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4p 401k Investment Committee  09/25A1will09/30A1will
116t what is risk?  page: 2 309/27skeptic8817:26Abe
8h Help with retirement asset allocation  09/27aerolulu09/29aerolulu
3h Proper way to do backdoor Roth in Vanguard?  09/29Mark261409/30Afty
3p CCH Projects 2015 Brackets, IRA Limits etc  09/18Alan S.22:13Alan S.
9t quick roth ira question?  09/29camptalcott09/29Alan S.
1h SIMPLE + Roth vs. Roth Solo 401k  09/29chickadee15:08Alex Frakt
20c I picked up a penny today...  09/30Bustoff20:38Alex Frakt
13c Why Aren't Waterbeds Popular Anymore?  09/30orlandoman20:35Alex Frakt
11p How to solve people who don't save enough?  09/30toto23819:53Alex Frakt
18p Yet Another Pension Buyout Scenario  09/29ALHRC18:34ALHRC
1h Crowd-sourcing my portfolio  14:46ksoze72016:33Aptenodytes
4h Rebalancing Spreadsheet  09/29JohnnyFive09/29Aptenodytes
26p Paid off mortgage today  09/27FafnerMorell16:34avenger
8p Becoming a Thinktank  17:01VictoriaF19:12backpacker
5h vanguard etf commissions  09/29skeptic8809/30backpacker
3h Vanguard Corporate Bond Funds  09/30jsl1109/30backpacker
28t Dave Ramsey says asset allocation does not work  06:02HawkeyeJD18:55baw703916
112c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 2 307/14bbrock12:53bbrock
16t So do we care more about change in bond price or bond yield?  14:09abyan18:30bhsince87
4t Can I open an immediate annuity with IRA money?  09/29birdy09/30birdy
14h 401k rollover help needed  09/24Janes23:39BL
11p My paycheck.  09/30member23:18BL
3p Income tax question for these two situations  09/30bogler102909/30BL
6p Working & Collecting SS Benefits  09/29goalie09/29BL
11p Assistance with Medicare costs for lowish income seniors  09/30jon-nyc07:16bluemarlin08
206l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2014!  page: 2 3 4 505/11sans souliers16:15boro
102p Being older/younger in class -- benefits, issues?  page: 2 303/29Nuvoletta17:24bpp
7h PFIC - How can I handle this simply?  09/30psteinx19:30bpp
8p Worth converting from single member LLC to S-Corp?  09/29Mark261422:11bsteiner
49p Should I pay off my sisters student loans?  09/29brianinfl16:05camden
8h New Investor kindly requests your advice  09/28capitaloutflows09/30capitaloutflows
5p Aspiring Personal Finance Advisor  09/29cashodgson11:10cashodgson
1h IPO's  17:21Michael_Fisher117:25cfs
10h Redoing Neglected Portfolio - Need Alternatives  09/29chasm09/30chasm
21p Need advice helping my father (phone scammer)  09/23rec710:49cherijoh
2t Stocks outside MSCI and FTSE Indexes  09/30chilidawg09/30chilidawg
7h UGMA dividends advice - index ETF or reinvest in stock  09/28ChrisB09/29ChrisB
44p See both financial advisor and elder law lawyer for Mom?  09/29Gambler13:54ChrisC
1t Vanguard Flagship Contact Pages  18:14jst18:32Christine_NM
3h Rollover old 401k into tIRA, should I have rolled into TSP?  09/30ChunkyCitrus13:06ChunkyCitrus
2t total bond market index?  09/29skeptic8809/29CyberBob
4h 4% Guaranteed Interest Option in 403(b)?  09/29hawkfan5509/30Dandy
63h What is your rebalancing policy?  page: 22011fredflinstone09/29Dandy
9c Furnace Condensate Neutralizer Media  11:36dbCooperAir15:59dbCooperAir
11h Starting Roth IRA soon, advice?  09/29achen929109/30dbCooperAir
11h 401 K Question  09/30RobinWyman7513:29dbr
13h Blackrock Diversified Income Portfolio?  07/03MN-Investor09/30Deano77
10p Low cost online payroll?  09/29Mark261417:29delconte
21c Tell me about Paris  11:30an_asker19:16dgdevil
830t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172011Lbill19:06dgdevil
24c Re: Norwegian Airlines  09/24an_asker22:31dgdevil
2c Long Term Care Insurance???  13:12Dino118:30dhodson
13h Short term investing for down payment  09/29dooley6310:19dooley63
22p Contribution limit 401k  08/29doon09/30doon
30c Where to start work as an engineering major?  09/29EngineerEd12:09dpc
18h should participate in employer matches?  09/30skeptic8814:41dratkinson
5h Finding Equivalent Vanguard Muni Fund  07:52rehoman13:18dratkinson
25c Buy Local  09/29john9454911:02drawpoker
0c Quicken 2015 (Windows)  08:54Drew31  
7h IRA Questions: Rollover vs. Traditional  20:40master3600:22Duckie
10h New investor would deeply appreciate advise.  09/28TheAdTurtle223:43Duckie
0t Monthly or annual returns for csrp indices  21:27Econberkeley  
12p Solo 401k - W2 Reporting  09/29InvestorDave09:38ERISA Stone
8h What to Do next? Life Events + What To Invest?  09/30s0me0nesmind115:36EvilHomer
7t Very basic bond question  09/30Pepper1122:50EyeDee
43t When should someone "not stay the course"?  09/30InvestorNewb15:12FinancialDave
1h Need help setting up taxable index fund investment account.  09/29Martin'sInvestm00:01Flexo52
3h Backdoor Roth  09/30RobinWyman7508:02FreemanB
19p Death Benefit from pension - lump sum or lifetime monthly?  09/28ReedMan13:21Frugal Al
12c Possible Uninsured Motorist accident  13:27investingdad17:00furwut
10c Had a bad experience with Amica  15:17kd200817:30G12
6h Worth paying an extra 0.15% TER?  09/29alwaysonit15:12galeno
16t Domicile of funds and tax leakage.  09/24alwaysonit09/29galeno
13p Should an executor retitle stocks to the estate right away?  09/28blatantlyanon10:39Ged
61c "Shellshock" vulnerability for Linux based systems  page: 209/27Ninegrams09/29Ged
52h Hard Money Lending, flipping houses 12% return Lets hear it  page: 209/30outrnm18:51Geronimobro
0h Otar Retirementoptimizer  18:13gholmes64  
3t selling company stock after loss  09/30gips09/30gips
3h rebalancing towards bernstien philosophy  09/30gips09/30gips
11h Is VXF tax efficient?  09/27RandomPointer09/29grabiner
1t When is my TER charged?  09/29alwaysonit09/29grabiner
6t Which bond fund for taxable account in high tax bracket?  09/28nobsinvestor09/29grabiner
3h Tax efficient rebalancing  09/29jackboglehead09/29grabiner
13h Increasing Bond Holdings/International Equities  08/17aszend09/29grabiner
5h Specific Tax Lot Question  09/29xrw109/29Grasshopper
55t Calculating Bond Fund What-Ifs  page: 209/23Bob02:32grayfox
5p Fairholme Fund (FAIRX) down 9.6% today  17:36mrboast19:20Grt2bOutdoors
28p Should I buy this house  09/30IK87P09:33Grt2bOutdoors
16h High yield muni bonds  09/29Near retirement09/30Grt2bOutdoors
201f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 3 4 52007tfb09/30GuyFromGeorgia
37p need for a backup credit card?  09/29feh13:10heartwood
39p BIG ($180k) student debt!! Strategy needed.  09/24fiddlehead18:58Herekittykitty
31p I want to pay off my mortgage.  11:30member18:57Herekittykitty
3t Iron Rules of Money  08:24matjen10:13heyyou
12h Need advice on investment with loaned money  09/29Invest16817:43HomerJ
7h Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k)  09/29jackboglehead09/30House Blend
28t "How Retirement Fees Cost You"  09/28Taylor Larimore09/30htdrag11
11h Company stock match, good deal?  13:04toto23815:07icefr
2c Cloning and File Backup to Same External Hard Drive?  09/30RooseveltG21:26ieee488
14h Step by Step of Buying ETFs at Schwab  09/30Ganacel21:09in_reality
21h Best 401K for 26-year-old  09/28velma5520:26investor1
69t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver09/29IPer
17t Target-Date funds  09/29skeptic8809/29IPer
11c new construction water softener rough in  09/26hackermb23:14jbuzolich
23c Chase Ultimate Rewards Program  09/27Barefootgirl09/30jeffyscott
8h 401(k) Fund Choices  09/30JoeJohnson10:16JoeJohnson
12t Chartway offers 2.5% 5-year CD [with uncertain terms]  09/26dphilipps09/29john94549
17h Protection from a market crash  09/29Michael_Fisher109/29john94549
19t CNN: 5 investing secrets of the wealthy.  09/30runner914:48Johno
93c How can I stop feeling depressed about my finances?  page: 209/29semiotic09/30Johno
56t Will Investment Returns Ever Revert to "Normal"?  page: 209/27Simplegift09/29Johno
0h lump sum [How to invest?]  18:25JPChevy2222  
6h Need help with his & her 401k, just started investing  19:24jrg30008:01jrg300
4c Investing Podcasts  21:20Beat The Street06:33jstrazzere
16h New Investor - Fidelity freedom funds  09/29juggyjt09:27juggyjt
8h Just looking for a nudge  08:11Deldog16:57JupiterJones
11c Slick Airline Ticket Phishing Scam  14:29JW Nearly Retir18:59kenschmidt
3t Reporter doing story on estate planning  09/30Mel Lindauer12:20Ken Schwartz
11t Vanguard website almost nonresponsive?  10:33Ken Schwartz11:43Ken Schwartz
59h Question about Govt. TSP: G vs. F Funds  page: 22011gouldnm15:00Ketawa
187t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 2 3 411/22Robert T10:06Ketawa
22p Help-Do I need a chip/pin card in europe?  08/15Dazed09/29killjoy2012
4t Is it a good time to invest in Biotech index funds or ETFs?  11:27sonny102218:27Ki_poorrichard
39t Bogleheads, help me be less afraid of international stocks  09/30nobsinvestor16:08Ki_poorrichard
0h TSP heavy and overall portolio advice  17:50kkt123  
16h Help me divorce my Stocks  09/27SuperSaver09/30krannerd
5h Long time investor, 1st time post. Taxable vs. Tax deferred  16:00Lablover050517:43Lablover0505
22c bogus schwab email [Phishing scam]  09/30ourtown21:44LadyGeek
33p Vanguard: "Don't let debt delay or derail your retirement"  09/30gkaplan21:03LadyGeek
8p Money Makeovers - Are these legitimate stories?  09/29Grt2bOutdoors09/29LadyGeek
8t a look at the bond premiums, follow up to equity premiums  09:06larryswedroe17:34larryswedroe
21t The volatility of premiums  09/29larryswedroe21:46larryswedroe
10t Interview I did with Michael Covel  09/29larryswedroe09/29larryswedroe
0c Heat Recovery Exchanger System  15:24leafcutterAnt  
13p Am I crazy to try to tackle all 4 issues at once?  14:28iaminam19:07Leemiller
25p Home affordability  09/26yosef19:02Leemiller
23p Should I include this in my net worth?  12:22jlq3918:55Leemiller
73p Is my husband a spendthrift? Or I a tightwad?  page: 219:52hcj18:47Leemiller
15c Replacing Some, not all, Windows in House  09/29grettman07:03Leemiller
12h Am I going about this the right way??  22:30auggiedoggies12:52LeeMKE
5h Portfolio tracking websites?  11:25Browser12:34LeeMKE
4f Images Posted to the Forum & Copyright Fair-Use  09/28Simplegift00:01LeeMKE
5h Early option exercise, non-public, large spread  09/30aileron22:57LeeMKE
0t Bogle on Radio Tonight  13:51Leesbro63  
99c The Roosevelts, PBS special  page: 209/15dbCooperAir06:34Leesbro63
19c Water Powered Sump-Pump Backups?  09/30davebo14:45Levett
63c Verizon to Page Plus - documenting my experience  page: 210/29bogleraw09/30LifeIsGood
46h windfall incoming.clarify the 101 plz (noob bashing wooo!)  10/11brianinfl09/30likegarden
81t rebalancing conundrum/paradox/irony  page: 209/27letsgobobby15:19linenfort
115c college related advice for 11th grader  page: 2 301/12travellight17:36livesoft
2p Saving for children's College education  12:33sramina17:34livesoft
1h Investment Advice For High Net Worth 1mm+ Yearly Income  16:24alpha71116:46livesoft
2h selling fund with correct cost basis method  09/29bstewartny09/29livesoft
4h How to get rid of fractional shares  09/29n00b_to_investi09/29livesoft
1t Vanguard Annuity  09/30jeffyscott19:38LongerPrimer
0p Survey of Retirement Spending on the Wiki  11:55lorneabramson  
23p IRA Beneficiary - Should a Trust ever be the beneficiary?  09/27Swampy10:39Lynette
8p Inheritance for non-US person  09/29bs01010109/30Lynette
62c Vanguard Recommending Quicken Changes  page: 209/10JamesSFO09/30madbrain
0t Kitces: Sequence of returns risk and 10yr real returns  19:01magellan  
5p SS website - credit freeze  09/30BuckyBadger00:49malloc
23p POLL: When I gift/will shares to my relatives, I expect ...  09/29livesoft17:35Marmot
0t Why not 100% Stocks?  19:09MarSam  
1p Brainstorming Start-Ups  16:37riboflav18:47master36
0p looking for a sample whole life insurance illustration  12:54mbecker03  
61p Emergency room consent  page: 209/28in_reality09/29Mel Lindauer
1h BIV in taxable  23:02RandomPointer00:01mhalley
7p AllClear ID identity theft protection?  09/30investor109/30mhalley
96c Oatmeal suggestions  page: 209/30Beezthree13:00miles monroe
5t [Poll] Eurozone Investors and Home Bias  09/29mjb20:25mjb
18c Maybe going back to cash isn't such a bad idea  09/30camptalcott09/30MN-Investor
61t My 30-day trial experience with Betterment  page: 209/11investmentgamer18:04MoneyMythsSolve
32p Lawyer fee question?  09/28staythecourse09/29MoonOrb
9h Health Equity HSA--New Passive Plan  09/05Wileycoyotepdx01:06MossySF
39h Portfolio Advice/Questions for a Swede/European  09/22EngineerGraduat09/30Mureke
5p Winds of change... Have I missed anything?  09/28nanoanalyzer09/30nanoanalyzer
5h New to investing  09/28coralstructure09/30nanoanalyzer
4p Social Security: "highest 35 years..." ?  09/30JohnFiscal09/30neurosphere
4h Pros/Cons to using E*Trade for i401k?  22:38new2bogle215:27new2bogle2
4h Help with 401k max out  14:04jackietreehorn15:24niceguy7376
9h SIPC Insurance coverage  09/28Namashkar09/30nisiprius
11t Risks associated with investing in Vanguard funds  09/20testuser12309/29nisiprius
4h New to Investing and to Bogleheads  15:18NoviceKnowledge16:23NoviceKnowledge
20p How to pay for Home Addition  09/22jasper20:04Novine
11h Maxing your IRA or 401k at the beginning of the year?  09/29Mark261409/30ny_rn
8p Job change dilemma ...  09/30FRx09/30ofcmetz
23t Stock Dividend Yields & Share Buybacks — A Surprise  09/30Simplegift17:29ogd
4t Suggest Bond Options for 401/403/457 Type Plans  09/26Helot09/29ogd
21p Need advice; Significant Student Loan Burden  09/26Olivestreetcoup19:16Olivestreetcoup
34t Disappointed in Vanguard customer service  09/26kazper04:31panther 61
40t Buying more when markets are down  13:55JohnnyFive18:28patrick
12t Lower risk & return if equity allocation is below 30-40%?  09:08Tamales18:21patrick
18h R u selling PIMCO bond fund  09/28rsbv18:06patrick
12h fidelity v.s. vanguard  12:09fatguy19:18PatrickA5
8h Advice for a young/new investor  09:50pbk26417:34pbk264
5h Using a VUL to pay for college. Am I nuts?  13:28PDXInvestor18:58PDXInvestor
90c Cast Iron Skillet Cooking  page: 209/23RTR200617:57Peterjens
10c Android Apps for Toddlers  09/30sunnyday17:49Peterjens
0c Gateway Classic Cars  09/30pgi  
11c Two-factor Authentication Question  09/30Phineas J. Whoo22:21Phineas J. Whoo
18h New - looking for portfolio advice  08/28stromboli09/30pingo
3c A few minutes search online, saved me $800...  09/27pinhead21:24pinhead
13p Gifting Appreciated EE or iBonds to non dependent for 529  09/28Pizzasteve51011:15Pizzasteve510
5t Is Roth 401K and Backdoor Roth compatible?  22:34LateStarter197511:21placeholder
10p How is real estate rental income taxed?  09/29Monkeyman02:07privateer79
2t Vanguard: "Why your fund's return may be better than yours."  09:11gkaplan10:35pshonore
1p Always use age 62 SS Bend Points ?  10:18JohnFiscal10:29putmedownfora6
10p Social Security benefits for self-employed  09/30asif40809/30ralph124cf
6t US REITs: An Expanding Market  09/30Rick Ferri16:09randomguy
44c Lakefront property with small children?  09/30dimideme16:06randomguy
2h Contribute 401k or Roth IRA? AA across tax-deferred and Roth  00:01sliu11:58ray.james
49t Will you invest in Bill Gross's new bond fund?  09/29Tanelorn20:26ray.james
7p Mortgage Advice for Self-Employed?  09/27bobble09/29ReedMan
23p Too many houses?  09/25TomBranson09/29RenoJay
16c Am I being scammed? Wolf range hood, defective delivery  09/19renter23:56renter
8h Should I convert my TIRA/401k to Roth?  09/30Ody15:50retiredjg
66p IRS Relents! Notice 2014-54 permits Basis Isolation  page: 209/18Alan S.09/30retiredjg
19h Considering converting SEP to solo 401k and go backdoor Roth  09/23Mark261409/30retiredjg
158p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 404/14coolguy95409/30retiredjg
37h please take a look at my 'gone fishing' portfolio and rate  09/16riptide10:19riptide
17h Increasing Bond Allocation: G Fund or VG Funds  2013Taz07:58riptide
34t Minimum volatility - simply factor exposure  09/28Robert T19:10Robert T
3p W9 form  16:37Calm Man18:05rooms222
19t Dan Wiener  09/23samswami11:34roymeo
4h Picking My 401K Investments - Advice Wanted  16:19s0me0nesmind119:19ruralavalon
1h Funds Split between Vanguard / Fidelity  18:49Mark261418:53ruralavalon
3h Yet another portfolio checkup! Any advice/comments welcome(=  09/15logistics116:58ruralavalon
5h New Investor Question  08:45mattwes1211:41ruralavalon
15h Help with portfolio for new investor, thanks in advance!  09/22huskerdoc203510:48ruralavalon
40c house odor after crawlspace encapsulation  09/29RustyShacklefor17:23RustyShacklefor
2t Is the Dividend Appreciation Index Fund (VDADX) managed?  12:07tomander18:10Sagenick48
51p Those under 35 with a child 5 or under: Costs of child?  page: 209/28countofmc09/30SamGamgee
3t Experience with Retiree Income Inc. services?  09/29alife09/30Sbashore
19h Simplifying ETF holdings for serious buy-and-accumulate  09/23Seattlenative19:22Seattlenative
32l EmergDoc has Surpassed 10,000 posts!  09/26LadyGeek22:40shawcroft
2c Polaroid Cube or other "keep in the car" camera  10:17lululu10:30Sidney
31t What SWR/expense multiple to use for early retirement plan?  09/30WageSlave15:21Simplegift
4h Help for New Investor  09/30slapstix16:55slapstix
222p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 2 3 4 508/28Louis Winthorpe09/29slbnoob
3h Just inherited an IRA...how to incorporate into AA?  09/30humandraydel22:09Spirit Rider
6h Fidelity Freedom Index Funds - Available to retail investors  09/29Spirit Rider09/30Spirit Rider
2h European indexes  13:46skatterZ16:29sramina
4h 401Ks - Should I pool it at one place, in a Vangard Acc?  09/23sriyer1009/30sriyer10
4h Asset allocation (Australia)  09/27stegosaurus09/30stegosaurus
106t Bill Gross moving from PIMCO to Janus, Monday  page: 2 309/26ResearchMed09/30stratton
0t First time investor needs help  13:15subham  
2c Note from Experian: Change of name, address, or SS#  09/29sunnyday09/30sunnyday
11c Play FreeCell on a tablet offline?  09/29surfinagin05:36surfinagin
28c New kitchen cabinets or new doors?  09/24LadyIJ09/30surveyor
128t AliBaba  page: 2 309/18SuperSaver09/30Tanelorn
4h Buying first Index Fund New Investor  09/30mattwes1220:04Taylor Larimore
25t Active Manager Marketing Quote of the Day  10/31Rick Ferri09/30Taylor Larimore
35t Read too many books... help untangle  09/27Bubbagump09/29Taylor Larimore
6p Fidelity Offers A Round-Trip to Europe for New Account  12:54noyopacific14:04technovelist
68c POLL: Would you rather work half as long or half as often?  page: 209/25backpacker09/30technovelist
14c LED Flashlights  14:59Electron18:48texasdiver
7c Road Scholar: Your experience?  16:15VictoriaF19:14The Wizard
15c Password Manager [Last Pass]--stolen  09/19boater0709/30TimeRunner
41c OTA HDTV - Best antenna to use?  12/22fsrph15:34TomatoTomahto
3h 401k help for a newbie!  09/29loserguy09/29Toons
23h Professional gambler in unique investment situation  09/19alwaysonit19:16TravelerMSY
9t Buffett vs. Bogleheads  15:39mymoneyresearch19:13TravelerMSY
40c How Long Should I Keep My Car?  09/28Park18:45Traveller
19h The Three Fund Portfolio [Portfolio help]  09/22kkhanmd15:35trueblueky
2t TSP Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Returns -- September, 2014  01:37Dr_McGarvey09:55TSR
8p Help Selecting Insurance [Japan]  09/09twoyen09/30twoyen
11c Solar Panel company recommendations - San Diego/ Southern CA  09/28HelloImAMac06:36Valuethinker
8p Experience with big spike in earnings (stock options)  09/28berg09/30Wagnerjb
25h Do you deviate from the BH philosophy?  17:16toto23819:08whaleknives
7c How long does it take to break in a boot like this  21:12rec714:07whomever
4h 401k GICs, Fixed Accounts, etc.  09/30Willmunny09/30Willmunny
0h 33 Year Old, Married Dad RE: Guid. with 401(k) & ROTH IRA  16:43Wink  
0p CP-2100A - Incorrect TIN/Name  09/30xanadu32  
32t Asset allocation market timing strategy inspired by John B  09/30Tigermoose16:33YDNAL
45t Future equities 2% real rhetoric is hogwash  09/29EnjoyIt15:16YDNAL

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