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11c Gas Prices ($1.99) in North Texas  19:51Crimsontide21:56JCom
23p Performed backdoor Roth and accountant did not file 8606  12/14John375421:55Phineas J. Whoo
2c Vinyl (as in old records)  20:57john9454921:55tigermilk
23p We made our own Will  13:43chabil21:532stepsbehind
35p Very uncomfortable phone call w/Vanguard about Beneficiaries  12/16markcoop21:52markcoop
6p HOA Townhouse Reserve Amount  15:48mtcyenom21:50dm200
14t Bond Fund vs CDs - which to use?  11:28allroads21:50longinvest
45h Why a Boglehead doesn't invest in individual companies?  12/17acejacksingh21:49TwoByFour
13h First time investing for retirement (25 years old)  12/15Phenom0121:47Laura
1c Building a New House  21:27skinhealer21:44dm200
6h First Time Investing Help  12/17Sms23121:42Laura
0h Value Question VVIAX or VASVX  21:42iWantToLearn  
14p State tax deducation & AMT  12/15whadyaknow21:40grabiner
14h CD or Treasury ladder trade-off  10:37DaftInvestor21:40Kevin M
8h Help me choose a bond fund  12/16vivekv21:39vivekv
8p Tax Loss Carryover Schedule D  12:42jimmy21:39Ged
1c Android / Windows Audio Playlist Editing  20:42daytona08421:37jchef
0c Help with an adults only all-inclusive  21:36karpems  
12p Term life insurance- I don't have it. Do I need it?  17:37Mrxyz21:35hq38sq43
19t Vanguard cd question [Brokered CDs]  12/04spid21:34dm200
3t Slicing for True Dicers  20:32lack_ey21:32EarlyStart
32t White Coat Investor in Forbes  12/15LeeMKE21:32LadyGeek
5p Understanding SEP/solo 401k limits  12/17azb21:30tfb
20c Yahoo mail  12:24tc10121:29gardemanger
4h Portfolio Assessment? Lurker turned poster  13:10MatsuGrabik21:21bdpb
0h In my ETrade DRIP account -- Small amounts of cash pop up??  21:21Rich Cape Cod  
14t Colbert Report  12/17htdrag1121:12john94549
4h Total US Equity Exposure Using Russell 1000 & Russell 2500?  20:18scottj1970721:11Laura
18p Having my year end review with my manager, what to expect?  12/16achen929121:11market timer
17h campaign for better 403B  12/17Drewman21:08ResearchMed
7h PSA: Distributions -- Why your fund dropped  10:54JamesSFO21:06LadyGeek
4p Downloading TurboTax - tips for an easy process  15:03FrogPrince21:06FrogPrince
0h Change Ally 5-year CD from 1.6% to 2%?  21:03ricb  
17c Comcast Performance 25 Mbps vs Blast 105 MBps  12/17protagonist21:02Ged
3h Sub-optimal 403b. AA across accounts.  15:03Minion Maker20:58Laura
0p CFP Education - College for FP vs. American College?  20:56scottj19707  
9p How do you determine your withdrawal rate?  14:11mptfan20:55celia
45t Riding the yield curve, in action  02/08ogd20:47The Dan
0h Working on my near-retirement portfolio  20:44incowtown  
0p Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicles  20:42Alskar  
15h Where to put cash now? Prefer CD's.  12/13Swampy20:41john94549
20c Home battery storage  12/12runner920:38Epsilon Delta
0p Dollar Cost Averaging and a Backdoor Roth IRA  20:37bslice  
36h How can I transition to 3-funds?  12/17allroads20:33allroads
13c Relocating to Florida - Need some advice  17:37LazyNihilist20:31flyingaway
167t Odds of portfolio survival = 90%; odds of my survival = 0.1%  page: 2 3 412/15Browser20:25flyingaway
14h How would one track gains of individual stocks in an index?  17:05bogler102920:25toto238
243c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 509/22Alex Frakt20:22communipaw
4p Trad IRA --> Roth in anticipation of backdoor Roth, or wait   14:33bcjb20:16Epsilon Delta
30f Bogleheads.com and FPL Capital Management  12/06neurosphere20:10oneleaf
60c Your Favorite Cookbook?  page: 212/13gatorman20:10Sriracha
25p myRA is now open  12:21jumpinjac20:09Epsilon Delta
6c Favorite sweaters (cashmere or merino)  12/17boglingnyc20:07heartwood
95t Any Momentum Investors Out There?  page: 212/01gatorman20:00Ketawa
1h Backdoor Roth - Specifying nondeductible TIRA?  19:04adam12320:00kaneohe
3t Beta vs Excess Returns  11:11FinancialDave19:58kmok
17h Seeking Advice About Self-Employed 401(K) Plan  12/17cdm77023419:50hawkfan55
10t Vanguard's economic and investment outlook [2015]  22:15cfs19:44ChicagoMedStude
25h Help me understand taxes with non-retirement accounts  12/17brownmola19:42Duckie
4c Solar USB chargers  18:30GloballyYours19:40GloballyYours
4t Outperforming vs Underperforming Investors in 2014  18:53tennisplyr19:39Pizzasteve510
1h Brokerage option for 401k question  19:33am19:35Phineas J. Whoo
6p How to create a company  12/17bigb19:31drosselmeyer
37t RBD in Emerging Markets Brewing  12/15grap001319:29oneleaf
3h Help With Wife's Asset Allocation  12/17Storcher19:24Duckie
24p What's your withdrawal rate for 2014?  12/16Raybo19:23Stonebr
19p Flagship  22:43bru19:23oneleaf
5h Blackrock i-shares: USA domiciled ETF equivalent of CORP?  12/13galeno19:23galeno
6t Lockheed Martin Case Puts 401(k) Plans On Trial  12/15Bob.Beeman19:18LadyGeek
10p Asset protection in Nevada  12/16Investment10119:10DonCamillo
1h 401K getting better - should I front-load contributions?  18:45walletless19:07Stonebr
10h Please help another new young investor.  12/17jchiu00318:59Laura
1p PenFed Auto Loan in lieu of Grad PLUS  17:36mm213218:59mlipps
4t Chat with Vanguard: robo-advisers and site enhancements  16:52yoasif18:49yoasif
18h Help a newbie with AA decision....  12/10cudds18:49Taylor Larimore
29h solo 401k  04/13pteam18:48pteam
7p Purchased 1st house - cash - good feelings  14:40Ignatious P. Da18:43jfn111
6p ACA insurance Q... for 26 yo child coming off my insurance  12/17greenspam18:37Phineas J. Whoo
18h VWINX declining, any ideas why?  14:53dansmail2618:31dansmail26
20c Favorite Narrators for Fictional Audiobooks  12/17frugalguy18:30frugalguy
110t [Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]  page: 2 32011stratton18:11nisiprius
5t Tax-inefficient total return investing ideas  10:28jasyang18:03jasyang
64p Helping out family members  page: 212/15toto23817:57TRC
18h Looking to move inheritance from high-fee advisor  12/17trundle17:57bdpb
21p Annuities  12/16Zecht17:52skepticalobserv
1p Do H&R Block/TaxAct software handle state tax refunds w/AMT?  12/17markfaix17:50Sagenick48
9p Alcatraz Tour - Early AM Same Day Tickets - Anyone Done It?  16:35Savvy17:47Savvy
16c Sell or repair car decision  11/15vetmom17:39saladdin
254c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 608/30abuss36817:34jginseattle
36c What desktop should I buy.  12/16LateStarter197517:29inbox788
16p Home Mortgage payoff  12:51neo17:28powermega
17t Vanguard's International Small Cap Fund -ETF vs Mutual Fund  12/14mpw21917:27ray.james
4h Real Estate property vs index funds for kids  13:11vikasa17:24Phineas J. Whoo
12p Where to find the cheapest mortgage?  23:33BundyBundy17:12southport
46t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  05/30MichDad17:09PoppyA
9t Correlations of Risk Factors in Down Markets  13:35Random Walker17:06oneleaf
37t Any negative outlooks on healthcare industry's future  12/16Luisrz8717:02EarlyStart
3t Top-hat 457(b) Plan and FICA?  10:46Dutch16:55Dutch
25l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  11/03VictoriaF16:48VictoriaF
6p HSA question  15:44camiboxer16:42Aptenodytes
1054t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222011Lbill16:39Browser
9h Asset allocation tool?  11:42Morik16:29jasyang
4p Replacement Car Savings  23:29roamin survivor16:14Epsilon Delta
49p Umbrella Liability Insurance - Need it or not?  12/12BogleJunior16:13serbeer
32t Effect of 0.79 correlation: fantasy vs. reality  07:39nisiprius16:12Kevin M
9c Denver area ski in/out lodging?  00:37Anon123416:11bbqguru
16t 2x Leveraged ETFS  12/17kmedina816:04Taylor Larimore
12h 5 yr TIPs auction Dec 2014??  11/17mpt follower15:52#Cruncher
46p A puzzle about Social Security  12/09CFM30015:48mindbogle
72p Most/Least Boglehead 2014 Activity?  page: 212/13JamesSFO15:42goodenyou
1h Windfall… Revised Portfolio Review  15:07mygirls15:36retiredjg
14p SS Delay Question  12/17Ignatious P. Da15:27PapaGeek
1c "Misfortune cookie" home router vulnerability  15:15Ninegrams15:27Ninegrams
1t Value/Growth Index Funds?  11:36yzhang1215:18mhc
9h Approaching retirement, withdrawal strategies?  12/17financenoob15:14mhalley
9p SEP IRA vs Self 401k  14:07Utahdogowner15:13DSInvestor
48c Volvo vs. Mercedes  12/14RunningRad15:07Leesbro63
2h allocation strategy across roth IRA, trad 401k, and taxable  02:32dkfern14:52retiredjg
40c Outdoor HDTV Antenna and DVR Setup  12/08ThankYouJack14:50dansmail26
1p Tax deduction - Resident Alien working from foreign location  12:26nirvana14:49plats
9t First I Bond Purchase  02:25BeaverFood14:39Flobes
56t Oil's future...  page: 212/09regmac14:38Greaps
136c WHY is retirement enjoyable / something to look forward to?  page: 2 312/16a14:34Independent
6h How to allocate my 2015 Roth IRA contribution?  22:14murphyslaw8614:30retiredjg
4h Husband and Wife Both Contribute to Solo 401k?  2012Bfwolf14:18PaddyMac
15h Newbie and how to manage a large inheritance  12/17Minou3314:10rakaye47
10h Moving from Vanguard to Fidelity  08:51TheTimeLord14:07TheTimeLord
5h Quick ?? RE 100k investment  09:46Atlshaun13:58tractorguy
42c Any pilots here?  12/164nursebee13:57SailingAway
12c Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 6 okay with Consumer Cellular?  12/16bill8813:57Browser
15t Risk-Adjusted Equity Returns - CAPM vs. Fama-French  12/17scottj1970713:54dbr
0c H2O Wireless to get 4G LTE in January 2015  13:49Shadow_Dancer  
10t Max my 401K early, how to maximize employer match?  12/17leod13:48oneleaf
3t Vanguard 2014 Dividend Decleration  13:35RhoRho13:45zaphoyd
11t Credit Risk vs. Term Risk  12/17Doc13:36ogd
2p Agent authorization vs Beneficiary  13:13boater0713:33boater07
12p Recharacterizations, Explanations, and E-filing (Turbotax)  12/17oneleaf13:27oneleaf
17p Social Security implications when dividing up income  12/15Lkmc13:27Independent
1h Timing to rebalance portfolio  05:41js10113:26Phineas J. Whoo
2h S-Corp or LLC - Software Consulting Part Time  12:08learnfinance13:23niceguy7376
14h Buying Vanguard Energy Index  12/16Chris3313:07just frank
35c Do you travel with friends?  12/17flyingaway13:00flyingaway
22c Ski questions from a Southerner  12/17Lynn198712:57Colorado13
43p On average, how often do you check your investment balances?  12/17my201412:55fanmail
8t Asset location strategy (tax deferred, tax free, taxable)  2013Seann12:53Seann
3f FYI, just got the following error message  11:20Leif12:50placeholder
6t Josh Brown on Vanguard  00:28hh1412:50rob
231c What do you splurge on?  page: 2 3 4 511/21Professor Emeri12:49SamB
65p How to teach young kids to be frugal?  page: 212/12kithwang12:49epilnk
201t An alternative to alternative investments [QSPIX]  page: 2 3 4 511/18larryswedroe12:41lazyday
14p Google Drive, DropBox, etal. - Anonymity  12/11ubermax12:40ubermax
3h Managed Growth Portfolio  12/17beachwalkerwalk12:40TwoByFour
4h Confused with Full Transfer TDA to VG  07:46DaChief12:38placeholder
17h Upcoming distributions and TLH  12/16jd8812:33House Blend
5p In the event that your employer is hacked...  12/17gardemanger12:19gardemanger
114t What is your opinion about "tilting?"  page: 2 312/09nisiprius12:08Mountain Man
16h Am I in two many investments.  12/17BigDawg711012:07JW Nearly Retir
20t For you slicers/dicers out there [rebalancing/adding new $]  12/13zadie12:06the_one_smiley
53t Better Costs: ETFs or Admiral Shares?  page: 212/14Alsilver11:35SpringMan
50p How do you factor entitlements into your investing plan?  page: 212/12ChicagoMedStude11:25englishgirl
26c Experiences using VRBO, Airbnb internationally  11/23tennisplyr11:13an_asker
11h Investing advice for retired MIL  12/17MidwestMD11:10MidwestMD
45c We cut the (Cable/Satellite TV) Cord!  12/15kenyan10:18awval999
17t Total Market fund for Developed countries only  05/21pradador09:59Doc
13h Buying "timing" question  12/17Crow Hunter09:50livesoft
8h 401K- Clueless  12/16JA Bloom09:29JA Bloom
3h TD Ameritrade  12/17kb61709:19kb617
2p Growing Strength of Our Investment Income  07:42investingdad09:07mhc
1t Introductory article on vice.com about retirement  01:50HurdyGurdy08:58elgob.bogle
251l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 4 5 605/11sans souliers08:57VictoriaF
10h Rollover Roth 401(k) to Roth IRA or TSP? Gut Check  12/15motorcyclesarec08:53MichDad
31c [Purchasing a Bolt-Action] Rifle  12/14robert8808:26deanbrew
9h Individual Bonds vs. Bond Funds  12/16poppa2308:13rai
3t IRA question  12/17sdunca1108:04retiredjg
12p Problems with Fidelity Backdoor  12/15bslice07:56bslice
14l Any interest in a Baltimore/Southern PA Chapter?  12/08steve.s07:09VictoriaF
3p How much personal umbrella insurance should you get?  23:12SavvyInvestor06:11johnep
10h 529 Plan - Need AA Help, Torn between UT, NV, NY plans  12/17walletless05:49in_reality
22h Do you own VTI, VB, VWO, VEA, VSS, VNQ? Allocation question  12/16Nolan3005:36ruralavalon
3p Overseas Foreign Exchange Rates  02:57navyitaly05:21navyitaly
22h Advice on Asset Allocation / What do I do to fix this?  12/14sunnysider05:04ruralavalon
5h VNQ versus FSRVX? [Vanguard vs. Fidelity REIT Index]  12/13A Boglehead04:41IPer
12p buying apartment in France  12/14Carls01:42Valuethinker
7t The ABCs of Common Sense Investing (rhyme time)  12/17Stickman01:39Stickman
57t Long-Term Returns website down?  page: 22013Riprap00:20monito
6h Invest in Taxable vs vanguard tax-deferred annuity?  12/17marconi900:19itstoomuch
7c Page Plus To Offer 4G LTE in October  09/10smackboy100:11Shadow_Dancer
8h Evaluating a stable value fund  08/06asif40823:31Electron
6h What is the best strategy for HSA?  12/16financial.freed23:12Beth*
26h With this uncertainty, where to put $200k plus....  12/16dansmail2623:11Morik
1p Jim Otar's Retirement Optimizer Calculator  22:35SavvyInvestor22:57Phineas J. Whoo
13t Vanguard's stockpickers outperform.... [news article]  12/17Barry Barnitz22:57toto238
127c Side jobs or hobbies that make you money  page: 2 32012oleblue22:49DTSC
17h Annuities and Legal Settlements  12/07Sublime870022:46Sublime8700
32p At what age did you find dream job?  12/13Rexindex22:17LowER
54c Need help with men's exercise clothes please  page: 212/15island22:14island
7h TLH and Potential Wash Sale [Tax Loss Harvesting]  12/16nm45122:09nm451

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