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26h Semi forced retirement - SPIA ?  09:31SteveB116:57123
123c Cast Iron Skillet Cooking  page: 2 309/23RTR200604:514nursebee
21h Does realizing a gain provide "downside protection"?  03:30johnanglemen15:18aaaaaaabbbbbbbb
2h Finishing grad school - need help with investments!  04/09aikia238309:26aikia2383
2h Roth IRA distribution rules for Roth 401k rollovers  16:27toto23819:05Alan S.
1h When to use Backdoor Roth IRA  17:40landon18:34Alan S.
14h Tempted to stay with Chase - self directed account  04/20Jonhello17:39Alan S.
1h Backdoor Roth question  09:35Minsc12:13Alan S.
2h Annual Portfolio Review--Advice Needed, please respond  15:25tr12320:23alec
18t Does Vanguard actually own the securities in its funds?  04/18nobsinvestor21:06alex_686
8c Cruises  12:52Barefootgirl15:05AWH_CPA
55t Can you help me solve this brainteaser about allocation?  page: 204/19johnanglemen12:42backpacker
32p [Who is Ameriprise? Got invitation from a financial advisor]  04/19Barefootgirl19:07Bengineer
16p Total Cost of Buying a New Home vs 30 or 80-Year Old Homes?  04/204th and Inches14:01Bengineer
38h Preparing for the Minimum Required Distribution  04/19JodieNJ17:01BigFoot48
14p HSA Bank transfer to investment account issue?  04/20asif40819:00billern
1h 35 year old, looking for AA - Completely confused.  16:37statke18:07BL
1p Investing with a W2 income & no employer retirement options  17:07FRx17:18BL
46c Car for teenager  04/19amitb0019:34black jack
1p Car insurance status changes for college kids  16:53MnD17:15blevine
5h Question about consolidating old 401k accounts  04/20jb908:36bnwest
5h need advice about a deferred annuity vs. total stock market  04/19kavijj05:20Bogle_Feet
0h 33 year old NRA (treaty) investor needs help  16:18bogle_man  
67p What's your average monthly expense???  page: 204/20dreamer18:25BolderBoy
11h Solo 401K a no-brainer over company 401k?  04/20moneybags12:45BolderBoy
17h Which brokers trade dollar listed ETFs on London Stock Exch  04/16Vistas201107:23broadstone
3c Car Advice Needed  16:00fastpace_re16:57Broken Man 1999
52p If I Knew Then What I Know Now  page: 203/14mlebuf15:14Carl262
10c Ornamental Grasses for Midwest  04/17dbCooperAir07:16Carson
9c Southwest Credit Card Companion Pass  04/20green tea15:04centrifuge41
30p TX, MT, CO, and NM Comparative Tax Burden  08:32Random Poster19:16CFM300
7h help with parent's porfolio  11:06andrewtj18:03chasingbutterfl
15c Need advice for buying a blu ray player  04/20Louis Winthorpe18:03cheese_breath
16c Taking Care Of Leaves  09:47davebo17:53cheese_breath
0h Would Like a Fresh Look at my Portfolio  17:56cmill  
8t SCHB vs VTI  2009kjm19:28Coles
6h Solo 401K from K-1  05:47craiggsean12:21craiggsean
6h Investment advice for someone in their early 30s  04/01crew28718:33crew287
61t "Schwab Intelligent Portfolios"  page: 210/29Taylor Larimore16:49CtotheC
1p Wife would like employment advice from the Bogleheads  20:12camper20:23Dave81
12p pay off mortgage or renovate home?  21:16Dave8119:57Dave81
15h what to do about variable annuities?  04/18Dave8119:22Dave81
10p Vanguard Certified Financial Planner  04/19RetireVerySoon01:14Dave81
89p How much do you pay in Property Taxes?  page: 212:11TRC20:38daveatca
2h Portfolio Advice/Feedback  07:57david.j.hartman13:13david.j.hartman
33c New Furnace & A/C Unit  03/26victorb20:33dbCooperAir
16h Cash as an asset class?  04/20am16:49dbr
39c Marginal benefit of spending more on car  04/18aaaaaaabbbbbbbb15:19deanbrew
3t evaluating two different portfolios in terms of risk/rewards  09:53mucho dinero14:59derosa
24h Mom is 59.5, in a terrible 403b. can she rollover?  04/17crozbee18:16dirkronk
30t VTIAX or VTMGX and VEMAX  04/17Osp6209:14Doc
19p My professor gave me textbooks I later sold. Taxable?  10:21d_green12:21dodecahedron
16c Roof shingle selection  04/20gd14:42dolphinsaremamm
24t "How much of your portfolio is in index funds, and why?"  09:09Taylor Larimore20:06Dopey
26h Investing in a fund every month  04/19SirGeekaLot17:40dratkinson
45p Can't Just Do Nothing  04/15Drew77710:29Drew777
16h Have a saved enough to retire?  16:36mtcyenom20:22DTSC
9p MAGI exceed limit - Confirming Roth IRA transfer process  04/20FB0118:12Duckie
13p Poll: Work adjustment options  04/19Earl Lemongrab18:44Earl Lemongrab
0h 26 year old asking advise on the next steps to take  13:11Ecks89  
3h Help direct contributions between Roth and Traditional IRAs  19:04someday20:30elgob.bogle
34c How do you quickly cool food?  04/16dsivi01:01EmergDoc
13p SS COLA for 2016 not looking good  04/20pshonore23:25Epsilon Delta
27p Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision  2011SobeCane22:07Epsilon Delta
12h Quick gut-check/feedback on 27y.o.'s first full plan?  04/20exponential_thi20:28exponential_thi
141p Family member asking for money  page: 2 304/06coalcracker16:04Flashes1
6h 401K and Taxable Account Advise  20:43flyersrule20:35flyersrule
16p Teachers: 9 or 12 month salary?  04/20Clever_Username12:51FredCouples
8t does this withdrawal method make any sense?  04/20euroman20:26galeno
32t Converting Lazy Portfolios for no-US-treaty NRA investors  04/18amerk8620:19galeno
26c Buying a Car to commute - SUV or Sedan?  04/20joelly19:41gbru316
5h Newbie looking for allocation thoughts/suggestions  04/20gjw8620:15gjw86
758c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1608/30abuss36820:24gkaplan
0p Vanguard Emails  17:21gkaplan  
6h 56 yr old ? on my Roth IRA  04/20luberhill07:52Goal-33xSpendin
3h LifeStrategy in all accounts vs tax-aware allocation  12:43smdewart20:36grabiner
4h What's Up With Vanguard Muni Fund Duration  16:28N5257020:31grabiner
4h Transitioning to Low-Fee Holdings  04/19edwinjackson22:30grabiner
8h Help with taxable account needed in 8-12 months  04/19mouth22:24grabiner
19t Retirees: What is your SWR in retirement?  13:38Grt2bOutdoors20:07Grt2bOutdoors
6t Expert Tips on Building Wealth for Forty Somethings  08:41Rick Ferri13:54Grt2bOutdoors
34p Using Zillow/Zestimate to value a home?  04/19nptit20:16hand
357t Schwab Intelligent Portfolios [now live]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 812/19macav93319:54harikaried
8h Portfolio Asset Allocation - My first Post!  04/20hiddenace05:47hiddenace
12h 30 y/o looking for proper asset allocation  04/19Hobotrader20:23Hobotrader
7p Telecommuting and Moving  04/20jb920:31HoosierJim
4p ROTH Setup and conversion  13:48htdrag1117:58htdrag11
7p Quick 401(k) Question  04/20Bogle10111:49icefr
30c [What is safest vehicle on the road today that I can buy?]  04/20Blue20:38inbox788
7t Someone please explain why ibonds are so great?  00:07jjface05:55Jack FFR1846
38t Warren Buffett on equties, treasuries, and "risk"  04/20jacoavlu19:33jacoavlu
0c Outdoor Patio /Kitchen Space  14:22jerseydoc  
22c Just got contact lenses. Should I buy backup glasses?  04/20d_green18:49JLJL
2p Buy/rent, How much, How to finance? (long)  01:55JLJL18:30JLJL
13h Target Retirement 2040..Why 90% Equities?  07:37broadstone19:41joe8d
39t Can Shiller's PE10 (CAPE) Get Any More Discredited?  04/19William Million20:29Johno
22c Neighbor is hoarder, piling garbage outside, collecting vans  04/20phatkev14:42JonnyDVM
27c Savannah  03/16TCP21:26JonnyDVM
1h 403b Management Fees  18:35Snuffycuts9918:45jsl11
25h Newly Married - Both 28 - NYC residents - How are we doing?  04/19defscott62711:28kazper
0h Newbie to Bogleheads forum with Extra Cash  15:11kcore2000  
17p Review our current finances - What else we should do?  04/14love2save08:15keystone
6p Tips on becoming an IT Security Consultant  04/20ThankYouJack21:54killjoy2012
16h Help with my 401k Allocations and Savings build up??  04/18kingrocks16:59kingrocks
28h Need help for Indian markets  04/02chet7922:58kingrocks
2h I-Savings Bond vs BND  09:59yzhang1210:10KlingKlang
28c Dealing with tourists taking photos. Etiquette question.  01:28mr_breen20:13LadyGeek
5t The real reason for the flash crash?  16:40Caduceus19:42LadyGeek
15c Can SiriusXM Radio damage my credit rating?  04/20mac_guy21:10LadyGeek
2h New to investing. Portfolio bulding Questions  04/20metroman21:15Lafder
12h Portfolio & Allocation Qs, Taking Control, Leaving Advisors  04/17landon17:43landon
1p Best home mortgage lenders?  16:30financial.freed17:23Leemiller
4p How to evaluate different personal asset protection methods?  04/20rralar11:48LeeMKE
0h 401(k) funds changing, need to pick new funds today!  02:42LeRainDrop  
141t Bernstein: "If you've won the game, stop playing."  page: 2 304/17Browser20:17letsgobobby
90p Single best piece of personal finance advice ever received?  page: 204/19marshallv14:09lhl12
6c Ted Talks  13:21Lon17:09lightheir
23p Potential new home is well-priced, but...  00:00Matthew119:13littlebird
4h Should I lower my 401k Contribution?  08:21stylez77710:08LiveSimple
19c MB vs Volvo vs. Other?  09:34karpems20:26livesoft
13h Tax loss Harvesting Question  04/18duke3305:59livesoft
1t Betterment/Schwab (SIP): Which ETFs to avoid for wash sale?  21:36bagelhead21:45livesoft
25h Which brokers do hassle-free Roth cnvrsn recharacterizations  04/02livesoft21:42livesoft
7p House vs Condo vs Keep Renting  21:38mortal05:50LRDave
21c New HVAC  04/18Meaty08:45lthenderson
8p Friend's house burnt, Helping him start new financial life?  13:17rakamaka20:03madbrain
28h TAXES...oh...taxes...  04/13memphis22:50memphis
14h Best way to get rid of practically worthless stock  04/20mfswatz919:04mfswatz9
1h historical mutual fund list with total returns  11:11selftalk12:25mhalley
0h Rebalancing Portfolio IRAs  11:37mms  
17t Should I buy into my brother's shop?  05:51JacksonTens20:37moshe
61p My job says I can't work for anyone else...  page: 204/17FRx21:05MossySF
61p Paying for GFs school - any way to help myself?  page: 204/20AirTimeMD20:13mptfan
20c How to pay real estate tax with Target Redcard  04/20protagonist19:26nisiprius
8h Two Tiered Annuity: What should we do with it?  13:26novicemoney19:51novicemoney
0h Appreciative newbie fine-tuning questions for new portfolio  12:39OkanePlease  
8h Another: retirement am I saving too much?  10:47ponyboy19:32OutInThirteen
6t David Booth interviews Eugene Fama  04/18Robert T21:13pascalwager
2p Vanguard Records to Keep  16:13abonder20:02peppers
104l Seattle Chapter?  page: 2 305/29zmcpherson11:03pinoypower1
5h Employer 401k Help  04/13PNW_Hunter23:43PNW_Hunter
90t How to (diplomatically) challenge wife's active mgmt funds  page: 204/15aaronb16:58protagonist
18t new i-bond rate?  04/19leftcoaster16:45protagonist
1251t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 262011Lbill16:42protagonist
97p Does your family know about your net worth (ball park)?  page: 204/14acegolfer10:26Quotia
2h HSA Monthly Investment Fee??  16:43fcox8520:15Rainier
0c Quietest window AC (air conditioner)?  02:03rakaye47  
31c Overinflating Tires  04/19BolderBoy23:46ralph124cf
19h Can I open a Vanguard Brokerage account with my...?  04/20jsoltani17:49retiredjg
9t Your Questions for Jack Bogle Q&A @ Bogleheads Conference  04/16Mel Lindauer02:15RevYoung
11h IRA advice needed  03/20Rickflair20:23Rickflair
4p thought I understood Roth rules but I guess I don't  04/20montanagirl20:44Rob Bertram
31c VPN killing my Internet  04/13RobG10:54RobG
46c Favorite Vacation/Trip  02/27acejacksingh19:05rockylou
19t Can't get excited about bond funds  08:30BeaglesRule16:53Rodc
13p HELOC vs cashing out taxable? On the fence  03/24rudy638013:58rudy6380
4h new job - how to decide on 401k rollover choice?  04/20TylerDavis18:05ruralavalon
4h move retirement plan from VALIC to Vanguard ?  13:20RustyShacklefor18:52RustyShacklefor
28p Becoming Trustee. Do they need my income and net worth?  04/16jasc1516:45samsmith
12t Great little interview with John Bogle  04:24stemikger11:56SaraSV
2h Investment Property Questions  04/19cbr shadow21:20SDBoggled
10p New Wade Pfau on Guyton-Klinger & Other Ret. Strategies  04/19duffer15:56siamond
3t What will a Target retirement fund do if the market crashes?  08:35sunny_socal09:49Silence Dogood
13c New Water Heater  09:26stemikger19:52Skiffy
172p engineers - please help with engineering school selection  page: 2 3 406/12snowman15:34snowman
0p T922 "Review of Unreported Income" on 2010 Transcript  14:21southerndoc  
2t Mistakes, Regrets & Stupidity - collection of past threads  08:57hoppy0852009:43Spectre
4p State Tax Exemption for National Muni Fund Income  04/20Spencer13:15Spencer
10h 23 Year Old Investing Advice  22:44userbml17:56srj
57t Has anyone changed their asset allocation  page: 204/20stemikger16:17stemikger
10p Estate Planning - what details does the attorney need?  08:50stlrick19:07stlrick
8h 500 Index or Large Cap Index  09:13student13:45student
25h Am I saving too much for retirement?  04/20jerryd15:34surfstar
202p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 52012boglestan09:43surfstar
11h How to allocate inheritance proceeds?  04/20sushicary12:43sushicary
0t What experts say about "Stay-the-Course"  17:47Taylor Larimore  
12h What are the best Vanguard Funds to buy?  04/20kkeith121207:31Taylor Larimore
15p Question about Citi Double Cash Card  04/08INTRESIS06:45tbradnc
82c “Entry level” luxury cars under 40k  page: 204/19ESK20:26ThankYouJack
18c European Cruises  12:59ugaDAWGS0920:27tigermilk
1t International bonds - VTIBX - bubble, short, stay  12:08ps56k13:43timboktoo
8h leaving personal capital  22:13tmitchell10:47tmitchell
9h Diversify out of company stock  06:21tmsul10018:56tmsul100
2h Portfolio Advice Please - All Vanguard accounts  23:04tom196219:43tom1962
39t Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund now available  02/10acejacksingh17:15toto238
16h Is this an index fund?  04/18grizzoola11:46toto238
56t Porter Stansberry advising going to 100% cash - Help!  page: 22013sperry822:16TradingPlaces
3t Marketplace Lending as an Asset Class  04/20nate bricks13:59TravelerMSY
21t New Vanguard White Paper: "Factor-based investing" (Apr '15)  04/16scottj1970702:47TwoByFour
56p One Spouse Outearning the Other?  page: 204/20investingdad12:37vested1
13h Should I make Roth contributions to 401k?  00:57RevYoung18:02VortexStreet
8h Yay! I fired my adviser! Now what?!  04/20terp347311:11weedf16
8p Mortgages - Broker vs Credit Unions  22:001sttimehomebuye15:10wfrobinette
24c Broken Oxygen Sensor on Car  13:22bagelhead20:38William4u
5p Fidelity ATM card overseas  10:33retire1416:02Wolkenspiel
3h Health Equity HSA - Vanguard Funds (some Admiral)  12:48cricket4916:14WorkToLive
9c Help re Car  04/19Sally18:59yakers
0h Portfolio re-blancing suggestions  16:20yowzer9  

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