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11h UTMA Variable Annuity - Early Retirement Planning  10/29Grt2bOutdoors10/29209south
20p PPO vs HSA (hsa seems too good to be true)  10/28Yuik20:20555
5h tax efficiency  10/25tiresias10/29abuss368
0c MBA candidate- Series 65 in 20 days- What to read?  22:14A_C_E  
5h 401(a) Rollover to Traditional or Roth?  10/29aceoperations10/29aceoperations
5h Tax consequences of UGMA account transfer to former minor  20:57animule00:11Afty
12h My college son's investment in Merril Lynch  10/29annabel11:33Afty
179h AAPL  page: 2 3 42012airahcaz10/28airahcaz
11h Total World Fund - Under appreciated?  06:00Ignatious P. Da00:03aj44
3h 401(k) Roll over to rIRA or tIRA?  14:25CAP_theorem22:27Alan S.
44t your advisor should act like a good doctor  10/27larryswedroe00:16Alex Frakt
25p POLL: Gross Annual Retirement Income Before Taxes  10/28MichDad10/28Alex Frakt
15t Fed Quantitative Easing  10/27Michael_Fisher110/28Alex Frakt
21h Asset Allocation and Rebalancing  10/26Alto Astral10/28Alto Astral
8t Adding low cost index funds to 457b? What's involved?  10/26gtt56110/28anonenigma
0p Can individual deduct $5000.00 cafeteria if two employers  20:27antiqueman  
7p How much do you keep in bucket one for those that use the  10/27rec710/29Aptenodytes
38t Ham and Egger's Theory? [Buy Whatever Cap Size is lagging) ]  10/25HAMnEGGr10/28Aptenodytes
3t The "Timing Advantage"?  10/29Bustoff10/29avalpert
31p What savings vehicle should I use for my car?  10:47Shredder19:14avenger
22c Using your own equipment on Uverse and Comcast  10/26paulsiu05:50avidsaver
2p Another Student Loan payoff question  10/28TarHeel200210/28awval999
7t Coffee House - REIT or Commodity  18:50fearandloathing22:44backpacker
2t Portfolio simulation tools  19:30berk_canc00:23berk_canc
3p Yet Another Post About Health Insurance  10/29Mr. Meow10/29Bfwolf
4p Help I'm a trader [looking for career advice]  10/29Makane10/29bhsince87
23c MS Windows 7 Dead [in 2020]?  10/29CountryBoy10/29bhsince87
16h Retirement and my plan on where to put my money  10/27AbuShenab16:44BigJohn
57p Indexed Universal Life Insurance - Again ...  page: 22013Helot17:46bluemarlin08
15p Life Insurance  10/27biggertuna10/28BruDude
9h Should I bite the bullet and sell my mining stocks?  10/29NearRetirement10/29Buddtholomew
16h how risky is stock investing?  10/29Amazin10/29Cal Aggie
2t "Priced In"  10/27Taylor Larimore10/28Call_Me_Op
4h Backdoor Roth IRA  15:05qzk79518:46celia
112p pick up double major or finish college in 3 years?  page: 2 32013fh200010/29celia
7t My favorite Vanguard balanced fund  07:47CWRadio22:24cfs
3t A 3 fund portfolio? Whoda thunk it?!  10/29allocator10/29cfs
1c Local Non Profit Association Officer Compensation  10/28rjsob5810/28chead
1f Can't View Thread  20:45kaneohe21:05cheese_breath
22p Medicare Part D  10/28Leesbro6310/29cheese_breath
50p Most financially economical choice for a car  page: 210/28AndroAsc16:09Chorty
17p Buying First Home Opinions  10/27jtayl7110/28claudia
48t Blog: Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio  04/29LadyGeek15:19Clearly_Irratio
445t Headed for a 300+ point loss today?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910/09Browser10/28Clearly_Irratio
12h Tools for Balancing and Re-Balancing Portfolio  10/29eager to learn14:31clip651
64p ACA Income Tax Planning Strategies  page: 212/21JohnDoh11:13couponhead
8h Bond Distribution Yield and SEC Yield ?  17:36Funkey22:17#Cruncher
5h Effect of Pension (Texas TRS) on Asset Allocation  10/28aw8210/29Dandy
10l Detroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread  09/02daytona08412:58daytona084
16c 5 year warranty? [on existing appliances]  10/27dbh2517:40dbh25
17t How should we invest if interest rates never go up?  10/29Browser10/29dbh25
77c Done with Honda, not sure what next car should be?  page: 210/25countofmc10/28dbh25
24c Phone for Europe trip  10/23an_asker10/28dbh25
30h Prudent Investment Portfolio for 58-year Old w/20M Net Worth  10/28kenner14:56dbr
24t What funds are negatively correlated with stocks?  10/25nile9810/28dbr
10p Will I get taxed if family sends my bank $50K from abroad?  10/27FordBiggs10/28dbr
4c Stairlift for my wife-need help  10/28Retired Finally10/29DesertOasis
6c Enrolling in Medicare - Question  17:31HogsAndApples20:45dm200
13p Can 401(k) plus IRA contributions exceed earned income?  10/28CFM30010/29DonCamillo
2h Bond fund for taxable account.  10/29SpartanBull10/29dratkinson
20p Medicare Supplement for SSDI  10/27Leesbro6310/28drawpoker
9p know anything about Old Surety or other odd Medigap players?  10/20caroljm3610/28drawpoker
24c Adoption [Experience from those who have adopted]  10/23TxAg02:06DualIncomeNoDeb
24c Anyone consider retiring to Vancouver, Washington?  11:03Hiker-Biker01:51DualIncomeNoDeb
5h Need advice on Asset Allocation  10/28drrobert15:35Duckie
108t Putting Active Management to the Test  page: 2 311/04BackInTheBlack15:30DueDiligence
48c house odor after crawlspace encapsulation  09/29RustyShacklefor10/29Easy Rhino
7p Would you use TurboTax in this scenerio?  21:39spartanap23:41ejvyas
27p $116k Med School Debt - Pay Off or PSLF?  10:04Lundo81502:08EmergDoc
9p Wife is a newly minted medical partner - next steps?  10/24goodbishop10/28EmergDoc
66c The safest 4 door sedan out there  page: 210/29CountryBoy23:01Epsilon Delta
24p Heat pump question  13:17Crow Hunter22:46Epsilon Delta
8c Pets and extended travel  10/29coalcracker12:12eschaef
21p Closing a house on Thursday but...  10/27boogiewoogie10/29eucalyptus
17h My first post, TSP advice.  10/27dabargs10/29evilityb
7c Water testing kit?  10/27fareastwarriors10/29fareastwarriors
37c Men's Personal Hygiene Products  10/28karpems10/29FedGuy
28t If I am a LT investor, should I forgo a bond allocation?  10/29ahd12618:35FinancialDave
15h Investment Advice  10/27Firewood4210/29Firewood42
23p 39.6% Tax Bracket :(  10/27goodproblemtoha07:26Flashes1
237p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 2 3 4 508/28Louis Winthorpe10/29foglifter
2h Which 403b - MetLife, Franklin Templeton, WEA Trust?  10/28ReedMan10/28fposte
12h Help with my portfolio! New to investing.  10/04achen929110/29frogmaster
15p Lump Sum vs Pension  10/25badseed10/29Frugal Al
37c Upgraded to OS X 10.10 Yosemite  10/16tran_man00714:06furwut
0h Annual boglehead checkup  00:39g$$  
9p How difficult is probate court? (NYC)  10/27Gambler20:17Gambler
9p Leave Bank of America and give up perks?  10/28bogler102910/28Ged
23p Possible Relocation to San Francisco - Advice?  10/29Meg7709:45generalzodschic
4t Possibility of financial markets breakdown / transformation?  13:21Fat-Tailed Cont18:12gkaplan
43c Planning first trip to Oregon and Seattle - advice sought!  03/04supersharpie10/28gkaplan
7p Resident- Disability Insurance  10/26Julyjones10/29goodenyou
5p Getting more $ from employer by taking $$ive insurance  15:0655522:22grabiner
2p HSA thoughts and questions  09:3730investor22:19grabiner
2h Taxable Account Considerations  10/29regis12321:45grabiner
3h VCADX alternative  15:42subham21:31grabiner
6h AA: How to invest from VMMXX to VTMGX?  17:39RetireGood21:16grabiner
5p Help! HDHP HSA vs PPO  10/2913thstreet18:47grabiner
3h Investment to non-taxable acct w/ more funds vs small Roth  10/29DeathFalcon18:42grabiner
22h maximize investment priority - 401k, ira, hsa, lpfsa  10/28RVD10/30grabiner
14p shortest mortgage available  10/28Johm22112210/29grabiner
13t Asset Location  10/29Hank Moody10/29grabiner
4h Fund sales: Covered vs Non Covered question?  10/27oneleaf10/29grabiner
14h Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Yield  10/22awarelife10/29grap0013
30c canceled flight on AA: premium seat fee not refunded  10/29grok8719:36grok87
15h Speculaition on Crude Oil/The Euro/and Silver  10/29kmedina822:06Grt2bOutdoors
10t Vanguard Variable Annuity Costs  10/29Leesbro6313:28Grt2bOutdoors
5h life insurance ladder calculation  10/29bling07:43Grt2bOutdoors
18t “Risk and Return Within the Stock Market: What Works Best?”  10/28larryswedroe22:27Hank Moody
6t SEC Yield, YTM, Distribution Yield, Current Yield  10/29Kevin M16:51Hank Moody
23p That stress-relieving thing you do at work  12:03ddj01:44harmony
6p Group Legal through work - Hyatt Legal  14:02berg18:36harrychan
12p How to teach kids about Bogleheads  10/27subham20:57health teacher
73p Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit, and us  page: 210/22wannabeeBH20:04heartwood
6h Investment Advice - 31yo Male  10/28certcert7910/29heerekj1
24p Finance kids' medical educations with a HELOC?  10/28DigitalJanitor19:42Herekittykitty
3p Medigap Open Enrollment date varies ?  10/28Hexdump10/29Hexdump
14c Electric Water Heater  10/28mbres6010/28hicabob
126t Why do Engineers Think They’ll Be Good at Picking Stocks?  page: 2 310/21VictoriaF00:57hiddensee
52t Paul Merriman criticism?  page: 210/27ctreada16:47HomerJ
159p Gross Yearly Income needed in Retirement (Speculation)  page: 2 3 410/21nelson101510/28hoops777
2h Portfoilio Help  10/27mountaincats10/28hoppy08520
7c COBRA Questions  11/25Leesbro6314:29Hub
5h Wash sale/taxable to tax deferred question  08:38kazper14:43inbox788
22p Donee Unable to Accept Stock  10/27EZ James10/28inbox788
3p Any Legal ways to lower MAGI for ACA signup?  10:49fsrph15:25indexfundfan
39h Schwab expands no commission ETFs-no early sell fee  10/28dual00:55in_reality
3h Please review my strategy (new at investing)  10/30investor57500:05investor575
1h Question on asset allocation/what to do with money  22:21marloweusa22:59IPer
20p Family Car Insurance Review Requested  10/28beanster1010/29Jack FFR1846
4c Private Tour Guides (Caribbean Islands, December)  10/28ResearchMed10/28Jack FFR1846
3h Any tax advantages to ETF's vs mutual funds?  10/28chum10/28JamesSFO
11p 2015 Insurance For Family - PPO vs HDHP  10/27beanster1022:00jane1
6h Thoughts on Defined Maturity Bond Funds?  10:54jrcase13:31jdb
2p Any married (MFJ) spouses contribute to two HSA accounts?  10/28HopeToGolf10/28JDCarpenter
5p Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance?  10/28Carl5310/28JGoneRiding
21p Do I need life insurance?  10/28DJB10/29jlawrence01
20c Buying Salmon Online  10/28mrsevansc10/29jlawrence01
8t QE Ending, how does it affect Total Bond Fund?  10/29MaddMaxx10/29joe8d
7h Which bond fund is best?  16:27Chorty21:49john94549
6c Vinyl Siding over wood  10/28NAD8319:32john94549
1h I want to put some of my savings in bonds, good idea?  10/29Amazin10/29john94549
9t REIT Index Fund in a SEP IRA vs Roth IRA  10/29JohnnyFive11:42JohnnyFive
32p Joint accounts or separate accounts for married couples?  09:23mptfan16:38Johno
16c Trade in a 2012 Cruze w/ 58k miles for an 05 Z71 Tahoe 182k  10/29uglystickrules10/29Johno
54t Why I won't have bond funds  page: 210/20toto23810/28Johno
2t Jack Bogle: Ignore market headlines  06:26JoMoney07:13JoMoney
31t Do stocks have an intrinsic fundamental value?  10/26nile9810/28JoMoney
83p Do you dream about retirement?  page: 210/27kazper14:20JRA
11t Good active funds to use in 401ks w/o index funds?  10/29ruralavalon16:47Juniper
20c Winery to visit in North Willamette (OR)/McMinnville area?  2010rewarren10/28JupiterJones
18h How to fund my ROTH IRA in the future  10/25DaddyTheInvesto10/28JW Nearly Retir
3p HSA vs PPO dilemma  10/29jxs70508:13jxs705
16p HSA account with the lowest cost: HSA bank or Vanguard?  10/25jxs70510/28jxs705
25h Portfolio planning, Dubai based Non-US citizen, Trading ETFs  03/07danclarkie10/29JZF
3p Onetime Step up in Basis for inherited stocks  07:43debbie108:39kaneohe
9p Tax repercussions of five separate 529 accounts.  10/27Greggle3110/29kaneohe
36t So you think you're a Risk-taker?  10/25toto23810/28kaudrey
24t Yield Curve Investigations  10/27Kevin M22:34Kevin M
68t A Backtest of the Dividend Growth Model, 1871-2010  page: 210/27Simplegift14:18Kevin M
22h Questions on bond funds in taxable  10/28financenoob09:53Kevin M
76p Career Advice for an Unhappy Young Doctor?  page: 210/27Ganacel10/28Kiloaxe
16c More Math Fun................  18:21BahamaMan19:17LadyGeek
97c A Little Common Core Math problem  page: 213:01investingdad18:48LadyGeek
30p Traditional Medicare vs Medicare Advantage  10/27Leesbro6313:46LadyGeek
14p Can anybody to backdoor Roth IRA investments?  10/15aida200310/28LadyGeek
1h New for investment and looking for recommendation  21:09newinvestment2022:27Lafder
39h Should I buy more REITs?  10/27InvestorNewb22:53LAlearning
18t Individual investors behaving badly  10/28larryswedroe19:54larryswedroe
41p What online banks do you like for savings or MMA?  10/29rjb11200:39LateStarter1975
4h Advice on wife's 401k choices  10/2867vwbug21:33Laura
2h 529: Age Based allocation  10/28vikasa10/28Laura
0p CD rate change schedule  14:12lazyday  
0t Index funds and ETFs: Shop Smart by Fidelity  08:33LeeMKE  
0l Wisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread  10/29LeeMKE  
6p Refinance or payoff mortgage  10/28ahmadcpa10/29LeeMKE
8c Lightweight Electric Blanket.  10/26antiqueman10/28LeeMKE
9t A MM account or not?  10/22nwffdiver13:08Leeraar
69c Bogleheads.org equivalents for other areas of life?  page: 210/26happyisland07:42Leesbro63
20c Money saved by buying a hybrid or electric car?  10/28sparkleme10/29leonard
37h Tilted to SV by mistake, should I TLH out of it?  10/27subham10/28leonard
58c Tract Home - Things to Watch During Construction  page: 208/19hackermb10/28leonard
13p Another PPO vs HDHP thread - enrollment closing...  10/26letsgobobby10/29letsgobobby
124c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 2 309/30Beezthree22:39livesoft
1t RBD for Gold Miners  20:02Sammy_M21:48livesoft
12h is this a wash sale?  13:34sayeesh21:27livesoft
32p Are we really in the 0% bracket?  10/28musbane15:43livesoft
9h Intermediate Bond ETF's  10/29Michael_Fisher114:36livesoft
5h How to save tax for 401k in changing your jobs  10/29cjdby1713:52livesoft
14c Mold, mold, mold!!! In Massachusetts..  10/28Altephor21:11LongerPrimer
17h CDs or something else? Short to medium term savings  10/26bh4210/28LongerPrimer
9t Annually Recalculated Virtual Annuity  10/28pkcrafter15:46longinvest
19p Primary Doc Steering to Specialist Within Own Group  12:17dowse22:43LowER
20p What to ask for when negotiating a severance package?  08:31ladybird21:50lululu
17p Tips on winning a small claims court case in California...  10/28OnFire06:26lululu
2p Seeking advice on home purchase  10/29takingcharge10/29lululu
431t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 907/16Rob Bertram00:58madbrain
26p Would You Sell Or Continue Renting Out My Condo?  10/22wholeinone0400:46madbrain
11p SEP IRA for Sole Propietorship + Simple IRA at W2 employer  08:19spangler19:03mah001
51p IRS letter claiming return is late - anyone experience this?  page: 203/27poundwise10/29MarkNYC
1p Protect Your Family from the Unexpected - Fidelity  08:56LeeMKE10:42MathWizard
13t End of QE2 or Where did it go?  10/29LongerPrimer22:58Mel Lindauer
0t Jack Boge: Better to Play it Safe in Bonds  20:44Mel Lindauer  
0t Jack Bogle on why your retirement plan stinks  20:28Mel Lindauer  
5p Career change: realistic expectations and risks  03:27warner2522:39mentalGen
4t VFWAX vs. VTIAX  10/29McNewton10/29mhc
5p 1099 vs. W2 income  09:02djs0510198510:42Miakis
59h VGPMX: anyone contrarian enough to buy it?  page: 212/02Karl22:37michaelsieg
0t The Timeless Allure of Stock-Market Timers  10/29minesweep  
9h My Portfolio - Critiques Wanted  10/29TheGoober17:10MoonOrb
45c Australia and New Zealand  09/15bigez1716:14MoonOrb
13t HSA contribution limited by insurance company  10/29FlyingMoose10/30MossySF
12h new 401k plan help  10/27msprotege08:31msprotege
42t Checking monthly - may not even notice the October "crash"  10/28HomerJ14:33munemaker
13c WSJ discount?  10/29munemaker05:26munemaker
17h 401K changing Pimco Tot Ret to VG Int Term Bond Index. OK?  10/19Gort19:05Munir
28p Store or cut up un-needed credit cards?  10/25bestplans10/29Naismith
22h Any downside to a Fidelity i401k?  10/22new2bogle210/28new2bogle2
53p 1.99% Unsecured "AnythingLoan" READ UPDATE 9-10-14  page: 209/04Meg7710/28nfs
12p Tax Rules on Telecommuting  10/29Zecht10/29niceguy7376
8h Is a 0.9% wrap fee too high to consider?  10/28eschaef10/29NightOwl
10h I give in! three fund portfolio - need some advice  10/27privatefarmer10/28nisiprius
4p ROTH IRA Withdrawal [Penalty for withdrawal?]  10/27NoCal10/28NoCal
11p Distribution in excess of basis  10/29Hayden17:38NOVACPA
10l 2014 Annual Conference Bogleheads Vegans & Vegetarians  10/19rlaustin19:48nvboglehead
5l Las Vegas Mtgs Master Thread  2013nvboglehead18:54nvboglehead
6h Any contrarians for commodity futures?  10/28am10/28oneleaf
23h BND or a CD  10/30mpt follower22:53patrick
1p How to calculate rate of return on cash value life insurance  19:57Pocket Cruiser21:12patrick
41l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone11:32Peter Foley
0c CBC Insurance Plan through Costco  12:37Peterjens  
2p Just how stringent is the fiduciary standard?  22:44Bfwolf23:47Phineas J. Whoo
6h Assumptions on inflation and buying/selling tips  10/28Cody23:10Phineas J. Whoo
10h Help with retirement asset allocation  09/27aerolulu20:37pingo
1h Strategy of 6M trusts meeting tonight. Few Q's  13:01jbrinker21:20pkcrafter
4h Backdoor Roth Prep: How to transfer from VG IRA to VG 401k ?  10/30cacophony23:34placeholder
19h How are you supposed to move a 401k  10/29driftingaway14:54placeholder
6h Rolling over current employer 403b to TSP  07:48jesuitstudent14:20placeholder
9h Help me help my mom  10/28Needsomehelp14:08placeholder
21h 401k rollover  09/20playtothebeat14:04placeholder
5h 403b over 50 catch-up contribution  10/29yankeefan406513:37placeholder
8h No retirement benefit at work - where then should she invest  10/29doss13:32placeholder
35t "Schwab Intelligent Portfolios"  10/29Taylor Larimore12:59placeholder
44t A Challenge for Bogleheads - the market has changed  10/29DXB12:32placeholder
18t who decides the stock price?  10/28subham12:20placeholder
6h Moving 401(k) to IRA  10/29HopeRetNow10/29placeholder
5h Mega Back Door Roth and Emergency funds  10/28ryman55410/29placeholder
64h To payoff mortgage or not  page: 201/02keith601410/28poker27
36c Athens and London, what to do and where to stay?  10/23Mick10/28PowDay
13p Elderly parent on path to run out of money in 6 months  10/28berg10/29Professor Emeri
233t When people put all their eggs in the wrong basket  page: 2 3 4 510/07zaboomafoozarg10/29rai
21t Asset Allocation by Roger Gibson  10/25Leesbro6310/28Random Walker
2c Paying for new car with loan or IRA?  22:00jkirkmd22:07raspino
1p Taxes/Exclusions on Foreign Unearned Income  10/29MDisciple8710/29Red-y
9h 401k Rollover to T-IRA, Backdoor Roth, and Pro-Rata  10/29jotun19:27retiredjg
34h Liquidating some pre-Vanguard assets, need advice  10/27Admiral10/29retiredjg
16h Your Thoughts on my Portfolio  10/27RockyMtn10/28retiredjg
1t New Path to a Tax-Free Roth Conversion  14:09talltodd15:15rkhusky
28t More funds = more "efficient" rebalancing?  10/23lapuce11:13rkhusky
7t Expected Tax Drag of a Taxable Account  10/27swimirvine10/29rkhusky
3h Restructure from Target Date Funds?  10/28roamin survivor11:48roamin survivor
2h Investing with annuity payout, help needed  10/28PlanB10/28robertf57
50t IRS Announces new 401(k) contribution max for 2015 ($18,000)  page: 210/23thenextguy20:24roymeo
50c Getting another key made for my car  page: 22012BHawks8720:15runner26
136c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 309/22Alex Frakt21:58ruralavalon
13h Bad to max out my 457 and 401k before wife's 401k?  10/29Logan T13:40ruralavalon
11h Fidelity Mutual Fund Strategy?  10/29rentonhighlands11:08ruralavalon
11h Help with Investing for my wife's retirement  10/29jesuitstudent10:15ruralavalon
19h simplify and diversify  10/21RVD10/29ruralavalon
17h First Attempt at Posting my Portfolio for review  10/25RCL10/29ruralavalon
13h Young Investors Plan – I'm Firing Questions!  10/22tchasteen10/29ruralavalon
8h Betterment Portfolio Review - Need 3 Fund equivalent %  10/28niceguy737610/28ruralavalon
5h new investor needs help  10/27bunimovich10/28ruralavalon
5h Need help with GF's 401k options  10/26BobStrauss10/28ruralavalon
55c Treadmills [vs. Ellipticals]  page: 209/13Fisherman10/29RustyShacklefor
19p Early SS or Higher IRA Withdrawal??  10/29Husky195515:41Sagenick48
2c Lincoln MKC - anyone tried this one out?  13:06Browser21:00Saving$
4l Minnesota mtg | sat Nov-1 | 10:00am | agenda attached  10/20jeff mc10/29Savvy
4h Bonds in taxable account  10/28dergon10/28SGM
11h Does Timing Matter for Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion?  10/27simpatico10/28SGM
98c Smartphone questions  page: 210/17Riversider01:04shep234
5t expected returns and Black Swans  10/29larryswedroe10:01shum
48l THANK YOU!!! Bogleheads Conference #13 (2014)  10/24BolderBoy11:56siamond
3h Shiller CAPE Ratio  10/28ddbonds10/29siamond
11p Tax question  10/29Streptococcus07:42Sidney
13c DVD-R, RW and VHS Player  10/27CountryBoy10/28Sidney
3p 2015 Fed HDHP Plans  10/25Json10/28sliu
3h Arkansas Resident: Arkansas vs Utah 529  10/29Bfwolf10/29sls239
24c Anybody using dash cameras?  2013aja888815:51spectec
131c How often do you change your car's oil?  page: 2 310/23mikefixac10/28spectec
3t Doom and Gloom = Jeggings?  12:22backpacker15:06sramina
73p Should I use 50k Delta miles for a $600 flight?  page: 210/25icedtea10/29SRenaeP
4h Guidance with employer's 401k fund selection  20:09sriyer1022:38sriyer10
2p Thinking Money~Behavioral Economics  16:08mickeyd18:13staythecourse
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