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1199t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242012Taylor Larimore12:27LadyGeek
1043c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2108/30abuss36808/28amateurnovice
949c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1909/22Alex Frakt08/27Steven in NC
782t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 162014Rob Bertram10:48Rob Bertram
532c Boglehead Beer  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112011Thetightfist11:31BIGal
522t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112014InvestorNewb19:59livesoft
426c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 903/09airahcaz13:45sambb
425t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 912/19macav93308/27in_reality
299l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Barry Barnitz23:03LadyGeek
274p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 5 62012boglestan10:47ved
243h Mother of All Tax Loss Harvesting Threads  page: 2 3 4 52008livesoft08/28retiredjg
183t The Bogleheads' Silent Majority  page: 2 3 408/24cfs23:39cfs
148t Dual Momentum Investing  page: 2 302/14RunningRad08/28LittleD
139t Bogle: retirees should focus on dividends  page: 2 308/18Browser12:26marklearnsbogle
126t New Vanguard AMT-free National Municipal Bond Fund  page: 2 301/06neurosphere08/27TIAX
94c Worst financial book you have read (or will admit you have read)  page: 207/06dbCooperAir20:16ehec
89h Help 2 grow 90k invest fairly fast  page: 208/193kats14:023kats
89c What about the Ford Edge? [Revised for 2015 model]  page: 207/09Browser08/28Browser
84t How are you being GREEDY when others are fearful?  page: 208/23Fat-Tailed Cont08/28toto238
83t Why no diversification benefit for international in this week's crash?  page: 208/26rca182419:02Maynard F. Spee
81h If stocks dropped 30% next Monday, would you rebalance?  page: 216:22livesoft13:08triceratop
77t TLH for absolute dummies [Tax Loss Harvesting]  page: 208/26Roothy20:23LadyGeek
75t Dave Ramsey - Help Me Understand His Investing Strategy  page: 208/15darkhorse34608/28wolf359
73t Individual Stocks Does it Ever Make Sense?  page: 208/26TubofProtein08/27blueblock
70t Consistent Yield & Duration to Help Choose TIPS Fund  page: 22012#Cruncher08:19grok87
69h Was about to change from 100% equity to 80%. Now what?  page: 208/26rca182415:23BogleInvestorLo
66c Any [iPhone] "Apps" you like?  page: 22014Hawkeye_Saver17:33mclvngr
64c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  page: 22014tony541222:56tony5412
64t Is tax loss harvesting always worth all the fuss?  page: 208/25randomizer19:03Artsdoctor
63t Good time for 50/50 portfolio Bonds/Equities?  page: 208/21riptide12:17nedsaid
63c Cheaper car for someone who enjoys cars?  page: 208/22bostondan08/27rgs92
60p How much do you donate to your kid's public school?  page: 208/27mmrs17:46LadyGeek
59c Ant Control  page: 208/24gatorman08/28hayling
59t VHT down 27% - Glitch or missed opportunity  page: 208/24asherfitz08/27Tanelorn
57c Has anyone actually used gold or silver coins for a purchase?  page: 208/25Dulocracy08/28LadyGeek
56t Too Much Indexing???  page: 206/26Guardyourheart06:18Jerry55
56c Hike the Pacific Crest Trail/JMT  page: 208/03Carefreeap08/28Carefreeap
53p Dear In-Laws: Less toys, more 529  page: 208/28tyscott8413:36Johno
52l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 203/09rocko00:03CFM300
50h my retired mother's predicament  page: 208/24ashleyk2313:36ashleyk23
50p What is Your Plan B if Quicken dies? [Intuit selling Quicken unit]  page: 208/22RooseveltG09:25blevine
49t Do "valuations" affect your asset allocation?  08/28rca182413:29nedsaid
46h Am I saving too much for retirement?  08/25hoader21:11VortexStreet
44t Can the market go up forever?  08/28investorguy113:13roflwaffle
44c Floss aversion  08/26tadamsmar14:41Call_Me_Op
41c Laptop Recommendation  08/15mbecker0317:49Wolf
40t [Original Research] [Theory] The Optimal Portolio  08/23rca182408/28Busting Myths
39c washing machine [Recommendations for]  08/19krd608/27Ducky Momo
38p Early retirement with a pension  08/27ofcmetz11:13ofcmetz
38t Wash Sale Quiz!  08/26livesoft17:03EnjoyIt
38p Prepping to sell home: Pay Mortgage or Pay Student Loans  08/20easye41808/28logicteach
38p What would YOU want from a financial advisor?  03/04Theoretical08/27exeunt
37c Ideas for Maine Vacation  2011gatorman14:57Rob5TCP
37h Too good to be true? vgenx or vgpmx  03/17boglecranium08/28btenny
37c Oversized HVAC?  08/24XtremeSki200108/28Green Nut
36t Cash is king over short-term bonds  08/28small_index13:02Hodor
36h College student looking for advice on retirement investing  08/27btks17:11retiredjg
36c I need a classic men's black dress belt  08/14Triple digit go16:42stoptothink
35t Long term bonds in VBTLX/VBMFX  02/16eugene111108/28Kevin M
35t BNY Mellon's "glitch," sounds very serious to me  08/27nisiprius08/27jalbert
33h Which tax-exempt bond fund ??  08/25Taylor Larimore22:05abuss368
33p Joint finances and cash management  08/27jnet200019:18Rodc
33t Bounced back too quick  08/27zkzkzk08/27Artsdoctor
32t Why doesn't the 3 fund portfolio have TIPS?  15:44bh713:44jalbert
32h Stock inheritance  2012Benton15:15Atomium
31t Solo 401(k) question  08/24joyo2315:14joyo23
30p Any minimum income for Obamacare subsidies?  08/26Gambler08/27randomguy
29p I have a Confession...Dave Ramsey...Help!  15:37Meg7713:43CassiusRex
29h Dipping into the emergency fund for rebalancing purposes during market downturns?  08/26jordank07:08ks289
29c How to get best deal on a rental car ?  08/26Lafder08/27GaryEsq
28c Lawn Mower Repair  08/28grettman13:41barnaclebob
28h VTI - "Market" order type  08/25_robert19:41LadyGeek
28h Vanguard Prime Money Market  06/02John15114:21toto238
28c Vacations this Year?  08/28DDMP2008/28f35phixer
27h Yet another TLH question - Are most of you switching back after 30/60 days?  08/25sfchris08/27Artsdoctor
27p Kitces - Managing the Medicare B Premium Spike  08/26Alan S.08/27Leesbro63
26h How not to TLH - mutual fund vs ETF shares  08/27madbrain14:29oneleaf
25p Checking if my house has any Liens on it  08/28dskillz108:17mkc
24p Costco American Express Card [going away]  18:51btenny12:49Grogs
24t Money Matters with Ken Moraif  2012Watertree09:11DFAMAN
24t How do you diversify?  08/25archii08/28archii
23t Will Single Premium Immediate Annuities be better with higher interest rates?  05/28nobsinvestor13:33HoosierJim
23p Take a 0.74% car loan or pay with cash?  21:16oncall13:01Johno
23p Trying to prevent lifestyle creep  19:34nyinca12:41123
22h Fidelity Contrafund Pool Vs VIIIX  08/16JustinTime13:32JustinTime
22p Paying for a big ticket item on retirement?  08/26englishgirl10:33Watty
22t The Oft-Ignored Fact: Real stock returns were only 2.2% since 1870.  08/28rca182422:04kenschmidt
22h TLH tomorrow? Please help me decide [Tax Loss Harvesting]  08/26Kevin M08/28Kevin M
22t How to be a Boglehead in Germany  2014barbaz08/27Atomium
21p Prepaying Mortgage Question  08/27lkt10219:41lkt102
21p How would you help setup younger sibling?  08/28Purelife30418:54DoTheMath
21p Mortgage Refinance - Holy closing costs batman!  08/28djs0510198517:31cherijoh
21t So Is Now The Time To Buy?  08/28wholeinone0414:45Clive
20t part two on the crisis, part 3 on Monday  08/28larryswedroe13:49Awsi Dooger
20t Net total return vs. gross total return - a fallacy?  2012Charybdis12:45Atomium
20p QCD and RMD question  08/13CABob14:37CABob
20c Time to upgrade my HVAC?  08/26Gambler08/28Kosmo
20h ok to place a market order for VEU?  08/28feh08/28feh
20c magazines for frequent-flyer miles ripoff  08/27RustyShacklefor08/28siamond
20h Which muni bond fund at Fidelity?  08/25starguru08/27grabiner
19c Prius owners and rest of Bogleheads  08:52Luv2savmoney12:19greg24
19p Mortgage - Extended Rate Lock  05/22xanadu3211:11xanadu32
19l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  03/17digarei01:22digarei
19h Military TSP v. Roth TSP  08/26Helene14:29spooky105
19c Things to do in St.Louis with a toddler  2014yadayada08/28bkweathe
19h Tax lots and TLH question  08/27JaySayms08/28livesoft
19t Fidelity is offering Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLAC)s  08/21dodecahedron08/27jalbert
18c Garmin maps for Italy?  08/27Leeraar12:41Leeraar
18c Recommendations for steam mop  08/26reneeh6308:42Hexdump
18t Where are John Bogle and Warren Buffett  08/27selftalk08/28inbox788
18h Taxable Investment or 529  08/25FamilyGuy8708/28itstoomuch
18l St Louis Bogleheads  2014larryswedroe08/28Chindsey
18h Performance of VGTSX  05/18mhall08/28TinyElvis
17p Sigh, what's the point of knowing investing theory?  08/28Confused13:30Sphinx
17p CFA Exam Results  07/29rmelvey13:13Caduceus
17h Dividend investment  08/20sdotsen08/28BruceM
17h Individual Insured Puerto Rico Bonds- Hold or try to sell?  08/05Brucie08/27Brucie
17h Converting Vanguard ETF shares to Admiral shares  08/27dskillz108/27indexfundfan
16h Anyone use a different target retirement year then when they will retire???  07:39davidkw12:48nisiprius
16t Jack Bogle: How to handle the market's wild ride  14:36emontiel09:53staythecourse
16h Seeking suggestions on how to invest my money [22 years old]  08/19Heav3ns03:58HurdyGurdy
16t Substitutes for WSJ Personal Finance and Investing Article  07/25PGary08/28LadyGeek
16p Policy options for Large Group health ins policy  08/20gvsucavie0308/27gvsucavie03
15h Friend's proposed RMD strategy--A little different  20:48pkcrafter13:04itstoomuch
15h Large amount of cash reserves waiting for downturn?  08/28Rainy23:33edge
15p Emergency fund or debt?  08/28ScooterBog17:14MtnTraveler
15t Double check your TLH calculation...This error cost me  08/27bbrock16:03livesoft
15t Why buy high dividend fund during a correction?  08/26Tamales08/28691175002
15h sister contemplating swapping over to Vanguard  08/27JaySayms08/28JaySayms
15p Not pleased with promotion. What to do?  08/25nimo95608/27small_index
14h Index ETF or index funds: should I use ETF if there is no commission fee in a taxable account?  17:52xuphys09:57grabiner
14p Refinance suggestion needed from the Maths wizards :)  08/27wingz08/28an_asker
14p Making an offer on a house where the owner has filed bankruptcy  08/24evdryst08/28evdryst
14p worth of benefits package  08/24ieee48808/28killjoy2012
14t Why all the fuss about wash sales?  01/23hickory08/28livesoft
14c Nissan Versa Note SV  08/27timmy08/28tbradnc
14h Identical fund in two accounts: possible to avoid wash sale rule?  08/26randomizer08/28Kevin M
14c Apartment security deposit problem  08/27climber202008/27bertie wooster
13t 100% Equities?  07:58PeanutButterIsJ13:44PeanutButterIsJ
13p Term Insurance  08/27D5710208/28saladdin
13p Solo 401K Questions  2014sbefort08/28Spirit Rider
13h Investing Advice for a novice  2014saagar_is_cool08/27Duckie
13h Retired with cash...How to re-enter?  08/26clearknights08/27goingup
12t Plunge Protection Team (PPT)  08:44Buddtholomew13:13btenny
12h Rebuilding Portfolio  08/283kats08:41retiredjg
12h 401K Rolled Over into an IRA. Is this a good allocation?  08/26boglenewb06:38retiredjg
12t "2 Low-Cost ETFs for Broad U.S. Stock Exposure"  08/28Taylor Larimore18:45in_reality
12h Managed Accounts  08/28FluerDlisFan4ev18:05cheese_breath
12h Does this one-fund portfolio make sense?  08/28RetireOnceAndEa16:28galeno
12h Backdoor a re-characterized IRA?  08/27Gustie1308/28Gustie13
11h stock index fund in taxable vs. Roth account?  13:54Hideki00:19MrKnight
11h Would money market fund be a good place to put emergency money?  08/27xuphys23:10JonnyDVM
11p Accountant failed to file for S-corp, advice and recourse  18:48JonnyDVM22:44AWH_CPA
11p Retirement saving options for business owner employee  08/27Hawkeye_Saver08/28ubermax
10h Investing Priorities  08/27Daniel197313:06Daniel1973
10c Cost of archiving family history  09:21Caduceus13:01btenny
10h Help getting off the sideline  08/26Morpheus08/28ofcmetz
10h New to investing, where to start?  08/25roamingnome08/28roamingnome
10l Seattle (Eastside) meetup Sunday July 19  07/08Sam Seattle08/28Seattlenative
10p Ready to buy Term Life Insurance  08/27ddurrett89608/27tyscott84
9t Investing Money for Taxes  09:49Purelife30413:52cheese_breath
9t Reblancing  09:41stemikger13:48celia
9p Budgeting infrequent expenses (refrigerator, new tires, paint house, etc)  17:43Tamales13:08tomhole
9p Blue Shield of California - HMO vs. PPO  08/28CFM30011:14CFM300
9t part 1 of my webinar on the current crisis and how to think about it  08/26larryswedroe06:23Toons
9t Small business 401(k) - Can Employee Fiduciary & other providers help with plan design?  06/03DentistSpouse16:26alexDDS
9h Help me restructure my inherited IRA  08/26AirTimeMD14:20celia
9p Loan Options vs. Selling Stock - Help needed  08/23ChesapeakeTechi08/28icefr
9h A European with only EUR investments - big mistake?  02/22dustytown08/28in_reality
9p Shopping for disability insurance  08/27kazper08/28BruDude
9t Vanguard and China A shares  08/25sawhorse08/27sawhorse
8p what could cause a credit score decline if no obvious issue on credit report?  14:10nolapepper10:34grabiner
8h My 401K Choices - Screenshot attached  08/27Hairfarm08:07Toons
8h Bad 403b vs Taxable in 15% bracket  18:04slow n steady23:10slow n steady
8c Realtor Listing Agreement question  08/27Fitch21:56desiderium
8h 529 Plan tax question  08/28AllenSmith08/28JW Nearly Retir
8p Fed Retiree with FEHB-Enroll in Medicare Plan B or Not?  08/27vexed08/28vexed
8h Fidelity 90-day rule and TLH  08/25olevelo08/28olevelo
8t Laughs for the Bogleheads, courtesy of the Onion [Jim Cramer]  08/27Chadnudj08/27LadyGeek
8t NPR story, Stock market is wealth indicator of top 1% - HUH??  08/27goshenBogle08/27LadyGeek
7t American Funds IRA - Account Emptied!  10:29nickware13:35miles monroe
7h HSA dilemma  22:42kiddoc13:15Lafder
7h Amerivest Managed Risk Portfolio - good/ bad idea?  17:55calimero12:47calimero
7h Thoughts on Next Steps of Investing  14:01sgtpeppr5608:56ruralavalon
7c Recessed/Pendant Lights: Where to Place for this Kitchen  14:57bagelhead08:36WhyNotUs
7t Having fun on CNBC Halftime Report today  20:04Rick Ferri08:28bobcat2
7c NYC- Where to buy a good quality sofa or sectional?  08/28island21:22littlebird
7t Exchanging funds in ira  08/28NSW116:36SpringMan
7c Power Switch & Camera - Remotely Triggered  08/28ubermax14:30ubermax
7h Help with rebalancing my 401k Portfolio?  08/25sliqx08/28bkweathe
7p reasonable budget for infant in Northeast  08/26kc120208/28Jack FFR1846
7h Vanguard limiting options for "Select a fund for your dividends"  08/27ThankYouJack08/27ThankYouJack
7h How can we prove TRD's re-balance in the short term?  08/25Wannaretireearl08/27livesoft
7h fsgdx: tax loss harvest  08/27feh08/27mhc
7h Rate or slate my investment policy!  10/08alwaysonit08/27Atomium
6h Timber Anyone?  05:44msheald13:45patrick013
6p Protecting Your Portfolio From Hackers  10:02Stormbringer12:53Longdog
6t The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville  21:57bh711:03bh7
6h Fixed portion of 401K  16:32Daniel197323:39sawhorse
6h [Helping employer establish] a 401K  07/28Felipe22:00Davistax
6h Tax free income  14:25jtl4618:04ourbrooks
6h employer 401k--expensive?  08/28mookie15:49ruralavalon
6h Portfolio review requested: mid-life adult thinking about slowing down  07/09BeBH6508/28BeBH65
6t Include Cash in Asset Allocation?  08/28richard3708/28JiveTurkey
5t Managing sequence risk approaching retirement using valuations  11:26Browser13:29bh7
5h What do I do for short-term investments?  11:35btks12:36jnet2000
5t [Wiki suggestion] Invest in taxable or 401(k)?  08/20FiveK09:20grabiner
5h New here.. starting small..  08/28mactube08:20BL
5h First taxable account  08/27terran01:41in_reality
5t Portfolio Readjustments/Concerns  08/27kmedina820:50ResearchMed
5p 401(k) rollover traditional vs. roth IRA questions  08/28JDInvestor19:30Alan S.
5h 3 Questions for a New Investor (Look at my Portfolio)  08/27DoctorMo17:41Duckie
5t Difference between Equity Fund and Index Fund?  15:24JD277515:48nisiprius
5h Is an accumulating fund subject to Dividend Withholding Tax?  09/24alwaysonit08/28Micks
5h Tax Loss Harvesting TLH - Dividend distribution Timing  08/27forums3508/28forums35
5t Thinking "Differently" about Dividend Yield  08/27Jerry5508/27Jerry55
5h Would Appreciate Input on Planned Asset Allocation  08/26RoC08/27RoC
5h Funds not showing up in sweep account  08/27sanfran201508/27oneleaf
5h WHat should i do?  08/27subham08/27Grt2bOutdoors
5p 80/20 rule -> How to learn the 20%?  08/26Gambler08/27Gambler
5h Investment help [providing for spouse without pension]  08/26poconnell308/27Alex Frakt
4h Logic Check - Purpose of bonds in MY portfolio  11:30DJ_DJ13:08LeonGTR
4h Its not all about the money, thanks Bogleheads!  22:35pantsmachine12:39TravelforFun
4h ETF Conversion and Cost Basis question  17:51oneleaf07:07Longdog
4t Good news for Really Bad Days  19:35backpacker23:17LeeMKE
4h [Why a purchase fee on Vanguard Tax Exempt Bond Fund, but not ETF?]  08/28Gnirk22:14grabiner
4c Keezel Connectivity Device  08/25Kalo20:38Kalo
4p ISO and the AMT [Incentive Stock Options and Alternative Minimum Tax]  08/28drew16:07AWH_CPA
4h Dealing with complicated Inherited IRA Portfolio  08/27dualhammers14:31celia
4t Humans 1, Machines 0  08/28mchop14:15Andyrunner
4h E-fund Strategy & Taxable Investing  08/28FoolStreet08/28FoolStreet
4h How much of my money should I keep in stocks and how much of it should I put for a house down payment?  08/28Smartguy235108/28namenloseblonde
4t new Schwab password format available (yeah!)  08/28in_reality08/28Phineas J. Whoo
4t What causes the price movement in INDEX ETFs?  08/28whitemiata08/28alex_686
4t A glitch in the VIX itself when the market isn't "typical."  08/27nisiprius08/28pkcrafter
4h international bond fund  08/27tommyr08/28asif408
4h S&P 500 fund down more than the index  08/27ThankYouJack08/27ThankYouJack
4p Lump sum vs Life Annuity Payment from Employer  08/23tjd08/27tjd
4h Since div reinvestment 'off', no new 'lots' created?  08/27Humboldt96508/27grabiner
4h IRA questions  08/26mookie08/27Duckie
3t Wellington (and PRWCX) - bonds complement stocks?  11:22Scott Teresi13:49Scott Teresi
3c Debating whether to purchase a compact or midsize vehicle  09:46tony541213:37daveatca
3h Pairing question for TLH  08/28KMB11:08dratkinson
3h Non-US citizen working in USA 4-8 yrs, Retirement plan  20:33Uberwheezy10:03Uberwheezy
3h one vanguard fund for a roth  06:52hulburt110:02grabiner
3h 401k advice please  08:24msprotege09:43ruralavalon
3t ROTH transfers after age 70  16:56PapaGeek01:12PapaGeek
3t "Worried About The Stock Market? Whatever You Do, Don't Sell"  08/28Taylor Larimore21:27nedsaid
3c [Attending] The U.S. Open  08/28tennisplyr20:23rjbraun
3h Self investing vs. tax free managed fund  08/27alonwein17:21Taylor Larimore
3h help with morningstar x-ray  08/28birdy14:34birdy
3c Cheap Single Security Camera  08/28runner908/28barnaclebob
3t Help me think through the effect of foreign currency on stocks  08/28Caduceus08/28alex_686
3h Invest in VGENX? [Vanguard Energy fund)  08/28btks08/28ofcmetz
3h TLH aftermath - what to do with $170 VTSMX left in tIRA  08/27nolapepper08/28nolapepper
3t WSJ - ‘Alternative’ Mutual Funds Providing Limited Protection  08/27matjen08/28matjen
3t What is the "World CPI"  08/27dangerous08/27JoMoney
3c Book recco for someone new to budgeting and saving?  08/25profnot08/27PhysicsTeacher
2t Dogs of the Dow? - woof woof  08/28Barefootgirl13:32CABob
2p Dell Laptop - Warranty Repair Experience  07:28Fat-Tailed Cont12:23ehec
2h Is Vanguard's i401k contribution calculator incorrect?  09:34forevernaive12:13tfb
2t Does John Bogle respond to autograph requests  16:13stemikger11:041210sda
2h Mom and Pop and the Pros  05:55Levett10:56whaleknives
2h 3 Fund Portfolio - is it ok to Substitute Total Bond with Tax-Exempt Bond?  00:45sanfran201510:26Hodor
2p You want a VA in your IRA?  08/28Alan S.07:50Frugal Al
2t What does the stock market sound like?  07:08retiredjg07:36peppers
2h Please review my varied portfolio  16:37lost_investor23:08LeeMKE
2h Poor quality investment choices at work  21:25strongboy200521:50sawhorse
2h Under 59 1/2 and "Sweeping" Reinvestments in Roth & IRA  19:53N5257020:39N52570
2p Deferred Annuities: "Regular" vs. Gift  08/28ResearchMed08/28ResearchMed
2h Where to start?  08/28swift1508/28swift15
2h Help Choosing 401(k) Funds & Wealthfront vs. Betterment  08/27allsizefitsone08/28House Blend
2p healthcare plan --> HSA plan + high deductible policy  08/27renue7408/28niceguy7376
2h When to Take Social Security for Spouse of Massachusetts Teacher  08/27DLRCohasset08/27castlemodesto
2h US brokerage firm with Canadian Address for after-tax accounts  07/04tmm99908/27Seattlenative
2h Help with moving to 3 fund portfolio  08/23citrine2408/27samjlord
2t Do you need some HELP staying the course???  08/26LittleD08/27DFAMAN
2p Can I contribute to an IRA and 401k?  08/27sgilmarti8908/27ieee488
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