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43t When to invest in China?  08/30Gauss4408/31111
2h Investment strategy for a foreign worker in US  00:46119luke03:11119luke
57p Help out family without compromising my own retirement?  page: 208/29chald20:392stepsbehind
45t I'd buy an S&P 500 index fund in a pinch  08/28Rick Ferri08:36555
29t Your thoughts on farmland values  08/27Hawkeye_Saver08/31absauston
12h REIT  08/31Funkey08/31abuss368
13h Should elderly play it safe & risk not having enough or no?  08/29abyan22:30abyan
29c Help me evaluate a standby generator quote  08/30phositadc20:34airahcaz
32c Which generator do you have?  08/30airahcaz20:27airahcaz
11c Wifi lights and light switches  08/29airahcaz08/31airahcaz
17p disconcerting insurance company downgrade  08/31dodecahedron20:39Alan S.
10p how to withdraw from the IRA during retirement  10:50grouper20:19Alan S.
51t The Power of Zero: [Book and tax planning for retirement]  page: 208/29joer121211:23Alex Frakt
258p My husband's " WILL", $ left for me to live on....  page: 2 3 4 5 608/28Ineedadvice5022:29Alex Frakt
8h Investing Windfall to be Transferred to Roth IRA over 10 yrs  17:10alife18:54alife
18h Brokerage account for kids. Fidelity or TDAmeritrade  08/31AndyP20:15AndyP
25c Do you mix inheritance and earned money?  08/29michey31208/31Aptenodytes
14c Recommendations for Cordless Phone System for Home?  08/29fdeanw08/31arsenalfan
2t Blog:Vanguard UK cuts fees on index tracker funds and ETFs  08/30Barry Barnitz08/31asset_chaos
13t Why is my 401k and taxable considered "One Portfolio"?  08/30SuperSaver13:18avalpert
31c Trip to the Caribbean - Suggestions  08/29ltuxl08/31bberris
3h Portfolio Checkup  09:32bdylan19:56bdylan
10t Expected returns of closed-end muni bond funds  06/29Beliavsky08/31Beliavsky
80t Why invest in bonds?  page: 208/31mckoder20:43berntson
23t Why invest in foreign funds?  08/30mckoder20:26berntson
3267c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 662012randomwalk08/31bertilak
6h Help with Asset Allocation and a large stock position  08/29OpenRoad19:20BigJohn
12c US Trusted traveler programs  08/31arrbee11:44BigOil
12h Please give me advice to help my parents  07/29starnox08/31BL
11h 2M trust.. Interviewing Advisor.. Advice?  08/30nw819908/31Bob
38c How to safely sell a big ticket item online  08/27retiredjg21:37BolderBoy
14c Probability question  08/29Pacific08/31bottlecap
59t Poor Janus, a look at this once high flying fund family  page: 208/29larryswedroe13:59bru
11h Trust for disabled grandson  08/27Transition23:07bsteiner
46c When to leave a neighborhood for greener pastures?  08/25Cherokee821508/31Bustoff
6c Cold Brew Coffee and whole coffee beans  11:12sunnyday13:09campy2010
6c Suggestions for a Western States road trip?  14:57GerryL16:15cfs
6c [Symantec anti-virus] Norton Auto Renewal  08/31cherijoh13:08cherijoh
16h Please help with asset allocation and 401k selections...  08/15c.how08/31c.how
11c Philly Hotels, with the family  08/30snyder6618:17Clivus1
0p Process to gift securities to UGMA  20:15coalcracker  
2h Deciphering true expenses of GMO/Wells Fargo fund of funds  18:16countmein20:31countmein
12p Advice on job opportunity abroad: taxes, cost of living, etc  08/30jdl242110:19cowboyinasia
6h Conventional IRA to Roth IRA conversion bef 401K transfer  08/30curiousfin08/31curiousfin
9h refinance to max out Fidelity 403(b)?  08/31mesaverde08/31cutterinnj
68h Confession: I bought a stock. What is wrong with me?  page: 203/16fredflinstone23:07daffyd
32t Thoughts on California Municipal Bond Funds  02/22OCR06:49Dandy
25t An inefficient market creating drag on index returns  12:00D.Edelstein20:23D.Edelstein
0h Help With 401K Choices  19:36Dfwbloke  
2p Anyone use Legal Zoom for LivingTrust?  12:07hoops77718:03dickenjb
13h How similar/dissimilar should my wife's Roth IRA be to mine?  08/31Bsn2318:02dickenjb
3p transferring from coverdell to 529  08/31pk6807:30dickenjb
1f Password help  15:07husker15:13Duckie
12h Where to withdraw?  21:47Leeraar15:38earlyout
13h Protfollio Allocation Advice  08/31Octang08/31elgob.bogle
10p 401K for school  08/30EnjoyIt08/31EnjoyIt
22h Best way to control someones account.  08/19EnjoyIt08/31EnjoyIt
13h What to do with 401K portfolio moving from TSP Gov  08/30sydney5210:31Enkidu
8t q regarding VG ER's  08/31bowtie09:50Epsilon Delta
6h How does this portfolio look like?  13:57ericinvest20:10ericinvest
60c Passport, TSA Pre-Check, and Global Entry  page: 204/11VictoriaF14:58etarini
4p Alzheimer's and Prenup  19:16Daisy Dog20:35Fallible
8h short term investment as of today...  08/31feh08/31feh
4h Picking Investments for my HSA  10:15dave827419:13flyingaway
19h Resetting Equity Target -a.k.a Portfolio Allocation  08/29Velodon09:47freddie
0c LibreOffice Password Proection  11:04frugal-dave  
44p Husband rear-ended, driver ignoring his insurance  08/26mojave16:01gardemanger
30c Paper or plastic?  08/31john9454913:02gardemanger
31p Next phase of minimizing taxes for high-income household  08/30nobility05:04gasman
0h Please help me choose between retirement plans  16:09Gattamelata  
0c Billion Password Collection Part Deux  19:48Ged  
13h Help wanted: After 20+ years finally looking at expenses  08/28ilovedavidstove08/30Ged
13l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  04/16gotherelate08/31geekgyrl
154t A Low-Return Future? Are We Prepared?  page: 2 3 408/28Simplegift19:57golfvestor
21h Help dividing up estate when beneficiaries borrow  08/30gordon977508/31gordon9775
10p Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?  21:31Mike S.17:39grabiner
6h How does the Tax-Managed Balanced achieve tax efficiency?  22:32bs01010114:32grabiner
9h Need advice on where to invest in REITs in my portfolio  08/30nyinca08/31grabiner
7p Auto Loan Payoff question  08/30target203008/30grabiner
3h pay off .9% car loan to invest more in Fidelity 403b?  08/30mesaverde08/30grabiner
7h Selling Covered Calls, Am I Missing Something??  08/30BigJohn08/30grabiner
13p Getting on Track  08/30sid7920:47gravity
8h Stocks and capital gains  08/30greenfire08/31greenfire
113c Attitudes toward inheritances.  page: 2 308/05mojave11:27greetje
12p Do my in-laws need a will?  08/31jimmyrules71219:23Gropes & Ray
31t 100% Stock Thread Collection  08/31LAlearning19:49gvsucavie03
0p Citibank 'International Personal Banking' feedback?  08/31happyisland  
48p IRS letter claiming return is late - anyone experience this?  03/27poundwise08:16Herekittykitty
44h What's the Market Neutral fund good for?  2010nisiprius17:52hornet96
10h Bonds for young(er) people  22:26gravity10:15House Blend
2c AT&T Retiree Mobile Share Value Plan discounts  13:35htdrag1117:58htdrag11
3h Starting at 40......  08/31Put it on the list09:54in_reality
14c Editing files stored on a Mac from a Chromebook - Dual boot?  08/31sunnyday08/31in_reality
22h Schwab Windhaven Funds vs Vanguard 3 Funds  08/21TiBikeMike08/31in_reality
0h Retirement Investment Advice needed.  18:48Itsme3112  
3h Best place for cash in HSA?  08/31FlyingMoose08/31jasonv
9c Long Layover in Miami - Recommendations  08/30Carl5317:42jdb
10h Reinvest dividends and capital gains?  14:54ababs20:16JDDS
5t Approx'ing TISM with limited fund options.  08/3155511:31jeffyscott
3c PPO for one spouse, High deductible plan for other spouse?  08/30Gleevec08/31jeffyscott
19p Excess RMD  08/30hoops77708/31JMacDonald
35c What Movie Have You [Recently] Watched?  08/30abuss36820:50joe8d
6h struggling to understand "bond crash"  12:13mctot123414:12John3754
24p Advice for stay at home mom/military wife going back to work  08/30acollazo219:30john94549
75p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 208/28Louis Winthorpe III18:49johnny847
0h Asset Location Question - Out of Room?  20:16js12337  
85c Geneological research for unclaimed property  page: 207/23postingname20:23JW Nearly Retired
21t Age in Stocks: Should you have a Reverse Glidepath?  10:07berntson17:00k66
3p Capital Gains Tax  08/30AAA08/30kaneohe
38t No advantage of Slice and Dice vs 3Fund?  08/31Gambler19:29Kevin M
16h Best broker to build 3-fund portfolio?  08/30Klarbrun11:52Klarbrun
11h Married couple starting out - advice  19:33erikjscott20:50LadyGeek
1h first time investing  12:19king15613:19LadyGeek
18t Market Corrections — Befriending the Beast  08/26Simplegift08:59LadyGeek
15p Do you have class?  08/31rkatz008/31LadyGeek
8h Buying a house, sell REITs?  08/31leod14:02Lafder
17h Property or stock?  08/31zorph11:47Lafder
39c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  08/27tony541208/31Lafder
6p Advice on new home  08/28mjd071708/31Lafder
23t What if there were only index funds?  08/24SteveM11:22larryswedroe
4h Help: I've been chasing returns  20:06MrBachelor20:46LeeMKE
47h POLL: Breaking up with advisor  08/17livesoft08/30LeeMKE
15h Will Bill Gross beat the Total Bond Market Index?  13:10DonDraper20:27Leeraar
19t Safe floor and Safe Withdrawal Rate  08/30CWRadio08/31Leeraar
7p SaveUp  2012airahcaz16:12leonard
41h Anyone used Vanguard Flagship Services With Portfolio $1M+  08/30webenterpreneur08/31leonard
56p If you had an extra $100,000  page: 208/27toto23818:12linenfort
16p Vanguard is finally getting Two Factor Auth (2FA)  08/31coolguy95417:41linenfort
40h I have 1M in Vanguard. Start Diversifying to Real Estate?  08/28webenterpreneur10:17linenfort
33t Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or a Vanguard Variable Annuity  08/27rec708/31littlebird
6h How do you invest in 401k?  18:19minhnusa20:18livesoft
36h Should I bite the bullet and pay 50k in fees?  08/30Trevor15:36LongerPrimer
12h New - looking for portfolio advice  08/28stromboli22:13LongerPrimer
33h Do Bogleheads worry about institutional risk?  08/28wannabebogler08/31LongerPrimer
15h Investments for Kids  08/30mike12708/31LongerPrimer
4c Zwilling Cookware (non-stick)?  08/31jebmke18:48lululu
10h How do you compute RMDS for late retiree?  08/30Lynette08/31Lynette
14p Will Vanguard fire me if I retire overseas? (Schwab better?)  08/29lynneny00:07lynneny
1p CFP Online Courses  08/30sramina08/31m321matt
7t VG LT Treasury Bond Fund up  14:39MaddMaxx20:42MaddMaxx
0t U of C video on Manager Skill-Lubos Pastor  18:32matjen  
37h Q&A WITH THE EXPERTS AT THE 2014 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE  04/17Mel Lindauer08/31Mel Lindauer
44c NYC [Visit to New York City]  08/30DireWolf06:07metacritic
39c Good place to buy eyeglasses without insurance?  08/21countofmc08/30mhalley
2h Please Advice This Portfolio  08/30minhnusa08/31minhnusa
49c Republic Wireless  01/09theDON1two16:25mlipps
6h Coverdell ESA for tutoring costs  10:39msj1618:20msj16
15c Policy on changing Passwords  08/26mucho dinero08/31Mudpuppy
112h Spouse not ready to cut ties with financial advisers  page: 2 308/16Miakis08/31nedsaid
69h Going all into Emerging Markets  page: 202/06InvestorNewb19:47nisiprius
20t table suggests total bond not best as diversifier  08/31sometimesinvestor11:52nisiprius
4t How wealth shocks affect the health of the elderly  08/31Beliavsky08/31nisiprius
0h Maxed-out disclaimer trust: can it reinvest dividends?  08/30nsmrb18  
25h Financial Planners, DFA, and your opinions please!  08/30acb55008:15ObliviousInvestor
6h bonds in taxable. which fund?  08/31joe13508/31ogd
15h How much money is too much for the 3 fund port?  08/31ababs08/31ogd
31t The Extreme Outliers of the Investment Universe  08/25Simplegift20:15packer16
4p Has anyone installed Trusteer Rapport ?  08/30mfswatz923:48Pajamas
5h Hello new to the boards [If retirement funds not used up?]  19:45Phenom0120:50Phenom01
4h New US bank bail-in policy...how to prepare?  11:40mctot123417:59Phineas J. Whoopee
4h Total Bond Fund contains foreign Bonds?  08/31Gambler08/31Phineas J. Whoopee
2h ibond etf  08/29mz507708/31Phineas J. Whoopee
18t "Absolute Return" Using Index Funds?  08/29Stanchion21:25pkcrafter
1t trev h  08/31selftalk08/31placeholder
31p Roth questions from an MD  08/13iceman9912:42PoeticalDeportment
28t A Primer on John Templeton  08/28postingname10:56postingname
24p Rollover gone wrong  08/15raspino08/31raspino
23h Pay off student debt with family inheritance "loan"?  08/31Elhorsehead17:03Raymond
4h Portfolio Review 29 y/o- Need advice leaving Edward Jones  08/31retire204408/31retire2044
3h Conversion options for Mega Back Door Roth IRA  13:38Beverage18:51retiredjg
15h Help with Personal Investments  08/31ababs14:58retiredjg
13h Advisor says managed retirement plan, I'm not so sure.  08/31Menel14:04retiredjg
13h Autopilot Investments Broken and I am Confused  08/30autopilotcrashing13:55retiredjg
8h new job, need help with Mass Mutual 401k options  08/29ariscris09:24retiredjg
3t Slice & Dice vs. 3 Fund portfolio: Does size matter?  08/31novicemoney08/31retiredjg
3h Sell/hold Taxable investments -starting out with 3 fund port  08/31ababs08/31retiredjg
1p Financial Planning Software  08/31archman6508/31Rick Ferri
5t Max Contribution 401K Traditional vs Roth  08/31curiousChuck15:22rkhusky
6t DFA-RAFI & factor diversification within 30:30:40 portfolio  08/29Robert T10:52Robert T
10p How much does your home *really* cost?  08/30letsgobobby08/31Ron
5h 457 options...none too good?  08/31rubypeanut08:27rubypeanut
71t Does anyone have 'Lazy Portfolios'?  page: 208/29g3d06:16rustymutt
13c LED recessed lighting question  08/30airahcaz13:50RustyShackleford
14p Move for nicer home in better school district?  08/31sambb08/31sambb
53t Emerging markets 1900-2013  page: 208/26Robert T17:18Sammy_M
51p Does your employer still offer pensions to new hires?  page: 208/30supersharpie20:21Saving$
101c Costco:is it worth it for just two people?  page: 2 308/30Bustoff19:56Saving$
7p Do I need to see my credit report?  20:30Nu2Invest20:52sdsailing
11t DIY Index Fund  11:59mbk73420:34sdsailing
0h p e ratios for various markets  08/31selftalk  
58c Ideas for thanking a doctor  page: 208/30rjbraun16:06SGM
41t Municipal bonds 1y returns - exuberance and caution  08/21ogd19:04siamond
75t how do I find out PE10 of foreign stock markets?  page: 22011fredflinstone14:42siamond
8h Help to invest $120.000 [Norway]  08/31arnelg13:27Solvi
15p Physician Long term Disability- Premium pre or post tax  08/10ram20:32spectec
3p Best tax return software for freelancer?  14:08goodenoughinvestor15:52Spirit Rider
12p HSA pre-tax contribution rules  08/30Tamales10:01Spirit Rider
6h Can I give financial advice without being certified?  08/30PonziScheme08/30sschullo
19p Help Please: Retirement plan vs. Higher Salary  08:56mprusin19:50stan1
18h 2 Piece Retirement Portfolio  07:45StarbuxInvestor17:37StarbuxInvestor
9h Value in Diversifying Across Investment Companies?  08/30Ybsybs08/31Steelersfan
12h Looking for advice/critique  08/28StephenMaturin08/31StephenMaturin
3p Can a 72T IRA distribution be Rolled into a Roth IRA?  08/30Swampy08/31Swampy
21t Philosophy Differs From Strategy  06/16Rick Ferri20:29Taylor Larimore
17t Asset Location 3 fund port  08/27ababs08/31Taylor Larimore
5h How to balance portforlio and utilize tax benefits?  04:20Tayskiing0111:58Tayskiing01
9c Online Security: Are there any sites you do not trust?  21:44denovo18:06telemark
3t High-ish ER for cash holding in Fidelity Freedom Index Funds  08/31The529guy08/31The529guy
10h Seeking wisdom and guidance  08/29TheGuitarMan17:04TheGuitarMan
6c Cellphone for trip to Ireland  08/30Browser19:21The Wizard
19p 18 and Need Help Starting  08/25DiogenesOfOakland08/31tj
12p sell a 7 year old car or keep it?  14:43husker18:49Toons
8h Highly Appreciated Stock  08/31mvprookie515:36Toons
12h Portfolio advice requested [in medical training]  08/30Adam68508:18Toons
17h 403(B): Fidelity, Prudential, TIAA-CREF, or Vanguard?  06/16vsful08/31Toons
3p passing an IRA to a parent  08/31drjurman08/31Toons
4h Asset Placement Question  13:56Tortuga20:20Tortuga
25t Can someone make a living as a Boglehead financial advisor?  08/27Browser08/31TravelerMSY
11t How to be a Boglehead in Germany  05/26barbaz08:21TroyMcClure
11h Need help in allocating monthly income  08/29TubofProtein08/31TubofProtein
10p Shorten Mortgage or 401K or something else  09:51pleides198017:39Twins Fan
2t Calculating REIT percentage  08/31ji.isaacs03:28Valuethinker
3t An anecdotal case for indexing  08/30Anon123408:22vankleef
100p Preparing to retire checklist  page: 2 311/23VictoriaF18:36VictoriaF
9p Colleague being fleeced by insurance agent / Ponzi Scheme?  08/30SteelPenny08/31villars
15t milestones, skepticism, wealth creation. A thought  08/29letsgobobby08/31villars
1c Replacing in ground lights - ground wire?  10:07ipod_keith10:27wageoghe
6p NYC: How to find a good fee only financial advisor?  08/29Gambler08/30wesef
0h Retirement Buyout Offer  18:03Xavier2525  
0h Portfolio for 24y old - European  08/31yahh  
12c Wifi phone calls vs Ooma  11/22Hexdump19:05yatesd
13c Question for Mac Excel 2011 users  08/28Leif08/30Ybsybs
55t How to become a millionaire retiree -- then and now  page: 208/31Browser18:45Zabar

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