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15h Buying no load Vanguard mf's...is there always a fee  11:26luberhill17:04dbr
1h Help: Tax Advantage Accounts for Self Employed  16:52thethinker17:02pshonore
25h Vanguard e-delivery  09:24brak16:59jebmke
10h Starting Again - 35yo Australian in Japan  04/19startingagain16:50startingagain
17h Investing in taxable account  04/18rondebbs16:47ruralavalon
5h Simulating past data to understand asset allocation  04/23phonond16:40deikel
11h Elfcu HSA $24 Wire Transfer Fee  04/23mnvalue16:37Easy Rhino
41h Thinking about retiring early - tell me what I've missed  04/22ot113816:36pshonore
0h Entire Portfolio Questions & Corrections  16:35DadofTwo  
13h wife to retire next year ? how do we move her 403b to Amerit  13:02luberhill16:32kenner
0h Looking for review/suggestions on my investment  16:24Namashkar  
16h Lots of Questions Re: Investment Portfolio  04/20paradiso16:13ruralavalon
4h newb seeking 401k / IRA advice  17:08cromagged16:13cromagged
4h Helping my parents with retirement  13:27mrehal16:11BL
11h How can I reconcile these contradictory pieces of advice?  23:20eethy16:11eethy
4h Which ETFs are most tax efficient for non-US investors  06/27mrsub16:08mrsub
1h Seeking the majesty of simplicity - Portfolio Advice please  15:23Dave116:02Taylor Larimore
4h Wash Sales  11:02boglerocks15:42ralph124cf
4h TSP access after leaving the feds?  14:54newindexer15:28MichDad
3h New job, new 401k options, how to invest?  14:32michey31215:19michey312
1h VNYTX for top tier of emergency fund?  14:49blackmagic15:02ogd
19h Primerica sitin  04/22bearcub14:27HardKnocker
7h Money management advice  09:38theLazy114:18BL
1h Help with Bond Investment  12:39modollahs12:56ogd
3h Fund Overlap - Small Cap Index vs. Extended Market  11:16traveler9012:19JuanZ
21h enough to retire?  04/23retiresoon311:45Ged
2h 25yo needs help with AA  00:07hammbone151011:38BL
4h "Rollover IRA" vs "Traditional IRA"  10:21boggler10:59sscritic
45h New Baby Girl - What Can/Should We Do?  04/21Chindsey10:28sscritic
6h Newbie considering Vanguard Target fund  04/22docnews09:22docnews
2h Help with my 401k investments  18:25tld7408:58BL
2h Company stock and taxes  08:06supernova08:30supernova
14h Old Portfolio Mess 2 New Portolio Shine - please help  04/18boggas08:19retiredjg
27h Do you use a dry powder/tactical asset allocation strategy?  04/20Investor208:12nedsaid
2h CDs or Conservative Portfolio  07:30zz3l4b07:48nedsaid
3h Retired-Critique my retirement withdrawl plan  22:01ralph124cf05:19livesoft
6h Schwab--Retirement Plan & Chat with Advisor  17:16HIinvestor01:32HIinvestor
8h Bonds - Are they essential in a new portfolio?  04/22New2Investing23:39Whiggish Boffin
112h AAPL  page: 2 32012airahcaz23:17BrandonBogle
32h Why Utah 529 instead of Vanguard 529?  09/13longview22:54LH
5h Maxed 401k , can I buy Roth also?  20:34DojoPat21:20DSInvestor
4h Rental property and return on investment  04/23Plan4tomorrow19:19villars
8h Backdoor Roth IRA implementation question  04/22Rushmore19:01DSInvestor
0h Treasury bonds vs. TIPS  17:28aha  
26h 33/34 Simplifying Portfolio & 401k Options Advice  04/12flyboy200004/23TomOB
0h Strategy to delay short-term cap gains tax (company acquired  04/23Gwo  
49h Newbie ? Roth Ira  04/07luberhill04/23luberhill
4h vtmfx-Vanguard Tax Managed Balanced Fund  04/22harvhorse04/23dratkinson
10h A Case for Individual Bonds?  04/22Rolyatroba04/23Dandy
4h Funding my Roth Ira for 2014 and more  04/22zup28w04/23zup28w
7h Shift to Index Funds = Calls from Fidelity  04/23DaftInvestor04/23SpringMan
8h 401k / Roth IRA Allocation Advice  04/15kjf22304/23BL
1h Social Security or 401a plan?  04/23pfb2704/23BL
7h What to do [Investing vs. Paying Down Debt]  04/22jfrank11604/23deikel
6h Question about Mututal Fund Apps  04/23miles monroe04/23Phineas J. Whoopee
5h Fidelity transfer fees...  04/22bondsr4me04/23placeholder
10h Portfolio Check: 32 yrs old, going to rebalance to 78/22  04/22icedtea04/23gvsucavie03
1h Rollover  04/23vafricati04/23placeholder
1h Question about Morningstar style boxes  04/23d0gerz04/23steve_14
2h Vanguard merging TM G&I fund into Vanguard S&P Index 500 fd  04/23pasour04/23sscritic
14h US Ex-Pat: Help needed with retirement savings  04/11d0gerz04/23d0gerz
7h Deductible Investment Options for Wife  04/19trekwars200004/23DSInvestor
10h Compensating for inflation with a fixed pension?  04/22Bustoff04/23heyyou
17h is whole life insurance a good investment?  04/21sing04/23sing
4h Trust Companies use third party custodian?  04/22Electrum04/23Electrum
1h Overseas, effective windfall and timing the market?  04/07RevivedBogler04/23RevivedBogler
11h Bogleheads, About to retire, Pleases Help  04/21TF Hutch04/23Dandy
11h New 24 yo Investor Looking for Advisor and Roth IRA Advice  04/21burhampointe04/23BL
15h what do you suggest for reading?  04/21groho04/23livesoft
37h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  04/14coolguy95404/23madbrain
13h Hello, advice needed and welcomed  04/22RBDan04/22RBDan
4h Freaked out non-US expat - please review  04/22blunderhk04/22Watty
4h value of a low cost government 457b  04/22mesaverde04/22mesaverde
6h Near retirement and want to use Index Funds  04/21Nottoold04/22kerplunk
6h Security Risk in Donating Appreciated Vanguard Shares  04/22Xyz21404/22Calm Man
15h Planning Retirement and Tax efficiency, looking for advice  03/20dimdum04/22dimdum
71t Bogle: Tilt To Corporates For More Yield  page: 204/01Rick Ferri16:59Doc
15t Vanguard Small Cap Index Inv (NAESX) - Questions...  01:05Prov22716:48Doc
16t Mom and Pop Step Up Their Trading  08:04Grt2bOutdoors16:47Jack
72t Another take on the "rebalancing bonus"  page: 204/14Browser16:41Leeraar
18t How is your Tax-Advantage Portfolio Different?  04/21new2bogle216:29new2bogle2
3t .csv file for Savings Bond Wizard  13:07marathonwmn16:27dratkinson
4t comparing long term returns: 3 funds vs SCV portfolio  15:40Streptococcus16:21steve_14
51t Savings Rate what do you include?  page: 204/21lisaac15:44docnews
43t Mel's Unloved Mid-Caps Finally Getting Some Respect  04/20Mel Lindauer15:38JoMoney
13t Lottery value more than 4 times all possible tickets  07:16runner915:01LadyGeek
5t Does it make any sense to hold "cash" as an asset?  13:20Browser14:34ogd
30t Wade Pfau's Low Equities At Retirement  11/17Leesbro6313:57555
74t Please explain a 3% SWR to me  page: 204/23StarbuxInvestor13:47FinancialDave
22t Long Term Risks of Global Stock Markets  04/22pkcrafter13:31berntson
4t Wide Moat ETF as a portion of stock allocation  04/23packer1613:15berntson
350t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 807/25longinvest12:48FinancialDave
41t What % of stock market "drive" is gambling?  04/13nisiprius11:08Atgard
5t Lost Decades  09:17VennData10:43VennData
6t Early retirement with only a 401k  06:42briang10:28MN Finance
2t Rixtreama  04/22Ticktock10:13Ticktock
3t Vanguard Total market mutual fund vs. ETF  09:44pasour10:00Taylor Larimore
56t Do you think the biotech sector will be hurt long term?  page: 204/09Jfet09:43Alex Frakt
24t Trying to learn about Brokered CD's  04/20convert94908:39convert949
252t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 5 603/31StarbuxInvestor08:37diasurfer
16t Trouble with Financial Engines Account?  03/15petrico08:31Ron
119t Wade Pfau: Lifecycle Finance  page: 2 303/05Leeraar08:04meyer99
10t Post on bonds and low volatility anomaly  04/23larryswedroe07:09larryswedroe
60t Is 1800s stock market data even relevant?  page: 204/22nisiprius07:02Valuethinker
0t part 3 of EMH series  07:01larryswedroe  
75t Does Asset Allocation beat the S&P 500?  page: 204/22thethinker06:59Rodc
13t are you too conservative with your investments?  04/22larryswedroe22:26larryswedroe
6t Stock selection thread  05/25khalestorm20:44rel1956
7t Reverse Mortgage "Shocker" for Inheritors  04/22leonard18:05Cut-Throat
9t Requiem for Magic Formula fund--anyone know how it did?  04/23nisiprius04/23packer16
3t ETFs Trading at a Discount to NAV  04/23berntson04/23berntson
11t Real Estate Investing  04/22Andymoler5804/233CT_Paddler
22t Some websites are.......[predicting stock market correction]  04/11parigi72304/23cheapskate
15t Any Interesting Income Alternatives to Bonds  04/16packer1604/23dbc47
7t Bad 401K better than nothing?  04/22imgritz04/23Clever_Username
1t Part 2 of the EMH series  04/23larryswedroe04/23Taylor Larimore
18t Can we ever expect VG to offer ISV or EMV?  04/21james2204/23sadie wess
34t The reverse world of retirement investing  04/19gtt56104/23The Wizard
749t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152012Taylor Larimore04/23Taylor Larimore
8t FYI..W.Buffett on Bloomberg at 3 Today  04/23bondsr4me04/23Grt2bOutdoors
29t Global Minimum Volatility Fund  04/18trasmuss04/23steve r
20t Why is the price so low for option? Is this real?  04/22Samplebot04/23livesoft
1t Do synthetic indexes have their place?  04/22blunderhk04/22dl7848
12t Does RSP performance offset it's expense ratio?  04/20IsraelHands04/22steve_14
7t Are I-Bond's about to have better returns?  04/22thethinker04/22#Cruncher
30t Blog:William Bernstein’s Coward’s Portfolio  04/18Barry Barnitz04/22Mountain Man
58t Doesn't Matter - Does Matter - Good Post by Ben Carlson  page: 204/16trailmk04/22LadyGeek
56t Beware Vanguard DOES NOT update all your account values  page: 204/19livesoft04/22livesoft
20t Let's say we live for 150 years...  04/17Rick Ferri04/22Matigas
12t Hedge fund fees  04/20Andymoler5804/22lhl12
6t Mortgage = negative bond, Rent = negative income?  04/22harikaried04/22grabiner
19p What to say to financial planners/insurance brokers  04/22blevine17:00gwrvmd
57p Tell Me I'm Stupid To Consider Quitting My Job and Moving  page: 208:36Random Poster16:57Clearly_Irrational
6p mailed US tax check 4/13 - not cashed yet  15:25sambb16:56sscritic
182p If you have ACA health insurance, what is your experience?  page: 2 3 404/20Julieta16:56bluemarlin08
8p Student loan payments not being applied correctly?  04/22nakedbird22616:51ubermax
23p Is "sheltering" my GF financially hurting our future?  04/13EnderWiggins16:43paulsiu
21p Housing in NYC area  04/22keith601416:43Go Blue 99
54p Does 529 really hurt the chance to get financial aid?  page: 204/22jxs70516:40bobbun
30p 401(k) S&P500 Stock Index Fund that doesn't pay dividends  02/27C8H18Engineer16:38Kosmas
0p Help With Student Loan/Life Analysis  16:16batman98  
0p Gov-backed vs non-govt-backed jumbo  16:07Paddington79  
15p Estate Planning Issues  04/17compounder15:38HIinvestor
3p Money market vs savings  14:57Angelus35915:25Angelus359
82p Sallie Mae loan servicer / death of co-signer  page: 22013cprgrfx15:14tom0153
101p Can you please convince me to get a credit card?  page: 2 303/23CoffeeAndBooks14:53Angelus359
27p Round The World!  04/21Leeraar14:32halfnine
12p Foreign Bona-fide residency  04/21kramer14:21halfnine
64p Tough college choice  page: 203/24markcoop13:55markcoop
24p Is it a bad move to buy a home now?  04/23Paddington7913:37BruDude
65p What's your number?  page: 204/23eDiva13:15Rodc
2p Help for widowed cousin, without a clue  11:59TheGreyingDuke12:51sscritic
33p Why a million may not be enough  04/23Johm22112211:27teacher
22p The Power of Zero (0% tax bracket in retirement) book  02/09egghead10:05BigFoot48
23p problem with Amica, what to do next?  04/15the mind bogles09:59the mind bogles
28p Inheritance Issue  04/23boater0709:20sscritic
3p Negotiating medical bill / balance billing issue  04/23fossil_fuel08:47desiderium
6p what price would you sell at?  06:18awarelife07:55awarelife
77p High Umbrella Limits - A waste  page: 201/25cowboysFan07:52miles monroe
52p Do I take the separation package offer?  page: 204/07GerryL07:48likegarden
13p Some sense of having enough  04/23heyyou04:19HIinvestor
1p Solo (401)K for sole proprietor Vs. LLC  21:43NoRisk03:58EmergDoc
13p In-law Suite  04/23vtraining00:28DiscoBunny1979
3p Estate Planning help-US citizen but family In other country  04/22njay7300:11JuanZ
24p Need signature guarantee in Japan  04/22d0gerz23:50kramer
18p How to start tracking finances  04/20Rod Flash22:47SuperGrafx
225p POLL: why carry cash?  page: 2 3 4 504/18schuyler7422:45SuperGrafx
1p 2015 HSA Contribution and HDHP Deductible  22:06Alan S.22:17Drew31
14p Short-term Bond Index Fund  04/17shawcroft21:39John3754
11p Investment Property or Second Home?  04/22Tigerguy21:22jimb_fromATL
4p Go-Go, Slow Go, No Go theory  04/23StarbuxInvestor19:09Artsdoctor
0p Financial Advisor Recommendation - TX  19:07TXPGE  
9p Secured or Unsecured?  04/22klarose18:47jmg229
9p Gift Tax Annual Exclusion ($14000)  04/23reallyconfused04/23sscritic
3p Extra Mortgage Payments and Emergencies  04/18averagejoe2104/23Grt2bOutdoors
22p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar04/23vital15
2p United Health Care and delayed FSA payments  04/21blevine04/23deikel
4p tax deductions live in vs live out nanny  04/23slowandsteadyCT04/23pshonore
2p Government-backed vs non-govt-backed jumbo  04/23Paddington7904/23Paddington79
175p Job Offer Negotiation / Interview Snafu  page: 2 3 402/19guitarguy04/23DonCamillo
6p About to close on house, but permitting not done  04/22Paddington7904/23scone
28p Starting an RIA  04/20Andymoler5804/23vested1
4p [Evaluate whole life vs. universal life insurance]  04/22tnbison04/23likegarden
31p Northwestern Mutual Life - Whole Life Policy Review  04/21matjen04/23matjen
7p HSA Bank -- tried to assess ridiculous, trivial fee  04/22will3404/22tfb
3p Expat tax advisor  04/22BeaverFood04/22MC2014
47p Hit your #, Still want to work, does your savings % change?  04/19StarbuxInvestor04/22mortal
35p Life Insurance Primary and Secondary Beneficiaries  04/20Nuvoletta04/22bsteiner
71p POLL: If Eligible For Social Security .....  page: 204/19orlandoman04/22JPH
34p sued by landlord  04/20latteholic04/22donall
3l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  02/16Maid of the Mist04/22Janef
52f FORUM REACHES 2,000,000 POSTS TODAY  page: 204/22Mel Lindauer19:39LadyGeek
4f RSS feeds by thread  12/04Trice04/23Trice
29c Aio Wireless  04/15protagonist17:03Browser
10c Process for building home?  04/23Clark & Addison17:02jeffyscott
2c Apartment Rental  16:43Lon16:58InvestorNewb
0c Advise on Ads when browsing the internet  16:38joelly  
67c Where would you retire, if $ were no object?  page: 204/23letsgobobby16:18Valuethinker
8c Auto Insurance advice?  04/20UnLearnYourself15:44HIinvestor
8c Post free Financial-related time-limited eBook offers here  03/02tidalwave1015:43tidalwave10
46c Implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD)  03/22tidalwave1015:42tidalwave10
19c Samsung Galaxy S III on Straight Talk vs. Family Mobile?  04/23tidalwave1015:32tidalwave10
7c Shopping at Alibaba?  04/22newindexer14:55newindexer
2643c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532012randomwalk14:47Blues
29c Need Ear Bud Recommendation  04/14LifeIsGood13:41jebmke
14c Avast loaded malwhere with updated "protection".  04/23tjwolf13:14likegarden
7c Weird - SSA website has service hours?  00:37HomerJ12:28dm200
20c wood deck stain?  04/23lululu11:57Mikle
6c ShopSmart from Consumer Reports  19:05Sriracha10:49dpc
10c Sell, trade, or keep 2nd car?  04/22countofmc09:28Beckmaster
7c Monthly Rental in Southern Calif.  04/23Bustoff09:08Bustoff
27c Dilbert Mints  17:16Leeraar08:54cheese_breath
16c Son or Daughter working with Mom or Dad?  04/23Jay6908:23bottlecap
5c New edition of Bogleheads' Guide to Investing???  22:01GerryL08:22NAVigator
29c Can my computer hear me?  04/22donall06:46111
16c Best tires for Honda Odyssey EX-L 2011?  04/20Mrxyz01:11eDiva
206c Windows XP users  page: 2 3 4 508/26EternalOptimist20:23runner26
113c [Eating] Fish  page: 2 308/09sunnyday18:24rayout
53c Amazon.com prices change quickly  page: 204/18schuyler7418:15lightheir
48c POLL: what's the deal with Tuna Fish?  04/20schuyler7417:58dm200
11c Ready to get prices for a Volvo XC60  04/23TomatoTomahto17:26Cherokee8215
24c Guitar purchase problem: Fender strat mfg warranty?  04/18tidalwave1004/23leonard
19c All-inclusive resort vacation for $2K??  04/15LateStarter197504/23LateStarter1975
34c "Best" place for new tires and tire protection plans = B.S.?  04/18tidalwave1004/23DFrank
111c LED bulb prices  page: 2 303/02madbrain04/23Valuethinker
2c The Three Best Sellers on Amazon are all about money  04/22protagonist04/23Alex Frakt
52c Outdoor fire pit? Yea or Nay  page: 22012marksj04/23likegarden
44c Good scotch recommendations, where to buy  04/21TheOscarGuy04/23TheOscarGuy
13c Last Minute Denali Trip - Where to find lodging?!  04/20nirvines8804/23nirvines88
26c anyone here subscribe to The Economist? (renewal question)  11/19hudson435104/22hudson4351
21c US NEWS 9 Most Affordable Placs 2 Retire  04/21jmndu9904/22madbrain
8c Electronic sheet music  04/20sunnyday04/22protagonist
5c Identity Theft Protection  04/22N5257004/22agent13x
26c Boglehead used car problem. Run It or ditch it?  04/17frugalhen04/22frugalhen
14c Need help finding a better deal on this music CD  04/21rec704/22rec7
77c Gmail alternative recommendations?  page: 210/11ssquared8704/22tran_man007

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