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5p COBRA Medicare ACA intersection  07/3190south07/3114thMed
8h Planning for a lower income year?  08/01209south08/01209south
42c Best Place to live for a young family?  07/22joshdamon08/012tall4economy
2h Re characterizing 401k money without taxes via mega back door  07/302tall4economy08/012tall4economy
12t Another ex-dividend question: transferring shares  07/29GerryL07/313504PIR
11l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  03/09rocko07/3146sky
25h Tracking Portfolio - What's your XLS, Google Sheet, or whatever look like?  07/29renue7407/3153timr
22h $0.01 left in tIRA MM after backdoor Roth conversion  07/29TheGipper07/3153timr
1165t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242012Taylor Larimore08/01abuss368
358c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82012reggiesimpson07/31abuss368
7h All-in-one versus multiple funds  07/31scooper7407/31abuss368
16t What Experts Say About "Indexing"  01/23Taylor Larimore07/31abuss368
79t Jack Bogle in this Month's Money Magazine  page: 207/14stemikger07/30abuss368
86p Thoughts on Federal Employment  page: 206/01bobdaman1807/31agent13x
7p Moving $$$ from a Regular IRA to a Roth......  13:52BahamaMan18:08Alan S.
1p Retirement Contribution Credit  17:21FinanceGrad17:55Alan S.
3p expecting zero taxes this year (FEIE); how to avoid tax on 403(b) contributions  08/01rtom08/01Alan S.
4h Traditional IRA and 401K  08/01jwmiller667108/01Alan S.
3h Reverse Rollover of Trad. IRA into 401(k)  07/30Trimms07/30Alan S.
3p Please educate me on Life Insurance. Term vs Term-life?  07/30StevenNJ107/31Allan12
15p Commit to Lifelong Renting in Bay area?  11:39arjking21:36arjking
4t What cap percent of the TSM does NASDAQ 100 represent?  17:09arjking21:14arjking
887c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1809/22Alex Frakt12:15AstroJohn
7t How to understand the performance of a bond fund?  07/30nekotikara07/31AviN
3h Request for a look at portfolio  08/01Carson13:58bdpb
2t Interesting statement in Ellis's Wining the Loser's Game  07/31bertilak07/31bertilak
4c Verizon FIOS Userguide  12:31chabil17:01bhtomj
12h Should I roll my 401k to Wells Fargo or Fidelity?  08/01TNL08/01bloom2708
1p Rebalancing equities - personal capital  08/01Nirav08/01bloom2708
0h Funding Roth IRA  19:45Bogledavids  
135c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  page: 2 301/21Leif14:26Broken Man 1999
3p Estate Planning  07/31ejsar1107/31bsteiner
27c Odd skunk smell inside the house  2011Raybo07:44BTDT
4t Bond Exposure to Puerto Rico  07/31jjortho07/31cadreamer2015
5p Help with Sale of Grandmother's Home  10:25divebums13:03Carefreeap
6h What to do with a lump sum of money?  19:22Grahamsdad21:17carl1977
10h Maturing CDs -- Now What?  13:58investor.saver120:18Carl53
0p Seller conceals known defects: fraud question  20:47cdwood  
20p Release of Parental Financial Liability?  07/29soccerdad1208/01celia
15p Best use of early retirement (low income) years?  08/01letsgobobby08/01celia
19p am i doing everything to minimize my AGI?  07/27dicejam07/31celia
5h Vanguard Balance Index Fund In A Roth?  07/31spirogruf07/31cfs
36p Lake Michigan Credit Union  07/02cheese_breath14:53cheese_breath
23p Hit with $10k tax bill from 2013, given 3 weeks to pay  07/30sunny_socal09:55cherijoh
12h Deferred Compensation - tax on payouts?  08/01209south08:20cherijoh
8c Tipping House Painters  12:59muddlehead17:30Cherokee8215
1c Ireland & Scotland tour  18:26jlj19:39chickadee
3h Opening a Roth IRA account at Vanguard  12:06NvidiaGTX40513:36clydewolf
7h t401k vs. r401k vs. tIRA vs. rIRA  07/31INTRESIS07/31clydewolf
35h Sell or Rent Out House? [Bay Area]  08/01craiggsean17:36craiggsean
16t Why the obsession with Gold?  07:50rakornacki121:18Crow Hunter
19h (Updated) To Rollover or To Annuitize? - Ohio STRS Defined Contribution Plan  07/29Fat-Tailed Cont16:21#Cruncher
18h Rollover/Pro-Rata issue....  07/31cudds08/01cudds
6c CVS Minute Clinic vs. Doctor Office billing practices?  07/31anonforthis07/31DaftInvestor
9p IRS not sending 83(b) confirmation  07/24janelane07/31DaftInvestor
10p Terrible Index Funds  07/30LateStarter197508/01Dandy
9t Waiting for the dip to add funds? Good luck!  07/30NoRoboGuy07/31Dandy
5c Gmail: Forwarding Messages Issue  07/30dbc4709:21dbc47
7h Portfolio Advice  07/31socalMe08/01dbr
7h Selling employee stock options  07/31sneakattack07/31dbr
1p Medicare Part A  07/31Prudence07/31dbr
5p Out of debt - save for a new car?  08/01surpher08/01dc81584
26p Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance Best Legacy?  08/01teacher11:32Deepsea
3l Sacramento Bogleheads @ Aioli Bodega 10:30 AM Sat August 8, 2015  07/19digarei01:21digarei
6h Life insurance payment options and what to do with it?  07/30GnatGoSplat07/31dodecahedron
15h Schwab vs. Fidelity vs. Vanguard for Advisor Custodian Account  07/31BHOCnewbie08/01dodonnell
9p Surprisingly positive experience filing for SS online  07/31dodecahedron07/31DonCamillo
8h Puerto Rico Muni Bonds: Hard-To-Sell  07/29LampLighter10:02dphilipps
2p Avoiding ACH overdraft fees  20:24dvd7e21:02DSInvestor
18h Taking the leap forward ... my 401k plus 100K investment plan.  07/31StevenNJ118:07DSInvestor
5h Help choose 401(k) funds as well as invest my savings  08/01brightfuture16:35Duckie
3h Having an Issue with a Backdoor Roth. Help Would Be Appreciated!  07/31Travis108/01Duckie
79h Recent windfall - Currently 95% of assets in single stock - Tax and asset allocation advice appreciated  page: 207/25notmyrealname07/31EnjoyIt
11h Roth conversion: Threshold checklist  07/29VictoriaF21:23Epsilon Delta
10h Build a portfolio or stick with target date fund?  07/31etxman08/01etxman
11t Vanguard TR funds hold investor class shares?  07/31leftcoaster07/31EyeDee
7h About to dive in - would love a look-over of my IPS  07/31MegaPixel12:18Fallible
10p Costco for hearing aids  07/31carolinaman08/01FandangoDave501
5p Need Help - Water Softener and Drinking Water Problem  07/31Fat-Tailed Cont07/31Fat-Tailed Cont
0c Aloha Mind math for 5 year old  17:36FB01  
5t Bond Prices and Anticapted FED Increae  07/30mcshade72507/31feh
68h Could John Bogle Be Right About International Stock?  page: 207/29spirogruf08:02FillorKill
6c Homeowners insurance rate goes up after a claim?  07/30wxz7607/31Freddy
2h Capital preservation in annuity  12:09friar161014:15friar1610
22h ? Portfolio for older couple  2014tomd3711:52friar1610
4h Help with old 401(k) plan termination  19:48Fulcrum21:30Fulcrum
6p Health Insurance Dilemma  07/31jackiechiles08/01furwut
32c Recommendations on a cheap commuter car  07/29Gambler08/01Gambler
18c Rental Car Possible Damaged after I returned it  07/30gasdoc08/01gasdoc
0p Time Warner Cable Stock Question  07:55gbstack  
7h What to do when approaching retirement and 90% is in taxable account  08/01BogleHoosier03:17GerryL
4h Need advice please.  18:44rerod20:46Gill
13t [How often do you check on your investments?]  19:42to295821:29gkaplan
1f Change UserName  08/01JustinCC08/01gkaplan
11c Inside Passage Cruise  13:54Offshore20:19Gnirk
7h Asking portfolio questions,52 year old needs help !!!  08/01jbt6211:33goingup
16h Newbie question  07/29userAlex07/30goingup
8p Any method to quickly establish a credit history?  13:20Myopic squirrel19:42grabiner
25h Tax loss Harvest Help  07/29duke3319:19grabiner
5p Portfolio mgr says only 38% gains instead of 68%?!  08/01Gambler12:31grabiner
5t Questions regarding Tax-Loss Harvesting  07/31Unguarded07/31grabiner
15h Advisor Self Interest?  07/31eastwayroad07/31grabiner
23t Which is more optimal in retirement? Total return vs. income investing  08/01rca182403:58grayfox
27t Can I be a Boglehead and a UAW?? [Under Accumulator of Wealth]  07/30noraz12307/31grettman
23h Less funds in Taxable acct; better funds at TRowe or Fidelity for 403B?  08/01they-kemp15:22Gronnie
22p real estate in NYC  07/31nymd20:29Grt2bOutdoors
14p Can executor take value of personal time?  13:19prudent18:33Grt2bOutdoors
6t solo 401k employer contributions mid-year  08/01moral_hazard11:55Hayden
27p Unequal estimated tax payments  07/24Hayden11:39Hayden
80p Who are you able to share good financial news with?  page: 207/29nakedbird22608/01Hayden
5h Is there any benefit to holding Mid and Small Caps in retirement?  07/31cegibbs07/31heyyou
216c Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Yes or No?  page: 2 3 4 506/01Ever Ready21:30HikerNC
6h Help with changes in Vang Roth IRA  14:52Williard20:51Hodor
10h Interest Rate Hike  08:56tdifraia12:43Hodor
2t Vanguard Fund Dividends - More Significant Digits Than Shown?  16:59Electron21:19House Blend
2t State Taxes and Total Bond  15:20209south21:14House Blend
23p Chargeback on a Prepaid Visa Card for a $20 Locker Rental at a Water Park  07/31hudson08/01hudson
5p CETERA  07/31hue001t07/31hue001t
16p My HH Bonds are nearing final maturity date. What happens then?  11:55mr_breen21:35HueyLD
5p Interest income in a foreign country&Currency loss  18:32Anil21:29HueyLD
27h What to do with very small 401k from previous employer  07/31DDMP2007/31HurdyGurdy
10c Prepaid Cell Plan USA  08/01profdad21:22hyla
22c Where to hike late October-mid November??  11:42TheGreyingDuke21:01hyla
4h Mid 20's investing allocation  16:3773200220:51hyla
8c Experience using cell phone tethering on 4G-LTE vs wifi for home internet  17:21protagonist21:17ieee488
43c Mandatory vehicle collision avoidance systems are coming  07/28Browser07/31inbox788
26p Protecting a young adult from his money?  07/30CFIT08/01ingenue
15p Chip and pin credit cards?  07/30Gambler07/31integrity
12p Physician Asset Protection  08:00karpems20:56investor
13t "The Sad State of the Financial Web, in 10 Charts"  07/29Taylor Larimore08/01IPer
31t Saving for College vs. Saving for Retirement: Why the Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong  07/30BHOCnewbie08/01itstoomuch
5t How Do You Like My New 'Doo  07/31nedsaid07/31itstoomuch
32p Retiring in a few days  07/30obgyn6507:44jabberwock
18p Is Being a Private Banking Client Worth it?  08:34AndroAsc18:49Jack FFR1846
15h Close to 93% of portfolio in individual stocks?  08/01TMCD7520:50jalbert
13h Big mistake  07/30PilotBMP07/30jalbert
33t Duration Considerations of the TSP G Fund  09/20NoRoboGuy18:46Jerry55
0h need portfolio evaluation and advice  12:06jetfan  
9h 457 asset allocation  07/31jetfan08/01jetfan
52p Priorities  page: 207/30protagonist06:50jimmyq
25c AAA Plus worth it?  08/01ieee48814:39jlawrence01
10t Holding forecasters accountable  07/31larryswedroe08/01John Z
4p how to chart local city nominal appreciation vs. S&P500 any ideas pleas?  08/01kwan208/01JoMoney
15c Swim Goggles for Near-Sighted People  08/01General Disarra17:33js2012
11p First Time Buyer In CA  07/30jsapiandante07/31jsapiandante
31c buying a used leaf to save on transportation costs  05/30elfoolio99908/01just frank
0h 529 Plan Strategy  07/31JustinCC  
11h 85 Year Old with $150K to invest  07/31new2this08/01JW Nearly Retir
4p RMDs, taxes and Social Security  07/30effillus07/31JW Nearly Retir
2h Another Single Stock (lack of) Diversification Question  07/30cjclueless07/31JW Nearly Retir
5h Safe Harbor / Q3 Estimated Payment  11:36moral_hazard15:53kaneohe
1h Investing as an American living in Japan  10:15nekotikara19:21Karamatsu
2h US citizen/expat living in Belgium - investment advice  15:22sociableorg18:52Karamatsu
18h Form 5500 - Ez questions  07/26kareysue23:44kareysue
8h HSA Asset Allocation  07/29dvd7e07/31kazper
5h Do I need other assets beside a 4 fund portfolio?  20:22cats4days21:30kenner
64l bogleheadism == Vanguard?  page: 207/30TwoByFour20:51kenner
36t Ready to Give Up on Emerging Market Stocks?  08/01Simplegift15:57Kevin M
23h AA Question for 4 accounts  07/29Domer0307/31Kevin M
16p Investment property mortgage payoff question  07/29EddyB07/31Kevin M
10c Owned a bank owned property & previous owned item  07/30kithwang07/31kithwang
3h Will rising rates have a correlation with the yield on dividends from stocks?  07/31SJCX07/31lack_ey
1c Installing Solar Panels in Queens, NYC?  19:56BundyBundy20:00LadyGeek
57p Careers: MD, Non-MD, MBA, Engineering, Law, Teaching  page: 207/31goru119:52LadyGeek
78c Vanguard's Security image going away?  page: 207/05celia18:36LadyGeek
53p Slate Article: Dream on Babyboomers-Semiretirement is a Myth  page: 203/10texasdiver10:53LadyGeek
3h Long term plan  08:23hulburt110:03LadyGeek
1001c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2108/30abuss36809:58LadyGeek
39p Does % of students from low income households factor when you pick schools for kids?  07/30Alto Astral07/31LadyGeek
7t US Labor Productivity  07/30garlandwhizzer07/30LadyGeek
2h Starting to invest, which other tax-advantaged accounts?  13:08absher18:47Lafder
6h Would it be worth the costs to move to a 3 fund portfolio from what I have?  14:10GottaPayTheTrol17:48Lafder
11h Seeking Advice on Windfall Inheritance  07/06GreekOlive17:37Lafder
3h Could Use Some Investment Advice  09:47dentjohnson5710:54Lafder
12h Best Way to Approach Move to Index Funds in Complex Portfolio  07/29IthinkICan08/01Lafder
3h Retirement Plan  10:39Diesel11:50LAlearning
7h Need help with 3-fund portfolio basics  07/30readytoinvest07/31LAlearning
770t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 162014Rob Bertram12:24lee1026
172c Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater?  page: 2 3 407/26tony541207/31Leemiller
13p Poll: would-be semi-retirees, could you find part-time work?  03/10nisiprius12:41legio XX
399c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 803/09airahcaz19:06Leif
15t rank order fixed income options  02/14letsgobobby21:18letsgobobby
49t "Do You Know How Much You're Paying?"  06/03Taylor Larimore05:59Lindrobe
21p Appraisal Higher than Accepted Offer Price  07/30pass8108/01LiveSimple
6t SMAs vs mutual funds  07/31happysteward07/31livesoft
6h Pre-Tax 401K or Roth IRA for Bonds  07/29stungerz07/31livesoft
24t Houston, we have a problem... [Small cap historical performance]  10:55privatefarmer19:30longinvest
4h Are bond mutual funds better than other types of bonds?  19:02titan504519:19longinvest
15h Projecting returns  07/30deniseB07/31longinvest
8t "20 People You Don't Want to Invest With" by Ben Carlson  07/31scottj1970707:33Louis Winthorpe
127p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 2 302/20Drew77708/01Louis Winthorpe
16t Is comparisons between money-weighted vs time-weighted returns fair?  07/29toto23807/31Louis Winthorpe
7t "Being Both Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager ."  08/01SeeMoe13:09LRonHalfelven
19h Roth conversion directly from 401K to Roth IRA?  09:18Lynette15:47Lynette
12h 401k contribution percentage  03/17BitDude05:38Lynette
5t Dickens: "a mere United States security..."  08/01nisiprius08/01magneto
4h What would you do? 401(k) Saving Restoration Plan  07/27Makaveli08/01Makaveli
101l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 2 32012dickenjb08/01marnie
51p 60K Car Maintenance Service = $600. Is this Reasonable?  page: 207/17maroon07/30maroon
9p 529s and college scholarships  13:26jefmafnl21:03masteraleph
0p 20 year Term life insurance, buy it from TIAA-CREF or AAA LIFE  20:59mdba73  
10h Rebalancing Help Requested! Cash to Invest + New 401k  07/29Meg7712:32Meg77
3h Aggressive TSP Portfolio  07/30mhall07/31mhall
3p Buying rental property in your hood  07/30Bonhomie07/31mhalley
2h Proceeds from sale of house - how to invest  07/30clearsky07/31mhalley
5p Auto insurance rates are based on your credit score  07/30Browser07/31Miakis
12p Auto Insurance - Consumer reports article/analysis  07/31dm20008/01mickeyd
8h Does Vanguard update cost basis after wash sale?  08/01TIAX15:37moral_hazard
1h One year review of first investments  11:22Flyers1311:58moral_hazard
13h Should I go federal government at age 40?  08/01doss13:40Mordoch
89c What's Your Monthly Food/Groceries Spending? My is through the roof?  page: 208/01StevenNJ121:27MP173
2c Conflicting news reports on trucking's look on economy  07/30JohnFiscal07/31MP173
18t Zero Interest Rates on I-Bonds  08/01Dutchgirl19:48Mudpuppy
1c Seniors must have items  18:51atlanta_dad19:37Mudpuppy
34c Major home renovation your thoughts  07/28letsgobobby19:28Mudpuppy
42c Router Upgrade  07/30grndcomm13:19Mudpuppy
14c So you think 2-factor authentication is safe? Think again.  07/30Browser08/01Mudpuppy
12p My Mother's I-Bonds  07/14TresBelle6508/01Mudpuppy
8h Recently laid off but got a new job, I have some 403b questions  07/29muredhawk23507/31muredhawk235
10h Brand new to investing - Advice sought  08/01surpher20:53nedsaid
57t Another look at dividend paying stocks  page: 207/27larryswedroe21:46nedsaid
2t "99% of Trading is Pointless"  08/01beardsworth08/01nedsaid
4h Need Advice (Where to move 401k)  08/01NewBH16:11NewBH
16h IRA for wife (w2)  07/28RVD07/31niceguy7376
1h does it make sense to roll over to 401k or keep IRA?  07/31genjix07/31niceguy7376
6h Does Vanguard Have It's Own Stock?  11:29spirogruf20:18nisiprius
15t A look at gold and Peter Schiff's forecasts  07/29larryswedroe08/01nisiprius
3h Vanguard's "consider" tabs in "Portfolio Watch" re: international  08/01CrossOverGuy08/01nisiprius
13h Zerohedge  08/01sanfran201515:49normaldude
1t "How to Beat the S&P 500 Index"  07/31Taylor Larimore07/31NoRoboGuy
0h Account and allocation management for automatic deposits  15:15northmumbo  
9p The last 18 months of work-things to think about?  07/30akblizzard08/01Norton750
20h Is Is Wise Not To Factor Social Security/Medicare Into Your Retirement Plans?  11:54spirogruf20:28Novine
10p SS Question  08/01mikefixac19:43ObliviousInvest
7p Social security  07/31jtelwood07/31ObliviousInvest
6p Think about moving from St Louis to Spokane how is the weather different?  07/31rec708/01OffGridder
45t Anyone hold Long Term Bonds?  07/30rca182408/01ogd
11c Advice on two houses  07/30retire1409:39onmyway33
55c [looking] for car suggestions  page: 207/29absolutFinance20:47ono
67p Frustrated with low raise  page: 207/30Colorado1308/01OpenRoad
6p Home buying question - inspection contingency phase  07/30Orangeman17307/31Orangeman173
9t Fixed Assets For Long Term  2008ResNullius08/01pascalwager
5l MN Bogleheads Mtg. Sat. August 1, 10:00 am  07/28Peter Foley08/01Peter Foley
2p Filing an Amended Tax Return  11:36OSUBucks4Evr14:36Peterjens
18p Strategies to reduce living costs for a single-person household?  07/28Shald07/31Peterjens
10h Should I move all my Long Term NY Munis into Intermediate Term?  07/31JimmyJammy10:10Phineas J. Whoo
16t Rick’s Top Ten List of When Not To Invest  07/28Rick Ferri07/30printer
15c Crab Grass  08/01Rainier08/01pshonore
6c Cost of concrete installed  07/31Bonnan08/01ralph124cf
13h Need advice please on high tax bracket, high taxable portfolio structure!  07/29bridenour07/30randomguy
217t Are equities really as risky as anyone thinks?  page: 2 3 4 507/29rca182420:29rca1824
140t Grok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation  page: 2 32011grok8716:47rca1824
10t “If you want to make a lot of money, you need volatility, and you need volatility to go your way."  08/01scottj1970710:35rca1824
51t Supreme Court to hear fiduciary duty/high cost funds case  page: 210/02TIAX08/01rca1824
3t Market timing risk with long term bonds?  07/31rca182408/01rca1824
20h Simplify Investments for DW if I precede her in death  07/30carolinaman07/31rec7
16c Wedding dress in Hawaii  06/22FredL07/30renue74
10p Landlord Question - Military Tenant  20:36ddurrett89621:30ResearchMed
47h Moving from TIPs fund to TIPs ladder???  07/27209south13:07RetiredinKaty
11h Portfolio Checkup #2: "ACWX" vs. VXUS?  07/30scottj1970707/31retiredjg
39c is 7200 rpm hard drive that much faster than 5400 rpm?  08/01ieee48821:17richardglm
10h gift for children 1 1/2 years old and 3 years old  07/31riptide08/01riptide
9h Just got a new job, but 401k's investment options don't include Vanguard. Which should I choose?  07/30Quarantine08/01ruralavalon
23h I am a Rookie. I need some investing help.  07/26PeterK08/01ruralavalon
15h Looking for Investment Advice  07/29billp2508/01ruralavalon
157t Why not buy berkshire hathaway?  page: 2 3 42011Ben2407/31rustymutt
36t The Long-Term Decline of Interest Rates  07/30Simplegift20:11Rx 4 investing
7t S & P 500 "fair value" as of 7-31-15  07/31Rx 4 investing08/01Rx 4 investing
29t How has the 4% rule held up since the tech bubble and the 2008 crisis  07/29cottonseed117:47ryman554
190c Convince me not to buy Porsche  page: 2 3 406/23ssquared8709:19sambb
6t 401K - Recommend a good Fidelity bond fund  07/30frisbee07/31scone
9p Donating from retirement accounts?  07/31xjz08/01scotthal
2t Barry (Ritholtz) Gives Larry (Swedroe) A Hug ... The Folly of Forecasting  16:58scottj1970720:29scottj19707
38t Factors or Fundamentals?  07/31TwoByFour08/01scottj19707
8h The Three Fund Portfolio [Portfolio help, UK]  07/24minimalistmarc08/01scottj19707
5t "Pants on Fire: 10 Big Lies in the Financial Services Industry" by Bob Seawright/Above the Market Blog  07/30scottj1970708/01scottj19707
2t "Implied Equity Duration"?  07/30scottj1970707/31scottj19707
2t ETF Madness? … “The Truth About 99.3% of All ETFs” by Michael Johnston/  07/31scottj1970707/31scottj19707
21p Newborn Health Insurance Questions  07/29masteraleph07/31scottyja
10h New Physician in practice; need help getting started with investing.  07/30SDCardio07/31SDCardio
0t "A Contrarian View Re: Professional Advice,.."  21:31SeeMoe  
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