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0h Trust fund  14:48BMTdoc44  
0t Omaha this weekend  14:28Andymoler58  
1c 2 iphones on 1 itunes account experiences?  14:22runner914:44wageoghe
1h Rookie question about investing in traditional IRA  14:15falsekrakk80814:33niceguy7376
2t dollar cost averaging at present high price levels  13:47selftalk13:54DSInvestor
1h Help me understand preferred stock we own...  13:46jbrinker14:37satch
7p Primerica  13:03Andymoler5814:40selftalk
6p What do you tip a valet?  13:00JonnyDVM14:46astrohip
0h Help for Mom  12:35doughick53  
5c Free Vacation but It Will Cost Me  12:31Peterjens13:01tyrion
2p Physician Own Occ Disability Insurance  12:02Amortie12:54dhodson
2h Capital Gains on individual stock?  11:59chewnat12:05chewnat
0h Proposed Asset Allocation - Input Requested for a 28-yr-old  11:57willj41  
0h 401k Open enrollment Portfolio?  11:31drhoda  
1t Why Does My Muni Bond Fund Frequently Not Change Price?  11:26Random Walker11:35Beliavsky
2h High yield bond funds advice????????  11:19NJT11:32Taylor Larimore
1t IBD: How Does Your Nest Egg Compare To Most Americans'?  11:19pcsrini12:09whaleknives
2h Discover Bank: MM <-> Savings Acct???  11:077thSunday11:27Rupert
9p Q re pay Cap Gains Tax at zero income level?  10:53m3110w11:17kramer
0t Analysis of TIAA-CREF Active vs. DFA and Vanguard  10:48sleepysurf  
24c Getting the stink out of running clothes  10:43coalcracker14:14fourkids
12p DIY distance moving  10:35retire1413:46wfrobinette
4h Tax Gain Harvesting While in 15% Bracket?  09:47pghpens11:12gradStudentInve
1p Alliant FCU?  09:38FreddieG09:55The529guy
0t VPW question  09:32jcjc  
10h contributing lump sum to 401k at end of year  09:21cals400ex13:59niceguy7376
3p Social Security Benefits  09:19Prudence11:17JW Nearly Retir
17h Manager consistently crushing the market  08:50BogleInvestorLo14:22BogleInvestorLo
8c Freshly roasted coffee beans  08:46Barefootgirl11:21Green Nut
3h Rollover IRA/College Fund  08:35Texanbybirth12:10dsmil
5t 10 index fund allocation how does it stack up?  07:51ankonaman10:00dcarste
7t Quality/Value/Momentum Index  07:35JohnnyFive14:38jhfenton
5h Help With Tax Considerations and Vanguard Funds  07:32mikeymikey13:30dbr
5t RE Social security being taxed--new chart by Scott Burns  07:11loves2read13:36pshonore
6p Getting a Car Loan through Dealer: Lump sum pre-payment?  06:57AndroAsc14:11mikep
9c Increasing the size of a ring  06:35dolphinsaremamm13:41drawpoker
2h Help with SIMPLE IRA  06:08heikejohn109:15niceguy7376
27h Take Two. New complicated member needs help in several areas  03:30GreatOdinsRaven14:39nimo956
0h Data on long term performance for investing  01:40lumberingc  
5h VTSAX vs VFIAX/VIMAX/VSMAX  01:16investingnoob2014:04Woody999
0h Best 401k for our small business?  00:07bbeckee  
1h How to go about selling equity from past employment ?  23:57fauji00:22aaaaaaabbbbbbbb
16t NPV of Pension in the Retirement Portfolio  23:12galeno12:39bobcat2
3h new to investing  23:10hue001t11:57whaleknives
0h Help Transferring Coverdell from Scottrade into Vanguard 529  23:00aIIan  
4h How Long Do You Have to Own a Bond ETF to Get a Dividend?  22:55cnewhouse2710:21livesoft
5h Best ETF's for a 19yo ?  22:45duffman1203:58InQuiSiToR_187
17p lost a bid for questionable practice of seller's agent  22:10AQ11:39hand
2h Merged accounts at Vanguard--cost basis info gone  21:58baw70391610:41baw703916
4c Organ shoes  21:56madbrain13:42Castanea_d.
6c [get music from a smartphone to an old car stereo]  21:03terctun10:43takeshi
19c Need tips on taking HS student on college tour  20:57Saving$14:36itstoomuch
9h Father's Million Dollar Portfolio Suggestions  20:56dcarste22:08Rx 4 investing
6p Medical...Copayment vs Coinsurance  20:51JSDNJ09:18cheese_breath
1h Newly acquired 401k vs Traditional IRA and Roth  20:49JSDNJ22:01terran
13p How is property tax handled in a real estate LLC?  20:48sam11213:09SteveKL
6h Broke buy quarterly  20:30InQuiSiToR_18721:14InQuiSiToR_187
3h Roth 401K vs. Traditional 401K  20:27FinancialMe506:47rkhusky
8h where to put my money?  20:26wkndplyr21:33InQuiSiToR_187
15p Help Choosing Survivor Pension Option (50% vs 100%)  20:10wilked23:02bobcat2
2h Investing [Portfolio help]  19:59CG120:32LadyGeek
3t Vanguard: "Thank you for restoring access..."  20:00Angst21:38investor1
6h Help with Bond Position at Vanguard  19:45dcarste22:11dbr
14h Hourly Financial Advisor -- Yeah, right!  19:45palarry11:07BigJohn
12p COBRA, ACA, etc?  19:29joebh14:47TwoByFour
17h Lousy 401k question  19:11Mnoga7207:52dcarste
16h bond allocation as retirement nears  19:10apocalips13:59Kevin M
5h Bond question  19:07JaySayms20:14Kevin M
3t Tax exempt bonds and AMT tax ?  18:49Grover19:53Grover
8h Early Retirement with 401(k)'s and IRA's  18:45SaraSV21:15curmudgeon
6c Summer college credit courses for high school students  18:30Fisherman22:38dolphinsaremamm
2h how's my retirement looking?  18:22turangaleela18:34turangaleela
21t Vanguard governance and investor rights  17:58sawhorse14:29sawhorse
10p Applying for Your First Credit Card  17:50nocountryforold13:12Drew777
1p Forgot to tick healthcare coverage box- amend 1040 Question!  17:25jjface17:29jjface
16h Can you improve this constructed portfolio?  17:20dcarste06:54livesoft
49t What are some financial strategies to help the poor?  17:10TheWizard14:46selftalk
5t I'm cheap, help me lol  17:05Railroader00:28lack_ey
2c Chevy Volt (lease/buy) vs. used Leaf (in CA)  16:33bill0119:24etm
10h Advice on AA for 35 year old (1st gen immigrant)  16:18nage23412:54BL
5t Spoke with a Schwab Representative...  16:10preciseman18:03MN Finance
0t Reporter doing story on folks who research their charities  16:09Mel Lindauer  
0h Help with Assett Allocation in Semi-Retirement  15:57eddot98  
2h Investment Report for single 30 y/o  15:55Hunter419:29htdrag11
13h Help with Inheritance  15:33Domer0321:38basspond
30c Prepping a house for sale: What are the priorities?  15:31texasdiver11:41ERISA Stone
6t iBond partial redemption question  15:24jon-nyc16:51jon-nyc
17t Cap Weighting for International  15:12TwoByFour14:45Maynard F. Spee
0t Paper:The New Stock Market: Sense and Nonsense  14:53Barry Barnitz  
17h Taxable vs Prepaying Debt - 3 things to consider  04/27ThankYouJack11:28Epsilon Delta
34t What would happen if everyone at Fidelity went Boglehead?  04/27toto23814:47JonnyDVM
29p Feel like I made a mistake with buying a house: appreciation  04/27miamivice14:24SteveM
15h How to best utilize TSP in retirement, particularly G Fund  04/27ccf12:16Professor Emeri
5h 1 year short term investments  04/27spookyboo19:41dcarste
12p How to know what fees financial advisor is charging?  04/27Dave8119:12goingup
4p Many Seniors Face Higher Medicare Surcharges  04/27SGM19:22Alan S.
6h New Medical Resident questions  04/27mhristic12:59Rox
5c Shared Fence Issue with (Commercial) Neighbor  04/27SirOvlop20:20SirOvlop
13t Income estimate too optimistic with financial engines ?  04/27Jwin99915:37dad2000
18p Leaving our financial advisor over a period of months  04/27Mintee15:51Mintee
6t "Interest in Indexing Intensifies"  04/27Taylor Larimore07:38More Please
3h SE401(k) accounting and end of self-employment income  04/27SpideyIndexer14:31SpideyIndexer
2h Investment Review  04/27cletus23:02Lafder
15p Where to go from here with my Personal Finances?  04/27easye41816:13Meg77
9h next ex div date  04/27ketanco13:07Max7761
33c Traveling light up to 2 weeks - ditch the laptop, use phone?  04/27lightheir14:34inbox788
56t Who's holding cash?  page: 204/27renue7414:25selftalk
4h What Vanguard portfolio to choose for 529  04/27NachoMoney17:50tigerman3
18p Deceased Person - Idenity Thieft  04/27larryinnewyork16:49Professor Emeri
33h Tax Loss Harvesting: How do you do it in practice?  04/27AndroAsc14:26livesoft
16p Savers Credit preparation for 2015  04/27Julieta12:35Epsilon Delta
18p Best way to sell a used wedding ring?  04/27jimmyrules71205:48Mrs.Feeley
7h New 401(K) Plan - Need help  04/27easye41812:29Rupert
20c If You Were Going To S. America ...  04/27LifeIsGood14:39dbr
3h Moving annuity to Vanguard  04/27m3110w20:37m3110w
7h Request: Portfolio Review & Questions from a Young Investor  04/27inittowinit23:13inittowinit
10p family cabin planning through generations  04/27Olds3316:09bbrock
2h 25 Y/O - where to put surplus money  04/27JstSomeGuy20:15JstSomeGuy
4p non-US citizen spouse TIN and WILLS and TRUST questions  04/26garfield21:12bsteiner
19c Quietest garage door and opener  04/26Mrxyz00:55Mrxyz
5h Taxable Bond Fund Suggestions  04/26ponation711:54abuss368
13c Mother to move closer to family but farther from friends?  04/26Exterous20:09joe8d
5p Gift tax related  04/26AQ18:22Geologist
51c Another reason NOT to use (free) Wifi  page: 204/26tampaite11:50allwin
9t Pfau, Kitces, & Target-Date Fund glide paths  04/26classicjazzfan17:24ourbrooks
3h Help with Investment - New to Investing  04/26sam12304:13InQuiSiToR_187
56p Help getting rid of debt  page: 204/26gbru31618:57carofe
49c How far away from a freight railroad track should you live?  04/26rakaye4708:56donaldfair71
32c how to ask friend my money back?  04/26sksbog11:42pennstater2005
9c Roasting green coffee beans at home  04/26yorkpond18:32Yooper
17p Which SPIA ?  04/26Rajsx14:27HomerJ
23h TD Ameritrade Solo 401k Questions  04/26msi11:33DSInvestor
8h investing for child (noob)  04/26yo gabbapentin22:09BigJohn
32h Poll Question: Vanguard vs Fidleity taxable brokerage  04/26duke3310:31Leif
6h Lending Club  04/26Gbean18:03sawhorse
54c Been invited to wedding in Disney World. My cost?  page: 204/26mr_breen06:36DaftInvestor
7h Roth IRA contributions for a newbie  04/26benne7717:03benne77
12h Immigrant figuring out 401K, please help with selection  04/26p77123417:03ruralavalon
23t TD Ameritrade user? Question regarding selling Free ETFs  04/26yogiyoda22:56stlutz
12h Two 401k plans!  04/26JDot11:30investor1
15p Retirees who lease auto  04/26exoilman15:57JDot
22p Turbo Tax 110% Amazon Tax Refund Bonus  04/26watchnerd23:57mikep
43c Thinking about a new desktop PC.  04/26deanbrew13:45SpringMan
13c Car Accident - Honda Civic for Replacement?  04/26Boglenaut15:37tennisplyr
79t 140% Stocks (or why the Kelly criterion is cool)  page: 204/26backpacker13:11tadamsmar
13h Can you make trades directly between investments?  04/26birdec12:47livesoft
9h 529 Plan - yes or no? How to decide?  04/26ezpz14:01onyxlinkia
22c Cost to replace a side view mirror  04/26skepticalobserv22:38Dtort
8c 25 year old baseball cards and coins worth anything?  04/25ThankYouJack09:32ThankYouJack
19h Losing Sleep, Help with portfolio  04/25Guardyourheart18:26Guardyourheart
4h Overall picture (and help choosing 401k funds?)  04/25JDot21:08JDot
15p How hard is it to set up a solo 401k?  04/25aaaaaaabbbbbbbb16:48LadyGeek
17h Bogleheads Unite! Help needed w portfolio.  04/25Carmenooch23:00Carmenooch
54p Ethical [Compensation based on sales]  page: 204/25nhdean14:35Seattlejo
52c [new position, facing an] hour commute (each way)  page: 204/25sambb10:42nwrolla
6p New Mortgage or just pay extra  04/25Sunny11113:25Leemiller
12h Minimizing penalties when transferring funds  04/25rbrand13506:36livesoft
53p Is the 1% Cost of Managing Money Worth It?  page: 204/25SavvyInvestor16:03SavvyInvestor
25p S. Corp questions  04/25camiboxer11:46abuss368
3h Problem transferring Ameriprise REITS to Fidelity  04/25jubling19:08PaunchyPirate
7h Beginner Investor Needing Advice  04/24bandit51013:56ecvol
5p Required minimum distributions from after-tax plan  04/24Browser11:45Peter Foley
50t What I learned at my mandatory employee 403(b) info meeting  page: 204/24texasdiver00:50lack_ey
8h 23 Year Old Seeking Guidance  04/24jed200910:30jed2009
51h Investing on Margin  page: 204/24oinkyboinky08:52alex_686
6h 29 y/o Financial Situation/Portfolio Suggestions  04/24TheColorist09:54TheColorist
34c Best touristy places to live in the world?  04/24ThankYouJack04:05Valuethinker
8h Lump Sum Investment Question  04/24mathguy8713:34packet
64c Best (Available)Red Wine for under $15 preferrably under $10  page: 204/23BahamaMan12:50JonnyDVM
40p Co-sign on spouse's student loans?  04/23toto23814:22JonnyDVM
26p Vanguard Account Activity Alerts  04/23gkaplan21:48Doom&Gloom
55t What is a Boglehead?  page: 204/23tennisplyr21:53abuss368
48t Do you Bogleheads really follow the 3-4% SWR rule?  04/23nobsinvestor18:40523HRR
114p Should I apply for manager's job or continue as a techie?  page: 2 304/23nitro421413:39wfrobinette
5l minnesota mtg | may-2 | bloomington library | awesome  04/22jeff mc00:51sdhar
43h International Allocation in a 401k  04/22PNW_Hunter07:56PNW_Hunter
49h Looking for advice on Bene IRA  04/22easye41812:45easye418
13p Displeased with Fidelity Cash / BNY Mellon- debit card theft  04/22madbrain07:54Tramper Al
7t What experts say about "Stay-the-Course"  04/21Taylor Larimore23:20galeno
81t "How much of your portfolio is in index funds, and why?"  page: 204/21Taylor Larimore14:17selftalk
15p Mortgages - Broker vs Credit Unions  04/201sttimehomebuye11:00hand
57c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  page: 204/20protagonist16:16protagonist
23c Help re Car  04/19Sally21:19poker27
97c “Entry level” luxury cars under 40k  page: 204/19ESK13:43opus360
79c Marginal benefit of spending more on car  page: 204/18aaaaaaabbbbbbbb09:40Johno
44t Converting Lazy Portfolios for no-US-treaty NRA investors  04/18amerk8614:33Kalergie
7p Help: converting traditional IRA to Roth IRA mistake  04/17nolapepper11:18nolapepper
69t Do REITs really offer effective portfolio diversification?  page: 204/15Browser22:14slowmoney
25h New member - Seeking Asset Allocation advices  04/15Hawaiishrimp15:34ruralavalon
9h Investing 150k in the short term  04/14Amortie11:52abuss368
15h Taxable investments 101  04/07GotAwaySafely17:27GotAwaySafely
32t MSCI Diversified Multi-Factor Index  04/04pauliec8413:35countmein
9t Difference between holding fixed income in bondETFs or banks  04/02alwaysonit05:22Jerry55
77p 401k Record Keeping Fee  page: 203/15Alskar16:35tj
127t PXSV has changed indexes  page: 2 303/13RJM13:31Day9
40h LifeStrategy Moderate Growth vs Separate funds  03/13livesoft10:13livesoft
378c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 803/09airahcaz18:44Peterjens
19h Thinking of going with VSMGX  03/03Maxman12:23pingo
33c 2015 Honda CR-V vibration problems  03/02kop60406:16carolc
15h Private Placement Life Insurance/ TIAA-CREF  02/23willj4114:41BL
39c Overfilled Oil in Car - Cause of Oil Leak?  02/14Boglenaut15:05NHRATA01
55t [Janitor in Vermont leaves millions] A true Boglehead!  page: 202/04ikowik16:04LadyGeek
112c Netflix DVD delivery slowdown?  page: 2 301/21Leif08:46Flashes1
14c Real or Fake Website - Need Your Opinion  01/19muddlehead03:20Devo93
249c What do you drive, and why?  page: 2 3 4 512/31tc10123:34tiptap
26p Term life questions  11/30bbrock22:31Matahari
131c Documentaries to recommend?  page: 2 311/28StormShadow11:50abuss368
664c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1409/22Alex Frakt14:22Blues
786c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1608/30abuss36813:02amateurnovice
31p Tax calculation for recharacterization of Roth conversion  07/28swampwiz19:43Alan S.
181p engineers - please help with engineering school selection  page: 2 3 406/12snowman14:21HomerJ
56t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 205/30MichDad07:39MnD
107l Seattle Chapter?  page: 2 305/29zmcpherson13:28pinoypower1
136p Does a home mortgage use Simple or Compund Interest?  page: 2 32013SavingCash17:09ncole1
350c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82012reggiesimpson20:51Cyrix_Sr
184h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 42012BigFoot4816:21BigFoot48
18t Confusion on Vanguard accounts - brokerage and mutual funds  2012hoppy0852008:01Doc

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