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145c WHY is retirement enjoyable / something to look forward to?  page: 2 312/16a09:54flyingaway
13t Why Vanguard Pacific fund tanks when Pacific markets soar?  12/19abyan00:42saltycaper
2p Property as an investment  19:57acejacksingh20:14lack_ey
57h Why a Boglehead doesn't invest in individual companies?  page: 212/17acejacksingh09:14blevine
28t Why does Swensen have 30% Bonds?  12/20allroads08:02dbr
51t Bond Fund vs CDs - which to use?  page: 212/18allroads22:07Kevin M
48c Who should pay for this meal?  13:58anonforthis00:22rickmerrill
6h Need Cash if Hold Target or LS Fund ?  10:05antiqueman20:27grabiner
9h Withdrawing from Mom's Investments  12/20aquifer16:21trueblueky
6p PIP coverage on auto insurance  12/20ArthurO05:40jbmitt
50c Major Life Decision -- Do we need to keep working?  page: 212/20Baconquest03:52SGM
6t vanguard international bond fund  14:11bamajames08:14chabil
290l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 62008Barry Barnitz11:32LadyGeek
4p Gains from 1099-R, 401k to Roth Rollover  12/20batpot20:50batpot
13h Non-deductible Traditional IRA contributions  12/20BicycleLover13:16placeholder
17h Am I in two many investments.  12/17BigDawg711019:51BigDawg7110
3h Schwab Intelligent Portfolios coming 1st Qtr 2015  05:18Billionaire07:56Kaufmanrider
7p Help: missed the deadline for an inherited IRA, what next?  10/19bklynconfused11:11LadyGeek
21h Stop contributing to 401k to pay off CC  12/20blang00813:15toto238
5h Which vanguard life strategy fund?Growth always outperform?  18:28blueocean19:54Toons
4h $10,000.00 USD to invest  20:16Bogle_Steve08:00dratkinson
7h Investing my nonretirement money?  13:10booch22117:18booch221
17h Christian CU Certificates %5.00 12-Months  12/20Bounca21:26Watty
0h Moving to lower-tax state: 401k contribs  08:03Brian2d  
1t Shiller: Buy & Hold --> Irrational Exhuberance  08:29Browser08:37midareff
93t Is the collapse of oil price a "black swan"?  page: 212/10Browser06:19Valuethinker
17t Set and Forget Portfolio?  13:57Call_Me_Op07:03Dandy
13p buying apartment in France  12/14Carls17:24Carls
71h High(ish) earner; spending too much?  page: 212/07cb990z16:52Nearing_Destina
7h QQQ vs VGT (Vanguard Information Technology ETF)  12/19chasiu20923:19Billyboy
51p How do you factor entitlements into your investing plan?  page: 212/12ChicagoMedStude10:05avenger
4h How do you track your retirement plans?  12/20CJF15:50obgyn65
5h Portfolio review - 49 year old  10:48clearsky21:28Laura
11h New Investor seeking advice  12/19cody_serv08:18cody_serv
16h Tax loss harvesting in excess of $3000  12/19cpthammer11:14Tanelorn
45c Gas Prices ($1.99) in North Texas  12/18Crimsontide10:28LadyGeek
8h Doctor with multiple retirement plans  12/20Cucumbers21:24EmergDoc
3t Do Companies Index Their Profits?  22:16curi0usAndCuri001:37dumbmoney
18h How to make a long bet on Crude Oil  15:08dadipsite01:27dumbmoney
17p husband with bi-polar condition spending lots of $  12/20danieljquirk16:05Rob Bertram
5p First time doing backdoor Roth IRA  12/20dave41512:30placeholder
16c Anyone prep for the PMP???  11/27davidkw02:37tkutzz
2h 2 HSA or 2 FSA ?  12:30davidsorensen3214:34Kosmo
4h Hard time calculating exactly how I've invested into my ROTH  14:09Derivative16:37Derivative
9h Series EE Bonds  16:33dgoldb107:12runner9
0p Rollover of withdrawn 529 funds not currently needed  07:07dillrob  
2p Acquaintance and different state dates for Medicare A & B?  12/20dm20012:53dm200
18p Travel Insurance  12/21Don4623:33celia
5h Question about Tax Deferred / Taxable Acct Allocations  11/17Don4620:06grabiner
59p (Poll) Did you tap into emergency fund in the past 10 years?  page: 212/11dsmil08:46jstrazzere
3p Buy rental property as I cannot afford house where I live  23:43ekmanus06:15denovo
3p w2/w3 for solo practice and solo401k  13:54EnjoyIt16:22notmyhand
2h finally learning about investing, portfolio review  12:52fe825118:09nedsaid
2p [May miss the deadline for an inherited IRA, what next?]  12/21Finnean12:16bsteiner
13h Moving from growth to a capital preservation portfolio  12/20fnmix14:28fnmix
19l Where is the Munchkin Man?  2012frugalhen19:04Mrs.Feeley
1h 401k - rollover?  08:17funeshah08:41jstrazzere
8h (Australia) index advice  12/20Gateway03:23Gateway
107t Any Momentum Investors Out There?  page: 2 312/01gatorman12:47garlandwhizzer
57p Federal Taxes - Sticker Shock (And how to reduce)  page: 212/19gatorphysics08:47gatorphysics
4t Thoughts on real estate allocation and owning your home  21:02grabiner08:27dbr
29c What makes you happy in life?  12/20health teacher12:44LadyGeek
12p 'Post-Tax' / Non-Deductible 401k Contributions  14:02hedgetop00:42iflyjetzzz
2h Timing of Roth IRA Lump Sum Contributions  12/20hellkite13:46livesoft
3h Inflation Adjusted Bond Fund  21:25HoneyBee22:08saltycaper
6h Need Clarification / Reassurance  12:09horste15:31horste
2p have SEP-IRA; switch to individual 401(k) or SIMPLE IRA?  09:43ieee48811:08ieee488
54h Why should I avoid REITs?  page: 211/25Ijim19:46Ganacel
3p Backdoor Roth IRA conversion for 2013 in 2014  12:30Impromptu15:19Impromptu
49h Scared to Invest  12/19Investerguy16:58Leeraar
7t Poll: How important is rebalancing?  08:04InvestorNewb08:44Call_Me_Op
25c Stolen car recovered, need a plan  12/19jakepeters03:42cjking
83p Most/Least Boglehead 2014 Activity?  page: 212/13JamesSFO01:43Hash-Basher
6h 403b rollover transfer question.  12/20jeremyl08:30jeremyl
3p Savers Credit while Spouse is a Student  22:35jmg22908:42kaneohe
19c Help with an adults only all-inclusive  12/18karpems22:48karpems
5c Florida Turnpike Toll-Rental Car  12/20Leesbro6311:28rotorhead
2h business income - tax sheltering options  10:29lesgram10:42Peter Foley
22c Disappointed with sale items  12/19lightheir13:19stan1
3t Distribution yield lower than average coupon yield, how?  09:46longinvest06:12adrian2
34c Ski questions from a Southerner  12/17Lynn198714:00spectec
233t The bear market is over  page: 2 3 4 52008matt08:16stemikger
2h Trying to Make Sense of YE Realized Gain in My 401(k)  14:35mister_sparkle15:08mister_sparkle
1p Simple SS Question  08:32MN Finance08:45BL
13p questions about my Roth IRA & the IRS  12/20montanagirl09:45retiredjg
1h Tax Help - Forced Sale of Stock  08:16mountainman9908:19dbr
6h Help setting up a new ROTH IRA at Vanguard  10:31MrBachelor20:42Rodigee
5p HSA contribution question  18:44Mskrad2207:01tran_man007
12c Mac Users-evernote app  12/21mucho dinero08:20boroc7
6h Bond Ladder, 72T & Keogh Plans  11:15N5257018:59retiredjg
12h Should I sell my stocks & bonds?  12/19new2bogle213:34Laura
50t Roth versus Traditional Debate  page: 211/26newcatintown04:27Zedon
0p Exchange rate conversion fees US Bank vs Netherlands bank  11:51noco123  
119c How do you define "being rich"?  page: 2 312/20Non7WoodUser04:14cjking
4h Transfer everything to TSP?  20:23Norcalkenny22:05Iorek
75p I cannot make the jump and retire  page: 206/13obgyn6508:29staythecourse
2t Help me understand this annuity (Secondary Market)  11:54oldguy19:28oldguy
7h Trouble with HSA transfer  12/16packet08:08packet
7h Feedback on annuities?  12/21pandsflorida07:20PapaGeek
13t Momentum and Market Timing  14:22Park06:52Park
15c Free TurboTax for Flagship [Problem obtaining free download]  12/20partner12:21LadyGeek
0c How often do you get an appraisal on jewelry  01:11paulsiu  
25h First time investing for retirement (25 years old)  12/15Phenom0118:57Laura
13h OMG! I married a Lawyer! (Portfolio Review)  09:49Pickles_Ice_Cre06:01retiredjg
90p What are your 2015 Financial Goals?  page: 212/15poker2708:34Grt2bOutdoors
4h How to increase tax efficiency in my investment portfolio  12/20PrajnaSun12:02Laura
237c What do you splurge on?  page: 2 3 4 511/21Professor Emeri21:56dgdevil
4h New boglehead - how do switch?  12/21pscobee14:24stan1
4h NON-US Investor: Ireland ETFs to minimize US withholding tax  12/19pt3216:21TedSwippet
52c Gaming PC for son, buy or build?  page: 212/19ramsfan08:27Aish
2h What should I do? [Reversing transaction from wrong account]  12:04Redbird18:31Redbird
6t Tax Loss Harvesting Question  2013Redstorm07:04Birdman10687
75h What "actively" managed funds do you own?  page: 212/20Rexindex01:10steve roy
21t Keynes’s Investment Principles  2009Robert T06:30fidelio
7t Asness response to value redundancy  12/20Robert T10:29nedsaid
6p SS Strategy  17:10roka21:11DonCamillo
11t Good, Brief Articles on the Boglehead Way?  12/19Rolyatroba17:05BL
52c Volvo vs. Mercedes  page: 212/14RunningRad15:42Browser
4t Beginner question on expense ratio  11:13RVO01:46JoMoney
2p Turbo Tax 2014 and Sched C vs. C-EZ  12:41sailorjim14:37iWantToLearn
30p Do I Pay Cash for my home?  12/21Saltwater08:47midareff
6h Lazy 3 - for my 401(a), 403 (b), and 457  12/20SC713507:16SC7135
42t Please debunk this CNN Money article on dividend investing  12/19scienceguy12:30garlandwhizzer
5p Tax Planning for 2015  12/20snm8505:01SteveM
10h need help/one step at a time/vanguard mutual funds  12/20spid10:02spid
30h Confirm my understandings about a Backdoor Roth?  05/22Squeak13:36placeholder
70c Don't be tempted to buy your teen a cheap (old) car, parents  page: 212/19srinivas08:45TomatoTomahto
9t The ABCs of Common Sense Investing (rhyme time)  12/17Stickman10:51bertilak
137t [Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]  page: 2 32011stratton10:55Leeraar
6h TLH now or later?  22:47SunnySeattle23:38SunnySeattle
8h Roth conversion -estimated tax Q  12/20surfinagin22:10wx27
14p Should my work associates be worried? [Pension plan]  12/20swong620:01Steelersfan
25p What to do if someone is using your home address?  12/20Tamales18:42Mitchell777
4c Long Term Disability Denied - Runner's Knees  15:01target203018:17dhodson
3c How to get best battery life in smart phones and tablets?  15:54tc10116:17lightheir
21c Laptop as a hard drive [Laptop as a desktop]  10:42tennisplyr08:37just frank
6p Personal Vacation + Rental Vacation house  12/20ThankYouJack08:03bkinder
10h How would 84 year old lady manage $400,000 from house sold  16:37TheSearcher08:39BL
73h Feeling very fortunate today!  page: 210/15TheTimeLord21:04nedsaid
82t Active or Not, I Love Wellington  page: 211/16TheTimeLord11:05Miriam2
23p Car purchase: Buy or Finance  12/19tiff04:34iflyjetzzz
18h 1-day-old Bogleheader seeking portfolio review  12/20tiff23:33Ken Schwartz
29t Using balanced funds to avoid rebalancing  12/21toto23806:59Levett
10c new computer for wireless network  16:49TPS_Reports08:28tractorguy
17p 1 rollover per year?  12/20TPS_Reports14:44Alan S.
14c Cooking Lessons  12/20TravelforFun03:30celia
0p Best way to contribute to tax efficient account  18:23txZCMCoA  
29p Regulatory guidance - occupation information requirement  12/13Tycoon21:30LadyGeek
19h Am I being too conservative?  12/20ugaDAWGS0910:57Aptenodytes
6p 2014 Commuter Transit Benefit Raised Retroactively to $250  10:00Userdc15:15Epsilon Delta
73t trend following  page: 22013Valuethinker07:17lazyday
6p How to pay to a non-business in the UK?  12/21VictoriaF17:01VictoriaF
22h Reinvest Dividends (safely)  12/20wassabi15:06Toons
6p Charitable contribution timestamp  12/21wassabi10:45wassabi
11h Year 2 as a Boglehead: Portfolio Checkup  12/19WhatsUpB09:08Makaveli1988
12p Alternative to reverse mortgage for aging mother's new home  12/20WillyMcG08:05bkinder
5h Tax Gain Harvesting Question  12/20wldlndfirefghtr20:32grabiner
44h A New 401k  11/05zratis19:02Laura
20h Managing a windfall & fixing my high-fee portfolio  12/14zxcv123406:22retiredjg

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