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0h Discretionary Account Turnover Puzzle / SR Bond Fund  20:45Minty  
2t Taxable Accounts-Cost Basis  20:44mikefixac20:58ralph124cf
5h Is any sector fund better than Total Market fund?  20:38FredL21:02toto238
3p How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Condo  20:22RooseveltG21:07ShiftF5
2h Help with Retirement Plan  20:13jjortho21:32IPer
1h 401k options  20:09zoralsurgeon20:21DSInvestor
1c Another Cold Weather Car Question  19:59drawpoker20:31fishnskiguy
2h ROTH IRA and Taxable Account question  19:38loss19:56loss
0h Portfolio Review - Rebalancing and Short Term Goals  19:29Dumbo  
9t Yale Endowment Report 2014  19:25Robert T21:32Purelife304
2t Calculating Future income from Bond Fund in Retirement  19:08N5257021:30N52570
12p Tom Stanley-Millionaire Next Door Author Killed in Auto Acci  19:07jrmillions21:22Sagenick48
6h Tilting - Sectors, not REITs  18:49acejacksingh20:54SpringMan
2p Home refi - Roth IRA  18:49playtothebeat20:42Alan S.
7h Paid extra tax last year  18:43online19:12online
0h tweaking asset allocation  18:41Robert44  
0h New here--life events downturn  18:38sawhorse  
0h California GO munis  18:38leftcoaster  
1t Can short term bonds rise in value when rates rise?  18:31nobsinvestor18:32livesoft
5h Looking for any final input on these IRA/401k allocations  18:20frozenpenguin20:05Taylor Larimore
4t "The Mutual Fund Observer"  18:03Taylor Larimore20:01seeshells
5p 1098-T Discrepancies?  17:32rayout18:15livesoft
7t Charley Ellis Guesting on Bob Brinker today  17:20HikerNC21:16nedsaid
38h What's your average ER?  17:17Seattlenative21:32sheetzilla
13p Legal Fees for Trusts and Wills  17:09Kitkat7621:23Nowizard
5p Turbotax ESPP sale woes - help!  17:00dmcmahon19:23stoutglass
1h 401k is changing - need advise  16:55637jr17:11retiredjg
0h Taxable Investing at Vanguard - For extra cash?  16:55bhs  
2t ERs cut on VT, VNQI and several others  16:49Seattlenative20:57Day9
17p Method for repayment of long term care expenses  16:29AllYouNeedIsLov20:42AllYouNeedIsLov
12p Dad Passed, Help Mom: Next Steps?  16:29engawa19:03engawa
2c a good movie to see [Assault On Wall Street]  16:27selftalk19:57Caduceus
8t rebalancing & purchasing when fear is present  16:21selftalk17:10dbr
1p Easier Capital Gains Reporting (In Some Cases)  16:18Leesbro6316:40livesoft
3c Archival CD - MDisc  16:08Caduceus19:49Caduceus
0h Schwab 1099 Problems for Maturing TIPS in 2014  16:03#Cruncher  
4h Mid Thirties - Messy Retirement Portfolio ~$600k  15:55AndThen18:00BL
16h Managing a larger portfolio with possible life changes ahead  15:22msa620:08msa6
10t High Yield Corporate Bonds Have Less Interest Rate Risk?  15:13nobsinvestor16:32Electron
1p Can I e-file? Form 8938 and 3 foreign accounts?  15:08hmw18:24marcos123
0p Martins Point Health Care  14:56Maid of the Mis  
2h Inland American / XHR Xenia Hotels and resorts  14:48Robsoupman15:29jwkde
22p Buying a used motorcycle, borrow to avoid scam  14:35taojaxx21:28mars
9h Should pre-tax accounts still be prioritized here?  14:28Ciel16:59retiredjg
12c Wife turning 50, Ideas for gift?  14:23flatwater18:06SJG
1t Market Beating Recipe  14:20Investerguy15:00Louis Winthorpe
9p Market Cycle Psychology  14:13Toons15:46GoldenFinch
14p Costs of loyalty to employer  14:04DJB19:36bottlecap
1c Gift Ideas for Business Collaborators?  14:02Boglenaut15:13LadyGeek
3h Help for a relative  14:01evofxdwg19:47evofxdwg
1p Taxation of NSF REU undergraduate research stipend  13:59MnD21:28grabiner
4h Creating sub-accounts in vanguard  13:07pclu17:14bru
5p Is Employer Match portion of Solo-401K Deductible Biz Exp?  13:06cdm77023416:40ieee488
1p Roth Education exemptions  12:56yoshald13:43Alan S.
10h Newbie help  12:50UNCMD20:28will34
15h Investing 1 Mill for 75 year old parent  12:49beaujolais16:00beaujolais
21t Vanguard Managed Payout to add new fund  12:33Barry Barnitz20:29nisiprius
6c Help me in my impossible search for a used car...  12:17snyder6614:19snyder66
0h Help with my 401k  11:46mistike  
4p Question - Traditional to Roth IRA Withholding  11:46beach203520:55Alan S.
9p Why Isn't Pension Distribution Taxable? (1099-R, Code G)`  11:44PGR20:57PGR
26c Honda fit vs VW GTI  11:39mortal20:42mortal
19p Has anyone ever voluntarily downsized their job?  11:36ER202321:02hq38sq43
6h Fund for 50+ years???  11:33tryinghard12:55lack_ey
4p 529 Plans versus other College Funding  11:29James218:26Jack FFR1846
15p done so soon? Firecalc says so  11:21letsgobobby16:24Watty
9h Avoiding the jump to the 25% tax bracket  11:13JTJjr12:56Toons
0h Adding diversification to taxable account for FIRE  11:09okane  
4h Roth IRA Max Contribution (Married)  11:06VT200616:38retiredjg
5p AAA card as prepaid credit card?  10:58nisiprius20:32nisiprius
9p Help with letter from IRS about 2013 529 distribution  10:33HoneyBee18:35Leesbro63
5t [Vanguard] active funds are beating the passive index funds  10:19looking19:29LadyGeek
13t You and Your Dumb Money  10:09pkcrafter21:26ShiftF5
10c where to go shop and buy refrigerator  10:08looking12:13PaddyMac
6h Newbie: 3 fund portfolio  09:59prettybogle11:20prettybogle
4p PTP K1 in Tax Software  09:26James211:20James2
6p Debt Snowball with Variable Rates  09:26Gropes & Ra17:48mhc
6h Help me calculate changing asset percentages.  09:12Bustoff10:31Bustoff
23c Replace or repair dishwasher  09:06verbose15:10verbose
6t Recovering Your Investment after a Loss  08:34palarry12:07Kalo
6h Roth IRA a good place for your emergency fund?  08:25SailorJerry703010:58bertilak
3t Vanguard 529 plans  08:20Offshore21:00AviN
9p Inherited Non-Qualified Annuity  08:18navahowhite13:51Dale_G
3p Inflation Calculator Help Needed.....  08:07BahamaMan17:29BahamaMan
9h Maximum amount in a 529 for an 8 year old?  08:05DonDraper19:12Constant Chaos
22c Selling multi-family - Push to Waive Inspection?  07:38fishmonger17:41jstrazzere
7t Likely impact on equities of interest rate increase  07:26tennisplyr18:20nedsaid
6p Question on Relocation Package (from Employer's perspective)  07:16AndroAsc17:26ralph124cf
4t Account order/priority to pull from in retirement  07:01linuxology09:33veggivet
0p Foreign Tax Credit and foreign estimated tax payments  06:14gd  
2p Small Principal High Rate Debt vs Very Large Principal Low R  06:05DDMP2007:34basspond
2p Vanguard Fund Performance Link  05:47billw07:09CyberBob
5p Social Security website error message  05:39Skizbo16:40jebmke
2h Have RothIRA and 401K -Where to put $500 @ Fidelity?  01:17sr20eric06:09stoutglass
5p Taxes on cash back credit card?  01:08russellh07:54jeffyscott
3p HSA deduction question  00:53moneywise316:15moneywise3
9h Would you buy into this state defined benefit pension?  23:40nun20:13nun
2c Experience with Tile Tub Refinishing?  23:01Jelloanddon08:23North
4p Job Offer Advice  22:3467vwbug09:32knowsnothing
3p Need a CFP in Pittsburgh Area  22:10JimG10:58JimG
2h Trying to build 3 Fund Portfolio with limited 401k options  22:04frozenpenguin01:05DG99999
8p Buy home and start degree in the same year?  02/28Alto Astral16:58Alto Astral
7p Converting a personal property to a rental property  02/28djs0510198519:20Lafder
7p Math on TSP Loan for house  02/28xynder12:19grabiner
3h Citibank Structured Notes  02/28Greatness09:25Greatness
7p Taxes and the safe harbor  02/28djs0510198511:04grabiner
8c [SF BayArea,NorCal]Where do you get your Meat & Fish  02/28davidsorensen3202:33madbrain
6c LiveWatch Alarm System -anyone?  02/28htdrag1114:20htdrag11
46t Dividends and Market Slides  02/28fortyofforty21:17Ricola
7t How are REITs categorized in equity sector diversification?  02/28gtt56113:05CABob
2p Taxes on DCA'd Backdoor Roth  02/28torius7115:47torius71
2l Do we have Bogleheads meeting in northern California?  02/28looking02/28looking
3h Company match fund choices  02/28vetmedbf17:55Duckie
3p hearing confidential conversations at work  02/28ieee48802/28TwoByFour
7p Turbo Tax Deluxe or Premier... What is going on?  02/28bbrock08:26Cyclesafe
19c iPhone upgrade  02/28Offshore19:00rotorhead
8t Does More Indexing Mean Less Stock Trading?  02/28Simplegift10:54Texas Radio
83h Does a Roth IRA make sense if you live in a high COL place?  page: 202/28NeutrinoPerson20:14Caduceus
10p advice on personal finance & mortgage  02/28petrisunset00:49basspond
11t Bond Funds vs Individual Bonds  02/28victorb02/28Kevin M
19c airbnb tips?  02/28curmudgeon20:35Bfwolf
8h Lifestrategy moderat growth vs Total stock MKT index fund  02/28adamsonpro111:55mistike
24c Foodsaver use  02/28MP17321:10leftcoaster
8p Backdoor ROTH went wrong (2014)  02/28Erhan02/28Erhan
6h I need some comments on my portfolios  02/28looking13:30LadyGeek
9p How to Figure Step-Up Basis for Traditional Mutual Fund  02/28Leesbro6302/28dodecahedron
4p Social Security Taxation  02/28AAA02/28Toons
1p Inherited Ira Spousal Bene RMD???  02/28gmy1502/28Alan S.
5p Setting up Treasury Direct Authorization  02/28HSC02/28ny_rn
5p Which financial designation would you recommend?  02/28A44001:24EmergDoc
8p Job offering me a new schedule...  02/28FRx21:45BAM!
1h MetLife Shield Level Selector Annuitiy  02/28A44002/28Mel Lindauer
11h Your assistance please - 41 year old couple no kids  02/28beaujolais10:00beaujolais
58c How do I learn to like sushi?  page: 202/28mr_scaramanga21:121530jesup
4h Fidelity offer to match IRA contributions  02/28downshiftme22:17mhalley
5l Thank you!  02/28joshdamon02/28joshdamon
4h Help planning Roth IRA Conversion  02/28ianferrel20:16ianferrel
8t "2015 Annual Letter by Scott Burns and Kennon Grose"  02/28Taylor Larimore10:03nedsaid
0p SSA - Widow wishes to max WIB by waiting until FRA  02/28JimM  
9p Hard skills to learn to push me over 50k per year?  02/28jackhensy02/28midareff
13p Analysis Paralysis - Stock Options  02/28berg09:22berg
19p Our neighbors home was gutted and rebuilt - Question  02/28mr_breen14:58mr_breen
4h Help with 457 fund picks  02/28JaySayms07:15hoppy08520
2p Medical research study payment -- is it taxable?  02/28ForestWolf02/28jebmke
16p How long will I l live? (mortality predictor)  02/28black jack12:19jvclark02
4t Fidelity Immediate Annuity  02/28eastwayroad02/28DG99999
14h VICSX (Intermediate Corp) vs VCIT (ETF share class)  02/28SpringMan02/28livesoft
4h Sage Advice Needed for a Novice  02/28strugglingsaver22:39strugglingsaver
6t Looking for good market dashboard  02/28calimero02/28Silence Dogood
1t Warren Buffett says Berkshire has 'right person' as heir  02/28malabargold02/28Purelife304
46c Wife doesn't want to retire - I do  02/28jstrazzere19:31westie
3t Genes explain 33% variation of savings & 25% of risk taking  02/28Robert T02/28VictoriaF
5p Estate planning - fate of retirement accts - confused!!!  02/28greenspam02/28cherijoh
1t Private Bank Survey: Where to Invest Cash Now  02/28minesweep02/28ladders11
29t Past, present, and future of Berkshire - Annual letter  02/28Robert T13:19Runalong
0p Anyone know if Minnesota has a "recapture tax"?  02/28Cody  
7t IRA balance goes to zero immediately triggers taxes?  02/28airahcaz02/28Tanelorn
33c Favorite chocolate candy  02/28buckeye798318:38buckeye7983
10p Replacing exterior door ease?  02/28bottomfisher02/28cheese_breath
16c PIN + Signature card in Europe  02/28Rainier02/28dbr
6h Advice on next steps - taxable account and portfolio  02/28MechEngOSU13:21stoutglass
10h slice and dice question (fixed income)  02/28zadie09:10dbr
3p Switching tax preparation software  02/28AAA02/28IowaFarmBoy
1h Update questions 8yrs after redoing AA with Bogleheads  02/28QckLrnr02/28hoppy08520
127p Do you consider mortgage payments as savings?  page: 2 302/28LateStarter197521:12KlangFool
7h Is this a good AA plan?  02/28topgun10007:02retiredjg
13c Getting Australian Dollars  02/28Puna02/28NorthDakota
21p How to find a spouse who wants financial independence  02/28madman1919:14LadyGeek
7h Should I buy service time for retirement?  02/28mx711yam10:06Sbashore
1h New Company - No 401k  02/27MDisciple8702/28terran
9h Self-directed 401(k) Option  02/27Motocicleta02/28Motocicleta
12t Thought for the Day: Invest Logically  02/27baw70391602/28Tycoon
7p Funding a big home remodel  02/27Tuntun02/27Carefreeap
12p Roth IRA Basis for early withdrawal  02/27mr_breen02/28kensho
2h Help with retirement pension  02/27jobe243302/28jobe2433
13h Worth switching from Ameritrade to Vanguard?  02/27frozenpenguin08:31jhfenton
2h 529 vs. Prepaid Tuition Plan  02/27Madillgold02/27Jerry55
2h ETF Portfolio Feedback  02/27macav93302/27macav933
3h Roth IRA to Roth IRA Transfer - How to Avoid Fees?  02/27ladders1102/28ladders11
1h Rolling over a 401k - to an IRA or a (new) solo 401k?  02/27TFlBo08:56avenger
64t How to Invest in Gold  page: 202/27Biil McNeal21:18normaldude
0p UFBDirect Vs Bank5Connect Vs OptimizerPlus  02/27tampaite  
1h Asset allocation and student loans  02/27Bontro02/27grabiner
14c Which car should I sell?  02/27nbseer02/27gbru316
1h w2 to 1099. Do 401k contributions affect sep ira max?  02/27Interpolfanclub02/27Spirit Rider
1h 50K Gift that will be going into my lazy portfolio  02/27dtlabtc02/27Duckie
30p I survived my initial performance improvement mtg. Now what?  02/27Mill13:11LadyGeek
0p 2014 1099-oid from Vanguard brokerage  02/27saves nine  
8h Portfolio review  02/27jsh8402/28jsh84
3c Not everyone wants to retire early-BBC News  02/27FredL02/28Toons
8h Expense Ratio for Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund is 0.16%?  02/27Kennedy02/27lack_ey
3h Total Return vs Investor Return  02/27sandman5902/27sandman59
5h Thoughts on adding Vanguard STAR to my portfolio  02/27oc4boxer02/27Watty
10h Trying to take control. looking for advice  02/27nolesrule22:01nolesrule
11h Support this Site Idea  02/27CFOKevin02/28Lafder
15p Questions to ask a living trust attorney during initial meet  02/27walletless05:02Jill07
6p Minnesota Non-Resident tax return  02/27Mr. Digweed02/28Mr. Digweed
40t Not "Staying the Course"  02/27tennisplyr16:01selftalk
72h International is disappointing  page: 202/27airahcaz02/28Leif
2h Portfolio Comments Please  02/27Mdsmith201802/27Mdsmith2018
3p Realizing Capital Gains  02/27Middle02/27powermega
8p Inheritance Tax Question  02/27consciousoverri02/27Leesbro63
13h SEP-IRA vs Solo 401(k)  02/27bpman1402/28retiredjg
9t Oil ETF?  02/27mojorisin02/28patrick
0p Writing off non-business bad debt  02/27TheColorist  
8h Opening a 529 - in own name or kid?  02/27rene02/27Spirit Rider
9c Do old circuit breakers go bad?  02/27mr_breen02/27killjoy2012
1p Beware Term Life Quotes (Policies With "BDA")  02/27powermega02/27walletless
2p TurboTax’s Anti-Fraud Efforts Under Scrutiny  02/27PennySaved02/27LadyGeek
5h Cash Equivalent Investing  02/27clayr36116:59Seattlenative
17p Long-term gain (or loss) held less than a year?  02/27flyingbison02/28flyingbison
3h Vanguard S&P 500 and Roth IRA  02/27jsmiller02/28jsmiller
3h Help being Tax Efficient Managing Inheritance  02/27philgoodman17:36Duckie
3c Is there any way to roll over a wife's HSA to spouse newHSA?  02/27lightheir02/27lightheir
0t the BEST insurance policy  02/27tedclu  
10c Anyone use LastPass credit monitoring?  02/27Silence Dogood02/27coolguy954
1p Applying for Divorced Spouse Benefits online  02/27The Wizard02/27123
8h Advice and Support on providing advice/opinions  02/27satch02/27satch
14c Combo Laundry Room/Food Pantry  02/27Jake4617:12dratkinson
2h feedback on revised Asset Allocation  02/27Zerostatic02/27Aptenodytes
2c Lawn & gardening tips for noob  02/27slbnoob02/27mhalley
5t What is the risk of currency hedging? [International Bonds]  02/27longinvest02/27Johno
2h AA and Portfolio Construction using 401k+HSA  02/27z1_gravedigger02/28hoppy08520
37c Is Vanguard understaffed?  02/27indexfundfan02/28madbrain
2h Advice for a new 403b  02/27partbogle23:45partbogle
0t BEST Life Insurance Contract of All Time!  02/27matjen  
2p Should we refi our ARM if we plan to move w/in 2 years?  02/27JBarney02/27Easy Rhino
9p AMT? Me? Really?  02/27BogleMe02/27RetiredinKaty
13h Accidental After Tax Contribution to Roll Over IRA  02/27strugglingsaver15:12strugglingsaver
2h new Vanguard client looking for advice  02/27Dan S.02/27mhalley
7h Family Member Investment Advice  02/27CRC30102/28grabiner
27c Favorite Vacation/Trip  02/27acejacksingh13:23dm200
1c "Release Your Brakes!"  02/27Howard Donnelly02/27Steelersfan
3l New Hampshire/Maine Chapter  02/27DDMP2002/28crg11
30c Car Accident in Front Yard  02/27saladdin02/27baw703916
3h Divesting Portfolio of REITs - A Good Time?  02/27ibis88802/27John3754
1t Dilbert's take on Investment Theory  02/271530jesup02/27samuck
4t Interesting story on NPR, International Investing  02/27Crow Hunter02/28ladders11
3h Taxable Account - Fund Suggestions  02/27zz3l4b02/27powermega
3p Question Regarding Tax Return and Recharacterizing IRA  02/27klneutral02/27Alan S.
21t NYT: "As Hedge Fund Returns Falter,..."  02/27House Blend02/27texasdiver
15p PBS NewsHour segment on Social Security  02/27Bustoff02/27Ninegrams
18p Roth contributions as long as you can?  02/27airahcaz02/28Epsilon Delta
3p How much time do you spend on paperwork a week/month/yea  02/27pondering02/27Toons
9h Tax efficiency of bonds in a taxable account  02/27BitDude02/27retiredjg
50p Turbotax 2014: Buyer Beware  page: 202/27Karamatsu20:02in_reality
1h Help with 401K investment and asset allocation  02/27abnd02/27Duckie
6p Old IRA statements: What should I keep?  02/27novicemoney02/27novicemoney
18p Life insurance - how much is needed  02/27Droid2702/27Ron Ronnerson
11h College funding  02/27Droid2702/27Droid27
6h Roth IRA clarification  02/27Droid2702/27Droid27
13p Cost of medication - Costco versus Walgreens  02/26brak02/27nisiprius
7h Asset Allocation with Home Purchase in Mind  02/26kem42202/28SurferLife
1h Net returns = ER deduction reflected?  02/26JaySayms02/26Ken Schwartz
3h Index Muni Funds - Coming soon  02/26sanfran201502/26sanfran2015
41c Are remote starters bad for cars?  02/26mr_scaramanga02/28Hug401k
5c Please help with dress decision  02/26Purelife30402/26LadyGeek
4h help needed with IRA portfolio  02/26lindabl02/28lindabl
20h How to hedge a 5/5 ARM?  02/26psychoslowmatic02/27Bacchus01
7h Roth vs trad 401k + various Qs on SCV, momentum, bonds  02/26allna02/27Sammy_M
49h Nearing 40 and Never Invested  02/26DDMP2017:32BeneIRA
5t Roth and REITs  02/26610gpm02/27Toons
8h Contribute to deductible IRA or not  02/26marie56702/27Watty
7h Which Bonds To Invest In?  02/26RelaxPreppy02/28Duckie
28p Do I have enough to retire at age 50?  02/26mark_in_denver02/28Rodc
12c Responses to Yelp Reviews  02/26Cherokee821502/28jbuzolich
3t AQR introduces TM versions - value/momentum/profitability  02/26Robert T05:15Robert T
7p Am I ready to buy a home?  02/26biggs19802/27wander
20h HSA: spend or invest?  02/26jubling09:51wander
5c Best Couch for Big and Tall Person  02/26DTalos02/27Lafder
2h Leaving financial advisor and switching to index funds  02/26shulldds02/28shulldds
49p Can I afford my dream house?  02/26Anon123402/28island
13t Vanguard Strikes Back With Lower Target-Date Fees  02/26Mel Lindauer08:32alec
4h Army Vet looking for some investment help  02/26rudy638002/27rudy6380
17h Turning 40...Investment...Help Please  02/26Q2K2BigFish02/28retiredjg
7p Tax help with subletting....  02/26zmcpherson02/27Dale_G
9p IRA investment after retirement?  02/26Near retirement02/26DSInvestor
58c How does one increase their typing speed and accuracy?  page: 202/26mr_scaramanga08:15sharpjm
5h 401k bond question.  02/26flatfoot02/27Dulocracy
20t Holding bond funds to average duration  02/26nobsinvestor02/28dbr
88c Is a generator worth it?  page: 202/26ThankYouJack17:06just frank
4h DCA versus LSI again [Dollar Cost Average Vs. Lump Sum]  02/26anojones02/28anojones
15h Rock-Paper-Scissors: EFund vs. IRA vs. Loan Debt  02/26USGrant02/27USGrant
2t Ways to see broader selection of individual muni bonds?  02/26psteinx02/27psteinx
16t TIPS Yield Crash November 2008 - Why?  02/26Doc02/26Angst
14c Credit Card Refund Not Posted  02/26DTalos02/27tomd37
7h Please take a look at my portfolio (edited version)  02/26ziweiguan02/27LadyGeek
54c Should you tip when picking up takeout food?  page: 202/26mr_scaramanga02/28Louis Winthorpe
29l "The world's largest non-commercial financial forum".  02/26Taylor Larimore02/27snowyday
21c Father / Son Deep Sea Fishing Trip  02/26jimday198202/27gatorman
6h Would this Real Estate investment be a decent option to me?  02/26bangkokphuket02/28bangkokphuket
7c Travelling via Housesitting?  02/26VesperLynd19:57redbeardman
49h Raise was only 2.44%?  02/26NeutrinoPerson02/27boroc7
7p Fidelity 1099  02/26Lucy172102/27scrabbler1
6h need some help with mutual funds - recommendations  02/26indianaman7902/27retiredjg
7h Expat Roth IRA Rollover  02/26Matt48Ritchie20:09nun
119t International increase in Target Retirement & LifeStrategy  page: 2 302/26ftobin15:09pascalwager
23c Need outside advice on new truck  02/26ugaDAWGS0902/27Cigarman
3p Help - preparing to enter workforce  02/26Luv2savmoney02/27Naismith
25t Safe Withdrawal Rate as it relates to Size of Portfolio  02/26michaeldmck02/28tadamsmar
6h International stock index in Taxible account for tax credit  02/26BitDude02/27rkhusky
10t Long Bond ETF Tax  02/26printer02/27Doc
35t Illiquid Assets  02/26g$$20:12dbr
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31t Aging Populations and Stock/Bond Market Returns  02/25Simplegift02/27Valuethinker
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31c 3 Kids and 2 Dogs - Next Vehicle  02/25ddurrett89602/27tmz1m
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43p Have I made a terrible mistake? - whole life  02/25smkrn16:19radagast
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7p Treasury Direct (no TIPS or Series I) and taxes  02/25marcos12318:12marcos123
16h TSM or individual funds  02/25JaySayms02/28JaySayms
6h Portfolio costs: FTSE All World vs SP500  02/25galeno02/27galeno
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13p Estate Planning 101 - how, when, where, etc  02/25ps56k02/27Carefreeap
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7c TDI Sportwagen, in the snow?  02/25snyder6622:00CMartel2
3h Young physician seeking to simplify a windfall portfolio  02/25LuhrLuhr02/27LuhrLuhr
28t International PE10 Update  02/25backpacker21:57siamond
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25h Retirement planning - Too soon for TIPS?  02/25aelfa13:06Noobvestor
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20c Thinking of getting a Masters in I/O Psychology  02/25tony541202/28Caladan
86c Subaru and Consumer Reports ratings  page: 202/25d_green19:38Clumsum
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53p Is the first 100k really the hardest?  page: 202/24r00ster19:13JoeJohnson
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