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1p Solo 401(k) and Social Security  20:05LeighN20:22terran
0h looking for feedback on retirement investments  19:52turangaleela  
3p Do I need Umbrella Insurance if my Assets < Liability Limits?  19:50AndroAsc20:09Phineas J. Whoo
0h My Portfolio and My Investing Behavior  19:47Rainier  
3p Geico Auto Insurance  19:33Lindrobe20:00furwut
0h Moving from TIPs fund to TIPs ladder???  19:03209south  
7p Help--> Buying car from private seller  18:58camillus2420:21samta09
0h Pls. suggest next steps to get to 3-Fund Portfolio  18:58RetireGood  
11t I know I'm not the only one... [dividend paying stock funds]  18:30tennisplyr20:24Phineas J. Whoo
2h Bond prices  17:54dachshund19:08ogd
2h Younger guy, could use some advice  17:44gtnThere1119:20renue74
9h Penny Stocks  17:34Gbean18:53LadyGeek
2p Disclaiming IRA or 401k inheritance  17:09JoinToday20:03clydewolf
1c Rent up fee from property management  16:58squirm17:20DFrank
1h Investing $3,000 for a 1-year old  16:32Pavla17:43mhalley
1p How is my back of the envelope spreadsheet?  16:03bostondan16:28bostondan
11p finance a car or lease it  15:49Winsome18:28JDaniels
1t Jack Bogle explains what your investment adviser should do  15:16harikaried17:27goingup
3h advice for mother-in-law IRA  15:05airbix19:22airbix
0p HDHP and PPO Plan Questions  14:56rterickson  
2p Question about ISA's in the United Kingdom  14:55broadstone17:31broadstone
12h Backdoor Roth Slammed Closed--WHAT?!  14:54Carolinagurl18:02Carolinagurl
2p 2015 RMD  14:51donmichael19:08sport
33c FWD vs AWD (Vehicle)  14:50MP17319:58deanbrew
15h Looking to Simplify Portfolio  14:48TinyElvis20:00Taylor Larimore
0h TIRA & ROTH IRA---which funds where?  14:37Retired2  
10h Rolling over 403b to Roth IRA for 1st home purchase  14:25fullyclips19:04fullyclips
4h Portfolio Analysis Help - Needs complete re-balance/re-allocation  14:22MickeyMoustache20:19MickeyMoustache
2p Best Pellet Smoker for the money? Rec Tec?  14:13Van14:33agent13x
14p Divorce  14:12vas16:26jbdiver
0t Data Providers for stocks, bonds and other asset classes  14:04Gene S  
23t The Futility of Predicting Future Returns  13:57longinvest20:16longinvest
7h TLH partners for VG international funds?  13:56leftcoaster19:50DSInvestor
1h What would you do? 401(k) Saving Restoration Plan  13:50Makaveli19:16Makaveli
4p Retirement finances for two  13:50effillus14:05Grt2bOutdoors
4h Advisor fee question  13:46Domer0316:02neurosphere
3p A couple questions Re: Term Life Insurance  13:43guitarguy15:56Valuethinker
22p Zions, Bryce, Grand Canyon Late March  13:40swaption20:02yukonjack
5p am i doing everything to minimize my AGI?  13:18dicejam20:20clydewolf
5t "How the Pros Manage Assets for Retirees"  13:15Taylor Larimore20:26Taylor Larimore
8h Tax Loss Harvesting Strategies  13:01Bacchus0117:58alex_686
5h Roth IRA with Vanguard- Assist with fund choices  13:01Chucknjules13:54BL
13t The forgotten inaccuracies of our small predictions  12:17nisiprius20:17paper200
5h Help Choosing 401k Plan  11:57ES13Raven13:53Rupert
1h HSA investing  11:48shibbymd12:29clydewolf
4p refi with a 5/1 arm  11:41rjsob5813:15rjsob58
4p State (MA) tax withholding and federal deduction  11:40BostonBorg15:10Gufomel
3h ROTH choices to last generations  11:23Mjatla15:07Phineas J. Whoo
3t Variable Option For Annuitizing a Vanguard Annuity  11:11Norton75015:53Dale_G
36h How long until a $10,000 loss matters?  10:54TheTimeLord20:03JoMoney
7f Cannot access the wiki  10:41chentastic11:38chentastic
2c Visiting Northern Kentucky / Mammoth Cave area with kids  10:36aude11:03MathWizard
7p Does this happen to anyone else when logging onto Vanguard?  10:10Bogle10116:04BolderBoy
5h How can a non-UK European invest in Vanguard UK LifeStrategy funds.  10:04MountainTop16:00Valuethinker
3h ETF Tax Loss Harvesting procedure  09:44leftcoaster10:20dcdowden
2h Online chart of performance that includes reinvested divs and cap gains?  09:44tc10110:42dodonnell
1h Just another question, trying to understand  09:34NvidiaGTX40509:43furwut
11h What advice would you give...Salary bumping up from 37k to 45k annually  09:20Southern36year-13:47BL
23p New Car - Cash or Finance?  09:14FreddieG20:14mike143
3t Should you invest in currency-hedged foreign stock funds?  09:01Browser09:29Browser
1c Home Insurance- Travelers Vs All State  08:57andyandyandy15:24mhalley
9t Book Recommendation for New Investor  08:57Mettaman18:45Howard Donnelly
27h Need a Piece of Evidence on the Boglehead Strategy  08:30Travis119:50heyyou
13t Motley Fool - Good Enough Why rules of thumb beat precision  08:26matjen13:51209south
18t Another look at dividend paying stocks  07:23larryswedroe18:51larryswedroe
6c Apple Music  05:36miles2go18:49telemark
1t "Investing for Retirement: The Defined Contribution Challenge" by Ben Inker and Martin Tarlie  03:39M B17:13Phineas J. Whoo
6h All REIT roth?  00:49JaySayms20:18JaySayms
13t Economics - Savers vs Spenders and economy  00:182comma16:03LadyGeek
9t Bond Market’s Got It All Wrong ?  00:16Rx 4 investing19:36Rx 4 investing
1c Quebec City transportation  00:08Goblue9707:42angelescrest
0p Yahoo Finance no longer supports the transactional data feature  00:07Jerry55  
11h Inherited Stock [held in a trust] -Very low cost basis  23:44Jss7520:13Jss75
5t will baby boomer withdrawals effect future market performance  21:43jcar06:18Valuethinker
11h Vanguard question. What to do with 80,000k in cash  21:35e-32509:28letsgobobby
5h I am a Rookie. I need some investing help.  21:26PeterK16:56NonnyGoGo
3h Unsure how to proceed with retirement options for teaching job  21:24doss10:12adamthesmythe
6c Moving Container Companies for LONG distance move  20:53Nearing_Destina15:07DFrank
8p HSA Bank reporting income in 2013 that is not income, need help  07/26wormtail08:48pshonore
30t Vanguard's Developed & Emerging Markets Indexes — Transition Details  07/26Simplegift19:38longinvest
16t estimate future real returns ?  07/26coachz19:33Maynard F. Spee
3h Critique my Location/Fund Strategy for Taxable/Tax-Deferred Accounts  07/26UPC7899910:12trueblueky
31c Durability of consumer goods  07/26DireWolf19:37Louis Winthorpe
2h Next Book to Read Recs  07/26to295821:38tomd37
5c prepaid phone less than $50 with Android Lollipop 5.0  07/26ieee48801:02nalor511
24h Helping Mom - I'm Concerned About Her Advisor  07/26bandit51010:41JW Nearly Retir
7p Salary Question [Renegotiating from USD to AUD]  07/26cbr shadow09:40Louis Winthorpe
41c Can you return food at a restaurant and not have to pay for it?  07/26mac_guy19:55fareastwarriors
3h IRA Deductions with partial year 401k available....  07/26rob14:28DSInvestor
3p Is selling our home the right decision?  07/26etowers21:56bluejello
2h 403b new asset allocation  07/26ttt01:17ttt
16p Job with TSP + pension vs 401k 12% cash match  07/26iluminess16:18Jerry55
14p confused about best strategy for foreign income while abroad on sabbatical  07/26rtom02:38rtom
113c Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater?  page: 2 307/26tony541220:122Birds1Stone
12h Expense ratio question  07/26Domer0321:33packet
10p Tax question- One time Consulting 1099 payment  07/2635niuillini12:42samjlord
26t Is the commodity implosion foretelling a stock market crash?  07/26Browser11:43Browser
4p New Job Opportunity  07/26Cipro09:42Cipro
3p Confused about over contributing to Roth after backdoor  07/26sgadlin08:22sgadlin
82t Scott Burns – Don’t quit your day job.  page: 207/26burt16:42abuss368
55t 50/50 asset allocation  page: 207/26stemikger19:30Peter Foley
5h Form 5500 - Ez questions  07/26kareysue08:07ERISA Stone
6h How do I invest in the stock market?  07/26Lateju2112:49dratkinson
3p Closing Costs with No Bank Loan  07/26Peterjens07:07SRenaeP
4h Advice on Small Value Allocation  07/25wickywack23:05wickywack
35h Recent windfall - Currently 95% of assets in single stock - Tax and asset allocation advice appreciated  07/25notmyrealname13:44livesoft
9p Beneficiaries for taxable and non-taxable accounts  07/25naveen13:53Alan S.
10h Hourly W2 - Any Retirement Options?  07/25rob09:45JW Nearly Retir
28h Golden handcuffs - help with vested retirement plan  07/25dollar_sense17:11dhodson
4t Just Read AAAA - Tilting Quandary  07/25BRM757619:23staythecourse
36p How much does Property Tax factor in home purchase?  07/25Alto Astral12:52rcjchicity
19p Rewards Checking-An Easy Way to Earn Extra Money  07/25pdriese18:17Kevin M
7h where to invest lump of cash  07/25drama15:15drama
10h Medical Student Investor  07/25dabears3810:24niceguy7376
18t Fear Not the Inevitable Stock Market Correction  07/25Simplegift07:28IlliniDave
23h What should I put in my Roth IRA if TDF's are "bad?"  07/25zayd1318:23Domer03
77t Slice and Dice: why not?  page: 207/25rca182418:11JoMoney
5t "Has the Index Fund Won?" by Jack Bogle  07/25Taylor Larimore16:04Beliavsky
7c GE Profile Arctica Freezer issues  07/25hsfan9223:45Cindyjrn
29h Lesson learned about RBD [Really Bad Day]  07/25dwickenh20:38vencat
23c Low mileage oil change  07/25shawcroft20:06mike143
25p Protection against stock correctiom  07/25mpt follower08:22cjking
5p Personal Line of Credit  07/25andrew92817:16rec7
28c Does a 6.5 kW Solar install make sense?  07/25BrandonBogle12:07SeeMoe
18c Name and address security [Shred mail received?]  07/24dbphd15:48marathonwmn
35p Where do you keep/park your emergency fund?  07/24Gemini19:47timboktoo
7c FIOS Router. Can you use your own?  07/24skinhealer13:52ejvyas
25p Unequal estimated tax payments  07/24Hayden11:06easye418
14h Rental with heavy appreciation and decent cash-flow – sell or keep?  07/24DVMResident15:50DVMResident
36p E-Statement Alert Gone for Chase Credit Card  07/24KlangFool18:41KlangFool
12p Budgeting For 2016 Medicare Part B Increase  07/24Ron12:51dodecahedron
23h Can I retire early?  07/24Henley09:14randomguy
23h Do I dump the Vanguard energy Fund in my 401k  07/24Biggamejimmy18:56siamond
12h Investing as a High Schooler  07/24gcat13:22dratkinson
11c Anyone using Mr Number cellphone call blocker? Stopped working  07/23Browser14:26Browser
23t Help buying LEAPs  07/23grok8720:09market timer
71c Asking for separate checks?  page: 207/23mfswatz913:40packet
11h TIAA Traditional - Adding Fixed Income to My Portfolio  07/23enc0re16:17Beth*
10t Roll Your Own Hedge Fund?  07/23scottj1970701:41Maynard F. Spee
4h Civil Service [Federal] Employee Requesting Portfolio Help  07/23dlr719:00dlr7
8h Employer Acquisition - Choosing New 401k Options  07/23zimmer008:57retiredjg
8h New Investor Seeking Guidance: in every aspect!!  07/23wagzy15:46wagzy
44p I'm a spender?  07/22madman1923:29Spirit Rider
24c Ross Root Feeder  07/22john9454918:20john94549
66p Bogle backfire?  page: 207/22Pcarfan21:16navyasw02
5h Retirement Planning Questions  07/22UPSGUY120:21Duckie
31c Best Place to live for a young family?  07/22joshdamon10:22stoptothink
41p What are your financial goals?  07/22aprilcpa08:22basspond
34h Please help with roth 403b Allocation  07/21triheado06:16retiredjg
9h Opening 529 for children, ages 12, 9, and 4  07/21mm9311:25MathWizard
12t Best Portfolio Tracker  07/20JohnnyFive02:42mhalley
47t Paul Merriman Small Cap Value "Free Lunch"  07/20Leesbro6320:56JoMoney
16h Help with portfolio [Russia]  07/19andoku15:14LadyGeek
102h Why invest in BNDX's when 30 day SEC yield = 0.76%.  page: 2 307/19mpt follower19:57lee1026
22p Questions from a Likely Buyer of a FSBO  07/19Peterjens16:37retiredjg
22c DIY auto air conditioner recharge  07/18dickyboy08:15barnaclebob
12p Advice on medical bills  07/17Cleveland196701:41Leeraar
28p Individual 401K  07/11Gemini20:10Ybsybs
22h Summer Cleaning - Time to Rethink Allocations?  07/10MrChicken10:22MrChicken
9h hoping for thoughts, advice; unmarried couple in 70's  07/08stilllearning20:50Watty
21c Is your home owner insurance going up 27% this year?  06/27hmw15:28DaftInvestor
8h Yearly Check-Up  06/21Thebob614:38Thebob6
17t FTSE Emerging Markets Index adds China A shares  05/27RJM08:31in_reality
21c Home Office Flooring - Boglehead Choice?  05/17stan115:06rustymutt
15h Bad time to buy bonds?  05/06Daniel197300:07Rx 4 investing
127c Truecar -- isn't this just a car buying scam?  page: 2 305/01Browser15:24JohnFiscal
13c Is this a scam: James Rickards  03/30EricJ09:00Blankster
399t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 812/19macav93318:06harikaried
87p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 202/20Drew77716:40VictoriaF
91c Downsize, Reduce, Simplify.  page: 201/23WormWood10:01SRenaeP
5t Falling Short: Prescription to Save Retirement  01/21Grt2bOutdoors00:19Leeraar
47h What to do with VGPMX (Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining)?  12/08FlyingMoose17:50Jagman
63t Why do people buy annuities?  page: 209/26InvestorNewb15:43dhodson
869c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1809/22Alex Frakt15:45MP173
987c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2008/30abuss36819:35jginseattle
151t VWO seems cheap right now  page: 2 3 42013Jfet18:50sharpjm
34l Houston Chapter  2013Kircheis22:42Mel Lindauer
83c The Villages Retirement Community Near Orlando  page: 22012Leesbro6312:21spectec
90l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 22010niteowls16:53Taylor Larimore
41t Lawsuits against Fisher Investments  2009ddb23:52Nirav

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