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1c Android smartphone with physical keyboard  01:38madbrain02:09mhalley
1p TSP Questions: (ROTH or Traditional)?  01:38blackwater02:20Johm221122
2p How to set up a trust  00:21JoinToday00:56JoinToday
1t How indexing let these retirees live footloose and fancyfree  00:14texasdiver02:19kramer
2h Multiple Solo 401(k)s?  23:50Bfwolf01:24EmergDoc
0t Reduce / Eliminate Emerging Market in Retirement?  23:28Nearing_Destination  
0t Russell indexes have dropped BDCs; no real expense change  23:14grabiner  
5t P/E Ratio: How do YOU interpret/use it?  23:07blackwater01:00gkaplan
7t Can it be wrong to be too risk averse?  22:27thethinker00:10BigJohn
1t NY Times article on Active Managed Funds  22:04FredCouples22:08hoppy08520
0h Child Trust Allocations  21:42stealth278  
1p Does this qualify as a "child care expense" (1040 line 48)  21:32freeflowme21:38livesoft
0c Recommendations on an auto shipper  21:15Norcalkenny  
3h Does Fund Inception Date Matter?  20:53Teacher8822:20Stan Dup
1t Reverse Savings Rates  20:52grap001322:19John3754
1h Will Pension rollover to 401k impact contribution limits?  20:33PhillyPhan20:49Alan S.
6h Please evaluate tentative plan for total portfolio overhaul  20:25incongruate00:58123
12h VMMXX: Finally Pulled the Trigger  20:16john9454901:14pjstack
8p Beneficiaries  20:14bargainhuntingking22:19Alan S.
11p How to track expenses to the penny?  20:05Gambler22:55Zabar
3h Susie Orman says buy individual Munis instead of Bond funds  19:41danny9m20:11Taylor Larimore
1p medical insurance as contract employee  19:29ieee48820:23p14175
2h Mid-term investment advice  18:38ouki22:34ouki
1h Bond funds- your percentage of intermediate vs. short-term?  18:15Bustoff23:20BigJohn
8h Portfolio Withdrawal 4% rate with Ceiling and Floor  18:10Alan Roy00:50placeholder
5c What about the 2015 Volvo XC60?  18:04Browser19:50mike143
1p Corporate Trustee (PDF)  17:32ditto18:05Gill
7p Insurance policies questions  17:30Gambler22:53Professor Emeritus
5t Help with Excel reformatting of fund price data  17:14Tamales23:10#Cruncher
1p Small Business owner w/employees can I have SEP-IRA and 401k  16:50ccity20:14Spirit Rider
4c Will app for biz credit cards impact personal credit score?  16:36tidalwave1023:08rbishop34
15p How would you handle this situation if it was you.  16:29bleh:(23:23Zabar
11c Saving for Basement Finish  16:18EHoops22:00BrandonBogle
13t With all these recent posts regarding tilts, should I?  16:09brigboy21:52Taylor Larimore
3t Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs)  15:53Taylor Larimore16:38larryswedroe
2t What Web Tools / Resources Would Help You Invest Better?  15:44alexfrey21:32livesoft
9p New car - put extra $ towards current loan or save?  15:37jh-139120:18ASUGrad
2h Using retirement assets and inheritance wisely  15:31Juki20:04dharrythomas
4t Help with International Stock Volatility  15:24berntson19:10Clive
1h TRP Small Cap Value (PRSVX)?  15:02scienceguy15:07livesoft
9h Should I open a solo 401k?  13:51LaMD20:48mah001
17c Which Bernstein Book?  13:41V1RTUS01:35V1RTUS
5h SEP-IRA employer contributions fr/ personal account-problem?  13:36brian201301:10jared
0l Retirement Research Conference in DC in August (free)  13:33bobcat2  
1t Estimating portfolio volatility  13:05Beliavsky14:01alexfrey
5f Problems accessing the site  12:53AJTrenkle22:06gkaplan
17h Is a "split-personality" approach Boglehead-compatible?  12:40dodecahedron21:44Kalo
14c Computer Problem  12:19Leesbro6321:55bardenay
8h cash in ibond or use savings for education  12:17teniralc15:47teniralc
1h Starting off and Maxing Out  12:06zoombrowser17:51Duckie
2h Self Employed - Roth Contribution for Sep and solo 401K  12:05srcolesrcole15:34PaddyMac
11p Downsizing to Apartment  11:55Lon17:41dgdevil
6h incorporating bonds into our portfolio  11:17triggerfish1022:59triggerfish10
11c Best Used Recreational Bicycles for New Riders  10:51steadyeddy00:21russellh
5h Take the plunge on long term treasuries vs. market timing?  10:34tobyberkman13:55tobyberkman
4p Do i need a new ein  10:33vegaskid17:27BrianJM
17t not all value metrics are equal  10:16larryswedroe21:34stlutz
3p Wellesley Income  09:56shawcroft18:24shawcroft
53p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 209:53brak22:39grabiner
1h 401k fees listed incorrectly  09:41barnaclebob11:00prudent
52p Poll - Do you use Quicken?  page: 209:30abuss36823:57russellh
8c Help me select a streaming media device  09:23gatorman22:19gatorman
10c Need advice re hearing aid for small child  09:16Rupert21:42epitomist
21c American in need of Premier team to root for  08:38glaucus14:37LadyGeek
4c Recommendations for red oak hardwood sealer?  08:09landlordjohn10:16cleosdad
7h Bond Fund or Money Market Fund?  07:57jpdion12:04jpdion
1h European ETF investor - how to get rid of currency risk  07:09P_Nut10:28#Cruncher
22h Intimidated by Trustee and Investment Advisor  06:35MerriebytheSea23:20blackwater
0c Road trip mid August relocating from DC to Berkeley  06:30Russmck  
3h VG Total Stock Market Index ETF performance?  05:58rakornacki106:57nisiprius
1t savings and staying course with investment strategy  03:46Robert T06:11matjen
7h Your allocation to Emerging Market small cap ETFs?  07/21chasiu20923:42chasiu209
10t Vanguard Client Dispute Resolution Dept.  07/21client -p18:32LadyGeek
11t Bond strategy resilient to rate increase  07/21tom858420:42DSInvestor
0p Can I manage a new CC?  07/21g3d  
3p Lifecycle Financial Planning Spreadsheet  07/20assumer15:18Meg77
1p income tax - s corp  07/20webb707/20DSInvestor
6h Helping my sister consolidate to Vanguard after 30 yrs  07/20mindfulmania17:23mhalley
0h Vanguard website - downloading transaction data  07/20uws_res  
20t Value Overvalued  07/20james9900:32james99
2h Help me get on the right track with retirement  07/20farney07/20Kevin M
20h years of investing and balances  07/20rsbv15:19Kevin M
8p Advice please - Mom getting railroaded by SSA  07/20ThatOneGuy06:59TomatoTomahto
2h New Investor  07/20bbrodriguez08:56bbrodriguez
12c Repair car vs. buy new vs. lease -- EV or not?  07/20ryman55400:51davidepope
70h how often do you look at your account  page: 207/20rsbv21:50MSDOGS1976
7c Anyone know a good coin dealer in Dayton, Ohio?  07/20Norcalkenny10:30davebarnes
10t TSP vs Vanguard  07/20Finsfan06:21retiredjg
2h Adding Treasury Inflation Protection Securities?  07/20Nerdicus07/20LadyGeek
3p Seeking advice on buy vs lease of commercial space  07/20yosh9907/20Gnirk
27h VG Admiral Fund-falling below minimum investment  07/20jhawktx14:47JamesSFO
43h Helping My Grandmother  07/20PocketChangePension19:05Herekittykitty
21p What is reasonable for 403b fees?  07/20Arnevan15:32dbr
11h Income for my 81 Year Old Father  07/20Vito15:27Watty
44t Do you "Tax Adjust" your Asset Allocation (Pre vs Roth, etc)  07/20Doc723:32grabiner
4p Need an interpreter for SS instruction  07/20racy07/20racy
11h Am I "Locked In" For Payments With This Bond Fund?  07/20josh628607/20Electron
34c Anyone attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute  07/20tony4421:07Professor Emeritus
0c Anyone wear RGP contacts...  07/20bondsr4me  
8t oil companies more risky  07/20robertts1207:44AndrewXnn
28h Can I retire early?  07/20rikki07:57flyingaway
11c Turbo Tax .TAX file format  07/20vas07/20vas
8t Momentum Investing ?  07/20Taylor Larimore08:28Taylor Larimore
2t TD Ameritrade & buying bonds  07/20mnmac113:52Ken Carbaugh
23t What to do in a market correction  07/20DonCamillo19:29tadamsmar
22c Favorite Athlete  07/20tennisplyr07/20LadyGeek
9c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco23:28pinhead
5h beginner investor  07/20swolverine07/20BL
9t Investment Advisor usage? (vs. 3-fund)  07/20kayanco20:24kayanco
11t NY Times Article - a case for index investing  07/20gvsucavie0323:11Brian2d
26t Stable Value Fund vs Total Bond Market  07/20sunnyday22:37HurdyGurdy
12h Stop Loss on stocks/ ETFs  07/20atfish06:01Aptenodytes
43t Poll: Has your AA changed in the last 18 months  07/20Longtimelurker22:24grabiner
5h Help with a retiring parent's portfolio  07/20notoriousfinch07/20BL
48c Which kind of bike for recent retiree?  07/19malloc12:44Fallible
6h Portfolio Advice & Suggestions for a self taught investor  07/19Midori4008:49Stan Dup
43t Faber: S&P 500 an Active Fund in Drag  07/19berntson20:30kenschmidt
9c What to look for in HOA resale package  07/19andyandyandy07/20powermega
7h Advice For Late Starters To Investing  07/19Nerdicus07/20LateStarter1975
6p US car rental insurance for foreign tourist ?  07/19madbrain12:47curmudgeon
7t Thoughts of a long-term investor  07/19Naikansha07/20cjking
8c Sprinklers for the bottom of a sloping lawn  07/19Mudpuppy07/20dratkinson
21c Pet fish recommendations  07/19sunnyday21:10Mudpuppy
19p Buying First Home - Inspection Follow Up Advice  07/19JerLon07/20Novine
9h Roth 401k conversion  07/19fyrace07/20retiredjg
21p RMDs on Vanguard Inherited IRA  07/19Calm Man07/20Alan S.
8h Jumping on the IPS bandwagon, Critique please  07/19V1RTUS02:22V1RTUS
15h Moving IRA from TD to Vanguard  07/19htdrag1116:43htdrag11
9t Favorite portfolio tracking software  07/19Kelly20:25kenyan
19t I was tempted to market time and didn't  07/19Brian2d07/20UnclePennybags
9h AA for a spoiled young buck  07/19OriolesFan8907/20William4u
3h Cash out or 1035 exchange? Yes, another WL mistake  07/19drpepper07/20drpepper
7h Vanguard Target retirement vs S&P500 indexing  07/19a3d12:26steve_14
6h Question about Vanguard ETFs for non-US investors  07/19nobsinvestor18:48Karamatsu
3p Evaluating return from auto debit on mortgage  07/19Cookies07/20Cookies
40c Memory foam mattresses - any insight?  07/19Triple digit golfer07/20yatesd
23t Japan's Lost Decades in One Chart  07/19berntson05:22Clive
26p Social Security Taxes?  07/19bigez1707/20LadyGeek
8c When to Buy Air Tik to Florida  07/19Leesbro6307/20dickenjb
16c Visiting Japan  07/19timmy07/20plats
19p Transfer of assets to child. Tax strategy  07/19ram07/20dickenjb
9h Complete Portfolio Rebalancing: Lump or DCA?  07/19Investapreneuer08:10Investapreneuer
38h Divesting Stock with Sentimental Value  07/19wesef15:08livesoft
5h Move Morningstar Portfolio To Vanguard  07/19brooklynbomber07/20brooklynbomber
21c The ultimate Boglehead exercise  07/19Rexindex07:32Longtimelurker
9p Missing TSP Contribution?  07/19Barefootgirl13:58irishbear99
20t Gray Market woes  07/19remoox21:37remoox
2c Easy dance instruction?  07/19bestplans07/20bcjb
3h (TIPS) Treasury Inflation Protected Securities  07/18Nerdicus07/21pascalwager
5h Allocation review and advice for better use of "cash"  07/18sporkman01:22sporkman
4h Revisiting situation from four months ago  07/18ajb11515:39Duckie
18t If no access to DFA, Small Value worth it?  07/18kdmusic07/20larryswedroe
8p SPIA quotes from Vanguard  07/18bill8807/20Frugal Al
16t Jeremy Grantham pokes holes in EMH  07/18larryswedroe07/20nedsaid
32c How much energy does water heater use when I'm not home?  07/18mediahound13:17mediahound
29p Buy a condo for college?  07/18Heyolshan07/20tj
9t If You Can Free Kindle/NOT Free Paperback Available  07/18Bill Bernstein07/20michaelsieg
11p Forced Stock sale  07/18thegoogly01:05JoinToday
7h College Kid Looking for some Vanguard Advice  07/18WYPanther18:48WYPanther
16h Invest in pricey 403(b),or skip it and go taxable?  07/18Drain07/20bnes
7c Unlimited Book Subscription vs Amazon Kindle Unlimited  07/18sunnyday07/20sscritic
32c Honda Fit, Civic  07/1850ismygoal20:51JeffAL
17t Understanding I-bonds & TIPS  07/18asif40808:15sscritic
9h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide18:57windhog
28c Help with Title/Author of Science Fiction Novel  07/18gatorman20:13Kalo
14t Blog:Vanguard index fund security lending in 2013  07/18Barry Barnitz23:40Alskar
97c If you own a car, do you have a car payment?  page: 207/18TRC21:15jimbojones
5h Help with asset allocation  07/18titan1807/20sambb
67c Options/guidance for a lazy person to be fit  page: 207/18Jerrybaby19:19gtmn
16p Tenant request lease agreement is named in LLC?  07/18LoveToRun23:31Zabar
16h Please approve my asset allocation!  07/17Ironsides22:29Ironsides
37t [Learning about] Economics 101  07/17Nerdicus07/20LadyGeek
7h Extra Cash and General Financial Planning  07/17bhreader07/20Duckie
8h Yet another newbie's 403(b): fund/allocation advice, please  07/17Toady.19:14windhog
22p Exceptionally high marginal rates on students  07/17Bob's not my name16:05Bob's not my name
30p 15 year mortgage or a 30 year & Invest?  07/17thethinker07/20Johno
66t To Tilt or Not to Tilt - Rick Ferri's Latest  page: 207/17matjen19:44steve_14
12t I'm a genius!  07/17HomerJ20:55zaboomafoozarg
43h Relatively safe investment for large sum  07/17dbmd19:24dratkinson
15p SS benefit question - May/December couple  07/17ZiziPB07/20Hexdump
81t Ways to lose money and destroy personal wealth by investing  page: 207/17Valuethinker14:07LadyGeek
28t Should non-US investors buy US-listed REITS?  07/17chasiu20902:05TedSwippet
8h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW01:51pingo
28h Can't decide to keep 401k with previous employer or move  07/16Doc707/20Doc7
33t New Edition of Random Walk in January 2015  07/16tadamsmar12:17tadamsmar
89t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 207/16Rob Bertram17:43placeholder
123t POLL: Do you have a dedicated REIT allocation?  page: 2 307/16berntson22:30grabiner
14t Variable annuity ,what's the difference ?  07/16BigTom10:01placeholder
16c Driving from Rockford, il to Mesa AZ....best route.  07/15Dave C.19:34john94549
37c $32k Subaru Outback or $14k Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  07/15sunnyday12:22NHRATA01
12h Some Basic Asset Allocation Advice Please  07/15marklearnsbogle20:11marklearnsbogle
29h 403(b)/general advice for first post-residency job  07/15texaspapas07/20texaspapas
9h Need Portfolio Advice  07/15csc19:34tld74
65t Millennials (with jobs) are super-saving their retirement  page: 207/15sliqua07/20Cash
6t My quarterly update on 2014's sure things  07/15larryswedroe10:13larryswedroe
59t Adding Corporates to Total Bond Market Index  page: 207/14friar161000:28Munir
54c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 207/14bbrock23:37letsgobobby
12h Advice for First-Time Investors  07/13Alg17:06Taylor Larimore
5h Portfolio review  07/13Red Beaver00:21Red Beaver
53p Debt payoff plan opinions  page: 207/13jtayl7111:32bloom2708
7h 401K Allocations 51 years old  07/12bbigg5107/20pingo
10h Spouse to assume or inherit IRA?  07/12runner917:40SteveM
77c How much do you spend on your hobby annually?  page: 207/12TxAg16:54Beer_n_Cue
19h New to investing, looking for advice.  07/12delsolluv07/20V1RTUS
68c Ditch car and commute to work in 250cc scooter in Raleigh?  page: 207/12tidalwave1018:30thewizzer
119p List of Worst financial advice (what not to do):  page: 2 307/08Coiled_Snake06:42Tbeller80
253t a close look at value and momentum  page: 2 3 4 5 607/07larryswedroe07:21larryswedroe
18p Business structure - Self employed software engineer  07/06curious205007/20LeeMKE
48h Pay down (not off) mortgage?  06/30letsgobobby12:55Twins Fan
17h Portfolio Review Please  06/29Bigfish07/20Bigfish
13c Best Method to Sell a U.S. Coin Collection  06/27MichDad21:05Louis Winthorpe III
11h Should I sell individual stocks and bonds to buy index funds  06/27Paula12:11livesoft
43p Best CC for (new) purchases  06/22Mrxyz09:09mike143
47p Anyone here use Personal Capital?  06/22crowd7907:52Tbeller80
54p Anyone switch to non-branch banking?  page: 206/22Brian2d07/20Jerrybaby
24p combined family maximum SS [Social Security]  06/17lizwoo21:12lizwoo
44t Developing a sound framework for optimal asset allocation  06/14rca182407/20HurdyGurdy
14l Seattle Chapter?  05/29zmcpherson23:36Mel Lindauer
30h Raft Stategy  05/26catlover15:35catlover
35l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone23:38Mel Lindauer
15h Help me reduce portfolio from 16 to 3!  05/21mickeyvee07/20mickeyvee
22c [residential] Solar Panels [in CA]?  05/15BogleBoogie05:39Valuethinker
2t Total return chart for Barclays Global Aggregate ex-USD  05/12investmentgamer07/20nisiprius
24p Caught in the IRS fraud mess  04/20placeholder12:59Epsilon Delta
24t Q&A with the Experts at 2014 Bogleheads Conference  04/17Mel Lindauer08:53Austintatious
56h Advice Needed on Transitioning to DIY Passive Portfolio  page: 204/06JaneyLH20:11retiredjg
9h International Diversification, Multiple or Single ETF's?  04/02danclarkie05:47Kalergie
4h Planning my non-retirement investment portfolio  03/19investmentgamer10:34abuss368
118c LED bulb prices  page: 2 303/02madbrain07/20BrandonBogle
37p Former Employer Over Payment  01/23hackermb17:38sscritic
22h Parents are behind. Total asset allocation advice (56 & 51)?  01/22ab0mination19:23Herekittykitty
20t Any passive funds that avoid dividend-paying stocks?  01/16kcb20307/20MAI
20h TSP or Vanguard IRAs  09/13littlejohn30907/20hoppy08520
6c Anybody using dash cameras?  09/07aja888807/20Redstorm
24t Stock market recovery time  07/29Tom_T00:04james99
79p Lost a lot in stocks and starting fresh: Please Help  page: 22013humblednhumiliated08:45BrianJM
82c Hearing Aids  page: 22013Lon07/20Spirit Rider
20c Removing a beehive from mailbox newspaper holder  2013ks28907/20gvsucavie03
35p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar11:42Rob5TCP
131t Delay Social Security to age 70 and Spend more money at 62  page: 2 32012Cut-Throat23:43gw
3093c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 622012randomwalk07/20Fallible
816t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172012Taylor Larimore10:23abuss368
46f Tapatalk Integration  2011kirent22:25JamesSFO
15l Huntsville, AL Bogleheads Local Chapter Established  2011jemjtell07/20Mel Lindauer
596t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 122009Trev H07/21placeholder
263l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Barry Barnitz07/20LadyGeek
21t Joel Greenblatt's "magic formula"  2007amador21:41Jeff Albertson

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