Emeri
181p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 404/14coolguy95423:41Morik
2p Real Estate Investment for a non-U.S. citizen  20:36my2p22:44bpp
10p Refinancing Question  11/25Novine22:43Novine
1p Self-employment retirement accounts w/o profit?  11/27bcp201122:32Spirit Rider
9p Estimating & Paying Taxes Jointly?  11/27winski5822:23TheTimeLord
9p WA estate tax of 18%  11/27Mr. Digweed21:12Mr. Digweed
46p Pension buyout offer - Accept or reject  11/19woodyguthrie11/27bcp2011
18p Question about taking Required Minimum Distribution from IRA  11/25Browser11/27Browser
18p question about my student loans...  11/10FRx11/27FRx
3p Cash Balance Pension Plan Distribution Age  11/26stillearning11/27vesparider
0p Bogleheads such a great resource  11/27castlemodesto  
6p IRS CP14: Dishonored Payment Penalty?  11/26Anon123411/27dodecahedron
14p What 401k does to your IRA - Roth IRA contribution limit  11/25Quince11/27Quince
11p Actual experience with California probate court?  11/18danieljquirk11/27skibum
1p Do I Qualify For a 2014 HSA Contribution?  11/27legalbeagle11/27tfb
163p How to pay ZERO taxes in retirement with 6-figure expenses  page: 2 3 42011livesoft11/27Novine
47p Parent in financial mess. General and SS timing advice  05/16AdamP11/27AdamP
75p Quicken 2015 for Windows - Any reviews?  page: 210/08pop7711/27astrohip
15p 15 vs 30 mortgage on a condo I plan on renting after 5 years  11/21msprotege11/27msprotege
4p How to calculate pension into retirement calculations  11/27warpork11/27Gimp
12p Just Got 2.45% CD at CIT  11/22William Million11/27William Million
23p best bank for online billpay  11/22chrysogonus11/27Kircheis
12p ACA Horizon BCBS Advantage or Advance EPO Tradeoff Decision  11/26bpg123411/27bpg1234
5p Current Status of Child Tax Credit  11/27rkhusky11/27dodecahedron
7p Best way to pay my parents back  11/26buddy1711/27Chan_va
4p Designing a vanguard 401k plan for a small company  11/26padraig11/27anil686
166p Girlfriend with a LOT of Student debt.  page: 2 3 411/24mikeski56911/26Alex Frakt
22p CapitalOne360 won't give me an ATM-only card?  11/24R2D211/26placeholder
9p Gifting RSUs [Restricted Stock Units]  11/23bs01010111/26bs010101
1p Are you a Fee only Financial Planner?  11/26mikeski56911/26Grt2bOutdoors
15p I'd like to start managing OPM (other people's money)...  11/26RVD11/26cfs
50p Paying my parents a salary not to touch their nest egg  page: 211/254Health11/26letsgobobby
34p Random life events  11/25Caduceus11/26obgyn65
4p Excess RMD withdrawn  11/23CABob11/26Alan S.
5p TSP Strategy for Contributing Participants Age 50 or Over  11/17MichDad11/26rkhusky
30p Strategically not paying medical bills for 90 days for a dis  11/25mike14311/26LadyGeek
17p Vanguard Money Market Fund - keep open ?  11/25JohnFiscal11/26JohnFiscal
11p Fixing Social Security Earnings Mistake Advice  11/17oneleaf11/26midareff
4p complicated IRA issue, easy question  11/26eelwood11/26Epsilon Delta
60p How should wife counter salary offer within current co.?  page: 211/21C4NT11/26C4NT
11p Wisdom: When to drop disability insurance?  11/24Mike8311/26Jazztonight
5p Existing Whole Life Insurance Policy  11/24funeshah11/25BL
6p Paying Medicare premiums with FSA  11/25samjuno11/25samjuno
15p 401k loan to pay off CC & student debt  11/22ithryn11/25bs010101
8l "A BOGLEHEAD THANKSGIVING TO REMEMBER"  11/27Taylor Larimore11/27boro
4l Thanksgiving with Jack Bogle: A Trip Down Memory Lane  11/26Mel Lindauer11/27LadyGeek
2l Thanksgiving thank you  11/27stevep00111/27LadyGeek
7l Today is Thanksgiving Day for my family  11/20Swampy11/27Swampy
48l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone11/26Mrs.Feeley
2f Participating thread notification icon hard to see  11/26aw8222:03Alex Frakt
6c Shopping Amazon? Use the Boglehead link!  08:50retiredjg20:12LadyGeek
6c Unbroken!  15:19snyder6619:28bowtie
183c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 409/22Alex Frakt18:58seeshells
75c Vanguard offers login security code  page: 211/21indexfundfan17:18semperlux
146c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 2 309/30Beezthree17:06Glomar
3c Florescent lights  14:58tc10116:48AAA
22c 10% off Target GiftCards - Black Friday Preview  11/15The529guy16:46BogleBoogie
47c When do you feel comfortable financially to have kids?  11/26toto23816:30aw82
108c "You're invited to...." (nonsense talk and dinner)  page: 2 310/21protagonist15:09selftalk
3c Extra Cash Back for Online Purchases  12:56midareff14:42Phineas J. Whoo
68c Favorite nonfiction books  page: 211/25ThankYouJack14:37jdb
47c Buying a Computer. Need recommendations.  11/24ram13:51mike143
7c Anyone prep for the PMP???  11/27davidkw13:04prudent
70c Being woken up by neighbors above me  page: 211/26Bfwolf11:50NYPhD
29c Selling gold jewelry  04/30tennisplyr11:46Uncle Pennybags
12c Filing homeowners Insurance claim - Sprinklers went off  00:16raspino11:42Beth*
22c Plywood R value attic - energy efficiency  08:39bottomfisher11:28Carl53
28c Last Pass in the Cloud  11/26boater0710:28Epsilon Delta
8c Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions Please  11/27island10:04island
35c Honor Societies (any point?)  11/26Greg1709:09ataloss
64c Dog food - how cheap is too cheap?  page: 211/22Sunny Sarkar08:46ataloss
24c Favorite TED Talks  11/25ThankYouJack07:06VictoriaF
13c Engineered Hardwood Floors  11/26detroitbabu05:44detroitbabu
8c Intranet Hardwire and wifi installation help  11/20EnjoyIt02:33boredinks
4c Cell phone usage while visiting Canada  11/27timmy01:39BC_Doc
42c Private college counselor  11/26Fisherman11/27Fisherman
167c 23 year old... Can I afford a Rolex?  page: 2 3 411/22Marjimmy11/27Uncle Pennybags
3c CallerID on cell phones  11/27lululu11/27lululu
414c Boglehead Beer  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92011Thetightfist11/27Xpe
23c Vegan Raw Food Diet  11/24IPer11/27IPer
19c Should I Fix 1999 Grand Marquis (182K Miles)  11/25joeyk0911/27rooms222
59c Bogleheads, any "Black Friday" [recommendations]  page: 211/23camptalcott11/27Sagenick48
103c Bogleheads, tell me about your 40's?  page: 2 311/13brian201311/27am
18c Industrial stainless steel coffee maker  11/24a11/27a
13c Seeking Boglehead advice on new home  11/25Jozxyqk11/27Lafder
26c dryer vent cleaning--your thoughts?  2012seashell11/27Bengineer
13c Discover Card - New Deal  11/25midareff11/27Grasshopper
1c Currency exchanging advice for traveler  11/26Zoombie11/27Professor Emeri
4c Bluetooth headset recommendation ?  11/25Hexdump11/27LifeIsGood
15c How to find refundable airfare or open ticket ?  11/25madbrain11/27Professor Emeri
33c SAT preparation  07/12amitb0011/27amitb00
1c Vitamins: Worth It?  11/26mbk73411/26Alex Frakt
150c What do you splurge on?  page: 2 3 411/21Professor Emeri11/26VictoriaF
20c Seeking a Cellphone Change  11/21VesperLynd11/26VesperLynd
17c Is there anything unhealthy about drinking tap water?  11/26tc10111/26LadyGeek
18c Lamps for S.A.D. problem  09/17drawpoker11/26LadyGeek
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