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736c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1508/30abuss36819:17nisiprius
681t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1407/16Rob Bertram17:14Rob Bertram
636c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1309/22Alex Frakt19:39frugalguy
356t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 812/19macav93311:09nedsaid
162p engineers - please help with engineering school selection  page: 2 3 406/12snowman10:39LiveSimple
137t John Bogle's Don't Peek Challenge  page: 2 303/16stemikger11:56friar1610
102l Seattle Chapter?  page: 2 305/29zmcpherson22:57FiveSigmas
92t Bernstein: "If you've won the game, stop playing."  page: 204/17Browser19:11siamond
92p Does your family know about your net worth (ball park)?  page: 204/14acegolfer10:29blueblock
88l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter (MA)  page: 212/04siamond18:45CPA without a c
79h Portfolio advice. Jordan/Int'l resident (no US tax treaty)  page: 203/04amerk8617:50galeno
78t TIAA-CREF dramatically increasing Expense Ratios  page: 201/26anna_indiana04:27The Wizard
74p how to deal with it [regret over past investing choices]  page: 204/11fvaldes16:09Angst
73p Am I part of the problem??  page: 204/09Tim W16:01leonard
71t [retired guy said] terrible crash is coming  page: 204/15riptide08:23Alex Frakt
66h Two Comma Club  page: 204/10Bracket10:53blueblock
56p Poll: Effective average Adjusted Livesoft tax rate?  page: 204/15livesoft17:37livesoft
56p Mailing tax returns  page: 204/09VictoriaF12:48NJ2SLC
54c My job says I can't work for anyone else...  page: 204/17FRx18:12tphp99
51t Porter Stansberry advising going to 100% cash - Help!  page: 22013sperry819:09jmndu99
51c Has Anyone had a Credit Card Cancelled for not Using It  page: 204/10DDMP2007:02camaro327
50p Don't come to Europe with a new chip and sign credit card  page: 204/14enebyberg15:36mptfan
48p Should I purchase an Umbrella policy?  04/15sheople213:06triskelion
46t Retirement expenditure concept  04/13Professor Emeri17:41siamond
44h Stocks are on sale, should I buy?  04/17singern15:33Lynette
41p Can't Just Do Nothing  04/15Drew77708:07Drew777
39h long term capital gain tax vs. roth conversions  04/17bobk10010:54Watty
38c noise-blocking headphones  04/15dodecahedron18:591530jesup
38p Can we afford [a masters degree]?  04/14JohnBDB07:1911111010001
37p Variable spending strategies paper by Pfau  03/17Beliavsky16:35Professor Emeri
37p Please Help Me Explain an Equity Index Annuity to a Relative  02/201210sda13:21Mel Lindauer
36p Can existing employer require new credit report every year?  04/15jtravisdavid10:58retiredjg
33c Battery or Gas Lawn Mower  04/07ThankYouJack13:22tc101
33c Safety Deposit Box is Necessary (+1 plug:)  04/16Southern36year-13:14stevep001
32h Coming to terms with low risk tolerance  23:03sawhorse19:20Grt2bOutdoors
32c mandatory 17% tip at a buffet  04/18letsgobobby16:03jridger2011
32p Still having a hard time on retiring  04/17mule06:18obgyn65
31t What Guaranteed Return Would You Require to Move All Assets  15:39LFKB18:54sawhorse
29c How do you quickly cool food?  04/16dsivi19:04Rodc
29c Cleaning out large basement - cost to rent a dumpster?  04/18reneeh6313:45dolphinsaremamm
28c Marginal benefit of spending more on car  04/18aaaaaaabbbbbbbb16:43robert88
28p Help Evaluating Federal Job Offer  04/16birraj06:31LiveSimple
27t Can you help me solve this brainteaser about allocation?  15:37johnanglemen19:25backpacker
27c Home stereo system conversion to digital  04/17Saving$10:33kenschmidt
27t Baby boomers bad for stock market?  04/17sawhorse20:13sawhorse
27c Is there a good IPOD alternative?  04/17CountryBoy19:48CountryBoy
26c Considering the new MacBook 12-inch Retina ...  03/23tipswatcher21:49tipswatcher
23h Looking for help retooling my portfolio  04/15pennypincher17:28ruralavalon
23h To TIP or not to TIP (funds)?  03/30talltodd21:58elgob.bogle
21c “Entry level” luxury cars under 40k  13:12ESK19:33goblegoble
20t a consensus? (Bonds in different accounts)  04/16bowtie14:07retiredjg
20t New Vanguard White Paper: "Factor-based investing" (Apr '15)  04/16scottj1970713:47Blue
20p Will or Trust for 98 year old?  04/17Lucy172120:20bsteiner
19p Single best piece of personal finance advice ever received?  18:39marshallv19:43Doubleeagle4me
19h M* Article today 4/17 on ATT's shaky dividend  04/17Paulie19:31Grt2bOutdoors
19t Converting Lazy Portfolios for no-US-treaty NRA investors  04/18amerk8617:26galeno
19p Which Credit Card w/ 5% Cash Back Rotating Category is Best?  04/18INTRESIS08:38jeffyscott
19h Seeking carbon efficient S&P fund  03/02paddlepoudre23:15jjface
18t VTIAX or VTMGX and VEMAX  04/17Osp6219:12grabiner
18c New HVAC  04/18Meaty11:44Valuethinker
18t Experience in working with TD Ameritrade  04/18victorb07:49PeanutButterIsJ
17p Trying to Help Parents - No EOI Life Insurance?  04/18BeneIRA14:45Matahari
17p Help with home buying basics (first timers)  04/11IndexMD04:282tall4economy
15p Roth IRA Contribution Withdrawals  2013cantchooseaname19:44Silence Dogood
15h Personal investing advice  04/15BKS1519:15EmergDoc
15h All-into Reit ETF in Roth IRA (SCHH)?  15:07preciseman18:35retiredjg
15h Anyone had the Personal Capital complementary review yet?  01/02walletless14:23pkcrafter
14h Cost basis on conversion from investor to admiral class  2010bbrock16:42jackholloway
14c Car advice needed  04/17ESK16:21wrxsti
13h Newly Married and Need Investment Advice  04/18zags#119:19Jerry55
13h Preparing for the Minimum Required Distribution  15:21JodieNJ18:33BL
13h what to do about variable annuities?  04/18Dave8118:20Dave81
13c Anyone built a [LEED] rated green house?  04/18rustymutt17:01runner9
13p Debt Free...Now What?  04/17sgtpeppr5616:29denovo
13c Anyone here experience a change to a "right to work" state  10:16mojave14:06mojave
13t Asset allocation strategies at very large sums  23:00johnanglemen11:47midareff
13p DB and DC plan limits combined?  04/17Pocket Cruiser09:52retiredjg
13c Opticians [Purchasing eyeglasses]  04/18CountryBoy09:17Pizzasteve510
13h Which brokers trade dollar listed ETFs on London Stock Exch  04/16Vistas201109:02Tylenol Jones
13h Mom is 59.5, in a terrible 403b. can she rollover?  04/17crozbee06:18sschullo
13t Taking stock at midlife financially  04/18Jwin99921:06Watty
13h How to analyze portfolio recommendations  04/17sam.thode19:53retiredjg
12p 10% Down 30-Year Jumbo Mortgages?  04/144th and Inches19:34Hypersion
12p Clergy 403b limit with housing allowance  03/18Pocket Cruiser17:56camillus
12h Is this an index fund?  04/18grizzoola16:37denovo
12p Payoff Mortgage or Fund Taxable Account  04/18tyscott8413:54ncole1
11t Ameriprise  15:37Barefootgirl19:14BolderBoy
11t Temporal autocorrelation of stock/fund prices and movement  00:42JZinCO16:07Maynard F. Spee
11t Need help understanding market cap in total market  04/14sheetzilla15:12heyyou
11p Real Estate Showing Agreement: Who Represents ME?  11:09fulltilt14:28Carefreeap
11h New Member, 401k Allocation Questions  04/13apc1209:56apc12
11h Which net expense ratio... (401k question, portfolio added)  04/08hcj23:13hcj
10p Using Zillow/Zestimate to value a home?  17:44nptit19:28grabiner
10h ROTH 5 year rule  08:10Jerry5519:11Jerry55
10t Investing from the Netherlands: An overview (Wiki review)  04/07Micks19:06wmvink
9t Does Vanguard actually own the securities in its funds?  04/18nobsinvestor19:44alex_686
9p Work adjustment options  14:31Earl Lemongrab19:13Earl Lemongrab
9p Retirement Budgeting  04/18Barefootgirl16:36Independent
9c New York New York casino  04/17jrtexas16:21denovo
9p Schwab Bank Investor Checking down to 0.06% APY  04/18Seattlenative12:23Dandy
9h Tax loss Harvesting Question  04/18duke3308:09cherijoh
9p New Mortgage Servicer - Seneca  04/17sallyann221:14walletless
8p Reporting Double IRA Recharacterization  2013sock puppet19:04Alan S.
8h Portfolio & Allocation Qs, Taking Control, Leaving Advisors  04/17landon14:22bobk100
8p Roth IRA as e-fund, really? Mortgage lender won't count  03/05FoolStreet21:46torius71
7p Car for teen ager  19:33amitb0019:47livesoft
7c Overinflating Tires  18:03BolderBoy19:47LadyGeek
7p Do parents still charge their kids room and board?  19:21kenschmidt19:43Gropes & Ra
7p Estate Tax Considerations  04/18pc9510:55Theoretical
6p Question about Citi Double Cash Card  04/08INTRESIS19:41reddityeah
6h What should I invest in? Rental property or stocks?  15:22cncm19:09travellight
6t Fiduciary Standard - Now open for public comments  15:33LadyGeek18:56ResearchMed
6p For those living @ home after college...  17:17preciseman18:45LadyGeek
6h Savings/Investment Help for a Unique Situation  23:13Sliplead18:33Sliplead
6p Canceling oldest credit card  04/18tran_man00713:31z1_gravedigger
6h Simple IRA Conversion to Roth - do other IRAs matter?  04/18karbran09:56retiredjg
6t "What Experts Say About Jack Bogle"  04/17Taylor Larimore20:00selftalk
5c Help re Car  16:05Sally17:37NaOH
5h [Poll] regarding Keeping that old 401k.  14:55retiredjg17:14whaleknives
5p Recommended Tax Planning Books?  04/18Michele in TX15:49Michele in TX
5h Should I simplify or pursue a financial advisor?  09:30TresBelle6514:23retiredjg
5f was there a recent change in the forum font?  12:01clip65114:12PoeticalDeportm
5p Tax Deadline for converting trad IRA to Roth  04/16bobsmith10:24fund
5h New Job, Please Help with 401k Choices  04/18apc1209:58retiredjg
4h Trading Platform Software  04/18rew21318:53rew213
4p 401k + retirement + bene + family  13:50ps56k16:12Matahari
4p Delaying Social Security  07:24Nowizard12:15Nowizard
4p Help: converting traditional IRA to Roth IRA mistake  04/17nolapepper08:08retiredjg
4p Mini-contribution Roth from study earnings?  22:51archbish9906:50jeffyscott
3t SCHB vs VTI  2009kjm18:41preciseman
3p Non Qualified Plan  20:37au198514:28retiredjg
3t How to Structure Earnings during semi retirement  08:33Qmavam13:24BL
3h Total Retirement 2045 + Small Cap Value?  04/18joens17311:42CMartel2
3h Portfolio Help  04/18avlfutbol09:46desiderium
3h ROTH conversion and RMD  07:507BeachbUm009:21BL
3c Couches from Furniture Staging Companies  04/17DTalos21:23Watty
2h Fidelity Freedom® 2045 Fund FFFGX VS FIOFX ?  19:07Grover19:43hoppy08520
2c LLC or S-corp?  03:28joshdamon19:42desiderium
2t Can Shiller's PE10 (CAPE) Get Any More Discredited?  19:17William Million19:35Maynard F. Spee
2h need advice about a deferred annuity vs. total stock market  01:54kavijj18:39inbox788
2h Glasgow parking lot  16:58aziammaiza17:55nisiprius
2h Help with my 401k Allocations  23:48kingrocks16:58ruralavalon
2p Tax planning to prepare for retirement  15:17reneeh6315:54mhalley
2t The Better Money Method  10:14llessac1514:31llessac15
2h municipal bonds or something else  12:24fortunateson12:47lack_ey
2p New Wade Pfau on Guyton-Klinger & Other Ret. Strategies  08:47duffer10:32LadyGeek
2t David Booth interviews Eugene French  04/18Robert T08:55matjen
2h Hedging/Protecting against Market Risk  03:38joshdamon06:33Louis Winthorpe
2c New York City Tours  04/18MathWizard06:27awval999
2p Long Term Capital Gains Question  04/18pfb332623:27DSInvestor
2t 403(b) in-service transfers/contract exchanges  04/17marklearnsbogle20:40marklearnsbogle
2h Portfolio review & Questions  03/30doon19:54scone
1p Pay off student loans vs. saving for a down payment  16:09lune58719:41grabiner
1p What is a reasonable offer on this home?  19:10General Disarra19:35grabiner
1t MIT Billion Prices: Down? Broken? Discontinued?  19:05nisiprius19:14bpp
1h Coverdell account reporting to IRS?  00:03bengt18:58grabiner
1h Hedged and unhedged converging  06:20Bikeman18:51grabiner
1h Help with taxable account needed in 8-12 months  12:35mouth18:36grabiner
1t Pay taxes for parent to convert to Roth?  17:04TexasPenny17:25Prokofiev
1p Limiting Financial Institution "Sharing Personal Info"  16:14Saving$17:13Duckie
1t Active Stock Investing vs. Active Real Estate Investing  16:54PonziScheme17:09stevewolfe
1h 30 y/o looking for proper asset allocation  15:18Hobotrader17:06Lafder
1t new i-bond rate?  14:35leftcoaster15:13dh
1h Hedging the Euro (or yen)  02:16Mambo_Diablo04:16Micks
0h Put in more than match into 401K?  19:38YoungSaver5  
0h Newly Married - Both 28 - NYC residents - How are we doing?  19:38defscott627  
0h All About Asset Allocation Interpretation  19:27tomd37  
0h Roth IRA advice  18:38metroman  
0p Question about Vari-exceptional Life Policy and ILIT  14:23Matahari  
0l Wisconsin - Milwaukee Meeting May 5 noon  08:52LeeMKE  
0p question regarding elective deferral limits (401(a) and 457)  08:16rtom  
0h Foreign tax sheltered retirement accounts  06:29Balthazar  

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