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143t When saving money becomes an irrational obsession  page: 2 306/21WendyW14:012tall4economy
9t Did you used to invest in TIPS?  15:54abuss36823:35abuss368
1127t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 232012Taylor Larimore22:03abuss368
7h What to do with old I-bond we just found?  16:24greengiant22:02abuss368
14h TIPS Fund - dividends?  06/29abuss36821:42abuss368
3h Buying into new funds for asset allocation  11:22snowbldr19:39abuss368
19c Will you pay to not have ads?  12:43TwoByFour19:35abuss368
36c I'm Giving Up Golf  06/18Lon19:30abuss368
15t Being Mr. Bogle's Company has 3 Trillion Dollars  06/29Kathleen Ryan19:29abuss368
73h No bonds?? All Equity portfolio in 20s  page: 205/23ajacobs618:06abuss368
26h Vanguard Wellington Fund  06/29adamsonpro115:47abuss368
14p federal tax return rejected  06/29MN Finance11:55abuss368
3h Mutual Fund Timing??  06/29catranger09:28abuss368
3p Merging IRAs with Different Cost Bases/RMD Schedules  16:49azurekep20:22Alan S.
6p Anyone have a cordless electric or robotic lawn mower?  06/29angelescrest23:40angelescrest
27c What do you do to reduce your "need" expenses?  12:12anonforthis15:00anonforthis
134p Tell Me I'm Stupid To Consider Quitting My Job and Moving  page: 2 32014Random Poster23:31Bfwolf
6h Investing for a child's future  21:54KyleA23:25Bfwolf
8h Buying Additional Admiral Shares After Initial Purchase  18:07antiqueman23:26BL
20h What happens when Admiral Shares drop below $50K?  06/29Browser23:01BrandonBogle
1360t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 282011Lbill22:49Browser
39p Unknown phone calls  07:16shawcroft22:31bru
5h Intermediate Term Bond Funds Index vs. Investment-Grade  06/29bru14:45bru
1p Disability Insurance for a Federal Employee?  11:39FatCat14:43BruDude
0h O(hio)PERS vs ARP retirement plans  10:06buckeyes  
34p Financial Support for Parents  06/28Ybsybs17:35Carefreeap
3t Vg Emerging Markets Index and China A-Shares  09:27Castanea_d.14:31Castanea_d.
36c Vehicle suggestions for Tall?  06/25CesarISG23:49CesarISG
2t Bill Gross' July Outlook: "It never rains in California"  19:23Rx 4 investing19:49cfs
2t stock picking works best in emerging markets  06/29larryswedroe09:15cfs
22h Intentional 401k overcontribution to get new employer match  12:29nerdinvestor20:23cherijoh
74f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 22007tfb20:23Christine_NM
6p Stay in tech job? - What would you do?  08:09bloom270814:22Colorado13
24h VDE lacking clean energy  06/29ctreada13:56ctreada
15h Re-evaluating Managed Portfolio  06/24RGB20500:31Dale_G
7t Vanguard Bond Funds - Total Bond, TIPS, & Total International Bond  06/29abuss36818:24Dandy
9h beginner's question about allocation... [Hong Kong]  05/02dennis92011:02dennis920
25h Housing Market in Southern California  06/29tomtoms09:05DFrank
39p Drop a 3 year old Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy?  06/26yogiyoda21:30dhodson
1p Buying disability insurance--how do you actually do it?  14:25linuxizer14:43dhodson
5h Should we invest in taxable account or roll over 401k with excess cash?  14:35Minnesota9717:36DSInvestor
235t What ratio are you stocks/bonds and how old are you?  page: 2 3 4 506/24tc10116:20Dulocracy
24t Graham's "margin of safety" for US stocks (6-29-15)  06/24Rx 4 investing14:07Dulocracy
19c How to use SSD computer  06/29btenny17:03DVMResident
5t Bond ETF Thoughts  06/29entraining21:27entraining
24t Am I in a Bad Position?  06/29shamrockceo21:26EyeYield
4t Retirement 'Bucket' Portfolios for Vanguard Investors  06/07Will do good15:04Fclevz
49p Lucent offering pension buyout to retirees: what to do?  06/28Browser23:23g$$
47h 10 Reasons to take your pension annuity over a lump sum  2014g$$22:46g$$
21p Negotiating a Job Offer  06/29DGE22:40Garco
3t The new "bond king's" protection from Greece and Puerto Rico  06/29Rx 4 investing17:23garlandwhizzer
15t Has anyone noticed the Japanese stock market lately?  06/26fredflinstone13:51garlandwhizzer
52p Healthcare cost - Office Visit - negotiated insurance rate higher than cash rate?  page: 206/07jane121:11Ged
0c Quebec City Suggestions  23:07GeneralPerson  
12t Why not Vanguard tax managed mutual funds ?  06/28selftalk22:39grabiner
29t Thoughts on Fixed-Maturity Bond Funds?  06/25Karamatsu04:42grayfox
0p 5/5 ARM: Risk and options involved  14:28happygolucky_in  
21p Discover card 2X cash back  06/25BigPug15:16harrychan
5c Use Turbotax Home & Biz or accountant for out of state short term rental property?  13:43tidalwave1016:43heartwood
0h How to avoid pension obligation bonds?  11:29Heir-A-Parent  
11p How to predict state taxes to help decide where to live  18:03Thatthatisis21:08HIinvestor
0t Morningstar/Kitces -- Social Security as Part of Asset Allocation  14:11hirlaw  
33t Emergency Portfolio with 30% Stocks  09:29ajacobs621:03Hodor
2h TLH and wash sale with living trust and across accounts  17:04TheGipper21:56House Blend
0t asset allocation  23:13hue001t  
38p Dependent Life claim denied  06/17huy17817:20huy178
9p Help review a monthly budget  06/29pondering20:57Independent
43p Drawing from Retirement Savings to Delay SS  06/28vested119:53Independent
3p Revamping our pooled 401k - advice needed!  06/26Island_122519:08Island_1225
5h annuity advice  06/29pablolo22:45itstoomuch
11t On your deathbed will you say "darn, I wish I had invested in smart-beta"?  06/29Browser23:49jalbert
12h Too high Intra-Portfolio Correlation (IPC)?  12:17bogofor16:34jalbert
8p Tax implications of exercising ISOs before they're vested  05/28janelane17:03janelane
8h Best muni bonds in taxable for high earner MA resident  07:37TheGipper12:41jaqueisse
2h How should I redesign my retirement portfolio?  06/29jdl861622:13jdl8616
11p favorite personal budget SW/spreadsheet?  06/27albireo1318:24jebmke
18p Going Part time  06/17Jim8505:53Jim85
12c Best Cell Plan?  17:21Saving$21:21jlawrence01
13c The Amalfi Coast: Next April  06/29RTR200607:42joe3411
61c Money arguments with spouse and how did you resolve  page: 206/23tampaite12:47joelly
2p problem with credit union releasing matured cds  06/29dolphinsaremamm19:57john94549
9p "imputed interest on family loans" ?  13:53JohnFiscal15:34JohnFiscal
377t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 806/06Yesterdaysnews10:37Johno
30c Three devices = redundancy  06/27Barefootgirl15:05Jonathan
52p Pay student loan off at 2.875%? - otherwise, 14 years to go  page: 206/26Jonezez01:46Jonezez
7h Fidelity promotional offer for moving IRA  13:35protagonist19:17Ketawa
11h AA for 529s that will be used for college and grad school  06/26scooters16:02Kevin M
0h ~ Portfolio Advice: *Retiring Georgia Teacher  01:06KingEdward57  
2h Open IRA before moving abroad (to Brazil)?  06/29glowacki01:40kramer
1h Is investing in something like this clearly a scam? [Market-linked CD]  01:40enzymedynamo09:02LadyGeek
1p Budget and Housing Question  06/28Monarch448422:47Lafder
5h Delaying SEP-IRA contribution in the wake of Greek default  09:07PhillyBird18:47Lafder
15h Feedback on Consolidating Retirement Portfolios  06/27Leonard7809:52Lafder
28t Long-Term Risk, Mean Reversion, and Dispersion of Returns  2014berntson13:32Leeraar
31t "The Education of a Value Investor"  09/10Howard Donnelly06:51matjen
14t Traveling to Santorini in September....  06/28Norsky1914:47Matt48Ritchie
9t Active Funds Win Battles But Lose Wars  06/24Rick Ferri23:14Maynard F. Spee
11t Lending Club (peer-to-peer) investments now open to Arizona and Texas residents  12:50babington22:34Maynard F. Spee
16c Fair compensation for change of delivery date without been notified  08:42wxz7621:25mbres60
2h ETF Investing in IRA  18:30wetling23:23mhalley
33c Amazon getting too smart?  06/29tc10113:15miles2go
8c My email being used on a foreign Facebook account  06/29heartwood11:52miles monroe
11h Home equity loan to pay off student loan @ 6.55%  06/26minerkj11:36minerkj
1t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- Mid-Year Report  22:19Taylor Larimore23:04Miriam2
23c Upgrading to Windows 10?  06/28mur4408:52mmmodem
161c OPM breach and credit freeze  page: 2 3 406/19VictoriaF12:29Mudpuppy
47p Still having a hard time on retiring  04/17mule18:26mule
44p What's your net worth break down? What's ideal?  06/28berg23:12Nebster
8t Let’s Celebrate the Independent Adviser  09:48Rick Ferri22:21nedsaid
11c French Presses: Glass Carafes vs. Stainless Steel Presses  06/07General Disarra23:26Nicolas
40p Obsessing towards zero balance on credit card.  14:52packet23:24nimo956
1h Bond Fund Dividends  20:18ClemsonVTFan21:14ogd
155c Do you buy used cars like a Boglehead actually should?  page: 2 3 42011lightheir12:41Patzer
67c MacBook Pro Worth the money?  page: 206/23Non7WoodUser16:06pingo
5h First Job, First 401k Help!  06/23BogleBooger10:45pkcrafter
25h 401K advisor Qusestions  06/19plumber118:48plumber1
3p Two Discover Cards - different interest rates?  09:23dm20013:58prudent
12p Rules of Social Security  06/29TravelforFun10:08pshonore
5h Very Low Volume - Should I Avoid These ETFs?  06:50pt3214:57pt32
50h NON-US (Ireland) ETFs - Simplified Ultimate Buy and Hold Porfolio  page: 206/08pt3206:59pt32
10p Social Security Widow(er) benefit confusion  2014beachbum201409:54ralph124cf
17h Savings plan "pivot"  06/29zerlegen23:15randomguy
5p Real Estate Inspection Question  17:19abner kravitz18:09realtorjoem
3h Newbie Q: VGTSX Admiral Share return lower than Investor Share?  06/29Shan04:53red5
2h Taking over my own Investing, Lots of Questions  17:40scifibuff22:09renue74
31t Are REITs necessary in a portfolio? Why?  23:57mpt follower13:24retiredjg
61t An Argument for Long Term Treasury Bonds  page: 22014Coelacanth00:48Robert T
49c Smart phone data usage  06/26CABob10:04rpike
2p question regarding elective deferral limits (401(a) and 457)  04/19rtom08:41rtom
4h Making the most of fund choices in 401K  16:31mfish12320:35ruralavalon
17h New, Looking for Retirement Advice  06/19roone13:46ruralavalon
27h 10 year Broker CDs vs 10 year Treasury  06/27TheTimeLord08:30rustymutt
2t Article on balanced portfolio  16:13hoops77716:54Rx 4 investing
21h What stocks have you been buying recently and why? Or are you holding off on buying until Greek crisis settles?  06/29cclabo14:05samuck
2t Lending Club now Available in TX and AZ, Special Offer  14:38sharpjm21:30sharpjm
3h Vanguard v.s. Betterment  17:35vangaal23:42sharx
4t Foreign bond funds  09:51DocWillA13:13Simplegift
39c Used, Reliable, Safe, Financially Sound cars  06/28ThankYouJack21:59sls239
226p Share your networth progression  page: 2 3 4 52014techcrium03:09smpurs
27p Should I borrow if I can buy a house with cash?  06/27eethy00:51smpurs
58c Travel to Greece  page: 206/27caseynshan09:03spectec
6h Switching jobs - what to do with 401k and HSA  07:40young_grasshopp19:34Spirit Rider
5p Social Security Calculator for late starters  10:59mistike14:24Spirit Rider
1h Closing a bank account  22:49radiowave23:20sport
24c Purchase '98 Toyota Camry?  06/28dm20016:04sport
8t Emergdoc on Mr. Money Mustache  19:35nyblitz23:38Sriracha
54h How do you Lazy portfolio funders deal with dips in the market?  page: 206/29JaySayms21:39stemikger
101t New Vanguard AMT-free National Municipal Bond Fund  page: 2 301/06neurosphere19:47stlutz
2p Health insurance "birthday rule"  22:36stoptothink23:31stoptothink
54h As a couple in late 30s, how bad are we doing?  page: 206/27sugarandspice23:05sugarandspice
16c New tires - where to buy, how to get a good deal?  06/29walletless09:35takeshi
15p ATM Withdrawal  08:57Transition14:51tdogz
30c Home cleaning services  06/27anonforthis08:03texasdiver
23h Help! Elderly father got snookered.  11:43Heir-A-Parent19:14TheTimeLord
12p Using an Ally savings account from Vanguard  11:10Norton75021:10The Wizard
32c Caribbean vacation recommendations  06/28greenfire19:53The Wizard
43c can you recommend comfortable walking shoes?  06/28seashell05:09Toons
151t The next Lehman - this week? [Greek default]  page: 2 3 42011Valuethinker22:42toto238
12c Can you simply change the music file structure in iTunes?  06/29protagonist15:44tractorguy
1c Anyone use for Amazon purchases?  14:44Jonathan19:03Traveller
22c Learning Guitar  06/27TRC13:35TSR
3h Advice for first time Investor.  06/29TVerhoeks18:33TVerhoeks
15c Will removing a wood burning stove reduce my home value?  09:39XCskiguy19:52TylerDavis
333h What are you up YTD?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 708/26InvestorNewb15:23Uncle Pennybags
19c Propane Oven Makes Me Sick  06/29retiredjg07:31Valuethinker
156t Tips on answering the question - What Should I Do?  page: 2 3 42008Rick Ferri19:56Vega
2c Honda car mechanic in Nashville?  15:14virgingorda20:21virgingorda
16t Interest rates will rise, so flee REITS and Bonds?  2014ilovedavidstove10:38watchnerd
71c Most Economical Way to Handle the Lawn  page: 206/24kjvmike16:46westie
2h 401k Contribution Deadline  10:31vangaal12:07whaleknives
29t TIPS - Did you give up?  15:58abuss36823:45Whiggish Boffin
17t excellent summary of the Greek crisis by U of Chicago Professor  08:55larryswedroe19:09WhyNotUs
24p Sychrony Bank - warning  06/29Wricha12:47Wricha

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