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25h Lousy 401k question  04/27Mnoga7207:044nursebee
1c AQUAPEX, a good idea ???  23:47malloc06:504nursebee
5t Returns of Bond Funds when interest rates go up  23:16mpt follower01:24555
20p Retiring before kids start college. Thoughts?  05/0355522:35555
55t "Don't invest in something you don't understand."  page: 205/0255514:47555
38p House Next Door for Sale...Kind Of: Ethics Issue?  05/01Savvy07:398foot7
12h Monthly Income Funds  05/03Guardyourheart12:00acejacksingh
9c Do I need another credit card?  18:12achen929123:25achen9291
60f Polls Disabled  page: 205/01Alex Frakt11:40Alex Frakt
2p Where to take out student loans  05/01Walleye1205/03Alto Astral
9p Which of these 6 mortgages seem good?  05/01Alto Astral05/03Alto Astral
16h non-governmental 457b vs. taxable account  2012newbiedoc7505/03am
6h DFA Fund help.  05/01artbug05/03artbug
0c Neighbor wants to excavate shallow water hole common to both properties  06:52avenger  
20c Things to do in Maui  05/01AZAttorney1105/03AZAttorney11
25t the missing value premium  05/01larryswedroe18:32backpacker
63c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 204/20protagonist05/03Barefootgirl
20t Fiduciary Standard - Now open for public comments  04/19LadyGeek15:14Barry Barnitz
5c New phone considerations for Consumer Cellular  03/11batpot14:58batpot
27t Do Active Bond Funds Beat Index Bond Funds?  05/02Storcher05/03baw703916
14t Bill Bernstein Rational Expectations  04/29mrwheelerdealer05/03baw703916
7c electric water heater keeps tripping  08:25Go Blue 9909:47Bengineer
9p Deciding on an Executor  05/02Beth*05/03Beth*
0p Advice for young aussie  05/04Bikeman  
2h First time re-balancing. How to do cost basis?  18:52jakobox00:08BL
3h Making it simpler..  21:37chb12723:45BL
1h Help with my parent's portfolio  17:40EnjoyIt19:09BL
35t Vanguard vs. DFA when tax efficiency really matters  04/30Hank Moody05/03Blue
38p [How do I lead a discussion about saving for retirement?]  04/24Dulocracy20:09BolderBoy
47f What's new and changed in phpBB 3.1  05/02Peculiar_Invest16:36BolderBoy
78c Truecar -- isn't this just a car buying scam?  page: 205/01Browser23:46Browser
32c Telemarketing by Cell /Increase with Consumer Cellular  05/01Barefootgirl05/03Browser
2c buying a lot, construction loan  05/03eelwood05/03cadreamer2015
16c What happens if you violate an HOA?  12:11investingdad19:51Carefreeap
9p Real Estate Joint Ownership in England  05/02Copernicus19:39Carefreeap
5c Prescott and Prescott Valley Arizona  05/02Peterjens05/03Carefreeap
14c Nepal Earthquake Relief - How To Donate  05/02IPer05/03Carlton
59t Vanguard Security Hole?  page: 22011tadamsmar00:57CFM300
8p Fidelity GPS problems  05/03Earl Lemongrab11:34cheapskate
20c Roof shingle selection  04/20gd18:50cheese_breath
8h Advice on Stock Options - What would you do here?  05/02Chris2518:57Chris25
10h Help w/ AA Spread Across Multiple Accounts & an Emerging Market fund issue/question...  11:25chuckwagon111115:54chuckwagon1111
5t The future of "real return" for bond funds  19:57AllYouNeedIsLov01:23Clive
35t Quality/Value/Momentum Index  04/28JohnnyFive01:16countmein
4t Jumping to Catch Dividends in Mutual Funds  16:26csj40318:00csj403
20h Looking for investment input (mid-40's, dual high income)  02/22CT-Scott14:17CT-Scott
6c How are packages delivered to curbside mailboxes?  01:47d_green07:07dad2000
29t Best Time of Year to Rebalance Portfolio?  09:42gasdoc20:36Dandy
6h Taxable account advice  05/02Daniel197305/03Daniel1973
2f What happened to "view your posts" button?  11:58Day902:50Day9
34h Can you improve this constructed portfolio?  04/27dcarste05/03dbr
1c How do Comcast promotions work?  05/03protagonist06:19denovo
660c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142012Offshore05/03DFWinvestor
10h Retirement Calculators: Data input choices  05/01dianna05/03dianna
5c Car Insurance Claim Question  19:24MarkBarb20:34dm200
10t Buffett interview on the "margin of safety"; considerations for T-A-A  11:31Rx 4 investing19:42dnaumov
13p What happens to mortgage when house is willed to non-spouse?  19:51Cherokee821507:13dolphinsaremamm
12c How to clean spring mattress?  05/03stone16:52dolphinsaremamm
4h Retired w/ working spouse  10:37rgar9818:27Don_Qua
35p DIY distance moving  04/28retire1418:36DoubleClick
16c Electrical extension cord for a major appliance  05/01tennisplyr05/03drawpoker
4h taxes on REIT ETF  19:39lumberingc22:42DSInvestor
1h Roth 401K/Roth IRA  21:17hailey8333321:26DSInvestor
1h Back Door Roth: Long term gain vs short term gain  05/03wolingfeng05/03DSInvestor
4h Which Funds for Fidelity 401k  15:07satxdrummer15:36Duckie
75t Annuities: Bad in principle or practice?  page: 205/01sawhorse17:02edge
5h Portfolio Review/Questions  04/30ejezee07:54ejezee
7h Capital Gains on individual stock?  04/28chewnat23:05Electron
10h Capital Gains :(  05/03renue7414:35Electron
37t Who's Buying I Bonds Now?  05/01Grt2bOutdoors22:17englishgirl
27p Finding the actuarial value of delaying SS benefits  04/30Enkidu05/03Enkidu
14t Concerned that Floating NAV Rules will disrupt Prime Money Market Fund?  11:31patriciamgr219:06Epsilon Delta
11h Backdoor Roth IRA  04/30Columbus1514:43FactualFran
82c Luxury Car  page: 202/21airahcaz02:03fidelio
2p Another Pension Buyout Question  05/03FiveDriver11:20FiveDriver
13h Total beginner needs advice  04/29UHCOP05/04flybynite
1080t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222012Taylor Larimore06:22fortyofforty
29c Used vehicle purchase disaster  13:50Rayandron22:50FrugalInvestor
64p Merrill Edge anyone?  page: 22011hicabob04:49ganon
9t How Index Funds Exercise Their Clout  05/01gkaplan05/03garlandwhizzer
6h Wife's 401(k) with former employer: annoying calls from Transamerica  18:36Seattlenative19:30gary11
32c old ways can still be the best ways [percolator]  04/28bondsr4me11:27Gecko10x
7c Digital Pen and Tablet  05/03General Disarra09:49General Disarra
66t Vanguard governance and investor rights  page: 204/27sawhorse05/03Geologist
1p Quicken and Fidelity Cash Management  19:30bogleboy21:17G-Force
11p POA or last will?  11:30osageryder19:47Gill
9c Florida Vacation  14:30Random Musings18:28Gill
11h new investor  04/29freebz17:19goingup
12c Looking to Retire in Cleveland  12:12gouldnm20:30gouldnm
1h New Join - Portfolio Review/Suggestions  09:46FinanceCop15:34Grt2bOutdoors
15h Wellseley VWINX - for a conservative investor mid 30s.  05/03jjface07:16Grt2bOutdoors
2h Need suggestions [for combining funds in Fidelity IRA]  05/03harlan24705/03Grt2bOutdoors
6h 457 plan question  05/03student08:16HalfMillionaire
7t Transfer or Rollover  04/30Sunny11118:34harmony
4h SIPC limits, multiple accounts  05/02maxranj13:43harmony
25t Pfau, Kitces, & Target-Date Fund glide paths  04/26classicjazzfan19:58heyyou
6p Too much insurance???  21:38KSAL88981300:28HIinvestor
24p Sell my condo or rent it out?  04/28haserm21:25hoops777
15t When - and how - to relax about retirement assets?  05/01ResearchMed21:09hoops777
3c Toronto Vacation - Finding a hotel  15:24runner902:27hoopy
33p Leaving our financial advisor over a period of months  04/27Mintee05/03hoppy08520
11h TREA Limits  05/01ralph124cf11:19House Blend
0t Source for return standard deviation as function of AA  06:49IlliniDave  
3t madsinger monthly report (April 2015)  15:31madsinger17:22investor
4h Bonds, Average Duration, and NAV - and Confusion  23:47jah04:35jah
26t Omaha this weekend  04/28Andymoler5821:20James2
10h Need help with 4 core proxy  05/02JaySayms05/03JaySayms
30h How do you keep track of your investments?  14:18Gamma Ray07:06jebmke
2h Consolidating Accounts - AA questions  05/03jellybeans18:34jellybeans
5h 529 plan for grandson  05/03labvet13:22jerryk68
16p Questions about buying house process  05/01AQ05/03jfn111
0h Requesting portfolio advice.  05/03jia  
31c Cruises  04/21Barefootgirl06:41Jim85
16h Will I want to/need to annuitize assets at TIAA-CREF?  05/03baguette05/03jjustice
8t Vanguard Claims Title of World’s Largest Bond Fund  15:33mlebuf22:24JMacDonald
6p Should we increase umbrella policy for pool?  05/01financial.freed05/04johnubc
11h CD ladder at Ally - multiple durations or just one  05/03Jonhello02:46Jonhello
12h A fresh start: Helping my widowed mother in retirement  04/30Jonhello05/03Jonhello
7t Investors dumping US stocks for better opportunities abroad  21:19Greatness04:55jstash
4l Any groups in Nashville, TN??  2013mojorisin15:09JupiterJones
21p Advice on trip to Vienna  04/30scienceguy15:08JupiterJones
14h Portfolio Checkup - 31 - Rebalance/AA  05/01Just_For_Jenna05/03Just_For_Jenna
6c Buying ML350 - how old a car to get?  05/03vveat05/03Karl A
2p Budgeting for home improvement projects  05/02Karl A05/03Karl A
35c Vacation Ideas out west  05/01fkampere05/03Katie
12h Is there any stable value funds that returns ~3% outside of a 401k?  05/02AndroAsc18:20Kevin M
31h Moving to cash until clear plans formed [formerly Sell in May, Go Away, and Think About It]  05/03sawhorse18:30knowsnothing
26p early retiree, ACA "obamacare" MAGI ? but which numbers ??  04/02kwan205/03kwan2
10t Interesting investment Podcasts  03/29I_D_T21:41LadyGeek
2c Vanguard Login Character Limit  05/03Noobvestor19:03LadyGeek
24t The Permanent Portfolio as an accumulation portfolio  03/13Browser19:01LadyGeek
16c Another Vexing Extension Cord Question  05/02drawpoker18:42LadyGeek
15h picking index funds  04/30indexonlyplease05/03LadyGeek
23t New [marketing approach] by Fidelity, 401K custodian of many  05/03TradingPlaces05/03LadyGeek
49f Time Zone [Changing the displayed time]  2011gkaplan05/03LadyGeek
4c ala carte Cable  05/03mcblum05/03LadyGeek
39c Can you see the Mayweather fight for less than $99?  04/30d_green05/03LadyGeek
7h Help with Portfolio Review for First Time Poster  05/03CalBevo21:31Lafder
10h My first post! What to do with taxable account?  05/03nmanieri20:54Lafder
5h Portfolio Check - Is it balanced?  07:39easye41820:19Lafder
13c Raining Insurance Bills  05/03Mike8305/03Lafder
5h Started new job... Need help with retirement plan  05/03urban4x405/03Lafder
11h Humbly Seeking Guidance  04/29NCDuggans05/03Lafder
0t Here's another blog on value investing thought would be of interest  18:15larryswedroe  
113c New car every 5 years instead of 10?  page: 2 304/29DireWolf07:08Leesbro63
5p reverse generational gifting + capital gains  05/02leftcoaster05/03leftcoaster
28p Who uses non gov 457b and why?  05/02am14:50letsgobobby
2p Forfeiture of Estate  03:03808surfboy05:34Liberty1100
4h What is the "best" cost basis method to choose (Vanguard funds)  15:47Finridge17:50livesoft
2p Replace Fidelity AMEX with Citibank Double Cash  01:29bogleboy02:48madbrain
25c What to use to clean car  05/03ThankYouJack12:04mak1277
36t Financial reasons to get a summer job?  05/03Leeraar14:01MathWizard
6t How best to prepare for the next downturn  10:56nukewerker12:00Maynard F. Spee
7t Market timing using CAPE, dividends or P/E? Forgetaboutit!  05/01Rick Ferri05/04Maynard F. Spee
1c Headset For Home Phone  05/03Leesbro6307:03MDfive21
3p NFCU Military Appreciation Month  10:13tomd3715:20Mel Lindauer
11p IPhone in Japan  16:01hirlaw21:51mhalley
1c Looking for specific type Radio/CD player  14:03dm20016:26mhalley
20t Vanguard Total Bond Market Index [Exp.Ratio] now only 0.07%  04/30Dodge05/03mickeyd
22t Wiki Review: NRA taxes & Ireland funds articles  04/02amerk8605/04Micks
23c Tesla X  03/27oragne lovre05/03MidwestEng
91p Private Schools - Tuition  page: 204/29TallBoy29er16:52MnD
3h beginner's question about allocation... [Hong Kong]  05/02dennis92005/03MossySF
17c Tea bag recs for making iced tea please  05/03island23:02Mudpuppy
37c How To Find The Best Doctor  05/03Lon06:22Munir
5h Allocation and Retirement check  05/01mxs07:29mxs
6h REIT: VNQ vs. O  09:52myttinge9413:55myttinge94
41h Everyone is saying to get out of Bond Funds? Ignore?  05/02MrVargas05/03NateH
14p Financial Advisor  05/03hailey8333305/03nedsaid
9t Where are the dividends with Funds??  18:21riptide06:34nisiprius
43t Gross: stockbug alert, future investment returns will be miniscule  10:36Browser06:04nisiprius
2p When an enterprising Boglers not a Bogleing......  22:21Professor Emeri05:07nisiprius
14h Help with Retirement Options......  05/02Broken Man 199921:02nodenuff2
4c What Digital Photo Software do you use?  13:32archman6514:50novicemoney
6h Comparing MA tax exempt and total market bond funds  05/03srj17:51ogd
8h Difficulty determining cost basis after death (stepped up cost basis?)  05/02OkanePlease05/03OkanePlease
2c Shaw Lens in Eyeglasses  02/24JPH08:54Parthenon
5h [Leftover cash] at TD Ameritrade  16:36preciseman17:18PeanutButterIsJ
5f Selecting a post to follow  05/03AAA05/03pennstater2005
4h how to best sell vested company stock to minimize tax liability  05/03perfin11:20perfin
8h Withdrawing Money from Roth IRA / TSP in Retirement  17:09gulf22:58Peter Foley
0p 401(k) Trustee  20:02Pitfall  
38p How do you buy health insurance these days?  04/30plnelson15:22plnelson
671c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1409/22Alex Frakt19:06protagonist
25c Living in Vancouver WA?  05/02texasdiver23:28Pyrite
0t VG Total Bond Market Index Fund - Too Big?  05:55rakornacki1  
2h Is this ESPP any good?  19:30SRenaeP21:45random_walker_7
17h Need Help Investing Cash in Taxable & Roth Accts  05/01winwonwin2706:19retiredjg
5h Options after retroactive TSP dis-enrollment?  04/30Marylander105/03retiredjg
32h ETF versus Funds  04/30whistleblower21:03RetireGood
44p 10 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage  2009Gekko05/03rickevans033050
18t How to advise clients  04/29Greenman7212:57Riprap
1h Rollover to Roth or Traditional?  06:03kharpertsi06:19Rob Bertram
65h Investing on Margin  page: 204/24oinkyboinky15:45Rob Bertram
8p Two questions about spouse and permanent disability  05/04Raybo07:08Ron
31h New member - Seeking Asset Allocation advices  04/15Hawaiishrimp10:09ruralavalon
19h S&P heavy 401k - Asset Allocation Across Accounts  04/29VT200605/03ruralavalon
357t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 801/01walletless05/03Rx 4 investing
35p Too late for career change/worth it?  04/30Joeinfla07:54scooterdog
2h First Time Poster - Planning to Open Vanguard Account - Please Critique/Advise! Thanks!  21:54ryansaurus04:48SGM
4h Keep or sell high ER fund?  12:27anticrastinator20:45SGM
17c 2 Days in Bangkok  05/01sgrabiner19:22sgrabiner
10p selling/buying a car - NJ or TX?  05/04sunny810722:50sharpjm
23t 10 index fund allocation how does it stack up?  04/28ankonaman05/03sharpjm
6h Portfolio Re-balancing: Looking for expert guidance  04/28sks05/03sks
9t Small Business 401k Options (low salary, high income)  16:18smallbizguy23:17smallbizguy
8h Retirement Savings vs. Down Payment - Placement & Priority  05/01sourer14:29sourer
32t What do you consider "cash"  05/01marathonwmn13:02Spirit Rider
10p Too much credit?  08:12bogleboy10:07Spirit Rider
2h Best Municipal Bond Options for Fidelity or Ameritrade  12:07Theoretical15:47stlutz
10h I do not understand these 401k choices  05/02hellothere05/03stlutz
16c Best Chromebook 2015  05/02mbk73405/03stratton
10p New Mortgage or just pay extra  04/25Sunny11113:22Sunny111
10h New to investing - needing advice  04/29supermanonemill21:42supermanonemill
12t Vanguard: The Problem of World Domination?  17:17backpacker06:44tadamsmar
17c Received a new license plate/number in the mail  05/03Gufomel20:46takeshi
100f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 305/02Alex Frakt23:38Tamales
5p HSA contribution Strategies for early/semi-retired person  07:51IlliniDave13:07tbradnc
4p Navy Federal Credit Union May Specials  05/01navyitaly05/03tbradnc
254p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 4 5 62014coolguy95420:19tfb
2p Persuading employer to offer mega backdoor Roth IRA: worth it?  05/03letsgobobby05/03tfb
10h Need help setting up allocation of investments in retirement  04/29themonk05/03themonk
146c Will you buy self-driving car?  page: 2 305/03FredL06:28TomatoTomahto
32c South America [vacation recommendations]  04/27LifeIsGood07:49TomatoTomahto
5h How do you access Vanguard account?  18:43bondsr4me21:32Toons
1f Notifications temporarily disabled  05/03Alex Frakt05/03Tortuga
25c 400lbs, delivery or pick up?  16:21packet00:01vachica
17h New to retirement planning - TSP and Roth IRA  04/25Valakira05/03Valakira
30h There's a monster under my bed... [CDs instead of bonds?]  05/01ARB5712:56Valuethinker
16h Intermediate Grade Corp vs Intermed Grade Investment?  11/06EdwardL00705/03vested1
14t Zweig's Latest Blog Post/Column (Bogle vs. Grant Debate)  04/04packer1602:41Waba
6p Military SBP--Delicate Situation [also bad VUL]  05/04warthog0105:41warthog01
49p Power of attorney  05/022cents213:41wfrobinette
32p Social Security Question:  04/29EnjoyIt20:09whaleknives
10p Advice Needed: Family + Rental Property + Interesting Scenario  09:25SirOvlop04:59WhyNotUs
4h young needing advice  16:47rocko252720:05William4u
26t To ETF or Not to ETF? That is the question.  04/20Rick Ferri19:28wolf359
1t Closing Account: Schwab Intelligent Portfolio (or Betterment)  05/03bagelhead05/03wolf359
4t Comparing VTSAX and VDADX(dividend appreciation index)  12:27WolfpackFan14:46WolfpackFan
0h Roth vs Traditional 401k  07:04Woody999  
3p Life Insurance Tax Question...  05/04Woody99906:06Woody999
4p title company  11:09worknut13:18worknut
14t Reverse Glide Path  05/03tennisplyr05/03ww340
84t A Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads  page: 211/01longinvest05/03Yesterdaysnews

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