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6h New investor [UK portfolio help]  07/23Limoncelo03:48magneto
9h Help selecting bond fund for 401k  10:46awester46200:54pingo
4h Where should I open a Solo 401k account?  23:00new2bogle200:07Spirit Rider
31h Do you split your VEU (into VEA+VWO) & VEA (into VGK+VPL)?  07/22chasiu20923:56grabiner
4h portfolio questions - AA over multiple accounts  07/24chuppi23:50chuppi
5h Seeking sample retirement portfolios  12:48kellyfj23:49rj49
0h Upcoming changes to my 401K - Please help me adjust my AA  23:31Kilroy  
16h Portfolio review  07/13Red Beaver23:30Red Beaver
1h FRS (Fl Ret Srv) Pension Option - Worth it?  19:54niceguy737623:14ralph124cf
25h Which tax advantage accounts do I use for 3-funds?  07/22new2bogle223:04DSInvestor
19h Advice proceeding with 100% taxable portfolio.  19:39Valence22:53DSInvestor
9h is this ( simple) retirement calculation correct?  18:22villars22:52#Cruncher
21h Retirement Portfolio Proposal  07/23BigPrince22:47BigPrince
13h Please Help with Mom's Variable Annuity and Budget  07/24Carter321:54Carter3
3h Help with portfolio, cash heavy  18:13floydthedog21:53floydthedog
17h SEP-IRA employer contributions fr/ personal account-problem?  07/21brian201321:37jared
2h Help finding an asian ETF [New Zealand]  20:42jeronz21:36Tanelorn
29h Can't decide to keep 401k with previous employer or move  07/16Doc721:15Doc7
18h AA for a spoiled young buck  07/19OriolesFan8921:04Agent9
2h Help with my portforlio  11:43dbmd20:49dratkinson
24h Mutual fund account with Vanguard or MerrillEdge?  16:01sp50020:38johnny847
5h New job and time to reallocate -- to which investments?  06/24slutzman20:34Lafder
20h Some Basic Asset Allocation Advice Please  07/15marklearnsbogle20:32marklearnsbogle
3h Roth 401k -> Roth IRA - is this direct or indirect  12:53Doc720:16Alan S.
1h Need Investing Advice  19:42PH1220:04bcjb
9h New investor wondering how best to use a windfall  16:06neuro8419:56Rainier
6h debt advice needed for family  07/24Bobby R19:40bcjb
1h Portfolio Help- Vanguard, looking to clean up  10:09iamswhatiams19:37hoppy08520
2h Consumer staples funds?  07/23fundseeker19:10fundseeker
10h Conservative Assumptions For Retirement Calculators  11:47Pedsmd17:23Phineas J. Whoopee
4h Young investor wanting some insight  12:22Montybell17:08investor1
47h google spreadsheet function, 'GoogleFinance'  2012vandizzle17:05Blue Jay
32h Intimidated by Trustee and Investment Advisor  07/21MerriebytheSea16:32ralph124cf
28h Need Help and totally confused!!  07/23camptalcott15:59Kevin M
3h Help me to help my 60 YO mother invest.  10:57jasc1515:50Zabar
7h Help a beginner  07/23Maglib1115:36Duckie
36h VG Admiral Fund-falling below minimum investment  07/20jhawktx15:28ResearchMed
53h Pay down (not off) mortgage?  page: 206/30letsgobobby15:22sesq
25h Balancing saving with living now. (how do you do it?)  2008Shinymoney15:12Dandy
6h Van. total bond vs intermediate  07:06jmoroney15:11drzzzzz
4h Rollover to 403(b), Roth or new IRA?  14:37Ryebrook15:11Ryebrook
1h Transition from Aggressive Investing to Retirement Planning  10:55Dusty196114:15SGM
17h 500K Sitting in a Bank Account  11:21tarheel14:01supernova
3h Portfolio help-newbie  07/23homermtb13:36Calidude
40h End of life finances, way over my head  08/31elha13:19Gill
16h Best High-Yield Savings Acct?  07/23traveler9012:46skyvue
1h Thanks for Helping Me Hit a Milestone Number  12:43Random Poster12:46LateStarter1975
17h Vanguard Account Owners - has this happened to you?  07/22whodatheads12:12sscritic
12h Your allocation to Emerging Market small cap ETFs?  07/21chasiu20911:51chasiu209
16h Do you split in-state and national munis? If so, how?  07/23younginvestor11:32TIAX
35h Family member as Financial Advisor  07/11birdec11:25cmr86
7h Good 401(k) for an 11 year-old!  09:48Siwash10:47ObliviousInvestor
17h Portfolio Review - Recent Grad and BogleHead  07/16JeremyPW10:19pingo
35h Where is your brokerage account?  07/23g3d10:03MathWizard
109h talk me out of buying an individual stock (Facebook)  page: 2 32012fredflinstone08:37minesweep
14h help with inheritance / still learning about invest  07/18riptide07:58riptide
22h TSP or Vanguard IRAs  09/13littlejohn30907:39hoppy08520
13h Please recommend a low fee index fund with no min. invest.  07/23jenbrez04:47dolphinsaremammals
31t i bonds or EE bonds?  2012Johm22112203:56Longtimelurker
18t SEC Adopts Money Market Fund Reform Rules  07/23dan12102:44Eureka
38t Bonds beat stocks over the last 15 years  07:52Robert T02:00Robert T
2t Profiting from Unprofitable Companies  01:07berntson01:51LongerPrimer
54t A Look at Current P/E Ratios  page: 206/13The Dan01:33berntson
19t I'm a genius!  07/17HomerJ01:32BackInTheBlack
38t Should market valuations be completely disregarded?  07/22Browser01:28BackInTheBlack
129t Should I use margin to buy a balanced fund?  page: 2 307/16Rob Bertram00:58james99
12t "What Has Time Taught Bill Bernstein?"  07/23Taylor Larimore00:06graveday
6t New to forum [Selling worthless stock]  15:38noprotein23:20ralph124cf
45t Momentum Investing ?  07/20Taylor Larimore22:58BigJohn
1t History books on the aftermath of financial crashes  21:41james9922:51heyyou
2t VPW spreadsheet questions  15:15dblck22:26dblck
5t "Gel" investment strategy around midlife?  13:44nisiprius21:59asset_chaos
32t Poll: Which Happens First - DOW > 20,000 or DOW < 14,000?  07/23kenschmidt21:45Leesbro63
17t Bubble watch: automobile loans  06/08animule21:19animule
11t Temptations and Dangers of Higher-Yielding Funds  07/23Doc20:44hornet96
60t Fund Factor Tilting Data  page: 209/08berntson20:40tobyberkman
98t Due diligence on RAFI Pure Small Value  page: 211/22Robert T20:19berntson
32t Does a 401k plan cost an employer money?  07/23johnny84718:55JDDS
18t [Saudi Arabian stock exchange to open to foreign investors]  07/23lucky318:05123
60t The article on tax efficient placement needs to be rewri  page: 207/23rca182417:51Doc
14t Dividend Growth Investing vs Index Funds  09:02FredCouples17:43SpaceCommander
8t Primer on slice and dice alternatives to total bond market?  11:07rca182417:28Taylor Larimore
6t Can someone explain market cap weighting in bond funds?  15:13nobsinvestor17:00stlutz
3t CALPERS Pulls back from Hedge Funds  07/23matjen16:54Busting Myths
14t Do you own a DOW30 or NASDAQ100 index fund?  07/23an_asker16:51ASUGrad
3t Can I use 30-YR rolling returns to Calculate ER dispersion?  07/23countmein15:47countmein
819t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 172012Taylor Larimore15:38gvsucavie03
6t Variable Annuity funding BY Cd's good or bad?  07/23sonosoldi311215:20pascalwager
17t New 10-Year TIPS Auction July 24 2014  07/17#Cruncher13:40#Cruncher
13t Bond strategy resilient to rate increase  07/21tom858413:02Phineas J. Whoopee
9t Consumer Staples > Total Index?  07/22invest012:03Beliavsky
143t Delay Social Security to age 70 and Spend more money at 62  page: 2 32012Cut-Throat12:00Cut-Throat
6t fidelity bond fund vs vanguard bond fund  07/23genjix10:49nisiprius
75t Adding Corporates to Total Bond Market Index  page: 207/14friar161010:19YDNAL
43t Will baby boomers retiring spell doom for the markets  07/22larryswedroe10:16Dandy
87t Gold, Silver, Copper  page: 207/10selftalk10:07Clearly_Irrational
15t Susie Orman says buy individual Munis instead of Bond funds  07/21danny9m09:24ogd
14t Favorite portfolio tracking software  07/19Kelly08:25fizxman
35t How indexing let these retirees live footloose and fancyfree  07/22texasdiver06:17MossySF
10p Estate Trustee requests I "waive presentation of accounting"  10:57avenger01:57avenger
45p Obtaining Legal Counsel?  12:35Working2notWork01:21ASUGrad
52p Rich Spouse, Poor Spouse [Tax filing apportionment]  page: 212:26Alistair01:16Professor Emeritus
1p Methods for Calculating Savings Rate  23:22CougsHouse01:05AdamP
15p Steps to take to prevent ID theft?  11:02Delayed Gratification00:57ASUGrad
8p How to cash in Savings bonds (from 80s)  07/23phenom3400:32kaneohe
0p Accounting for savings... with negative basis?  23:51AdamP  
42p Reaching Severe Burnout - Can I Scale Back Career?  07/23dcw21323:14Dale_G
17p Anyone used Vanguard electronic money transfer  12:25leehsm23:01Parthenon
26p In your opinion, who is in a riskier financial position?  15:40techcrium22:37denovo
11p How to set up a trust  07/22JoinToday22:16bsteiner
11p Personal finance podcast to replace Marketplace Money?  06/25rhlhj21:52JamesSFO
2p Inherited IRAs not protected in bankruptcy - Supreme Court  15:23dm20021:44LadyGeek
65p Poll - Do you use Quicken?  page: 207/21abuss36821:18Agent9
36p Mortgage Prepayment Question  07/22catfish221:03cherijoh
131p List of Worst financial advice (what not to do):  page: 2 307/08Coiled_Snake21:02placeholder
88p "Chip" credit card for foreign travel  page: 209/19The Wizard21:01animule
12p Old Mortgage about to 'fall off' credit report - now what?  06:38goaties20:49dodecahedron
4p Over-contributing to 401k  07/23mentalGen20:33zaboomafoozarg
2p Social Security Disability income reporting  16:42westcoast20:12ObliviousInvestor
14p Asking for a raise  07/22veekay20:11bcjb
10p [Employee Fiduciary] Question  07/09ERISA Stone19:40bornloser
3p APY difference between Ally Savings and Ally Money Market  17:46potatoman19:10Jerrybaby
4p Student Loan question regarding 'Pay Ahead Status'  07/24jabroni10818:57market timer
12p Cheap auto loan suggestions?  07/23pobrien190217:38mike143
18p Should I Buy a Home Warranty  07/23Eric in DC17:38Eric in DC
6p How does gift/estate tax indexation work?  13:09QBoy17:36lhl12
30p Taxable Accounts - Am I thinking about this the right way?  07/22DFAMAN16:48DFAMAN
10p Help! Term Life through an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust  09:04dadipsite16:39bluemarlin08
12p HSA and ObamaCare subsidies  07/22btraven15:53Phineas J. Whoopee
24p Possible TSP Changes  01/30MichDad15:39denovo
2p advice on used prius purchase using Edmunds  11:51retired recently15:15heyyou
10p Can I buy insurance against bank failure?  09:04plnelson15:14Meg77
14p Best Current Credit Card Bonus for $10k Purchase?  07/22will3414:59hackermb
8p Using a convenience check  03/18tran_man00714:43kaptan
5p Prioritizing Finances  10:27Gropes & Ray14:32Peter Foley
19p What's Golf Course Frontage Worth - Indianapolis  07/23hackermb14:12jlawrence01
7p Help with Math Problem  13:08sue14:11Vortex
59p Do you have a side job?  page: 203/08zaboomafoozarg13:50Slowmaha
42p Switch car insurance? State Farm vs GEICO  05/13fsrph12:54Toons
7p Social Security WEP questions  06/24path102312:48beagle1Rose
25p Dad had a whole life policy but it sounds like term life?!  07/17Gambler10:47sscritic
7p Need Guidance [Chapter 7 Bankruptcy]  07/23TexasTeacher09:38dm200
12p Financial Times Article on Vanguard.  07/14Bob.Beeman09:28abuss368
0p How do I find bump-up/raise-your-rate" IRA CDs?  08:45plnelson  
40p Anyone here flip houses?  07/13ugaDAWGS0908:28Leemiller
23p Please help settle an argument  07/23DFWinvestor08:17$iddhartha
40p How to track expenses to the penny?  07/21Gambler07:50ebeard
13p Can I manage a new CC?  07/21g3d07:46Pale Horse
2p Thank you, Taylor...  07:29dbp777707:44More Please
1p Making a will - recommendations in Wash DC area  05:40Chan_va07:06Zabar
24l favorite bogleheads posts?  07/23random_walker_7722:47matjen
1l DC BHs meeting Sunday - July 20 - new location & time  07/18bobcat207:57buythehaystack
54c Advice wanted on first computer purchase since 1982!  page: 215:02dodecahedron01:43rj49
29c 2014 Honda Civic EX-L vs 2014 Acura ILX(Base)  07/23prn2701:30rj49
29c Geneological research for unclaimed property  07/23postingname00:03BL
234c Body by Science Workout  page: 2 3 4 52010gatorman22:46Rolyatroba
93c Here's another "where should I retire" thread  page: 207/23TomatoTomahto21:52TomatoTomahto
6c 2015 Subaru Forester, which trim/options?  16:31AJTrenkle21:50AdamFist
23c Removing a beehive from mailbox newspaper holder  2013ks28919:52Bob's not my name
24c Trip to OKC, what attractions to visit  07/23LateStarter197518:40Ivygirl
3102c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 632012randomwalk17:19goldendad
35c Android smartphone with physical keyboard  07/22madbrain16:58madbrain
25c Buying a car- 2011 Lexus IS 250 9k miles  07/23lisaac16:556miths
41c Will not using my dishwasher cause problems?  07/23zaplunken15:15sscritic
52c Memory foam mattresses - any insight?  page: 207/19Triple digit golfer15:01lilbunny01
41c Best Coffee Maker? What do you have?  07/23shokwaverider14:37LongerPrimer
4c Gardening question  10:50effillus13:26barnaclebob
48c On the Road/Air/Water Retirement  06/08Barefootgirl13:16Dimitri and Audre
44c Anyone attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute  07/20tony4411:30Professor Emeritus
12c Computer Fried By Lightning - Security Question  07/23Swampy10:31mike143
21c Need advice re hearing aid for small child  07/21Rupert09:28bungalow10
31c Riding the Rails--my Amtrak trip  07/23Jazztonight09:00Jazztonight
15c Patio door recommendations  07/220cean2307:38Crow Hunter
30c The ultimate Boglehead exercise  07/19Rexindex07:07VictoriaF
69c Ditch car and commute to work in 250cc scooter in Raleigh?  page: 207/12tidalwave1007:00tony44
15c Computer Problem  07/21Leesbro6306:52DSInvestor

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