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2h Which Vanguard BOND Fund ?  15:10larryinnewyork15:27larryinnewyork
5h Investing for inlaws  14:47hulio8215:27Flobes
1h Newbie - Please critique my portfolio - suggestions welcome  14:04Southern36year-old15:24Stan Dup
4h Retirement Planning  12:06Workinghard15:16Workinghard
0h Backdoor Roth dreams, traditional IRA in the way  15:09xf01  
3h Stock gain = price gain + dividends?  14:36Gambler15:08Gambler
0h Just took control of my Portfolio  15:05Rich11111  
4h tIRA - Tax deductions  13:51jay2214:56dickenjb
21h Is PIMCO Bond fund 50% cash?  08/17villars14:55William4u
2h Limited 401k Options - Allocation HELP  14:14mnmnm914:53dickenjb
2h Look for the Butterfly!  14:34lucky314:47InvestorNewb
22h Please critique my portfolio  08/15walletless14:40ruralavalon
40h I don't have enough cash for index funds  08/14Shredder14:38tetractys
2h Way to maximize Retirement Savings Contribution Credit  14:23toto23814:36toto238
3h Personal Finances  09:31clayr36114:36livesoft
11h TIPS vs SVF  08/15Tigermoose14:35Phineas J. Whoopee
5h Purpose of VTIAX?  13:56SpartanBull14:29gvsucavie03
88h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 204/14coolguy95414:22jackholloway
14h Selling 2 Individual Stocks in a VG Brokerage Roth IRA  08/18TVKNSC14:15livesoft
5h Low Tax Bracket & Almost Retired - Tax Exempt or Not??  12:3213thstreet13:53MathWizard
1h European investing advice (Sweden)  13:07fingret13:50FrugalFrida
17h Any reason I should not pick the admiral funds equivalent?  15:54walletless13:48dpc
12h Canada-specific investment advice  08/14wakeforce13:43adrian2
2h Newbie - Please evalute my allocation  01:131POINT21GW13:42johnny847
15h Help with solo 401k  08/17senhati13:37IMDoc
0h Newbie Seeking Portfolio Guidance  13:23dczarniawski  
7h Asset Allocation Help / Placement of Funds for Tax Purposes  08/12mkinvestor13:18mkinvestor
29h Help College Student Invest  07/08malibuboats9113:01malibuboats91
17h Do we plunder our retirement to pay off student debt?  09:51ddj12:49toto238
17h Portfolio Allocation for 31 y/o  08/14mcamel112:45mcamel1
27h Do you diversify into international bond?  08/14chasiu20912:23chasiu209
27h Are these [401k] options terrible?  08/13odradekisch12:12JamesSFO
10h Best way to control someones account.  18:43EnjoyIt12:01denovo
14h What's happening with my Stable Value fund?  08/19teacher11:52teacher
9h Moving Accounts to Vanguard  08/11mkinvestor11:19siamond
4h Choosing Bond Component for Portfolio  07:48mkinvestor11:12Grt2bOutdoors
16h Clergy Retirement Investing: 403(b) vs. Roth IRA  07/27millerstevew10:34flyingbison
15h Newbie trying to invest for the first time.  05/31Sleepyeyes4410:28Sleepyeyes44
30h Would you buy these funds that were recommended?  08/18JenMomJJ10:06barnaclebob
7h VBMPX safe enough for saving for tuition  15:34aguyyo09:56aguyyo
13h US REITs already have international exposure  08/19InvestorNewb09:55abuss368
31h Roth Conversion - Old Age  08/19MDisciple8709:11Bob's not my name
32h Convincing fears on investing for now?  08/17Ki_poorrichard08:55Lafder
4h Specific bond info from yahoo bond screener  08/19PDN77708:35Valuethinker
2h Spouse contribution to solo 401(k) - need to be employee?  08/19Pravin Lol08:23Pravin Lol
12h Retirement Planning  08/17Investing Newbie08:17johnny847
3h Help with 401k Options [Japan]  23:16twoyen07:59bpp
4h Bond Allocation - 27 y/o  22:06MDisciple8707:39dziuniek
7h Best strategy with 401K  22:54ncboston201407:18dickenjb
9h Pension – Lump Sum Rollover or Keep it?  08/19Bounca07:15Frugal Al
13h Move all bonds to Roth IRA?  06/22bobo33307:09dickenjb
8h VTSMX in Roth IRA and Taxable Account  08/19ny_rn07:02rkhusky
4h Online Brokerage Recommendations  20:49MDisciple8704:29kazper
11h Rebalancing After a Correction  08/19Swampy00:27mhalley
3h Vanguard Managed Payout Fund  23:55bowtie00:21bowtie
166h How Much Did You Lose Today?  page: 2 3 407/31john9454900:07Alex Frakt
3h Vanguard allocation Question  20:00Fedexsam423:51BigPrince
48h 20 Year Old With 70k to Invest  08/18l1nkown23:48Lafder
15h Please help with asset allocation and 401k selections...  08/15c.how23:29pingo
15h 401k versus Roth IRA  17:04Shredder23:20Shredder
7h Roth IRA Question  08/19d.hay22:55Toons
7h Increasing Bond Holdings/International Equities  08/17aszend22:30aszend
2h Retirement Investment Help  19:06goffja200022:12Duckie
20h Why would anyone own a treasury bond fund?  08/19berntson21:40slowmoney
39h New Investor!! Did I make a mistake?  15:53convestor2121:36Grt2bOutdoors
8h When to put money into bond fund rather than home principal  08/19Tigermoose20:47grabiner
4h liquidity of bond fund in taxable  08/18villars20:29villars
28h 100% lifestrategy - good idea for a hands-off investor?  08/16happyisland20:25joe8d
3h Investment advice for 3 years horizon  08/19greenmax20:02SunsetKid
5h Parents sold second home. Need advice on how to invest $$$  08/19richard3719:50Watty
6h No dividends in 401k Plan?  18:43Markr86719:46Markr867
10h Allocation involving 2 SEPs 2 Roths  08/18theplayer1118:25placeholder
12h Close to retirement(6years) - want to maximize investments  08/19jssh18:11Lafder
4h Help talk family out of moving money to new attractive fund  16:49BogleInvestorLondon17:53Watty
18h Vanguard as Very Long Term Stock Broker?  08/18orairmri17:37livesoft
14h Help with posting my questions newbie  08/13wenderella17:10wenderella
10h Need Advice RE Investment Advisor...or not  08/15StonewallJ17:04123
4h Roth 401K  15:30MDisciple8716:14livesoft
11h Moving from individual stock to indices - portfolio help?  08/18ZiziPB16:05ZiziPB
11h which vanguard bond fund for 30-something?  07/04awarelife08/19imgritz
18h Opening a Roth & Traditional IRA  08/11Swymer08/19Shredder
10h Rebalance + stay the course ... or dial it down on stocks  08/16JakeinTX08/19Ged
7h New Job/New Location - Next Steps  08/19Boilermakers08/19Crimsontide
8h REITS, emerging markets, small cap growth, or all three?  08/19kazper08/19Quickfoot
1h Reading Bernstein for free: Kindle Unlimited Free trial  08/19Tigermoose08/19kazper
1h Intermediate Gov. Bond INDEX Fund VSIGX  08/19Grandpaboys08/19toto238
48h Can't decide to keep 401k with previous employer or move  07/16Doc708/19Doc7
26h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW08/19KyleAAA
12h New Boglehead - Looking for some advice  08/18nelson101508/19nelson1015
33h Vanguard Index vs American Funds?  08/16goose83708/19tibbitts
10h [helping a family member to start investing]  08/18SpendLess08/19Grt2bOutdoors
94h Spouse not ready to cut ties with financial advisers  page: 208/16Miakis08/19JW Nearly Retired
6h Helping My Sister Invest for the Long Term.  08/15CJF08/19CJF
39h POLL: Breaking up with advisor  08/17livesoft08/19meowcat
5h Resigning- what to do with CALPERS And 457 (small money)  08/17acac201408/19BL
1h Asset Allocation  08/18briguy08/18pingo
1h VG recommended portfolio question......bond fund  08/18bowtie08/18LAlearning
15h Closest index to VTSAX?  08/18SpartanBull08/18russelljohnson
19h Is the small cap value premium real?  10/23Ziggy08/18BigJohn
6h Conversion to Roth from IRA laddering  08/18rustymutt08/18grabiner
3h Taxable investing -- unrealized capitial gain  08/17jb10008/18grabiner
24h Bonds in taxable account?  08/06nsisson08/18grabiner
3h Advice for Another Mother  08/13bobble08/18mnvalue
13h Help with Risky Allocation for 33 year-old  08/17ltmandel08/18inbox788
20h Advice to move from Wells Fargo advisor  08/16ubaisore08/18ubaisore
10h Dealing with taxes on Options  08/18brian646408/18Kosmo
49h Should we switch our TIPS fund?  2012Taylor Larimore08/18Taylor Larimore
29h 3 Fund Portfolio at Schwab?  08/15ZiziPB08/18LadyGeek
11h Withdrawal of Roth IRA Contributions  2011Optimistic08/18placeholder
7h Revised Portfolio Asset Allocation  08/13riptide08/18placeholder
5h Reallocation of Custodial Funds - College Savings  08/18Chasman08/18Chasman
2h Exchange VG TR 2040 for VG LS Growth?  08/18TVKNSC08/18TVKNSC
6h Help with 401k fund allocation  08/18prn2708/18Duckie
55h Made a $50k bet on Healthcare  page: 201/11Gambler08/18Carl53
7h Good Non-US ETFs  08/28avbferry08/18Medviersi
8h Help with Parents Portfolio  08/15MDisciple8708/18Duckie
11h Can a Roth 401k be converted to a Roth IRA...?  08/17zback08/18Alan S.
6h Beginning Investor Advice  08/14oleflar8808/18BL
25h Help with investing for children  08/13alex1108/18Leeraar
10h Self Employment, 401K and Backdoor Roth: A Viable Gameplan?  2013poundwise08/18mah001
3h Question about Backdoor Roth  08/18erdoc091908/18erdoc0919
9h Vanguard options with 11k to invest - proper format  08/17nwdiedrich08/18nwdiedrich
8h Helping widowed mother with finances  08/17lochnessie08/18dickenjb
10h LS vs. 2 or 3 fund, etc. and ETF's.  08/16bowtie08/17bowtie
2h stock return calculator  08/17mz507708/17postingname
7h general guidance re: savings vehicles  08/10curiousg08/17curiousg
4h What to do with some extra savings...  08/03Xavier252508/17Xavier2525
18h Windfall and fiduciary recommendations  08/16atticus21008/17MDisciple87
8h Where to invest extra money....help!  08/17whitecliff08/17Toons
5h general q. on 3 fund portfolio  08/17bowtie08/17postingname
5h Young Person looking to invest £10,000 in UK market  08/17Monzano08/17Monzano
9h Asset Allocation 50 yr old couple too much taxable cash.  08/17BOKEH08/17BOKEH
3h Help with Roth IRA recharacterization & conversion  08/17authrd08/17DSInvestor
4h ESPP [Employee Stock Purchase Plan]  08/17Angrypuppy08/17Angrypuppy
3h .90% yield on 100k…help...  08/17waterwell08/17tibbitts
5h Selling VSS in taxable to move to IRA?  08/16zaboomafoozarg08/17livesoft
4h Help with Rollover and Conversion  08/16Xixor08/17hoppy08520
9h Does this Bond AA make sense?  08/17Funkey08/17dbr
1t Different Strategy For 401k and IRA?  07:48bogart9915:26placeholder
13t Why only stocks in a taxable account at retirement?  11:27imgritz15:23dickenjb
39t Dow Jones Index Fund?  08/18riptide15:17Pale Horse
0t Bridgeway Omni SCV (BOTSX) vs PXSV  15:16countmein  
0t Vanguard lifts mobile check deposit to $50K  15:05dickenjb  
12t Blog:iShares to close target retirement ETFs  15:43Barry Barnitz14:58Leif
0t How to weather market downturn with a high chance of layoff  14:28PoorManatee  
81t The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home  page: 208/08nscherneck14:20AlohaBill
17t To be truly rich, take stock of your life before investing  09:35Spectre14:19Wagnerjb
20t Defining "Stay the Course"  08/19Boglenaut14:17tetractys
3t When did you hear of Bill Miller and Legg Mason Value Trust?  14:03nisiprius14:13cfs
17t John Hussman, smart guy, should you listen to his forecasts  07:39larryswedroe14:06thx1138
0t portfolio turnover  14:04mickeypd  
55t Shiller on Lofty Market Elevations  page: 208/17Leesbro6313:20Johno
61t [live off dividends?] How the rich stay/get richer??  page: 220:33arcticpineapplecorp.12:59Mel Lindauer
61t High Yield Bonds - Uncorrelated to Stocks and Bonds?  page: 208/07tarheel12:20garlandwhizzer
7t Implied future real interest rates  08/18richard12:05feh
71t Smooth perpetual withdrawal from risky assets [endowment fd]  page: 208/02longinvest12:05longinvest
27t Understanding implications of Shiller CAPE on retirement  08/09Cody11:57feh
1t Employee owned companies effect on shareholders  11:05BogleInvestorLondon11:34Slowmaha
79t Your biggest "Missed Money" event that still kills you?  page: 208/18investingdad09:204nursebee
5t Using an advisor for fudiciary guidance  17:47mycal7507:13RetirementJoe
10t Vanguard on Facebook  08/12stemikger04:57stemikger
2t an interesting chart [Asset correlation matrix]  21:38sometimesinvestor02:32Day9
102t Gold, Silver, Copper  page: 2 307/10selftalk00:43lee1026
6t PowerShares' PXSV more Tax Efficient than Vanguard's VBR?  08/19berntson23:15berntson
71t Bad(?) advice given about Target Date Retirement funds  page: 208/18bertilak23:04Mel Lindauer
254t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 607/16Rob Bertram22:51lee1026
2t Transferring Stock Between Vanguard Brokerage Accounts  22:19bobble22:33toto238
21t Bogleheads Featured in Money Article  08/18Mel Lindauer22:06Mel Lindauer
50t Retirement Party [Investment] Discussions  page: 208/17SGM20:36shawcroft
76t Do Super wealthy have access to different investing vehicles  page: 208/15SpartanBull20:16airahcaz
6t Reporter doing story on new money to Vanguard  08/19Mel Lindauer20:14Mel Lindauer
8t Should non-vested retirement assets be treated differently?  15:56toto23819:42Epsilon Delta
3t Credit Union(s) Lowering rate on existing certificate (CD)  08/19dm20018:39john94549
14t Long term bond tilting?  08/18pulcinella18:14Ketawa
12t Goldman-Sachs: bonds to 4%, 6% stock returns  08/19Browser17:27Langkawi
37t Is a big war coming ???  08/19selftalk16:47LadyGeek
5t High yield bonds in a portfolio  08/18larryswedroe16:44R2D2
6t Explaining irrelevant "investing news" articles to relatives  08/19jontherevelator08/19bertilak
7t Indexing in EM, and Templeton's Mobius  08/19larryswedroe08/19cfs
8t commodity funds and currency risk  08/17dnaumov08/19Johno
26t my review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage  03/18Easy Rhino08/19JacobyTT
10t Is a 16% expense ratio technically possible?  08/18toto23808/19gwrvmd
52t Huff Post: How Financially Literate Is the Investing Public?  page: 207/31hoppy0852008/19Fallible
12t Inflation-indexed SPIAs: A Good Deal?  08/17gordoni208/19Leesbro63
12t difference in performance between VXUS and VTIAX  201315202guy08/19kenyan
1t Incorporating new asset classes  08/19Beliavsky08/19rkhusky
10t Has indexing gotten too big?  08/18gb2408/19hoppy08520
5t New iShares Global REIT ETF  08/18pradador08/19in_reality
1t Comparing American Funds Model Portfolio to Vanguard 3 Fund  08/19bnes08/19bnes
4t "Robin Williams' estate plan: Good, but not great"  08/18Taylor Larimore08/18Alex Frakt
3t William Bernstein quoted in a WSJ article today  08/17arcticpineapplecorp.08/18berntson
13t Online classes?  07/10coachz08/18AviN
14t Vanguard australia fees  08/09Bikeman08/18Bikeman
0t When tax time comes again, can your portfolio cost you less?  08/18gkaplan  
17t An Honest Stock Market Update - A good laugh  08/12matjen08/18mickeyd
44t Question about Tax Advantaged/Taxable Best Strategy  08/15Deep Thoughts08/18bhsince87
26t Paperback of The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing, 2nd Ed.?  08/14evilityb08/18Valence
4t Shiller: "U.S. stocks are very expensive"  08/18Browser08/18LadyGeek
3t Response to Shiller's "lofty" CAPE - where should it be?  08/17richard08/18LadyGeek
1t Mutual Fund Expenses and Fees  08/17pkcrafter08/18John Z
35t Vanguard eliminates fee on FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap  07/25Kevin M08/18abuss368
2t Barry Ritholtz Interviews Vanguard's Brennan  08/12matjen08/18abuss368
23t A new stock index: companies with happy employees  08/14grsimmon08/18Valuethinker
54t Free "If You Can" Kindle and .pdf eBook  page: 203/31Bill Bernstein08/18summit
36t [Poll] How I Feel When I Think about Investing, etc.  08/13Boglenaut08/18technovelist
26t 'Risk Creep' - new term  08/16Valuethinker08/18nisiprius
79t When is a 3.75% load worth it?  page: 208/05Tamales08/18Tonen
74t Most Hated Brokerage Firm? [or one that you love]  page: 208/10mikemath08/18in_reality
28t IRS: bitcoins are property for tax purposes in U.S.  03/25Phineas J. Whoopee08/18docneil88
6t Help understanding tibs (similar to i-bonds)  08/17Bikeman08/17Bikeman
19t Vanguard Bond funds Style change  08/16Doc08/17Munir
34t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  05/30MichDad08/17TDAlmighty
18t WSJ: Is Your Portfolio Too Diversified?  08/16Jagman08/17afan
4p What can happen to a union pension?  12:32mojave15:28Boglegrappler
49p POLL: Age for Collecting Social Security Benefits  08/19MichDad15:19cheese_breath
89p Vanguard Lost My Account  page: 208/14arkady22515:16heartwood
0p How to best pay for a second home?  15:10Rich Cape Cod  
20p Quickest Way to Deposit a Large Sum with Vanguard  08/11Deep Thoughts15:04dickenjb
18p Longer Term Investment Goals Progress Tracking  08/18rkatz014:57Aptenodytes
6p Rollover gone wrong  08/15raspino14:47raspino
9p 2 year Boglehead anniversary - pulse check  13:23mojave14:37bungalow10
4p USAA home insurance issue - anyone know the industry?  10:30pulcinella14:30whisper11
39p How much do you plan to save in your 529 plan?  08/17hmw14:23letsgobobby
12p Power of Attorney  08/16victorb14:02technovelist
34p Will you have to pay your parent's long term care costs?  10:14Browser13:52Mitchell777
3p Capital gains on sale of parents' residence  10:26ourtown13:41Gropes & Ray
6p What assets are protected from state court proceedings?  11:49Browser13:06Steelersfan
1p Cost of living by state  10:34Beliavsky13:03Mel Lindauer
11p Which countries really provide health care to all citizens?  05:23FireProof13:01Mel Lindauer
3p Riders for home insurance?  09:13berg13:01Rupert
25p gifting money, and smoking  08/19Angelus35912:47health teacher
24p Do the mega wealthy need life insurance?  21:16danieljquirk12:20bluemarlin08
24p Thoughts on USAA?  08/18berg12:15JamesSFO
8p Do interest rates really matter when buying a home?  09:51toto23811:48EnjoyIt
4p can unmarried or unrelated people hold house title in JTWRS?  21:39gabriel197011:39flyingbison
11p Tracking Down Pension Info.  08/17mrfinesse8410:51kaudrey
8p More Advanced Retirement Calculator?  08/19MKH10:44MKH
36p Defined Benefit Plan Costs?  08/17digitalfusion10:18digitalfusion
11p Spousal IRA and Backdoor Roth Conversion with High AGI  01/03southerndoc08:11art_org
10p HSA Questions  08/19guitarguy06:41livesoft
14p Help me understand my credit report  08/16g3d23:37g3d
4p Repeat: PBS Frontline The Retirement Gamble  19:26Rob5TCP23:34sschullo
49p Savings Percentage [rules of thumb]  08/16NewToInvestGuy22:36CyberBob
24p Vanguard Agent Authorization  08/16arthurdawg21:16bru
33p Europe travel: best card for ATM cash  08/16LeeMKE21:15mhalley
2p 4% CD Cheaper Than Steak Dinner Pitch  08/18Leesbro6321:01Rob5TCP
107p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 2 307/21brak20:33grabiner
2p Reasonable interest rate for 10 year loan  19:57aprilcpa20:01Amishman
95p Preparing to retire checklist  page: 211/23VictoriaF19:33SunsetKid
1p Retired.... Structure spending instead of accumulation.  19:10Dave C.19:14livesoft
4p Question on buying a new house/selling the old one  08/19chuppi19:02SunsetKid
1p Need Help Negotating Internal Transfer & Promotion  18:15cannondale18:24fposte
16p Why no transaction alerts from Vanguard/others?  08/18Browser17:42toto238
3p Social Security Delayed Credits & Survivor Benefits  08/19MDisciple8717:17MDisciple87
14p Mississippi wins!  08/19hicabob16:19LadyGeek
4p Tax question on recharacterization from roth to traditional  08/18boli7416:12LadyGeek
2p identity theft - stolen rental car  08/19jimmy15:57Rupert
30p So am I a terrible father? [inheritance question]  08/18nbseer08/19CABob
23p Online property tax payment lost  08/17replyguy08/19The Wizard
7p Wife Pregnant on Bed Rest- Help with existing std and ltd  08/13Allan1208/19Luke Duke
2p New Job/New Location - Next Steps  08/19Boilermakers08/19Boilermakers
44p In-Law Financial Issues (long)  08/18Flexo5208/19dolphinsaremammals
21p FERS retirement: Final taxes and TSP  06/21VictoriaF08/19VictoriaF
39p Looking for advice on creating a Will  08/07ProfessorX08/19sunnyday
30p CFA Results  2013rmelvey08/19grok87
4p Short term solution (emergency cash)  08/18NewBH08/19NewBH
17p POLL: Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage?  08/17Trurl Klapaucius08/19Trurl Klapaucius
27p Going from W-2 to 1099  08/14DireWolf08/19placeholder
10p Choosing and paying an executor  08/18sunnyday08/19placeholder
14p Convert an option to LT gain with an RSU vest?  08/11BostonBorg08/19Nebster
13p Safety of Finance Apps  08/17llessac1508/18G-Force
0p Opening Solo 401(k) and Closing SEP-IRA  08/18southerndoc  
48p What was Underestimated\Overestimated in Retirement  08/17Rexindex08/18trueblueky
9p change from trustee/successor trustee to CO-trustees  08/16seattlereader08/18seattlereader
42p Berkshire Hathaway A's about to hit $200k/pps  08/14hicabob08/18abuss368
5p Tax deferred annuity [Withdrawal strategy questions]  08/17dcruick193008/18dcruick1930
7p Health Insurance Premium is HSA eligible expense?  08/15jack.bauer08/18archbish99
5p IRA?  08/18newdadnyc08/18Zabar
2p Returning leased vehicle; disclose all body repairs?  08/18bestplans08/18coldaudio
11p Parents bought universal life — what next?  07/31PSBrooklyn08/18dhodson
2p HELOC Options  08/17bbqguru08/18NewToInvestGuy
11p Selling 401k questions  08/17cppoly08/18placeholder
2p calculators for ARM vs fixed mortgages?  08/18bling08/18FreemanB
9p Mortgage or pay cash  08/17TheGreyingDuke08/18Johno
10p Becoming full time student from employment and ACA  08/16dm20008/18Jack
60p Retirement luxury vehicle  page: 208/13airahcaz08/18airahcaz
8p YNAB Questions  08/16Greg1708/18zelda
9p Weird implications of a credit card trick  08/16Angelus35908/18ajcp
7p which insurance company?  08/16bowtie08/17denovo
2p realtor [commision] advice..  08/17SpartanSJ08/17denovo
16p Cost of Medical Records  08/16peregrine08/17Statch
0l Master Thread - Greenville Metro Bogleheads  11:16Snow Boarder  
11l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate20:29BeerMoney
100l New York City Local Chapter established  page: 2 32013quanuec08/19rafapark
48l Seattle Chapter?  05/29zmcpherson08/18delconte
2l Chicago Bogleheads Meeting August 18, 2014  08/06michey31208/18michey312
0f Wiki Links  07:59gatorman  
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