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8h Market levels and stock holdings  17:43VictoriaF07:02VictoriaF
14t "Investors are fleeing once-popular emerging markets."  18:48gkaplan06:57Call_Me_Op
4c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  04:27Mrxyz06:54Fletch
65t 100% Equities?  page: 208/29PeanutButterIsJ06:50bh7
454c Will you buy an Apple Watch?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1003/09airahcaz06:48happyisland
0h HCEs and 401ks: Safe harbor options, what next?  06:48icedtea  
10h You've inherited a bad portfolio from your former self. What do you do?  13:46bh706:46Morik
20p Emergency Fund re: severance, unemployment  08/31tomhole06:42jabberwock
524t What are you up YTD? [Year To Date]  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112014InvestorNewb06:40longinvest
6p High credit card rebates for "Travel Credit"  08/30lhl1206:38Drew777
2p Deductng health insurance premium  22:23mule06:37Bustoff
7c Air Conditioner Maintenance  08/30AAA06:36Fletch
93h If stocks dropped 30% next Monday, would you rebalance?  page: 208/28livesoft06:32Dandy
76t Good time for 50/50 portfolio Bonds/Equities?  page: 208/21riptide06:32riptide
38p I have a Confession...Dave Ramsey...Help!  08/28Meg7706:30jabberwock
48f Slow speed  08/30Taylor Larimore06:30LiveSimple
9t I Bonds vs cd's  08/30hoops77706:17Mitchell777
9c Bogleheads -"Raybo" knows Alcatraz! Bo knows football.  06/27imbogled06:16ResearchMed
39c Oversized HVAC?  08/24XtremeSki200106:14Boglenaut
70c [Should I] rent out [my] house [for a 3-day event]?  page: 211/17camptalcott06:09westie
27p Blue collar worker and millionaire dream  08/30aaaa06:07aaaa
139l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  page: 2 311/03VictoriaF06:05VictoriaF
65t Can the market go up forever?  page: 208/28investorguy105:51z3r0c00l
27h Which brokers do hassle-free Roth cnvrsn recharacterizations  04/02livesoft05:49livesoft
2t Target date funds and frequency of rebalancing  23:13Dave C.05:28Toons
28p About to close on a home we have overbid on - have cold feet  08/31shrug05:24Call_Me_Op
0c Alcatraz question  04:53NYsenior  
37t Buffett's most underrated advice?  08/30Rx 4 investing04:04IPer
27p If you lost your job, what expenses would you keep/get rid of?  08/30JD277503:48ofcmetz
0c Concrete garage floor paint/sealer  03:06retire14  
3h Excess ROTH IRA contribution + IRS ravenousness  22:51chocolate12303:01ray.james
1p Has anyone has this experience?  21:58mfswatz902:55GerryL
1h Mirror Portfolio  21:07Mario325202:31mhalley
16p Is now a good time to convert a Rollover IRA to Roth?  08/24Wolf02:04celia
58t Cash is king over short-term bonds  page: 208/28small_index01:23small_index
1c Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) Data Breach  08/05jmndu9901:19FiveK
1p TLH and UTMA  08/08PoeticalDeportm01:11FiveK
43p Take a 0.74% car loan or pay with cash?  08/28oncall01:07Peterjens
10h Muni Bonds  22:04illinidoc2401:03southbay
11h What kind of average annual return should one expect?  20:29btks00:57itstoomuch
5h Which fund to invest in  14:17Phenom0100:52Miriam2
40t Will Single Premium Immediate Annuities be better with higher interest rates?  05/28nobsinvestor00:41gordoni2
30p Books to help a couple working out a budget  08/23pondering00:39Kircheis
18t AQR/Asness - How Can a Strategy Still Work If Everyone Knows About It?  14:19matjen00:34stlutz
15c Quebec City Suggestions  06/30GeneralPerson00:33Goblue97
30c Lawn Mower Repair  08/28grettman00:15theunknowntech
5t Selling/Buying Brokered CDs/individual bonds  13:24dangerous00:09stlutz
21c suggestions for sydney, cairns, and auckland  05/30lumberingc00:03lumberingc
0t 2 owner LLC - 1 owner participate in 401k?  23:47Vilgan  
4h Aspiration  21:07sylviakit23:44Nirav
22t Does anyone buy individual bonds and CDs?  08/29bh723:34Artsdoctor
1f hitting the "up" icon on a touch screen  08/26neurosphere23:32careytilden
4h American Funds SIMPLE IRA  11:41amandilee23:22BL
56c Tire rotation  page: 208/26terran23:15southbay
20h beginner's question about allocation... [Hong Kong]  05/02dennis92023:03valterhk
106t Aug 2015 correction: what Bogleheads did...  page: 2 308/29siamond23:01grabiner
4p Timing of personal/widow's SS benefits  13:11Thrifty122:59Thrifty1
6p Roth vs. traditional 401K - Taking advantage of low-income year  08/29ExuberantlyRati22:53Watty
6p 80/20 rule -> How to learn the 20%?  08/26Gambler22:43Jazztonight
50h Friend's proposed RMD strategy--A little different  page: 208/28pkcrafter22:43randomguy
6f growing plans  17:06mingstar22:40LadyGeek
12p 401k loan  08/29spth22:36Spirit Rider
11c How Do You Find Employment Today?  11:58Goodman6022:32Naismith
2c HVAC Audit - and efficient heat  10:15ThankYouJack22:27Spirit Rider
26p Mortgage Refinance - Holy closing costs batman!  08/28djs0510198522:20jalbert
50h TIAA Traditional and Rising Interest Rates  page: 206/10Mr. Meow22:19HikerNC
11c Watching NFL Games Via Webstream  08/30stargazer22:18JonnyDVM
0p Life Insurance Bene + SSN  22:17ps56k  
6h Help with parents retirement plan  08/24HPE1322:15HPE13
8t What is the benefit of a CD ladder today?  15:55bene122:11MIpreRetirey
21p what could cause a credit score decline if no obvious issue on credit report?  08/28nolapepper22:04Mudpuppy
953c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2009/22Alex Frakt21:49jdb
238c What are Costco's best deals?  page: 2 3 4 502/24mr_scaramanga21:35jbuzolich
38c Cricket wireless experience  09/23kd200821:28jlawrence01
7p Move now or wait?  12:24easye41821:27easye418
4h Questions after reading investment book  12:48AirTimeMD21:21gwrvmd
1h Voya retirement 401k help  19:23rbaggarly21:20ieee488
11h Pepsi 401K Questions  10:58gebo21:10gebo
3h Exchange Windsor II for VGTSX, is now a good time?  08/30HPE1321:09HPE13
9t Making Sense of the Market Crash with Jeremy Siegel  10:12matjen21:08nedsaid
39p Where can I go to get a signature guarantee or Medallion sig  09/05johnny84720:55DFrank
16t Dogs of the Dow? - woof woof  08/28Barefootgirl20:53nedsaid
89t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 22014MichDad20:47gkaplan
12h Help getting off the sideline  08/26Morpheus20:40MoneyIsntEveryt
18p Fractional Ownership [Property]  08/30diehard20:36skepticalobserv
21h New Boglehead, looking for opinions on my portfolio!  08/15maravillao20:18maravillao
5t Dave Ramsey's Advice - Evaluated with Actual Returns from His Company's 401K  16:11JH4P20:11arcticpineapple
35l Join the Wiki!  2010Barry Barnitz20:08LadyGeek
4h Filing back IRS Form 8606 - Several Questions  12:31friar161019:57livesoft
53c Visiting New York City this weekend. What pizza should I try?  page: 208/20d_green19:231530jesup
6h 6-8 year College Time Horizon - Inheritance  07:03jmagi7646119:18jmagi76461
65p Dear In-Laws: Less toys, more 529  page: 208/28tyscott8419:17mikep
13t If the Fed announces rate hike Sept 16-17, then . . . .  08/30William Million19:04patrick013
0t "China: How much does volatility matter?"  18:40gkaplan  
20h American Funds IRA - Account Emptied!  08/29nickware18:34pkcrafter
59c Hike the Pacific Crest Trail/JMT  page: 208/03Carefreeap18:31Carefreeap
7h FERS Refund of Retirement Deductions  08/30sad218:26sad2
2p Personal Finance, CHECK! - Term Life Insurance: Stacking or No?  12:53nutshellml18:25powermega
68t Does the Three Fund Portfolio need a roboadviser?  page: 208/10Taylor Larimore18:05JaySayms
1t Investing in first taxable account questions  08:22bearwithme17:22Duckie
18t Investing without past performance data  08/30UHCOP17:21needtosave
4h Advice on future planning  08/30gocalbears17:06Duckie
18t Why all the fuss about wash sales?  01/23hickory17:01dbr
7h Please advise on old 401k and investing $10k-15k in a new IRA  08/29cmj17:00JW Nearly Retir
5p Maximize Social Security or Minimize Income Now?  13:02gabe195516:46LadyGeek
22h Military TSP v. Roth TSP  08/26Helene16:46DC_bogle
16t bid and asked prices in panic times like this past week  08/30selftalk16:40technovelist
18p Fed Retiree with FEHB-Enroll in Medicare Plan B or Not?  08/27vexed16:29retiredjg
21t "Buy" a Funded 529 Account from a Relative?  08/30Hedgy16:25LadyGeek
2h Dividends for funds in a 401k custom fund  16:04Tigermoose16:16JinroSoju
12h Anxiety after investing inheritance  08/31afoolwithmoney16:06ARLJLKL
46t Got a Question for the Jack Bogle Q&A @ Bogleheads Conference?  04/16Mel Lindauer16:03Mel Lindauer
33c Prius owners and rest of Bogleheads  08/29Luv2savmoney14:43TinyElvis
28p Career Options with STEM and LSA  08/29LiveSimple14:32sharpjm
32c Best Classical Music Box Sets?  03/08RooseveltG14:29ebinrock
9p Should I leave full time employment and freelance?  04/10marstaton414:22Jeff P
12c Road Trip; Denver, Casper, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore  09:52sonos14:02jaxxmjd
7t Include Cash in Asset Allocation?  08/28richard3714:01PowerBuilder3
0h TLH Question to Offset Gains From Another Sale  13:54BergLust  
24p Budgeting infrequent expenses (refrigerator, new tires, paint house, etc)  08/28Tamales13:37feh
6p Possibly switching insurance-- is it worth it? [Auto, homeowners, umbrella]  07:43kazper13:26Broken Man 1999
65c Ant Control  page: 208/24gatorman13:21Doom&Gloom
3h Questions about asset allocation in my retirement portfolio  08/28nautilus173013:19dbr
4h Have inherited portfolio and starting new job...advice on 401K's and profit sharing plans?  08/25blackwater13:13Grt2bOutdoors
2h Personal Asset Allocation [Europe - Netherlands]  08/31Rotsevni13:11Micks
6p Disability Insurance  09:58Sourc312:48powermega
2t Perspective on recent volatility, Part 3 of the series  07:50larryswedroe12:39larryswedroe
11h Expat: Vanguard declines to give advice. Move to Schwab?  08/30Jonhello12:35kramer
5p Medicare supplemental insurance  08:45poppycorn12:32mur44
56t Value investing doesn't even beat the S&P 500  page: 202/23Browser12:25Kkodre
1049c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 212014abuss36812:21amateurnovice
34h Voya 401(k)'s insanely high ER's on Vanguard funds  12/22tjj31812:05Steelersfan
36p First Post - seeking wisdom on job (long, sorry)  2013Nuvoletta12:00Rodc
157t Bogle: retirees should focus on dividends  page: 2 3 408/18Browser11:56Nowizard
13t Managing sequence risk approaching retirement using valuations  08/29Browser11:55bigred77
512c That Frugal Thing You Do  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112009Boglenaut11:48crit
8p House purchased with fiance, now married, paperwork changes?  2012Skinut11:484strings
56p What is Your Plan B if Quicken dies? [Intuit selling Quicken unit]  page: 208/22RooseveltG11:17AstroJohn
3c Simplisafe Alarm  09:38davebo11:16AAA
9h Site running real slow for me on Firefox  09:081530jesup11:16Leif
5h Pension options on small pension  08/29Brucie11:12#Cruncher
6p Reverse Mortgage  08/30jetsmell11:02arcticpineapple
6p Dell Laptop - Warranty Repair Experience  08/29Fat-Tailed Cont11:01ieee488
31p Checking if my house has any Liens on it  08/28dskillz111:01dskillz1
33c How to start a blog and claim the name?  07/06VictoriaF10:43Chicken lady
1h Roth conversion/recharacterization game  10:21Kevin M10:41Carl53
67c Debating whether to keep current vehicle or purchase another  page: 22014tony541210:13dbCooperAir
5h Help with our investment mixes  08/26jms49310:08jms493
38t Why doesn't the 3 fund portfolio have TIPS?  08/28bh710:02abuss368
2p Saving for a home down payment using Roth IRA  07:50blueman45709:50rkhusky
8h Tax free income  08/28jtl4609:21jtl46
8h First taxable account  08/27terran08:45terran
11c Proof that this summer was hotter than last summer  08/30Bammerman08:39cheese_breath
38t BNY Mellon's "glitch," sounds very serious to me  08/27nisiprius08:38Steelersfan
10c Thoughts on inverted floor plan house  08/30f35phixer08:35Rupert
55l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 203/09rocko08:24RevYoung
47t REITs: The one Tilt that Makes Sense?  08/29bh708:19afan
16c Sunsetter Awning  2011VeremchukA07:51LowER
7h Opinions on these 403(b) choices  08/30chasingbutterfl07:49retiredjg
50p Charatable trust after death  page: 208/29brianplycatu07:40Gill
3h Cost Basis Question  08/30birdy07:35birdy
8h Will my portfolio work? (sanity check)  08/30bh707:27BigJohn

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