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11h Please confirm my back door Roth understanding  14:45Traveller03:09celia
17h Where to keep "emergency fund" and how much to keep in bank?  07/28freyj603:05jgb
6h Where to put money after maxing out 401k  07/28laphlaw02:35grsimmon
1h Australia Retirement Portfolio for Mum  00:38dannyc9102:33AlohaJoe
21h retirement savings for my young kids?  07/28grsimmon02:18Grt2bOutdoors
3h How would retiring at 45 change investment strategy?  22:29PonziScheme01:36rj49
48h Was ready to pull plug on Janus..until  12:34theplayer1101:31roymeo
11h Mid-term, Non-retirement, Taxable Investments  07/27V1RTUS01:26JDDS
12h Wells Fargo "Wells-Trade" Brokerage Questions  15:20fcox8500:57placeholder
4h Which bond ETFs do you have?  22:02chasiu20900:55placeholder
38h Help with a new $5m portfolio for an old lady  11:06agingkid00:35LongerPrimer
3h Which one is the better portfolio?  22:53tryinghard00:17steve_14
4h Withholding on 401K Settlement  07/23Spaced Out00:10Spaced Out
55h Bonds!!??  page: 22012mikemod3500:08oragne lovre
2h 401K Bond choices - advice please.  23:26Gort23:45LAlearning
2h Reallocation  17:03jersh23:33Lafder
1h help me sell my i series bonds  23:13manuvns23:25Johm221122
28h Tell me why I shouldn't buy individual muni bonds  07:39fredflinstone23:03BigJohn
3h Help with starting a portfolio  21:20rh3mk56y922:16LAlearning
9h How to complement VWENX to get full diversification?  07/23gmtop8722:04pkcrafter
2h Australian - buying international shares fund?  07:46Bikeman22:03Bikeman
16h Contribute to 457?  09:44bubbadog22:00bubbadog
2h need help with 403b  21:25subiebrz21:56asif408
12h Transition from residency to attending - Portfolio review  07/26emdoc21:39emdoc
29h Help me save my parents from Merrill Lynch  07/25anna_indiana21:33Mr. Digweed
11h Basically starting over  07/27jujitsu8421:12Aptenodytes
24h Wise to split $$ between Vanguard and advisor?  07/28baa613020:55baa6130
0h Help with my portfolio  20:21authrd  
14h CSRS and SS, check my logic  11:19heerekj120:15sscritic
6h Clergy Retirement Investing: 403(b) vs. Roth IRA  07/27millerstevew20:12trueblueky
11h 401(k) contributions  07/28ducksauce919:46ERISA Stone
31h Mutual fund account with Vanguard or MerrillEdge?  07/24sp50019:38livesoft
7h 401k rollover debate..  13:06boglefollower19:37placeholder
2h Backdoor Roth question  19:13M_to_the_G19:22LAlearning
4h Plan for my 401(k)... Seeking good advice  07/26wkays0419:15wkays04
8h Price per share of funds different in 401K from actual price  07/28rsbv19:14Tamales
15h Retirement Allocations  08:41curo19:06galeno
12h Need Investing Advice  07/24PH1218:25Taylor Larimore
7h Target Retirement vs Life Strategy Income  07/28nickfrank18:03Munir
3h Please give me advice to help my parents  09:50starnox17:47Taylor Larimore
2h SWTSX or SCHB in a Taxable Account?  14:45slipperlyslope17:36slipperlyslope
10h Opinions - What to do with $50k for 12mos  07/22jbreittling17:34Taylor Larimore
5h Investment in Employer Projects - How Much is Too Much?  07/28Scorpion17:27Scorpion
9h Is rebalancing worth having bonds?  13:43MillennialDoc16:47OriolesFan89
4h Can this be done? Does it make sense?  07/28Myopic squirrel16:45Myopic squirrel
14h HSA Questions  01/09goblue10016:13LadyGeek
16h Purchasing public pension benefits  07/28Jozxyqk16:10BL
2h Help with portfolio review/contribution plan (3 questions)  07/28Hastibe15:50Hastibe
1h Portfolio Review: How to Simplify and Rebalance? or .... Mid  14:45Pickles_Ice_Cream15:09Pickles_Ice_Cream
9h 529 - in-state only up to deduction amount?  07/28adam12314:50serbeer
0h Solo 401k Question  14:44bhreader  
7h Mutual Fund Suggestions?  07/27kimdel8114:32kimdel81
6h Help with preretirement investment Allocations  07/28truckman13:55Peter Foley
30h Annuities and asset allocation  07/28209south12:53LongerPrimer
15h How to Allocate 401k with Company Stock  07/02Halifax12:36pingo
21h Invest in pricey 403(b),or skip it and go taxable?  07/18Drain11:43Drain
12h Question: Inheritance and Financial Aid  07/28Drumheller10:15rec7
0h HK Equity Fund Suggestions for Beginners  10:14nightcatchiao  
23h Help with "Cost Basis Adjustment Form for Inherited Shares"  07/28runner909:02sscritic
43h state pension  07/25alexnk07:12johnep
26h AA for a spoiled young buck  07/19OriolesFan8907:09OriolesFan89
6h T-401k vs Roth 401k Company Match  07/29ItsOK2707:02rkhusky
0h IPS for French National living in Taiwan  07/29symbion  
4h Investing a windfall in todays market  07/28jackboglehead07/29Lafder
1h Should I stay the course or change?  07/28tryinghard07/28denovo
2h How to invest an Inherited IRA  07/28ReedMan07/28Lafder
7h How to invest without an advisor  07/25MaggieB07/28trueblueky
19h CD interest payments  07/27mickeyd07/28dm200
19h 401K Target Retirement Fund or Not  07/28VT200607/28joe8d
14h Wife returning to work - Wisconsin Retirement System qs  07/23Scorpion07/28Scorpion
6h Traditional vs Roth 401k when contributing the max  07/27civisbonus07/28civisbonus
29h Young investor blending SUBH and Minimized Fat Tails?  07/25metaphysik07/28berntson
75h Old people and financial advisors - a family tale  page: 207/26M_to_the_G07/28awval999
18h Where should I open a Solo 401k account?  07/24new2bogle207/28grp2c
20h Is a "split-personality" approach Boglehead-compatible?  07/21dodecahedron07/28retiredjg
5h Graphic investment/retirement planning software?  07/27texasdiver07/28PaddyMac
9h Help a beginner  07/23Maglib1107/28Duckie
5h Roth ira distribution unreported to IRS.  07/09ray.james07/28ray.james
11h Dollar-Cost Averaging at Scottrade  07/28ouki07/28ouki
12h Where to place 2nd tier emergency fund  07/28Crow Hunter07/28bvin
18h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW07/28pingo
1h OTC Market Holding - ammo/reasons to cut losses  07/28MnE07/28livesoft
1h Resources to learn more about taxable mutual fund accounts?  07/28ladybug81007/28livesoft
0h HSA in NJ which fund free of state taxes  07/28emgeecee  
9h Financial planning plz advise  07/27boardwalkgm07/28bberris
5h Money Market  07/28Jsw199207/28Zabar
4h Need help rebalancing investments  07/27dmsmith193907/28Aptenodytes
1h Minimizing RMDS  07/28dbphd07/28MN Finance
6h Rebalancing 401k in a Sane Way  07/25EhMerman07/28The529guy
16h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide07/28Stan Dup
8h Mint.com--does not keep my accounts up to date  07/27PonziScheme07/28Rob Bertram
4h Looking for Bonds for my portfolio, gov bonds offer  07/26Vision07/28Vision
11h Another Schwab Question  07/27Leeraar07/28in_reality
14t Question about long treasuries and increased supply  10:07Tamales03:48in_reality
76t Do any boggleheads invest in individual companies?  page: 207/28riptide02:49Grt2bOutdoors
2t The emerging market portion of Total International Stock  20:59arcticpineapplecorp.02:39pascalwager
14t Anyone Switched to Vanguard Account Upgrade?  11:18Nick True01:16potatoman
10t Feasibility of tax arbitrage?  07/28toto23801:05Epsilon Delta
16t Which is King: Income Stream or $ Invested  13:06bigez1700:21LongerPrimer
18t Market not interested in inflation protection?  13:06thx113823:48cowboysFan
1t looking ahead to the next 10-yr TIPS auction  22:40Bill M23:17Langkawi
14t Stocks: losing money for 20-30 years not uncommon  18:27Browser22:37MossySF
39t Rules of thumb that shouldn't be  07/25letsgobobby21:53ASUGrad
16t Owning individual stocks to harvest tax losses  08:13Beliavsky19:44bpp
21t Should retirement investors own small/value stocks at all?  09:02Browser19:23Rodc
22t bond duration and interest rate risk  07/27villars18:59BigJohn
34t Why should stocks go up over the long term?  07/28Index Reflex18:49cowboysFan
1t Report on HSA Accumulation and Tax Benefits  18:25Alan S.18:42yatesd
8t savings and staying course with investment strategy  07/21Robert T18:23Robert T
19t Fidelity Customer Protection Guarantee  10:42countdown15:56runner9
604t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132007simba15:00LadyGeek
181t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 407/16Rob Bertram14:16Tanelorn
28t Dodge & Cox - Global Bond Fund on the way  02/28abuss36813:22MnD
4t Ultra long term treasuries (50 yr)  11:19Chan_va12:39thx1138
2t The Best Health Savings Account Custodians?  07/29tryinghard12:07WorkToLive
28t Best way to reach initial allocation in a bull market?  07/25freyj611:07Leeraar
113t Larry: 20 Dollar Bills and Factor Persistence  page: 2 307/13Call_Me_Op07:22larryswedroe
3t DDM model predictions vs real returns  07/28siamond06:13beammeupscotty
16t If you tax adjust, how has it changed your life?  07/25letsgobobby07/28grabiner
4t Speaking in St. Louis on Thursday  07/28EmergDoc07/28RunningRad
10t my quarterly hedge fund update  07/23larryswedroe07/28thx1138
7t parking money  07/28swodo07/28dbr
8t I-bond purchasing strategy  07/28asif40807/28asif408
4t Principles for Changing Asset Allocation & Splicing  07/28ChicagoMedStudent07/28Aptenodytes
38t 36 percent decline in net worth  07/27Teetlebaum07/28Johno
24t Vanguard eliminates fee on FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap  07/25Kevin M07/28LadyGeek
59t Higher Returns at Lower Risk - please comment  page: 203/20Frans07/28pingo
58t Poll: Has your AA changed in the last 18 months  page: 207/20Longtimelurker07/28daave
2t second piece on sv---vs midcap  07/28larryswedroe07/28larryswedroe
42t One of the simplest rational reasons why some should tilt  07/25acegolfer07/28acegolfer
93t Bonds beat stocks over the last 15 years  page: 207/24Robert T07/28Browser
76t Vanguard quietly adds longevity annuities  page: 207/26nisiprius07/28thx1138
10t "Why no one should use brokerage accounts" Really?  07/27kaesler07/28jasc15
50t Should market valuations be completely disregarded?  page: 207/22Browser07/28Dandy
3t Tax (in)efficiency of BRK  07/26investmentgamer07/28investmentgamer
4t Cost basis and mutual fund exchanges  07/25Bowline07/28jefmafnl
22p Principal Residence = Poor Investment?  16:19readZinn03:58Professor Emeritus
18p How to keep family informed  21:50jbreittling02:39nerdymarketer
16p POLL: Wills vs. Living Trusts  07:54Chan_va00:53celia
16p state income tax withheld from IRA distribution?  14:30billjudy00:14sscritic
24p Landlording for long-term wealth? Who's doing it?  11:08jimday198200:01DVMResident
5p With Rates Likes These, Why Would Anyone Go for a Mortgage?  21:07ChupaChups23:38LongerPrimer
21p Fraudulent Charges Mystery  07/26Smurf23:22LeeMKE
12p Do I need umbrella insurance?  07/28Phooey22:57JonnyDVM
26p Please help me fight for index funds!  11:30Leif22:13barnaclebob
12p Fresh Out of College - Advice Appreciated  07/27chad226521:45Pizzasteve510
10p Paycheck division/saving for yearly expenses & contributions  07/26ace140021:07ace1400
2p HSA Questions [Rolling over]  15:37Velodon20:58grabiner
29p Buying property - frank responses requested  07/27Curious120:49rnitz
6p Zoning Issue in PA  07/15ChessFan20:49ChessFan
20p What is it like to live in Charlottesville, VA?  07/26rec720:48edge
5p Your 401k, u die, must beneficiary withdraw within 5 years?  17:13livesoft20:48LadyGeek
23p A third of Americans delinquent on debt, study says  10:20Erhan20:38LadyGeek
8p 401(k) - What's your opinion?  11:27fcirullo20:31Alskar
14p negotiating fees with a real estate agent?  07/25homermtb19:54Sagenick48
57p Do Bogleheads Feel Wealthier?  page: 207/27john9454919:45tphp99
6p What to do with my company 401k now?  07/28hellcatrydr19:36bcjb
2p Advice on when to start Social Security  10:04Len3319:36TexasTeacher
17p Bathroom remodel, cost per square foot  07/28Cigarman19:06LongerPrimer
19p Should I become a CFP?  07/27PharmaGuy18:25ASUGrad
15p Grad school decision - Help requested  07/29RyeWhiskey17:57rfowler
57p Buying a Home - Town permit records don't match disclosures  page: 207/26wilked17:38wilked
8p New Construction Builder options help me decide  07/28hackermb16:24ralph124cf
9p Revocable Trust Tax Treatment  08:53e511615:33e5116
3p Ever Sold a Mortgage?  07/28dbc4715:04123
24p Inherited accounts  07/27airahcaz14:51celia
1p Bank accounts: POD or Trust?  14:21postingname14:29Iorek
63p Taking out mortgage with zero down. Smart or no?  page: 207/28shaX13:53Ldevelopment
10p Need help deciding whether to sell inherited business  10:03aprilcpa12:51Calm Man
7p Who determines 1099-R Codes?  07/28pointyhead11:59sscritic
52p Anyone here use Personal Capital?  page: 206/22crowd7910:41SpringMan
35p What amount of Earnest Money - New Pulte Home  07/27hackermb10:11Novine
14p Saving for Adoption  07/27LittleFish09:09Jack FFR1846
5p Tax calculation for recharacterization of Roth conversion  07/28swampwiz08:29swampwiz
7p Difference between leasing a car and renting a home  07/28spocksynder07:59bluemarlin08
10p Methods for Calculating Savings Rate  07/24CougsHouse07/29777bandman
61p Selling House - Do We Need a Listing Broker?  page: 207/27Sun8807/29denovo
20p Is tax deferment overvalued?  07/26DonCamillo07/28grabiner
22p Is this a Vanguard quirk? [Adding beneficiaries to account]  07/16investor4life07/28Alan S.
10p Tips for incorpating a charity  07/27sunnyday07/28Zabar
105p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 307/26Buysider07/28steadyeddy
82p POLL: My home is worth less/more in 2014 than in 2007?  page: 207/27livesoft07/28Whiggish Boffin
8p Nanny/Household Employee Payroll Company  07/28ctiger07/28bsteiner
48p HELP for dying friend ...  05/26Near retirement07/28Globalviewer58
49p Does severance pay reduce or relace unemployment benefits?  07/25MnD07/28Peter Foley
24p finding an adviser/handholder for wife  06/23mkatz07/28Alskar
11p How well integrated is a VBS account on the Vanguard page?  07/28potatoman07/28Alan S.
10p USAA Homeowners Insurance Rate Hike  2011tomd3707/28freddie
7p $250K reporting question for multiple Solo 401k plans  07/25Duckie07/28ERISA Stone
11p TSP Questions: (ROTH or Traditional)?  07/22blackwater07/28Slowmaha
5p Redepositing unnecessary RMD's from 401K  07/26eaxelrode07/28mah001
8p Bank account to teach kids  07/28airahcaz07/28airahcaz
0p ACA/ObamaCare and the Long-Term Traveler  07/28dphilipps  
4p Pension Lump Sum vs Immediate Annuity  07/27HerbyPete07/28Frugal Al
69p Girlfriend moving in, lots of student loan debt  page: 22012davidfl07/28mhalley
20l Burlington, MA - Bogleheads Meeting - Saturday, June 28th  06/19Silence Dogood20:51gabriel1970
12l Goodbye and Good Luck!  15:23Longtimelurker20:36LadyGeek
50l favorite bogleheads posts?  page: 207/23random_walker_7711:49Taylor Larimore
5l Ode to Nisiprius, investing, AA, and, other life choices.  07/28sadie wess07/28Blue
6c Advice on getting a power adapter  21:24Calm Man04:03livesoft
28c How does car trade-in work?  10:21htdrag1103:23thomase
4c Dilemma: Get more fuel-efficient car now, or wait?  17:18JV01:27Epsilon Delta
30c Surge protectors  07/27InvestorNewb23:31Jack
72c Geneological research for unclaimed property  page: 207/23postingname23:28postingname
1c Final walk thru [Buying a home]  21:30andyandyandy23:14LeeMKE
2c Gardening 2014 mid summer update  21:53MP17323:10Sheepdog
21c Florida Retirement Communities advice/thoughts  07/27jimkinny23:05JonnyDVM
27c New HVAC system  07/28rpgddsmd22:07Khanmots
2c Recommendation for Neck/Back Massager  18:07mobi99921:32Mel Lindauer
6c Two days in Little Rock, AR - What to do and see?  19:33SwampDonkey21:21stingray5688
23c How to handle a company that won't honor a warranty?  12:22zaboomafoozarg20:53bottlecap
61c TrueCrypt possibly compromised/unsafe to use.  page: 205/28donfairplay19:36LadyGeek
6c Advice on Keeping Inexpensive Long Term Care Policy  15:51fdeanw19:30tomd37
27c "best" online booking service for hotel room?  07/27Myopic squirrel16:54fandango
36c Cell phone control devices for teen drivers?  07/28texasdiver15:59LadyGeek
3c Business School Loans  07/27dwade110915:57HMan768
9c Mecklenburg County, VA  07/28sand-in-my-toes15:56sand-in-my-toes
64c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 207/14bbrock15:18ginmqi
27c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco13:41blurryvision
1c Printing labels - cheaply and in bulk  13:34sunnyday13:36chaz
103c Advice wanted on first computer purchase since 1982!  page: 2 307/24dodecahedron12:31dodecahedron
43c Apple TV  07/17rjbraun11:43gl
48c 2014 Honda Civic EX-L vs 2014 Acura ILX(Base)  07/23prn2711:30boroc7
53c Kitchen Remodel... Or Not?  page: 207/27Hayek09:49Bengineer
8c Daily Telegraph: World War One Archive  07/27grayfox09:45kenschmidt
65c Best Coffee Maker? What do you have?  page: 207/23shokwaverider08:36tigermilk
62c Public Speaking-help  page: 207/25temco_rep07:46cheese_breath
3113c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 632012randomwalk04:40d0gerz
22c Possibility of getting sued - what steps to take  07/26vveat07/28Meaty
1c "Matrix" Class Action Suit (unsolicited fax)  07/28ResearchMed07/28SHB
34c Removing a beehive from mailbox newspaper holder  2013ks28907/28vtMaps
17c How to fix door handle?  07/26RMO8707/28Peterjens
10c Permit for expanding existings deck  07/27hackermb07/28Ldevelopment
4c Unlocked phone question with Cricket Wireless  07/26SuperGrafx07/28rooms222
0c Wireless Headset to use with Cordless Phone System?  07/28RooseveltG  
31c Whats a Better Lot in a Tract Home Neighborhood?  07/25hackermb07/28investingdad
61c america the beautiful national parks and lands pass  page: 207/12pablolo07/28Minot

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