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10c Induction Range Worth the Price?  00:00Novine12:17111
16h 401K/403b balancing - plan has changed  06/1620Dukes1120:3820Dukes11
0t Vanguard Personall Advisory Service (VPAS) - Anyone used?  12:29ababs  
9h Intermediate term tax exempt bond fund or TBM? Pls help  08/28ababs10:13ababs
41t "The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing -- Second Edition"  08/20Taylor Larimore15:47abuss368
15h Risky asset allocation?  07/17afr11:50afr
181p My husband's " WILL", $ left for me to live on....  page: 2 3 408/28Ineedadvice5012:59Alex Frakt
88p Do you take all of your allowed paid vacation time?  page: 208/22Sheepdog13:12Alex Frakt
48p Implementing Two-Factor Authentication for Fidelity Accounts  2013Alskar18:12Alskar
13p Health Insurance Premium is HSA eligible expense?  08/15jack.bauer10:47archbish99
98h 3.3% Vanguard 10 year CD  page: 208/09ArthurO06:31ArthurO
873t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182012Taylor Larimore18:34b767capt
41t Emerging markets 1900-2013  08/26Robert T12:55berntson
5c Trip to China  11:02Calculus12:54BH13
11h Help wanted: After 20+ years finally looking at expenses  08/28ilovedavidstove09:50BigOil
2t Investing jungle..."authoritative" sources unbalanced  08/28BigOil08:17BigOil
1h Please Help - Personal Investments / AA  02:19TubofProtein06:20Bob's not my name
0h When to take Social Security  11:52brak  
14c BMW X3 vs Mercedes GLK350  08/28funeshah13:01Browser
2p Pay more for term you can convert? Prudential vs. Banner  10:59berg11:31BruDude
20t Goldman-Sachs: bonds to 4%, 6% stock returns  08/19Browser21:50cfs
36h Total International Bond Index Fund  08/25AlwaysSkeptical16:13cfs
5p Advice on new home  08/28mjd071715:36Chan_va
11c Possible mail scam?  17:57bogleviewer08:17cheese_breath
9h Own the same fund in multiple accounts?  08/28Lax6720:34cheese_breath
26p Fee-Only Advisor Cost?  08/26jcman0117:40cherijoh
14h Where to invest $100,000 this week  08/28jealkon21:58corner559
7h Help with Vanguard Annuity decision  15:32boomergeneration00:07Dale_G
8h Question on ESOPs  14:28dbh2518:28dbh25
30t Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or a Vanguard Variable Annuity  08/27rec721:07dhodson
2p Non-qualified pension plan taxation  11:29Bengineer12:59dickenjb
13p Who else's IRA would you (do you) fill?  16:42toto23806:35dickenjb
8h Are assets split in kind or liquidated on death?  00:36Gnirk06:22dickenjb
25p Protecting one's bank account from PayPal  08/27Tabulator12:14dolphinsaremammals
7h 401k / Roth 401k Rollover + Rebalance  08/25burner2014082517:46Duckie
9p Land sale and taxes  07/02Earl Lemongrab19:17Earl Lemongrab
6p SS Benefits  08/28RYD10:51Epsilon Delta
82t A Low-Return Future? Are We Prepared?  page: 216:36Simplegift12:36Erhan
1t Style Box breakdown of U.S. companies  17:28ThePrune17:37exeunt
28p Trying to understand the 1040 Tax Table  08/25Faith2087912:34Faith20879
35p Only need $315k non-retirement $ to retire at Age 43?  08/28Gambler11:58FinancialDave
47p What to consider while purchasing an existing business?  08/21fourwedge19:37fourwedge
52t What's "The Herd" doing today?  page: 208/27Reb Tevye13:30fourwedge
26p Death of family member - what to do financially  08/25jojay18:10fposte
108p Mortgages and financial freedom  page: 2 308/25Jozxyqk12:58freddie
3p Timing of flexible spending account for dependent care  09:41fungus_amungus12:01fungus_amungus
29c Keeping mold out of bath/shower  06/25InvestorNewb12:48Ged
16t Cost Basis Method  08/27minhnusa20:24grabiner
0h inheritance from Europe taxable here?  09:40greetje  
0t Paper: Let's Save Retirement  10:10Grt2bOutdoors  
69t International allocation  page: 208/24kazper12:48gvsucavie03
15t How low can Vanguard Fees Go?  11:35berntson13:03hornet96
4p TLH in the 15% bracket conundrum(?)  17:04TheGreyingDuke09:28House Blend
6p How You Can Locate Life Insurance Policy for Deceased Person  18:56celia13:04imgritz
34c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  08/27tony541211:04inbox788
1h Interpreting the X Ray calculator  21:1520Dukes1102:31in_reality
24h Newbie- Setting up our portfolio  03/15hulio8209:37investor1
4h Contribution limit 401k  09:03doon09:25investor1
2h 401K and AA  13:16gravity15:39investor1
3c Playing Apple Lossless music files on android  08/28madbrain07:31jchef
4c iPod/iPhone speakers?  08:26texasdiver12:03Jim85
3p Student loan payment with credit card-- does it make sense?  04:18kazper10:54jimb_fromATL
4p When to refinance an ARM?  08/28Len3307:30jimb_fromATL
5h Acorns - Automatic Investing  08/26MickeyCharles21:23john94549
52c 2014/2015 Honda Accord vs. 2014 Toyota Avalon  page: 208/22thenameishersch07:08johnep
5p Another Milestone  21:00Barefootgirl08:13JPH
10h Does it make any sense to switch from VFIAX to VTSAX?  2011vincent11:33JW Nearly Retired
46c Gas station etiquette  13:59strafe20:37LadyGeek
83p Kaiser vs Blue Shield  page: 208/19jay2218:23LadyGeek
10c Chicken or Fish  16:03dickenjb16:40LadyGeek
197c Zegna Suits  page: 2 3 408/24ArthurO15:21LadyGeek
17c Sick Building Syndrome (Electrical Pollution)  08/27bogleviewer15:07LadyGeek
5t Economic Forecasts  08/27Ged19:04larryswedroe
5h Help - 401k Plan at Work Switching From Fidelity to JH  08/28Ares5412:19lawman3966
15p Roths and Roth Converstions re tax Planning  08/28LadyIJ12:33LeeMKE
43h Withdrawl from Target Retirement or Life Strategy Fund  07/16antiqueman13:03Leeraar
69p pay health bill from HSA or from checking?  page: 201/12texasdoc12:55letsgobobby
9t milestones, skepticism, wealth creation. A thought  02:11letsgobobby12:51letsgobobby
1c 2015 Quicken for Mac  16:25SurgPath05:44LifeIsGood
1t Quick question about long term capital gains  10:03Trevor10:31linenfort
8h Index Stategy Question  21:46l_girl13:03livesoft
24p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  20:29Louis Winthorpe III13:01livesoft
6t is a target date fund considered indexed  12:21gerrym5112:50livesoft
15p Father died. How to handle his company stock?  23:52Gambler12:38livesoft
31h Tax loss harvesting  08/27Bubbagump12:33livesoft
41h Do you split your VEU (into VEA+VWO) & VEA (into VGK+VPL)?  07/22chasiu20920:55livesoft
14h Help with windfall choices and dividing inheritance  08/28Vermont Bird15:30livesoft
31h When, if ever, should an annuity be used in retirement plans  08/28Swampy10:51LongerPrimer
66h Confession: I bought a stock. What is wrong with me?  page: 203/16fredflinstone16:01LongerPrimer
15t I'd buy an S&P 500 index fund in a pinch  19:53Rick Ferri12:03Lynette
0p Will Vanguard fire me if I retire overseas? (Schwab better?)  12:14lynneny  
47t Study: poor 5-yr U.S. returns -- overweight foreign?  08/26Browser10:50magneto
3p Wiki revised - Employer Retirement Plan Overview  19:26LadyGeek21:33mah001
4t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- S&P 500 Index at record 2000  08/27Taylor Larimore18:25Meaty
44t Poll: How many own zero/few stocks?  08:14SuperSaver12:33Meg77
0h Review and question  10:44mernova  
7t Swedroe Value Metrics  18:45golfvestor10:19midareff
14t Market Corrections — Befriending the Beast  08/26Simplegift23:38MIpreRetirey
21t Can someone make a living as a Boglehead financial advisor?  08/27Browser22:10MIpreRetirey
24t Burton Malkiel Opinion in WSJ -- "Are Stock Prices ..."  08/28BillyG19:57MIpreRetirey
21h Need help with 401k Strategy  08/26dave827423:29mnvalue
49c California residents - do you have earthquake insurance?  08/26schmitz00:02Mudpuppy
10c How long can a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta last?  18:49rec711:56NHRATA01
15t Poor Janus, a look at this once high flying fund family  07:11larryswedroe12:46nisiprius
69p 1 Year Bogleheadiversary - Before and After Picture  page: 205/28swimirvine08:01ofcmetz
1t Bond Bubble?  11:20garlandwhizzer12:42ogd
4t High net worth in CA - what % of bonds in munis?  10:32danieljquirk12:05ogd
40t Municipal bonds 1y returns - exuberance and caution  08/21ogd22:02ogd
17c Which bed should I buy?  08/27new2bogle16:43orlandoman
16h Which bond ETFs do you have?  07/29chasiu20919:21placeholder
5h Tax Loss Harvesting Equivalent funds  08/26walletless18:16placeholder
6t A Primer on John Templeton  16:58postingname10:09postingname
9c roomba?  08/28dolphinsaremammals20:07protagonist
2p 529 for IT Certificates and other Job Related Training  08:43Zeus09:46pshonore
7c Question for Mac Excel 2011 users  17:09Leif07:51pshonore
21h Portfolio advice for Mom at 86 years  08/26dand7609:25rec7
16h Please help me with new portfolio puzzle  08/27Austex109:09retiredjg
13h I have 1M in Vanguard. Start Diversifying to Real Estate?  08/28webenterpreneur14:54retiredjg
75t Motif Investing - own the S&P500 for less  page: 208/26Tanelorn12:53rkatz0
3t "The Best of Times. An Interview with Jonathan Clements"  10:03Taylor Larimore10:50Rob5TCP
22p Questions for Landlords  08/27newkidontheblock05:11RobInCT
8c Purchasing a bathtub  08/28jonbois01:32russellh
7c Any Tips on wintering in the Bahamas ?  08/18Cut-Throat13:01rustymutt
5c Programming and Database Classes  09:28sunnyday12:56rustymutt
4h A case for micro-lending index fund  20:43walletless23:49Sents
608t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132007simba10:40serbeer
9h PA529 Guaranteed Savings plan -- is it worth it?  08:45pulcinella11:18sesq
13t Your thoughts on farmland values  08/27Hawkeye_Saver11:21Simplegift
121h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95411:52snoopdoug1
2p Vanguard Small Business SEP-IRA Questions  08:38bobble10:05Spirit Rider
0t <Online course> Stocks and Bonds: Risks and Returns  16:14srinivas  
31h Do Bogleheads worry about institutional risk?  08/28wannabebogler18:49Steelersfan
6h Looking for advice/critique  08/28StephenMaturin12:06StephenMaturin
11t Fun way to teach teenagers about stocks and investing  08/27Stickman10:22Stickman
4h New - looking for portfolio advice  21:12stromboli01:17stromboli
1p Discover Free Checking + $50 sign up bonus  09/24crowd7904:54Sunny Sarkar
135t The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home  page: 2 308/08nscherneck11:21swaption
8h Help with son-in-law's new 401k  08/24Sweetbriar11:11Sweetbriar
42p If you had an extra $100,000  08/27toto23809:50swimirvine
27c No car for 10 years - should I scratch the itch?  08/27sharke07:15tadamsmar
29p 401(k) poll - lawyer/oil and gas worker/airline employee?  08/27an_asker08:57Talisker
2h Synchrony bank CDs--penalties, conditions  22:55Tamales23:34Tamales
34p Life insurance with Long term care rider  08/22camptalcott16:13ThePrune
14t Interest rates, Bonds and Fed  08/26cmills19:49tibbitts
8c USAA Credit Card Offer  21:50john9454912:59tj
20c Donald Trump - The Apprentice  08/28abuss36813:01TomatoTomahto
6h Angel Investing  08/27blackwater17:14Tonen
1t Third in series on hedge funds, focusing on volatility  07:07larryswedroe09:53Trevor
13h Just Retired Clergy In-laws - Helping them get 'On-Track'  08/12iageek19:47trueblueky
18h Investing for Future Medical Expenses  08/27TubofProtein22:32TubofProtein
41c When to leave a neighborhood for greener pastures?  08/25Cherokee821511:35Valuethinker
9h Inflation Protected Securities  18:21minhnusa09:38Valuethinker
14p Where can I get a job like this?  09:49anonforthis12:52VictoriaF
14h Estate Tax- Non resident- Advice Requested  08/10vijayvijayakv09:24vijayvijayakv
76c Subaru Blues  page: 208/20Browser04:08Wiess
53t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver10:22YDNAL
8t invest only in vtsmx and total bond market index.  08/26selftalk16:17YDNAL

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