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14h Variable annuities & managed accounts  11/30wherrim01:23willie838
16h All money in TIPs??  08/01mpt follower01:22#Cruncher
15h Clean investing in a single stock  13:24a00:54oldzey
13h Options for "mortgage pre-payment plan"  11:45novicemoney00:53placeholder
2h Investing In A Specific Country  22:24Nerdicus00:27Dale_G
3h My IPS in computer pseudocode  20:04villars00:16joppy
4h 401(k) Asset Allocation help  15:48pantalones80823:32#Cruncher
7h Help with portfolio review/contribution plan (3 questions)  07/28Hastibe23:14Hastibe
4h Noob to the board looking for words of wisdom re investing  20:36kazper23:1322twain
9h First rebalance, new asset allocation and circumstances  07/31googly_moogly22:47googly_moogly
22h Personal Defined Benefit Plan vs. Solo 401k  2009Culture22:27defender86
5h Ee bonds dated 9/95 through 8/97  17:04BILL860921:49BILL8609
6h HSA Strategy for high income earners  19:22whisper1121:29TomatoTomahto
0h Roth 401K withdrawal  21:25airahcaz  
2h Realize gains?  07/30irtxert21:11Peter Foley
128h How Much Did You Lose Today?  page: 2 307/31john9454921:07LowER
5h Changing Funds in Taxable Account  20:23tomd3721:02tomd37
6h TSP G Fund as Emergency Fund?  04:16ltmandel21:02ltmandel
26h CSRS and SS, check my logic  07/29heerekj120:41JW Nearly Retired
5h Backdoor Roth IRA Conversion timing?  08:47dpusa20:19grabiner
6h Tax-Efficient Account for Retirement  07/31Calculus20:08grabiner
1h Help finding Prudential Funds similar to Vanguard TSMI  17:40bobsmith20:02grabiner
39h Raft Stategy  05/26catlover19:41grabiner
0h ADVICE on cashout my AZ Public Safety Pension and doing???  19:40boatmana  
9h Confused about HSA  15:59legend19:39jbreittling
9h IPS for french national living in Taiwan  07/29symbion19:26MossySF
7h Help with Bonds  07/31Stillwater4519:01John3754
18h New Grad needing some advice  07/15Pitbull2o0818:34Shredder
1h Moving money to stable value fund?  15:21asif40817:56ZiziPB
20h Need Perspective and Advise  07/30Storcher16:53Doom&Gloom
6h Need Help - Starting over at 52! Late but not quitting!  05/11VTRex16:41bcjb
27h Some Basic Asset Allocation Advice Please  07/15marklearnsbogle16:32retiredjg
8h my idea of retirement  07/31ms1981nyc16:14placeholder
4h help me sell my i series bonds  07/29manuvns15:45manuvns
9h SEP-IRA and taxable account decisions  07/30FunTimes15:27abyan
29h Why bonds??  02/28Johnvcle15:01abuss368
13h Trust for Daughter  10:03Woodstock14:19bsteiner
35h Can't decide to keep 401k with previous employer or move  07/16Doc711:06livesoft
10h Selling private bank stock, experiences or tips?  07/30thx113810:34Valuethinker
6h Upcoming changes to my 401K - Please help me adjust my AA  07/24Kilroy10:10retiredjg
10h Home/Auto Loan, Rates, and Payments  07/30dotnet10:02Twins Fan
43h RBD here yet? (DOW -300points drop) [Really Bad Day]  07/31Gambler09:48livesoft
0h Question: Anyone know [why] VIG/VDAIX dropped Chevron?  09:24maj  
17h Basically starting over  07/27jujitsu8409:20NateH
4h Should I open a 529 in MI?  07/31boroc709:11trueblueky
12h Gift Tax for opening an 529 account for youself  07/30crazyapple1108:01crazyapple11
16h Advice for a young Australian Investor  06/29AussieLad07:21Valuethinker
30h Bond Fund Question  2013AAA06:55Call_Me_Op
14h Which bond ETFs do you have?  07/29chasiu20905:22nisiprius
6h Fidelity and Select Ishares ETFs in Fidelity Roth  07/30mcamps3403:18in_reality
4h VPW calculator  07/31cliff07/31kramer
2h Profit sharing 401k  07/31llessac1507/31llessac15
9h Help with 401k choices  07/30Xtort07/31Garco
54h Help me save my parents from Merrill Lynch  page: 207/25anna_indiana07/31Professor Emeritus
2h LifeStrategy and TIPS  07/31lks07/31joe8d
5h Using taxable as emergency fund - impact to allocation  07/31pacodelostigres07/31john94549
15h W/ AA - consider all accounts as one, including spouse?  07/31Calsaver07/31Calsaver
12h 401k Advice  07/30rohans07/31rohans
4h Should we change Roth IRA investments from VFIFX to VBTLX?  07/31moneybaggins07/31moneybaggins
14h Investing Help [Changing Jobs 401k]  07/31blang00807/31M_to_the_G
11h Retiree Income Investment Question  07/30blang00807/31blang008
23h CD interest payments  07/27mickeyd07/31dm200
39h Young investor blending SUBH and Minimized Fat Tails?  07/25metaphysik07/31Kevin M
13h Clergy Retirement Investing: 403(b) vs. Roth IRA  07/27millerstevew07/31flyingbison
8h Please give me advice to help my parents  07/29starnox07/31Taylor Larimore
3h Guidance for new investor  07/31Flyers1307/31chaz
26h Is rebalancing worth having bonds?  07/29MillennialDoc07/31Ged
26h Contribute to 457?  07/29bubbadog07/31bubbadog
9h Australian Superannuation for Uni Student  07/30Bikeman07/31beeroclock
59h Help with a new $5m portfolio for an old lady  page: 207/29agingkid07/31Dandy
10h Question About I-Bonds  07/31music_man07/31sscritic
7h Partial Roth conversion questions  07/30asif40807/31kaneohe
9h Help with my portfolio  07/29authrd07/31placeholder
29h retirement savings for my young kids?  07/28grsimmon07/30billfromct
5h Which one is the better portfolio?  07/29tryinghard07/30DVMResident
18h Fidelity Charitable Fund Questions  07/30minskbelarus4707/30stlutz
38h Wise to split $$ between Vanguard and advisor?  07/28baa613007/301210sda
6h Help with starting a portfolio  07/29rh3mk56y907/30Stan Dup
4h Vanguard Options for RMD  07/30lucky307/30Alan S.
17h Purchasing public pension benefits  07/28Jozxyqk07/30celia
17h Need Investing Advice  07/24PH1207/30PH12
119h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4807/30BigFoot48
66h Was ready to pull plug on Janus..until  page: 207/29theplayer1107/30galeno
1h Sanity check on my overall investment strategy  07/30dan10107/30bcjb
15h Please confirm my back door Roth understanding  07/29Traveller07/30pingo
31h Tell me why I shouldn't buy individual muni bonds  07/29fredflinstone07/30Kevin M
4h Short-term (+other) investment recommendations for 30's  07/30exponential_thinking07/30Zabar
10h What percentage of my portflio should be in cash?  07/30smileartist07/30midareff
25h Q&A with the Experts at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer07/30Mel Lindauer
3h Vanguard Lawuit  07/30cliff07/30Mel Lindauer
4h Reallocation  07/29jersh07/30jersh
8h 401k rollover debate..  07/29boglefollower07/30boglefollower
4h Tax strategies with Employee stock option execution  07/30rankl07/30rankl
12h How would retiring at 45 change investment strategy?  07/29PonziScheme07/30jimb_fromATL
7h T-401k vs Roth 401k Company Match  07/29ItsOK2707/30Gattamelata
0h 457 options after 2+ years with Valic & ICMA  07/30gnostic19  
6h Australian - buying international shares fund?  07/29Bikeman07/30adrian2
32h Annuities and asset allocation  07/28209south07/30HomerJ
16h Where to place 2nd tier emergency fund  07/28Crow Hunter07/30bloom2708
4h Backdoor Roth question  07/29M_to_the_G07/30jackpistachio
3h 401K Bond choices - advice please.  07/29Gort07/30Gort
19h Where to keep "emergency fund" and how much to keep in bank?  07/28freyj607/30Dandy
12h Mid-term, Non-retirement, Taxable Investments  07/27V1RTUS07/30Chan_va
2h Australia Retirement Portfolio for Mum  07/30dannyc9107/30daffyd
7h Where to put money after maxing out 401k  07/28laphlaw07/30FedGuy
56h Bonds!!??  page: 22012mikemod3507/30Dandy
14t Are utility stocks no longer safe?  04:10denovo01:15Lancelot
24t Fidelity Customer Protection Guarantee  07/29countdown01:14in_reality
57t MOM faltering? [Momentum]  page: 207/30larryswedroe00:50lee1026
22t Profiting from Unprofitable Companies  07/25berntson23:56Jebediah
61t Prove adding SV will lower the risk, given the same E(r)  page: 207/31acegolfer23:55steve_14
2t Understanding Mutual Fund Purchase Price  01:36Saving$23:49Phineas J. Whoopee
42t Huff Post: How Financially Literate Is the Investing Public?  07/31hoppy0852023:47steve_14
31t Dividend Strategy Ain't For Everyone  11:26goodoboy22:58rj49
52t International investing. A good call by our mentor.  page: 207/30Taylor Larimore22:34pascalwager
6t Any thoughts on this study of active v passive  15:59sometimesinvestor22:17shawcroft
18t ? Best simple reference to dissuade a day trader  08/01Lafder22:00Johno
7t Confessions of an Index Fund Investor  07/31Rick Ferri21:14LadyGeek
12t 4 Simple Rules for Retirement Saving  07/31azb21:12john94549
5t Arnott's/RAFI 10 year 'expected' returns  06:22Robert T21:02MIpreRetirey
13t Changing cost basis from Average Cost to Specific ID  07/27Bowline20:45sscritic
26t It seems Warren Buffett believes in DCA  03/06stemikger20:25JoMoney
608t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132009Trev H20:04Kevin M
38t Factor investing - A parody  07/26lee102619:53Regal 56
824t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172012Taylor Larimore19:49columbia
3t madsinger monthly report (July 2014)  14:01madsinger19:39investor
52t Dave Ramsey still defending 12% and still angry at "nerds"  page: 207/31M_to_the_G18:44burt
1t Some public pension funds making bets on hedge funds  18:08HurdyGurdy18:15sscritic
36t Should retirement investors own small/value stocks at all?  07/29Browser17:47rca1824
16t Using equal mortality time intervals for planning  07/30Enkidu17:16ThePrune
36t Dodge & Cox - Global Bond Fund on the way  02/28abuss36815:50nisiprius
21t Individual Stocks with Perks  07/31coldaudio15:40HMI
43t One of the simplest rational reasons why some should tilt  07/25acegolfer15:19acegolfer
0t Blog:Friday blog review, August 1, 2014  14:53Barry Barnitz  
1t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- July Update  14:26Taylor Larimore14:36cfs
29t The Boglehead-prisoner’s dilemma.  07/30gabylon14:25jaqueisse
16t I-bond purchasing strategy  07/28asif40813:42sls239
2t ESA vs. 529 College Savings Plan  07/31js201213:25livesoft
3t The hare gets rich while you don't  11:52gnav12:21livesoft
22t Expected Future Yield Curve  07/30Spec7re10:14acegolfer
0t MOM faltering- Part II  08:42larryswedroe  
5t Blog:Monthly mutual fund flows report  05/30Barry Barnitz07:44Barry Barnitz
51t Which is King: Income Stream or $ Invested  page: 207/29bigez1706:06Phineas J. Whoopee
3t Is your portfolio coronal mass ejection proof?  07/31letsgobobby07/31LadyGeek
191t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 407/16Rob Bertram07/31lee1026
95t Do any boggleheads invest in individual companies?  page: 207/28riptide07/31M_to_the_G
34t Misleading information on tax loss harvesting wiki article  07/30rca182407/31david99
4t Great Cliff Asness Primer on Quant Investing  07/31matjen07/31livesoft
32t Market not interested in inflation protection?  07/29thx113807/31thx1138
3t I Bond & TIPS Returns and I Bond Composite Rate Formula  05/20#Cruncher07/31#Cruncher
4t XIRR Performance Calc Vanguard  07/30ajc338807/31Rodc
13t PE10  07/30richard07/31larryswedroe
17t Owning individual stocks to harvest tax losses  07/29Beliavsky07/31AviN
4t Muni fund premium?  07/30Crow Hunter07/31Beliavsky
43t Stocks: losing money for 20-30 years not uncommon  07/29Browser07/31swaption
3t Blog:World-wide mutual funds at a glance  07/30Barry Barnitz07/30RadAudit
23t bond duration and interest rate risk  07/27villars07/30grabiner
5t The emerging market portion of Total International Stock  07/29arcticpineapplecorp.07/30john94549
6t DDM model predictions vs real returns  07/28siamond07/30siamond
0t Pooled Income Funds  07/30Sagenick48  
10t Principles for Changing Asset Allocation & Splicing  07/28ChicagoMedStudent07/30gvsucavie03
19t global diversification works in long term  07/30larryswedroe07/30pascalwager
17t Question about long treasuries and increased supply  07/29Tamales07/30Phineas J. Whoopee
20t Anyone Switched to Vanguard Account Upgrade?  07/29Nick True07/30SSSS
2t Cov Lite - The Empire Strikes Back  07/30Valuethinker07/30rrppve
4t looking ahead to the next 10-yr TIPS auction  07/29Bill M07/30Doc
63t "most [] research findings in financ[e] are likely false"  page: 206/23richard07/30Beliavsky
11t my quarterly hedge fund update  07/23larryswedroe07/30Beliavsky
21p Banks insist on physical address -- new regulations?  01/22boglerocks00:12Lancelot
7p 529 Plans  19:56gatorman23:39jackholloway
15p Do I need umbrella insurance?  07/28Phooey23:34goldendad
27p Prepayment on mortgage for a not-forever home?  08/01MarieL23:11TDAlmighty
25p Best way to earn a pension  09:07letsgobobby23:07ofckrupke
19p CFA June 2014 results  07/30TheOscarGuy23:00grok87
3p Roth IRA Conversion and Medicare surtax  09:21anonyvestor21:15Alan S.
9p Parents bought whole life — what next?  07/31PSBrooklyn20:50Rocketfella
7p confused about adjustable reverse mortgage terms  07/30dodecahedron19:54dolphinsaremammals
17p Can we afford a home (little more than $500K)  07/30sdjewel19:54jbreittling
27p Should I become a CFP?  07/27PharmaGuy19:46jbreittling
20p Home Appraisal  07/30Buddtholomew19:35Chin00k
60p Landlording for long-term wealth? Who's doing it?  page: 207/29jimday198219:28burt
70p Principal Residence = Poor Investment?  page: 207/29readZinn19:06burt
2p Loan Management  17:06cincyinvestor18:50Meg77
8p Thanks Bogleheads  10:38rob18:38denovo
5p Take out student loans or not?  17:06AdamP18:18AdamP
3p Economic Recovery  07/31Buddtholomew18:01Buddtholomew
20p Your 401k, u die, must beneficiary withdraw within 5 years?  07/29livesoft17:17fcirullo
35p POLL: Wills vs. Living Trusts  07/29Chan_va17:05bsteiner
19p Est. medical costs early retirement.  03/10GFD4514:56fandango
38p Inherited accounts  07/27airahcaz14:17technovelist
22p Social Security - Receive Any Letters Approaching Age 70?  07/27Electron13:55LadyGeek
8p credit card 0% teasing rate question  08:46mzp376913:54Spirit Rider
9p Medicaid look-back  07/31richard13:25TN_INVEST
36p Is this a Vanguard quirk? [Adding beneficiaries to account]  07/16investor4life12:35bartbill
19p Tracking Credit Score  07/31V1RTUS12:33roka
3p Advice on Short Sale  07:18ramsfan11:29harrychan
4p "Backdoor" Roth [tax liability of traditional IRA]  09:28anonyvestor11:00kaneohe
25p Grad school decision - Help requested  07/29RyeWhiskey10:19LongerPrimer
3p auto financing  07/31petej08:46deanbrew
64p Taking out mortgage with zero down. Smart or no?  page: 207/28shaX08:10saladdin
6p Roth IRA vs Loans  07/31nyknicks441207:47Gropes & Ray
10p Quick question on Credit Card Interest  07/31pghpens07:40MnD
3p Vanguard Spousal IRA  07/31mike14307/31sscritic
51p How many families use 529 plans?  page: 207/31The529guy07/31letsgobobby
114p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 307/26Buysider07/31Austintatious
1p life insurance quote - no strings attached  07/31jimmy07/31BruDude
3p Upcoming Redundancy - What to do ahead of time?  07/31rob07/31rpike
44p state income tax withheld from IRA distribution?  07/29billjudy07/31sscritic
15p Safe Harbor 401(k)  07/30ourtown07/31autolycus
6p Mortgage on owned home  07/31markelp07/31markelp
22p Steps to take to prevent ID theft?  07/24Delayed Gratification07/31Madeleine
4p SaveUp  2012airahcaz07/31stingray5688
9p 401(k) - What's your opinion?  07/29fcirullo07/31fcirullo
35p I don't think I can afford to die in Pennsylvania  07/30SlowEddie07/31dickenjb
16p Whether or not to file an insurance claim  01/24boroc707/31boroc7
8p Who determines 1099-R Codes?  07/28pointyhead07/30pointyhead
12p Question about HSA and FSA  07/30WolfpackFan07/30Kosmo
2p Bank accounts: POD or Trust?  07/29postingname07/30Alan S.
34p How to keep family informed  07/29jbreittling07/30sunnyday
37p Please help me fight for index funds!  07/29Leif07/30Delayed Gratification
12p With Rates Likes These, Why Would Anyone Go for a Mortgage?  07/29ChupaChups07/30opus360
52p Does severance pay reduce or relace unemployment benefits?  page: 207/25MnD07/30sscritic
12p Need help deciding whether to sell inherited business  07/29aprilcpa07/30jimb_fromATL
8p Zoning Issue in PA  07/15ChessFan07/30WhyNotUs
15l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  02/16Maid of the Mist13:32Janef
69l How old are you?  page: 207/30OkieIndexer12:22Grt2bOutdoors
7l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate07:40gotherelate
51l favorite bogleheads posts?  page: 207/23random_walker_7702:37Trevor
16l Seattle Chapter?  05/29zmcpherson07/31delconte
22l Chicago Chapter Meeting #4  10/10rayout07/31michey312
22l Burlington, MA - Bogleheads Meeting - Saturday, June 28th  06/19Silence Dogood07/30etarini
21c Daily Telegraph: World War One Archive  07/27grayfox01:15Phineas J. Whoopee
4c Kitchen Aid Folks - I need your help!  23:13js201200:52Raladic
14c Cheap Carnival Cruises  08:44WYPanther23:43MattE
18c Riding Mower Help Needed  20:20Valdeselad23:08jeff1949
5c Undisclosed car damage?  08/01brillanw22:51jimb_fromATL
20c Rather be Home, Rather be at Work  07/25investingdad22:30kazper
13c Assistance Requested! First Time to US + NYC/DC  07/31ItsOK2722:20kazper
31c Kroger for Gasoline  07/30Leeraar22:13shawcroft
4c Google Voice - ring lag problem  07/31Browser21:25Rocketfella
46c $32k Subaru Outback or $14k Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  07/15sunnyday21:14htdrag11
66c How does car trade-in work?  page: 207/29htdrag1121:08htdrag11
14c How to stop collection for an invalid debt  11:35Kulak20:30joe8d
7c Power vent water heater noise  17:51whadyaknow20:23runner9
32c Solar Farm, anybody buy in?  07/30dbCooperAir19:51dolphinsaremammals
50c Will not using my dishwasher cause problems?  page: 207/23zaplunken18:15jlawrence01
40c Central AC replacement decision  07/31dodecahedron17:58likegarden
3122c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 632012randomwalk17:14Ricola
93c Google Voice Not Supported on OBi Devices After May 15 2014  page: 204/1755517:00rhlhj
49c Kitchen Remodel - Appliance Brand/Model Recommendations  07/04Valdeselad15:54dolphinsaremammals
16c Can't decide final New Construction Option for Master Bath  07/31hackermb15:15Saving$
26c Best Used Recreational Bicycles for New Riders  07/21steadyeddy14:02Peter Foley
7c Sam's Club Mastercard Deal  08:23Leesbro6313:09pshonore
52c Riding the Rails--my Amtrak trip  page: 207/23Jazztonight13:04Jazztonight
24c 2015 Subaru Outback  06/30Browser12:57htdrag11
75c Public Speaking-help  page: 207/25temco_rep12:17Abe
61c Dumb 3rd grade math question about beach house rental  page: 207/22MnD09:46boglebill
0c Brooklyn, NY Runners  08:00ny_rn  
39c New smartphone - questions from a nervous upgrader  07/30Calm Man03:02Gattamelata
11c Your Best Tips for Selling on eBay/Amazon/Similar?  07/31Barefootgirl07/31jf89
9c Best laser color printer - considering cost per page  07/31sunnyday07/31Ged
4c Foreclosure Rumor - Advice on How to Find More Info  07/30Peterjens07/31Peterjens
77c Geneological research for unclaimed property  page: 207/23postingname07/31postingname
41c Surge protectors  07/27InvestorNewb07/31AlD
22c Two days in Little Rock, AR - What to do and see?  07/29SwampDonkey07/31retiredjg
25c Possibility of getting sued - what steps to take  07/26vveat07/31skepticalobserver
15c First time home buyer ?'s  07/30NYC3407/31AnimalCrackers
22c Need advice re hearing aid for small child  07/21Rupert07/31movaly1
54c On the Road/Air/Water Retirement  page: 206/08Barefootgirl07/31Barefootgirl
15c Any engineers? Studying for Civil-Structural PE  07/30jf8907/31surveyor
7c Advice on Keeping Inexpensive Long Term Care Policy  07/29fdeanw07/30john94549
16c Computer Problem  07/21Leesbro6307/30Leesbro63
28c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco07/30kayanco
4c Business School Loans  07/27dwade110907/30Slowmaha
13c Advice on getting a power adapter  07/29Calm Man07/30Luke Duke
16c Dilemma: Get more fuel-efficient car now, or wait?  07/29JV07/30JV
8c Gardening 2014 mid summer update  07/29MP17307/30Andyrunner
105c Advice wanted on first computer purchase since 1982!  page: 2 307/24dodecahedron07/30Valuethinker
29c New HVAC system  07/28rpgddsmd07/30dolphinsaremammals
24c Florida Retirement Communities advice/thoughts  07/27jimkinny07/30TomatoTomahto

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