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15h Buying a home / renting it to a friend  22:15Mark261413:02Saving$
126h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4812:58sandramjet
19h Time For Me to Kick Wellington Through The Goalpost of Life?  23:52BHChinook12:57bradshaw1965
12h Fidelity  14:09chabil12:45BL
9h is optimization(TLH+tax credit) worth cost(time,behavior)?  10/22sayeesh12:41livesoft
8h Estonian citizen - 401K worth it?  10/16bbroka12:39swamy
5h Need help - selling stocks and buying funds today  11:22glosing12:25Angst
10h 457b Question  18:52nfs12:22MN Finance
1h Starting Taxable Investing  10:36NotJen11:57Dale_G
35h 2nd Opinions on Bond Alternatives?  10/19kdcui11:55feh
7h What is the recommended amount of international holdings?  13:28joyandjerry11:41TheDan666
12h simplify and diversify  10/21RVD11:41RVD
6h Portfolio Advice Wanted - Recently Married Couple  10/20RedDog1411:15RedDog14
5h question re. capital gains tax on "mandatory exchange"  10/23lowerleisurecla10:46lowerleisurecla
7h Is this worth it? [capital gains issue]  10/23Cody10:18House Blend
7h Bond exposure in my portfolio  10/23Michael_Fisher110:18Chan_va
17h Keep My 50/50 AA -- but modify the pieces  16:57bertilak09:57retiredjg
23h Do all mutual funds have 12b-1 fees?  10/22eschaef09:53ruralavalon
19h Calculating return  10/18cdd7309:44pkcrafter
19h investing during retirment  10/22toddanderson09:27dbr
11h question on selling real estate costs  10/20my name08:47FreemanB
7h Young Investors Plan – I'm Firing Questions!  10/22tchasteen07:40ruralavalon
19h Any downside to a Fidelity i401k?  10/22new2bogle207:20ruralavalon
7h TSP Contribution  16:51peddler1207:19Iorek
13h Turning 25 with 69k in savings.  10/22scythe1106:46J295
13h Bond fund, why such high returns?  10/22Nielsva06:03richard
6h Stay-at-home mom looking to invest  14:42toughnewinvesto04:52ruralavalon
20h Help with HSA in CA. Am I ready? How-to?  10/21aceoperations00:55JamesSF
1h Tax Free Mutual Fund  00:15victorb00:54in_reality
2h Capital gains in taxable; DFA / Vanguard  19:21tallinvestor00:10livesoft
9h Emergency Fund Questions  10/22WalterMitty23:51bluejello
6h Retirement portfolio advice - new physician  10/21Kiloaxe23:32letsgobobby
16h Is Wells Fargo misleading my friend?  10/23testaccountquer22:40BL
11h Loaning money to invest?  10/22Mark261422:09LB0483
0h Roth IRA Rollover and Capital Gains Reinvestment  20:14e-spice  
2h Avg Rate of return to assume for Retirement money  15:59themogul17:56nisiprius
2h Tracking performance of IRA Rollover  15:25DerekF16:01Duckie
6h Paying Estimated Taxes  15:15Biil McNeal15:38jebmke
9h 401k is a mess of managed & index funds, seeking help  10/22Starfox8415:02Taylor Larimore
9h Slice & Dice International  10/22OriolesFan8914:10OriolesFan89
7h ESPP) Employee Stock Purchase Plan  10/22Nerdicus13:57DaftInvestor
10h 401a 's: TIAA-CREF vs Vanguard vs Fidelity  10/19Cambo1313:57ResearchMed
17h Seeking Advice on MetLife VA Annuity  10/20futtee13:56futtee
9h Rebalancing with dividends  10/18chabil13:23abuss368
4h Investment Vehicle for MBA Savings?  10/23kstar348810/23avalpert
15h New investor, suggestions for 401k Rollover and Roth IRA?  10/19garyc18010/23garyc180
8h Deferred variable Annuity or Roth IRA Conversions?  10/22cashmeout10/23cashmeout
6h Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Yield  10/22awarelife10/23Imdeng
8h Annuity 1035 exchange to IRA?  10/22Bogle_Feet10/23dhodson
30h How do so many HCEs contribute the max to 401k  10/19Eric in DC10/23leonard
6h Question about nondeductible traditional IRAs  10/22Bigvol10/23retiredjg
21h Plan of attack for Tax Lost Harvesting VTIAX and VTSAX  10/19berg10/23livesoft
1h Do inherited IRA's affect taxes due on a Roth conversion?  10/23Bigvol10/23kaneohe
2h RMUCX  10/22zratis10/23Beat The Street
19h When to think about tax lost harvesting  10/19berg10/23marie567
8h 401K to IRA. After-tax contributions Issue  10/22target203010/23retiredjg
13h 2 Fund + International?  10/22Put it on the l10/23retiredjg
13h Young Doctor Needs Finance Consult  10/22Sean71710/23LongerPrimer
16h Help Change Direction - Invest or Fix Personal Finance  10/21GingerU10/23bluejello
51h New to Investing, Based in Hong Kong  page: 210/13JamesHongKong10/22JamesHongKong
10h Should I sell My American Funds?  10/21iguaniagu10/22Saving$
5h buying this year and selling next year  10/22ketanco10/22grabiner
11h question about "avoid buying the dividend"  10/22hudson435110/22grabiner
6h November 1 2014 I Bond Inflation Component  10/22LK201210/22abyan
1h Recent Grad Retirement Check Up  10/21ThePriority110/22ThePriority1
15h Anchoring vs. Buy-and-Hold  10/21confused_newbie10/22Johm221122
9h portfolio review / 401k vs taxable for low income  10/11clip65110/22clip651
9h Bonds in taxable or tax advantaged?  10/21WalterMitty10/22Phineas J. Whoo
5h Help with My Father's Investments  10/22wannabebogler10/22BL
28h Help Choosing Investments and Coordinating Debt Paydown  10/19Gronnie10/22Gronnie
9h My First Aggressive Portfolio - Mid-Cap/Small-Cap Tilt  10/21Mister A10/22retiredjg
32h Getting back into the market  10/07lucywatkins110/22cfs
13h Hybrid Annuities  2013jamesdz10/22Rob5TCP
15h Is Roth 401k better even if future tax bracket is lower?  10/16subham10/22an_asker
3h Investment Advice Please - boglehead redux  10/21sblake10/22sblake
9h 500k retirement strategy?  10/07Confuscious10/22Confuscious
12h Portfolio Strategy Suggestions? (Transamerica, TSP, 529?s)  10/17CW4710/22retiredjg
12t Query re Vanguard letter urging brokerage account by Nov. 14  18:54Riversider13:01SteveM
7t "Jack Bogle on Warren Buffett, Bill Gross and How to Invest"  06:45Howard Donnelly12:49Meg77
8t Prediction: Rise of Concentrated Funds  09:54StarbuxInvestor12:47jaab
32t Mr. Market turns on Amazon  16:41denovo11:48tacster
26t Active bond funds better than indexes? Pimco thinks so  10/22bhsince8711:46bhsince87
377t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 807/16Rob Bertram11:43Park
23t More funds = more "efficient" rebalancing?  10/23lapuce11:43Rodc
73t How to think about expected returns--continuing discussion  page: 210/15larryswedroe11:23Simplegift
914t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192012Taylor Larimore11:20Taylor Larimore
2t Reserve Primary Fund, Final Distribution  10:57scone11:18scone
1t Vanguard Total Stock Market is a Morningstar favorite ETF  11:13Taylor Larimore11:17Toons
10t The 1 Thing Successful Investors Never Do  10/22marcjones11:16Toons
33t IRS Announces new 401(k) contribution max for 2015 ($18,000)  10/23thenextguy11:04Tiffku08
31t How to buy oil in the stock market?  10/23aares11:00Valuethinker
107t Why do Engineers Think They’ll Be Good at Picking Stocks?  page: 2 310/21VictoriaF10:56LongerPrimer
7t "Vanguard 'Bogleheads' Crazy for 'Saint' Jack Bogle?"  10/22Taylor Larimore09:26noyopacific
52t Stocks as long term investments  page: 210/18Michael_Fisher109:10IPer
8t Hedge CDs with long-term Treasurys?  14:41Browser09:04Bustoff
2t are pension plans disciplined investors?  07:04larryswedroe08:56Beliavsky
7t Historical corp bond annual returns?  21:45rrr5408:27siamond
12t Can you outperform [an index by rebalancing]?  17:58Redstorm07:34Rodc
65t IBM: Stock Buybacks Gone Wrong?  page: 210/21TJSI05:33Valuethinker
162t So do we care more about change in bond price or bond yield?  page: 2 3 410/01abyan03:55grayfox
13t Gains and Losses from Periodic Investments  10/11grayfox03:35grayfox
21t 100% of [surveyed] economists were dead wrong about yields  10/23fredflinstone00:24Phineas J. Whoo
47t Why I won't have bond funds  10/20toto23822:15sdsailing
1t Vngrd: "Mark your calendar for year-end fund distributions."  18:33gkaplan21:57Dale_G
33t Long term return forecast [Research Affil. Expected returns]  10/17mpt follower21:42LadyGeek
76t "Vanguard converting mutual fund accounts to brokerage?  page: 210/06Taylor Larimore20:59cfs
1t John Bogle's Speech to the Senate Finance Committee  10/21Taylor Larimore20:51CaliJim
19t Risk in a high dividend stock portfolio  10/20Qmavam19:51grabiner
25t Bogle and dry powder  10/23StarbuxInvestor19:23bhsince87
35t Forbes Article On Active vs Passive Investing  10/21dgoldb118:47madbrain
39t Why include International Index in AA?  10/21Frugal Disciple16:45randomguy
3t Process of buying my ETF.  10/23alwaysonit15:59dbCooperAir
5t A MM account or not?  10/22nwffdiver15:55Phineas J. Whoo
9t How to calculate how well you're doing?  10/23mmcmonster15:50mmcmonster
9t GT Advanced Technology Files for Chapter 11  10/06FullYellowJacke15:05SpaceCommander
32t Three Possible Outcomes for Future Investment Returns  10/22Simplegift14:48Rodc
3t Int'l value fund question  10/23Kelly14:42Sammy_M
14t XIRR function and private equity investments  10/22Yesterdaysnews14:35Yesterdaysnews
11t Importing yields from treasury.gov into Google spreadsheet  10/21Kevin M14:01Angst
40t How to get Fama-French EAFE Factors, with results  2012ClosetIndexer13:34ClosetIndexer
93t 30 yr TIPs auction announced 16 oct: yield=1.10%?  page: 210/06grok8710/23Angst
29t What Are We Doing To Our Young Investors?  10/20pkcrafter10/23tyrion
6t Would you consider this a conservative portfolio?  10/23uglystickrules10/23telemark
2t Spotting bubbles  10/23timmy10/23Alex Frakt
11t More in equities as you age ?  10/22tennisplyr10/23galeno
5t Sold all my individual stocks, but....  10/22riptide10/23riptide
6t "How to Win the Loser's Game -- Part 9"  10/22Taylor Larimore10/23Robert T
14t Which lots do you sell when redeeming shares?  10/22nobsinvestor10/22grabiner
12t Can anybody to backdoor Roth IRA investments?  10/15aida200310/22JustinR
216t When people put all their eggs in the wrong basket  page: 2 3 4 510/07zaboomafoozarg10/22zaboomafoozarg
8t New Paper ". . . and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns"  10/20matjen10/22TheSuperHappy1
47t Leon Cooperman giving the same advice as Warren  10/20stemikger10/22stemikger
52t How does one hedge against deflation?  page: 210/18John375410/22Phineas J. Whoo
77t Health care tilt  page: 210/18Yesterdaysnews10/22randomguy
29t Sharebuilder, large account bonus - Good funds to use?  10/21WHL10/22placeholder
3p Vanguard, TIPs, Accrued Interest & RMDs  08:14plannerman13:02#Cruncher
12p Feeling rich to feeling poor overnight  11:37DJB13:00DJB
4p Is spouse eligible for SS benefit without ever contributing?  11:36Keep It Simple13:00dm200
7p Elder Law attorney (Trusts, Medicaid, nursing homes)  20:44Gambler12:53Gambler
11p More Aggressive AA Post Home Purchase  09:23Ignatious P. Da12:49Twins Fan
4p Wife is a newly minted medical partner - next steps?  11:18goodbishop12:42RosieQ
9p NJ - Buying house in flood zone (FEMA)?  08:15bcjb12:38Grt2bOutdoors
22p Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit, and us  10/22wannabeeBH12:36nordlead
7p Would You Sell Or Continue Renting Out My Condo?  10/22wholeinone0412:25wholeinone04
2p Our plan to pay off our mortgage by Age 40  11:48supersharpie12:22Grt2bOutdoors
0p Strategies of Cash offer on house  12:17Saving$  
91p Gross Yearly Income needed in Retirement (Speculation)  page: 210/21nelson101511:21MichDad
8p IS this car lease too good to be true?  09:46TheGreyingDuke11:18jlawrence01
19p How did you buy your largest home?  10/22berg10:57Meg77
4p Buying home, have student loans  03:31bdbtfree10:44bloom2708
3p Choosing an AGI for ACA health insurance  18:15CFM30010:30CFM300
2p Medigap policy change. This seems like a no brainier.  08:22Hexdump10:30rixer
8p Marginal Tax Rate on Dual Income Couple  21:19bagelhead10:25bhsince87
2p HSA, Please Help!  23:54RRA09:44kaneohe
4p re: is this Simple IRA plan legal  10/23Rob5TCP08:27niceguy7376
4p COBRA and plan changes...  22:56Batousai08:19dolphinsaremamm
10p Renting vs owning  15:39Lablover050507:59dolphinsaremamm
5p HSA - First Time Offered  10/23beanster1006:34beanster10
45p lump sum now vs pension later?  10/12jasonp9900:47jasonp99
14p Mortgage Options For Home  14:20davidlukewilcox23:44Pizzasteve510
2p Corporate co-trustee and state taxation  10/09letsgobobby23:34letsgobobby
7p EverBank  16:15hirlaw23:32kramer
85p Creating a 401k for my company through Employee Fiduciary  page: 210/12jdasch922:44sologuy
7p Feasibility of just-in-time health insurance for expats  10/16market timer22:31market timer
0p Example of Investment advisor fraud  22:27dm200  
3p Getting Student Loans w/ a Mortgage - Advice  10/22milkandrelish22:20market timer
9p Close roth for tax deduction and open new one in same yr?  10/23timmy12321:47Alan S.
1p Spousal benefit question  21:25nbseer21:33cheese_breath
9p Need help to choose between HSA and PPO  10/23jxs70521:28grabiner
30p I/EE Bonds Nov Rates and 2015 401K Limits?  09/14JamesSFO21:27LadyGeek
26p Advice needed for next 10 years: Save, spend borrow?  10/18privateID21:21Lorenz
3p HSA contribution question  16:11burgrat20:29burgrat
3p Older Women and Challenges of Wealth  19:23jdb20:28livesoft
7p 401k roll over issues  10/14llcoolln20:18somethinpurple
6p Credit Score Question  10/23Longtimelurker20:16grabiner
2p HSA HDHP or Traditional PPO?  16:17abeyer20:05grabiner
21p [Best Option for Early Termination] of Apartment Lease  10/21throwaway111117:42freebeer
28p Is investing in real estate worth it?  10/22davebo17:27Busting Myths
11p Long Term Care Insurance - Should I Keep?  10/22Tony Angeleno16:30bluemarlin08
21p Give me a road map!  10/21WriterGen15:33WriterGen
4p Create a Social Security Account (pre SS age)?  14:27dbCooperAir15:03dbCooperAir
53p Just wondering how you personally calculate net worth  page: 210/22UADM14:27schmitz
44p Making an offer today  10/17DJB14:18runner9
9p Buying a car.  10/23teacher513:24Browser
9p When is a living trust and/or will appropriate?  10/18sliu10/23smackboy1
9p [Wants current income and to leave an estate]  10/23PBB10/23Steelersfan
5p 2013 NAWI released  10/22Faith2087910/23etarini
4p Financial Engines Vanguard charge/cost/phishing expedition ?  10/22Wildebeest10/23Wildebeest
24p US Chip & Signature --> Chip & PIN 2020  10/22Phineas J. Whoo10/23Alex Frakt
30p Got my first cold call - does this mean I've 'made it?'  10/16kenyan10/23Grt2bOutdoors
1p Identity Fraud Help  10/23Polar_Ice10/23Rupert
13p Help / advice regarding Fee based Financial Adviser in RI  10/14dchernyy10/23kenner
9p Will canceling my Discover card lower my FICO score?  10/22mediahound10/23TT
16p lost 8606 from years ago - am I in trouble?  10/22caroljm3610/23caroljm36
31p Overpaying student loan  10/20Kiloaxe10/23nyknicks4412
12p MAGI/ ira limit question  10/22kazper10/23rkhusky
2p Recent grad setting myself up  10/23vad470510/23JGoneRiding
2p Controlled Group Question  10/22jdasch910/23ERISA Stone
35p New B of A visa chip card, no pin needed?  10/07Gnirk10/23JamesSFO
19p Smart people, please help us (agriculture exemption)  10/22anonforthis10/23anonforthis
16p Don't auto-renew your ACA plan, shop around  10/22Tanelorn10/23dolphinsaremamm
3p Refinancing Advice - is cash out refinance good or bad  10/22GingerU10/23Carl53
151p "I've had it" at work - how often  page: 2 3 410/18letsgobobby10/23amplifier
11p after tax 401k conversions procedure  01/07Pocket Cruiser10/22Alan S.
10p funding roth ira for son  10/20gips10/22Naismith
1p Need help - refund dispute  10/22tamudude10/22mwm158
27p Write-off capital loss against capital gains?  10/21JamesPSullivan10/22Gill
83p IRS Relents! Notice 2014-54 permits Basis Isolation  page: 209/18Alan S.10/22Wagnerjb
6p 2015 ACA renewal  10/22hicabob10/22Alex Frakt
13p 2015 Medigap plan changes  10/22riley4210/22riley42
3p Negotiations with lenders  10/21jay2210/22jsl11
8p know anything about Old Surety or other odd Medigap players?  10/20caroljm3610/22drawpoker
5p Question about Excluding the Gain from Sale of Home  10/22bUU10/22Wagnerjb
54p Debit Card was hacked. Should I just use cash from now on?  page: 210/18TRC10/22blevine
3p What is VG's U.S. Small Cap Index Median Market Cap?  10/20mrboast10/22JDDS
7p How much to spend on a remodel?  10/21notmyhand10/22adamthesmythe
39l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone00:06Mrs.Feeley
16l Wisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread  05/22LeeMKE22:28LeeMKE
17l What happened to SoCal Chapter?  03/17bbt10/23CABob
9l 2014 Annual Conference Bogleheads Vegans & Vegetarians  10/19rlaustin10/22rlaustin
37f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  2007tfb10/22tennisplyr
17c LASTPASS Password Program  09/17investorjon13:03bettykayWAAZ
6c Adoption  20:32TxAg12:58archbish99
26c Should I Sue? [couch damaged in garage of rental]  06:41karpems12:56swaption
48c How often do you change your car's oil?  21:41mikefixac12:54rec7
20c Athens and London, what to do and where to stay?  20:23Mick12:47tadamsmar
129c How do you wash your car?  page: 2 310/20kirent12:24placeholder
57c Do you regret buying your home?  page: 213:18Browser12:02physicsgal
7c Need Advice on Bundling TV/Internet  10/22drawpoker12:02drawpoker
7c Electronic lock experiences  06:56TheOscarGuy11:57ResearchMed
10c VCR Head Cleaning  20:08CountryBoy11:48CountryBoy
7c Viewing forum on iPhone - font too small  20:59shep23411:02JamesSFO
73c Best place (with warm weather) to raise children  page: 210/16ThankYouJack10:53Jack FFR1846
20c Phone for Europe trip  10/23an_asker09:06dbr
26c Florida Retirement Communities advice/thoughts  07/27jimkinny08:58ebabin
63c Building a New House, Advice please.  page: 210/11bearwolf07:504nursebee
0c Juiceman Pro and Breville RM-JE98XL for juicing  07:50htdrag11  
549c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112012Offshore07:36UnclePennybags
3c Thunderbird [e-mail client] Question  20:55cheese_breath05:18Hondo
17c DIY Winterizing Sprinkler / Irrigation System  10/19grettman23:21Simplegift
24c iPad Air 2 - 16 or 64 Gig?  10/22rakornacki122:48e-spice
34c How would one negotiate with daycare?  10/13paulsiu22:46paulsiu
10c Daycare educational material for 3 year old  10/23paulsiu22:35paulsiu
8c Planting garlic  10/23MP17322:23Austintatious
9c Gift ideas for [1yo boy and 4yo girl]?  14:50John375421:52Steelersfan
46c FIOS [versus cable]  09/11airahcaz21:37Mudpuppy
5c Are manufacturer vehicle owner warranties transferrable  10/23Browser21:17curmudgeon
25c vacation destinations similar to Savannah or Charleston SC  08/26utvolfan16:57utvolfan
50c Vegas Vacation!  page: 210/16Fat-Tailed Cont16:18denovo
42c TSA [is it a hassle to opt out of scanning?]  10/22ChessFan15:43tashina
22c [Purchasing a] hearing aid  05/07lululu13:57mickeyd
126c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 309/22Alex Frakt10/23chaz
131c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 309/07gatorman10/23Valuethinker
27c Home Depot Warranty not honored  10/15ahmadcpa10/23dolphinsaremamm
47c Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?  10/20dbCooperAir10/22ralph124cf
12c locating a competent PC repair shop........  10/22parigi72310/22Steelersfan
23c online shopping for laptop PC  10/20looking10/22SpringMan
3c Unlocking My Phone Blues  10/22Peterjens10/22The Wizard
68c "You're invited to...." (nonsense talk and dinner)  page: 210/21protagonist10/22drawpoker
10c Electricity Adaptor for Europe  10/21an_asker10/22Raladic
26c Kids & Sports  10/17davebo10/22Rodc
61c Windows XP  page: 210/19LongDistanceRun10/22patrick
63c Smartphone questions  page: 210/17Riversider10/22oneleaf
5c Quicken/Vanguard Transaction Problems  10/19FreddieG10/22bertilak
8c Car Rental Return Frustration in Spain  10/22Peterjens10/22lululu
6c Quick exhaust repair question  10/22shaboob10/22shaboob
2c Does any one own "one plus one Cyanogenmod" Mobile phone?  10/22atlanta_dad10/22pochax

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