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6h Need help in allocating monthly income  08/29TubofProtein03:14TubofProtein
1h Highly Appreciated Stock  00:02mvprookie502:20celia
4h Best broker to build 3-fund portfolio?  21:23Klarbrun01:41in_reality
11h What to do with 401K portfolio moving from TSP Gov  21:08sydney5201:00Ki_poorrichard
4h Need advice on where to invest in REITs in my portfolio  23:46nyinca00:58sdsailing
22h Best way to control someones account.  08/19EnjoyIt00:03EnjoyIt
5h Value in Diversifying Across Investment Companies?  21:38Ybsybs23:53Zabar
3h pay off .9% car loan to invest more in Fidelity 403b?  13:56mesaverde23:36grabiner
47h POLL: Breaking up with advisor  08/17livesoft23:29LeeMKE
7h Selling Covered Calls, Am I Missing Something??  08/30BigJohn23:29grabiner
0h Portfolio advice requested [in medical training]  23:26Adam685  
34h What's the Market Neutral fund good for?  2010nisiprius22:44Bitzer
36h Anyone used Vanguard Flagship Services With Portfolio $1M+  08/30webenterpreneur22:39Bitzer
13h Help wanted: After 20+ years finally looking at expenses  08/28ilovedavidstove22:23Ged
4h new job, need help with Mass Mutual 401k options  08/29ariscris22:20ariscris
32h I have 1M in Vanguard. Start Diversifying to Real Estate?  08/28webenterpreneur22:00LongerPrimer
0h Maxed-out disclaimer trust: can it reinvest dividends?  21:55nsmrb18  
6h Can I give financial advice without being certified?  15:54PonziScheme21:34sschullo
6h Trust for disable grandson  08/27Transition21:22wesef
9h How do you compute RMDS for late retiree?  15:57Lynette20:44Alan S.
6h Investments for Kids  08:32mike12720:31Toons
4h Stocks and capital gains  16:06greenfire20:01Bob's not my name
4h Asset allocation between taxable and non-taxable accounts  19:39dave41519:57in_reality
2h Conventional IRA to Roth IRA conversion bef 401K transfer  19:34curiousfin19:53curiousfin
18h WSJ: Firing One's Advisor  08/29livesoft19:24Christine_NM
13h Help with son-in-law's new 401k  08/24Sweetbriar18:29Sweetbriar
29h Should I bite the bullet and pay 50k in fees?  09:28Trevor17:52Trevor
6h Seeking wisdom and guidance  08/29TheGuitarMan17:42TheGuitarMan
12h PA529 Guaranteed Savings plan -- is it worth it?  08/29pulcinella17:05Leesbro63
18h Help dividing up estate when beneficiaries borrow  09:21gordon977516:36Watty
1h Autopilot Investments Broken and I am Confused  11:47autopilotcrashing16:08hoppy08520
10h Resetting Equity Target -a.k.a Portfolio Allocation  08/29Velodon15:53livesoft
1h Please Advice This Portfolio  11:16minhnusa15:40hoppy08520
2h Delete  15:19Winny9415:31livesoft
2h Asset Allocation Trigger Point - Checking In  15:06ClaireTN15:17ClaireTN
8h Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (EDV). Thoughts?  08/25Greatness15:15scone
4h Help me compare 2 bond funds  11:35ilovedavidstove15:07dphilipps
9h 2M trust.. Interviewing Advisor.. Advice?  08:41nw819913:42nw8199
4h Vanguard allocation Question  08/19Fedexsam413:23abuss368
11h Looking for advice/critique  08/28StephenMaturin13:13ruralavalon
19h Financial Planners, DFA, and your opinions please!  08:50acb55013:03tibbitts
94h What are you up YTD?  page: 208/26InvestorNewb12:07placeholder
32h Convincing an employer to offer after-tax 403b and more...  05/20LowER11:50mah001
3h Seeking portfolio asset allocation critique  08/29Underdog10:47ruralavalon
14h Inflation Protected Securities  08/28minhnusa10:14grabiner
12h Should I offload Micro Caps?  08/26tetractys09:43baw703916
123h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95409:37retiredjg
68h [Sell off individual stocks?] How many own zero/few stocks?  page: 208/29SuperSaver09:09ruralavalon
19h Please help me with new portfolio puzzle  08/27Austex108:48Austex1
20h Does it make any sense to switch from VFIAX to VTSAX?  2011vincent07:31AviN
3h How to donate shares of mutual fund?  04:50qwerty302006:45livesoft
3h Help with Asset Allocation and a large stock position  08/29OpenRoad06:01ChicagoMedStudent
11h Help - 401k Plan at Work Switching From Fidelity to JH  08/28Ares5405:55simpleton
18h Royal Caribbean Cruises Shareholder Benifit  2010jdp4408/30JamesSFO
3h New job, HSA, where to begin  08/29panzer08/30Hastibe
2h Review and question  08/29mernova08/29Lafder
1h Moving From Stock Picks to Funds  08/29vseqx08/29Sciray
1h ibond etf  08/29mz507708/29tyler_cracker
8h Vanguard Fund w/ Tax-Efficiency  08/29Patriot199708/29Anon1234
8h Just Starting Out - First Job After College  08/29dogfanatic608/29Cal Aggie
1h Inheriting an Annuity  08/29chrisjul08/29in_reality
32h When, if ever, should an annuity be used in retirement plans  08/28Swampy08/29MathWizard
2h Lobbying for After-Tax 401(k) & In-service Withdrawal  08/29SteelyEyed08/29pkcrafter
3h Annuities a Mistake?  08/29RonG08/29Johm221122
7h Newbie - Boglehead method rid need for financial advisors?  08/29Jbmudbones08/29Ged
6h New - looking for portfolio advice  08/28stromboli08/29stromboli
4h When to take Social Security  08/29brak08/29The Wizard
32h Tax loss harvesting  08/27Bubbagump08/29grabiner
3h inheritance from Europe taxable here?  08/29greetje08/29greetje
12h Are assets split in kind or liquidated on death?  08/29Gnirk08/29Bob's not my name
4h Approximating total stock market in 401k  08/29randocalrissian08/29randocalrissian
47h Withdrawl from Target Retirement or Life Strategy Fund  07/16antiqueman08/29bertilak
10h Index Stategy Question  08/28l_girl08/29dratkinson
23h Portfolio advice for Mom at 86 years  08/26dand7608/29rec7
12h Pension – Lump Sum Rollover or Keep it?  08/19Bounca08/29Mikle
6h Which book to start with?  08/29Jbmudbones08/29agent13x
6h Contribution limit 401k  08/29doon08/29livesoft
15h Risky asset allocation?  07/17afr08/29afr
9h Intermediate term tax exempt bond fund or TBM? Pls help  08/28ababs08/29ababs
24h Newbie- Setting up our portfolio  03/15hulio8208/29investor1
14h Estate Tax- Non resident- Advice Requested  08/10vijayvijayakv08/29vijayvijayakv
98h 3.3% Vanguard 10 year CD  page: 208/09ArthurO08/29ArthurO
5t Why invest in foreign funds?  22:27mckoder03:26Valuethinker
19t A Primer on John Templeton  08/28postingname03:19Valuethinker
22t Your thoughts on farmland values  08/27Hawkeye_Saver02:38Valuethinker
31t Thoughts on California Municipal Bond Funds  02/22OCR02:30Jazztonight
32t When to invest in China?  11:07Gauss4402:25Valuethinker
37t The Power of Zero: [Book and tax planning for retirement]  08/29joer121223:22DonCamillo
1t Blog:Vanguard UK cuts fees on index tracker funds and ETFs  18:33Barry Barnitz22:50CyberBob
134t A Low-Return Future? Are We Prepared?  page: 2 308/28Simplegift22:39LongerPrimer
44t Poor Janus, a look at this once high flying fund family  08/29larryswedroe22:18Toons
10t "Absolute Return" Using Index Funds?  08/29Stanchion21:17packer16
49t Emerging markets 1900-2013  08/26Robert T20:55nedsaid
12t Why is my 401k and taxable considered "One Portfolio"?  11:49SuperSaver18:46Lafder
35t I'd buy an S&P 500 index fund in a pinch  08/28Rick Ferri18:39JoMoney
67t Does anyone have 'Lazy Portfolios'?  page: 208/29g3d18:26berntson
10t Indexing in EM, and Templeton's Mobius  08/19larryswedroe18:04stratton
10t Should elderly play it safe & risk not having enough or no?  08/29abyan15:36abyan
16t Safe floor and Safe Withdrawal Rate  08:37CWRadio15:14Cut-Throat
2t Tax due on investments  14:48BogleInvestorLondon15:04pjstack
0t An anecdotal case for indexing  14:35Anon1234  
5t Style Box breakdown of U.S. companies  08/28ThePrune14:08bertilak
3t SCHC vs. SFILX  08/29BillyO11:52stlutz
3t Portfolio Loss Calculator  07:58diyinvestor11:35LadyGeek
2t Targeted Intermediate Treasury Funds vs Market-cap Weighing?  08/29pradador11:21stlutz
24t Can someone make a living as a Boglehead financial advisor?  08/27Browser10:44david99
32t How low can Vanguard Fees Go?  08/29berntson09:16TimeRunner
32t Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or a Vanguard Variable Annuity  08/27rec705:22in_reality
6t Diversification in practice: Investing from Australia  08/23daffyd08/30Tonen
21t High net worth in CA - what % of bonds in munis?  08/29danieljquirk08/30sdsailing
10t Help me find Fidelity Freedom Index Funds on fidelity.com  05/2155508/29The529guy
1t Blog:Friday blog review, August 29, 2014  08/29Barry Barnitz08/29LadyGeek
462t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102013longinvest08/29LadyGeek
5t Variable Percentage Withdrawal Spreadsheet vs Firecalc.com  08/29Ken.08/29longinvest
3t Tax Exempt or Taxable Bond Fund  08/29Deep Thoughts08/29Deep Thoughts
2t Vanguard Personall Advisory Service (VPAS) - Anyone used?  08/29ababs08/29ababs
73t International allocation  page: 208/24kazper08/29Day9
9t Swedroe Value Metrics  08/28golfvestor08/29larryswedroe
22t Gray Market woes  07/19remoox08/29remoox
11t is a target date fund considered indexed  08/29gerrym5108/29Phineas J. Whoopee
0t DFA-RAFI & factor diversification within 30:30:40 portfolio  08/29Robert T  
68t S&P500 over 2000  page: 208/25dickenjb08/29cfs
10t Bond Bubble?  08/29garlandwhizzer08/29gerrym51
13t milestones, skepticism, wealth creation. A thought  08/29letsgobobby08/29technovelist
36t Financial Advisor Compensation  08/21BlueSkies08/29jdilla1107
26t Burton Malkiel Opinion in WSJ -- "Are Stock Prices ..."  08/28BillyG08/29Clearly_Irrational
42t "The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing -- Second Edition"  08/20Taylor Larimore08/29Mel Lindauer
75t Motif Investing - own the S&P500 for less  page: 208/26Tanelorn08/29rkatz0
135t The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home  page: 2 308/08nscherneck08/29swaption
3t "The Best of Times. An Interview with Jonathan Clements"  08/29Taylor Larimore08/29Rob5TCP
47t Study: poor 5-yr U.S. returns -- overweight foreign?  08/26Browser08/29magneto
608t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132007simba08/29serbeer
1t Quick question about long term capital gains  08/29Trevor08/29linenfort
53t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver08/29YDNAL
11t Fun way to teach teenagers about stocks and investing  08/27Stickman08/29Stickman
0t Paper: Let's Save Retirement  08/29Grt2bOutdoors  
1t Third in series on hedge funds, focusing on volatility  08/29larryswedroe08/29Trevor
2t Investing jungle..."authoritative" sources unbalanced  08/28BigOil08/29BigOil
9p 401K for school  18:19EnjoyIt03:27Bob's not my name
8p Next phase of minimizing taxes for high-income household  13:07nobility02:56Nebster
1p disconcerting insurance company downgrade  00:58dodecahedron02:30denovo
13p 18 and Need Help Starting  08/25DiogenesOfOakland02:08toto238
1p Advice on job opportunity abroad: taxes, cost of living, etc  22:31jdl242123:53bhramar
8p Getting on Track  09:51sid7923:44Lafder
7p Auto Loan Payoff question  11:16target203023:42grabiner
3p Capital Gains Tax  21:26AAA23:26kaneohe
248p My husband's " WILL", $ left for me to live on....  page: 2 3 4 508/28Ineedadvice5023:21Lafder
53p If you had an extra $100,000  page: 208/27toto23823:03Alchemist
6p HSA pre-tax contribution rules  20:00Tamales21:52camillus
15p Excess RMD  11:42hoops77721:49The Wizard
2p Can a 72T IRA distribution be Rolled into a Roth IRA?  14:40Swampy21:45Alan S.
6p NYC: How to find a good fee only financial advisor?  08/29Gambler21:29wesef
12p Will Vanguard fire me if I retire overseas? (Schwab better?)  08/29lynneny21:11jidina80
4p Advice for stay at home mom/military wife going back to work  12:36acollazo221:10Calm Man
2p help interpreting TSP monthly annuity  20:22schmitz20:51jimb_fromATL
8p Colleague being fleeced by insurance agent / Ponzi Scheme?  14:22SteelPenny20:42dhodson
3p When is a trust worth it for an inheritance?  08/29interplanetjanet20:29john94549
54p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 208/28Louis Winthorpe III19:18Mudpuppy
39p IRS letter claiming return is late - anyone experience this?  03/27poundwise19:12tomd37
21p Does your employer still offer pensions to new hires?  06:48supersharpie18:44sdsailing
2p How much does your home *really* cost?  17:33letsgobobby18:01Watty
18p Where can I get a [toddler-friendly weekend] job?  08/29anonforthis17:12alec
2p Has anyone installed Trusteer Rapport ?  13:59mfswatz916:50mfswatz9
3p Married Filing Separately in Community Property State--help!  08/29Hastibe16:27Hastibe
8p should I buy a 5 yr annuity to get me to 70  08/29caroljm3615:11dratkinson
7p How to Locate LIFE INSURANCE Policy for Deceased Person  08/28celia14:40celia
0p CFP Online Courses  14:16sramina  
6p Bogleheads in Consumer Reports Magazine  13:01jsl1114:08GerryL
49p Help out family without compromising my own retirement?  08/29chald14:02dolphinsaremammals
14p ACH transfers  08/29Tamales13:09Spirit Rider
9p Wrong state tax withheld, over $1000 extra tax  08/29Anon123411:47spectec
27p Father died. How to handle his company stock?  08/28Gambler10:59celia
26p Protecting one's bank account from PayPal  08/27Tabulator10:43Gauss44
36p Trying to understand the 1040 Tax Table  08/25Faith2087908:26rkhusky
70p 1 Year Bogleheadiversary - Before and After Picture  page: 205/28swimirvine07:23obgyn65
121p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 2 307/21brak06:54Alchemist
18p Who else's IRA would you (do you) fill?  08/28toto23805:26SGM
4p Pay more for term you can convert? Prudential vs. Banner  08/29berg08/29Tozmo
7p Paying cash for a car or financing  08/29dave827408/29grabiner
36p Only need $315k non-retirement $ to retire at Age 43?  08/28Gambler08/29LadyGeek
10p 3MM Casino Jackpot  08/29jimmy08/29LadyGeek
4p Securities Backed Line of Credit  2013entraining08/29miantosca
48p What to consider while purchasing an existing business?  08/21fourwedge08/29david99
1p DIAs, SS, etc.  08/29Barefootgirl08/29The Wizard
9p Another Milestone  08/28Barefootgirl08/29IlliniDave
70p pay health bill from HSA or from checking?  page: 201/12texasdoc08/29hoppy08520
5p Wiki revised - Employer Retirement Plan Overview  08/28LadyGeek08/29mah001
1p Does one need W-2 income to fund a 529?  08/29rhoptry08/29livesoft
5p When to refinance an ARM?  08/28Len3308/29Len33
4p Non-qualified pension plan taxation  08/29Bengineer08/29Sportswhiz00
16p Roths and Roth Converstions re tax Planning  08/28LadyIJ08/29LadyIJ
111p Mortgages and financial freedom  page: 2 308/25Jozxyqk08/29denovo
3p Timing of flexible spending account for dependent care  08/29fungus_amungus08/29fungus_amungus
3p Student loan payment with credit card-- does it make sense?  08/29kazper08/29jimb_fromATL
6p SS Benefits  08/28RYD08/29Epsilon Delta
13p Health Insurance Premium is HSA eligible expense?  08/15jack.bauer08/29archbish99
2p Vanguard Small Business SEP-IRA Questions  08/29bobble08/29Spirit Rider
2p 529 for IT Certificates and other Job Related Training  08/29Zeus08/29pshonore
4p TLH in the 15% bracket conundrum(?)  08/28TheGreyingDuke08/29House Blend
29p 401(k) poll - lawyer/oil and gas worker/airline employee?  08/27an_asker08/29Talisker
22p Questions for Landlords  08/27newkidontheblock08/29RobInCT
1p Discover Free Checking + $50 sign up bonus  09/24crowd7908/29Sunny Sarkar
1l Milwaukee Tuesday September 2, 2014  08/25LeeMKE16:28LeeMKE
12l What happened to SoCal Chapter?  03/17bbt08/29Mel Lindauer
45c When to leave a neighborhood for greener pastures?  08/25Cherokee821502:52Valuethinker
74c Costco:is it worth it for just two people?  page: 209:22Bustoff02:44corner559
25c NYC [Visit to New York City]  13:46DireWolf01:56Jazztonight
9c Probability question  08/29Pacific01:24Mudpuppy
50c Ideas for thanking a doctor  page: 208:32rjbraun23:56grabiner
39c Good place to buy eyeglasses without insurance?  08/21countofmc23:27mhalley
24c Do you mix inheritance and earned money?  08/29michey31223:25Gnirk
0c LED recessed lighting question  22:53airahcaz  
0c Which generator do you have?  22:47airahcaz  
13c Question for Mac Excel 2011 users  08/28Leif21:44Ybsybs
7c Wifi phone calls vs Ooma  11/22Hexdump20:57inbox788
21c Any Tips on wintering in the Bahamas ?  08/18Cut-Throat20:44Toons
3265c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 662012randomwalk19:23nisiprius
8c Hiring a genealogy researcher in Eastern Europe  06/30effillus19:04celia
9c Wifi lights and light switches  08/29airahcaz18:35Epsilon Delta
23c Trip to the Caribbean - Suggestions  08/29ltuxl18:12jodydavis
11c Recommendations for Cordless Phone System for Home?  08/29fdeanw17:28fdeanw
3c Long Layover in Miami - Recommendations  15:14Carl5317:07TnGuy
32c Should I fix a "totaled" car  08/23MKF16:24Mudpuppy
7c What Movie Have You Currently Watched?  15:35abuss36815:56sschullo
11c Help me evaluate a standby generator quote  12:50phositadc15:55Beck49
0c Philly Hotels, with the family  15:51snyder66  
14c Induction Range Worth the Price?  08/29Novine15:41ourbrooks
18c Sports Motivation Waning  08/29tennisplyr15:36tennisplyr
98c Are hospitals allowed to do this? [Costs quoted vs. actual]  page: 208/12toto23813:39Mel Lindauer
27c Donald Trump - The Apprentice  08/28abuss36813:38Alex Frakt
2c PPO for one spouse, High deductible plan for other spouse?  13:03Gleevec13:33Gleevec
85c Subaru Blues  page: 208/20Browser12:36toys4tots16
37c which engine and transmission options to choose for Tacoma?  08/21Gardener12:31Jimmei1
5c Health Insurance Paid From 529?  07:00Leesbro6311:46Leesbro63
4c Cellphone for trip to Ireland  10:43Browser11:43stlutz
2c Wireless stereo/cd system/ speakers - need to upgrade.  08/29Myopic squirrel11:25Ged
15c Programming and Database Classes  08/29sunnyday10:07brianH
38c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  08/27tony541209:16panhead
13c roomba?  08/28dolphinsaremammals08:35Tinkerbelle
11c Volvo Overseas Delivery - Any experience?  08/11target203004:01German Expat
9c Playing Apple Lossless music files on android  08/28madbrain08/29Ged
28c No car for 10 years - should I scratch the itch?  08/27sharke08/29sharke
13c Trip to China  08/29Calculus08/29Calculus
32c Keeping mold out of bath/shower  06/25InvestorNewb08/29OAG
12c USAA Credit Card Offer  08/28john9454908/29Sagenick48
28c Does Your 401k Allow (Non-Roth) AFTER-TAX Contributions?  2012natureexplorer08/29Tabaxus
20c Which bed should I buy?  08/27new2bogle08/29dual
15c BMW X3 vs Mercedes GLK350  08/28funeshah08/29ubermax
4c iPod/iPhone speakers?  08/29texasdiver08/29Jim85
10c How long can a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta last?  08/28rec708/29NHRATA01
11c Possible mail scam?  08/28bogleviewer08/29cheese_breath
52c 2014/2015 Honda Accord vs. 2014 Toyota Avalon  page: 208/22thenameishersch08/29johnep
1c 2015 Quicken for Mac  08/28SurgPath08/29LifeIsGood

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