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6t "What Has Time Taught Bill Bernstein?"  16:10Taylor Larimore00:101530jesup
41c Memory foam mattresses - any insight?  07/19Triple digit golfer00:001530jesup
16t I'm a genius!  07/17HomerJ13:51Abe
35h VG Admiral Fund-falling below minimum investment  07/20jhawktx12:31abuss368
90p Lost a lot in stocks and starting fresh: Please Help  page: 22013humblednhumiliated10:02abuss368
4t What Web Tools / Resources Would Help You Invest Better?  07/21alexfrey14:51alexfrey
33p Mortgage Prepayment Question  07/22catfish211:05an_asker
15t SEC Adopts Money Market Fund Reform Rules  13:49dan12122:18ASUGrad
26t Defining what an expense ratio means for individuals  07/22SeaGhost22:09ASUGrad
23h Balancing saving with living now. (how do you do it?)  2008Shinymoney22:23avalpert
6c Best Way to Show Google Docs via Wi-Fi on a TV: Chromecast?  07/22Bammerman13:42Bammerman
40p Umbrella insurance  2011chocolatemuffin17:32bargainhuntingking
4t Consumer Staples > Total Index?  07/22invest021:27Beliavsky
117h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 32012BigFoot4815:33BigFoot48
29t Momentum Investing ?  07/20Taylor Larimore02:12BigJohn
15h Retirement Portfolio Proposal  10:10BigPrince01:42BigJohn
18t International Allocation in some funds...  07/23BigPrince21:41BigPrince
3h Withholding on 401K Settlement  07/23Spaced Out13:58bnes
88t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 211/22Robert T01:15boglety
14h Vanguard Account Owners - has this happened to you?  07/22whodatheads22:13BolderBoy
2h vnqi foriegn reit  18:15bamajames21:10bottomfisher
30p Assisted Living Residence and Care Agreement - Questions  07/12LadyGeek19:17Browser
5p Cheap auto loan suggestions?  16:40pobrien190221:09Busting Myths
15p Bloomberg rates Large Company 401k plans  07/22Buysider13:02Buysider
5t Variable Annuity funding BY Cd's good or bad?  19:51sonosoldi311221:19Calm Man
0h Please Help with Mom's Variable Annuity and Budget  02:08Carter3  
13t Susie Orman says buy individual Munis instead of Bond funds  07/21danny9m22:15cfs
31t Should non-US investors buy US-listed REITS?  07/17chasiu20909:31chasiu209
0h portfolio questions - AA over multiple accounts  01:14chuppi  
29t Should market valuations be completely disregarded?  07/22Browser23:57Clearly_Irrational
3t Some charts of asset classes during downturn or key events  09:53Tamales12:20Clearly_Irrational
34t How indexing let these retirees live footloose and fancyfree  07/22texasdiver04:38Clive
0t Can I use 30-YR rolling returns to Calculate ER dispersion?  22:28countmein  
15p why it pays to make purchases with a credit card  2013Johm22112219:40crowd79
16h Individual MBS & UITs in taxable account  07/22Crow Hunter12:30Crow Hunter
25c Which Bernstein Book?  07/21V1RTUS19:46daffyd
13h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide10:39Dave1
19c Trip to OKC, what attractions to visit  12:58LateStarter197521:25Dave_M
1c Will be taking series 6 exam; what field should I focus on?  14:51The Night Owl15:18DCaycedo
26h Purchasing rental property vs. REITs  11/27khalestorm17:21denovo
28p Taxable Accounts - Am I thinking about this the right way?  07/22DFAMAN17:34DFAMAN
16p Dad had a whole life policy but it sounds like term life?!  07/17Gambler23:58dmlauffer
4t Temptations and Dangers of Higher-Yielding Funds  09:48Doc10:47Doc
18h Need Help and totally confused!!  16:58camptalcott22:45dodecahedron
127p List of Worst financial advice (what not to do):  page: 2 307/08Coiled_Snake23:00donall
15p Inheritance: Cash or Investments?  07/22turno7722:32donall
21c Anyone been to Charleston, SC?  07/22poker2713:35Doom&Gloom
26c Best Coffee Maker? What do you have?  11:43shokwaverider19:46dore
22h Which tax advantage accounts do I use for 3-funds?  07/22new2bogle208:30DSInvestor
2h Investing for House Purchase in 5 Years  13:10Snowshoe17:39Duckie
0c Cheaper alternative to Caymus?  19:46ebeard  
6t Saudi Arabia?  15:39lucky322:26Epsilon Delta
85t Gold, Silver, Copper  page: 207/10selftalk15:18Epsilon Delta
9h Wife returning to work - Wisconsin Retirement System qs  08:44Scorpion14:29flyingbison
38c $32k Subaru Outback or $14k Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  07/15sunnyday06:41Frugal Al
20h VMMXX: Finally Pulled the Trigger  07/21john9454920:33Frugalman
0h Consumer staples funds?  22:17fundseeker  
7p Can I manage a new CC?  07/21g3d14:16g3d
39p How to track expenses to the penny?  07/21Gambler17:07Gambler
11h Best High-Yield Savings Acct?  13:03traveler9019:55Gecko10x
3t Any Regulation on Mutual Fund ER Change?  07/22acegolfer18:23Geologist
16p What's Golf Course Frontage Worth - Indianapolis  12:41hackermb01:19Gnirk
33p Here's another "where should I retire" thread  16:00TomatoTomahto23:39Gnirk
20p Please help settle an argument  13:02DFWinvestor00:01grabiner
2p Advice: Switched Job, New Company has no 401k Till October  22:05droz23:53grabiner
68p Hw many credit cards to own?  page: 207/21brak20:58grabiner
11t Do you own a DOW30 or NASDAQ100 index fund?  10:38an_asker20:13grabiner
3h Ameriprise Wrap Fee includes cash??  15:22ilovedavidstove20:01grabiner
11h AA for a spoiled young buck  07/19OriolesFan8919:40grabiner
26h Parents are behind. Total asset allocation advice (56 & 51)?  01/22ab0mination14:13HardKnocker
5p What to do with additional income?  10:14dalexa101013:28HardKnocker
0h Portfolio help-newbie  23:43homermtb  
2t Scary Press - It's All in the Assumptions  14:52Phineas J. Whoopee15:48Ice-9
38h Slice and Dicers -- Plans when you can't manage it anymore?  07/22Postmon12:54Ice-9
28t i bonds or EE bonds?  2012Johm22112222:52$iddhartha
49h Made a $50k bet on Healthcare  01/11Gambler22:53Imperabo
31c Help me choose a new tv  07/22playtothebeat21:26inbox788
4p How to cash in Savings bonds (from 80s)  18:02phenom3419:35InvestorNewb
15h SEP-IRA employer contributions fr/ personal account-problem?  07/21brian201322:28jared
5h VWENX vs. VFIAX?  16:04gmtop8716:47Jazz56
28c Riding the Rails--my Amtrak trip  07:47Jazztonight21:29Jazztonight
9c Computer Fried By Lightning - Security Question  05:36Swampy09:59jebmke
23h Evaluating Vanguard CFP Recommendations  07/22JGM196515:30JGM1965
64c Cheap Wall St Journal?  page: 22012Leesbro6316:53jmndu99
10c Sprinklers for the bottom of a sloping lawn  07/19Mudpuppy07:41john94549
6t Does a 401k plan cost an employer money?  22:39johnny84723:20johnny847
15h Portfolio review  07/13Red Beaver08:52johnny847
76t Do you "Tax Adjust" your Asset Allocation (Pre vs Roth, etc)  page: 207/20Doc708:18johnny847
8h Vanguard Portfolio Watch issue  09:24Chan_va00:50jsl11
19h Advice for First-Time Investors  07/13Alg17:26Julieta
7p Help with term life insurance initial purchase  07/22kafshar111:37kafshar1
17t [Deferred] Annuity Purchase Excluded from RMD Calculation  2012fandango19:26LadyGeek
21t If Argentina Defaults  07/22ducksauce916:06LadyGeek
6h Help with fixing my portfolio  07/22trussellusmc15:39LadyGeek
14h New investor with an unexpected windfall  07/22ginger_learns14:04Lafder
36t not all value metrics are equal  07/21larryswedroe22:42larryswedroe
38t Will baby boomers retiring spell doom for the markets  07/22larryswedroe17:44larryswedroe
0t my quarterly hedge fund update  17:18larryswedroe  
8h Opinions - What to do with $50k for 12mos  07/22jbreittling17:08LateStarter1975
8p How to set up a trust  07/22JoinToday02:06letsgobobby
31t The article on tax efficient placement needs to be rewri  10:05rca182402:03letsgobobby
58c New vehicle...GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, or Buick Enclave?  page: 207/14bbrock09:40letsgobobby
7h Buying a car- 2011 Lexus IS 250 9k miles  22:58lisaac02:51livesoft
22h Do you split your VEU (into VEA+VWO) & VEA (into VGK+VPL)?  07/22chasiu20902:31livesoft
12h Please recommend a low fee index fund with no min. invest.  15:20jenbrez02:23livesoft
16h Please evaluate tentative plan for total portfolio overhaul  07/21incongruate20:26livesoft
5t Reverse Savings Rates  07/21grap001318:21livesoft
20t If no access to DFA, Small Value worth it?  07/18kdmusic09:59livesoft
34c 2 days in Portland, suggestions?  07/22Jonezez00:34LongerPrimer
3p Income tax to beneficiary of annuity  07/22Lynn198707:27Lynn1987
105t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 307/16Rob Bertram01:18madbrain
14p Should I Buy a Home Warranty  11:57Eric in DC00:34madbrain
1p Over-contributing to 401k  19:12mentalGen00:15madbrain
2h 401k bond options - should I make a change ?  22:18madbrain00:11madbrain
18c Will not using my dishwasher cause problems?  15:48zaplunken21:14madbrain
30c Android smartphone with physical keyboard  07/22madbrain20:23madbrain
1h bogle indexing: Taiwan Investor  05:34YellowJoe05:42madbrain
4h Help a beginner  16:10Maglib1102:03Maglib11
3c Geneological research for unclaimed property  21:42postingname01:36Mapache
2h 403(b) bond fund investment question  20:43marklearnsbogle20:57marklearnsbogle
16h Some Basic Asset Allocation Advice Please  07/15marklearnsbogle15:54marklearnsbogle
0t CALPERS Pulls back from Hedge Funds  21:25matjen  
12p Best Current Credit Card Bonus for $10k Purchase?  07/22will3411:24mervinj7
74t Adding Corporates to Total Bond Market Index  page: 207/14friar161015:46midareff
63p Poll - Do you use Quicken?  page: 207/21abuss36820:41MN-Investor
10h New Investor Coming From CD's Need Guidance.  07/22Mrtrex20:57Mrtrex
25h Post your Morningstar Box Style  06/24Longtimelurker16:18NOgmacks
22c Have you used Ramit Sethi's Courses?  07/20kayanco22:36ObliviousInvestor
11p HSA and ObamaCare subsidies  07/22btraven17:40ObliviousInvestor
24c Best Used Recreational Bicycles for New Riders  07/21steadyeddy00:40OnFire
3p Inheritance taxes for beneficiary  13:23Yelena19:33Penguin
21h TSP or Vanguard IRAs  09/13littlejohn30914:05peterkarak
14t With all these recent posts regarding tilts, should I?  07/21brigboy19:14Phineas J. Whoopee
5h small cap stocks overvalued  07/22mathguy302116:43Phineas J. Whoopee
29h Intimidated by Trustee and Investment Advisor  07/21MerriebytheSea17:56pinhead
28h Where is your brokerage account?  14:07g3d00:35placeholder
12t Favorite portfolio tracking software  07/19Kelly03:00Planner
4h Grad student with assets, family, and plans  08:17Planner01:32Planner
5p Is this a good rate ?  08:41anim2515:31poker27
45c Dumb 3rd grade math question about beach house rental  07/22MnD21:38porcupine
5h VG Total Stock Market Index ETF performance?  07/21rakornacki107:13rakornacki1
0l favorite bogleheads posts?  22:15random_walker_77  
2p Student Loan question regarding 'Pay Ahead Status'  00:32jabroni10802:34rdigit
70c A question for the Bogleladies or those who can consult one  page: 207/14Professor Emeritus09:58retiredjg
75t Knowledge gaps + anxiety = shame; gender and investing  page: 207/12livesoft07:55rkhusky
2l Retirement Research Conference in DC in August (free)  07/21bobcat203:33rokidtoo
140t Delay Social Security to age 70 and Spend more money at 62  page: 2 32012Cut-Throat00:05Runalong
11c Patio door recommendations  07/220cean2303:19Saving$
11t Reduce / Eliminate Emerging Market in Retirement?  07/21Nearing_Destination04:54SGM
2p Help With Investment Options [Pension, retirement plans]  07/22sirraf6906:26sirraf69
18c Need advice re hearing aid for small child  07/21Rupert12:58smackboy1
32t A case against Index Funds in India  07/22snm8520:36snm85
3h Savings bank  19:52rsbv22:54SnowSkier
5p Front office vs Enterprise wide IT job  07/22doon08:22stan1
110c If you own a car, do you have a car payment?  page: 2 307/18TRC15:37sterlingcooper05
55p So how long will I live? How long do I plan for?  page: 22013Mrxyz13:28surfstar
73t Is there any downside to investing in bond futures?  page: 207/22lee102621:59Tanelorn
818t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172012Taylor Larimore17:58Taylor Larimore
2h New investor [UK portfolio help]  22:14Limoncelo02:54TedSwippet
5p Need Guidance [Chapter 7 Bankruptcy]  07/23TexasTeacher22:01TexasTeacher
12c 2014 Honda Civic EX-L vs 2014 Acura ILX(Base)  11:30prn2701:58The Dan
4h retirement transfer from Janus  07/22theplayer1117:26theplayer11
12h Do you split in-state and fed munis? If so, how?  15:18younginvestor01:57TIAX
15t Vanguard not vigilant about taxes?  04:20jefmafnl01:39TIAX
49t Can it be wrong to be too risk averse?  07/21thethinker07:59tibbitts
49c Hospital bill negotiation  07/14Goblue9713:30toofache32
2t fidelity bond fund vs vanguard bond fund  19:12genjix20:21Toons
23h years of investing and balances  07/20rsbv20:05Toons
24c Help me select a streaming media device  07/21gatorman17:44Trev H
4h How to complement VWENX to get full diversification?  15:45gmtop8719:36TX_TURTLE
3098c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 622012randomwalk04:43Valuethinker
13p Asking for a raise  07/22veekay21:44veekay
79c Options/guidance for a lazy person to be fit  page: 207/18Jerrybaby13:23VictoriaF
33p Reaching Severe Burnout - Can I Scale Back Career?  09:44dcw21319:12Watty
26t Poll: Which Happens First - DOW > 20,000 or DOW < 14,000?  08:44kenschmidt00:12Wayson
3h New job and time to reallocate -- to which investments?  06/24slutzman23:08windhog
29c The ultimate Boglehead exercise  07/19Rexindex01:35winglessangel31
12h HSA Contribution and FICA taxes for S-Corp owner  10/28snowman20:09yzhang12
36t Predict: S&P Doubles or Halves First?  2011Boglenaut21:59zaboomafoozarg
51c Snake!  page: 207/16jebmke15:59zaplunken
21c Removing a beehive from mailbox newspaper holder  2013ks28915:29zaplunken
9h Starting off and Maxing Out  07/21zoombrowser19:29zoombrowser

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