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35c Low mileage oil change  07/25shawcroft21:23123
30t Motley Fool - Good Enough Why rules of thumb beat precision  07/27matjen21:312015
11t Fed Tips Its Hand!  17:28Nirav23:55abuss368
7t "Has the Index Fund Won?" by Jack Bogle  07/25Taylor Larimore09:07abuss368
6h Rebalance in Taxable or in IRA after receipt of Lump Sum  07/23OffGridder23:00abyan
28h Backdoor Roth Slammed Closed--WHAT?!  07/27Carolinagurl16:42Alan S.
6p Defending against Tax ID theft  14:17Alan S.15:19Alan S.
82c wife got in wreck with Honda CRV - no collison coverage  page: 207:15riptide00:43Alex Frakt
2h What to do with $750k  07/27confused100:30Alex Frakt
0p Best Double Disability Income Insurance Combination (with LTC and retirement coverage)  19:23AndroAsc  
8p Disability Insurance: Pay Jump, have Standard, should I switch to Guardian, and risk medical underwriting?  07/22AndroAsc08:33AndroAsc
7h Question about avoiding a wash sale  13:11SteveM17:56Artsdoctor
32c Easy lunch brownbag ideas  07/24ray.james14:47asif408
92c Downsize, Reduce, Simplify.  page: 201/23WormWood09:59Average Investo
92p Credit Card Rewards (Travel)  page: 202/20Drew77701:35Bfwolf
3t Ben Carlson: "The Value of I Don't Know", and the Dunning-Kruger Effect  12:53scottj1970721:20Bill Bernstein
6h 401(k) Election  07/27Xykon19:58billfromct
3h Newlywed and new career--advice for starting out?  10:35PTKatie18:26BL
32h Looking to Simplify Portfolio  07/27TinyElvis13:13BlackStrat
19h beginner's question about allocation... [Hong Kong]  05/02dennis92004:06BritAbroad
26t Edelman -- best days, worst days  07/26pkcrafter08:41Browser
50p Travel insurance - worth it?  page: 206/15Gemini17:17Buffetologist
15c Anyone using Mr Number cellphone call blocker? Stopped working  07/23Browser21:11Bungo
3t Jack Bogle Explains How the Index Fund Won With Investors  08:41Bylo Selhi09:58Bylo Selhi
5h Younger guy, could use some advice  07/27gtnThere1118:29careytilden
1h [Helping employer establish] a 401K  07/28Felipe01:38celia
5p File and suspend SS for dad  07/27JohnBDB22:22celia
5p When to take Social Security survivor benefit  13:56Basel19:58celia
1h Help with my mother's AA within confines of her advisor  02:12TheStig04:41celia
2h Wife starting a 403b...some questions...  19:20doss23:33CFM300
15t The forgotten inaccuracies of our small predictions  07/27nisiprius17:04cheese_breath
6h Roth IRA with Vanguard- Assist with fund choices  07/27Chucknjules11:42Chucknjules
3p How and why to put your house in a trust in California  07/28pieinthesky23:40clast
6h Need help with approximating total bond market  15:30claudia16:14claudia
96l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 22010niteowls20:29clevername
3h Refinance a few years before sale?  07/28Clever_Username11:41Clever_Username
42c Durability of consumer goods  07/26DireWolf21:16daveatca
13c Home Window Replacement - Recommendations (Southwest)?  07/24dabretty21:11daveatca
2h Vanguard SP500 ETF vs Admiral Shares  09:43snowbldr09:53David Jay
56p Divorce  page: 207/27vas22:05denovo
0h Help with Roth IRA Investments  21:34dentjohnson57  
4h TLH in emerging markets  07/27sambb06:54desiderium
3t Tax loss harvesting with periodic investment  09:29Deedub12:09Doc
13p Hefty Medical Bill  19:52crambklyn00:04dolphinsaremamm
7p Re-open Probate?  08:21ReedMan16:56dolphinsaremamm
23c garage door opener resuscitation possible?  11:26dodecahedron16:13dolphinsaremamm
119c Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Yes or No?  page: 2 306/01Ever Ready00:53Doom&Gloom
15c Fed UP With Fed Ex  16:29drawpoker21:15drawpoker
13h Medical Student Investor  07/25dabears3800:03Dru
5h Stock/bond mix - Roth IRA vs Taxable  14:37smdewart23:36DSInvestor
1h Portfolio Help  17:40saveyour19:06Duckie
44c Can you return food at a restaurant and not have to pay for it?  07/26mac_guy19:04Durzo
55t Apple individual stock, what am I missing here?  page: 207/24toto23823:00Electron
28c Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon Late March  07/27swaption22:39EmergDoc
53p What to consider while purchasing an existing business?  page: 208/21fourwedge01:34Freddy
1p Replacement for Assurant Health insurance? (Texas) They're getting out of health insurance business  23:35clast23:51FrugalInvestor
37t A bit of gold?  11:32rca182423:07Fryxell
15h Rolling over 403b to Roth IRA for 1st home purchase  07/27fullyclips10:56fullyclips
4p Renter's insurance - Parents' names or student's name?  20:07fundseeker22:35fundseeker
7h How can a non-UK European invest in Vanguard UK LifeStrategy funds.  07/27MountainTop20:15galeno
1h Rollover to Roth IRA, taxation for non-US citizens  19:12terrycwu20:00galeno
11h Bond prices  07/27dachshund19:56galeno
38t Why is stock market so reactionary to news on daily basis?  09:28bonaire2719:32galeno
44p Individual 401K  07/11Gemini18:44Gemini
23p Doc changing last name  07/23Gemini13:20Gemini
28t Is the commodity implosion foretelling a stock market crash?  07/26Browser10:46Gene S
30p New Car - Cash or Finance?  07/27FreddieG22:40grabiner
4t Audit over backdoor Roth  12:31Thomas Hunt Mor22:20grabiner
21h Taxable income computation by Vanguard  06:51VictoriaF22:05grabiner
2h TIRA & ROTH IRA---which funds where?  07/27Retired221:03grabiner
3h Fund Placement help  09:05midnightd20:57grabiner
153t VWO seems cheap right now  page: 2 3 42013Jfet07:50grap0013
76t The Futility of Predicting Future Returns  page: 207/27longinvest01:42grayfox
2h Retirement Investment Options  12:42mpizzo1015:53Grt2bOutdoors
11p Major home renovation your thoughts  02:13letsgobobby13:35Grt2bOutdoors
9h Investing $3,000 for a 1-year old  07/27Pavla08:20Grt2bOutdoors
2p New Career Path  12:44jvanhall16:55gunn_show
5h Starting a retirment account. High expense 457 vs. Roth IRA  07/03MasseyIowa22:39gvdub8
183c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 409/07gatorman12:23heartwood
15h What advice would you give...Salary bumping up from 37k to 45k annually  07/27Southern36year-12:33heyyou
6t [parents read] Death of Money [- suggestions?]  08:20Veni Vidi Deces12:03heyyou
14p Do I need Umbrella Insurance if my Assets < Liability Limits?  07/27AndroAsc12:51HIinvestor
6c Mandatory vehicle collision avoidance systems are coming  16:43Browser23:28HoosierJim
43t Anyone Have a Near Retirement Strategy for Sequence of Return Risk?  09:36hirlaw23:20HoosierJim
94t Scott Burns – Don’t quit your day job.  page: 207/26burt20:30IlliniDave
16h Setting up new portfolio  07/24cphil1920:34inbox788
8h Please Help Me Identify 5 Reasons To Get Mother-In-Law Out of A Variable Annuity  20:59WhatsUpB00:43itstoomuch
25p Novice needs help understanding ING Annuity  01/06frisbee00:28itstoomuch
48c Gardening 2015 pt 2  04/13MP17317:08itstoomuch
13p Help--> Buying car from private seller  07/27camillus2410:52jabberwock
8t XIRR - dividends, and creating YTD figures  11:51spxdavid19:15Jack_R2
7t Equity Risk Premiums Around the World - July 2015  09:24Simplegift23:36jalbert
45t Vanguard's Developed & Emerging Markets Indexes — Transition Details  07/26Simplegift23:21jalbert
8h How do you keep your portfolio/allocation in auto mode and in sync?  18:22jane122:16jane1
20h All REIT roth?  07/27JaySayms18:08JaySayms
7h Civil Service [Federal] Employee Requesting Portfolio Help  07/23dlr700:08Jerry55
1t Tax loss harvesting VDE for VGENX  06:53PhillyBird07:43jhfenton
26t Help buying LEAPs  07/23grok8720:32Johno
83t Slice and Dice: why not?  page: 207/25rca182415:47JoMoney
15c Visiting Northern Kentucky / Mammoth Cave area with kids  07/27aude15:37JupiterJones
14h What type of Professional do I Need, or do I just need Bogleheads?  07/22Chicago6019:57JW Nearly Retir
14h today or wait a week  07/24bbrown16:33JW Nearly Retir
11p Handling Medical Expenses in Retirement  17:34antiqueman00:33kaneohe
8h Form 5500 - Ez questions  07/26kareysue22:28kareysue
9c Well water did not pass total coliform bacteria  13:39retire1421:42kentwood Lane
2h Question on tax loss harvesting from the brokerage  09:43Kerdaboy15:47Kerdaboy
46p E-Statement Alert Gone for Chase Credit Card  07/24KlangFool13:29KlangFool
62t The Danger of higher-yielding bond funds  page: 207/20Taylor Larimore22:47lack_ey
2p Donate $300,000 in traditional IRA to charity  20:29trad_ira_donate22:06LadyGeek
6h Roll over mailing logistics?  18:44nptit20:44LadyGeek
51p Lecture me about "too much house"  page: 205/09kjvmike20:34LadyGeek
12p Estate Plan and Will  09:39dskillz119:03LadyGeek
1t Q: What is the core concept behind all finance, personal and otherwise?  15:15scottj1970716:21LadyGeek
48p Can I reject a medical exam during insurance application without consequences?  07/27tjhar16:07LadyGeek
23h Penny Stocks  07/27Gbean15:19LadyGeek
3h "Losing Control of Investment Decisions,.."  13:19SeeMoe20:47Lafder
5h Helping self-employed sister with retirement investment options  11:16frugalecon19:30Lafder
3h MAC/Vanguard 20/80 Two Fund Portfolio  13:23LASER18:22Lafder
34t Another look at dividend paying stocks  07/27larryswedroe20:34larryswedroe
5t Malkiel on Chinese Stock Markets  17:51scottj1970723:07Leeraar
9c Apple Music  07/27miles2go15:46Leif
7h Revised! How to Invest Across Taxable & Tax-Deferred Account Types?  07/26UPC7899910:45livesoft
29c Does a 6.5 kW Solar install make sense?  07/25BrandonBogle03:15madbrain
2h What would you do? 401(k) Saving Restoration Plan  07/27Makaveli20:15Makaveli
3h Tax efficient bonds & other allocation questions  07/27Marie1023:13Marie10
2h daughter's college fund  02:33herb794917:30mhalley
6h Portfolio Analysis Help - Needs complete re-balance/re-allocation  07/27MickeyMoustache04:50MickeyMoustache
2p Fiber company wants to offer $ for new line  17:31Carl5317:59miles monroe
12h Opening 529 for children, ages 12, 9, and 4  07/21mm9313:18mm93
6t "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"  21:30Taylor Larimore23:01Mr. Benedictine
57l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  page: 22014renjuzone21:25Mrs.Feeley
138c Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater?  page: 2 307/26tony541201:12Mudpuppy
9p 2015 RMD  07/27donmichael18:19Munir
21t I know I'm not the only one... [dividend paying stock funds]  07/27tennisplyr16:15Nirav
9t Rick’s Top Ten List of When Not To Invest  13:24Rick Ferri16:43nisiprius
20p Keep paying the mortgage??  20:24kjvmike23:32Novine
47t i bonds or EE bonds?  2012Johm22112215:29oc4boxer
66t 50/50 asset allocation  page: 207/26stemikger17:10ogd
9t Interesting Statistic & Assumption on 529 plans  12:37rickd16:55pdriese
14p am i doing everything to minimize my AGI?  07/27dicejam16:32pdriese
2l MN Bogleheads Mtg. Sat. August 1, 10:00 am  14:43Peter Foley21:50Peter Foley
9p Closing Costs with No Bank Loan  07/26Peterjens01:00Peterjens
2p Strategies to reduce living costs for a single-person household?  23:20Shald00:50Peterjens
1t What do you know... (that no one else knows)?  22:23digarei00:35pkcrafter
3p Would umbrella insurance cover this?  07/27bhsince8717:45rai
9p Car insurance question  07/27rec721:36rec7
0p Managing Savings for College and Retirement  23:24redgreenblue  
72t Why do people buy annuities?  page: 209/26InvestorNewb14:00ResearchMed
31p Geico Auto Insurance  07/27Lindrobe17:09retiredjg
24h What should I put in my Roth IRA if TDF's are "bad?"  07/25zayd1306:19retiredjg
2h Pls. suggest next steps to get to 3-Fund Portfolio  07/27RetireGood12:33RetireGood
11p refi with a 5/1 arm  07/27rjsob5810:02rjsob58
49p Where do you keep/park your emergency fund?  07/24Gemini21:07scotthal
32h Do I dump the Vanguard energy Fund in my 401k  07/24Biggamejimmy15:21siamond
0h Using an annuity in a 3 fund portfolio  12:52smileartist  
7h Is FFNOX similar to the 3 fund portfolio?  17:48Domer0320:21sometimesinvest
4h Hypothetical - i401k rollover to SEP IRA  18:44jbreittling20:07Spirit Rider
7p Solo 401(k) and Social Security  07/27LeighN09:49Spirit Rider
12p Neat way to save a little $ on your car insurance  07/27atlantaguy12323:19sport
12t April 15th is DEADLINE for 2014 IRA contributions  04/02Taylor Larimore23:04sport
32p Just Got Financially Independent  09:21retire@4518:05sschullo
8t Just Read AAAA - Tilting Quandary  07/25BRM757623:48staythecourse
8p Question on beneficiaries  10:01heerekj114:53SteveM
16h hoping for thoughts, advice; unmarried couple in 70's  07/08stilllearning17:20stilllearning
20h Moving from TIPs fund to TIPs ladder???  07/27209south00:30stlutz
1h Good approximation to 3 fund portfolio?  19:46Investing Newbi20:25Taylor Larimore
7t "How the Pros Manage Assets for Retirees"  07/27Taylor Larimore10:52tennisplyr
3t Mutual funds: Same Wine, different Labels?  11:43rakamaka12:31terrabiped
8h Just made my Vanguard account... now what? (super newbie)  07/23themaverick720:34themaverick7
58h Recent windfall - Currently 95% of assets in single stock - Tax and asset allocation advice appreciated  page: 207/25notmyrealname23:03Theoretical
876c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1809/22Alex Frakt20:12theunknowntech
38c Best Place to live for a young family?  07/22joshdamon17:06theunknowntech
1t Data Providers for stocks, bonds and other asset classes  07/27Gene S13:57timboktoo
5t TSP May Expand Options  11:53kommisarrex22:50TimeRunner
22p Rewards Checking-An Easy Way to Earn Extra Money  07/25pdriese17:08tj
4h 401k and Roth are in Target Date Funds MAXED... What about taxable account?  19:28Domer0322:06TomatoTomahto
16c Fuel injector cleaning  07:40Tom_T13:10Tom_T
17h Advisor fee question  07/27Domer0321:43Toons
61p Do Bogleheads plan to utilize Independent Living facilities?  page: 205/25TheTimeLord14:10Toons
8h Minimums for Fund Purchases  13:50dentjohnson5714:07Toons
990c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2008/30abuss36809:05Toons
10f Are Things Slowing Down Again?  07/24tomd3708:59Toons
33h Need a Piece of Evidence on the Boglehead Strategy  07/27Travis121:41Travis1
37h Please help with roth 403b Allocation  07/21triheado13:40triheado
85t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 22014MichDad15:23trueblueky
7h looking for feedback on retirement investments  07/27turangaleela21:49turangaleela
9p A couple questions Re: Term Life Insurance  07/27guitarguy19:44TX_TURTLE
10h IRA for wife (w2)  14:45RVD21:02uclalien
14p Budgeting For 2016 Medicare Part B Increase  07/24Ron08:59VictoriaF
6c MacBook Air losing power  16:48Barefootgirl20:18wander
25h Can I retire early?  07/24Henley09:25wander
7p Retirement finances for two  07/27effillus16:54Watty
22c Is your home owner insurance going up 27% this year?  06/27hmw09:37whatusername?
60c FWD vs AWD (Vehicle)  page: 207/27MP17316:44William4u
5h New Job - Starting a 401K - Advice on Allocation  07/20zdimitrijevski20:15zdimitrijevski

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