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50h 23 year old... Can I afford a Rolex?  page: 215:55Marjimmy01:06bnes
17h Moving current 401k funds into brokerage link?  07:27achen929100:13mhalley
9h Why the differences between VBTLX and BND?  17:16discreet00:12kenner
3h New job, time to reorganize  02:26sleepless1223:59sleepless12
0h How to Guarantee a Purchase Happens on a Particular Day?  23:37bobble  
0h Questions about 401K rebalancing  23:32bandoba  
6h Investment timing of brokerage account  11/10duke3323:16Noobvestor
55h How To Invest Your Emergency Fund?  page: 211/15Humdrum23:10TwoByFour
3h Need help to maximize my tax deductions (SEP/IRA)  18:49cmbisco23:07abyan
2h Group Life Side Fund as fixed income  11/21Androo22:43Dale_G
10h Please provide feedback on my current asset allocation  10:14hitlist22:03TwoByFour
10h What to do with $76000 IRA Rollover  11/21mregan2420:39Novine
5h Need Help Allocating Assets  10:39ReefDiverDan20:13ReefDiverDan
2h Help with allocation after Edward Jones  16:17uniquename19:45Duckie
1h 30 Year TIPS Bond as a SPD Annuity Alternative?  19:01mxa0119:26dodecahedron
7h Are VTI, VOO and VT too similar in their top weightings?  13:35dredgeboat19:17Lafder
4h Questions about implementing 'mega backdoor roth'  11:39WolfpackFan19:05panhead
30h Get a financial advisor? Retired now  11/17Italiangirl19:03Italiangirl
35h Social Security 62 vs 66  11/21TT18:43LongerPrimer
1h Suggestions as I maximize my tax advantage accounts?  11/21mck18:31Laura
1h Late 20s asset allocation and hopefully early retirement  11/22jackinthehat18:22Laura
3h New job, new 403b options  11/21NorCaltoHI18:17Laura
16h Thinking about retiring next year  11/21Annie131717:29Annie1317
5h WiseBanyan AA question  11/21bermster17:26Logan T
4h Roth IRA  11/17David W16:10Duckie
5h Low cost HSA and 529 for 21 year old  11/2110b5-115:38grabiner
20h Tax Loss Harvesting -- go for it?  11/15boglerocks15:31grabiner
2h Wash sale  10:15oasis15:19grabiner
34h 25yo Military New Investor  11/12eindecker15:10navyasw02
3h Retire Health Savings Plans  02/17gcinnh13:15MooreBonds
26h Home equity loan as an asset?  11/21Badmash12:59Badmash
9h Am I short-changing myself? 401k vs ROTH contributions  10:25katzmandu12:53retiredjg
10h 3 Fund Portfolio vs. VWINX  11/21shilla12:50Invest4Life2882
17h Fidelity Brokerage Acct Allocation Help  03/29duke3312:31BL
105h Apple Stock - Seems great, right?  page: 2 32013Shabber12:06TradingPlaces
10h Help with Mom's portfolio  11/21TP8111:49BL
12h Can Non-Tax Filers Contribute to IRA?  11/20cdm77023411:46tomd37
3h Asset Allocation Across Accounts with varying Tax Situations  08:41Birdman1068711:42placeholder
3h Transferring part of an IRA  11/21birdec11:20placeholder
8h IRA Contribution Question and Age  11/18larmewar11:19BL
22h Evaluating my portfolio as I approach 30  11/04bananawheel11:19bananawheel
21h Help with global ETfs from New Zealand  10/26Voltage11:15musbane
2h Moving overseas - what to do with IRS, 401k, Roth, IRA etc.  08:27ailienonthemove10:14Watty
1h Recommendations for 3rd party Defined Benefit plan admin?  09:41Atlantic109:51dhodson
18h Rick Ferri 60/40 portfolio  11/20minskbelarus4708:44minskbelarus47
18h Help with my portfolio! New to investing.  10/04achen929108:30retiredjg
12h Employer switching to new retirement plan  11/20cas92906:54TomTX
11h portfolio suggestions for the truly aged.  11/21JGoneRiding04:57magneto
14h Portfolio advice for new investor, large lump sum  11/19lack_ey04:40ruralavalon
3h PFIC and ETNs  11/21emil136901:30in_reality
10h 401k questions  11/20Humdrum01:22BL
47h Questions About 401k and AGI and Traditional vs Roth IRAs  11/08ShimmyShuffle11/21ShimmyShuffle
2h % of REITs in VG Funds  11/21RetireGood11/21gkaplan
5h Over my head setting up Backdoor Roth  11/19foursnow11/21RadiologyDoctor
4h Can someone explain these emerging market funds  11/21engineer428611/21livesoft
5h Rolling Over 529 $ from 2 Different States  11/21Kennedy11/21Kennedy
4h advice for newbie...investment and savings..  11/20asr911/21in_reality
63h Who to Use: CPA, Financial Advisor, Someone Else?  page: 211/19Scott6211/21Scott62
13h Transferring S&P 500 index fund in kind  11/20a11/21House Blend
5h Roth IRA Advice  11/20Booknower11/21powermega
6h After-tax Solo 401k Custodians  11/21yzhang1211/21JamesSFO
36h Personal Defined Benefit Plan vs. Solo 401k  2009Culture11/21Atlantic1
16h Young Investor Welcoming Any Advice  11/20EarlyStart11/21LeeMKE
6h Taxable investing for lower dividends only?  11/20freebeer11/21freebeer
6h SEPP for early retiree  11/18wshang11/21Phineas J. Whoo
5h Eliminating my tip fund~alternatives?  11/21Billyboy11/21scone
3h One Vanguard fund available on Scottrade's NTF List  10/27potatoman11/21livesoft
11h NWM - Keep or cancel policy  11/19mech_tower11/21EmergDoc
8h New job / Old 401k  11/20tracy32211/21retiredjg
15h Retiring within 6 months looking for some advice  11/19outdoorguy11/21outdoorguy
7h American Funds  11/18shrdhrkrv11/21tibbitts
6h New Investor (23), Switch from Vanguard Target Retirement?  11/20briansfeldman11/21dbr
5h Want to move out of Ameriprise  11/09Ameriprisoner11/21Ameriprisoner
2h Looking to add to Roth...  11/20zimmer011/21zimmer0
10h Schwab Portfolio Help  11/20Youkai11/21in_reality
16h AA: Which BONDS funds to buy?  11/14RetireGood11/21ruralavalon
14h Ray Dalio's All-Weather Portfolio  11/18jerseyjammer11/21Call_Me_Op
13h Outperforming the Indexes  11/20PapaGeek11/21PapaGeek
6h Newbie: Designing a Tax-Efficent portfolio  11/16hashtag11/21EmergDoc
7h Keep or sell Zero Coupon Bond?  11/19Raybo11/20TradingPlaces
12h New Young Investor & need advice  11/20jon12311/20in_reality
5h Portfolio check up pre payout  11/17Bubbagump11/20Noobvestor
14h Young Investors Plan – I'm Firing Questions!  10/22tchasteen11/20Noobvestor
4h Bond funds for IRA  11/17chabil11/20Noobvestor
8h Emergency and earmarked funds - investing ideas  11/17Triple digit go11/20Noobvestor
15h Recommendations for HSA Investment  11/19cdm77023411/20ricb
23h Vanguard Split Acct - did I cause this? (NOT)  11/15Lou11/20House Blend
4h Help Needed Re: Overhauled 401K Fund Choices  11/20Sriracha11/20Sriracha
22h Need Income - Wellesley Income or Wellington Fund  10/06equivestor11/20equivestor
2h What to do with my TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retirement - TCLNX  11/20pinecone11/20ArthurO
34h Fidelity Charitable Fund Questions  07/30minskbelarus4711/20dm200
8h Dividends in my taxable account  11/20SJCX11/20dbCooperAir
5h Bit the Bullet Selling Wellesley buying bonds and VTSAX  11/20Professor Emeri11/20DualIncomeNoDeb
1h Moving part of IRA from stocks to bond fund  11/20rockylou11/20rkhusky
41h 34 year old new to investing - help please  11/10mech_tower11/20placeholder
9h Adding to 529 as child nears college  02/25Audrey311/20The529guy
8h Minimizing Taxes on Year End Bonus  11/19mandon2711/20placeholder
8h Queston About Allocation of Assets  11/19ao3lane11/20Oliver
2h FTBFS vs FBIDX?  11/20qrxt11/20SpringMan
0h Ordering Common Sense Investing in Other Languages  11/20Sublime8700  
29h Received an inheritance, clueless as to what to do with it.  11/17steven_lindt11/20daave
3h A few allocation questions  11/19Rand101811/20Duckie
4h [Denmark] Asset allocation for non-retirement savings  11/19herpfinance11/20herpfinance
18h Child's Education Savings (529) and life insurance plan  11/17iridium_red11/20dhodson
3h IRAs at different brokerages  11/19birdec11/20Oliver
2h Funding Solo 401k  11/20AndrewW11/20AndrewW
8h Which bond fund for a three-fund taxable portfolio?  11/18bs01010111/20AlanSteven
24h What is the $$ value of delaying retirement a month?  11/20TheTimeLord11/20rai
15h TIPS OID for 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014  2011#Cruncher11/20Rager1
125h Gold And Silver As A Currency Hedge?  page: 2 311/10Humdrum11/20Uncle Pennybags
6h Investing in foreign-domiciled ETFs by US non-resident alien  11/19makalu11/20Tylenol Jones
12h Advice for a new 25 year old investor  11/17serg11/20serg
20h Overwhelmed with Asset Allocation  11/17pdsquash8311/20pdsquash83
39h Need advice on Asset Allocation  10/28drrobert11/20PapaGeek
12h Adding taxable investments to retirement portfolio  11/19Triple digit go11/20retiredjg
11h Portfolio Advice  11/18chriskirk11/20retiredjg
64t What percent "Boglehead" are you?  page: 209:40RunningRad01:08EmergDoc
11t Why Alpha is getting more elusive  11/21larryswedroe01:08kenner
16t After Tax Contributions to 401k???  11/21michey31200:01Leeraar
0t Saving Strategy For a Young Person?  00:00Leeraar  
11t Regression Analysis and Asset Allocation  11/18McNewton23:50oneleaf
38t Will stocks beat bonds over next 30 years?  11/21gordoni223:31gordoni2
43t Why I will fund retirement with TIPs ladder no matter what  05:14mpt follower23:23mpt follower
3t Vanguard Personal Performance History: 10 Years  17:22noyopacific23:06EyeDee
47t What would be the investing strategy for a coming crash?  11/21nile9821:46HomerJ
18t Making money/career in Trading  14:23BogleInvestorLo21:41Pizzasteve510
10t Help: Three Fund Portfolio at Fidelity  11/20new2bogle219:45new2bogle2
73t Small cap value premium  page: 211/18privatefarmer19:33BigJohn
30t Will AAPL's or GM's stock price double first?  2011djw19:10Wricha
116t how to make money like a billionaire  page: 2 311/18ArthurO19:05LadyGeek
1t Help getting AQR research paper  11/26Akiva18:19Oliver
81t 10 Reasons why Merriman dislikes Total Stock Mkt  page: 211/19SpringMan18:19sschullo
35t Finding Smart Beta in the Factor Zoo  08/06Beliavsky18:17Oliver
23t Suggested retirement reading for 60 year olds  11/20kazper17:42JS in SC
3t LendingClub Corporation Directed Share Program  11/21keith166016:41sfnerd
32t Diversification among Bonds?  11/19nspayne1715:47kenner
1t Does buying before a distribution matter in 401k/roth ira?  15:37JustinR15:38Ken Schwartz
58t Why finance research is often wrong - the jelly bean problem  page: 211/19richard14:46Caduceus
19t Using Bond Funds for market pullbacks  11:48MaddMaxx13:19ogd
1t Update on the ascent of CAPE  11/21Browser11:41am
51t Vanguard web site changes  page: 211/04EyeDee10:35LadyGeek
3t Tracking Error Aversion  11/21JoMoney10:29placeholder
5t interesting paper: facts and fantasies on factor investing  11/21larryswedroe10:22louis c
13t "Are You an Irrational Investor? Here’s How to Tell"  11/21Taylor Larimore10:14Dandy
11t The mathematics of recouping loss  11/21Browser08:01cherijoh
4t what is the CRSPTM1 index?  11/21riptide07:59hoppy08520
58t New Tony Robbins Book on Financial Freedom  page: 209/24Howard Donnelly07:33Howard Donnelly
4t why do investors buy overpriced stocks?  11/21larryswedroe07:15Tycoon
19t TSM vs S&P500  11/21bobble06:33TomTX
63t SEC Yield, YTM, Distribution Yield, Current Yield  page: 210/29Kevin M11/21Electron
7t Why Bother With Bonds free Kindle download/Nov.21 - Nov.25  11/21Barry Barnitz11/21Brad1
44t Does investing in a 401k actually save any money?  11/21RenoJay11/21telemark
8t The Bogleheads Have Taken Over  11/21EmergDoc11/21Drew31
5t "Are your bonds doing what they're supposed to do?"  11/19gkaplan11/213504PIR
70t Yield Curve Investigations  page: 210/27Kevin M11/21mindbogle
8t Boglehead' Guide to Investing, 2/E  11/19HANK196411/21HANK1964
5t What is a VIT?  11/21imgritz11/21donocash
67t An alternative to alternative investments [QSPIX]  page: 211/18larryswedroe11/21Bitzer
33t Investing In Currency?  11/18Humdrum11/21LadyGeek
29t Is investing more risky today today than before the internet  11/17hoops77711/21contranian
3t Individual Investors Churn & Burn Themselves  11/20k6611/21placeholder
14t Start a business  11/19QQQQ11/21Hayden
12t EM & Ex-US Value: trading cost and index drag  11/17lazyday11/21lazyday
40t Explaining muni bond spreads  11/03larryswedroe11/21larryswedroe
7t Estimating expected stock returns and the optimal portfolio  11/16rca182411/21rkhusky
26t Why I Like Index Funds  11/17Taylor Larimore11/20Fallible
2t Another bad year for active managers  11/11ihckennedy11/20vested1
2p Possible to exchange one Amex card for another?  23:16java00:52navyitaly
4p ACA subsidy and income calculation  15:00Moneybags100:37grabiner
13p A friend asked about about resignation timing, but IANAL  11:21TomatoTomahto00:37TomatoTomahto
3p Health coverage acupuncture  11/14Goblue9700:27Goblue97
68p Paid off our Mortgage this evening!  page: 211/17runner900:12Pizzasteve510
49p Vanguard offers login security code  11/21indexfundfan23:52darrellr
11p Fidelity Rewards Amex Activation Experience  20:35java23:26tainted-meat
13p Donating for a specific family  11/21sogm22:51sogm
34p How should wife counter salary offer within current co.?  11/21C4NT22:38HomerJ
20p best bank for online billpay  11:22chrysogonus22:21Impromptu
66p TurboTax '14 Deluxe (Desktop) Excludes Schedule D  page: 211/15Drew3122:13jdilla1107
7p How do you "un-fund" a revocable trust?  15:451210sda22:09Dale_G
24p Jim Cramer dad & LTCI  11/21dad200021:50Ged
53p Selecting Charities for Donation  page: 211/16chabil21:41JDCarpenter
5p Family Trust? Strategies for inheritance?  12:40Copernicus21:26PoppyA
10p Mortgage reamortization after lump sum payment?  13:44john7720:21Watty
6p File and Suspend timing mechanics for max benefit  14:02ralph124cf19:49Ron
3p Want to Save Money: Be grateful  18:18sgrabiner19:46lws6772
1p Does Medicare cover self-employed guy on the job?  18:16ssmiley19:37harmony
16p HSA vs 401K  11/21markcoop18:21mikep
103p What do you splurge on?  page: 2 311/21Professor Emeri18:09KlangFool
5p Just Got 2.45% CD at CIT  13:03William Million16:59LongerPrimer
0p Help with dual HDHP plans and FSA's  16:34hamete  
44p Pension buyout offer - Accept or reject  11/19woodyguthrie16:11Frugal Al
18p I Borrowed Against my 401K  11/21FloridaCracker15:38dm200
5p Obamacare and solo 401K  14:15andyandyandy14:46LadyGeek
13p Healthcare FSA - expecting, due in July  11/18mojave14:45BolderBoy
10p Question About Retiring Early and Social Security  11/18Beth*14:01user5027
1p 401k loan to pay off CC & student debt  11:41ithryn13:39HawkeyeJD
0p Vanguard Funds Outperform Peer Group  13:29Toons  
4p Can One Rollover NJ State Pension Benefit Amount?  07:08mur4412:31mggray17
21p thinking of opening a franchise  11/20sksbog12:02dandan14
7p IRS IRA Rollover Rule Clarification Notice  11/10Alan S.11:39enadroj
2p Affordable funeral options in new jersey  10:52newkidonthebloc11:36rec7
2p Best book on Medicare?  09:49wastenot10:46AAA
15p 529 Plan - when to stop contributing?  11/21ababs10:43letsgobobby
14p 15 vs 30 mortgage on a condo I plan on renting after 5 years  11/21msprotege10:04msprotege
2p Gifting Exisiting Government Bonds  11/21Rob54keep09:49placeholder
10p S Corp question  11/21Hayden09:25Hayden
24p Proposed Lifetime Retirement Investment Approach  11/21MichDad09:01letsgobobby
4p If You Can Free Again, Starting Tomorrow  11/21Bill Bernstein08:31Grt2bOutdoors
37p Aetna HDHP or GEHA HDHP (federal employee)  11/14kazper07:59Drain
23p Quit Cobra to go on Obamacare?  11/18Gambler07:56Gambler
2p United Healthcare Bronze HSA 100  11/21thegarv07:48tfb
2p If my company takes out too much social security tax  07:32ugaDAWGS0907:43tfb
9p How to find Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan for your area  11/21goaties04:28goaties
39p What were your biggest financial emergencies?  11/19backpacker02:18lazyday
3p Two month work assignment in Bulgaria  11/21Trelin94602:16Rayandron
5p Former Employer Won't Refund Excess 401K Contribution  11/19khoi11/21Alan S.
7p Investment interest expense and muni bonds  11/10Crow Hunter11/21grabiner
34p Where can I go to get a signature guarantee or Medallion sig  09/05johnny84711/21johnny847
4p Life Insurance options  11/21batpot11/21bluemarlin08
16p Tax Gain Harvesting - Charity / Gift to family  11/20RetireGood11/21Caduceus
1p Closing date. Switch lender or stay?  11/20kithwang11/21CaliJim
35p fidelity refusing custodian custodian rollover  11/15semperlux11/21555
67p Updated opinions about Ally Bank?  page: 201/03GerryL11/21Phineas J. Whoo
4p Question about HSA options  11/19Adastra11/21Adastra
25p GAO Concerned your IRA may be too big!  11/20Alan S.11/21Bracket
67p 18 and Need Help Starting [Classroom research assignment]  page: 208/25DiogenesOfOakla11/21LadyGeek
6p ISOs, private company stock, and a self-directed IRAs  11/20chrysogonus11/21desertgoose
17p RMD taxes  2013stlrick11/21The Wizard
36p GEHA - Standard vs. HDHP Options with Baby on the Way  11/17hornet9611/21archbish99
7p Sole proprietor or other forms?  11/20Copernicus11/21smackboy1
10p Standard questions on found stock certificate  11/21camptalcott11/21camptalcott
31p What temperature for house for long winter absence?  11/20kamo11/21atfish
1p lease car to family member - liability insurance?  11/21fundtalker12311/21wageoghe
31p New teenage driver - which car for insurance  11/18johnubc11/21mmmodem
55p What to prepare for first baby due next month?  page: 211/19webenterpreneur11/21AcademicPeds
34p Borrowing from TSP for lot purchase  11/18Cooperd0g11/21ChrisC
32p Credit Card Fraud - Need Advice  11/18bhluckyusaguy11/21Rob5TCP
25p getting umbrella insurance  11/20gwe6711/21flyingaway
32p Approach to student debt advice  11/09Utahdogowner11/21Utahdogowner
36p Trapped deciding between 2 Jobs: Can I renege on my offer?  11/19JobConfused11/21lululu
2p Tax deferred savings during partial work year before ER?  11/21skibum11/21kramer
21p 35 yr-old doc needs some wisdom  11/16madman1911/21FRx
13p Solo Physician Practice  11/02Nomadix11/20Nomadix
9p Does Fidelity allow Real Estate investments?  11/19new2bogle211/20abuss368
32p Get up to $30 back per Amex card (Small Business Sat, 11/29)  11/18The529guy11/20pennstater2005
3p HSA with post-deductible health FSA question  11/20PeterD11/20grabiner
5p Do I payoff my house or rentals?  11/20Calculus11/20grabiner
2p Recommendations for online bank?  11/20sighchological11/20livesoft
4p RMD do I have to include my wife's IRA's ?  11/20Limaxmax11/20Alan S.
12p Question about California Teachers Pension  11/19imgritz11/20LadyGeek
20p Poll: How much $ for childcare?  11/19Frugal Disciple11/20Luke Duke
8p ACA subsidy question  11/20jim77911/20rixer
37p Brother involved with golddigger  11/07Casablanca11/20LadyGeek
55p Jane Austen's Economics  page: 22007Barry Barnitz11/20lululu
16p HMO vs PPO  11/19ivyinvestor11/20serbeer
7p Updated IRS Rollover Chart  11/19Alan S.11/20placeholder
5p Insurance for Electric Vehicle (EV)  11/18Alskar11/20Alskar
2p in-service rollovers from Roth Solo 401(k)s?  11/19SEJ11/20placeholder
4p Tax "What if" Scenario Software / Excel  11/20buy&hold11/20dratkinson
3p Swapping primary residence and rental  11/18ChrisB11/20ChrisB
5p fsa account question when my company is sold  11/19AlanSteven11/20AlanSteven
0p RE: Need accounant in Chicago  11/20staythecourse  
35p What financial tools/software do you use?  11/18kirent11/20midareff
27p Advice needed for next 10 years: Save, spend borrow?  10/18privateID11/20HomerJ
1p Excess Contributions  11/20Barefootgirl11/20livesoft
7p Can I max out day job 401k and Individual 401k for side biz?  11/19southpaw122711/20gwrvmd
3p 10 Year TIPs Auction (Re-Opening)  11/18jdb11/20jdb
4p Medicaid Question  11/11jim77911/20orlandoman
54p Heads up one of the better reward credit card I've seen.  page: 211/18rai11/20FedGuy
21l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  05/22grabiner20:57ChrisC
33l Burlington, MA - Bogleheads Meeting - Saturday, June 28th  06/19Silence Dogood11:17siamond
1l Glad to join the community!  08:26MatsuGrabik09:52mhc
80l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 22012dickenjb06:18PapaGeek
240l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 4 505/11sans souliers11/21VictoriaF
6l Today is Thanksgiving Day for my family  11/20Swampy11/20LadyGeek
1l Maryland Delaware  11/20PapaGeek11/20Igglesman
278l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Barry Barnitz11/20LadyGeek
12l Detroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread  09/02daytona08411/20daytona084
9f Problem with posting  11/20Van11/20Van
86c Vacation in France  page: 211/18lifebeckonss00:19zaboomafoozarg
16c Tell me about FitBit - is it worth having?  11/21Browser23:36darrellr
57c Light Bulb Question  page: 211/19denovo22:43m2go
21c A week in Tuscany: April 2015. Suggestions?  11/21Leeraar22:29hq38sq43
36c POLL: Do you personally own a cell phone?  12:48tennisplyr22:13backpacker
14c Seeking a Cellphone Change  11/21VesperLynd22:06Louis Winthorpe
135c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 2 309/30Beezthree21:55Pizzasteve510
10c All inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta  11/06thomasbayarea21:25Peterjens
12c Movie dialog, "The Social Network." Hard to hear?  11:02nisiprius20:40jginseattle
6c Computer Challenged [Downloading instead of Viewing files]  12:54boater0720:39The Wizard
9c Good books on Law to give to a teenager?  11/21HurdyGurdy20:34Mordoch
11c Tulum, Mexico  11/14ny_rn19:57ny_rn
215c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 508/30abuss36819:52hoops777
1c Black Friday Deals for Home Improvement?  18:36ThankYouJack19:33cfs
12c Send text messages from PC to Cell Phone  11/21dbCooperAir19:31Toons
10c Changes to T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go plan  08/25magellan19:23ataloss
21c Dog food - how cheap is too cheap?  15:02Sunny Sarkar19:14Boonedog
90c Vanguard launches new offering ... [Vanguard merchandise]  page: 211/12indexfundfan17:35Angst
23c Storing/Organizing Memory Sticks  02:08frugalguy17:09Toons
14c Learning to Type  11/18unknuckle17:04Toons
5c New Refrig with Icemaker. Filter?  11:04Saving$16:56Spirit Rider
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