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0h New Vanguard Tax Exempt Bond ETF and Index Fund  01:45Gnirk  
0p Jonathan Clements left WSJ again back in June  00:44CrossOverGuy  
0h How much of my money should I keep in stocks and how much of it should I put for a house down payment?  00:26Smartguy2351  
1t Portfolio Readjustments/Concerns  21:50kmedina822:05Dale_G
1h Investing Priorities  21:31Daniel197321:43ThankYouJack
1p healthcare plan --> HSA plan + high deductible policy  21:25renue7423:47grabiner
1h Help Choosing 401(k) Funds & Wealthfront vs. Betterment  21:21allsizefitsone23:57sawhorse
1h 3-4 Fund Portfolio - Need some advice.. Current portfolio provided.  21:09401K3MM22:51jalbert
0c Realtor Listing Agreement question  21:07Fitch  
0h TLH aftermath - what to do with $170 VTSMX left in tIRA  21:00nolapepper  
11p Term Insurance  20:56D5710223:36Miriam2
1h College student looking for advice on retirement investing  20:37btks01:00sport
5h Funds not showing up in sweep account  20:31sanfran201521:29oneleaf
4h S&P 500 fund down more than the index  20:29ThankYouJack21:08ThankYouJack
4h My 401K Choices - Screenshot attached  20:24Hairfarm01:01Hairfarm
5t Thinking "Differently" about Dividend Yield  20:11Jerry5522:12Jerry55
2h Dealing with complicated Inherited IRA Portfolio  19:42dualhammers20:29Lafder
1p Retirement saving options for business owner employee  19:31Hawkeye_Saver19:47LadyGeek
8t NPR story, Stock market is wealth indicator of top 1% - HUH??  18:51goshenBogle19:40LadyGeek
3h 3 Questions for a New Investor (Look at my Portfolio)  18:29DoctorMo21:35Duckie
9t Where are John Bogle and Warren Buffett  17:56selftalk22:07LAlearning
10p Prepaying Mortgage Question  17:39lkt10219:51grabiner
6t Double check your TLH calculation...This error cost me  17:30bbrock18:03denovo
6h Would money market fund be a good place to put emergency money?  17:21xuphys00:26knucklehead
3h international bond fund  16:41tommyr21:59abuss368
2p Can I contribute to an IRA and 401k?  16:27sgilmarti8916:48ieee488
10p Refinance suggestion needed from the Maths wizards :)  16:23wingz00:47absolutFinance
4c Garmin maps for Italy?  16:02Leeraar00:54mpt follower
38p How much do you donate to your kid's public school?  15:49mmrs01:27sport
15h sister contemplating swapping over to Vanguard  15:37JaySayms00:44JaySayms
7h fsgdx: tax loss harvest  15:24feh16:02mhc
7p Fed Retiree with FEHB-Enroll in Medicare Plan B or Not?  15:10vexed20:21ChrisC
18c magazines for frequent-flyer miles ripoff  15:08RustyShacklefor23:44FrugalInvestor
7p Shopping for disability insurance  14:56kazper22:34BruDude
11h Backdoor a re-characterized IRA?  14:36Gustie1321:27Duckie
3t What is the "World CPI"  14:31dangerous20:35JoMoney
7h Vanguard limiting options for "Select a fund for your dividends"  14:29ThankYouJack19:52ThankYouJack
0h Foreign revenue of Total Stock Market Index?  14:22standard7  
2h When to Take Social Security for Spouse of Massachusetts Teacher  14:12DLRCohasset23:43castlemodesto
5h WHat should i do?  13:54subham19:56Grt2bOutdoors
22h How not to TLH - mutual fund vs ETF shares  13:54madbrain18:56livesoft
4h Since div reinvestment 'off', no new 'lots' created?  13:46Humboldt96519:02grabiner
14c Apartment security deposit problem  13:22climber202019:16bertie wooster
3t best auto re-balancing brokerage firm to put my portfolio  12:38riptide13:32mickens16
1t Asset Location  12:27Hank Moody19:28grabiner
19p Joint finances and cash management  12:15jnet200019:00AWH_CPA
23p Early retirement with a pension  12:13ofcmetz23:162comma
0t refining Portfolio Visualizer results  12:11SpideyIndexer  
2h First taxable account  11:53terran22:17terran
1p Tax strategy for IRA annuity settlement?  11:51esgwat13:05Alan S.
1t Effect of Target Fund Balancing with Wild Swings  11:27yosh9911:50AviN
8t Laughs for the Bogleheads, courtesy of the Onion [Jim Cramer]  11:02Chadnudj20:17LadyGeek
17h Tax lots and TLH question  10:54JaySayms15:57livesoft
17h Converting Vanguard ETF shares to Admiral shares  10:48dskillz114:22indexfundfan
10p Ready to buy Term Life Insurance  10:15ddurrett89617:12tyscott84
7t Don't Sell on the Dips  09:32Ged11:31samjlord
3t A glitch in the VIX itself when the market isn't "typical."  09:24nisiprius19:58lee1026
2h Suggestions with portfolio  09:10Kerber16:10patrick013
13c Nissan Versa Note SV  08:31timmy21:39LadyGeek
2t WSJ - ‘Alternative’ Mutual Funds Providing Limited Protection  08:06matjen16:11Maynard F. Spee
0t Vanguard Website - World Market Allocation  07:47randompacking  
2t Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor Book  06:53bogle201308:53cottonseed1
33t Bounced back too quick  06:53zkzkzk20:29Artsdoctor
35t BNY Mellon's "glitch," sounds very serious to me  06:35nisiprius22:17jalbert
6t Admiral Shares  06:33woodedareas08:34texasdiver
5p PenFed offer to use their card  05:22Carl5313:48TheGipper
4h Tax Loss Harvesting TLH - Dividend distribution Timing  04:48forums3519:14grabiner
5t So I think I screwed up my TLH  02:30fourwedge03:46madbrain
0h Self investing vs. tax free managed fund  02:18alonwein  
2t TLH - Auto reinvest dividends and SpecID  08/27INGlewood7810:17Bogleingle
8p I'm afraid I'll regret this.  08/26yellowgirl08/27BL
3h Does anticipated federal rate hike affect savings/HSA account choices today?  08/26fidobogo08:34fidobogo
5h Investment help [providing for spouse without pension]  08/26poconnell314:12Alex Frakt
14t Why buy high dividend fund during a correction?  08/26Tamales01:18Kevin M
5h Would Appreciate Input on Planned Asset Allocation  08/26RoC21:39RoC
29c How to get best deal on a rental car ?  08/26Lafder22:47GaryEsq
60h Was about to change from 100% equity to 80%. Now what?  page: 208/26rca182421:23zaboomafoozarg
22h TLH tomorrow? Please help me decide [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/26Kevin M00:49Kevin M
64t Why no diversification benefit for international in this week's crash?  page: 208/26rca182401:09jalbert
5p reasonable budget for infant in Northeast  08/26kc120208/26dublin
13h Retired with cash...How to re-enter?  08/26clearknights16:56goingup
5h TSP Maxed out, what next?  08/26JSpin08/26terran
4h High income earner and Roth 401k  08/26TheGipper08/26randomguy
3t SPLV low volatility fund not so low  08/26Tamales08/26pkcrafter
5h Retired - want advice on reducing brokerage costs and changing investment plan  08/26stevesr008/26PaddyMac
5h 401K Rolled Over into an IRA. Is this a good allocation?  08/26boglenewb23:04JW Nearly Retir
3h Divident schedule for vtiax?  08/26genjix08/26genjix
3p Quicken Deluxe 2012  08/26tomd3708/26tomd37
14h Tax Loss Harvest - Wash Sale - Your 401k  08/26retiredjg09:12Artsdoctor
0c Has anyone used Automatic, Mojio, or Zubie car devices?  08/26Browser  
4c Catch 22 Painting Issue and RRP  08/26HogsAndApples08:14scone
5t Need for TLH  08/26jay2208/26livesoft
0t Company 401K / Retirement Accounts -- Options?  08/26bogleviewer  
2h Another TLH Pairing Question  08/26namenloseblonde08/26namenloseblonde
27p Kitces - Managing the Medicare B Premium Spike  08/26Alan S.14:47Leesbro63
8t CAPE indicates that international weighting offers better returns  08/26FrogPrince08:12rca1824
17p Paying for a big ticket item on retirement?  08/26englishgirl14:57dbCooperAir
10t Quartz (electronic magazine) offers market timing game  08/26z3r0c00l08/26Maynard F. Spee
6h Chase Checking to Vanguard Electronic Transfer  08/26dkview08/26Sandman11154
11h Is Tax Loss Harvesting Worth It in the 0% Cap Gains Bracket?  08/26essbeer08/26PaddyMac
1h cost basis question  08/26JaySayms08/26grabiner
3h How to sell gold bullion coins?  08/26Gaston08/26Gaston
1h Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF and Mutual Fund considered substantively identical?  08/26ksyung7108/26jhfenton
8h Help me restructure my inherited IRA  08/26AirTimeMD08/26Wagnerjb
15h Military TSP v. Roth TSP  08/26Helene18:44grabiner
25h Dipping into the emergency fund for rebalancing purposes during market downturns?  08/26jordank22:53jordank
0p So long DLS, Hello FNDC  08/26caklim00  
4h Need Help Untangling My Over-correlated Portfolio  08/26skymarch10:12skymarch
3h I have cash -- what equities look good?  08/26BoggleHDixie08/27Seattlenative
30p Any minimum income for Obamacare subsidies?  08/26Gambler19:41randomguy
1t Some ETFs took a very hard fall  08/26pkcrafter08/26bnwest
5p 80/20 rule -> How to learn the 20%?  08/26Gambler18:07Gambler
13t S & P 500's Global Sales  08/26steve roy08/26stratton
9t What, exactly, is meant by "the markets" (plural)?  08/26nisiprius08/26nisiprius
0f hitting the "up" icon on a touch screen  08/26neurosphere  
1h Issue with ETF's appeared in decline?  08/26samtex08/26Kevin M
1t How to know whether my fund manager sold stocks during the selloff?  08/26coldplay22108/26windhog
4h Admiral shares question  08/26hickory08/26Kevin M
12c Recommendations for steam mop  08/26reneeh6300:47Mudpuppy
34t Wash Sale Quiz!  08/26livesoft08/26TradingPlaces
1f Slow Speed  08/26sport08/26sport
0t EWUS UK small cap ETF (iShares)  08/26Clive  
2t BlackRock buys FutureAdvisor  08/26bostondan08/26babington
16c Time to upgrade my HVAC?  08/26Gambler18:29just frank
8p Student Loans and stuff what would YOU do?  08/26coronajm311:40sharpjm
12h Identical fund in two accounts: possible to avoid wash sale rule?  08/26randomizer10:27House Blend
4p No option to stop reinvesting dividends in 401k account with Empower  08/26DoubleClick08/26DoubleClick
1h Multiple TLH Question  08/26DreamHigher08/26hbgpharmd
34c Tire rotation  08/26terran07:23NHRATA01
6h Help getting off the sideline  08/26Morpheus22:33Morpheus
0h Help with our investment mixes  08/26jms493  
13p Got my retirement statement from Social Security  08/26Gambler08/26NonnyGoGo
73t Individual Stocks Does it Ever Make Sense?  page: 208/26TubofProtein19:12blueblock
64t TLH for absolute dummies [Tax Loss Harvesting]  page: 208/26Roothy19:37jbreittling
4h Is there a reason why........[problem logging into VG]  08/26parigi72308/26LAlearning
12p Old friends (High School, College) not talking anymore?  08/26rec708/26Mel Lindauer
2h Experience with TurboTax and Gainskeeper or Tradelog?  08/26ccf08/26ccf
10t Using the signaling power of treasury bonds  08/26Rx 4 investing02:29JoMoney
2t Do you need some HELP staying the course???  08/26LittleD19:38DFAMAN
2h retired - fund choice advice please  08/26lightbulb2308/26TimeRunner
2h Qualified dividends percentage for Schwab ETFs  08/26indexfundfan08/26indexfundfan
15c Siblings sharing a room until what age?  08/26vveat08/26LadyGeek
19t Anybody questioning use of an advisor at this volatile time?  08/26Random Walker08:38barnaclebob
2h Need investment advice 350 k cash to invest  08/26Keenobserver08/26Keenobserver
9h guess this ... if the Fed raises rates on 9/7 what happens to the Total Bond Market Fund?  08/26standard708/26standard7
4h IRA questions  08/26mookie18:39Duckie
37c Floss aversion  08/26tadamsmar18:36Munir
18h I made a mistake, how do I make the best of it? [Tax gain harvesting]  08/26overst33r08/26Grt2bOutdoors
2p Is this a wash sale?  08/26noobie08/26midareff
3h TLH Reality Check: Am I trying to time the market?  08/26motorcyclesarec08/26FillorKill
4p Help with med student debt management  08/26ERandPeds08/26fopher11
2t part 1 of my webinar on the current crisis and how to think about it  08/26larryswedroe23:47nedsaid
5h Simple investment plan - is this sane?  08/26thatswissguy08/26Stonebr
9h another tax loss harvest question  08/26genjix08/26livesoft
11h Another TLH question. [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/26zfa08/26grabiner
12t Why do Markets Crash in the Middle of the Month?  08/26jwillis7737308/26jwillis77373
6t What cause new highs for market [over time]?  08/26UHCOP08/26tadamsmar
11h TLH pair for VBR/VSIAX (U.S. small cap value)?  08/26walletless08/26Vegomatic
4h Threshold for tlh  08/26RandomPointer08/26livesoft
3h Am I doing this right? Advice appreciated from experienced Japan Bogleheads  08/26latefortea07:04nekotikara
2c OTC sleeping pill recommendations?  08/26ncaraway08/26LadyGeek
5h Cost basis for TLH  08/25rks06:40rkhusky
3h TLH - offset LT cap gains with ST cap losses  08/25dutchtulips08/26BL
3t How to Be a Better Investor Than Donald Trump  08/25mlebuf08/26Alex Frakt
4h Tax loss harvesting question  08/25bluedragonfly09:09Minsc
6p Minimizing taxes in retirement  08/25jlj08/26lthenderson
7c Barcode generator  08/25ciscovp08/26olive1900
15p Not pleased with promotion. What to do?  08/25nimo95616:18small_index
6h Pediatrician's wife seeking asset allocation advice  08/25talfabot08/25talfabot
10h Asset Allocation for Young TSP Investor  08/25jadd80612:46evilityb
3p Safe Harbor 401K Plans  08/25andyandyandy08/26andyandyandy
45h Am I saving too much for retirement?  08/25hoader15:02hoader
11c Dallas Trip Recommendations  08/25karpems08/26billydelp4
1h Have inherited portfolio and starting new job...advice on 401K's and profit sharing plans?  08/25blackwater08/25grabiner
4c Pandora  08/25exrvi08/26tennisplyr
5h buying stock  08/25clawman08/25alex_686
2t Tax-loss harvesting not always a great idea in New Jersey  08/25AviN08/25Johno
3p TLH v Continue to buy on the way down  08/25yukonjack08/25yukonjack
14t John Greaney reviews Vanguard Personal Advisor Services  08/25Kevin K08/26Riprap
1h Vanguard Question  08/25Prudence08/25MNGopher
14t "The Fight For Low Fees: John Bogle, Tony Robbins Team Up"  08/25Howard Donnelly02:40JoMoney
1h After TLH Reminder: Update cost basis etc.  08/25financial.freed08/25Humboldt965
1h new money  08/25oldseabee08/25Lafder
7h Financial Advisor?  08/25xinnieming08/25xinnieming
49c Has anyone actually used gold or silver coins for a purchase?  08/25Dulocracy00:52Pathologyguy
2t Crash =rebalance  08/25Tico_7508/25David Jay
10t Why China Matters to the World Economy  08/25Simplegift08/27jalbert
7h Another Wash Rule ?  08/25N5257008/26rkhusky
14h Young UK-based investor looking for help with initial asset allocation  08/25keirwl12:09Valuethinker
25h VTI - "Market" order type  08/25_robert01:04Kevin M
1h 2015 Portfolio Review  08/25Lafder08/25retiredjg
4h Inheritence / Inherited IRA  08/25RandomMonkey08/25David Jay
2p Delayed IRS Refund, Interest Rate & Tax Treatment  08/25Investtoski08/25House Blend
10t IRA + Transaction Fee  08/25joyo2308/26joyo23
9t Vanguard and China A shares  08/25sawhorse17:38sawhorse
3c Keezel Connectivity Device  08/25Kalo08/26tbradnc
7h Fidelity 90-day rule and TLH  08/25olevelo08/26livesoft
4h New to TLH – Quick Question [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/25miktau08/26HeadSpinning
10t ROTH Contributions after RBDs  08/25777bandman08/26777bandman
7h How can we prove TRD's re-balance in the short term?  08/25Wannaretireearl17:28livesoft
20h Which muni bond fund at Fidelity?  08/25starguru18:50grabiner
0h This is my (new) portfolio. Corrections?  08/25CajaBlanca  
25h Help with 403(b) options  08/25CFM30008/26CFM300
12p Parents, windfall, and sale of home  08/25RyeWhiskey08/25Carefreeap
0t State of Nevada adopting BH investing strategy  08/25Admiral  
4f Notifications list  08/25retiredjg08/25gkaplan
8h How best to take advantage of this market drop? TLH, buy, combo?  08/25namenloseblonde08/25wolf359
3t What to do in this market environment  08/25Rick Ferri11:28abuss368
9h Should I buy individual stocks or stock funds  08/25ugaDAWGS0908/26scottj19707
1h BackDoor Roth questions - Coverdell  08/25caseynshan08/25Alan S.
6p Should I add $10,000 to a Roth IRA this year?  08/25miamivice08/25letsgobobby
3c Book recco for someone new to budgeting and saving?  08/25profnot17:26PhysicsTeacher
6h Help with rebalancing my 401k Portfolio?  08/25sliqx17:56bkweathe
3t Any success stories of robo advisor/trader benefiting from flash crash?  08/25sai08/25indexfundfan
0t Vanguard Tax Exempt ETF (VTEB)  08/25lckamp  
7h Vanguard Personal Advisory Services  08/25fandango08/26fandango
4t Did anyone jump in and buy 30% cheaper ETFs yesterday?  08/25nobsinvestor08/25Bracket
34h Do you count cash towards your portfolio asset allocation?  08/25rca182408/26scottj19707
4c Replacing Cracked iPhone Screen  08/25Wolf08/25TheGreyingDuke
10h Should I feel guilty?  08/25Abe08/25IPer
57t Is tax loss harvesting always worth all the fuss?  page: 208/25randomizer08/26packet
27h Yet another TLH question - Are most of you switching back after 30/60 days?  08/25sfchris18:38Artsdoctor
2h Are these included in MAGI calculation?  08/25VartAndelay08/25Duckie
2t Total Bond Acting Bond Like  08/25LAlearning08/25livesoft
19t A Voice of Reason in the Mainstream Press  08/25EyeYield08/26scottj19707
20t How do you diversify?  08/25archii21:04DVMResident
4p Extra Mortgage Payments vs. Paying Student Loans  08/25joetown200108/25wolf359
2h Help with Vanguard Website  08/25Bekki08/25livesoft
0t Vanguard Alternative Strategies (VASFX) open to institutional clients  08/25lack_ey  
2h Scholarship as taxable income?  08/25dlee11608/25dlee116
8t Messy Fund Managers Create an Illusion of Skill  08/25Rick Ferri08/25Rick Ferri
6h Young Boglehead-Where to save for the long-term  08/25nl20201508/26nl202015
2c Problematic Whirlpool Freezer  08/25dickyboy08/25fandango
15h Taxable Investment or 529  08/25FamilyGuy8714:14Grt2bOutdoors
9h Using Vanguard system to TLH  08/25AirTimeMD08/25supernova
9h New to investing, where to start?  08/25roamingnome18:42Sunny Sarkar
43t [spurned advisor purports there is a Vanguard] Class Action Suit?  08/25TinyElvis12:50TinyElvis
30h Which tax-exempt bond fund ??  08/25Taylor Larimore18:19lazyfabs
1p New York State tax debt  08/25UpstateNY8608/26Grt2bOutdoors
2h Still Time to TLH?  08/25ved08/25JW Nearly Retir
1h Is this a good time to take advantage of down market!  08/25Kingfish08/25livesoft
2t Rebalancing  08/25happysteward08/25happysteward
1t What Investors Are Saying Today  08/25pkcrafter08/25WhyNotUs
11t Vanguard muni bond index fund and ETF available  08/25ftobin08/26watchnerd
13p Janus Bond Fund down almost 3% yesterday  08/25Rob5TCP08/26JDCarpenter
1h Purchase Mutual Fund Next Available Price?  08/25JustinTime08/25mhc
2h How do I know which Vanguard funds to buy?  08/253kats08/25David Jay
3t This expert has declared the future of the markets  08/25Tigermoose08/25LiveSimple
1t Cruel Psychology of 1,000 Point Drop  08/25Grt2bOutdoors08/25Dulocracy
7h Is Roth right for me?  08/25The Daughter08/25billfromct
5h Considering 401k Reblance - Foreign Stocks?  08/25bbddpp08/25JW Nearly Retir
3t Glad we made these decisions  08/25goshenBogle08/25goingup
6h How to move to a three fund portfolio, I need a plan  08/25standard708/25cornbread85
12p Zero Percent for 60 months or $2000 Cash Back  08/25CADonovan09:09JupiterJones
14t Is it my imagination?  08/25tennisplyr08/25JoMoney
6h TLH international when already holding VTIAX and VFWAX  08/25magicrat08/25livesoft
1t TLH Clarifications [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/25SantaCruz8108/25grabiner
1h "Timing" Custodial changes (rollovers & transfers) in current market  08/25mnr308/25livesoft
3h help me understand how this "correction" helps me in the long run  08/25schmitz08/25lhl12
12h Inexperienced investor: Please help with asset allocation/location  08/25kiddoc08/26JiveTurkey
14h Novice w/entire net worth in cash...jump in now?  08/25Dan71312:28Dan713
2h New investor confused by TLH  08/25VartAndelay08/25House Blend
1h Take a chunk out of student loans, or start saving?  08/24Aaronomy08/25bdpb
2t Asset Prices (equity) higher than Fundementals  08/24itstoomuch08/26itstoomuch
2h Help with parents retirement plan  08/24HPE1308/25HPE13
6h non-retirement or retirement account?  08/243kats08/253kats
7f Broken record [most users ever online here]  08/24digarei08/26Mudpuppy
4h Another TLH Question [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/24newlawyer08/25grabiner
47h my retired mother's predicament  08/24ashleyk2308/26clip651
8t What happened with ishares HDV this morning?  08/24Timoneer04:35in_reality
2h Beginner's Question  08/24jy8308/25tarheel
8c Buy and hold Apple shares  08/24anonforthis08/25Simple Simon
53c Ant Control  page: 208/24gatorman19:53roymeo
10h Tax loss VTIAX  08/24Surbo1508/25supernova
11h Question about Vanguard policy on use of money market fund as temporary holding place  08/24mister_sparkle08/25Uncle Pennybags
4c Smart phone data from third-party resellers - slower?  08/24Seattlenative08/25takeshi
6h Helping Parents (no TLH question for a change of pace)  08/24Makaveli06:38Makaveli
3p Lump sum pension--RMD required?  08/24plannerman08/25plannerman
4p Life insurance  08/24evdryst08/25BruDude
1h Perspective:  08/24staythecourse08/25red5
1p Fixed rate student loan refi options?  08/24TheGooch08/25EmergDoc
3h How do you leave UBS, practically speaking?  08/24hogsqueal08/25hogsqueal
17h Use the Dip to Clean Up Your Taxable Account  08/24retiredjg08/25jabbahop
2h New to investments  08/24RUForeigner08/25edge
4h Taxable Investment or 10-year Mortgage Refinance  08/24AJ200008/25tyscott84
14c Auto purchase offer from local dealer  08/24czeckers08/25czeckers
16h TLH, distribution and wash sales questions with 3 fund portfolio located in both taxable and TIRA  08/24Aspen08/25Aspen
25h 2008 all over again...  08/24ES13Raven08/25HomerJ
13p worth of benefits package  08/24ieee48808/26itstoomuch
4h 529 Plan and other questions.  08/24waiting08/25waiting
4h Rare Market Timing Opportunity!!!  08/24arthurdawg08/25arthurdawg
13h Dealing with a sell off as a young investor  08/24Streptococcus08/25hbgpharmd
4p Property in Another Country [Inherited non-US property, How to handle taxes?]  08/24dskillz108/25TedSwippet
8h index funds vs ETF's  08/24Heav3ns08/25Impromptu
15p Cost for prenup  08/24climber202008/25climber2020
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11t Book Recs for Historical Bears  08/24whatusername?08/25jginseattle
12h Reinvest dividends and capital gains to avoid a wash sale  08/24ThankYouJack08/25rkhusky
5t "What to do during market volatility? Perhaps nothing."  08/24gkaplan09:22marklearnsbogle
9h Reallocating while the market is moving quickly  08/24mkkmdk08/25pkcrafter
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9h Target Retirement Income Fund vs. 3 Fund Portfolio  08/24Kevin K08/25Kevin K
63t Who's selling now?  page: 208/24tennisplyr08/25protagonist
8h Using the market correction as an advantage when changing mutual funds to index  08/24redrocker08/25redrocker
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