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4h New Job: Uncertain Contribution Rate & A Roth IRA Mistake  11:36HunterFinder12:30BL
12h Help to invest $120.000 [Norway]  08/31arnelg12:30Solvi
2h MetLife Guarantee Advantage Universal Life Policy  11:48bogle201312:22bogle2013
4h 401K's after Retirement  09:09Gary Guss12:02Gary Guss
5h New job, HSA, where to begin  08/29panzer12:00niceguy7376
5h Insurance Settlement and Roth  07/16Gwes12:00Gwes
11h Eliminate small MF lots?  21:43JDDS11:48inbox788
8h Porfolio guidance please  20:37mxbest8611:25mxbest86
10h Just Starting Out - First Job After College  08/29dogfanatic610:51LongerPrimer
15h Trust for disabled grandson  08/27Transition10:38Downtown
0h Please offer portfolio guidance & suggestion for fund(s)  10:31rupalb9  
8h struggling to understand "bond crash"  09/01mctot123410:00ObliviousInvestor
0h 78-yr old needs IRA mutual fund guidance.  09:33Mazurka  
125h The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 304/14coolguy95409:26Tabaxus
3h Use only tax-deferred vehicles? If so, help me pick!  21:41Dru08:27retiredjg
1h Help With 401K Choices  19:36Dfwbloke08:26an_asker
99h 3.3% Vanguard 10 year CD  page: 208/09ArthurO08:20maywood
13h Reinvest dividends and capital gains?  14:54ababs07:52retiredjg
25h Newbie- Setting up our portfolio  03/15hulio8207:42hulio82
9h Help: I've been chasing returns  20:06MrBachelor07:36JW Nearly Retired
10h Need advice on where to invest in REITs in my portfolio  08/30nyinca07:32retiredjg
17h Should elderly play it safe & risk not having enough or no?  08/29abyan07:03gd
6h Picking Investments for my HSA  09/01dave827407:03Bikermike
37h Should I bite the bullet and pay 50k in fees?  08/30Trevor06:33dickenjb
3h Retirement Buyout Offer  18:03Xavier252506:31cherijoh
5h Conversion options for Mega Back Door Roth IRA  13:38Beverage04:16Beverage
2h Retirement Investment Advice needed.  18:48Itsme311203:59Itsme3112
6h New US bank bail-in policy...how to prepare?  09/01mctot123403:20Alex Frakt
18h Property or stock?  08/31zorph02:30denovo
1h Please help me choose between retirement plans  16:09Gattamelata02:29denovo
4h Only one international fund in 401K. Use it??  22:18Gort02:23denovo
6h Help [with account to hold] Disney stock for my kids  22:42jasper02:01Alex Frakt
13h Hello new to the boards [If retirement funds not used up?]  19:45Phenom0101:41JLJL
17h Will Bill Gross beat the Total Bond Market Index?  13:10DonDraper00:48BigJohn
3h Does Fidelity list their returns post or pre expense ratios?  21:43ReadytoLearn22:29sdsailing
8h How do you invest in 401k?  18:19minhnusa22:23john94549
1h Asset Location Question - Out of Room?  20:16js1233721:48Dale_G
45h What's the Market Neutral fund good for?  2010nisiprius21:28MossySF
11h Married couple starting out - advice  19:33defscott62720:50LadyGeek
2h Deciphering true expenses of GMO/Wells Fargo fund of funds  18:16countmein20:31countmein
4h Asset Placement Question  13:56Tortuga20:20Tortuga
18h Brokerage account for kids. Fidelity or TDAmeritrade  08/31AndyP20:15AndyP
6h How does this portfolio look like?  13:57ericinvest20:10ericinvest
3h Portfolio Checkup  09/01bdylan19:56bdylan
69h Going all into Emerging Markets  page: 202/06InvestorNewb19:47nisiprius
6h Help with Asset Allocation and a large stock position  08/29OpenRoad19:20BigJohn
8h Investing Windfall to be Transferred to Roth IRA over 10 yrs  17:10alife18:54alife
6h Coverdell ESA for tutoring costs  09/01msj1618:20msj16
13h How similar/dissimilar should my wife's Roth IRA be to mine?  08/31Bsn2318:02dickenjb
18h 2 Piece Retirement Portfolio  09/01StarbuxInvestor17:37StarbuxInvestor
10h Seeking wisdom and guidance  08/29TheGuitarMan17:04TheGuitarMan
23h Pay off student debt with family inheritance "loan"?  08/31Elhorsehead17:03Raymond
12h Where to withdraw?  08/31Leeraar15:38earlyout
8h Highly Appreciated Stock  08/31mvprookie515:36Toons
15h Help with Personal Investments  08/31ababs14:58retiredjg
6h How does the Tax-Managed Balanced achieve tax efficiency?  08/31bs01010114:32grabiner
13h Advisor says managed retirement plan, I'm not so sure.  08/31Menel14:04retiredjg
8h Buying a house, sell REITs?  08/31leod14:02Lafder
13h Autopilot Investments Broken and I am Confused  08/30autopilotcrashing13:55retiredjg
1h first time investing  09/01king15613:19LadyGeek
166t A Low-Return Future? Are We Prepared?  page: 2 3 408/28Simplegift12:33HomerJ
0t Is a college degree really worth what it costs?  12:32Browser  
1t Two Roth IRAs - New Millenium Fund vs. Admiral shares  09:56rbholde12:25kenyan
24t Philosophy Differs From Strategy  06/16Rick Ferri12:11imgritz
37t 100% Stock Thread Collection  08/31LAlearning12:07leonard
99t Why invest in bonds?  page: 208/31mckoder12:04kenyan
60t How to become a millionaire retiree -- then and now  page: 208/31Browser12:00MathWizard
60t Poor Janus, a look at this once high flying fund family  page: 208/29larryswedroe11:48nisiprius
6t Univ of Chicago [Active Manager Luck vs. Skill] Lubos Pastor  18:32matjen11:27staythecourse
47t Municipal bonds 1y returns - exuberance and caution  08/21ogd11:15Bustoff
25t John Hussman, smart guy, should you listen to his forecasts  08/20larryswedroe11:01Browser
28t An inefficient market creating drag on index returns  09/01D.Edelstein10:51Wagnerjb
4t Bucket Path - Asset Allocation  06:49pop7710:39YDNAL
1t Anyone check out this tool?  09:46jumppilot10:06YDNAL
39t Have I put too much into the 529 plan?  2008ilan1h09:56Bacchus01
2t Another look at private equity, new paper  07:28larryswedroe09:39larryswedroe
4t SCHC vs. SFILX  08/29BillyO09:33BillyO
15t DIY Index Fund  09/01mbk73409:06Wagnerjb
30t Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum  09/23stemikger09:05InvestorNewb
54t How I beat Indexing... in 1 hour  page: 208/26SuperSaver08:19an_asker
34t Why invest in foreign funds?  08/30mckoder07:05stemikger
41t No advantage of Slice and Dice vs 3Fund?  08/31Gambler05:58JoMoney
2t International in Taxable - Advantage?  21:09Saving$22:17grabiner
7t VG LT Treasury Bond Fund up  14:39MaddMaxx20:42MaddMaxx
31t The Extreme Outliers of the Investment Universe  08/25Simplegift20:15packer16
53t Emerging markets 1900-2013  page: 208/26Robert T17:18Sammy_M
21t Age in Stocks: Should you have a Reverse Glidepath?  09/01berntson17:00k66
5t Max Contribution 401K Traditional vs Roth  08/31curiousChuck15:22rkhusky
75t how do I find out PE10 of foreign stock markets?  page: 22011fredflinstone14:42siamond
13t Why is my 401k and taxable considered "One Portfolio"?  08/30SuperSaver13:18avalpert
5p Anyone use Legal Zoom for LivingTrust?  09/01hoops77712:25hoops777
82p New 2% cash back Mastercard from Citi  page: 208/28Louis Winthorpe III12:23ScarletIris
28p Once your house appreciates +$250k, sell it?  23:10Gambler12:21placeholder
9p Variable Annuity - Timing of Surrender Charges  21:06Balanthalus12:15Balanthalus
29p Help Please: Retirement plan vs. Higher Salary  09/01mprusin12:15ERISA Stone
16p Why is The Suze Orman Show showing repeats?  22:38sheople212:11placeholder
57p If you had an extra $100,000  page: 208/27toto23811:41dbCooperAir
4p Buy a 30 and 20 term policy at the same time?  09:41berg11:37Grt2bOutdoors
2p Checklist of info to have on elderly parent?  10:54mc51011:37Gnirk
0p Debt Payoff Strategy  11:32Catfishjon  
14p Getting on Track  08/30sid7911:21boroc7
0p downpayment .. now or next year ?  10:53gmrbogle  
21p Physician Long term Disability- Premium pre or post tax  08/10ram10:47bertie wooster
6p Process to gift securities to UGMA  20:15coalcracker10:43LongerPrimer
5p Tax on house sell in trust  08/22soybie10:25soybie
9p Filing a prior tax year that was not required to be filed  04/04investmentgamer10:21jebmke
26p Do I need to see my credit report?  20:30Nu2Invest10:00takeshi
23p What is it like to live in Charlottesville, VA?  07/26rec709:49VA_Gent
17p Do my in-laws need a will?  08/31jimmyrules71209:24tadamsmar
12p Alzheimer's and Prenup  19:16Daisy Dog09:21Fallible
0p Who has more organic food Costco or Sam's?  09:16rec7  
16p sell a 7 year old car or keep it?  14:43husker09:01TN_INVEST
10p Colleague being fleeced by insurance agent / Ponzi Scheme?  08/30SteelPenny08:52TN_INVEST
3p NFCU 1 year certificate (CD) 5% APY $5k max balance  05:32navyitaly08:02tomd37
61p Help out family without compromising my own retirement?  page: 208/29chald07:43Leemiller
32p Roth questions from an MD  08/13iceman9906:10Theory
15p Shorten Mortgage or 401K or something else  09/01pleides198004:24IlliniDave
54p Does your employer still offer pensions to new hires?  page: 208/30supersharpie03:25Alex Frakt
2p Overseas Retirement  22:23Roxie01:55market timer
13p how to withdraw from the IRA during retirement  09/01grouper01:14jsl11
4p Best tax return software for freelancer?  14:08goodenoughinvestor23:32WhyNotUs
13p Advice on job opportunity abroad: taxes, cost of living, etc  08/30jdl242122:20tractorguy
17p disconcerting insurance company downgrade  08/31dodecahedron20:39Alan S.
24p Advice for stay at home mom/military wife going back to work  08/30acollazo219:30john94549
100p Preparing to retire checklist  page: 2 311/23VictoriaF18:36VictoriaF
16p Vanguard is finally getting Two Factor Auth (2FA)  08/31coolguy95417:41linenfort
10p Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?  08/31Mike S.17:39grabiner
7p SaveUp  2012airahcaz16:12leonard
44p Husband rear-ended, driver ignoring his insurance  08/26mojave16:01gardemanger
3l Milwaukee Tuesday September 2, 2014  08/25LeeMKE11:47LeeMKE
13l What happened to SoCal Chapter?  03/17bbt00:02Onward
77l Master Thread for Portland, Oregon  page: 22008craigr22:03alisa4804
3f [How do I change my password?]  15:07husker02:06Alex Frakt
5c Fantasy football debt owed  11:42bkslainte12:36barnaclebob
49c Paper or plastic?  08/31john9454912:32Bungo
17c Determining who makes it past age 90?  08:09Bustoff12:27Crow Hunter
37c Trip to the Caribbean - Suggestions  08/29ltuxl12:21Iorek
8c What to do with Canadian cell phone in the U.S.?  10:45nisiprius12:20jchef
40c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  08/27tony541212:14supton
46c Which generator do you have?  08/30airahcaz12:06bhsince87
7c Cellphone for trip to Ireland  08/30Browser11:59bidd24
38c which engine and transmission options to choose for Tacoma?  08/21Gardener11:58supton
17c Chase savings account bonus deposit  08/25SBritt11:56SBritt
10c Zwilling Cookware (non-stick)?  08/31jebmke11:48Riverstwo
7c LibreOffice Password Proection  09/01frugal-dave11:34indexfundfan
4c Malpractice lawsuit from residency?  10:43younginvestor11:31leonard
2c Selling Jewelry (Wedding Ring)  09:09Joe M11:16Mike Scott
3277c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part V  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 662012randomwalk10:52d0gerz
38c Buying a new mattress and bedding  06/15sunnyday10:25lazyone
110c Costco:is it worth it for just two people?  page: 2 308/30Bustoff09:35VictoriaF
58c What Movie Have You [Recently] Watched?  page: 208/30abuss36809:03Ketawa
65c Passport, TSA Pre-Check, and Global Entry  page: 204/11VictoriaF07:49spectec
0c You Need A Budget 50% off  06:51LifeIsGood  
42c How to safely sell a big ticket item online  08/27retiredjg06:49retiredjg
14c Online Security: Are there any sites you do not trust?  08/31denovo06:41VictoriaF
9c Suggestions for a Western States road trip?  14:57GerryL06:06johnep
7c Cold Brew Coffee and whole coffee beans  09/01sunnyday02:42sunnyday
19c Marathon Running and Long-term Investing  08/06oragne lovre23:31WhizKid
87c Geneological research for unclaimed property  page: 207/23postingname21:59postingname
29c Help me evaluate a standby generator quote  08/30phositadc20:34airahcaz
0c Billion Password Collection Part Deux  19:48Ged  
12c Wifi phone calls vs Ooma  11/22Hexdump19:05yatesd
11c Philly Hotels, with the family  08/30snyder6618:17Clivus1
2c AT&T Retiree Mobile Share Value Plan discounts  13:35htdrag1117:58htdrag11
9c Long Layover in Miami - Recommendations  08/30Carl5317:42jdb
49c Republic Wireless  01/09theDON1two16:25mlipps
58c Ideas for thanking a doctor  page: 208/30rjbraun16:06SGM
13c LED recessed lighting question  08/30airahcaz13:50RustyShackleford
6c [Symantec anti-virus] Norton Auto Renewal  08/31cherijoh13:08cherijoh

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