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2h Comparison of the Three Fund portfolio to LifeStrategy Moderate Growth to my old (14 fund) portfolio  05/181210sda05/19LadyGeek
52p Power of attorney  page: 205/022cents210:49Northster
11h Bond Funds in Rising Interest Rate Environment  10:2253timr13:5653timr
4h Investment Plan Review (23 y.o.)  05/18ab346405/19ab3464
18p liability question for inherited home  05/18abugarcias05/19rmark1
26t Study Recommends Keeping Status Quo for TSP Fund Offerings  04/24abuss36805/20fortyofforty
828c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1708/30abuss36805/19miles monroe
3h Vanguard account question regarding Balances and holdings view  05/18acshen05/20acshen
18h Portfolio Review (28 years old today!)  11:50ajacobs616:13retiredjg
15h Help with 401 K allocation  05/17akhters05/19retiredjg
710c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1509/22Alex Frakt18:51gkaplan
38t Is monthly rebalancing too frequent?  12/12Alsilver05/19RNJ
11h Dodge and cox foreign-anyone use it?  05/17am05/19abuss368
13p Do most folks pay for trips before going (India)  05/20an_asker07:15LadyGeek
28h Young And Clueless  05/18andrew92817:09ddurrett896
46p Credit Cards are Good  05/11Andymoler5805/20mxs
8t Money Market Expense Ratios  05/18Andymoler5805/19Archie Sinclair
43c Questioning a Dentist?  05/18Andyrunner05/20Fallible
7t Missing Bonds data in Balances & Holdings  05/16Angst05:56Dandy
21t Teaching 8 year old about stock market...  05/18anil68604:17555
2h How to treat stock option  05/18aquifer05/19mhc
1h Portfolio Review  19:44Ashley174804:30Bogle_Feet
134p Backdoor Roth: Schooling my CPA and getting charged for it!  page: 2 305/12auspicious13:06bertie wooster
34h On a Scale of 1 - 10.. [Portfolio evaluation]  05/16B0gle797905/20B0gle7979
102t What's so great about simplicity?  page: 2 305/17babington21:55seeshells
18t Market Cap and Value  10:56backpacker05:09IlliniDave
5p Does this inflation Calculator Make Sense ???  16:26BahamaMan21:37#Cruncher
7p DRB Student loan refinance turnaround  05/13balderdash105/19sharpjm
1h Changing jobs and retirement plan contribuions  05/20baw70391605/21ofckrupke
1p Recommendation for a labor lawyer - East Bay/Tri-Valley/Silicon Valley  05/18bbrock05/19fandango
27t University of California Retirement Plan  05/15bertie wooster11:21tenkuky
22h Vanguard's Personal Advisor Recommendations  01/02BetaTracker05/19DrChronzworth
3h Bonds in Roth or Trad IRA??  05/20bigsprings05/20bigsprings
54c Lexus vs. MB vs. BMW  page: 205/20Biil McNeal04:32Leesbro63
1p FINRA Series 22  05/18billted05/19billted
54t Too late to invest in Health Care Fund?  page: 203/06BitDude14:31freelittlebirds
30h Talk me out of Timing the Market!  05/15BlackStrat05/19BlackStrat
108c [What is safest vehicle on the road today that I can buy?]  page: 2 304/20Blue05/20Blue
25h Budget allocation between LARGE student loan burden and Retirement_Updated details  05/05BobLaw01:09BobLaw
1p Non-deductible Contributions to SEP question  13:53Boglegrappler14:17DSInvestor
9h Head scratcher? why do these funds differ in performance?  05/20broadstone10:05Epsilon Delta
18c Looking for a DVR device for antenna TV (Simple.TV?)  05/19Browser03:13dratkinson
44c Just used my chip credit card for the first time!  05/20Browser22:31madbrain
4p Allan Roth: You should be checking your credit report  05/20Browser05/20Browser
148c Aren't we overdoing electronic auto safety features?  page: 2 305/15Browser05/20ssquared87
8p Ins and outs of LLCs for consulting  05/20cadreamer201510:30ralph124cf
4h Trying to find a good international mutial fund  21:56Calico22:39mhalley
2c Citi Price Rewind  13:43CaliforniaInves14:09DSInvestor
49h Non traded REITs and indexed annuities  05/07calimero05/19abuss368
28p Penfed Auto Loan  2012Cappy36105/19Tyrobi
13p Mortgage Payoff Calculation? Help!  08:38Casper14:36Rodc
40p Ways to fund an early retirement?  05/20Casper05/20Woodshark
7h Start-up 401k Plan for Small Business  05/19cerequio05/20cerequio
5h asset allocation help  05/19chargersdel20:47chargersdel
1p COBRA vs ACA Question...  22:36cheapskate00:14mhalley
16c Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit  05/19cheese_breath16:24cheese_breath
4c Medicare Billing Question  05/18cheese_breath05/20cheese_breath
8p money purchase plan opt out  05/17cholan05/19cholan
4p 401K Loan and Maximum Contribution  05/19Choy12:22ERISA Stone
5h Financially clueless - just starting out/need advice. Military Med Student, Student Loans, and Optimizing Investment  05/17Chupacabra0205/19cmr79
10p Pension (annuity) vs lump sum decision  05/13ciscovp05/20JW Nearly Retir
33p Living on last months income.  05/19closetoreality10:30eschaef
7c introvert & extrovert  05/20closetoreality07:38LadyGeek
2h Whats up with Vanguard?  05/20closetoreality05/20closetoreality
13h Estimating Portfolio Return  05/19closetoreality05/20longinvest
12c Pop Music Education (and Dancing) with a Toddler  05/16coalcracker05/20HurdyGurdy
14c How do I get best deal on trade in?  05/17Compound05/20adamthesmythe
3h [Rehab My Portfolio Bogleheads! ]  05/20consurfer05/20consurfer
9c Takata Airbag Recall  11/06CountryBoy21:28LadyGeek
5h Expense ratio question  05/18cricket4905/19grabiner
1h my portfolio - AA?  05/19crit05/19Duckie
18h Performance of portfolios during 2008 crash  05/19csc05/21Miriam2
39t Your thoughts about Peter Schiff's doomsday prediction  2010cyclegirl07:45LadyGeek
7p Wealth Network  05/20dactor05/20surfstar
12h New to site - Please comment and advise on my portfolio  04/24Daniel197313:02Daniel1973
0t ERISA on Solo 401K  05/19DarkNyte  
3h OTC market mystery  05/20Dave8118:28Dave81
22h How to liquidate a bad REIT investment?  04/28Dave8105/20Dave81
5h IRA Questions  05/17dbl_hoo05/19retiredjg
32p Friends/Family that don't invest!  08:25ddurrett89604:574nursebee
11p Leaving money on the table?  10:07deadlymonkey12:53surfstar
14h Want to build a "Core Four" Schwab ETF portfolio  2014DebiT05/20pingo
26t Multiple Account Management  11:57dennis44419:06nedsaid
6h Portfolio Review –New to site and I want your thoughts!  05/20dennis44417:14windhog
16p Cautionary tale regarding 401(k) rollover to IRA  05/18DennisTheMenace05/19555
13p To refinance or not to refinance  05/18dirtytough13:07froman118
1c Acceptance of 'prize' when employer pays for function?  23:40dm20023:49jlawrence01
30t Not your father's Total Bond Market Fund anymore  08:07Doc06:15matjen
15p ATM fraud minimization steps  05/20dodecahedron05/20madbrain
2h Roth IRA picks for Wife and Husband  05/19Domer0305/19LadyGeek
3h International Equities  05/19Don4605/20jimkinny
15p How much is financial flexibility worth?  05/19dooley6305/20CT-Scott
9h VTSAX: Does it eliminate the need for dividend funds?  2014dr.j16:04Taylor Larimore
4p Proposed Changes in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  05/19Dr_McGarvey05/19oncorhynchus
62c How fast should I ride my bicycle?  page: 205/18dsivi05/19randomguy
3h Review of Simplified portfolio  05/20Duke08:24retiredjg
0c Comodo Firewall Software  05/19EagertoLearnMor  
16h Just got off phone with my Chase Advisor  05/20easye41805/20goingup
10h The end of the nest egg  21:03effillus05:32Dandy
26t HSA Bank Low Balance Fee- How is it paid?  01/05EmergDoc08:22Bowline
55p Don't come to Europe with a new chip and sign credit card  page: 204/14enebyberg19:37bberris
35p Finding the actuarial value of delaying SS benefits  04/30Enkidu05/19Enkidu
37h Need Income-Wellesley & Wellington or just Wellesley  01/22equivestor10:50rwl10267
9p Calculator to Determine How Much Income Retiree Can Make Before Paying Taxes  05/20ERISA Stone20:12Impromptu
6t Bill McNabb interview (2 hrs. this weekend)  05/15EvelynTroy05/20tarheel
15c Selling old 14k jewelry  05/19exoilman09:53Abe
14h Vanguard Managed Payout Fund  05/20FBN201405:46SGM
10c Help needed - Trip to Geneva and Paris this summer  13:15fm304022:26hmw
12h Maximizing Taxable Account In Early Stages of Retirement  05/19fourniks05/20fourniks
61t Let's hear your Dave Ramsey success stories  page: 209/24fourwedge10:44SurferLife
257t Do you think Ric Edelman is correct, never pay down mortgage  page: 2 3 4 5 604/04FredL05/21Day9
49t Target Allocations between equities and bonds - Is the reasoning sound?  05/17freelittlebirds05/19robert88
7c Estate Trustee Auto Title Transfer  05/18Frugal Al05/19Frugal Al
3c Good 3-way LED Bulb?  21:58FrugalInvestor01:53aaronl
7p How to plan my transition to retirement...  05/18FRx05/19cheese_breath
3p Early/semi-retirement and medical insurance  05/17ft201005/19ft2010
62t Vanguard implements 20 character passwords  page: 22013geoff204:00wbrianwhite
12h SEP IRA Question  05/18Gibson 33505/20cricket49
37t The BIG problem with the S&P 500 index?  05/13ginmqi17:06691175002
8f Forum operating really slowly.  19:22gkaplan00:15Mel Lindauer
0t Making investment decisions.  19:19gkaplan  
16t How 529 college savers invest.  05/20gkaplan15:56powermega
1p You're retired! (Now what?)  05/20gkaplan05/20mule
24l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  2014gotherelate05/19chrisdds98
6l New Jersey chapter needs new coordinator  2014grabiner05/19KSAL889813
6h Confused [about bonds]  17:26Grandpa21:31William4u
10h Desired asset allocation for temporary US person?  05/16greg21902:31daffyd
7h Tax Strategies for ESPP Proceeds  05/19gscook305/20gscook3
4h Keeping long term bonds  05/19GWS05/19GWS
0p Loans and credit lines with interest from 0% to 1%?  00:33harikaried  
13h Using"Financial Engines"on Vanguard website.  2009hcutrock05/19LadyGeek
5h [Denmark] Retirement Portfolio Review  12/19herpfinance11:59herpfinance
2t StayTheCourse from a different source  05/20heyyou05/20sharpjm
16c South Bend to Chicago to Milwaukee  05/15hoops77723:47William4u
9p Need help understanding SEP-IRA  05/19HoustonNative05/19HoustonNative
1h Joint or individual taxable accounts?  05/19ianferrel05/19dharrythomas
2p Selling House Affect MAGI?  13:45IndexBeliever19:40grabiner
17h Article on Drawdowns (the real returns)  06:41indexonlyplease18:10dbr
11h Correct Format with all funds included  05/13indexonlyplease17:16ruralavalon
37p Which Credit Card w/ 5% Cash Back Rotating Category is Best?  04/18INTRESIS05/20555
13c Pay cash or finance a brand new car? And why?  10:51investingnoob2001:28investingnoob20
10c How much should I pay for a brand new car?  05/20investingnoob2001:00investingnoob20
1p Do SSA award notices itemize Worker vs Spousal amounts?  05/20investment_actu05/20neurosphere
8p Should we upgrade our living situation (HCOL area)?  05/20investor_coffee05/20PaddyMac
39p MediCare and ? What are your out of pocket costs please.  01/18island05/191530jesup
4h Bond: Shaken not stirred  05/20IUStritch05/20bloom2708
8h John Hancock 401k Investment Options Expense Ratios  05/19jackiechiles05/19hmw
59h New to Investing, Based in Hong Kong  page: 210/13JamesHongKong05/19nightcatchiao
4p Medicare and Major Medical Question  10:14jdjd215:15kaneohe
3p Maryland Income Tax Ruling  05/20jf8905/20grabiner
6h Portfolio review request - headed in right direction?  05/20jimday198205/20Duckie
0h solo 401k in 2 businesses  05/20jimmy108  
2h Just wondering if you can still buy Vwelx Wellington from Vanguard.  05/19jjface05/19jjface
2h Timing to shift funds in 401k?  05/19jk201505/20jk2015
3h Medical Student Loan Refinancing - Fixed vs Variable  14:57jkushne119:34Impromptu
8h Please help with my investments!  05/19jmalone17:13jmalone
42p Need Budgeting Help ASAP!  05/19JmeD73005/20Lazysundays
5t Investing in long bonds if close to buying an SPIA ?  05/18johng05/19johng
8h Data on 5498 does not match 1099-R  05/15kareysue05/20kareysue
1h Pay off mortage with EJones and invest the rest?  05/20Kate05/20grabiner
31c A trip to Disney World - What are the best days during Christmas time?  05/20katnok04:09cherijoh
34p How do Bogleheads (in general) plan to finance their healthcare for later life?  05/18katzmandu15:03itstoomuch
4h Alternative Fund to FLPSX  05/19katzmandu05/19katzmandu
5h buying foreign based company stock that trade in the US  05/18ketanco05/20Karamatsu
7t Why Bother With Bonds? (book shout out)  05/15Kevin M05/21Angst
5c Chip and sign card working great in Nice, France  05/19Kevin M05/20Exterous
1t AgFed Credit Union 5-year CD, 2.30%  05/18Kevin M05/19likashing
2h Are ETFs better for tax gain harvesting?  23:05Kix00:57ogd
2h Use Target Date fund to save for future/non-college?  05/19kjvmike05/19kjvmike
7p Invest in Mutual Funds or Pay off house?  11:55kkeith121219:50grabiner
157c How much can I spend on a car?  page: 2 3 405/12kmedina811:40William4u
15p Whole life or term life?  13:28ktd23:10Theoretical
9t a look at study using R-Squared to predict returns of funds  05/20larryswedroe09:54nisiprius
9t Another look at why it's important to globally diversify  05/18larryswedroe05/19Oliver
0t First in four part series on four big bank active funds  05/19larryswedroe  
28h Retirement and wealth management fees  05/17laserdoc05/19retiredjg
26t Silver lining for bond fund NAV declines?  05/19Latestarter00:51ogd
7f Inserting a table or chart  05/20Latestarter05/20livesoft
6h Question for muni investors  05/19leftcoaster05/19LadyGeek
28t new i-bond rate?  04/19leftcoaster05/19camaro327
4t Tool to Report All WW Publicly Traded Co's  05/19leonard05/19LadyGeek
12h New Investor Help with Asset Allocation  07:58letsgivethisach05:36retiredjg
18p homeowner vacancy insurance - yikes  11:27letsgobobby23:21letsgobobby
16h city selling 'mini-bonds' at attractive rates  05/20letsgobobby10:47inepteft
32c passport card faster than passport?  05/15letsgobobby05/198foot7
30c Trip Insurance  05/18LifeIsGood05/20letsgobobby
17p Apply Medical school advice  05/21LitJJ23:00LitJJ
15h Moving Vanguard Funds to a broker?  05/19littlebird05/19littlebird
86t Best Asset Allocation if you've "won the game"  page: 205/15LMK505/19Dandy
8f why they requires my username and pass word  03/25looking05/19AAA
16h Age 56, Need Asset Allocation Advice  13:06LostInvestor19:15LostInvestor
8p Insights into buying a business--  05/20loves2read05/20denovo
7h recommended international/emerging markets product from Schwab?  05/15lumberingc05/19lumberingc
34p Does anyone limit available credit on Credit card?  05/17Lynette05/21awval999
70c Neighbor hired a surveyor. Should I be nervous?  page: 204/13mac_guy18:45likegarden
16h Paying down high interest debt  2014MaddMaxx12:38ncole1
2h 457b decisions  05/20Maglib1205/20HalfMillionaire
13h I Think I Blundered On My Munis (??)  05/19MariaT10:00MariaT
1427t A different approach to asset allocation  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292007market timer01:50market timer
12h Former Ex-Pat has Returned to the US - Questions about 401k and investments  05/10martiansteeler12:03wfrobinette
7h Options after retroactive TSP dis-enrollment?  04/30Marylander121:50TimeRunner
34h Medicare supplemental insurance  2012Marymom1623:29dm200
19p Basic Financial Advice for College Student with Inheritance  04/29Matahari23:07Matahari
20p How to deposit a large check long distance?  05/18matonplayer05/19tidelandp
1t Help with retirement portfolio planning  05/19Maverick332005/19tyrion
52c Best Chromebook 2015  page: 205/02mbk73413:49englishgirl
28c Huge Problem With First Home  05/16MCraw2505/20batpot
16h Evaluating my 401k elections at 25 years old  05/14mech_engineer05/20ruralavalon
26p Jobs for Retired Air Force (without degree)  05/18mech_engineer05/19SpecialK22
25t Your Questions for Jack Bogle Q&A @ Bogleheads Conference  04/16Mel Lindauer05/21TwoByFour
85l Taiwan Local Chapter  page: 22012Mel Lindauer05/20sens
7h Should I move IRA funds to VSCGX?  05/20mfswatz921:02mfswatz9
10h International Bond fund in Three Fund Portfolio  15:02mhall17:24Taylor Larimore
12h Thrift Savings Plan Portfolio Review - 30 yr old  05/20mhall14:07mhall
69t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 205/30MichDad14:17Jerry55
5h Best way to compare Vanguard fund tax-efficiency?  05/20michelef19:55AviN
13t Benchmarking - Do you and what is your reference?  05/18midareff05/19Aptenodytes
9t suitability of Vanguard Target retirement funds  05/21midwest8518:47grabiner
3h Newbie to Investing (Portfolio Review)  05/20mightysuperhero09:48Kevin M
13p Penfed 0.99% auto loan  12:59mikep22:35mikep
7p another rent vs buy situation  05/19milesaway05/20ncole1
130p much ado about coasting (through life)  page: 2 305/08Mill21:03stemikger
7h Help for new investors, 401k versus taxable  05/19minerkj05/20wfrobinette
1p IRA distribution question  23:53mms23:58DSInvestor
0h iShares FactorSelect MSCI Small-Cap ETFs  11:31mpt follower  
10p Might sell house to a friend. What is fair?  20:59Mr Rosco00:112comma
68c How should drivers react to bicycle riders on one lane roads?  page: 205/20mr_scaramanga05/20LadyGeek
10h Practical Applications for William Bernstein's Deep Risk  05/17mrwheelerdealer05/19backpacker
16h 30 years old, baby on the way, just starting out advice...  05/18muhupower05/19JDot
8p SS question  05/19mule07:23JW Nearly Retir
25c Any Experiences Buying Mattress Online  05/12mur4405/20mur44
9h Any of these worth keeping?  05/20mxxnxxoxx05/20grabiner
1c Required to make ALL the repairs?  05/19Myopic squirrel05/19N1CKV
6h New Boglehead Looking for Portfolio Advice  05/18Nateo23:08Nateo
23p Capital One 360 Checking  05/17NeurNto05/20nolesrule
18c Teaching maths to a 4 year old  10:15new2bogle23:22MrBojangles
6c Where should we go on vacation this summer?  18:54newcatintown20:23thewizzer
5h Fidelity/TSP 401k/Retirement Help  05/20nikfleisch05/21mhalley
145p Should I apply for manager's job or continue as a techie?  page: 2 304/23nitro421405/20nitro4214
29t What if the US stock market was only 25% of the world by market cap?  13:29nobsinvestor06:18z3r0c00l
1t SO left the employer. ESPP and 401K accounts.  21:03NOgmacks21:342comma
160t Bogleheads 2015 Hedge Fund Contest  page: 2 3 412/30Norbert Schlenk16:26jd88
4p Coverdell Education Savings Account thoughts  11:25Norcalkenny02:17jonathan2001
18h 22 year old looking to get started  05/18ntb71205/19livesoft
22h Thrift Savings Plan and three-fund portfolio...  05/18NYGIANT05/20NYGIANT
6c Converting garage into office space  05/19NYGiantsFan05/20lthenderson
35h Post tax investing or Pay off 2.95% Mortgage?  05/16nyinca03:50cherijoh
1h Portfolio Revaluation  05/18oinkyboinky13:05windhog
74h Investing on Margin  page: 204/24oinkyboinky05/19Valuethinker
4p auto insurance limits for property damage & personal injury protection  05/18Olds3305/19Olds33
7h Taxable Account Help Needed  05/12OnthefenseLarry05/20grabiner
53c Powerwall: The Arrival of Home Battery Backup System  page: 205/01oragne lovre05/19FandangoDave501
1c Trip to Portugal in May  02/15Pacific05/20111
9c Burning files to CD/DVD from late 2008 Macbook  05/16pennstater200505/19pennstater2005
3h Best mix for IRA?  05/17peterinjapan12:52packet
72c Best albums of 2015  page: 203/21Petrocelli05/20buckeye7983
15p How far behind in saving are we?  05/19PhysicsTeacher05/20PhysicsTeacher
10h HSA Brokerage Account Guidance for Young Family  05/17PittPharmboy05/19asif408
1t Fixing the 401k  10:30pkcrafter22:08nedsaid
4t How to be a successful fund manager  14:52pkcrafter21:35jjface
2t Predicting the Past  08:29pkcrafter14:57heyyou
7t The Latest Attack on Index Funds  09:42pkcrafter11:01anil686
1h Rollovers/Back door Roth  05/20pokin05/20DSInvestor
9h Portfolio Review for 32 year old  05/18ponyboy05/20ponyboy
9h Portfolio Evaluation  05/19poormaninvestor17:20poormaninvestor
11c Recommendations on digital camera and video camera  16:11powersmo17:55lightheir
48p Should I renege [on a] job offer?  04/09preciseman05/19bayview
79c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 204/20protagonist20:42awval999
12t Flash options trading by robot?  05/20protagonist05/20JoMoney
30t Supreme Court rules in favor of 401k participants who object to high fees  05/18prudent05/19kmurp
10c Firestone A/C Repair  05/21Puna11:02segfault
1c Emergency/vehicle fund ladder  13:45QQQQ13:58whatusername?
40c No Foreign Fee Credit Card - Exchange Rate  12/16Rainier05/19bcjb
23t W. Buffett can earn 50% return, why don't you?  10:48rakamaka20:59stemikger
28c Las Vegas visit ( first time)  05/18ram05/20JupiterJones
9c Rough cost to replace central A/C unit?  05/17readZinn05/20whatusername?
5p How much would home insurance on a 650k house in Chicago cost?  18:19rec722:44aude
7t [Australian] Listed Investment Companies  2013Redstorm05/21Redstorm
0h Portfolio Review - New AA for a 41 year old  19:48renue74  
6h Big change in AA  05/19renue7405/19renue74
31c Put money down on new car, dealer wants color change  11:55retire204405:17cherijoh
13h How/Where to know if particular day RBD on that day?  05/08RetireGood05/19livesoft
13t Our Mistakes Benefit Future Generations  05/14Rick Ferri05/20Theoretical
16h Would a nervous self investor be better off with Wellington Fund?  05/20riptide18:42grabiner
4h Fidelity 401K Help  13:56rm10320:12Jack FFR1846
1h Approximate TSM in 401k  11:14Robert20711:25livesoft
50t Bonds - Picking up Nickels in Front of a Steamroller?  page: 205/16rrouse05/20Angst
34t Obtaining Exposure to Quality / Profitability Factor  05/19rrppve06:25JoMoney
25c 2 different Cree LED Daylight 60W equivelent bulb options  05/17runner905/20Epsilon Delta
6h No heirs. Suggestions for Setting up a Charitable Legacy?  05/20rupalb905/20bnwest
32t AQR's Cliff Asness: Guest appearance on WealthTrack  05/08Rx 4 investing06:05matjen
6t Optimal Asset Allocation across Investment Horizons?  05/19Rx 4 investing05/21pascalwager
1t Mr. Bogle appearance on CNBC 5-19-15  05/19Rx 4 investing05/19Taylor Larimore
7h Help me help my retired father -- preferred stocks  07:44ryman55417:12Pajamas
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