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3t Vesting and Normal Retirement Age  17:032cents217:451530jesup
5p Must you be employed to execute a restricted application?  06/291640benevento11:152beachcombers
6h When to switch from Roth to Traditional?  01/29evilityb09:2353timr
6h Investing advice for beginner  01/29ByeFelicia01/2953timr
19h Rebalancing via contributions  01/02dvd7e01/29aaronb
52h Anyone know when CD rates will increase?  page: 201/28Smartguy235113:03Abe
1h 529 Plan Advice  19:49mikevio19:53abuss368
117c What age did you move out?  page: 2 301/27duffman1209:50acejacksingh
22h What to do with spare cash?  01/29acejacksingh08:49acejacksingh
3h Backdoor Roth and 1099 Form  01/28adam12301/29adam123
1h Rollover PERS to IRA and do a backdoor IRA  15:47GrandDesigns16:35Alan S.
2p IRA rechracterization - Roth to TIRA  01/29Gropes & Ra01/29Alan S.
24p Age limit on IRA deduction  01/28DanMacMan01/29Alan S.
12p CalSTRS/Pension2 Investment Plan  01/28Joel L. Frank01/29Alex Frakt
0h Requesting portfolio advice  22:16AmandaCali  
3c what to expect back from title company after refinancing?  13:26andyandyandy20:14andyandyandy
2t Bonds & Inflation: stability or lack thereof  23:49siamond02:06Angst
12t Thoughts on DFA equities?  01/29DPTOCS10:47Angst
67h Just purchased 2015 maximum EE Series Bonds  page: 201/27ArthurO01/29ArthurO
9h Newbie looking for advice on proposed portfolio  01/27aseb198610:35aseb1986
8h Rebalancing across multiple accounts  01/29Jozxyqk15:30Atilla
29p New career as Financial Planner late in Life?  01/28bkinder16:25AWH_CPA
28c Scottsdale, AZ - what to do?  01/29TRC17:25AZAttorney11
3p Obtaining best secured credit card after bankruptcy?  01/28Flyingwaterman01/29AZAttorney11
28t Any other investors with 70/30 portfolio?  07:30riptide01:21bargainhuntingk
2h Should I Rollover AFunds Roth IRA to Vanguard Roth IRA?  01/29ashleyk2310:33barnaclebob
5p Standard deduction and housing  14:05Ted Valentine15:34basspond
2h Schwab Simple IRA Automatic Investing Question  01/29calloway01/29bbqguru
4p Arguments for Saving/Investing vs Mortgage prepay  18:08dm20000:57bdpb
230t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 501/01walletless00:37bdpb
10h Mysterious Fees in my 401(k)  11:17TimesAWastin23:06bdpb
7h New to investing, must determine a course of action  01/29NewPage16:00bdpb
0t A bit of humor re: Warren Buffett  08:52beardsworth  
1t Fidelity: Ranks of 401(k) millionaires surge  12:51pcsrini13:17Beliavsky
10c Microsoft Excel vs. Apple Numbers  19:41abuss36823:58BigFoot48
5h Help with parents retirement strategy  01/30ras425006:16BigJohn
14p New Jersey State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan  01/28Joel L. Frank17:16Billavoider
10h Lazy portfolio and mutual fund vs etf-long term investing  01/28Matthew7301/29Bitzer
21p Best Personal Finance/Budgeting Online tool for a Newbie?  01/27AtlantaFamily-220:44bkinder
2h Penalty for failure to file gift tax returns?  17:31Taylor Larimore18:18BL
0p Hazmat scare at Vanguard  01/29blevine  
6p Silly question.. can I write a check to myself?  16:25Altephor16:40bogleblitz
41c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  01/21Leif20:32BolderBoy
13c iphone upgrade dilemma  14:57LadyIJ22:09BrandonBogle
23t Wells Fargo - no more 100 free trades (for new accounts)?  2013drh10:24BrandonBogle
70c New car safety features  page: 201/25tc10101/29BrandonBogle
20c Engineered wood floors?  01/26texasdiver07:05broadstone
39c Took the GRE test [- Suggest a masters degree]  01/28anonforthis01/29Caduceus
19t Why do brokerages give commission free-etfs  01/28rogers-SNK01/29Caduceus
205c What do you drive, and why?  page: 2 3 4 512/31tc10101/29camden
2p Cash out refinance question, what would you do?  07:45Crow Hunter10:42Carefreeap
58p How to respond when someone asks how much money you make?  page: 201/29hayling00:04celia
51p Should mom transfer house title before dying or in will?  page: 201/28eaton1patty23:15celia
2p Auto and HO ins "Agency Fee" ????  01/291210sda01/29cheese_breath
5h Advice on current plan and purchasing of second home  01/28anjou09:13cherijoh
3h How do I financially evaluate a company (for a job offer)?  01/29AndroAsc01/29Cherokee8215
45c cvt transmissions  01/28sarahjane11:00cjking
130t Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio  page: 2 32012stemikger01/29Clearly_Irratio
4p Small Business 401K Setup / Admin  01/29cmublitz05:54cmublitz
11t Jason Hsu's Emerging FF Factors  2012ClosetIndexer01/29comeinvest
49t The missing value premium- a 10 year global lookback  01/29countmein19:01countmein
477c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1008/30abuss36801/29CrowTRobot
7h Newbie, please help  01/29Butterflydmd22:24Dale_G
43p RMD withdrawals.  01/18Dragonfly06:00Dandy
45p Refund from the IRS? Why?  01/26Alan S.01/29Dandy
0h Need Help with Late IRA Contributions  22:05danieltan  
5h Small business s corp retirement investing  01/29tmorisol01/29DanMacMan
3h Own a business: Setting up Retirement Plans  01/29DanMacMan01/29DanMacMan
4p Exercise ISO and then Sell shares  01/29CRM123401/29david9117
32p Accidentally forgot a credit card for three months HELP!  01/29chocolate12302:18dgdevil
7p Making sense of my whole life insurance statement numbers  13:28aaronb20:46dhodson
1h Asset allocation and annuity  01/29Jms7001/29dhodson
4t Milevsky writes on longevity insurance in the journal  01/29letsgobobby01/29dhodson
14p Verizon FIOS Rate Renewal Increase  01/29Postmon01/29DiMAn0684
3p Are expense ratio fees deductible?  17:33FBN201417:53dm200
131t Initial SEC yield and subsequent 5yr and 10yr returns  page: 2 301/18Kevin M17:12Doc
3h Confusing 401K & Roth IRA situations  23:51dreamer01:15dreamer
4h SEP IRA and Backdoor Roth  01/29end4401/29DSInvestor
5h Roth or Traditional IRA?  20:30EdLaFave02:10EdLaFave
0h Should I participate in my 401k?  02:07EdLaFave  
7h Cheaper to rollover old 401k?  01/28EdLaFave13:36EdLaFave
66c 400ft Driveway - How do I plow the snow?  page: 201/25priuspilot16:07EmergDoc
29p POLL: Prepay car loan (1.75%)  08:42ThankYouJack01:43EnjoyIt
0p No fee for state tax filing with Turbo Tax ("Absolute Zero")  13:23eschaef  
5h Fidelity funds  01/29hockey7101/29evilityb
82t What will be the biggest investment surprises of 2015?  page: 201/02Browser14:55EzM
257t How does an Efficient Market explain Buffett?  page: 2 3 4 5 601/14new2bogle208:47fanmail
13h Need serious help regarding my company's retirement plan  01/27fastpace_re01/29fastpace_re
24p House flipping investing - Am I wrong or what? Please advice  03/13Mrxyz21:36FBN2014
11h New IPO  10/04Michael_Fisher108:39Fclevz
3t What Experts Say About "Asset-Allocation & Diversification"  01/24Taylor Larimore01/29fortyofforty
62t Would you buy Total World index if it had Admiral Shares?  page: 22013Day901/29fortyofforty
71c Rental Car Prices - is this the new normal ?  page: 201/25Bustoff16:10froman118
4p HSA trustee-to-trustee transfer time frame?  08:16asif40815:10Frugal Disciple
14c Any suggestions on Nanny Cams? (non Internet/non-PC-based)  01/30frugalguy23:14frugalguy
21p Income on credit card application for high assets/low income  01/29toasty01/29FrugalInvestor
1t Earnings growth estimates vanguard  01/29InvestorAdam01/29garlandwhizzer
2h What makes a good index? [India funds]  01/30georgemp03:41georgemp
0p Financial considerations and advice - Roth/TSP/Etc  09:21gofarhaveacigar  
16p HSA not reflected on W2  06:24NKOTB21:57grabiner
32h Foreign Tax credit and STATE Income Taxes  2011Uninvested21:23grabiner
7p W-4 - Change Marital Status?  01/29jimday198201/29grabiner
272t An alternative to alternative investments [QSPIX]  page: 2 3 4 5 611/18larryswedroe01/29grap0013
1h Asset Allocation Feedback  01/29nw1401/29Groundhog
73h Who's buying Oil stocks?  page: 201/09SailorJerry703020:47Grt2bOutdoors
3p Savings Bond Registration  10:58bww15:02Grt2bOutdoors
5h Book recommendations for a new investor and father.  08:52CJF11:35Grt2bOutdoors
1h New city, new jobs, new retirement strategies?  01/29letsgodenver07:42Grt2bOutdoors
25p Financial Considerations for Infertility Treatments  01/27guitarguy10:53guitarguy
6t Actual Return on Fidelity and Vanguard  01/29guptamanav01/29guptamanav
5h Where to put company cash  11:32Hayden13:02Hayden
4h Portfolio Allocation  01/29healinginfluenc01/29healinginfluenc
174c Dealing with pressure for "social donations" at work  page: 2 3 411/13Ganacel03:09hiddensee
4p Credit for an Inaccurate Bill  22:35jsl1102:47HIinvestor
25p 4 essential documents: Suze Orman  08:50moneywise302:44HIinvestor
14p A Gift - tax consequences  15:22ARB5702:39HIinvestor
19h Vanguard or Fidelity  01/29banyan14:36HIinvestor
11c Determining House Needs  01/26Zecht01/30HIinvestor
11h MAGI too high for planned deduction of tIRA. Backdoor Roth?  01/24OSUmountaineer01/29HIinvestor
13h HSA  12/03hockey7110:06hockey71
2h What to do with my Euros  01/29Merman06:05HongKonger
8h How much to pay for asset protection  01/29stinkycat07:03hoppy08520
3h Roth conversion to new or existing account  11:05Enkidu21:18House Blend
11t 100% of international in taxable limits taxless rebalancing?  01/28emdeefive01/29House Blend
62c TrueCrypt possibly compromised/unsafe to use.  page: 205/28donfairplay19:09hudson
10h General advice wanted, two 401k  09:39icesky01:07icesky
4h Advice with my allocation and bonds in a taxable account  01/28iguaniagu01/29iguaniagu
12h Selling my wife's Euro investments, over my head!  01/29skiguy1803:40in_reality
13h Is now a bad time to buy a mutual fund?  12:14crb80619:05in_reality
151t AliBaba  page: 2 3 409/18SuperSaver01/29in_reality
35c [Purchasing a] wife's purse  01/25Robert4401/29island
42p File FAFSA with 7 figure non-retirement portfolio?  03/08Tycoon01/29itstoomuch
46p AOTC versus 529 plan [American Opportunity Tax Credit]  01/21livesoft23:23jared
1p Trying to figure best Retirement plan structure  01/29DanMacMan01/29JDDS
10h minor Roth did indirect rollover, but not filing taxes  01/29toto23807:50jebmke
0p Write-Offs for a Fashion Blogger  01:15Jelloanddon  
6h Help with buying funds in Vanguard now that my Roth is there  01/29jeremyl01/29jeremyl
17c Save More or Travel More ?  01/29armeliusc08:53jimday1982
132t What is the international portion of your portfolio and why?  page: 2 301/10fourwedge11:47jimishooch
2p Stuck in Bypass Trust  14:15jimmy15:01jimmy
198h HSA... any receipt savers?  page: 2 3 401/21packet01:23JLJL
25p Poll: Do you contribute max to tax-advantaged before 529?  01/29livesoft22:18JLJL
63t The lowest stock allocation you plan to stay with  page: 201/30stemikger21:27john94549
54p Cash Back Credit Cards  page: 212/09ronan17701/29johnny847
0h Increase Roth IRA contribution or invest in deferred comp?  23:32JohnnyBeGood  
14c Vanguard website has Yellow Triangle over lock  09:37Bustoff18:55JPH
51c Mac reliability?  page: 209:35protagonist22:38jridger2011
9p How to Decrease Our Tax bill  22:20goodoboy01:30jsl11
4p tax question  10:06jtelwood23:43jtelwood
1p TaxAct and Form 8086  22:46ShimmyShuffle00:35kaneohe
2p Dividend tax question  01/29slbnoob01/29kaneohe
33t Withdrawing Backdoor Conversions from Roth IRA  01/19lawlord01/29kaneohe
2p Need help with Backdoor Roth  01/29kc120217:09kc1202
36t High Expense Funds vs Vanguard: No Difference?  01/28fulltilt19:06kenschmidt
12h traditional v. roth IRA  01/28jezebel01/29kenyan
32t Total Bond: 23 years of SEC yield and distribution yield  01/24Kevin M15:03Kevin M
18t Google finance performance comparison tool  01/27Baltimoran8414:02Kevin M
12h SSGA Target Date or Use My Own Allocation?  01/29kjvmike20:18kjvmike
6t Meaning of EMH  01/29richard20:56knpstr
4t Taxable or tax deferred  17:16stemikger17:57knpstr
37t Efficient markets: luck v. skill  01/15richard01/29knpstr
1p Closing Costs Inquiry  01/29Movingshrub01/29Krischi
11h Vanguard Bond Portfolio  09:26General37622:59lack_ey
7h Total Bond Mkt or tax-exempt in taxable account?  17:21krow3621:33lack_ey
30p Interview question...salary  01/27investingdad21:20LadyGeek
51t What Experts Say [about various investing topics]  page: 201/25Taylor Larimore20:12LadyGeek
8c Whom do you consider as your friends?  18:04flyingaway19:43LadyGeek
2c Plexus products  09:03bluemarlin0816:12LadyGeek
28l What is your BMI?  01/29Petrocelli01/29LadyGeek
18h Max 401k - What Next?! Backdoor Roth sounds complicated....  01/24doug102201/29LadyGeek
14h Which Vanguard stock funds?  01/29trsk19:47Lafder
4t Country factor funds, ER .3%  01/29lazyday10:57lazyday
6h Retiring in 6 months - Help with Retirement Portfolio  01/29hym19:08LeeMKE
1t Market Timing to Set Retirement Date  02:31DonCamillo03:10Leeraar
1h Please offer advice on investing extra cash  02:25spitaxe03:01Leeraar
22h what to do with 529 if you earn a scholarship?  01/29Iorek01:11Leeraar
62t Chaos, complexity and entropy [for non-physicists]  page: 201/27protagonist00:05Leeraar
37t Renaissance tech vs EMH  01/26azumz01/29Leeraar
55h Play money- what is your process?  page: 201/274nursebee19:38leonard
39t data mining vs. historical performance  01/27glock1901/29leonard
9h VNQ & VNQI  01/27MDisciple8701/29leonidas
44t Are any US-only investors having 2nd thoughts?  01/27InvestorNewb15:10letsgobobby
51c Women's Face Moisturizer/Lotion  page: 201/23Joe M01/29lilbunny01
7h BIV versis VCSH ?  13:23RustyShacklefor15:03linenfort
17t Vanguard's government bond index funds  01/27saltycaper08:20linenfort
23c Trusting and shopping around for doctors  01/29ThankYouJack16:35littlebird
1p Excess HSA contribution - do I need new W2?  21:05scottyja21:08livesoft
0h Tax tail wagging  16:10livesoft  
3h FIFO/Specific Share question  01/29Lucy172101/29livesoft
13p turbotax: foreign bank interest ?  01/28JohnFiscal01/29livesoft
533t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112013longinvest01/29longinvest
9p Roth IRA vs 529 vs other for college savings  10:04Elena7821:32LowER
28c Assisted Living Facilities... Weird 'Atmosphere...'  01/28RTR200620:55madbrain
27l Boglehead Fitbit group  01/28Petrocelli18:52madbrain
15h Fidelity brokerage link  01/25ncboston201401/29madbrain
9h Emergency funds  01/29sanfran201501/29Makaveli1988
89l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 22012dickenjb15:19marnie
203p TurboTax '14 Deluxe (Desktop) Excludes Schedule D  page: 2 3 4 511/15Drew3101/29masteraleph
1h Am I eligible to invest using a 403b?  12:25Buglehead19:42mhalley
3h How would you change my 401k  16:43bogledogle18:45mhalley
25h How do I balance debt v. investing in my situation  01/29Rocky_Mtn_Expat23:03mistike
66h Preparing for RMDs  page: 201/24mmoneytalks16:48mmoneytalks
6h Financial situation and taxable account help  01/29loss01/29mnvalue
2h New to the forum, help with Portfolio Review  01/29CHLR1501/29mnvalue
25h For those who have living trusts...  2012johnanglemen23:27mrpotatoheadsay
4t TSP contribution limits clarification  09:07Gardener13:59M_to_the_G
28p HELP! Mortgage company is denying my PMI termination request  01/28batpot21:51Mudpuppy
6p 403b 457b (government) and h&r block  01/29NightFall01/30Mudpuppy
5h College education - 529 Portfolio advise  18:28multiplydollar22:38multiplydollar
11h giving money  06:54my name08:46my name
18h Roth vs. Traditional 401K - with a twist  01/28namenloseblonde11:08namenloseblonde
13t Forecasting REIT dividends  01/29InvestorNewb21:02nedsaid
52t What's wrong with volatility if buy&hold  page: 201/26azumz01/29nedsaid
26p How to Contact IRS to suspend tax levy on paycheck  09/18NewBog2118:25NewBog21
6p 60 Day rollover cash  01/29new_retiree01:48new_retiree
5h Would you pay off a mortgage or not to create more options?  01/28EHoops01/29niceguy7376
19p Bring USD to Louisiana USA from Philippines  01/27potenza01/29niceguy7376
4t One Fund Stox Portfolio? VTI  19:36macav93320:27nisiprius
6c Cricket Ups High Speed Data on Most Plans  13:17Shadow_Dancer23:56NOLA
24c Good Wines  16:12Lon23:39NOLA
4t Why international bonds outperformed  01/28Vulcan01/29Noobvestor
13h SS Spousal Benefit Strategy  01/29novicemoney01/29novicemoney
24c What to see in Istanbul  01/28thewizzer00:45obgraham
32p Your Minimum Annual Expenses  01/29ThankYouJack03:29obgyn65
20t Would anyone go 100% bonds if...  13:50nobsinvestor03:27obgyn65
42t "Retiring in a Low-Return Environment"  01/28Happy2BeFree03:18obgyn65
39p I just filed a Restrictive App at the SS office  01/28Cody14:59ObliviousInvest
6h Bond Funds and a Cash Yield Question  01/27choudoufu01/29ogd
3h Investing strategies for Cash?  01/28canbonbon01/29Oliver
11t iShares Files for Intl Quality and Momentum Factor ETFs  10/03Sammy_M00:16pauliec84
5p valentines roses  18:44sksbog23:39pennstater2005
79c Workplace net worth conversations you'd like to avoid?  page: 201/28investingdad19:45peppers
2l Minnesota mtg | Feb-7 @ 9:30am | Library in Minnetonka  01/27jeff mc01/29Peter Foley
2h Help with Mom in Retirement Portfolio  01/28PickitPaul01/29PickitPaul
28h Critique of Fidelity Index Portfolio  01/28DanMacMan01/29pingo
14p Vanguard RMD Service  01/24sarahjane01/29plannerman
0t VGSIX, top-heaviness, deviation from VTSMX  04:46printer  
24h Large Inheritance for Kids -- Asset Allocation?  15:26Postmon22:01Quickfoot
24h 36 yo looking for early retirement  01/27radchad301/29radchad3
3h Need help with AA and diversification - portfolio below  01/27Randomguy5555501/29ralph124cf
15p Tax: Filing Jointly or Single When one makes 3x More  09:30craiggsean12:17randomguy
6h Retirement Savings - Am I stuck?  01/29uclalien01/29randomguy
13c Prices Paid - 2015.5 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD Platinum/Climate/Blis  01/27ravis01/29ravis
38p HSA Bank or Health Savings Administrators?  2013Tatupu01/29rayout
10h What is your portfolio comparison benchmark?  14:14Tamales03:26red5
9h VTI last 11 years  07:45theplayer1109:44red5
3h [Australia] New Vanguard ETF's  12/19Redstorm01/29Redstorm
32h Where to get medallion signature guarantee  01/23reneeh6319:40reneeh63
14h Help with 401K/ROTH IRA investments  07:51loss15:59retiredjg
12p 403b 457b Investing order  13:08vas15:56retiredjg
31c Searching with google while using Safari  01/29retiredjg15:43retiredjg
9h Convert rollover 401k traditional IRA to roth ira  08:38NeviHelen15:39retiredjg
4h New investor building simple Fidelity portfolio  07:29DanMacMan07:53retiredjg
18h Help! My portfolio is a mess!  01/25Geege01/29retiredjg
32p US citizen vs green card  01/28SEJ22:03Riceman
2h Glide Path questions  01/28RNJ01/29rkhusky
47t Mr. Bogle on CNBC today--International and Bonds  01/27SailingAway20:17rnitz
18c Disputing A Fraudulent Credit Card Charge  08:26Dynasty9022:28Rob5TCP
62t Asness - The Small-Firm Effect Is Real, and It’s Spectacular  page: 201/23matjen01/29robert88
6h VUSTX 25.28% 2014  01/29Matthew7301/29rokidtoo
8h New Employer 401k w/Fidelity  06/02TheGooch14:21ruralavalon
5p Donating property & taxes - do I need form 8283?  01/27gophermobile01/29Sagenick48
39t Is it time to give-up on TIPS?  01/26Flashes123:50saltycaper
3h Investing in a taxable account  18:10wookiedoo18:28saverocity
2p Online Statement Aggregator (Manilla, Fetch, etc.)  02/04Saving$01:18Saving$
3t German vs US 10 year yields - help me understand?  12:35letsgobobby12:58scone
71t Wiki comments requested: The importance of asset allocation  page: 201/29LadyGeek03:14SGM
26p Thinking of switching from Turbo-Tax  01/28tennisplyr02:31SGM
3p Cashing a Series EE Paper Savings Bond  16:36Frugal Disciple17:00Sheepdog
8h Vanguard "Balances & Holdings" display error  01/29FrogPrince01/29Sidney
29p 2.875% mortgage pay-off financially justifiable?  01/29dillrob00:58skibum
5p How much for kids allowance and how much towards savings?  17:05AtlantaFamily-222:38skibum
12p Refinance motrgage  01/21iluminess16:06slbnoob
0p Independent Contractor: Can I Deduct [my] Worker's Comp Ins?  02:26southerndoc  
7h Employee fiduciary 401k  01/17Calabria22:51spindoc
2p HSA start date question  12:05kazper20:49Spirit Rider
3p Free checking account for irrevocable trust  01/29vveat01/29Spirit Rider
17t Any reason NOT to buy treasuries individually?  01/28Day901/29Spirit Rider
5h Need help picking funds for HSA  01/29SpriteRemixx115:15SpriteRemixx1
19h campaign for better 403B  12/17Drewman05:38sschullo
61t What mutual fund companies do you use?  page: 201/27jnet200001/29sschullo
9h A low fee (~0.30%/year) *LOCAL* advisor?  01/29psteinx17:16Stan Dup
27h The challenges of staying the course...  07:34Serie192620:13staythecourse
2p Question on potential switch to FIOS  13:47jkrm14:39Steelersfan
30p Selecting a Medigap Policy with 28 Choices  2011Electron01/29Steelersfan
56t How do you "Stay the Course"?  page: 22014Blue17:09stemikger
2t 50/50 vs. 60/40  01/30stemikger01/30stemikger
2h Cost Basis for Transferred Covered Shares  17:39chabil02:03stlutz
1p Bond prices in Google Docs spreadsheet  01:19Tylenol Jones01:54stlutz
15t Does college tuition indeed keep up with inflation?  01/28subham01/29subham
7h Roth 401K issue  01/26suburbandad09:04suburbandad
47c Vehicles are (apparently) MUCH safer in last few years  01/29psteinx22:26tadamsmar
10t "Planet Money" is shorting SPY  20:23nisiprius22:10Tanelorn
10p Help with Merrill Edge Roth Account  01/24cmublitz01/29tarnation
10t Barry Ritholtz - Breaking with Bogle  10:10JamesSFO21:03Taylor Larimore
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