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1p 2015 Fed HDHP Plans  14:37Json15:34111
9c Dubai trip  10/24Wannaretireearl11:264stripes
2p Auto rental Insurance in a foreign country  01:01mpt follower08:52adamthesmythe
5t Barrons article...Charles Schwab company  14:15bondsr4me20:22Alan S.
16p Threshold for [Resetting Roth Conversion]  10/09archbish9919:47Alan S.
11h Sell bonds to buy real estate?  10/15arcane2315:21arcane23
5c Conflicting home inspection reports  23:50wrysys10:05arthurdawg
43p Quicken 2015 for Windows - Any reviews?  10/08pop7720:23astrohip
0p Lump Sum vs Pension  18:04badseed  
1t SEC Historical Society virtual museum  17:00HurdyGurdy17:50BahamaMan
10p COBRA and plan changes...  10/23Batousai20:45baw703916
5t What funds are negatively correlated with stocks?  17:07nile9819:47bberris
32c Athens and London, what to do and where to stay?  10/23Mick10:34bberris
3h Limited tax-advantaged options for next 2 years?  16:50jcaughro17:44bhsince87
130h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4801:36BigFoot48
43h Time For Me to Kick Wellington Through The Goalpost of Life?  10/23BHChinook17:33BigJohn
8h Investment Advice Please - boglehead redux  10/21sblake20:53bluejello
21l THANK YOU!!! Bogleheads Conference #13 (2014)  10/24BolderBoy20:14BrandonBogle
43p Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit, and us  10/22wannabeeBH20:11BrandonBogle
3p Corporate co-trustee and state taxation  10/09letsgobobby18:26bsteiner
1p Vanguard: "Retirement answers from a real deal expert"  10/24gkaplan13:01chaz
13p Vanguard, TIPs, Accrued Interest & RMDs  10/24plannerman20:29#Cruncher
3h Tax Free Mutual Fund  10/24victorb23:54#Cruncher
12c Electronic lock experiences  10/24TheOscarGuy15:58czeckers
25p How did you buy your largest home?  10/22berg12:05czeckers
14h Emergency Fund Questions  10/22WalterMitty20:24DaftInvestor
4p Should I use 50k Delta miles for a $600 flight?  19:42icedtea19:59DaftInvestor
14h Roth conversion from traditional IRA  08/26dbh2518:41dbh25
3h Vanguard Short Term Bond vs TIPS?  06:59Funkey08:57dbr
23c Phone for Europe trip  10/23an_asker08:36dbr
13p IS this car lease too good to be true?  10/24TheGreyingDuke16:39denovo
5p Shopping for New Mortgage - first time doing refi - advice  00:52GingerU16:38denovo
1p Taking cash value of whole life policy  15:58headmaster16:34denovo
73c Do you regret buying your home?  page: 210/23Browser20:20dgdevil
3h tax efficiency  11:25tiresias15:37dratkinson
0p Need Help! Sell My Condo or Rent It  19:45duke33  
12p EverBank  10/23hirlaw17:27DWD
22h Help with HSA in CA. Am I ready? How-to?  10/21aceoperations14:15Electron
75c How often do you change your car's oil?  page: 210/23mikefixac20:36Epsilon Delta
24c Done with Honda, not sure what next car should be?  11:49countofmc20:04Epsilon Delta
11t So you think you're a Risk-taker?  10:57toto23819:43Fallible
67c Smartphone questions  page: 210/17Riversider20:10FedGuy
3h Recent Grad Retirement Check Up  10/21ThePriority112:08fposte
12p How to do taxes for sale of deceased father's stocks?  10/24Gambler20:27Gambler
12c Subpoena [Received subpoena, how to proceed?]  22:43lovetogolf20:18GaryEsq
5t are pension plans disciplined investors?  10/24larryswedroe16:12grabiner
4t Process of buying my ETF.  10/23alwaysonit15:56grabiner
174t So do we care more about change in bond price or bond yield?  page: 2 3 410/01abyan15:49grabiner
3h tax implications of international in taxable account  07:27Bigvol15:24grabiner
29p Help on Turbo Tax Long term cap gains  10/14Cody13:53grabiner
2h dividend fund in a taxable account  10/24mesaverde22:08grabiner
10h Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Yield  10/22awarelife21:40grabiner
16p More Aggressive AA Post Home Purchase  10/24Ignatious P. Da21:11grabiner
8c File in Small Claims Court [against a cable TV provider]?  11:03Lon16:19harrychan
19l What happened to SoCal Chapter?  03/17bbt13:08harrychan
117t Why do Engineers Think They’ll Be Good at Picking Stocks?  page: 2 310/21VictoriaF15:42hiddensee
38c Australia and New Zealand  09/15bigez1708:53Hikerchick
39p NJ - Buying house in flood zone (FEMA)?  10/24bcjb19:06HoosierJim
9c Putting Office on Surface Pro  10/24ubermax18:59HoosierJim
12p Max Out Retirement Funds or Payoff Debt  00:50hyperion201315:37hyperion2013
54t Stocks as long term investments  page: 210/18Michael_Fisher109:51IPer
7t What kind of index funds did Vanguard have 1976-1992?  10/24nile9817:12JDDS
10p Solo 401k with after-tax contribution option  10/20Lorenz16:43JDDS
6c Google Docs  09:06ubermax11:42jebmke
7h Asset Allocation w/ New Investment Options in 401k  21:37jemjtell08:49jemjtell
11p Refinancing Advice - is cash out refinance good or bad  10/22GingerU20:38jimb_fromATL
227t When people put all their eggs in the wrong basket  page: 2 3 4 510/07zaboomafoozarg15:32Johno
15h What is the recommended amount of international holdings?  10/23joyandjerry21:59JoMoney
0p HSA account with the lowest cost: HSA bank or Vanguard?  20:35jxs705  
19p Best health insurance plan for a bad year (cancer)?  10/24Glomar19:51Kaufmanrider
36t Active bond funds better than indexes? Pimco thinks so  10/22bhsince8709:12kenyan
22f Viewing forum on iPhone [small font - Forum software update]  10/23shep23412:23LadyGeek
5p Buying a house question (newbie)  04:09cheesepep15:02Lafder
1h Two physicians starting practice  08:37squidproquo12:38Lafder
26t More funds = more "efficient" rebalancing?  10/23lapuce02:43lapuce
99t How to think about expected returns--continuing discussion  page: 210/15larryswedroe17:01larryswedroe
4h Lower Expenses vs Consolidation  10/24jumpinjac16:26Laura
85p IRS Relents! Notice 2014-54 permits Basis Isolation  page: 209/18Alan S.03:21lazyday
57p Feeling rich to feeling poor overnight  page: 210/24DJB20:45Leemiller
5p Calculating Present Value of human capital  12:23toto23820:40leonard
31c LASTPASS Password Program  09/17investorjon20:27leonard
24h Calculating return  10/18cdd7317:13longinvest
5p Fidelity AMEX chip EMV cards  10/24EagertoLearnMor03:31madbrain
11t The 1 Thing Successful Investors Never Do  10/22marcjones07:41marcjones
9p Reduce income to fall below 401k HCE threshold?  10/24Marylander111:27Marylander1
0t Barron's Article on Schwab (Indexing)  08:10matjen  
555c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 122012Offshore07:50matjen
1h Rollover out of Vanguard 529  05:13jemjtell07:36mhalley
4c Security Systems  08:56Greg1718:40mike143
62c Windows XP  page: 210/19LongDistanceRun12:07Mudpuppy
7p Part B Excess Charge  10/24Shorehaman17:54mur44
14p question on selling real estate costs  10/20my name03:31my name
33t 100% of [surveyed] economists were dead wrong about yields  10/23fredflinstone13:56NightOwl
10c Statute of Limitations on Medical Billing?  10/24archbish9920:08Ninegrams
13p Bucket Approach Redux  15:36Leesbro6320:39nisiprius
21h Is Wells Fargo misleading my friend?  10/23testaccountquer20:32nisiprius
4t A fund "adviser's" financial strength: important?  19:24nisiprius20:29nisiprius
4p Choosing an AGI for ACA health insurance  10/23CFM30015:39obgyn65
9t Reserve Primary Fund, Final Distribution  10/24scone13:53Oicuryy
7p Wife is a newly minted medical partner - next steps?  10/24goodbishop04:40otherguy
30p Elder Law attorney (Trusts, Medicaid, nursing homes)  10/23Gambler12:57ourbrooks
16p Mortgage Options For Home  10/23davidlukewilcox01:48Pizzasteve510
20t Prediction: Rise of Concentrated Funds  10/24StarbuxInvestor12:29pkcrafter
6p Store or cut up un-needed credit cards?  13:00bestplans20:10placeholder
11p When is a living trust and/or will appropriate?  10/18sliu20:05placeholder
143c How do you wash your car?  page: 2 310/20kirent19:59placeholder
34h Legal Question - Ameriprise Annuity  2012MikeAndWilson2011:31plumber1
0c National Novel Writing Month  21:09PurdueFH  
10t Asset Allocation by Roger Gibson  06:32Leesbro6320:08Random Walker
11c St. John, USVI travel advice  05/09Travel101316:49rbelous
109p Gross Yearly Income needed in Retirement (Speculation)  page: 2 310/21nelson101520:07rec7
14p Tax planning for long term capital gains  10/24chum17:11retiredjg
6h Do I need a "tax-managed" portfolio?  07:54sharman423816:49retiredjg
39c Should I Sue? [couch damaged in garage of rental]  10/24karpems15:53retiredjg
15t Question on Selling After Tax Funds  07:26Rob54keep09:00Rob54keep
4p HSA, Please Help!  10/23RRA00:25RRA
10h New Fidelity 403b--30yo, Advice  02:29yuti8418:47ruralavalon
13h Consolidating Retirement Accounts  10/24qwerty12314:56ruralavalon
6h Help needed for tax efficient fund placement  10/24Pollmaker06:09ruralavalon
14h simplify and diversify  10/21RVD20:48ruralavalon
6p anticipating tax rate in retirement  13:27anonyvestor19:26scrabbler1
16h Turning 25 with 69k in savings.  10/22scythe1110:40scythe11
15t Ham and Egger's Theory? [Buy Whatever Cap Size is lagging) ]  09:34HAMnEGGr20:47selftalk
3h How to invest inheritance  09:28suzette165814:46siamond
22h Health Equity HSA--New Passive Plan  09/05Wileycoyotepdx13:48sliu
0p Minor Kids as Contingent Beneficiaries for Term Life  20:16sotpatro  
29t Bogle and dry powder  10/23StarbuxInvestor10:12StarbuxInvestor
15h Fidelity  10/23chabil08:43StarbuxInvestor
21h Any downside to a Fidelity i401k?  10/22new2bogle208:26StarbuxInvestor
7h Help with My Father's Investments  10/22wannabebogler17:50Steelersfan
12t BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund  00:40stemikger18:13stemikger
1h front-running, MSCI USA vs Total market fund  10/24Hallman22:08stlutz
4h Roll over to a ROTH or Traditional IRA  21:53Aprendiz07:30The Wizard
99t "Vanguard converting mutual fund accounts to brokerage?  page: 210/06Taylor Larimore17:15toto238
1h where to invest  19:27sunnyday5020:31trueblueky
15h My TSP G Fund is not Enough! What other Bonds?  23:28Pickles_Ice_Cre19:37trueblueky
38t Mr. Market turns on Amazon  10/23denovo12:06Valuethinker
15p $50,000 in Private Loans for Nursing Degree  10/24voltairous20:29voltairous
9c Car Rental Return Frustration in Spain  10/22Peterjens21:04vveat
13p Would You Sell Or Continue Renting Out My Condo?  10/22wholeinone0417:04wholeinone04
0l Eastern Iowa Diehards, Sat Nov 15, Coralville  09:51wmcclain  
22t new interesting piece by Asness on hedge funds  10/24larryswedroe17:13Yesterdaysnews
5h RMUCX  10/22zratis17:38zratis

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