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14c All-inclusive resort vacation for $2K??  13:26LateStarter197519:251530jesup
13t Japan Does not Show That Stocks are Dangerous  21:15berntson02:063504PIR
24h Young doctor, taking over my own investments...  04/12FRx04/14abuss368
45h Help with Improving my Portfolio  04/11Alana88817:59Alana888
1p Roth 2013 - Contributed "too much"  13:24mtbouchard15:13Alan S.
9h Too Late to Open Roth IRA for 2013?  04/14xrw104/14Alan S.
30p Amazon 10% Fed refund bonus with TurboTax  12/27Watty04/14amitb00
431c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92012Offshore04/14amitb00
3c Running Forum?  04/14snyder6604/14Andyrunner
0h HELP - Taxes on RMD of A Beneficiary IRA  04/14andy_the_clown  
9c Whats with the internet cap-100GB/ month?  04/14A_C_E04/14Angelus359
14p Is "sheltering" my GF financially hurting our future?  04/13EnderWiggins04/14Angelus359
17p delete this(edited)  04/13Angelus35904/14Angelus359
17t Speculation on I Bond fixed rate for May 1st  04/12John375404/14Angst
7h VTSAX: Does it eliminate the need for dividend funds?  04/14dr.j04/14Aptenodytes
8t Corporate Bond in Tax-deferred vs Muni Bonds in Taxable  04/11Asket04/14Asket
2c Fluff & Fold Laundry Service (Drop-Off, Wash, Fold, Pick-up)  04/14lyner08:43astent
9t Fundamental Indexing  04/14tennisplyr04/14berntson
28h My financial advisor doubt  04/13larry8207:48BigJohn
4c Computer Speakers  19:27gkaplan21:32BigOil
8p Confusing self-employed tax question  04/14billjohnson04/14billjohnson
3c Looking for Low-Cost Eyeglass Shop I can visit  22:35msj1623:01BL
164t Help me understand Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys"  page: 2 3 404/04nisiprius07:10blevine
42h Improvement needed  04/10bloom270804/14bloom2708
3c Does android tablet need strong password?  04/14BlueEars09:32BlueEars
4p Tax Withholding with After-Tax Adjustments to Income  19:00bmay20:45bmay
3h Roth IRA vs Traditional  04/14toomuchtv2804/14Bob's not my name
1p Yet another Turbo Tax issue re: HSA  04/13bogleviewer04/14bogleviewer
97p Laid off today... TODO list?  page: 204/02siamond14:14Bounca
13t Random individual stocks as supplement to indexing  04/14sdpfoj23911:15bpp
6h US Ex-Pat: Help needed with retirement savings  04/11d0gerz04/14bpp
7p Life Insurance Policy Necessary for 25 year old?  09:36nayr809920:53Bracket
23h VA529 - VEST [Virginia 529 - inVEST]  12/26faltuk104/14Bracket
739t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152011Lbill00:12Browser
21t Another take on the "rebalancing bonus"  04/14Browser00:07Browser
159c heartbleed - widespread internet security problem  page: 2 3 404/08in_reality00:01Browser
8h 22 Y/O Cadet Advise  13:42xeonv217:16Bruce
6c Need advice on Roof damage and Homeowners Insurance  04/14Bustoff04/14Bustoff
7p Help with Whole Life Insurance (Parents Purchased)  04/13cbeagle04/14cbeagle
16h How to invest $1k a month  04/13chipdouglas06:50chipdouglas
9t A portfolio with a 7% yield? Your thoughts?  12:52mmahoney13:45Clearly_Irrational
2t DIY Heavy P/B SV Tilting - When to Abandon?  04/14Cruick04/14Cruick
2p HSA question  04/13end4404/14cubedbee
10c Chess.com is The Bomb  04/13TravelforFun04/14cubedbee
11h Stock AA [Asset Allocation]  04/14curveball21:32curveball
0h Reducing employer stock exposure  22:29daave  
7c Question regarding security door  04/14indexer19:19dgdevil
16h Older and Wiser - Allocation Advice After Rookie Mistake  04/01glst0rm04/14dickenjb
4p quick confirmation of last minute tax question, please?  04/14djorg04/14djorg
4h Negative Cash  16:34dl784818:23dl7848
29t 5 yr TIPs auction announced 4/10- any takers?  04/03Doc10:05Doc
4p Tax year 2013 IRA contribution deadline, April or Oct 15th?  18:18abc12318:30dodecahedron
20t Cambria Global Value - Value Tilt  04/11Cruick04/14dodonnell
93c KeePass vs LastPass  page: 204/10Pacific04/14Dougroseville
44c New homeowner: lawn care advice  04/14slbnoob20:11dratkinson
61l I saw a "Boglehead" on my flight yesterday!  page: 204/08gailcox12:24DRiP Guy
6h Taxes and SEP IRA fund choice  04/14eDiva00:26DSInvestor
1h TSP and Backdoor Roth IRA  19:52netizen20:07DSInvestor
2h Trad. IRA Conversion to Roth Using RMD  11:42nickfrank11:56DSInvestor
17h traditional ira question  04/14rocket1609:09DSInvestor
6p Late Roth Contribution - have to amend taxes?  04/14furwut04/14DSInvestor
5h Life & Financial advice  10:31Totoro15:57DTSC
54p The slackening...  page: 204/13letsgobobby10:58DTSC
1h Please review my portfolio and suggest  20:53westindies23:40Duckie
1h Portfolio allocation help  19:10bogleag22:53Duckie
1h Help! Seeking retirement planning guidance from Bogleheads  07:45utkvolunteer20:48Duckie
48p 15 year vs 30 year fixed  04/05ctb6160711:48Dulocracy
8h 25/ Am I on the right track?  04/09Earlyinvestor04/14Earlyinvestor
10p [Eli Lilly Fed CU] Elfcu HSA warning for federal employees  03/14Drain04/14Easy Rhino
2t what is a secured creditor, are muncipal bonds secured?  15:54LH18:50Epsilon Delta
18t Why is mid-cap discussed so much less than large and small?  08:30kidfresh15:38Epsilon Delta
10t Please help me delete this bookmark  04/09Ericson3204/15Ericson32
27t The Case for Dividend Stocks in Retirement (article)  04/13RNJ04/14freddie
8h skewing to take advantage of capital-loss carryforward?  04/12freebeer21:53freebeer
0p Intuit has been lobbying to make tax filing more complicated  01:35FrogPrince  
14c Costa Rica?  04/12zzcooper12304/14Frugal Al
6t Bitcoin knockoff  04/14chaz04/14Ged
49p Do I take the separation package offer?  04/07GerryL23:25GerryL
142p California Taxes - Am I Missing Something?  page: 2 304/07lyner04/14goodenyou
25p Anyone use Fidelity as their bank account?  09:30Hayden22:30gpburdell
190f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 3 42007tfb21:23grap0013
36h Lost $10K in my investments past few months  04/14Stoney17821:19grap0013
15h 24 y/o investing inheritance  04/06greenmachine04/14greenmachine
2p Reading material on mortgages?  21:44investor122:16Grt2bOutdoors
40t TIAA-CREF is buying Nuveen?  04/14ResearchMed21:13Grt2bOutdoors
5h Where to put new monthly emergency fund contributions?  10:48BurrPrairie15:35Grt2bOutdoors
22h Save for 25 years = $1million?  04/14raymclean07:40Grt2bOutdoors
3h New Member, help with portfolio please.  04/14Edward Newgate20:00gvsucavie03
52c Woodpeckers...I'm desperate!  page: 204/12Plan4tomorrow12:41HardKnocker
2t Bogle speaks out about Vanguard  04/14pkcrafter04/14HardKnocker
29c suggestion for awd luxury sedan  04/12sambb20:14harikaried
98p Being older/younger in class -- benefits, issues?  page: 203/29Nuvoletta18:00harrychan
45c First Trip to India  04/08Alf 10104/14harrychan
12p I'm on a mission for more security  09:56Cody21:52Hayden
9c A Ceramics Question  12:49jsl1116:23hicabob
16h Child's Roth  04/14tovetove01:15HIinvestor
5h Best funds for kids  20:25Steady01:04HIinvestor
4p Estate Planning Lawyer  13:49hlfo71822:06HIinvestor
10h AA Help, Please?  04/08HIinvestor20:42HIinvestor
1h SPAXX Money Market Fund  04/15blackwater04/15HIinvestor
1h Tracking a Vanguard Target Retirement Trust  15:00krick15:36hoppy08520
12p Last Minute Help with Foreign Tax Paid and 1099R  09:49icedtea16:26icedtea
1h Advice on ADM Vanguard fund for 401k rollover to IRA  12:21sk401k18:29ieee488
1h Investment help  04/14NOgmacks04/14ieee488
1p Student Loan Repayment by Employer Counting as Taxed Income  12:46heavyshoulder73218:59IMD801
27c Irrigation system question  04/12traumadoc7709:32Info_Hound
11t Schwab Fundamental Index Funds  04/11brak04/14in_reality
2p ER Copay Advice needed  04/14Crow Hunter04/14isawbones
5c Toaster Ovens  19:23gkaplan00:14island
225t Mr. Money Mustache: Hero or Foolish?  page: 2 3 4 503/31StarbuxInvestor21:04Ivygirl
21c Did not have fun this year doing my taxes- TT  04/15sans souliers22:51jasc15
10h "Choose an AA appropriate for your personal risk tolerance"  04/10jasc1504/14jasc15
0h Annuity Rollover  15:09jayhawk20  
11f message questions  06:47researchfiend09:10jebmke
19c Traveling by train in the UK for the firs time, help!  04/13AND_YOU_ARE19:21Jeff Albertson
12c Moving to Reno: When to look for a rental?"  09:32Yukon Jim17:14jlawrence01
3h VTI vs. VTSAX [Vanguard Total Stk Mkt: ETF vs. Mutual Fund]  19:02devotee21:22joe8d
1h KISS  19:54Workinghard20:06joe8d
30c Alternative to a car  04/09paulsiu04/14joe8d
11h Investments/Allocations  04/14Rjg212420:26Johm221122
7h Good mutual funds for new Coverdell for newborn?  03/04john7713:01john77
7h Use brokerage window for REITS and TIPS?  04/13jsandra04/14jsandra
7c Check picture software...iPhone app  04/12bondsr4me11:59jvclark02
19h Financial plan for pensioned in-laws  04/13nobility04/14JW Nearly Retired
10p Should I be using standard or itemized deduction?  10:46icedtea18:46kaneohe
2t Inflation adjusted charts and historical fund data.  18:58keanwood21:29keanwood
13p Dilemma about legal action for injured child  04/14Rexindex04/14kenner
21t How can "value beats growth" be a rule?  04/13kidfresh04/14kenner
74t New Housing Bubble and upcoming cycle peak  page: 203/25Clearly_Irrational04/14kenyan
10p Ugh, Another Mortgage Question - Help Me Decide  04/14swampedindebt09:53Ketawa
5h Available Funds in 401K - Opinions please  12:59Dave122:23Khanmots
58c Passport, TSA Pre-Check, and Global Entry  page: 204/11VictoriaF04/14kramer
9h Asset allocation vs. pooling for admiral shares  04/12schrutefarms04/14KyleAAA
84c Anyone feed the birds?  page: 208/20camden18:28LadyGeek
4h Interest Rates  12:55VINNY16:06LadyGeek
72h I Really Would Appreciate Your Advice!  page: 202/22AlaskanWolf16:02LadyGeek
2t Future rules for HSAs?  04/14asif40804/14LadyGeek
26p 40% tax rate???  04/14boglerocks04/14LadyGeek
3t Big VWO (Emerging Markets) tracking error  04/13longinvest04/14lazyday
2h I Retired; Now What Do I Do?  20:37john parker20:52livesoft
4h what bond funds to hold(Bernstein's Sheltered Sam)  15:18tnbison16:43livesoft
9c Need Ear Bud Recommendation  04/14LifeIsGood06:32livesoft
14p Overcontribution to 401k, how to reflect that on my taxes  04/13StartingOver04/14livesoft
1h Fidelity domestic index options  04/14Wellfleet04/14livesoft
5h Rebalancing Question  17:55lloydbraun21:37lloydbraun
11p problem with Amica, what to do next?  12:07the mind bogles20:33Louis Winthorpe III
3c Getting Out of Contract w/ATT Uverse  04/14anonenigma04:22lululu
17p [Excess *Employer* Contribution - Solo 401(k)]  03/17amosobadiah04/15maca
26p SEP instead of IRA?  04/13boglerocks19:07mah001
5h How to save for retirement while living abroad?  04/14john7707:00market timer
7h what should I do with my whole life policy  04/14maverick0222:12maverick02
0t Reporter doing story on TRP New Horizons and Contrafund  10:59Mel Lindauer  
2t TIAA-CREF buying Nuveen  04/14dodecahedron04/14Mel Lindauer
22h Help deciding to surrender Variable Annuity or not  03/19Pocket Cruiser04/14mephistophles
4h Asset location question  10:56michelef11:58michelef
8c Trip to Jamaica  04/13westcoast07:38Mick
48h buy I-bonds now or wait after May 1?  01/07texasdoc00:48mickcris
3c Aio Wireless  13:21protagonist23:02mikep
2p self employed 105 medical reimbursement plan  04/14mikep10:40mikep
47p Use credit cards to pay rent: Amex Serve?  04/12Costanza01:20Miles Dividend MD
13h IRA or Roth IRA and other decisions  04/10misterno04/14misterno
7h Asset Allocation Help Please  04/14new2bogle217:54mnvalue
6p When to let go of financial matters  20:22Mr. Digweed23:55modelamike
13h Help with a put option, can i exercise it?  20:12Samplebot22:22moshe
15p To buy or not to buy a new house?  03/29bartio04/14Mountain Man
24c Gardening - asparagus in particular  03/27MP17315:26MP173
8c Best place to shop for Office Furniture  04/04msj1604/14MP173
27h New to investing, looking for insights  04/10mrehal20:07mrehal
5h Portfolio generating 7% return?  12:00Kedmundo00:23mrpotatoheadsays
4p making your own will or trust  22:26Beerwolf00:12mrpotatoheadsays
2p Free Tax Return Review (Second Look)  04/14natureexplorer04/14natureexplorer
20t Why are total bond market funds so often recommended?  14:47steve_1401:40nedsaid
2t You don't want to be member of the hedge fund club  20:56larryswedroe01:10nedsaid
1t confusing familiar with safe, international investing  07:40larryswedroe08:50nedsaid
15h NYTimes: Inexpensive Advice for Index-Fund Investments  06:51livesoft19:31neurosphere
3p Scholarship taxed at parents' rate? New for 2013? Really?  04/14fundseeker04/14neurosphere
36h Playing Defense [against possible market correction]  04/11williemoe15:54new2bogle2
4h Rebalancing Fees  04/13newbie04/14newbie
12c NYC Comic Con  04/11hlfo71804/14NHRATA01
5h Help Investing in 401K and Roth IRA  04/10tcsreddy10:01niceguy7376
8t My Unexpected Findings on Backtesting Vanguard ETFs  04/13FundyInvestor04/14ogd
8h Late bloomer asking for Investment Advice  04/14oldzey08:48oldzey
0c Any Bogleheads' Experiences With "Marathon De Paris?"  04/15oragne lovre  
30t Portfolio for Young Investors: High Bonds and Risky Equities  04/13mosu04/14packer16
17p Use of tax software for planning  02/28LFremont04/15PaddyMac
13c Hand held illuminated magnifying glass  04/13paper20005:50paper200
4h VA Question  02:35pascalwager15:47pascalwager
5p selling/buying house question  04/14bstewartny15:08patriciamgr2
4p paper ibonds from tax refund  04/13bogleviewer04/14Phineas J. Whoopee
21t Can this 4% CD be trusted?  13:03pinhead21:12pkcrafter
3h Target Funds  13:18dsquy19:07pkcrafter
52t Stocks: How Bad It Can Get  page: 204/14asset_chaos00:27placeholder
5h 401k / Roth IRA Allocation Advice  10:54kjf22316:55placeholder
5t Correlation between US Stocks and Treasuries  04/13SVariance104/14placeholder
124t Anyone else very reluctant to buy right now?  page: 2 304/06StophJS04/14placeholder
86c Frugality regret: What thing do you regret not spending on?  page: 203/20jackpullo99722:24poker27
6t High Yield Bonds as an Annuity?  04:51magneto08:23Professor Emeritus
7h Estimated taxes on capital gains later offset by losses  04/14johnanglemen13:34pshonore
16h solo 401k  04/13pteam11:43pshonore
46t SCV premium is a history/math story, its not scientific  04/14LH12:42Quincy
66t The market portfolio vs. value tilts  page: 204/10Quincy04/14Quincy
2p Donating Clothing (with Previous Business Deduction)  04/14southerndoc04/14RabbMD
20p Subcontractor labor, 1099 and tax deductions  12/21xanadu3212:14ralph124cf
1t GMO Forecasts now include Value and Growth  21:33SnowSkier21:49Random Musings
1t Source of the value premium, review of some of the research  04/14larryswedroe04/14Random Musings
20h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  04/14coolguy95423:02ratesguy
9c Most solid small car  14:29archman6521:59ratesguy
2t Example of Why to Verify that a Credit Union is Legitimate  04/14dm20004/14rec7
8p Backdoor Roth IRA Conversion - Worth it for us?  08:21dpusa16:40retiredjg
4p Distribution of losses at termination of Trust  13:07JoinToday19:55Retread
3p Help Gift of Equity Example  12:58ilovedavidstove13:12Retread
14t What exactly is a risk premium?  04/14redcat08:30Rick Ferri
11p Children Savings Account [Money Received on Child's Behalf]  04/14oliverm13:06RNJ
200c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 52012reggiesimpson15:16rob
16t TIPS and the Equity Bear  04/13Doc04/14Rodc
7h 457b vs. 403b  04/13Ron Ronnerson04/14Ron Ronnerson
4p When to terminate an irrevocable trust?  20:08ross23:08ross
9h Options used to fund ROTH after retirement?  15:43papiper17:16runner9
9h Initial portfolio set-up/plan  04/14corysold14:04ruralavalon
2616c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532012randomwalk09:30ruralavalon
10h Trying to do it right the 1st time around  04/14bones201304/14ruralavalon
11h AA/retirement questions  03/19kyradbiker04/14ruralavalon
20p Wasting money on rent or buy in California  04/11ktd09:52ryman554
16p Online Retirement Calculators  04/12Rufus60821:52Saving$
5p TaxAct question  13:35fareastwarriors21:37Saving$
2h self managed vs balanced fund  12:17sayeesh12:31sayeesh
1t Blog: The Coffeehouse portfolio  04/14Barry Barnitz12:54scone
46t gold , silver, copper and uranium only  04/11selftalk15:46selftalk
104c LED bulb prices  page: 2 303/02madbrain15:58sfmdk240
25c Does Mint.com randomly access your account?  04/12sunnyday04/14Shredder
3h 401k help  17:49bruin8118:44siamond
13t RAFI Intl. Country Rebalancing  2009Robert T12:48siamond
13p Checking/Saving Account for Student  04/09siamond04/14siamond
23h 33/34 Simplifying Portfolio & 401k Options Advice  04/12flyboy200009:10simpleton
13h How Are Catch Up Contributions Made?  04/13meowcat07:11SJCX
12p Inheritance / gift question  04/13lexota19:38Sparklebunny
79t Why does Vanguard use average return iso compound annual?  page: 204/01Frans00:54sscritic
12h IRA Contributions AFTER 70 1/2 years of age??  08:55mholdi154016:15sscritic
50h TIAA CREF  page: 204/06450304/15sscritic
5p Social security benefits as spouse and pension benefits.  04/14anonforthis04/14sscritic
26p SSA says Grandmother owes 88K!  03/13Pocket Cruiser04/14sscritic
9t Jack on Bloomberg Today...  08:09bondsr4me00:20stemikger
31t A Bubble in Value Stocks?  04/10berntson04/14steve_14
8l Master Thread for each Chapter to post meeting announcements  02/16tidalwave1004/14Steve Thorpe
2l Master Thread for RTP, North Carolina Bogleheads Chapter  04/14Steve Thorpe04/14Steve Thorpe
0l RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 9:30 AM Sat June 14, 2014  04/14Steve Thorpe  
25c Elio Car  04/14Jay6921:45stoptothink
0t Heartbleed bug exploited to steal Canadian taxpayer data  04/14stratton  
4h Asset Allocation Assistance  11:43Willhelm22:15sunnywindy
6h financial advisor  18:01revbrad19:02supernova
0t Shiller on Housing Market  10:40swaption  
58t Annuities  page: 204/10CountryBoy15:52Taylor Larimore
24t IBD's interview John Bogle [Investor's Business Daily]  04/03bondsr4me04/14Taylor Larimore
11h What does "invest in the market mean"  04/14cetncetn04/14Taylor Larimore
0t Looking For Monthly Total Return Data  15:19ThePrune  
0h Financial check-up request and unusual 403(b) question  13:28thescalp  
30p Wife to work as a Contractor - Advice needed  04/11Type2Much04/14tibbitts
0h Last task in cleaning up my investment mess  04/14Tim18  
6h Medical Student, New to Indexes - Portfolio and IRA advice?  04/14sfmdk24017:57TomatoTomahto
20p deferred comp plans  04/11jji14:08TomatoTomahto
27c Partials vs implants  04/10davidkw00:00toofache32
59c Expensive med. test not covered by insurance  page: 204/07mojave23:41toofache32
7h Bond ladder question  04/13nsisson12:00Twins Fan
42t Favorite Investing Book?  04/08Corey8J18:24Tycoon
2p Re: How to maintain a good balance in financial outlook?  04/14an_asker04/14ubermax
13h Almost out of time: Roth, Intrm Investment OR Intrm Bond Idx  04/14understandingJH13:08understandingJH
16t Thoughts on iShares Enhanced ETF [IELG, IESM, IEIL, IEIS]  03/25sycojason04/14vesalius
37p Looking at top 1% for actionable insight  04/14SeattleCPA22:41VGisforme
8p Target breach: deadline for credit monitoring  04/11VictoriaF13:21VictoriaF
18t Asness & Fama on Bloomberg TV NOW  09:32matjen00:43Waba
36p Proper Money management and itinerary for Europe trip  04/13jerome9904/14WallyBird
6p Financing the Purchase of Land  04/14almeida04/14Watty
0t Automatic Transfer Changes at Vanguard  04/14wharvat  
22p HSA cost benefit analysis  04/12asif40817:12wholeinone04
9p Tax Treatment of HSA in California  04/14Joel16:06wholeinone04
11t Software for Own Investing Plan/Rebalance  04/13jaimehelm04/14wilked
7h Investment Portfolio for Young, New Investor - Advice?  04/01j53619:44windhog
13t Math challenged  04/14Workinghard19:38Workinghard
11t Trouble with Financial Engines Account?  03/15petrico04/14WorkToLive
6h Converting i-bonds to electronic  14:38vbdoug01:40yukon50
23t What % of stock market "drive" is gambling?  04/13nisiprius04/14zeugmite

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