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6h Choosing/placing of International index funds  09:37GotAwaySafely22:07Louis Winthorpe
0h Help deciding between Roth and regular retirement plans  22:06RobInCT  
15h Am I the Biggest Stooge?  11:51clobber8822:05pkcrafter
23h Funds that exclude one country  08:42sawhorse21:50TradingPlaces
2h Taxable account allocation  15:47sergio21:27sergio
9h How to check annualized return  07/03lumberingc21:14frugalmeister
3h How Can One Add a "Non-Brokered" CD to IRA Accounts?  17:18BearFergie21:12Alan S.
6h I feel restless........not sure what to do, and which route to take!  07/03Tesla201621:11Fallible
9h How Should I Invest My Non-Retirement Money?  15:10IndexERDoc21:10kenner
7h Transferring 403b funds to Vanguard  16:30DonDraper20:59Ged
16h Risks of ETN  06/17Sesame20:54letsgobobby
46h Portfolio suggestion for toddler  06/19tampaite20:18mickens16
17h Million Dollar Question  07/03Dougie Fresh19:52pkcrafter
3h What to do with small (20-30K) life insurance sum  10:00Histotech19:50dhodson
24h As a target retirement fund investor, should I substitute Admiral Funds for Investor Shares?  07/01grouper19:25Kevin M
3h Starting a retirment account. High expense 457 vs. Roth IRA  07/03MasseyIowa18:26MasseyIowa
3h retiring by end of year, maybe sooner  12:12jcar18:24livesoft
12h Allocations for my 401K  07/02JustinCC17:58JustinCC
21h Need advice on how to steer my finances for long term success (late 20s)  07/03corgimom1117:56Watty
5h Advice needed with 403B transfer  07/02thefoggycity17:49dratkinson
2h Am I missing anything?  11:19ERguy10117:45livesoft
1h FDIC insurance / SIPC insurance / etc.  16:46socraticbogler17:11Lafder
8h 401K - Stable Fund Vs. Other Choice  07/02Chado16:45Kevin M
6h How to best keep asset allocation on track  07/02Investing Newbi16:00Investing Newbi
36h Help! Elderly father got snookered.  06/30Heir-A-Parent15:30Gill
25h What to do with gifts for baby daughter  07/01Generator51514:58TomatoTomahto
30h Girlfriend's Money Manager--Should She Switch to Vanguard?  07/02ReadySetMillion14:46dratkinson
6h Leaving Financial Advisor & Starting My Own Investment Planning  07/03MikeMak2714:00Lafder
5h Rebalancing my 401K and reducing my ER  2013jaa3613:36RKS2000
1h Moved to the USA 2 years ago ... need some advice  09:59dasdas13:19BolderBoy
20h How often should I check my accounts online?  07/03johnny13:16ShiftF5
54h Risks of RMD Withdrawal From A Single Fund IRA  page: 206/27Munir13:15jalbert
2h Short-term muni fund with higher credit quality than VMLTX/VMLUX  07/03jaro12:37stlutz
18h Looking to start investing... How much do I need to start?  07/03Dero122112:13swguy
1h CapitalOne 360 Savings vs CD rates?  11:26frisbee12:08DR
18h How do you determine your personal glide path?  07/02Compound11:39watchnerd
5h Portfolio Advice for early 30s couple  07/03ze23310:27ze233
2h Portfolio/Investing Advice for Mid 30’s Couple  09:59mdjohnson1810:26anil686
4h ex US stocks etf's  07/03marugenio09:49mickens16
9h help investing  06/30rickNYC09:442Birds1Stone
0h US brokerage firm with Canadian Address for after-tax accounts  09:37tmm999  
15h $500 Graduation gift investment  07/03Helodriver09:24jabberwock
24h Should I Avoid My Adviser? - American Funds to Vanguard  07/02Wieters08:11kenner
11h Advice for first time Investor.  06/29TVerhoeks07:48TVerhoeks
23h Pick One of Three! Vanguard Balanced Funds  07/01dcarste06:47fire5soon
7h (UK) Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% vs Fidelity Index World Fund  06/26Gaaraz04:53Gaaraz
32h Expected Future Market Returns  2014labguru762804:23808surfboy
2h Looking to sell some stock, need help with which grants  07/03CityOfAngels07/03CityOfAngels
8h Interesting Thought on Washington GET Program as Investment  2014niloc9707/03letsgobobby
9h Question Regarding ETF versus Mutual Fund...  07/02bja0207/03grabiner
25h Is a large emergency fund needed after 59 1/2  07/01David Jay07/03larmewar
16h Want to buy stock - Not sure where to start  07/02Plutoh07/03sawhorse
4h New Vanguard Account  07/03stockcerts07/03stockcerts
4h Self Directed IRA question  07/03ge107/03ge1
11h How to play Europe  07/02Yesterdaysnews07/03dc81584
15h Very Low Volume - Should I Avoid These ETFs?  06/30pt3207/03longinvest
3h Bond Fund for my Portfolio (non US investor)  07/01pt3207/03galeno
24h seeking advice, in retirement now  06/15JohnnyM07/03BL
15h Transferring a Stock to Vanguard - Cost Basis accuracy  06/24cricket4907/03cricket49
2h Cost of a 401k for an SMB employer  06/27icedtea07/03icedtea
17h My divorce gave me...  07/02SunnySaver07/03FelixTheCat
9h young and need advice on investing and where to start  07/01blakek00707/03RadAudit
10h PAS Fidelity IRA  07/03kitt707/03vested1
2h Vested vs. Non-Vested Portions of Old 401k  07/02bondmonkey07/03bondmonkey
4h How am I doing? Investing at 27.  07/02Boarder2607/03Dulocracy
6h 55 and a lost regarding investing!  07/03Charlie T07/03pkcrafter
18h Where to Save Excess Budget Each Month?  06/29pghpens07/03pghpens
2h Social Security Strategy  07/02Gropes & Ra07/03ralph124cf
63h As a couple in late 30s, how bad are we doing?  page: 206/27sugarandspice07/03ruralavalon
28h Vanguard v.s. Betterment  06/30vangaal07/03retiredjg
9h Investing for a child's future  06/30KyleA07/03HIinvestor
32h Housing Market in Southern California  06/29tomtoms07/03David Jay
3h Cash Flow Available - at retirement  07/03renue7407/03JoinToday
61h How do you Lazy portfolio funders deal with dips in the market?  page: 206/29JaySayms07/02Sandi_k
22h What happens when Admiral Shares drop below $50K?  06/29Browser07/02Noobvestor
3h Help and advice please...  07/02beachrat5707/02Taylor Larimore
14h GTU and PHYS takover offer  06/16FNK07/02Tanelorn
9h Bond Fund Dividends  06/30ClemsonVTFan07/02Phineas J. Whoo
6h VHT vs VGHCX in taxable account  07/01Debonairsuave07/02grabiner
5h Is increased ER worth it for Backdoor Roth?  07/01suf07/02grabiner
4h Taking over my own Investing, Lots of Questions  06/30scifibuff07/02Novine
13h value over growth ?  07/01cadillex07/02artbug
2h Best Option IRA  07/02jazzerguy07/02RadAudit
4h ~ Portfolio Advice: *Retiring Georgia Teacher  06/30KingEdward5707/02KingEdward57
8h invest some or keep in cash - emergency fund  07/01dcarste07/02pkcrafter
9h Solo 401k for real estate llc?  07/01rodmcgregor07/02Two Headed Mule
2h Help with Portfolio  07/02Jwcollect07/02Jwcollect
12h Making the most of fund choices in 401K  06/30mfish12307/02Kevin M
20h TIPS Fund - dividends?  06/29abuss36807/02Phineas J. Whoo
10h Intermediate Term Bond Funds Index vs. Investment-Grade  06/29bru07/02heartwood
31h Intentional 401k overcontribution to get new employer match  06/30nerdinvestor07/02Alan S.
22h Tax Loss Harvesting  07/01renue7407/02JW Nearly Retir
9h Horrible fund choices  07/01aaronl07/02goingup
15h How Much Muni Is Too Much Muni?  07/01Mycasino07/02retiredjg
2h Planning to sell some VXUS -- latest divident distribution qualified or non-qualified?  07/02sirinme07/02sirinme
3h LT Gain sitting in taxable VTSAX- Harvest?  07/02saladdin07/02livesoft
8h Closing a bank account  06/30radiowave07/02anonyvestor
7h New investment strategy needed  07/02Doohop6507/02retiredjg
10h Creating SEP IRA to reduce taxes this year  07/01JustinCC07/02JustinCC
11h Advice on Whole Life Insurance as part of retirement portfolio  07/01savemore1507/02letsgobobby
2h Should I invest in my part-time job's 401k?  07/01Gabe107/02Dulocracy
1h FSIIX vs. VTMNX  07/02treetrunk07/02lack_ey
2h O(hio)PERS vs ARP retirement plans  06/30buckeyes07/02buckeyes
5h Help with investment for my Mother  07/01columbia40907/02Lafder
74h No bonds?? All Equity portfolio in 20s  page: 205/23ajacobs607/02knpstr
9h Dividend Distribution Question  06/26Poboy07/02Poboy
4h Yea or Nay [reasonable asset allocation]  07/01B0gle797907/02dc81584
18h international rbd [Really Bad Day]  07/01kingsnake07/02David Jay
4h No dividends from Vanguard this quarter  07/01ducksauce907/02IPer
10h Investing extra money.  06/25chagubaga07/01turnturnturn
0h Asset allocation review - first timer  07/01futurePlanning1  
80t Are REITs necessary in a portfolio? Why?  page: 206/29mpt follower22:09Uncle Pennybags
4t 401K fund line-up help  01:15physiorol21:58physiorol
26t Paul Merriman on Market Timing  09:38Kevin K21:30topos
665t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142007simba21:19JasonF
42t Aren't we obsessing way too much about our portfolios?  10:44Browser21:08Lafder
5t Wintergreen's David Winters on WealthTrack  15:15TomP1020:56cottonseed1
35t Possible new lazy portfolio?  06/21pkcrafter20:46garlandwhizzer
433t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 908/26InvestorNewb20:40sschullo
161t Emergdoc on Mr. Money Mustache  page: 2 3 406/30nyblitz19:43watchnerd
8t Jack Bogle Books - Updated?  07/03abuss36819:25ShiftF5
12t Why are Utils and REITs down this year?  08:14Gambler19:15watchnerd
268t What ratio are you stocks/bonds and how old are you?  page: 2 3 4 5 606/24tc10118:37hmw
108t AQR/Asness: Stocks, Bonds: Bleak Outlook  page: 2 306/25matjen18:20lack_ey
38t U.S. Bond Market Bubble  07/03ajacobs618:18JoMoney
2t Happy Independence Day!  08:15fortyofforty17:41cheese_breath
3t USA-NRA Investing: VT = 80% VWRD + 20% WDSC  15:09galeno16:46galeno
30t How did you start?  07/02whatariver16:25samuck
27t Morningstar/Kitces -- Social Security as Part of Asset Allocation  06/30hirlaw15:17jalbert
6t Bond Funds - Recent Performance Across the Yield Curve  12:37Electron14:59ogd
51t What is the Duration of Your Bond Portfolio? And Why?  page: 207/02Simplegift14:47Kevin M
30t Spending from separate retirement buckets  06/29Swampy13:48cfs
45t "Target Date Funds Are Riskier Than You Think"  06/27tech_arch12:53Leeraar
11t Valuation-based asset allocation (as of 7-3-15)  07/03Rx 4 investing11:13Phineas J. Whoo
5t 401K Global bond fund or Fidelity funds?  07/03trybogle11:01trybogle
4t Total International Stock Index deviated from index  07/03TIAX10:54Phineas J. Whoo
45t excellent summary of the Greek crisis by U of Chicago Professor  06/30larryswedroe08:54LadyGeek
69t Risk of Rebalancing  page: 202/19terran08:38Dandy
69t TIPS - Did you give up?  page: 206/30abuss36823:54Doom&Gloom
14t Meb Faber Kindle Books - Free!  03/02matjen07/03Maynard F. Spee
16t Jack Bogle books at 50% discount for Bogleheads  04/20Mel Lindauer07/03abuss368
7t Investors Overwhelmingly Choosing Low-Cost, Passive Funds  07/01Simplegift07/03Simplegift
32t Shiller : US stocks pricey; time to think international  07/01Rx 4 investing07/03Maynard F. Spee
65t Case Study: Broker speed of dividend payments  page: 22011livesoft07/03pshonore
5t Bill Gross' July Outlook: "It never rains in California"  06/30Rx 4 investing07/03pingo
246t Warning Signs [Economic health indicators]  page: 2 3 4 506/02Clearly_Irratio07/03Imbros
6t Rollover 401K to TIRA  07/03Padlin07/03AviN
218t What was the 2008 crash like in real time?  page: 2 3 4 506/23ajacobs607/03a
17t Which Funds to Take RMD From  07/02CWRadio07/03Garco
6t Foreign bond funds  06/30DocWillA07/03watchnerd
1t Ranking of Countries for Aging Population  07/02jalbert07/02LadyGeek
146t When saving money becomes an irrational obsession  page: 2 306/21WendyW07/02sambb
15t Active Funds Win Battles But Lose Wars  06/24Rick Ferri07/02Jerry55
7t Beginner  07/02DLEmerg07/02TomatoTomahto
2t 10 Year Anniversary  07/02EmergDoc07/02avenger
171t Bogleheads 2015 Hedge Fund Contest  page: 2 3 412/30Norbert Schlenk07/02ducksauce9
6t Rising Interest Rates question  07/02starguru07/02kenner
157t Tips on answering the question - What Should I Do?  page: 2 3 42008Rick Ferri07/02Rick Ferri
0t returns to venture capital  07/02larryswedroe  
23t The Fund Name is Not Enough  07/01whaleknives07/02DonCamillo
378t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 806/06Yesterdaysnews07/02grap0013
81t Betterment Review  page: 206/18InvestorAdam07/02anil686
1362t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 282011Lbill07/01Uncle Pennybags
6p suspends operations. Looks like another implosion/scam  19:37normaldude21:56TradingPlaces
2p New home purchase - How much do I put down?  19:32jwinsome21:38Lafder
41p What age did you become debt free and what opportunities did it create?  07/03nyinca21:18Pajamas
82p financial adviser told me not to invest too much in 401k  page: 207/02Immafreak21:13Bfwolf
60p Longtime Insurance Customers Get Ripped [overcharged]  page: 206/15drawpoker21:01RobInCT
27p I'm spending 20% more than what i estimate. Easy way to track my expenses?  12:46Gambler20:59Independent
1p Michigan Lease Question  19:23kjvmike20:57Pajamas
9p MetLife Experience for Auto/Home/Umbrella?  07/02psteveo19:45psteveo
31p Solar panel investment - financially worth it?  07/01twoyen19:41rnitz
26p Health insurance "birthday rule"  06/30stoptothink19:27stoptothink
11p Your retirement goals  10:48Rexindex18:02The Casualty
29p Average raises for promotions  07/02Traveler17:40fandango
3p What are our next steps? (Early 20's)  08:36Gotigers121717:05dratkinson
2p TSP Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Returns -- June 2015  14:55Dr_McGarvey16:02Dr_McGarvey
9p Borrowing money from my 401k  15:01amoncada8815:56Carefreeap
8p HSA Administrators to change custodians (currently HSA Bank)  06/09flossy2115:20racerx552
5p Elder planning  11:47Gambler15:18TradingPlaces
10p Budget and Housing Question  06/28Monarch448414:37Independent
18p Real Estate Inspection Question  06/30abner kravitz13:17patriciamgr2
8p Penfed ACH limits  07/03mikep13:14OAG
47p 2 million dollar mistake meeting with MIL's financial guy  04/23rallycobra13:06ShiftF5
125p Obsessing towards zero balance on credit card.  page: 2 306/30packet13:03Kircheis
3p burial insurance  11:53birgitta0912:53celia
6p Advice on managing an active 12-15 year retirement  08:53TheTimeLord12:21Miriam2
7p Getting Married and Living in Separate States  07/03Cheryl60412:02Cheryl604
16p Help review a monthly budget  06/29pondering11:25mistike
16p Amex 6.99% interest offer  07/02tbradnc10:34testing321
4p Mortgage Company Advice - Jumbo Loan  06/27pass8108:01Cash
3p What to do with a piece of land?  07:11kobbiemandd07:49Jack FFR1846
36p YNAB a good subsitute for Quicken?  05/12DaftInvestor04:17rrppve
14p Fidelity or Schwab checking account better for foreign travel?  07/01ZiziPB01:18Yossarian
19p Social Security Calculator for late starters  06/30mistike22:21mistike
10p Medicaid look back  07/01barefootjan07/03arcticpineapple
11p US Taxes + Foreign (NZ) Investing / Is Kiwisaver a PFIC?  07/02blonders07/03tedclu
52p Drop a 3 year old Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy?  page: 206/26yogiyoda07/03dhodson
49p Still having a hard time on retiring  04/17mule07/03mule
2p Fair Fees for Changing Living Trust  07/03Clip807/03mjdaniel
9p 401k plan for Spouse  07/02easye41807/03pingo
10p How best to help younger generation relatives  07/02MN-Investor07/03JDCarpenter
5p Life insurance/Social Security Widow Benefit  07/02passivestream07/03btenny
157p Tell Me I'm Stupid To Consider Quitting My Job and Moving  page: 2 3 42014Random Poster07/03Random Poster
12p Should I take SS at 62 or 70?  07/02Chado07/03investorguy1
3p E.R. on Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds  07/03riley4207/03riley42
7p Auto Loans getting out of control?  07/02toto23807/03Cherokee8215
3p Should I stop payment on this check?  07/02Lis99907/03dolphinsaremamm
11p power of attorney/trustee question  07/02seattlereader07/02kenner
3p Disability Insurance for non-skilled job  07/02Immafreak07/02ResearchMed
58p Big Decision to Make  page: 206/04The Planner07/02Ybsybs
54p Unknown phone calls  page: 206/30shawcroft07/02JW Nearly Retir
3p capital gains on mutual fund  07/02huy17807/02grabiner
2p Age for Claiming Social Security is Increasing  07/02MichDad07/02stan1
16p Rolling from Vanguard to another institution - unsatisfactory service  07/01TomatoTomahto07/02AviN
20p How to predict state taxes to help decide where to live  06/30Thatthatisis07/02Thatthatisis
80p I'm cosigner .. Friend thinking of bankruptcy .. Pls help  page: 207/14newboggler07/02newboggler
2p HSA and insurance premium payments  07/01akron197707/02akron1977
19p Mom's Employer - Lots of Issues  06/16Johnny Thinwall07/02CFOKevin
54p Lucent offering pension buyout to retirees: what to do?  page: 206/28Browser07/02FiveDriver
3p 5/5 ARM: Risk and options involved  06/30happygolucky_in07/02greg24
36p Financial Support for Parents  06/28Ybsybs07/02DTSC
11p When to start a 529 Plan  07/02bigguy843707/02abuss368
0p estate attorny in chicago area  07/02stacato  
54p Snow Bird Question [State Residency Requirements]  page: 22014swimirvine07/02MarkNYC
3p Accrued Interest When Selling Home  07/02FreddieG07/02NOVACPA
5p Annuity disparity question  07/02VA_Gent07/02VA_Gent
33p Negotiating a Job Offer  06/29DGE07/02vitaflo
52p What credit should you get? (Ask me anything)  page: 206/23freyj607/02takeshi
5p Surrendering a Variable Appreciable Life Policy with a small gain  07/02cmlim07/02BL
89p Tech jobs - is job-hopping the best way to get ahead?  page: 206/21deuceplus07/02metaphysik
6p Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act  07/02SpecialK2207/02SpecialK22
0p Annual Addition Limit question  07/02student  
17p Pension Question - Early Retirement  06/26TresBelle6507/02TresBelle65
29p Sychrony Bank - warning  06/29Wricha07/02David Jay
6p Merging IRAs with Different Cost Bases/RMD Schedules  06/30azurekep07/02azurekep
3p Young poster- new job/loans/general advice and ideas  07/0135niuillini07/02BL
7p Refinancing a rental property... Possible, or still frustrating?  07/01FADiver07/01Carefreeap
26p Vanguard Variable Annuity  05/09FBN201407/01littlebird
0p New Reporting Issuer Penalties to Apply  07/01Alan S.  
95l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  page: 211/03VictoriaF10:41palarry
6l Chattanooga, TN  2008Youngblood07/03111
20l Seattle Chapter meets this Saturday June 27 at 11:00 Panera Bread Northgate Mall  06/23Sam Seattle07/02seattlereader
26l San Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter  03/21alanwbaker07/02jc42
0l UPDATE: SF/BAY AREA & San Jose - 7/18/15 MEETING  07/02Kathleen Ryan  
7f ? about users online [How many forum users are online now?]  22:41CABob17:13CABob
25c Learning Spanish  07/02TxAg21:58sergio
12c Camera Experts Wanted  12:12gardemanger21:52wolingfeng
97c What is the best meal you've had at a restaurant?  page: 212/09gator1521:48supalong52
35c Eating Out  11:44closetoreality21:45wolingfeng
4c Best way to sell rare book set?  18:21Shackleton20:43skepticalobserv
21c Saving on Golf  07/03Kingk1320:16bottlecap
38c Jetta Sportwagen Question  2013abonder19:22TheGreyingDuke
14c Negotiating cost for cremation & burial?  07/03anonboglehead1218:54hoopy
17c London Edinburgh by car  09:28mpt follower18:38bcjb
828c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1709/22Alex Frakt18:12bertilak
3c Please help me improve my online security  15:48FedGuy17:18stan1
68c Money arguments with spouse and how did you resolve  page: 206/23tampaite17:12tampaite
10c Best place to order business cards  06/23tc10116:11LadyGeek
41c Buying a new desktop computer  07/02tennisplyr15:52sawhorse
14c MacBook Air - power issues  07/02Barefootgirl15:52Mudpuppy
35c Best Cell Plan?  06/30Saving$15:49acegolfer
11c Chromebook: WiFi Monochrome Laser for Google Cloud Print  07/03Blues14:43Blues
11c Replacing broken furniture drawer hardware.  01:28mac_guy12:48stan1
1c Landscaper / Paving Stone Company North Jersey  11:16PlayingLife12:38Grt2bOutdoors
47c can you recommend comfortable walking shoes?  06/28seashell11:57teacher
90c Best albums of 2015  page: 203/21Petrocelli10:15someday
14c My email being used on a foreign Facebook account  06/29heartwood01:36Bernie's Dad
4c Journal of my recent ride in Northern Italy  07/01Raybo00:37mpt follower
0c solar energy homes in NH.  22:59pablolo  
168c Do you buy used cars like a Boglehead actually should?  page: 2 3 42011lightheir22:20Leesbro63
36c Three devices = redundancy  06/27Barefootgirl07/03Toons
43c Vehicle suggestions for Tall?  06/25CesarISG07/03victorb
17c New Book Titles from Nisiprius Press  2009nisiprius07/03nedsaid
56c Used, Reliable, Safe, Financially Sound cars  page: 206/28ThankYouJack07/03kmurp
16c Will removing a wood burning stove reduce my home value?  06/30XCskiguy07/03nhdblfan
28c Purchase '98 Toyota Camry?  06/28dm20007/03tibbitts
27c Learning Guitar  06/27TRC07/03wesgreen
38c Las Vegas visit ( first time)  05/18ram07/03mbres60
11c Provia Legacy Steel Entry Door Experience?  03/19leonard07/03tomd37
35c Will you pay to not have ads?  06/30TwoByFour07/03MarkBarb
9c Lake Michigan Credit Union  07/02cheese_breath07/03walker46
28c New tires - where to buy, how to get a good deal?  06/29walletless07/03JimmyD
18c Banff Canada Vacation Tips  07/02mholdi154007/02Carlton
54c Smart phone data usage  page: 206/26CABob07/02dsmil
21c The Amalfi Coast: Next April  06/29RTR200607/02Traveler
0c Bernstein - ["Against the Gods" versus] Nassim Taleb  07/02kayanco  
5c Holes in concrete driveway  07/02ThankYouJack07/02ThankYouJack
197c Aren't we overdoing electronic auto safety features?  page: 2 3 405/15Browser07/02Dandy
10c Car rental tip - go directly to the rental company  07/01TwoByFour07/02Ron
6c Medicare questions regarding to retiring to overseas  06/07FredL07/02jmw
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