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3p How to split office expenses  20:24bs01010122:352stepsbehind
16p Inherited 403b - lump sum?  09:00goru18:392stepsbehind
0p 5% or 10% down for high balance conforming mortgages?  09/124th and Inches  
12p Optimizing Lifetime Taxes Using Roth and Trad Accounts  13:21Ybsybs22:41555
79t Angry when stock market is down  page: 209/12InvestorNewb09/136miths
15p Electronic rent payments  09/11aaronl09/12aaronl
3h Building a CD Ladder  20:42john9454900:06abyan
34h Am I in over my head?  15:33Forward00:03abyan
5h Switching from Betterment  09/12DerekF11:04abyan
149t Tips on answering the question - What Should I Do?  page: 2 32008Rick Ferri09/14abyan
19p Gifting planning for upper 60s widowed.  09/12runner909/13adam1712
1p HSA's in PA  09/13afr07:35afr
4p SIMPLE IRA & Solo 401(k)?  17:44readZinn22:06Alan S.
24p 401(k) 20% Mandatory Tax Withholding  09/13joer121221:43Alan S.
5f Please truncate the display of usernames on the home page  22:15investor101:54Alex Frakt
32p What type of assets can a lawyer see that you have?  09/10rec709/13Alex Frakt
12p Can college force low-deductible health insurance plan?  09/12livesoft09/12Alex Frakt
55p Neighborhood kid around 13 throwing rocks at my house  page: 209/11rec709/12Alex Frakt
0p How is the FL property tax cap (Save Our Homes) applied?  09/12an_asker  
17p Rental rate of return  09/11an_asker09/12an_asker
16t Bridgeway Omni SCV (BOTSX) vs PXSV  08/20countmein09/12Angst
33p Where can I get a [toddler-friendly weekend] job? Update  08/29anonforthis09/12anonforthis
6h Help Me Pick an HSA Investment  09/13FinanceGrad20:03Aptenodytes
5h Interest rates - Bond effects?  09/12eager to learn09/13ASUGrad
17t Should I care about large cap value?  09/10Browser09/12avalpert
11h Reconstructing Vanguard's International Fund in 401k  09/13Spewin19:14AviN
8c Local Mover Selection  09/13lawman396612:07AviN
35c The daddy of all grill islands  09/07airahcaz09/12Bengineer
14h IRA to Roth conversion after retirement ?  09/12JohnFiscal09/13BigFoot48
26c FIOS [versus cable]  09/11airahcaz21:00BigOil
23h Do I need to hold my emergency fund in cash?  09:18INDUBITABLY01:20bnes
2h Portfolio Advice Needed - Thanks!  21:03Dailystreet04:19Bob's not my na
8h Roth Question  09/1130investor09:05Bob's not my na
11h Second Opinion on Portfolio  09/12OpenRoad09/13Bob's not my na
42t Could you sleep with all your money in Berkshire Hathaway?  09/13rec711:13Boglegrappler
3c Mystery around Google Voice/Obihai Combination News  09/12klneutral09/12Browser
10p Estate Planning & investing  09/13Lkmc16:56bsteiner
23p Ethics of Multi-Generational Tax Optimization  09/12mikemctx09/13bsteiner
39t The Annuity Puzzlement  09/12N5257009/13bsteiner
2c Revocable trust  09/13meebers09/13bsteiner
10p Personal Taxes and Budget (Scenario Check)  09/13hrc8421:36Calm Man
48c New Roof Needed Soon... Advice?  09/11Boglenaut09:52Carlton
18c Great deal for new Costco members  09/11miles monroe09/12cathyr
1p Need help on how to figure out an Early Pension proposition  21:10sdickens00:33celia
3h Roth IRA for a dependent college student  11:57Invest4fun23:56celia
2c energy star rating versus building code requirement - MA  21:04gabriel197023:37celia
3p What Happens To Mortgage When Borrower Dies?  21:42PocketChangePen23:18celia
35p College-bound teens and finances  09/09Tom_T09/12celia
4h Help with allocation  09/13Todi14:10chaz
14p Did Social Security make a mistake in calculating benefits?  09/11denovo09/13cherijoh
33p Don't even know where to start on this AARP article  09/11HoosierJim18:35chickadee
19c Repair/maintain the BMW or get a new car?  09/09countofmc09/13ClevrChico
6h Experience with financial planner, Bloomington IN?  09/13smegal09/13Coyote
29c Any Tips on wintering in the Bahamas ?  08/18Cut-Throat09/12Cut-Throat
12c Is my computer monitor going bad?  09/13Dan99910:17Dan999
10h Bond Allocation  09/08Binx07:33Dandy
14h Should I break my CD at Ally and get a new one's ?  09/11dimdum07:13Dandy
21t An Interesting Correlation  09/13pkcrafter01:13Day9
14p Buy or not buy house  09/11twanag09/12deikel
11h Helping widowed mother with finances  08/17lochnessie09/12deikel
8p Where to start?  09/12Tempest09/13denovo
1c car financing  21:55petej22:00desiderium
8c Mortgage sold to shady lender  19:22andyandyandy21:40dgdevil
25c Reliable Portable CD Player Needed  09/10CountryBoy21:10dgdevil
18c Best Time Of Year To Visit Mediterranean  16:19Swampy20:32dgdevil
6p Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plan  09/11TimHS09/13dhodson
60c Costco vs Amazon?  page: 209/11Barefootgirl14:46dm200
17p Reminder: estimated taxes due Monday  09/13baw70391610:44dodecahedron
18c What should be Shredded  09/10Call_Me_Op09/13dolphinsaremamm
3p Is it alright to give away an old printer or does it remembe  09/12rec709/13dolphinsaremamm
75p Did you reveal to your kids...your savings and salary  page: 209/02kuttolas16:51donall
10h Three shares of stock, what to do with them?  09/12luckyduck28809/13donall
3h Should I put money in HSA account if health care is covered?  09/14doodlehead23:13doodlehead
6p SE tax and estimated taxes  09/12doug452309/13doug4523
20c Learning a NEW language - Foreign Service Inst  2011letsgobobby23:37dowse
30p 18 and Need Help Starting  08/25DiogenesOfOakla09/13dratkinson
27c Car Advice: When to Replace?  09/13MoneyIsntEveryt15:33drawpoker
31p Signing up for medicare Oct 1  08/21tc10109/12drawpoker
3p Approach my boss about the promo he talked about 6mo ago?  09/12aida200309/12edge
16c low expense mobile phone?  09/11ruralavalon10:47edwardc
2t Link to webinar I did other day for our clients  09/12larryswedroe09/12elgob.bogle
5c Where to recycle old (larger) toy batteries  09/13kenschmidt09/13Epsilon Delta
1c Amazon Mom - what do you subscribe to  09/13paulsiu09/13ericinri
7h AA Review: 31 Y/O balancing TSP and IRA  09/11evilityb09/12evilityb
2t "5 Simple Steps to the Perfect Portfolio"  09/12Taylor Larimore09/12Fallible
15p Kindle  09/10exoilman09/12fizxman
7p Personal Liability Insurance  09/12Barefootgirl09/12flyingaway
33h Newbie: Is my 10 year plan going to work?  09/12fmzip22:42fmzip
26c Experience with dealer finding the exact car you want?  09/10mfswatz905:13Frugal Al
4c Getting an independent mechanic check on a CPO car?  09/11countofmc09/12Frugal Al
3h CD Rate ?  17:27Funkey18:16Funkey
6h Savings Bond pas final maturity  09/13supton13:53Funkey
3t non-USA "persons": IUAG vs AGG  15:55galeno16:32galeno
9h [from Euro country, use USD to invest in US index funds?]  09/12Vision09/13galeno
3h $500,000 in Saxo Bank  09/10alwaysonit09/12galeno
11p Quicken 2015 for Mac  09/09achie2509/13G-Force
39t Share your Hot-Rod Portfolio  09/12pkcrafter14:37goalie
3c How to ship automobile cross country?  11:10Gort12:46Gort
7p Consolidating Credit Card / Credit Score Impact  09/11mauwong09/13grabiner
2p Credit Score and Individual History  09/12LouisJxn09/12grabiner
50h Vanguard Tax Managed Balanced-Any owners  page: 22010Guido09/12grabiner
0c New Morningstar App: How to Edit Number of Shares Owned?  09/12grap0013  
114c Daily Telegraph: World War One Archive  page: 2 307/27grayfox09/13grayfox
55h Do I invest or pay higher mortgage downpayment?  page: 209/08thethinker09/12gvsucavie03
23c Is there a "catch" in this Xfinity offer ?  09/12Hexdump09/13HardKnocker
8p Married Filing Separately in Community Property State--help!  08/29Hastibe09/12Hastibe
24h How to Handle a Multi-Generational Trust  07/08PBB20:38heartwood
24c I need a personal scheduler  09/11Hexdump09/13Hexdump
21h treating all investment accounts as one pool of money  09/12hudson435115:18hudson4351
10h Comm of PA 457 or Vanguard IRA?  09/10leonardotmnt22:57HurdyGurdy
0t Socially Responsible Investing by means of bond funds  16:44HurdyGurdy  
3t Non-USA "persons": USA broker vs non-USA broker costs  09/12galeno09/12HurdyGurdy
6c which apps for Windows 8 phone?  11:19ieee48821:29ieee488
22h invest in this 401K or not  09/10ieee48809/12ieee488
28t I've never been a fan of commodity funds  09/11Rick Ferri16:18IlliniDave
119t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 311/22Robert T03:39in_reality
13t Alibaba - how is style determined  09/14in_reality00:37in_reality
13c Tennis Role Reversal  09/08investingdad09/12investingdad
7p Estate Executor  09/14investment rube01:29investment rube
20c Hearing aids - for those that use them  09/13Dale_G01:13island
30c How to get a child a different teacher after a bad start?  09/13kilns20:04island
3c Hi performance fleece jacket  20:09sunnyday22:05jasper
14h Inherited tIRA-benefits to liquidating?  09/13fposte11:32Jazz56
17p Home purchase negotiation: credit or reduced price?  09/10jcb303009/12jcb3030
3p TIPS Auction 10 year bonds  09/12jdb09/13jdb
28p You may want to rethink the odds of ever needing LTCi  09/13Browser20:40JGoneRiding
5p What to do with current home if we purchase new one  09/14jlq3923:32jlq39
9c terminology in legal contracts  09/02JoinToday09/13john94549
11t AARP Bulletin mentions Bogleheads Guide to Retirement Planni  09/10friar161009/12john94549
9h Portfolio Help: 1 Year Checkup  09/10straightflush09/13johnny847
3t Premiums: Size, Value, Beta, Momentum  09:55mbk73416:18JoMoney
23t Future direction of U.S. stock market  09/10mesaverde09/12jpdion
42c Vanguard Recommending Quicken Changes  09/10JamesSFO00:10jtrend
137t The dangerous practice of rebalancing...  page: 2 309/12Austintatious02:40JustinR
29p Trusts for grown kids  2013SGM09/12kaneohe
4t Nikkei index 20+ years later.  09/12rai08:55Karamatsu
3p Does it work for me-- HSA as a retirement savings vehicle  09/12kazper09/12kazper
7p What do you pay for comprehensive and collision on your auto  09/11rec709/13kenschmidt
147t Let me get this straight about SCV & factor diversification  page: 2 309/04Browser09/13Kevin M
110t Why is REIT only sector fund recommended in slice & dice?  page: 2 309/02tc10109/13Kevin M
9h Roth Conversion Caution  11:33ddb141904:22kramer
3c Help finding URL for PDF  18:07pkcrafter18:32LadyGeek
6f International investing and non-resident section  08/13Tylenol Jones09/14LadyGeek
33c How would you handle this situation ?  09/12rex09/12LadyGeek
5t As music sales fall, Kenny G turns to stockpicking  09/12hornet9609/12LadyGeek
66p Why COULDN'T we just retire on Social Security?  page: 209/11countofmc09/12LadyGeek
4h New Portfolio help for young independent contractor  09/11dwelling09/12Lafder
1p Vanguard: "Your Investing Life: Becoming a parent."  09/12gkaplan09/12Lake Living
3t $1.99 Amazon Kindle Special on Larry's Book  09/12Mel Lindauer10:01larryswedroe
3t The interesting friendship between Gold and SCV  09/12Browser09/12larryswedroe
69t 100% Small and Value Tilting  page: 209/11JohnnyFive00:41lee1026
121c Which generator do you have?  page: 2 308/30airahcaz09/13Leeraar
877t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182012Taylor Larimore09:58LHerr
7t FSIVX or FSGDX be similar to VGTSX  09/12minhnusa08:41linenfort
8h "A Boring Investor's Gambling Portfolio" -Allan Roth  09/12Fallible09/13linenfort
4c decoupled debit card?  09/12linenfort09/12linenfort
21t Individual stock  09/11jay2209/12linenfort
18c Retiree Poll: Do you own your primary residence?  09/13tennisplyr10:40littlebird
43c Anyone moved from NY?  09/09tennisplyr09/12livesoft
1p Pascal's Wager - Insurance  00:35TubofProtein01:03LongerPrimer
1h Recommended Risk assessment questionnaires?  00:21Myopic squirrel00:47LongerPrimer
14p College Savings vs Aid: 529s, UTMAs, FAFSA, and all that  20:40Leeraar00:38LongerPrimer
1h Buying Annuity at Young Age for Retirement?  19:56nyker22:15LongerPrimer
60t How much value can an advisor add for the average investor?  page: 209/10toto23819:00LongerPrimer
13h Help with annuity questions  09/13hickory12:25LongerPrimer
37h I've been going all tax-deferred, considering to go taxable.  09/08Mark261409/13LongerPrimer
31h Low Income Investor (Tax Concerns)  09/10LouisJxn09/12LouisJxn
3p Enforcing the terms of a trust  09/12SteveM09/12lululu
41p Quit/retire - should I do this?  09/11Jim8509/12Lynette
56c On the Road/Air/Water Retirement  page: 206/08Barefootgirl22:04lynneny
16h Can You Build Your Retirement Portfolio Young, then Coast?  14:32Ganacel02:55market timer
5h How can a Latvian invest in index funds?  09/12Vision09/13masni
1t EU - any difference at which stock exchange to buy ETF/secu?  09/12mro02rz2qz09/12masni
2t Understanding Shiller CAPE10  14:35MasonStorm@TheB17:48MasonStorm@TheB
0t Asness/AQR - Smart Beta Not New, Not Beta, Still Awesome  09/12matjen  
7h General Portfolio and Allocation Questions  09/07MattChu09/12MattChu
18c Treadmills  09/13Fisherman09:52meaghansketch
48p 1.99% Unsecured "AnythingLoan" READ UPDATE 9-10-14  09/04Meg7709/12Meg77
9h Roth IRA vs Mutual Fund. Inexperienced Investor  20:25convestor2103:35mhalley
4c Recommend good fantasy (alternative history) book?  09/13vveat09/13mhalley
0p Debt repayment per financial samurai  09/12mhalley  
3h REIT (VNQ) RBD?  09/12killjoy201209/12MichDad
33c Simplisafe Home Security Systems  08/18powermega10:06mikep
10p Accepting Credit Cards for Business Payments  09/12ralph124cf09:06mikep
13h investment plan help  09/10msprotege09/12msprotege
3c Windows 8.1 Sleep Issue  12:51dbc4714:53Mudpuppy
104c Which 4 door with 250+ hp  page: 2 308/09pennypincher09/13munemaker
6h Need some advice on expanding my portfolio!  09/11nashirak09/13nashirak
1h Critique my fund allocation  09/13testuser12309:27nedsaid
1p Personal Finance podcast - what should a good one include?  09/12sans souliers09/13nedsaid
1t Intermarket relations: Bonds, Stocks, and Commodities  09/13pcll9909/13nedsaid
0t EmergencyFund Analogy.Avoiding risk completely unreasonable?  23:46netrammgc  
21t "The Education of a Value Investor"  09/10Howard Donnelly19:40NomadicRiley
11h VTSMX in Roth IRA and Taxable Account  08/19ny_rn10:05ny_rn
10t CalSTRS 403(b) Pension2 to migrate to Voya/ING  09/11Easy Rhino17:06ofcmetz
5t Jack Bogle on Diversified Portfolios vs Speculation  09/11Jeff Albertson09/12ofcmetz
8h Options vesting period coming to close, need advice  09/11d357r0y3r09/12ogd
4h Reallocate into 529 plan or not  09/12opus36009/12opus360
42p Calculated Spending: Cars  09/10oragne lovre09/12oragne lovre
24h Buying CDs  09/10StarbuxInvestor15:49orlandoman
6t Pfau: Valuation-based market timing improves returns  09/11Browser09/12ourbrooks
2h Invest Through Public Employer Investment Portfolio?  11:11palarry21:57palarry
42t Why I choose "The Majesty of Simplicity" for my signature  2009Taylor Larimore19:44paper200
2c Mobile device wallets security and usage  09/12paulsiu09/13paulsiu
11h Do i need to invest in bonds?  09/12pcll9909/13pcll99
5h Help with allocation  09/13Bridgitte09/13Peter Foley
12t Interest rates  09/11dh15:55Phineas J. Whoo
2t Heads-Up New Indexers  09/13Barry Barnitz09/14pingo
4h Portfolio Checkup  09/12Thebob609/12pingo
14p Reality check (house purchase)  09/12Tudor10:45Pizzasteve510
1t Index Funds Add to demand or follows ?  09/12LongerPrimer17:51pkcrafter
0t Fidelity 3rd Q Economic and Market Data  09/13pkcrafter  
1t Stable value funds with tickers?  23:39Tamales00:46placeholder
84t Why do so many think their home is a foolproof investment?  page: 209/13nobsinvestor00:43placeholder
4t What's in your tax advantage accounts?  19:57new2bogle200:41placeholder
4p Logistics of Solo 401(k)  09/10knswamy00:33placeholder
19h How should I invest the money in my taxable account?  09/11bmorehokie14:17placeholder
101h What are you up YTD?  page: 2 308/26InvestorNewb11:26placeholder
26t Why did REITs drop today?  09/10InvestorNewb10:58placeholder
134h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95409/13placeholder
22h Needing help with a Vanguard 401k  09/07RCL09/12placeholder
4p Is FEIE pro-rated in year of retirement  21:42market timer04:14plats
3h What to do?? Asset allocation/General Stratergy  16:10B0gle797923:20poker27
116t Buffett: Modern investment theory is horse-pucky  page: 2 309/11Browser18:30postingname
33p Rental property with in-laws: please help!  09/13younginvestor04:06Professor Emeri
96t "Why 97% of People Don't Use 529 College Savings Plans."  page: 209/09Taylor Larimore18:35Prudent Saver
2c Sub-leasing an apartment  09/11TheGreyingDuke09/12psteinx
3c AT&T mvno Airvoice or cricket wireless  15:18henry00121:25pyld76
4c Weekend getaway for 25th Anniversary  09/09Qprkid17:42Qprkid
12p Should I waive Federal Employees Group Life Insurance?  08/11randomwalk22:42randomwalk
3t Ok to combine Inherited IRAs (same tax status)?  09/05ReedMan09/13ReedMan
36c Travel Insurance for a "trip of a lifetime"  09/03radchad309/12ResearchMed
21c Glitchy Web-Browsing  09/13retiredjg16:42retiredjg
9h Strategies for rolling over to Roth IRA for Home purchase  09/09doodlehead13:30retiredjg
19h Two Fund real Lazy Portfolio?  09/12Funkey15:07Ricola
5p Importing business for poly bags  09/13energy202521:43Rob5TCP
0t RAFI and Quality  04:14Robert T  
7p Self-insurance option for auto insurance in TX (601.122)  09/10BeerMoney09:30RoboticOwl
24p DINK 200K household income - ways to reduce taxable income?  13:05a010z22:44Ron Ronnerson
15t Are Mid Caps the NEW Small Caps  09/10JohnnyFive09/12Runalong
8h Percentage of bond money in foreign bonds  09/12lmpmd17:10ruralavalon
2h When should I add funds  09/08gorgeous joe16:54ruralavalon
3336c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 672012randomwalk14:46ruralavalon
29p WA state Teacher Retirement System questions  09/09Erhan18:47rustyjim
16t Time + Savings Rate > Asset Allocation  09/13mbk73419:49sambb
1p Your favorite international/global dividend fund/etf?  09/12maj09/12Sbashore
188p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 2 3 408/28Louis Winthorpe23:46ScarletIris
34t bogleheads - can I scale it back?  09/10schmitz09/12schmitz
51l Seattle Chapter?  page: 205/29zmcpherson09/12Seattlenative
24p EJ Gadflies [Edward Jones]  09/12vested104:11SGM
34c Consumer Cellular with 4G-LTE android smartphone  02/12Browser09/13Shadow_Dancer
25c V6 or V8 engine for new Chrysler 300  09/07tc10109/12Sheepdog
7p Introduction from a new investor  09/13SirGeekaLot19:07SirGeekaLot
6t Forecasters persistently fail us, yet we keep listening  09/12larryswedroe09/12smurth2000
3p Opening Solo 401(k) and Closing SEP-IRA  08/18southerndoc00:58southerndoc
15p Tax Deduction for Charitable Contributions at Businesses  09/12southerndoc09/13southerndoc
8p Change to HARP refi after starting non HARP refi?  09/13john7721:53spectec
15h Self Employed - Roth Contribution for Sep and solo 401K  07/21srcolesrcole09/12Spirit Rider
3c FLICKR  16:53SpringMan19:48SpringMan
20p [Excess *Employer* Contribution - Solo 401(k)]  03/17amosobadiah09/12ssgbloghead
10c Email security risk from staying logged in?  09/12CountryBoy16:21stan1
15h Investing $100  09/12subwaysandwich14:48Stan Dup
3l RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 11:11 AM Sat September 13, 2014  07/25Steve Thorpe09:51Steve Thorpe
1p Donating Jewelry for Tax Deduction  09:05NYPhD23:31stilllearning
6p Medicare problem because of spousal social security?  09/08stlrick09/13stlrick
13p Car-Certified Lexus LS 460 Vs New ES 350 Vs New RX 350  14:26ram22:00strafe
5c Sprint Family Pack - 10 lines - $100 /month  09/12sunnyday09/12sunnyday
36c Hamilton watches, worth the money?  18:20ArthurO00:14supalong52
0p Investing in Startup My Father Is Joining as Founder  00:09supalong52  
2t "Money for Nothing", a stock pick from Morningstar  09/12Wagnerjb09/12Tanelorn
8h New to investing - Timing Questions  09/12gasman77708:08Taylor Larimore
9t What's your take on this article about annuities vs 10/90?  09/11arcticpineapple09/12technovelist
9p I/EE Bonds Nov Rates and 2015 401K Limits?  16:36JamesSFO00:43tecmage
10c External backup drives - Seagate vs Western Digital  16:59detroitbabu03:03telemark
1p CIT Bank for savings (thinking of switching)  10:33nyinca10:40TheGreyingDuke
3p Taxes on Student Loan Assistance  09/10Wesley09/12TN_INVEST
6c Best Outlook app for iPhone  19:19russellh21:25TomatoTomahto
0c Most cost effective means of protecting physical assets  23:19toto238  
5h Help compare Vanguard Three Fund vs Edward Jones Am. Fund  20:31retire204421:41toto238
68t Feeling smug until 10 year ROR from Vanguard  page: 209/12burt18:52toto238
1p Trouble Accessing Vanguard SBS Online  09/13southerndoc09/14toto238
23t MD/MBA Investing Opportunities  09/05Stanchion09/13Tozmo
37c Need advice on which tablet to buy  09/12investingholder23:15Trader Joe
9h Vanguard "Brokerage" transfer - how to?  09/12Tramper Al09/12Tramper Al
7h Hedge Mortgage Interest Rates  09/11bogleviewer09/13TravelerMSY
0p self-employment tax safe harbor and new marriage  09/13travelnut11  
6h Personal Portfolio Help - (Roth IRA, 401k, Taxable Accounts)  07/12UnderConstructi15:12UnderConstructi
123c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 309/07gatorman10:55Valuethinker
37c Recommended World War I book  09/11shawcroft10:38Valuethinker
75c Clean, quiet, safe and cheap. Is there such a travel place?  page: 209/11tc10118:56VictoriaF
180l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 405/11sans souliers09/12VictoriaF
2c Websites or books for cocktail recipes?  09/13Barefootgirl11:12wabisabi
14c Refrigerator problem  09/11RMO8709/13wander
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