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0t Vanguard "skip auto xfer" feature not working?  22:1115202guy  
20h 401K/403b balancing - plan has changed  06/1620Dukes1103/0120Dukes11
2p TurboTax question (Vanguard/Two states)  08:3450ismygoal10:3650ismygoal
53p Turbotax 2014: Buyer Beware  page: 202/27Karamatsu09:28AAA
573c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1208/30abuss36821:57abuss368
12p Early hurdles in savings/ budgeting for 22 yr old.  02/23acp0317:08acp03
41h Gold Coins for FUN, I mean.... investing  2011airahcaz14:33airahcaz
6h When will Annual Roth IRA Contribution Limit Increase  09:13DDMP2014:44Alan S.
1p Roth conversion-taxes  13:26facehead23413:31Alan S.
1p Tax filing issue with backdoor roth  00:14peterpeter12:51Alan S.
1p Old 401k rollover to tIRA  00:13Goblue9712:38Alan S.
2p Accidental Roth 401k Distribution into TIRA  07:45h8trswana812:28Alan S.
2p Home refi - Roth IRA  18:49playtothebeat20:42Alan S.
13t Vanguard Strikes Back With Lower Target-Date Fees  02/26Mel Lindauer03/01alec
7c Lumber Liquidators Safety Issue  16:03edge18:20alpenglow
19t Why would a European bother holding bonds in this climate?  11/10alwaysonit03/01alwaysonit
3h newbie, help!  02/25ams123416:27ams1234
3h Help with Retirement Plan  20:13jjortho14:48anil686
0c HR Block Backup (on Mac)  15:48Anon1234  
0h New Life Strategy Moderate Growth  14:49ase1628  
6t Understanding correlations and return  11:12asif40812:22asif408
1h Rolling over a 401k - to an IRA or a (new) solo 401k?  02/27TFlBo03/01avenger
15h Life events downturn  18:38sawhorse10:35AviN
3p Inflation Calculator Help Needed.....  03/01BahamaMan03/01BahamaMan
8p Job offering me a new schedule...  02/28FRx02/28BAM!
0h Roth TSP vs. TSP Contributions  17:36Bandit  
2p Small Principal High Rate Debt vs Very Large Principal Low R  03/01DDMP2003/01basspond
10p advice on personal finance & mortgage  02/28petrisunset03/01basspond
14c Archival CD - MDisc  03/01Caduceus14:38batpot
31c Cross Country Ski Gear Tips/Destinations  02/23mbk73403/01BC_Doc
2h Portfolio Review and Strategy: Finally doing it on our own!  08:03SleepKing18:33bdpb
15h Investing 1 Mill for 75 year old parent  03/01beaujolais03/01beaujolais
11h Your assistance please - 41 year old couple no kids  02/28beaujolais03/01beaujolais
1t Vanguard changes dividend payment frequency for 24 funds.  16:57gkaplan17:50Beliavsky
13p Analysis Paralysis - Stock Options  02/28berg03/01berg
6h More intl exposure in Life Strategy Growth - drop out of it?  16:23bertilak18:34bertilak
6h Roth IRA a good place for your emergency fund?  03/01SailorJerry703003/01bertilak
19c airbnb tips?  02/28curmudgeon20:35Bfwolf
2h Taxable Investing at Vanguard - For extra cash?  03/01bhs16:56bhs
15t ...it is madness to risk losing what you need in pursuing wh  08:00jj17:44bigred77
17h Poll: Average E/R  13:44baw70391617:31bigred77
2h retiement calcultor  22:16mule22:59Bill M
2h Advice on 401k allocations  12:02bisherbas18:10bisherbas
4h Mid Thirties - Messy Retirement Portfolio ~$600k  03/01AndThen03/01BL
510c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1109/22Alex Frakt18:14black jack
57t Risk--Again. The common stepping stone  page: 202/22pkcrafter03/01bobcat2
19t Money Matters with Ken Moraif  2012Watertree02/28Bogle_Feet
4t "Lessons Learned With Stocks Up 60% From the Precrash High"  11:46Taylor Larimore14:26Boglegrappler
4p Disability insurance  00:34sawhorse09:14Boglegrappler
23c Selling multi-family - Push to Waive Inspection?  03/01fishmonger23:08BolderBoy
54p Is the first 100k really the hardest?  page: 202/24r00ster22:00boroc7
14p Costs of loyalty to employer  03/01DJB19:36bottlecap
4h Creating sub-accounts in vanguard  03/01pclu03/01bru
33c Favorite chocolate candy  02/28buckeye798318:38buckeye7983
9p Went back to TaxACT, OK but a few problems (2014 update)  03/03grabiner10:23Bustoff
6h Help me calculate changing asset percentages.  03/01Bustoff03/01Bustoff
14h [Does anyone have comments on this growth model?]  02/21looking03/01Bustoff
18c Oil & Vinegar  10:05VesperLynd16:03c078342
7t How are REITs categorized in equity sector diversification?  02/28gtt56103/01CABob
0c T-Mobile Pay As You Go Question  21:53Caduceus  
2c a good movie to see [Assault On Wall Street]  03/01selftalk19:57Caduceus
20c Thinking of getting a Masters in I/O Psychology  02/25tony541202/28Caladan
20t 2015 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT  02/28Mel Lindauer18:17camper
11c Picking a listing agent  09:11daggerboard18:17Carefreeap
25p Dad Passed, Help Mom: Next Steps?  03/01engawa16:57Carefreeap
2p what is the opportunity cost of a paid off second home?  07:37joe13509:58Carefreeap
16p Advice for how to help a grieving FIL with daily finances  02/22neurosphere03/01Carefreeap
7h Investing for Retirement  02/18kingmathers07:56Chadnudj
10p Replacing exterior door ease?  02/28bottomfisher02/28cheese_breath
63c CarsDirect didn't lead to dealers responding with prices  page: 202/17mostly_lurking02/28ClevrChico
7c TDI Sportwagen, in the snow?  02/25snyder6602/28CMartel2
41p Bank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards  11/02navyitaly03/01Code Commit
24t Vanguard Managed Payout to add new fund  03/01Barry Barnitz22:00columbia
9h Maximum amount in a 529 for an 8 year old?  03/01DonDraper19:12Constant Chaos
52t Boglehead theory on p2p lending?  page: 212/23alwaysonit03/01countmein
125c Guns for hunting/defense  page: 2 302/24martin715:24Crow Hunter
0h Schwab 1099 Problems for Maturing TIPS in 2014  03/01#Cruncher  
2h Looking for 401k investment suggestions  02/22CT-Scott03/01CT-Scott
2p Vanguard Fund Performance Link  03/01billw03/01CyberBob
20c No heat  08:21yolli7116:32Cycle37
7p Turbo Tax Deluxe or Premier... What is going on?  02/28bbrock03/01Cyclesafe
1t Meb Faber Kindle Books - Free!  14:18matjen14:49DaftInvestor
87c Subaru and Consumer Reports ratings  page: 202/25d_green13:48DaftInvestor
9p Inherited Non-Qualified Annuity  03/01navahowhite03/01Dale_G
12t Recovering Your Investment after a Loss  03/01palarry13:11dbr
6h What can I expect in return?  21:31mule07:53dbr
8t rebalancing & purchasing when fear is present  03/01selftalk03/01dbr
154t Tips on answering the question - What Should I Do?  page: 2 3 42008Rick Ferri03/01dbr
10h slice and dice question (fixed income)  02/28zadie03/01dbr
17c cold air from electric socket  02/25sksbog03/01DDMP20
31p Am I a mess?  02/10omg33yrs03/01DDMP20
26p Where's your Will?  14:40airahcaz16:57ddunca1944
12p Trying to avoid extra $100/mo. to keep min balance on escrow  10:36DeerRunner15:51DeerRunner
2h Trying to build 3 Fund Portfolio with limited 401k options  02/28frozenpenguin03/01DG99999
59c Wife doesn't want to retire - I do  page: 202/28jstrazzere18:29dgdevil
40c Who's going to Disney this summer?  02/23Grt2bOutdoors15:45dgdevil
47p Have I made a terrible mistake? - whole life  02/25smkrn15:53dhodson
20t Yale Endowment Report 2014  19:25Robert T09:32dkturner
59c Strange Billing Practice by Medical Provider  page: 209/15aude02/28dm200
24h Portfolio Advice on Mediocre 401K plan  02/19dmac8417:57dmac84
3c What source do you use for nursing care feedback?  14:48Michele in TX17:04dolphinsaremamm
3c Frozen Pipes/No Water In Home  16:14Reubin16:53dolphinsaremamm
29c Father in law possible elder scam victim?  08:52matonplayer15:11dolphinsaremamm
8p AAA card as prepaid credit card?  03/01nisiprius15:02dolphinsaremamm
18c Wife turning 50, Ideas for gift?  03/01flatwater13:19dolphinsaremamm
23c Job offer questions - appropriate?  07:11pacodelostigres11:30dolphinsaremamm
17p How long will I l live? (mortality predictor)  02/28black jack23:50dolphinsaremamm
14c Combo Laundry Room/Food Pantry  02/27Jake4603/01dratkinson
289t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 601/01walletless17:45DRILLINDK
27h Portfolio planning, Dubai based Non-US citizen, Trading ETFs  03/07danclarkie03/01drugula
54p Costco/AmEx relationship ending. New Costco MasterCard?  page: 202/12Brad117:30drwtsn32
12p Turbotax ESPP sale woes - help!  03/01dmcmahon16:42drwtsn32
6p Need advice. My wife is starting a small business  23:12hmw09:53DTSC
9h Which Bonds To Invest In?  02/26RelaxPreppy16:59Duckie
3h Company match fund choices  02/28vetmedbf03/01Duckie
3h Help being Tax Efficient Managing Inheritance  02/27philgoodman03/01Duckie
18p Method for repayment of long term care expenses  03/01AllYouNeedIsLov16:22earlyout
1h Form 1099-D - Block 2A Total Cap Gains Distribution  15:52mcshade72516:05earlyout
10t High Yield Corporate Bonds Have Less Interest Rate Risk?  03/01nobsinvestor03/01Electron
5p Which financial designation would you recommend?  02/28A44003/01EmergDoc
110p How much was your Tax Refund (or amount DUE)  page: 2 302/06Makaveli198803/01EmergDoc
6p Should we refi our ARM if we plan to move w/in 2 years?  02/27JBarney15:59englishgirl
12t Market Beating Recipe  03/01Investerguy16:51EnjoyIt
4t Vanguard 529 plans  03/01Offshore21:51ERMD
19p RSU Cost Basis (Etrade and Turbo Tax) - Help!!  02/21Wannaretireearl03/01evancox10
8h Help- I keep investing my emergency fund in the stock market  12:01foodstamp13:23expat
13p Professional tax advice - when is it worth it?  00:22Ancal17:00fishmonger
45c American Express Blue preferred vs Sallie Mae Mastercard  09/28hmw03:54flroots
48t Dividends and Market Slides  02/28fortyofforty12:13foodstamp
55h Nearing 40 and Never Invested  page: 202/26DDMP2018:21fortyofforty
0h 457b being redistributed?  17:51fposte  
2h ETF portfolio for non-resident alien with no tax treaty  02:50amerk8616:30galeno
0h Non-USA Persons: Fixed Income investing.  15:05galeno  
4h Spousal IRA question  16:32Gamma Ray17:17Gamma Ray
6h 401k is changing - need advise  03/01637jr12:03Garco
0p Foreign Tax Credit and foreign estimated tax payments  03/01gd  
2t madsinger monthly report (February 2015)  15:11madsinger16:32gkaplan
34c Grand Canyon  02/19Goblue9700:06Goblue97
9p Market Cycle Psychology  03/01Toons03/01GoldenFinch
3h ROTH IRA and Taxable Account question  19:38loss21:34grabiner
7p Math on TSP Loan for house  02/28xynder03/01grabiner
7p Taxes and the safe harbor  02/28djs0510198503/01grabiner
8t Please help me understand Bond ETFs...  02/18bhusername02/28grabiner
4h Help with municipal bonds  07:53kybourbon10:59Grandpaboys
3h Citibank Structured Notes  02/28Greatness03/01Greatness
6h Seeking carbon efficient S&P fund  13:22paddlepoudre16:01happyisland
55p Inheritance to be held in expensive trust for ~10 years  page: 22012badbear03/01heartwood
36c Honda fit vs VW GTI  03/01mortal14:13hicabob
4h Help with 457 fund picks  02/28JaySayms03/01hoppy08520
4t Taxable Accounts-Cost Basis  20:44mikefixac10:40House Blend
9c LiveWatch Alarm System -anyone?  02/28htdrag1109:03htdrag11
4h Help planning Roth IRA Conversion  02/28ianferrel20:16ianferrel
5p Is Employer Match portion of Solo-401K Deductible Biz Exp?  03/01cdm77023403/01ieee488
1h Discretionary Account Turnover Puzzle / SR Bond Fund  20:45Minty07:34in_reality
276p Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 3 4 5 607/26Buysider20:19in_reality
2p Contacted by Internal Revenue Services  18:22Grt2bOutdoors18:25investor1
7p Talking Salary Tomorrow - HELP!  16:53ddurrett89617:33investor1
68h What's your average ER?  page: 203/01Seattlenative14:21investor1
15t WWWD (what would warren do)  09:31Tamales13:59investor1
12h best place to look for a mortgage?  2011genjix13:41ipod_keith
37p How to find a spouse who wants financial independence  02/28madman1918:17island
85h Does a Roth IRA make sense if you live in a high COL place?  page: 202/28NeutrinoPerson22:35island
143c TradingPlaces' advice on travel awards  page: 2 312/27VictoriaF22:03island
65l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  page: 211/03VictoriaF03/01island
416t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 903/31TheTimeLord03/01Ivygirl
4p PTP K1 in Tax Software  03/01James203/01James2
5p Social Security website error message  03/01Skizbo03/01jebmke
0p Saver's credit to Roth then withdraw?  16:54jeffyscott  
5p Taxes on cash back credit card?  03/01russellh03/01jeffyscott
11h Dividends + LT/ST Capitol Gains for retiree (GES)  21:53Jerry5514:15Jerry55
13c Landlord requested addendum to lease  14:53DVMResident16:43jfn111
14p Does my work vehicle allowance count as taxable income?  02/15WHL16:29jfn111
2h Physical assets as part of retirement portfolio  10:19DDMP2010:46jfn111
3l Master Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter  02/02jghassell03/01jghassell
13h Worth switching from Ameritrade to Vanguard?  02/27frozenpenguin03/01jhfenton
18h where to put excess cash  02/18ras425007:44jimday1982
3p Need a CFP in Pittsburgh Area  02/28JimG03/01JimG
0p Free TurboTax  09:36jj1  
8c Help me in my impossible search for a used car...  03/01snyder6600:47JLJL
54p New Jersey State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan  page: 201/28Joel L. Frank12:55Joel L. Frank
47t Supreme Court to hear fiduciary duty/high cost funds case  10/02TIAX12:50Joel L. Frank
5l Thank you!  02/28joshdamon02/28joshdamon
13h Portfolio review  02/27jsh8417:32jsh84
12h Avoiding the jump to the 25% tax bracket  03/01JTJjr18:00JTJjr
5h Inland American / XHR Xenia Hotels and resorts  03/01Robsoupman14:43jwkde
0p Foreign Income Reporting with Staggered Tax Years  14:23Ken.  
2p Thank you / used wire to fund Ally account  16:20Michele in TX16:35Ken Schwartz
9h Looking for any final input on these IRA/401k allocations  03/01frozenpenguin12:16Kevin M
1h Portfolio Questions  23:31Duke01:39Kevin M
2h porfolio equivalency - vanguard and fidelity  00:40abjo01:26Kevin M
2h Nearing retirement and need the voice of experience  00:14frankbrenowitz00:47Kevin M
4t Can short term bonds rise in value when rates rise?  03/01nobsinvestor23:52Kevin M
12h REIT Allocation and Bond Fund Types Help !  02/22goaztecsfight03/01Kevin M
11t Bond Funds vs Individual Bonds  02/28victorb02/28Kevin M
37h Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund a Buy?  02/22Ki_poorrichard22:17Ki_poorrichard
13h 401k Loan - Bump it up, lump it, or ignore it?  10:01kjvmike15:06kjvmike
4p Job Offer Advice  02/2867vwbug03/01knowsnothing
312p If your networth is over $3 million, how did you do it?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 711/10ahmadcpa14:04knpstr
0p Yet Another Roth 401(k) vs. 529 Question  18:35knswamy  
3p Change allocation due to life changes  12:52pacodelostigres17:16lack_ey
1t Fund-ETF comparison  11:53nocomprendo12:16lack_ey
6h Fund for 50+ years???  03/01tryinghard03/01lack_ey
4c Congratulations to Emergency Doc [Scholarship fund started]  23:00Bruce08:40LadyGeek
1c Gift Ideas for Business Collaborators?  03/01Boglenaut03/01LadyGeek
30p I survived my initial performance improvement mtg. Now what?  02/27Mill03/01LadyGeek
7p Converting a personal property to a rental property  02/28djs0510198519:20Lafder
96t Buy and Hold Forever Stocks  page: 202/23Runalong02/28Lafder
11h Support this Site Idea  02/27CFOKevin02/28Lafder
5l Wisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread  10/29LeeMKE11:46LeeMKE
5t The Blind Forecaster  23:33mlebuf17:49Leeraar
0h John Sestina - Ohio Advisor  17:40Leeraar  
120t International increase in Target Retirement & LifeStrategy  page: 2 302/26ftobin10:01Leeraar
6p Managed Payout Funds  09:10Leesbro6310:45Leesbro63
25c Foodsaver use  02/28MP17306:13Leesbro63
9p Help with letter from IRS about 2013 529 distribution  03/01HoneyBee18:35Leesbro63
0h California GO munis  18:38leftcoaster  
9c Paris France help/suggestions for women  11:53lws677218:22Levett
30c Retirement - Surprises, Solutions  02/23victorb03/01Levett
22p Questions to ask a living trust attorney during initial meet  02/27walletless18:25littlebird
1p How to check overpayments were applied to 2015 returns.  17:11gkaplan17:25livesoft
3p What tax documents do you file with the IRS?  12:21coffeehubcap14:24livesoft
1h Van Guard option system - Broken  14:09jblank00114:13livesoft
2h DGS: OK in taxable now?  08:07BogleMe08:16livesoft
3h tweaking asset allocation  18:41Robert4406:31livesoft
8p 529 Plans versus other College Funding  03/01James206:11livesoft
11p Please correct if my tax calculation is not accurate  00:44online05:31livesoft
1p Easier Capital Gains Reporting (In Some Cases)  03/01Leesbro6303/01livesoft
11t [Vanguard] active funds are beating the passive index funds  03/01looking17:28looking
7h I need some comments on my portfolios  02/28looking09:52looking
2l Do we have Bogleheads meeting in northern California?  02/28looking02/28looking
54c Should you tip when picking up takeout food?  page: 202/26mr_scaramanga02/28Louis Winthorpe
26c Replace or repair dishwasher  03/01verbose06:21madbrain
8c [SF BayArea,NorCal]Where do you get your Meat & Fish  02/28davidsorensen3203/01madbrain
37c Is Vanguard understaffed?  02/27indexfundfan02/28madbrain
0p Martins Point Health Care  03/01Maid of the Mis  
5p Can I e-file? Form 8938 and 3 foreign accounts?  03/01hmw08:58marcos123
9p Treasury Direct (no TIPS or Series I) and taxes  02/25marcos12308:44marcos123
22p Buying a used motorcycle, borrow to avoid scam  03/01taojaxx21:28mars
25p Major issues with new HSABank.com website  01/08EvelynM03/01maywood
26h NYC Teachers' 403b: Fixed Annuity pays 8.25% guaranteed?  2009xerty2409:16Mel Lindauer
1h Excess cash now but might need it in few years. What to do?  12:09pbc56118:33mhalley
4h Fidelity offer to match IRA contributions  02/28downshiftme02/28mhalley
5c Black Hills SD, where to stay?  15:11dbCooperAir17:09mhc
1h Advice for extra cash  08:52Slackter09:19mhc
6p Debt Snowball with Variable Rates  03/01Gropes & Ra03/01mhc
8h Lifestrategy moderat growth vs Total stock MKT index fund  02/28adamsonpro103/01mistike
0h Help with my 401k  03/01mistike  
13p First Home Purchase - Property Tax vs Commuting Costs  12:41in_securities14:38Mitchell777
3p HSA deduction question  03/01moneywise303/01moneywise3
6p 1098-T Discrepancies?  03/01rayout09:08mptness
19p Our neighbors home was gutted and rebuilt - Question  02/28mr_breen03/01mr_breen
6p Minnesota Non-Resident tax return  02/27Mr. Digweed02/28Mr. Digweed
16h Managing a larger portfolio with possible life changes ahead  03/01msa620:08msa6
0p GoogleFinance Stock Quote Error  11:54n00b_to_investi  
4p Claiming theft on tax return  12:40DTSC15:08N1CKV
2t Calculating Future income from Bond Fund in Retirement  19:08N5257021:30N52570
6c Opinions on living in Jacksonville FL?  08:51texasdiver14:00ndchamp
7t Likely impact on equities of interest rate increase  03/01tennisplyr03/01nedsaid
8t "2015 Annual Letter by Scott Burns and Kennon Grose"  02/28Taylor Larimore03/01nedsaid
16h it it too late buying more stocks and bond ??  02/24looking16:30NightOwl
17t You and Your Dumb Money  03/01pkcrafter10:57Ninegrams
33p Old car insurance  02/20ralph124cf00:03Ninegrams
8t Charley Ellis Guesting on Bob Brinker today  03/01HikerNC21:55Ninegrams
10h Trying to take control. looking for advice  02/27nolesrule02/28nolesrule
25h Retirement planning - Too soon for TIPS?  02/25aelfa03/01Noobvestor
2c Experience with Tile Tub Refinishing?  02/28Jelloanddon03/01North
4h Foreign Earned Income and IRA Contributions  07:41d0gerz08:13nun
16h Would you buy into this state defined benefit pension?  02/28nun07:57nun
7h Expat Roth IRA Rollover  02/26Matt48Ritchie20:09nun
5p Setting up Treasury Direct Authorization  02/28HSC02/28ny_rn
2f it requires my password and username everytime i try to view  10:42looking10:59ObliviousInvest
7h Thoughts on adding Vanguard STAR to my portfolio  02/27oc4boxer12:46oc4boxer
50t What is the BH consensus on international bonds?  page: 202/13financial.freed03/01ogd
7h Paid extra tax last year  18:43online19:12online
10c where to go shop and buy refrigerator  03/01looking03/01PaddyMac
645t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132007simba03/01paper200
2h Advice for a new 403b  02/27partbogle02/28partbogle
25t 22 Schwab OneSource ETF used in Intelligent Portfolios  02/13harikaried14:41pascalwager
12p Why Isn't Pension Distribution Taxable? (1099-R, Code G)`  03/01PGR14:18PGR
2h Portfolio Analysis  11:28herndigs0812:26pingo
4h Help for a relative  03/01evofxdwg22:48pkcrafter
5p How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Condo  20:22RooseveltG21:58pl28
30p Has anyone ever voluntarily downsized their job?  03/01ER202310:36poker27
6h Newbie: 3 fund portfolio  03/01prettybogle03/01prettybogle
1c 2015 Honda CR-V vibration problems  12:27kop60417:06pretzelogik
0h Enough for Retirement? Prepay a commercial loan?  17:23Prolew  
30p List of favorite accounts  02/23Planner18:53psychoslowmatic
38p Vanguard Brokerage 1099 Available  02/24JamesSFO15:26ptyalism
17h Annuities and Asset Allocation  2014Stan Dup03/01puravida
10c Car Repair [Maintenance vs. repair costs]  12/08sls23916:16ralph124cf
6p Question on Relocation Package (from Employer's perspective)  03/01AndroAsc03/01ralph124cf
10p Consulting for family business  02/17MBster03/01ralph124cf
34p Tom Stanley-Millionaire Next Door Author Killed in Auto Acci  19:07jrmillions15:49rec7
7c Travelling via Housesitting?  02/26VesperLynd19:57redbeardman
5h All Weather portfolio  16:12catlover16:54retiredjg
9h Portfolio Review - Rebalancing and Short Term Goals  19:29Dumbo16:27retiredjg
3h Peek into my finances and life :)  13:23brick_x_brick14:26retiredjg
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