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6p Family Maximum Social Security  12:12papiper21:49123
38p DIY distance moving  04/28retire1421:312tall4economy
4h On the fence on Roth rollover  05/282tall4economy05/282tall4economy
8t Bogleheads and international bonds  05/28tc10109:163Factor
1h Roth 401k Question  10:44cgp11014:2353timr
5h New 401k - Seeking Advice  05/26tram05/2853timr
34c How to sell a large statue?  05/24mmcmonster23:49555
8p 13% APR Loan  10:08closetoreality10:428foot7
173p much ado about coasting (through life)  page: 2 3 405/08Mill16:44a
24h Bond portfolio YTM> 3%  05/28mpt follower12:14abuss368
12h The Power Of An Int'l Bond ETF Like ‘BNDX’  05/27mpt follower11:29abuss368
1104t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232012Taylor Larimore05/28abuss368
11t Simple (ex: DFA core) Vs Complex (S&D multiple segments)  05/23A_C_E05/28A_C_E
5h Possible to file a 1099-R correction electronically or does it have to be done over the mail?  01:05kareysue23:17Alan S.
6h help with ineligible rollover  05/27sardin23:12Alan S.
1p Why employer limits after-tax 401k contribution percentage to a low number?  16:58cliffedelgado17:17Alan S.
10t Forget BND. Here's another idea...  17:18ajacobs622:18am
5h Roth and 403B help  05/28joetown200105/28anonenigma
20p Tax-Effective Retirement Distibution Strategy Advice Requested  05/28Aspen18:09Aspen
46c Looking for a DVR device for antenna TV (Simple.TV?)  05/19Browser16:28astrohip
38c Do-it-yourself handy person: How did you learn?  05/25livesoft17:33Atilla
20h Please Help: I am eligible to participate in my first 401K.  09/06avidsaver14:57avidsaver
100t Stemikger "Volatility is far from synonymous with risk."  page: 2 305/24Taylor Larimore21:50backpacker
81h Do I really need International equities in my portfolio ?  page: 205/23Kevin2275121:47backpacker
14t Asset Allocation and withdrawal rate for short life remaining?  08:05gasdoc19:10Banjovi
7p Federal Employees - New HSA process?  05/28Barefootgirl13:24Barefootgirl
52t To ETF or Not to ETF? That is the question.  page: 204/20Rick Ferri15:39baw703916
11h Need 60k for downpayment, take from VTIAX or VTSAX?  05/28bhead3305/28bhead33
3h Sell stocks/funds before backdoor conversion?  05/28bigsprings05/28bigsprings
27h Retired, need help with investment  05/07sylviakit00:20BL
745c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1509/22Alex Frakt22:32black jack
4p Intuit Quicken Question  07:18BlackStrat20:07BlackStrat
2c Heat pump estimate  05/28iWantToLearn05/28bloom2708
79t Let's hear your Dave Ramsey success stories  page: 209/24fourwedge05/28bogleburger
13t Worried about longevity risk...this isn't good news  05/27matjen05/28Bogle_Feet
7h pension vs variable annuity  05/27bananabrain2305/28Bogle_Feet
9t Expense Ratio Comparison  05/27ddorsett05/28BolderBoy
41t "Are You Devoting Too Much Time (and Money) to Niche Asset Classes?"  05/28Taylor Larimore21:22Browser
4h When to go conservative, College near  05/28howboys3710:23Buffetologist
95p Selling home - unexpected competition  page: 205/13thomasbayarea16:57Bungo
11t Market Capitalization Flaw in Index Funds  05/27BuyAndHoldOn05/28BuyAndHoldOn
1h Portfolio Advice - Spending the Kids Money 529  04/29ddorsett05/28celia
3h Poor (on paper) 401K options. Help requested  03/16MindTheGAAP09:37Chadnudj
24p "Retiring" and Age Discrimination  05/28investingdad05/28cheese_breath
63c Should I shorten my last name?  page: 205/27mac_guy04:33cherijoh
13h Should I simplify or pursue a financial advisor?  04/19TresBelle6503:53cherijoh
0p Emergency Fund & Significant Other  23:04closetoreality  
23t This time is different  18:33SanDiegoFIRE23:17conlius
18p Citi double cash card vs. Amex Blue Everyday  05/28bbrock22:45coolguy954
2f Smileys across the forum page  05/27HueyLD05/28Crimsontide
11h Help with allocation of Bond funds  11:35csc18:46csc
10p Anyone changed careers after building required nest egg?  05/28cybernut15:01cybernut
6p Managing finances in old age  15:07ralph124cf17:11Dale_G
3h just starting roth- suggetion help  05/27davew105005/28davew1050
5h New portfolio review: 10 years until retirement  05/28mhall13:34dbCooperAir
7p Saving Strategy Help  23:25mirror12:22dbCooperAir
46c New or Used Honda Odyssey  02/25new2bogle06:32ddurrett896
1t DFA's David Booth on Master in Business  15:28matjen16:27dgabler53
12c Planning a wedding in Long Island NY  05/26AND_YOU_ARE18:01dgdevil
0p Health / Dental and Marriage  05/28dguad4  
253t 'Fundamental Indexing' by Arnott  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Scratcher Gille05/28Digger
0l hotel recommendation for before or after Bogleheads annual gathering  08:42dodecahedron  
19p IRS Transcript page hacked  05/26rkhusky05/28dolphinsaremamm
102c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 2 304/20protagonist19:32Drew777
15p Plan For Attacking Student Loan  05/26drseapbu1005/28drseapbu10
1h Help with allocation of Bond funds  11:36csc12:14DSInvestor
8h Roth IRAs caps  05/28BackCoveIronman05/28DSInvestor
14h Portfolio advice - two recently married 30 year olds  05/25kmb72705/28Duckie
1p HSA contribution timing  05/28mkeane105/28Dutch
5h VIGAX a substitute for S&P 500 in 401k?  05/28jbow4405/28DVMResident
1p ESPLanner software  05/28fishboat05/28egghead
11h Explaining Vanguard GNMA Admiral over past month  05/26Buffetologist05/28Electron
24c BMW needs new tires  05/27am05/28ElJay
7p questions about 1099 income and taxes  13:41s2kmw14:59EnjoyIt
0h Global fund/ managed payout fund  23:05Enjoy the good   
9h Buying municipal bond funds now  05/28Enjoy the good 05/28Enjoy the good
87t A Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads  page: 211/01longinvest18:03Erhan
9t Nice Financial Times Article about Vanguard  05/27Mel Lindauer21:51Fallible
9c Time Management  05/13closetoreality19:46Fallible
0p LTD - Metlife Vs. Guardian - Help me!  16:17fatwalletking  
12t Why Bother With Bonds? (book shout out)  05/15Kevin M16:55Financecruiser
131t Any Momentum Investors Out There?  page: 2 312/01gatorman21:36Fryxell
22h First DIY 401k  05/27fungus_amungus08:35fungus_amungus
1p How to Estimate Nonresident Taxes in Multiple States  18:29aude19:15Garco
18p Leaving a Company  14:28aj4423:19GerryL
3h are any of these funds keepers ??  20:19jbt6223:07GerryL
32c Best Kid Toys  05/27mbk73417:29gkaplan
3p Term Life and LTD - Paralysis by Analysis. Please help me complete this task.  14:16Tico_7517:09go140point6
3h Best Fund for Taxable Account  16:43oinkyboinky20:59grabiner
1t Tax Equivalent Yield on Cash Value (or Death Benefit)  05/28powermega05/28grabiner
11h Would you compliment 500 Index with Extended Market or Tax Advantaged Small Cap?  05/27B0gle797905/28grabiner
21p Solar Panels  05/26Bimmer12:23GuyFromGeorgia
5p Beneficiary to inherit TIAA Traditional Annuity, wants to withdraw all.  13:25BlackCat18:19HalfMillionaire
22c Tips for extended European Trip  05/27OldTimer05/28hand
2c sandblasting exterior shingles  07:41dolphinsaremamm21:43Helodriver
23p Can my husband retire yet?  13:22anonforthis21:32Herekittykitty
5h Should only those with limited resources use LMP  16:21antiqueman23:04heyyou
4h Should my wife buy her sister's share of their rental house?  16:05cadreamer201522:54HIinvestor
28p Costco and AMEX  04/17anticrastinator05/28HIinvestor
35p Whole life or term life?  05/21ktd13:14Hikes_With_Dogs
7h Portfolio Adjustment Assisstance  05/28sam.thode20:14iceport
26p Early/Earlier/Earliest Retirement?  05/26TresBelle6505/28Independent
8p Parents getting US green card - Tax planning  05/26ashagru10:08InternationalMa
15p Just general comments for a 22 y/o on financial position  05/26bigguy843715:59Jack FFR1846
12p Would you get comprehensive and collision coverage?  05/28PhysicsTeacher14:58Jack FFR1846
10h Ideas for short term investment?  05/28consurfer12:56JamesCletus
7t World's worst market timer. Buy high, sell... never?  15:02jasc1522:28jasc15
5h Traditional IRA to Roth conversion  05/28jay2205/28jay22
25l San Jose, CA Area Bogleheads Chapter  03/21alanwbaker10:38jc42
10c Good e-mail manager?  05/27gatorman05/28jebmke
6l Master Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter  02/02jghassell11:47jghassell
37p American Express sneakery  05/26k505/28jhfenton
3h Home Equity as part of your Net Worth?  19:03staleyintx22:52jj
2p To Keep Life Insurance, Or Not  05/28barrydmd101:55jlawrence01
13c Downside of placing a credit freeze?  05/27zkzkzk03:26JLJL
8p Is there anything I should be aware of when transferring $60k to the US?  09:11Quarantine20:57joe8d
60t Reducing the Black Swans  page: 205/11mpt follower12:39Johno
18p "Sock drawered" credit cards.  05/2755511:37Johno
162c Aren't we overdoing electronic auto safety features?  page: 2 3 405/15Browser12:36JonnyDVM
3c Carpeting stairs  17:32Jozxyqk18:09Jozxyqk
15p Pediatric Practice  05/26rgarg05/28Jozxyqk
16p Social Security question  05/28LeighN18:00JW Nearly Retir
13h Regular or Roth 457?  05/26adam12310:10JW Nearly Retir
10h Helping friend with 401K  05/27Offshorebound09:34JW Nearly Retir
9h VXF vs FSEMX - Tax efficiency and returns [Extended market funds]  05/27keep_the_change10:21keep_the_change
1h Investment Direction  19:46dentjohnson5720:01Kevin M
14h Exchanging Vanguard Funds In Personal Account Relating to Tax  05/26schuerwm05/28Kevin M
6h Course correction...  04/20smj05/28Kevin M
14p Retirement homes  05/28Jim8505/28kithwang
33t Supreme Court rules in favor of 401k participants who object to high fees  05/18prudent05/28kmurp
3h TD Ameritrade account to mirror Vanguard HELP  13:02texasdmd13:09lack_ey
1t Fund expense ratio changes reported in May 2015.  05/28gkaplan05/28lack_ey
5l Next National Gathering  05/28andrew92822:07LadyGeek
22h American living in Taiwan  05/18sens16:44LadyGeek
1c Solved - not able to log into Vanguard using Firefox due to "stale" bookmark  15:02webslinger16:12LadyGeek
32c 60W eq. LED bulb deal alert...  05/13surfstar16:07LadyGeek
1p How to pay for Solar System and is it a good deal?  11:47kchico11:56LadyGeek
7f My post printed twice  08:34Winsome10:23LadyGeek
8h Things Change(? - Getting Married)  05/28ARLJLKL09:38LadyGeek
28c SSD + HDD good option for upgrading desktop PC?  05/27Ketawa05/28LadyGeek
2t How Do Young Tech Billionaires Invest  05/28gouldnm05/28LadyGeek
3p where to withdraw for kitchen remodel  09:11LadyIJ12:44LadyIJ
7h Fee only planner to help simply a complex portfolio?  12:54stilllearning22:42Lafder
32h Allocation with large holding in single stock  05/22cron001220:46Lafder
4h Requesting portfolio advice.  05/03jia23:55Lafder
0t Blog inspired by Barron's ranking of top mutual fund families  07:33larryswedroe  
6t Passive Investment options where Fidelity is clearly better than Vanguard ?  18:08Osp6222:37LeeMKE
10c why is my android phone full?  05/07letsgobobby13:37letsgobobby
2p New Car Purchase Sales Tax Question  17:37Austex121:48livesoft
13h HSAbank TD Ameritrade options to match vanguard funds??  04/01WisdomSeeker3221:33livesoft
1p Congratulations to the class of 2015  18:05tennisplyr18:06livesoft
4t Vanguard Help - Need Sweep Account  05/28VT200610:26livesoft
10h Seeking ~10 fund recs for taxable account. Low correlation desired.  05/15Taximization07:47livesoft
2h Thinking about swapping betterment -> vanguard, some questions about wash sales & bond funds  05/28Morik05/28livesoft
4h Rollover from Institutional Funds to  13:14luannb17:05luannb
11p Tax versus Lottery Winning  05/27KlangFool00:41lumberingc
13c 5000 btu open window air conditioner  05/25pablolo12:49magellan
13c Cheapest host to buy and sponsor a domain name?  05/26HenryPorter05/28magellan
11h How much is enough diversification?  05/23Mambo_Diablo05/28Mambo_Diablo
6p Long term capital gains tax question  00:05phatkev05:50MarkS
4h Savings bond help  05/26cals400ex19:07MasonStorm@TheB
11t Swedroe: Risk-Managed Momentum Outperforms  05/28matjen09:36matjen
3p does this 401(k) distribution requirement make sense?  05/27matonplayer05/28matonplayer
1h What now?  05/28daggerboard05/28Meg77
4t The case for a global perspective  05/27mhall05/28mhall
1c Suggestions for Selling an Antique Bicycle?  17:42Oddlot21:40mhalley
6h Opened a Vanguard Account  05/28andrew92805/28mhalley
3h Critique My 401K Rollover Investments  05/27blueblock05/28mhalley
6p use emergency funds or borrow from HELOC  08:061530jesup21:17michaelsieg
38h What am I doing wrong ?  05/28coachz13:50michaelsieg
5h 529 Plan  21:22chendon23:14mickens16
8h Question for Rick Ferri and other pros  05/27FBN201410:40midareff
12p Some Basic Estate Planning Concepts  05/19Theoretical23:43Miriam2
4p 2 Year Boglehead anniversary  05/28swimirvine05/28Miriam2
6h Which bond fund in taxable account?  05/28Morik20:42Morik
6h Which international funds to buy in a taxable account?  05/28Enjoy the good 09:59Morik
7h 529 Question  08:37mxs16:13mxs
30c Buying iPhone 6 at full retail  05/28tbradnc22:34ne2ca28
31c Day trips from Berlin?  05/09Leeraar21:09nedsaid
2h New 403b investment help  05/28need403bhelp15:58need403bhelp
4p Question on rental home  14:16new2bogle14:50new2bogle
8c FBI background check: Go direct or use channeler?  05/27fundseeker07:15nhdblfan
86c I found a new coffee.  page: 207/02Hexdump18:31Nicolas
5h transferring irrevocable trust to vanguard - choosing index funds  05/28sashatasha13:44Noobvestor
12c Made online payment and credit card is compromised  13:50Shald15:28nordlead
3t Global mutual fund expense ratios  05/28Barry Barnitz05/28normaldude
8l Las Vegas Mtgs Master Thread  2013nvboglehead22:26nvboglehead
4p seeking some advice - buying/renting HCOL  09:16nytechie22:08nytechie
11c Mazda CX-5 2015 or 2016  19:19OldhondaguyNVA22:35OldhondaguyNVA
22c Buying Mazda CX-5 - to wait or not to wait?  12/26RegularPerson1205/28OldhondaguyNVA
8t Investing 101 for Complete Beginners?  05/27cgxy05/28oldzey
4h coffeehouse portfolio versus target date fund?  11:45osageryder14:45oncorhynchus
54c Buying a Car to commute - SUV or Sedan?  page: 204/20joelly05/28opus360
6p Considering Buying Our Next House  05/28VTowner8313:35Pajamas
13p HSA Excess Contribution -2014  05/26Pessimist5505/28Pessimist55
46p How do you buy health insurance these days?  04/30plnelson13:33plnelson
8p Convert multifamily building ownership to Corp  05/26pugster05/28pugster
7c Know of investment (not budget) tracking software?  05/23Calsaver01:32quercus
4h ETF Dividends settings - IRA  15:16quizzer2516:00quizzer25
18c What to do in Raleigh  05/28jwa22:04radiowave
31t Any impartial advocates for the other point of view?  05/27LarryB4gr05/28randomguy
14t Another look at why it's important to globally diversify  05/18larryswedroe05/28randomguy
51t Portfolio Volatility is a Big Drag on Returns  page: 22014Random Walker05/28Random Walker
4h [Rising] Interest rates and Investments  05/28rav2fi13:26rav2fi
12c Is grease inside a kitchen exhaust fan a fire hazard?  05/26d_green05/28Rayandron
26c Selected photos of 3-week bicycle ride around the Italian Lakes  05/28Raybo17:26Raybo
120c Once in a life time trip.  page: 2 305/26ktd16:49reggiesimpson
2c St. Lucia travel tips?  05/28brian201305/28ResearchMed
78h All cash now ($1M) - need advice on entering this lofty market  page: 205/28RetiredEd23:09RetiredEd
73f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 22007tfb05/28RetiredEd
3p IRA rollover to solo 401k to E trade  05/27artibug15:23retiredjg
6h RMUCX  13:11zratis15:12retiredjg
20h How to analyze portfolio recommendations  04/17sam.thode05:37retiredjg
15c Best way to learn tennis for adult  11:50ray.james15:40retired recentl
29t Help me simply understand why Bonds now?  09:10broadstone21:33rgs92
6p Just Received 2014 Form 5498 from Vanguard  05/27Barefootgirl05/28RJ614
1t How 529 college savers invest.  18:10gkaplan21:11rkhusky
17t At what point would you want "capped" indices?  05/14Hallman05/28rkhusky
7t 25 Month CD at 2.27% at US Alliance Federal Credit Union  12:12mptness20:59Rob5TCP
19p 1095-A mistake (No SLCSP)  03/15RobG05/28RobG
11t Are US Gov Bonds "Better" than other Developed Countries' Bonds?  05/28pt3210:10Rodc
16t Will Single Premium Immediate Annuities be better with higher interest rates?  23:51nobsinvestor21:00Ron
0c How to Price Used Furniture & Art?  18:13RooseveltG  
32t Wellington & Wellesley  05/26jsl1105/28rrppve
37c Toronto Vacation - Finding a hotel  05/04runner916:27runner9
16h Correct Format with all funds included  05/13indexonlyplease19:35ruralavalon
33h Budget allocation between LARGE student loan burden and Retirement_Updated details  05/05BobLaw19:07ruralavalon
9h Updated Info: Please, Please, Please! Help Us Improve our Portfolio  05/25hailey8333313:56ruralavalon
11h Poor choices in my 403(b) plan  05/27sad207:46ruralavalon
30t University of California Retirement Plan  05/15bertie wooster05/28Sandi_k
27p lump sum divorce settlement  05/26Noe20:48sdsailing
86p Cost of a "free" PhD program is around half a million? How does anyone afford this?  page: 205/27understandingJH05/28sdsailing
15c New phone considerations for Consumer Cellular  03/11batpot05/28Shadow_Dancer
134l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 2 312/04siamond14:40siamond
6h Newbie intro. Eager to learn!  05/28M20Pilot12:00siamond
1h Mutual fund dividend reinvestment  16:33csc16:36Sidney
14h Immediate annunities  05/26martie6705/28skepticalobserv
3h Cold Calls from Hennion & Walsh  05/28skepticalobserv05/28skepticalobserv
12p Landscaping architect?  05/27artibug05/28sksbog
18p Housing Market in SoCal  05/28consurfer18:41sologuy
18h backdoor and perhaps taxable conversion  05/27SpideyIndexer23:18SpideyIndexer
8h Changing my bond allocation  05/25adriciu11:45SpideyIndexer
1p Small business move from Simple IRA to 401(k)  08:51bentov09:44Spirit Rider
4p Inherited RMD market timing question  08:13Crow Hunter09:25Spirit Rider
7p Tax implications of exercising ISOs before they're vested  05/28janelane05/28Sportswhiz00
47c Behavioral finance and restaurants  10:15livesoft21:53Sriracha
44p Question about Citi Double Cash Card  04/08INTRESIS05/28Sriracha
4c Polishing/cleaning pads for random orbital polishers  05/28TheOscarGuy05/28ssquared87
26h After you pay off your house...then what?  05/27renue7405/28stan1
29p My son needs a double lung transplant  05/27Tom_Berkeley19:04staythecourse
10h How shall I adjust my portfolio  05/28cxwjoyce081613:29steve roy
7t International Bond Fund - Updated Thoughts  11:41abuss36823:17stlutz
9t Vanguard looking to license its ETF patent  05/27Boglenaut00:19stlutz
7t Transferring 2 Roths to 1  15:03Sunny11120:37Sunny111
74c Still make sense to have AAA membership?  page: 205/25Hawaiishrimp14:35Super Hans
5h individual cap index funds vs total stock market index  05/27davew105005/28Taylor Larimore
33h Upcoming Economic Bubble  05/26Adrian P12:51tc101
5h Slicing and Dicing: Time to Rebalance Toward International?  05/26LeeInTN05/28telemark
19p How much is financial flexibility worth?  05/19dooley6317:30terctun
80t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 205/30MichDad13:02texasdiver
18p Sell farmland or keep?  03/23LuckBeALady12:48texasdiver
1p 401k Rollover Guidance  09:44TWI12:42texasdiver
4c Requesting resolution over dispute on airbnb  05/27milesaway05/28texasdiver
8c Need bike hitch and rack for Honda Odyssey 2011  05/27Mrxyz05/28texasdiver
9h Complicated scenario: Out of room in tax advantaged accounts  05/28GreatOdinsRaven05/28Theoretical
69t Vanguard implements 20 character passwords  page: 22013geoff205/28TomatoTomahto
27p Identity theft  05/10Tom_Berkeley05/28Tom_Berkeley
3t Financial planning for your demise  20:25friar161022:15tomd37
2p Need some tax help regarding a commercial property  01:39nobsinvestor08:36Two Headed Mule
1c Qualcomm Quick Charging for Phones is amazing  11:17lightheir11:50tyrion
1p Dow Theory Forecast Newsletter...sample  05/28bondsr4me05/28Uncle Pennybags
7h How to invest with Euros?  04/17mspadorchard16:35Valuethinker
4c 0% financing on auto loans  05/28DDMP2005/28VgSince1982
16c Retirement and Proximity to "Teaching Hospitals"  05/17netrammgc16:48VictoriaF
15p Tax paid to wrong state: What recourse?  04/08VictoriaF16:01VictoriaF
4t WSJ: Trading has shifted to the end of the day  05/28stratton05/28Wagnerjb
18h No debt. Maxed out retirement and Roth. Help!  05/28twofacelady21:04Wannabe
17p Pre-Retirement Guidance  05/27wannabogle14:27wannabogle
30c Kitchen Remodeling and Microwave Food  05/25CountryBoy05/28watchnerd
11h SERP retirement account [Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan]  05/25WhiteCoatBro05/28wfrobinette
10h Best options when Roth is not an option  05/27bigsprings05/28wfrobinette
4c portable oxygen concentrator  05/28chabil10:16whaleknives
14h Grandson's UTMA account  05/26Winsome05/28Winsome
38p Comparing two common Social Security claiming strategies for married couples  05/26Enkidu19:20Workinghard
15p Mortgage - Extended Rate Lock  05/22xanadu3222:01xanadu32
5c Fidelity ATM card  05/28retire1401:05Yossarian

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