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7c Patio door recommendations  19:300cean2322:32thewizzer
32c Honda Fit, Civic  07/1850ismygoal07/21JeffAL
7h Vanguard Target retirement vs S&P500 indexing  07/19a3d07/21steve_14
22h Parents are behind. Total asset allocation advice (56 & 51)?  01/22ab0mination07/21Herekittykitty
60p Poll - Do you use Quicken?  page: 207/21abuss36820:18emad
2t Any Regulation on Mutual Fund ER Change?  16:48acegolfer21:09acegolfer
35t If you consistently outperform (pre-fees), why not lower ER?  07/22acegolfer15:12acegolfer
5h Revisiting situation from four months ago  07/18ajb11511:38johnny847
6f Problems accessing the site  07/21AJTrenkle07/22AJTrenkle
8h Portfolio Withdrawal 4% rate with Ceiling and Floor  07/21Alan Roy07/22placeholder
3t What Web Tools / Resources Would Help You Invest Better?  07/21alexfrey07/22Beliavsky
18h Advice for First-Time Investors  07/13Alg20:43Taylor Larimore
35p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar07/21Rob5TCP
22t Joel Greenblatt's "magic formula"  2007amador07/22pkcrafter
2t Do you own a DOW30 or NASDAQ100 index fund?  10:38an_asker11:03hicabob
0p Is this a good rate ?  08:41anim25  
16p 35K maximum retirement contribution a year for a person?  15:07anonforthis19:55fposte
21p What is reasonable for 403b fees?  07/20Arnevan07/21dbr
53c AAA worth it? I have Allstate  page: 212/21arsenebould15:18HIinvestor
3p Lifecycle Financial Planning Spreadsheet  07/20assumer07/21Meg77
2p Disability Insurance Question (physician)  12:25BAM!13:25BruDude
5c Best Way to Show Google Docs via Wi-Fi on a TV: Chromecast?  16:39Bammerman22:40harrychan
0p Coaching as a service or business  19:41Barefootgirl  
9p Missing TSP Contribution?  07/19Barefootgirl07/21irishbear99
23p Beneficiaries  07/21bargainhuntingking07/22letsgobobby
16t Blog:Vanguard index fund security lending in 2013  07/18Barry Barnitz07/22larryswedroe
58c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 207/14bbrock09:40letsgobobby
1t Estimating portfolio volatility  07/21Beliavsky07/21alexfrey
45t Faber: S&P 500 an Active Fund in Drag  07/19berntson12:13nisiprius
123t POLL: Do you have a dedicated REIT allocation?  page: 2 307/16berntson07/21grabiner
4t Help with International Stock Volatility  07/21berntson07/21Clive
4h Multiple Solo 401(k)s?  07/21Bfwolf07/22Bfwolf
11t International Allocation in some funds...  01:33BigPrince10:56texasdiver
2h Retirement Portfolio Proposal  10:10BigPrince10:44BigPrince
26t P/E Ratio: How do YOU interpret/use it?  07/21blackwater01:44letsgobobby
7p TSP Questions: (ROTH or Traditional)?  07/22blackwater23:54Wayson
15p How would you handle this situation if it was you.  07/21bleh:(07/21Zabar
2l Retirement Research Conference in DC in August (free)  07/21bobcat203:33rokidtoo
30p Exceptionally high marginal rates on MD, VA students  07/17Bob's not my name20:11johnny847
27t Predict: S&P Doubles or Halves First?  2011Boglenaut11:13Bungo
62p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 207/21brak08:42likegarden
15h SEP-IRA employer contributions fr/ personal account-problem?  07/21brian201323:46Spirit Rider
13t With all these recent posts regarding tilts, should I?  07/21brigboy07/21Taylor Larimore
15t Should market valuations be completely disregarded?  15:06Browser10:59magneto
8p Establishing a dementia trust  13:32Browser15:12Gnirk
6c What about the 2015 Volvo XC60?  07/21Browser07/22Frugal Al
6p HSA and ObamaCare subsidies  16:50btraven10:56Frans
12h Bond funds- your percentage of intermediate vs. short-term?  07/21Bustoff07/22scone
9p Bloomberg rates Large Company 401k plans  07/22Buysider10:08placeholder
33p Mortgage Prepayment Question  12:44catfish211:05an_asker
32h Raft Stategy  05/26catlover23:04grabiner
6p Small Business owner w/employees can I have SEP-IRA and 401k  07/21ccity13:43JDDS
3h Vanguard Portfolio Watch issue  09:24Chan_va09:39Chan_va
11h Do you split your VEU (into VEA+VWO) & VEA (into VGK+VPL)?  07/22chasiu20910:59Tamales
31t Should non-US investors buy US-listed REITS?  07/17chasiu20909:31chasiu209
11h Your allocation to Emerging Market small cap ETFs?  07/21chasiu20923:14grabiner
11h Refund of withholding tax possible for foreigners?  07/03chasiu20921:55chasiu209
10t Vanguard Client Dispute Resolution Dept.  07/21client -p07/21LadyGeek
123p List of Worst financial advice (what not to do):  page: 2 307/08Coiled_Snake09:56scouter
11h Australian newbie needs your help with starting investing  07/15Cortez21:47Cortez
48p Anyone here use Personal Capital?  06/22crowd7912:45stannius
11h Individual MBS & UITs in taxable account  07/22Crow Hunter10:524 Iron
14t New 10-Year TIPS Auction July 24 2014  07/17#Cruncher20:11grok87
9h Need Portfolio Advice  07/15csc07/21tld74
138t Delay Social Security to age 70 and Spend more money at 62  page: 2 32012Cut-Throat14:55gw
0p What to do with additional income?  10:14dalexa1010  
6t Susie Orman says buy individual Munis instead of Bond funds  07/21danny9m10:35placeholder
16c Driving from Rockford, il to Mesa AZ....best route.  07/15Dave C.07/21john94549
1t Saudi to Open Up $531 Billion Stock Market to Foreigners  07/22Day907/22Valuethinker
43h Relatively safe investment for large sum  07/17dbmd07/21dratkinson
12p Reaching Severe Burnout - Can I Scale Back Career?  09:44dcw21311:01englishgirl
22p Taxable Accounts - Am I thinking about this the right way?  17:16DFAMAN11:16livesoft
1p Corporate Trustee (PDF)  07/21ditto07/21Gill
4t Temptations and Dangers of Higher-Yielding Funds  09:48Doc10:47Doc
76t Do you "Tax Adjust" your Asset Allocation (Pre vs Roth, etc)  page: 207/20Doc708:18johnny847
19h Is a "split-personality" approach Boglehead-compatible?  07/21dodecahedron12:03dodecahedron
32t What to do in a market correction  07/20DonCamillo13:12tadamsmar
5p Front office vs Enterprise wide IT job  15:06doon08:22stan1
17t If Argentina Defaults  16:38ducksauce908:51Calm Man
16c Saving for Basement Finish  07/21EHoops07/22mw1739
1h How to rebalance or exchange a Fidelity fund  07/22flyingaway07/22livesoft
1p Does this qualify as a "child care expense" (1040 line 48)  07/21freeflowme07/21livesoft
73t Adding Corporates to Total Bond Market Index  page: 207/14friar161010:50Munir
4h Suggested AA for 529 to be used starting next year?  07/17fundseeker07/22Tozmo
5h Much risk in moving into FSBAX or FSHBX?  07/19fundseeker07/22fundseeker
6p Can I manage a new CC?  07/21g3d12:55takeshi
34p How to track expenses to the penny?  07/21Gambler11:02PaddyMac
7p Insurance policies questions  07/21Gambler07/21Professor Emeritus
19c Help me select a streaming media device  07/21gatorman22:35GDBryan
28c Help with Title/Author of Science Fiction Novel  07/18gatorman07/21Kalo
12h New investor with an unexpected windfall  15:46ginger_learns10:25LongerPrimer
21c American in need of Premier team to root for  07/21glaucus07/21LadyGeek
0t Russell indexes have dropped BDCs; no real expense change  07/21grabiner  
3t Reverse Savings Rates  07/21grap001313:03letsgobobby
23t NY Times Article - a case for index investing  07/20gvsucavie0319:04Sagenick48
37p Former Employer Over Payment  01/23hackermb07/21sscritic
15t I'm a genius!  07/17HomerJ18:16Clearly_Irrational
15h Moving IRA from TD to Vanguard  07/19htdrag1107/21htdrag11
90p Lost a lot in stocks and starting fresh: Please Help  page: 22013humblednhumiliated10:02abuss368
40t What if the market doesn't recover for a long period?  05/13iamacatperson23:30Buddtholomew
1p medical insurance as contract employee  07/21ieee48807/21p14175
12h Please evaluate tentative plan for total portfolio overhaul  07/21incongruate10:46incongruate
0t Consumer Staples > Total Index?  19:15invest0  
6h Planning my non-retirement investment portfolio  03/19investmentgamer15:58abuss368
16h Please approve my asset allocation!  07/17Ironsides07/21Ironsides
23t Value Overvalued  07/20james9914:59Clearly_Irrational
57h Advice Needed on Transitioning to DIY Passive Portfolio  page: 204/06JaneyLH19:13simpleton
11c Riding the Rails--my Amtrak trip  07:47Jazztonight09:52Ged
6h Opinions - What to do with $50k for 12mos  20:53jbreittling01:47Angelus359
8t Vanguard not vigilant about taxes?  04:20jefmafnl09:49dmcmahon
16h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW23:44LongerPrimer
22p Buying First Home - Inspection Follow Up Advice  07/19JerLon14:23ubermax
77c Options/guidance for a lazy person to be fit  page: 207/18Jerrybaby10:46Lifut
22h Evaluating Vanguard CFP Recommendations  07/22JGM196508:33retiredjg
9p New car - put extra $ towards current loan or save?  07/21jh-139107/21ASUGrad
31h VG Admiral Fund-falling below minimum investment  07/20jhawktx14:44ResearchMed
18h VMMXX: Finally Pulled the Trigger  07/21john9454909:28Angelus359
6p How to set up a trust  07/22JoinToday03:38celia
28c 2 days in Portland, suggestions?  14:49Jonezez08:03Colorado13
7h Bond Fund or Money Market Fund?  07/21jpdion07/21jpdion
53p Debt payoff plan opinions  page: 207/13jtayl7107/21bloom2708
12h Using retirement assets and inheritance wisely  07/21Juki00:28Juki
6p Help with term life insurance initial purchase  14:47kafshar120:07LongerPrimer
18c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco09:09kayanco
9t Investment Advisor usage? (vs. 3-fund)  07/20kayanco07/21kayanco
20t If no access to DFA, Small Value worth it?  07/18kdmusic09:59livesoft
9t Favorite portfolio tracking software  07/19Kelly07/21kenyan
8t Poll: Which Happens First - DOW > 20,000 or DOW < 14,000?  08:44kenschmidt10:44LAlearning
46f Tapatalk Integration  2011kirent07/21JamesSFO
27p Buying in ok neighborhood vs good neighborhood  07/22kithwang16:53DonCamillo
26p Assisted Living Residence and Care Agreement - Questions  07/12LadyGeek20:14LadyGeek
9h Should I open a solo 401k?  07/21LaMD07/21mah001
34t Will baby boomers retiring spell doom for the markets  07/22larryswedroe09:42thx1138
33t not all value metrics are equal  07/21larryswedroe09:13larryswedroe
259t a close look at value and momentum  page: 2 3 4 5 607/07larryswedroe21:56SnowSkier
49t Is there any downside to investing in bond futures?  21:08lee102611:01Beliavsky
61c Cheap Wall St Journal?  page: 22012Leesbro6323:06Tbailey
9c When to Buy Air Tik to Florida  07/19Leesbro6313:08fmzip
14c Computer Problem  07/21Leesbro6307/21bardenay
51h Pay down (not off) mortgage?  page: 206/30letsgobobby07/22cherijoh
2p Anyone use Pocketsmith?  07/22lhl1207/22SenatorSquires
75t Knowledge gaps + anxiety = shame; gender and investing  page: 207/12livesoft07:55rkhusky
27p combined family maximum SS [Social Security]  06/17lizwoo13:39lizwoo
15p Downsizing to Apartment  07/21Lon07/22sscritic
49t Poll: Has your AA changed in the last 18 months  07/20Longtimelurker12:52rkhusky
17p Tenant request lease agreement is named in LLC?  07/18LoveToRun21:00MSchleicher
1p Need financial advice  07/22lws677207/22dbr
3p Income tax to beneficiary of annuity  21:52Lynn198707:27Lynn1987
26c Android smartphone with physical keyboard  07/22madbrain08:55jchef
9p US car rental insurance for foreign tourist ?  07/19madbrain20:21jlawrence01
48c Which kind of bike for recent retiree?  07/19malloc07/21Fallible
14h Some Basic Asset Allocation Advice Please  07/15marklearnsbogle09:19marklearnsbogle
2h small cap stocks overvalued  21:02mathguy302102:04Angelus359
72t To Tilt or Not to Tilt - Rick Ferri's Latest  page: 207/17matjen14:07garlandwhizzer
32c How much energy does water heater use when I'm not home?  07/18mediahound07/21mediahound
46l Taiwan Local Chapter  2012Mel Lindauer15:26LadyGeek
23h Intimidated by Trustee and Investment Advisor  07/21MerriebytheSea13:20Calm Man
13c Best Method to Sell a U.S. Coin Collection  06/27MichDad07/21Louis Winthorpe III
6h Helping my sister consolidate to Vanguard after 30 yrs  07/20mindfulmania07/21mhalley
28c Dumb 3rd grade math question about beach house rental  23:58MnD10:49dickenjb
2t TD Ameritrade & buying bonds  07/20mnmac107/21Ken Carbaugh
12t Thoughts on [not] rebalancing  13:33mrsevansc15:12longinvest
3h New Investor Coming From CD's Need Guidance.  21:10Mrtrex06:08Mrtrex
52p So how long will I live? How long do I plan for?  page: 22013Mrxyz11:13BL
10c Sprinklers for the bottom of a sloping lawn  07/19Mudpuppy07:41john94549
11t Reduce / Eliminate Emerging Market in Retirement?  07/21Nearing_Destination04:54SGM
22h Which tax advantage accounts do I use for 3-funds?  07/22new2bogle208:30DSInvestor
0p Anyone have a Social Security Spreadsheet ???  15:39nfs  
6h Question about Vanguard ETFs for non-US investors  07/19nobsinvestor07/21Karamatsu
3c Recommendations on an auto shipper  07/21Norcalkenny15:46General Disarray
4h Mid-term investment advice  07/21ouki20:23bcjb
11h Should I sell individual stocks and bonds to buy index funds  06/27Paula07/21livesoft
1h Will Pension rollover to 401k impact contribution limits?  07/21PhillyPhan07/21Alan S.
24p Caught in the IRS fraud mess  04/20placeholder07/21Epsilon Delta
0h Grad student with assets, family, and plans  08:17Planner  
17c Help me choose a new tv  18:16playtothebeat10:13abuss368
54h Helping My Grandmother  page: 207/20PocketChangePension21:49Saving$
20c Anyone been to Charleston, SC?  23:11poker2710:59poker27
34h Slice and Dicers -- Plans when you can't manage it anymore?  12:06Postmon07:46Postmon
70c A question for the Bogleladies or those who can consult one  page: 207/14Professor Emeritus09:58retiredjg
5h VG Total Stock Market Index ETF performance?  07/21rakornacki107:13rakornacki1
3098c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 622012randomwalk04:43Valuethinker
8t The article on tax efficient placement needs to be rewritten  10:05rca182411:11rca1824
15h Portfolio review  07/13Red Beaver08:52johnny847
20t Gray Market woes  07/19remoox07/21remoox
37l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  05/25renjuzone07/22Mel Lindauer
0p 529 Beneficiary  07/22Retire_Early  
13h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide10:39Dave1
7h New to forum and Investing  07/18rlora16:49rlora
89t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 207/16Rob Bertram07/21placeholder
84t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 211/22Robert T09:05matjen
70h how often do you look at your account  page: 207/20rsbv07/21MSDOGS1976
20h years of investing and balances  07/20rsbv07/21Kevin M
10h Spouse to assume or inherit IRA?  07/12runner907/21SteveM
17c Need advice re hearing aid for small child  07/21Rupert08:37bungalow10
16c Repair car vs. buy new vs. lease -- EV or not?  07/20ryman55416:00Buysider
2p New job: HSA and Flex (FSA) same year...FSA limit?  14:19samsoes19:02samsoes
3h TRP Small Cap Value (PRSVX)?  07/21scienceguy15:32JoMoney
5h Wife returning to work - Wisconsin Retirement System qs  08:44Scorpion09:54flyingbison
11t Defining what an expense ratio means for individuals  19:59SeaGhost11:10sscritic
60t Gold, Silver, Copper  page: 207/10selftalk11:14Clive
3p Wellesley Income  07/21shawcroft07/21shawcroft
2p Help With Investment Options [Pension, retirement plans]  20:45sirraf6906:26sirraf69
2h New job and time to reallocate -- to which investments?  06/24slutzman17:28slutzman
13t A case against Index Funds in India  23:37snm8510:00pkcrafter
8l 2nd Greenville Metro Bogleheads Meeting - July 26th  06/22Snow Boarder07/22Snow Boarder
0h Withholding on 401K Settlement  01:43Spaced Out  
1h GNMA Fund - ETF Equivalent  07/22spectec18:11in_reality
5h Allocation review and advice for better use of "cash"  07/18sporkman07/22sporkman
2h Self Employed - Roth Contribution for Sep and solo 401K  07/21srcolesrcole07/21PaddyMac
20c Best Used Recreational Bicycles for New Riders  07/21steadyeddy10:36letseatpaste
0h Child Trust Allocations  07/21stealth278  
38c $32k Subaru Outback or $14k Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  07/15sunnyday06:41Frugal Al
27t Stable Value Fund vs Total Bond Market  07/20sunnyday19:09avenger
22c Pet fish recommendations  07/19sunnyday14:38Rockies1978
9c Computer Fried By Lightning - Security Question  05:36Swampy09:59jebmke
33t New Edition of Random Walk in January 2015  07/16tadamsmar07/21tadamsmar
2t Some charts of asset classes during downturn or key events  09:53Tamales10:43Gattamelata
8t Help with Excel reformatting of fund price data  07/21Tamales17:15Tamales
22t Momentum Investing ?  07/20Taylor Larimore10:08steve_14
3t Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs)  07/21Taylor Larimore07/21larryswedroe
3h Does Fund Inception Date Matter?  07/21Teacher8807/21Stan Dup
9h cash in ibond or use savings for education  07/21teniralc07/22johnny847
34t How indexing let these retirees live footloose and fancyfree  07/22texasdiver04:38Clive
3p Need Guidance  01:18TexasTeacher09:57abuss368
11p Forced Stock sale  07/18thegoogly07/22JoinToday
2h retirement transfer from Janus  21:02theplayer1121:21DSInvestor
49t Can it be wrong to be too risk averse?  07/21thethinker07:59tibbitts
34p 15 year mortgage or a 30 year & Invest?  07/17thethinker16:26Johno
5c Will app for biz credit cards impact personal credit score?  07/21tidalwave1007/22tidalwave10
68c Ditch car and commute to work in 250cc scooter in Raleigh?  page: 207/12tidalwave1007/21thewizzer
8h Yet another newbie's 403(b): fund/allocation advice, please  07/17Toady.07/21windhog
5h Take the plunge on long term treasuries vs. market timing?  07/21tobyberkman07/21tobyberkman
11t Bond strategy resilient to rate increase  07/21tom858407/21DSInvestor
25t Stock market recovery time  07/29Tom_T19:59garlandwhizzer
42c Anyone attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute  07/20tony4413:52Polaris
106c If you own a car, do you have a car payment?  page: 2 307/18TRC09:32jlawrence01
6h incorporating bonds into our portfolio  07/21triggerfish1007/21triggerfish10
10t Market-on-close orders?  07/15troysapp16:41Buysider
2h Investment options for money beyond emergency fund.  14:18trudeo14:30asif408
4h Help with fixing my portfolio  16:39trussellusmc08:49runner9
13p Inheritance: Cash or Investments?  18:11turno7711:04Buysider
77c How much do you spend on your hobby annually?  page: 207/12TxAg07/21Beer_n_Cue
22c Which Bernstein Book?  07/21V1RTUS21:46Peter Foley
81t Ways to lose money and destroy personal wealth by investing  page: 207/17Valuethinker07/21LadyGeek
10p Asking for a raise  19:36veekay01:41happy77
4p Do i need a new ein  07/21vegaskid07/21BrianJM
11h Income for my 81 Year Old Father  07/20Vito07/21Watty
39h Divesting Stock with Sentimental Value  07/19wesef07/22WallyBird
12h Vanguard Account Owners - has this happened to you?  18:25whodatheads03:27celia
11p Best Current Credit Card Bonus for $10k Purchase?  20:08will3409:11johnny847
7h College Kid Looking for some Vanguard Advice  07/18WYPanther07/21WYPanther
1h bogle indexing: Taiwan Investor  05:34YellowJoe05:42madbrain
15l Seattle Chapter?  05/29zmcpherson12:08tecmage
8h Starting off and Maxing Out  07/21zoombrowser18:25Duckie

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