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1h Build Cash Reserves or Contribute to Taxable Account.  21:35N5257007:35Dandy
5h Deductible Investment Options for Wife  20:23trekwars200007:05dickenjb
3h ETF Question: How Long to Re-Pull Trigger  04:34MacHeath07:02Mountain Man
3h Please critique my 300k portfolio  06:10chameleon06:39chameleon
0h What Muni Bond in Taxable Brokerage Account  06:31duke33  
8h New member, unemployed, would like advice on portfolio  04/18paulbrent04:32basspond
5h Help for a new invester  04/18Nu2Invest04:15Nu2Invest
20h advice for 83-year-old in-law with Alzheimer's  04/03marktrumpet04:14Workinghard
23h what should I do with my whole life policy  04/14maverick0203:45basspond
8h Inherited IRA from Merrill Lynch  04/17MikeWA02:10HIinvestor
8h Just maxed 2013 Roth IRA. Should I max 2014 now too?  04/16hunter180100:57hunter1801
13h Taxable Acct Investing for 10-15yr Time Horizon  13:22Habu22:52grabiner
6h Starting Again - 35yo Australian in Japan  04/19startingagain22:52bpp
3h Tracking Roth Contributions forever  19:00kwan222:28Alan S.
9h Advice needed for taxable portfolio over 2 million  04/10floridaSky22:20Rajsx
6h Looking for Muni income--PML???  12:23fmhealth22:04fmhealth
21h 3 researched questions for you re: my portfolio & finances  04/18cs9719:42cs97
18h 401k in-service withdrawals  04/17Workinghard19:04cherijoh
4h Portfolio Help: Part 2  14:30ChiefIllini19:03ChiefIllini
6h Qualified Dividends Question  17:40Tortoise Banker18:20Tortoise Banker
25h AA accross multiple accounts  04/18bloom270818:16HIinvestor
12h Need Help with Investments  04/18Kayaker5518:12Sportsman
18h Help looking for ways to get to 50-50  04/17Cody18:05Twins Fan
2h Portfolio Review--Is it time to open a taxable account?  04/18SteelPenny17:00deikel
6h Need help, planning on making my first ever investment soon.  04/19MadHappy16:59Duckie
12h Question on borrowing from IRA  04/18Kiloaxe16:37deikel
6h New Member, help with portfolio please.  04/14Edward Newgate16:10Edward Newgate
21h How high of an allocation to REITs?  04/17InvestorNewb15:22berntson
5h Portfolio cleanup - please help  04/18boggas15:08boggas
7h Retirement Portfolio Advice  04/18Habu14:44Habu
13h Which: Dividend Growth or High Yield Dividend?  04/18grizzoola14:12peregrine
1h Excessive Roth IRA contributions  03/18busybox13:15busybox
8h Help with Investment Advice  04/18NoleDawg12:37basspond
24h Vanguard Total International (VTSAX) - Taxable Account  04/17enc0re10:56enc0re
5h 12 Month Review  04/17poker2710:25windhog
5h 401k investment advice  04/18SpaceSashimi10:00dbr
6h Only 3 Index Funds in Pension Plan, Can't Decide  04/18Firezen08:33Firezen
38h Bernstein retirement plan  04/16sarahjane04/19Dandy
14h Oh No! My Tilt has untilted!  04/17nedsaid04/19zed
45h New to investing, looking for insights  04/10mrehal04/19dratkinson
25h 33/34 Simplifying Portfolio & 401k Options Advice  04/12flyboy200004/18simpleton
25h Can you put after tax RMD withdrawals into ROTH?  04/18teacher04/18BL
53h Experiences with Eli Lilly Credit Union for HSA?  page: 202/12texasdiver04/18aha
7h Portfolio minimum?  04/18New2Investing04/18leonard
14h New money and Investment Policy Statement  03/25placeholder04/18leonard
31h Leaving Financial Advisor; Portfolio Advice Needed  01/13twindad5704/18Bogle_Feet
7h Help a saver become an investor - Portfolio help  04/16ZiziPB04/18placeholder
11h 29 Changing Jobs - Looking for Advice  04/18Ryan O04/18ruralavalon
4h 401k options  04/18bloom270804/18ieee488
24h Draft email to investment advisor re outperforming Total Mar  04/16SusanPeterson04/18MN Finance
15h Annuity Rollover  04/15jayhawk2004/18bluemarlin08
2h Investing in taxable account  04/18rondebbs04/18ruralavalon
33h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  04/14coolguy95404/18Lodbrok
10h [please advise] - self managed vs balanced fund  04/15sayeesh04/18sayeesh
28h Where are the Opportunities now ?  04/17HelloImAMac04/18JuanZ
6h Best funds for kids  04/15Steady04/18ps56k
2h Should spouses use same Target Date across accounts?  04/18armerida04/18sscritic
7h what bond funds to hold(Bernstein's Sheltered Sam)  04/15tnbison04/18ps56k
5h A fund to go with VWINX/VWELX  04/17Flyers1304/18ddunca1944
10h Investing a financial settlement  04/18millervt04/18millervt
4h Harvest Krane Intermediate Bond Fund  04/18Navillus04/18nisiprius
12h Shutting down a DRIP cheaply  03/03WallyBird04/18munemaker
28h Newly Widowed, what to do with the life insurance money....  04/16morningstarc04/18BL
7h After Tax 401K Question  04/16stungerz04/18CreditNerd
4h Retirement planning for immigrant  04/16sirmawa04/18TedSwippet
13h why would i keep $3,000 in a vanguard roth brokerage mma  04/11sonny102204/18Momus
7h 401k: Target Date or Do-it-myself  04/11nameunknown04/18kerplunk
6h New Investor Portfolio/Advice  04/16Dailystreet04/17desiderium
4h Asset Allocation in taxable account  04/16Sportsman04/17Sportsman
8h Asset Allocation Assistance  04/15Willhelm04/17Hiker-Biker
18h Vanguard index funds through Schwab  02/23unmesh04/17HIinvestor
15h How Are Catch Up Contributions Made?  04/13meowcat04/17grabiner
9h Roth IRA/Traditional IRA  04/16Jayb563504/17Jayb5635
48h Advice Needed on Transitioning to DIY Passive Portfolio  04/06JaneyLH04/17placeholder
28h Avoiding VNQ due to interest rate [Vanguard REIT]  02/28mathguy302104/17livesoft
7h leaving scottrade  04/15venvang04/17placeholder
4h Vanguard direct rollover -- notary?  04/17slowandsteadyCT04/17slowandsteadyCT
15h Help with Home Sale  04/16Pennybags04/17Jack FFR1846
8h Beginning Investor - 457B Good Idea?  04/17Johntas04/17Johntas
4h New inheritance  04/16saradog04/17JuanZ
16h I don't understand whether there are costs to rebalancing  04/16supbb04/17leonard
56h What do you think about "Reverse Mortgages"  page: 22010unmtgtdcrst04/17danieljquirk
4h average return over lifetime?  04/17young_grasshopper04/17papiper
7h Need Help Setting Up Port For Father  04/17gph5604/17abuss368
11h Medical Student, New to Indexes - Portfolio and IRA advice?  04/14sfmdk24004/17sfmdk240
6h B-shares  04/16wewon3104/17wewon31
36t Beware Vanguard DOES NOT update all your account values  04/19livesoft08:20sscritic
6t M* caution on emerging markets dividend ETFs  23:38grabiner08:13Wagnerjb
14t Hit your #, Still want to work, does your savings % change?  23:23StarbuxInvestor08:04StarbuxInvestor
15t The reverse world of retirement investing  08:41gtt56108:03nisiprius
28t Retirement defeasance  04/17Sard07:48YDNAL
14t Value & Growth - 20 Years In Style  04/18JoMoney07:45larryswedroe
40t Does this strategy invite unnecessary risk?  04/16new2bogle207:40Dandy
6t part two of the risk blog post  04/18larryswedroe07:36larryswedroe
16t NYT: Re-education of a Brash Young Stock Picker  04/18Jagman06:38livesoft
22t Gold vs. Bonds as an Asset Allocation Hedge  2011Xile F Investor06:04Call_Me_Op
16t Book for 20 Year Old Beginner  04/18Leesbro6305:26JoMoney
226t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 503/31StarbuxInvestor01:43Hub
32t Speculation on I Bond fixed rate for May 1st  04/12John375401:09letsgobobby
9t Bond mutual fund vs individual bonds  04/18ginmqi23:18jbaron
2t SPY vs VOO [SPDR S&P 500 Index vs. Vanguard 500 Index]  08:32MichaelRpdx23:16grabiner
85t What's Your up to the minute AA?  page: 201/04StarbuxInvestor23:11pascalwager
16t Let's say we live for 150 years...  04/17Rick Ferri22:37packer16
4t Interpreting Shiller's data  17:18A_C_E22:03letsgobobby
17t Blog:William Bernstein’s Coward’s Portfolio  04/18Barry Barnitz21:49pascalwager
5t Q&A with Jack Bogle at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer18:37stemikger
4t I-Bond Rate for May 1, 2014?  15:59natureexplorer16:34LadyGeek
22t Vanguard Personal Advisor Services  12/12statman15:39tfb
3t Backdoor to avoid roundtrip problems with Fido Brokeragelink  2011floydtime13:36bytendog
3t How not to invest  04/18Waba10:16steve_14
149t Net Worth Survey, 2014 Edition  page: 2 301/04bobblehead09:13DaleMaley
19t Fixed Income Categories  04/18convert94908:28convert949
3t Global Minimum Volatility Fund  04/18trasmuss08:24grok87
45t Doesn't Matter - Does Matter - Good Post by Ben Carlson  04/16trailmk04/19Ivygirl
52t Free "If You Can" Kindle and .pdf eBook  page: 203/31Bill Bernstein04/18NORDO
4t Thoughts: Buy Muni's for an IRA?  04/18new2bogle204/18new2bogle2
13t You don't want to be member of the hedge fund club  04/15larryswedroe04/18dl7848
7t Vanguard IRA Insights  04/17grabiner04/18JamesSFO
4t When are Index Funds purchased?  04/18thethinker04/18thethinker
7t Timing of savings bonds purchases based on treasury yield  03/20jackpistachio04/18jackpistachio
26t First of two parter on what is risk  04/17larryswedroe04/18packer16
18t my review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage  03/18Easy Rhino04/18Eric
36t 5 yr TIPs auction announced 4/10- any takers?  04/03Doc04/18Doc
7t Otar - Tactical Asset Allocation  04/18feh04/18IlliniDave
4t Efficient Market question about different stock exchanges  04/18TylerS04/18BradMajors
15t Short duration fixed annuity Vs Treasury  04/08mykemu04/18mykemu
18t The dangers of backtesting and overfitting data - paper  04/17johng04/18Rodc
19t Does Vanguard charge Rebalancing fees?  04/17thethinker04/18bobbun
742t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152012Taylor Larimore04/18abuss368
2t Q&A with the Experts at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer04/18tfb
1t Friday blog review April 18, 2014  04/18Barry Barnitz04/18JuanZ
12t Using Valuations for Asset Allocation  04/18pezblanco04/18pezblanco
14t Trouble with Financial Engines Account?  03/15petrico04/18munemaker
23t Asset allocation over time  04/17asif40804/18Rodc
23t High Yield Bonds as an Annuity?  04/15magneto04/18Frugal Al
2t HSA funds  04/18asif40804/18tfb
63t Another take on the "rebalancing bonus"  page: 204/14Browser04/18afan
131t Bogleheads 2014 Hedge fund contest  page: 2 312/27MarginOfBuffett04/18grok87
36t What % of stock market "drive" is gambling?  04/13nisiprius04/18YDNAL
2t Portfolio "Floor" - worst case is the mattress  04/17thx113804/18YDNAL
9t IRA Required Withdrawal and Tax Inefficiency  04/16john parker04/17DDM
4t what's the % of world's investable assets in fixed income?  04/17arcticpineapplecorp.04/17sunnywindy
2t global bond index funds  04/17dnaumov04/17asset_chaos
4t How is bond average maturity measured/reported  04/17Rob't04/17Rob't
21t Please Help me understand 3-fund portfolio  04/16thethinker04/17thethinker
5t Monte Carlo Software  04/17JeremiahS04/17LadyGeek
4t AMH - Interested in Larry Swedroe's Thoughts  04/17Tim Bachmann04/17larryswedroe
5t Bogle, Fama, Shiller & Asness Videos from Bloomberg  04/17matjen04/17berntson
16t Barclays CD 60-month at 2.25% APY  04/17winglessangel3104/17SnapShots
3t Significant error in investment account  04/17jwblue04/17Epsilon Delta
79t Japan Does not Show That Stocks are Dangerous  page: 204/15berntson04/17YDNAL
5t Which are non-taxable accounts?  04/17new2bogle204/17retiredjg
742t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152011Lbill04/17chaz
23t Fidelity Full View  07/14texas_archer04/17telemark
52t Why are total bond market funds so often recommended?  page: 204/15steve_1404/17Doc
5t The World Top Incomes Database  04/16bobcat204/17LadyGeek
4t Pressure employer to allow after-tax and in-service rolls  04/16LowER04/17placeholder
37t What is your net worth  04/16LH04/17LadyGeek
10t 2014 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE SOLD OUT  04/16Mel Lindauer04/17Mel Lindauer
23t Asness & Fama on Bloomberg TV NOW  04/15matjen04/17matjen
8t Employee Fiduciary and The Online 401K  05/29avalpert04/17robbyforsythe
12t Jack on Bloomberg Today...  04/15bondsr4me04/17abuss368
2t Question about the gordon equation  04/17Hallman04/17IlliniDave
2t Blog:Frank Armstrong Ideal Index portfolio  04/17Barry Barnitz04/17Random Musings
1t "Bonds were priced to return approximately as much as stocks  04/17ryman55404/17dickenjb
145p POLL: why carry cash?  page: 2 304/18schuyler7408:10MnD
28p paydown strategy for mortgage  16:18chak08:02zzcooper123
29p POLL: If Eligible For Social Security .....  14:20orlandoman07:56Dandy
4p IRS Lost Electronic Return?  06:39GDBryan07:40nisiprius
55p SS Strategy Metric  page: 204/16rkhusky07:28Cut-Throat
1p Need advice on financial planning at age 40  04/18MC201407:20jeffyscott
12p Estate Planning Issues  04/17compounder07:12SteveM
11p payWave cards  19:22meebers04:08marbat
46p You can lead a horse to water... [Giving financial advice]  03/20Zabar04:00basspond
21p Switching Banks  04/16Middle22:56grabiner
11p Divorcee about to reach FRA seeks SS information  04/03marathonwmn22:52sscritic
20p Question about IRS Online Payment from Checking Account  04/18sd9407022:32theduke
11p Inherited IRA Options - need some help  04/17Dallas152121:53bsteiner
6p Gave two weeks notice a week ago - benefits wrapup questions  04/17masrtis21:09Calm Man
34p Live Now, Live Later?  04/17turning5020:41Watty
4p Paying 1/4 Estimates with "Rewards" Card  19:40N5257020:07N52570
15p Where to put RMDs in budget?  13:11anncatchingup20:07joe8d
14p Family Financial Health Check and Advice  04/16gatorphysics19:59LadyGeek
13p HELOC to pay off student loans?  11:43sighchological19:40Twins Fan
7p Testamentary Trust as Beneficiary  04/16CincyGuy19:39bsteiner
3p Darien Rowayton Bank  11/26newbinvestor18:43huskerdoc2035
67p Looking at top 1% for actionable insight  page: 204/14SeattleCPA18:41Tonen
19p ESPP Shares - What to do?  04/18jh-139118:16jh-1391
21p problem with Amica, what to do next?  04/15the mind bogles18:00Louis Winthorpe III
1p Medicare and FEHB  15:28Old Guy16:34dm200
2p Let's play mortgage roulette!  04/18Paddington7915:54freddie
41p Did not have fun this year doing my taxes- TT  04/15sans souliers14:49Hug401k
5p Presentation for Retiring Physicians  11:22zzcooper12312:57BL
3p self employed 105 medical reimbursement plan  04/14mikep12:02mikep
8p Help on Auto Loan vs. Student loan/Mortgage  04/12sighchological11:38sighchological
3p settling estate with negative net worth  10:22MnD11:26MnD
22p Curious on tax return for mom and dad..  03/17UpstateNY8609:44Novine
9p Trying to identify pre-1980 6th grade economics book  04/18darrellr09:03fposte
2p Cole taylor  04/17UpstateNY8608:41midareff
93p Can you please convince me to get a credit card?  page: 203/23CoffeeAndBooks04/19placeholder
53p Tried to get credit report - security questions don't match  page: 207/29Ciel04/18rkhusky
1p Extra Mortgage Payments and Emergencies  04/18averagejoe2104/18grabiner
5p Is it ever okay to use IRA to pay off student loan?  04/18kentjohnson404/18crowd79
3p underemployed, debt, retirement advice please  04/18goober04/18lululu
23p practicing medicine in Texas...  04/17FRx04/18obgyn65
16p Trying to clean up personal finance  04/17judaniels04/18RDB
20p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar04/18Alskar
5p Lock now or hope rates inch downward?  04/18Paddington7904/18Watty
62p 15 year vs 30 year fixed  page: 204/05ctb6160704/18harikaried
16p Resort Property as Primary Residence  04/18busterk04/18Watty
3p Beneficiaries in will but not designated on accounts  04/18Calm Man04/18bsteiner
12p Force to have Double Coverage Health Insurance  04/17spaddlewit04/18munemaker
18p If you leave your job, can you use up your whole FSA?  04/16icedtea04/18icedtea
11p time off for interview  04/17ieee48804/18guitarguy
0p CPA in Wisconsin or Illinois  04/18mikewazowski  
79p Anyone regret saving too much and not spending when younger?  page: 208/30techcrium04/18newindexer
4p After Tax 401k to Roth 401k: is this bad?  04/17msilenus04/18Bill M
1p Cost plus vs. bid for residential renovation  04/17J29504/17Kosmo
2p Does Larry Swedroe have a Podcast?  04/17new2bogle204/17asset_chaos
14p Little to no income for 2 years- take IRA RMDs up to 37k?  04/16nosubject04/17VictoriaF
18p Taxes owed in taxable account  04/17llessac1504/17grabiner
38p Over-55 communities a ripoff?  04/17nbseer04/17LadyGeek
56p Use credit cards to pay rent: Amex Serve?  page: 204/12Costanza04/17LadyGeek
6p Property Taxes  04/17Paddington7904/17lululu
8p Short-term Bond Index Fund  04/17shawcroft04/17Sunny Sarkar
8p Estate Planning Lawyer  04/15hlfo71804/17bsteiner
57p The slackening...  page: 204/13letsgobobby04/17jlawrence01
13p Retirement account beneficiary; family trust?  04/13drat6904/17bsteiner
1p Private Mortgage Insurance in NJ - Permanent?  04/17Fritch04/17stickman731
29p making your own will or trust  04/15Beerwolf04/17Kevin M
17p Dilemma about legal action for injured child  04/14Rexindex04/17SnapShots
12p The Unemployment Game Plan  04/17thisismyusername12304/17Peter Foley
3p If You Can New Free Dates  04/17Bill Bernstein04/17chaz
29p Corporate Compliance has a problem with our Vanguard account  04/09TomatoTomahto04/17leonard
6p Salary Negotiation Help  04/16johndoe04/17Bfwolf
16p Student Loan Repayment by Employer Counting as Taxed Income  04/15heavyshoulder73204/17leonard
29p Just had offer accepted on a house! (Advice pls!)  04/16Paddington7904/17harrychan
3p Deciding on a new HDHP  04/16bmay04/17Hexdump
46p Let's compare 2013 effective tax rates  04/16boglerocks04/17jimb_fromATL
12p apartment rental strategies  04/16seattlereader04/17seattlereader
4p Death of an ITIN holder  04/16Faith2087904/17sscritic
20p Federal Employment Question  04/16Barefootgirl04/17VictoriaF
0l New Greenville SC Local Chapter  04/18Mel Lindauer  
1l Happy Easter and Pesach Sameach to Everyone  04/18grok8704/18mhc
0l Eastern Iowa Diehards, Sat May 31, Coralville  04/18wmcclain  
1l RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 9:30 AM Sat June 14, 2014  04/14Steve Thorpe04/18tidalwave10
3l Master Thread for RTP, North Carolina Bogleheads Chapter  04/14Steve Thorpe04/18tidalwave10
163l Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 2 3 42007grabiner04/17bobcat2
78f *poor* Bogleheads  page: 204/18nebraskaman04/18LadyGeek
12c Binocular Recommendation Request  16:12tomander08:08jebmke
12c True Crypt - Possible Security Problems  04/16CougsHouse08:07stan1
0c Possible fraud? Getting mail about a car I don't own.  08:03Cherokee8215  
52c Any less expensive sources for Lipitor?  page: 202/07Myopic squirrel08:03lululu
11c Dehumidifier for humid basement. I want one that lasts.  04/18tc10107:23jeffyscott
25c Help me find a good slow cooker  04/17jmndu9907:19sscritic
24c Flights D.C. to London: Buy now or wait?  12:40VictoriaF06:56dickenjb
2c Best way to get a car loan  21:48sunnyday05:47livesoft
37c Amazon.com prices change quickly  04/18schuyler7405:41heartwood
17c Windows Connectivity/Security Question  04/16dl784823:40BolderBoy
17c Shuttle from Tampa airport to St Pete Beach?  04/16VictoriaF23:16protagonist
54c New homeowner: lawn care advice  page: 204/14slbnoob23:09boroc7
7c "New" car has crack in windshield, dent on trunk  21:24mojave23:02DiscoBunny1979
12c Best "Online Service" Hotel Room/Car Deals  04/17N5257022:50NOLA
40c Baby Boomers: Top 10 Movies  04/16tennisplyr22:07peppers
46c Quicken 2014 opinions wanted  04/18bertilak21:26Drew31
108c Frugality regret: What thing do you regret not spending on?  page: 2 303/20jackpullo99721:00sambb
10c A Dictionary and a World Atlas: Recommendations?  04/18gkaplan20:32stan1
49c How to avoid ads and not get tracked  04/17protagonist20:04LadyGeek
22c "Best" place for new tires and tire protection plans = B.S.?  04/18tidalwave1019:55killjoy2012
44c Google Voice Not Supported on OBi Devices After May 15 2014  04/1755519:44runner9
5c Hotmail - you get what you pay for?  04/18Barefootgirl17:13Barefootgirl
70c Best way to sign a credit card?  page: 201/21linenfort16:46pjstack
14c Buying shoes at COSTCO  02/11dm20016:45dm200
101c KeePass vs LastPass  page: 2 304/10Pacific16:36Kevin M
205c Windows XP users  page: 2 3 4 508/26EternalOptimist13:57Intheheadlights
20c Boglehead used car problem. Run It or ditch it?  04/17frugalhen10:45EmergDoc
9c Pot-smoking tourists to Colorado??  09:15nbseer10:21LadyGeek
7c Golfer's elbow treatment  04/19Offshore09:48LadyGeek
19c Help select laptop  04/17yukon5009:25jeffyscott
2c Hyundai Equus vs Lexus LS460  04/19BerkeleyChris08:31Leesbro63
25c Most solid small car  04/15archman6504/19FIR3
14c Guitar purchase problem: Fender strat mfg warranty?  04/18tidalwave1004/19sscritic
4c Non-tabletop fountain in home office = need dehumidifer?  04/18tidalwave1004/19tidalwave10
1c Luminox Watch Fans: Mineral Crystals and PVD Steel?  04/18RooseveltG04/18LowER
60c I need a new coffee maker, any recommendations?  page: 204/17pennstater200504/18Crimsontide
12c Buying mattress online. Please help  04/16arsenebould04/18coffeehubcap
14c Success with free extended warranty benefit from cred cards?  04/05tidalwave1004/18anonenigma
34c Alternative to a car  04/09paulsiu04/18tibbitts
14c Central AC and Forced Hot Air Heat (Gas)  04/17stemikger04/18tibbitts
24c "At Vanguard my voice is my password"  04/16bertilak04/18Leif
47c First Trip to India  04/08Alf 10104/18reggiesimpson
74c Expensive med. test not covered by insurance  page: 204/07mojave04/18jsong23
424c What Book Are YOU Currently Reading? PART III (12/11/2009)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92009Tall Grass04/18LadyGeek
2626c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532012randomwalk04/18chuck-b
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